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Jeffree Star x Morphe Artistry Palette and Star-berry setting spray
-The lipstick I am wearing today: Huda Beauty lip liner in Bombshell and Max Factor lipstick in Simply Nude
-The highlight I am wearing today: Soph x Revolution highlighter

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My Kit Co 0.3 Fluffy concealer brush (I use for nose highlight)
-Contour brushes:
NYX 06 Pro Fan Brush
-What do you film with?
Canon 750d
-Why is your channel called sophdoesnails? I started my Instagram account a couple years before BRvid, where I did loads of nail art. When I started youtube I wanted to keep the same name so I was easier to find! Nail videos are too difficult to film I prefer makeup!

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22 Ago 2019



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Lisa P
Lisa P 22 horas atrás
I've never seen your videos before but I recently bought this pallet. My first pallet ever and wanted some tips. You did such a good job wow thank you I'm going to try this look tonight as my first look! Great video! 😊
Penelope Jones
Penelope Jones Dia atrás
Really enjoyed your review Soph! I have some JStarr palettes and absolutely LUV them. Bought the colab one here and honestly am a tad disappointed. Found the same problem - colours "morphed" into oblivion - using a wet brush helped a little. I'll give it another bash with the "wet concealer" and see if that makes a difference for me. The colours themselves ARE gorgeous -- it's just the application process seems to be more complicated than it needs to be !! As you say, at THAT price ... it SHOULD BE so much easier !!
Fancy681 Dia atrás
Im subscribed to you now!
Fancy681 Dia atrás
He did the collab with the palette so people could have a more affordable palette from him
Shahad blahbahsha
Shahad blahbahsha 3 dias atrás
omg sof u look like the tall girl sister from tall girl movie ;O
Caryn 3 dias atrás
I was not impressed with the color story on this palette.... I LOVE Jeffree Star with all my heart but I just wasn't feeling this one.
Niki Apollonatos
Niki Apollonatos 4 dias atrás
Totally agree with the setting spray
Lora Marusinszky
Lora Marusinszky 6 dias atrás
Actually with morphe palettes you have to be careful and pack the shadows on top of each other and then blend them using the same shades again, they just don’t blend together nicely when you ‘drag’ them together
marklola12 6 dias atrás
This is what happens when makeup artists go with morphe as a collab they are very basic and all their pallettes are pretty crap quality
Lauren Bray
Lauren Bray 8 dias atrás
You aren't the only one who had this problem with the green shades! Skeletim I think his channels called did as well.
Natacha 8 dias atrás
This look is beautiful on you!
HIEDY LOXX 10 dias atrás
My spray did the same thing! BOTH of them!! Great video btw 💚 glad I found your channel!
Begüm Bayer
Begüm Bayer 11 dias atrás
the eyeshadows do not interfere with your incompetence and the brush you use
Simon Fox
Simon Fox 12 dias atrás
Still a beautiful look, but I can’t with how “ hi dude “ blended 😭
Simon Fox
Simon Fox 12 dias atrás
I’m cringing because I wanted to create another look with this pallete today and use most of the same shades as yourself and after “ Hi dude “ it just went down hill 😭
Lovely Bunny
Lovely Bunny 13 dias atrás
You look excellent with green eye shadow x
Diana Cain
Diana Cain 14 dias atrás
I did a green look a little while ago. Using wake and bake, and nate like you did. Those two specific colors are just patchy and hard to work with. I do think a wet base helps but I also want to try and just use the colors wet on the brush. Then see if that would help with the blending process.
Yuno Tsubaki
Yuno Tsubaki 14 dias atrás
"folaut" xD
Tyana Alexandra
Tyana Alexandra 15 dias atrás
That cut crease is BANGING! ✨✨✨⚡️
here for the content
here for the content 15 dias atrás
she really reminds me of Chloe Moretz
Ralf T.
Ralf T. 17 dias atrás
Watch Mmmmitchel’s technique and you’ll get the hang of the technique for pressed pigments
Sumya Yesmin
Sumya Yesmin 17 dias atrás
if this was made in jeffree star formula it would be amazing
kandiluvzu 18 dias atrás
i don't even like JS and know that its not fair to improperly apply makeup and give it a negative review or comment lmao like who pops on screen with old makeup and throws new makeup atop the old and blends in confusion about why it looks ashy and patchy ? at least try and seem realistic by washing ur face, applying a proper base and applying a fresh layer of shadow. Ive worked with this palette and the quality is actually above average. ppl like to chalk it up to morphe being a trash brand but dong even realize these collabs are not the same formula and the palettes u bought 10 yrs ago are not the same either. IF u ever want the best of a brand that isn't high end.. buy their COLLAB products. ppl wont always slap their name on just anything
Kaylee Carranza
Kaylee Carranza 18 dias atrás
You’re complaining over 5 days for shipping? It took me 2 weeks to get mine and i live in the states....
ShanG 18 dias atrás
Soph: *sees a green colour* "I would say its the colour of marijuana" 😂😂
Mercedes Amyx
Mercedes Amyx 13 dias atrás
Because it’s called wake and bake lol
Elle Fenton
Elle Fenton 18 dias atrás
Her eyeshadow looked like an old avocado for a while there:(
The Dutchess
The Dutchess 18 dias atrás
You should really do more of these looks!
Rebecca Wood
Rebecca Wood 19 dias atrás
Wish I watched this video before I got it 😩. Thank you for always being truthful ❤️
Rebecca Wood
Rebecca Wood 15 dias atrás
Baque trust me morphe palettes are normally really good, which is why I didn’t bother looking at reviews. But I think it’s because a lot of shades are pressed pigments
Baque 15 dias atrás
Same 😭 and I bought two. This was my first time buying from morphe I dont get the hype. The shadows dusted right off
Rebecca Wood
Rebecca Wood 19 dias atrás
Personally I think the iconic London setting spray is better than the all nighter ❤️
Daysha Fletcher
Daysha Fletcher 19 dias atrás
Doesn’t use a primer and expects perfection??
Veronica Nielsen
Veronica Nielsen 19 dias atrás
I cannot believe our bottles of setting spray have the same problem! Thats fucked. I'm annoyed about that. And FYI
Angharad Hughes
Angharad Hughes 19 dias atrás
I absolutely love the green!
Lamia 19 dias atrás
What's up everybody??!! I reviewed my very first Jeffree Star palette check it out!!!!
Tigsey 19 dias atrás
Tbh, I bought this pallete 2 days ago. Have tried it. It is really hard to blend compared to my other morphe pallete.
Lauren Baldrick
Lauren Baldrick 19 dias atrás
Just hold the spray nozzle down. You don’t spray it like a normal setting spray.
Paeahi Ytoki
Paeahi Ytoki 20 dias atrás
Why do have mascara on first?
A Ravat
A Ravat 20 dias atrás
She explained why. Watch properly
SneakyPenguin 20 dias atrás
The idea that because it's a cheaper palette than his others is what makes it crapper isn't really a defence though, revolution palettes for example are way cheap but I've never had any of these issues with those...
BeBa 20 dias atrás
Don't blame your video, it's JS products, they are bad. Not worth the price.
BeBa 20 dias atrás
I'm not a fan of Jeffree star makeup, I hate their quality, when swatching them they don't look like how they appear in his videos.
cgm 17 dias atrás
this isn't JSC, its morphe <3
Hollife 21 dia atrás
Omg i just saw your subscriber count girl. ive been subscribed since 11k when you were such a smol bean and now look at ya! Almost a whole million 😱😱
Beauty by Becci
Beauty by Becci 21 dia atrás
You should try with the brown first then blend out the edges with the green xx
Paige Misselbrook
Paige Misselbrook 21 dia atrás
Love you x
Ruby Smithson
Ruby Smithson 21 dia atrás
I ordered the products and my setting spray nozzle seems like its clogged!! It dripped onto my hand. I was so disappointed!!
Kelsey Girl
Kelsey Girl 21 dia atrás
Nate is the shade that drew my attention. I used the 3 pinky shades from the top row and had the same problem. As soon as I tried to layer and blend I noticed the previous shade disappear. It swatches so beautifully. I want it to work out because everything was so pretty and I ordered from the website. It is going to be a pain in the butt to return. I will try your trick first though.
Casual TikTok Friday
Casual TikTok Friday 21 dia atrás
Your set & refresh mist HAS A BOX?! Mine came with just the bottle
Danielle Sotir
Danielle Sotir 21 dia atrás
That "marijuana" green should have been called kush.
Abigail Porter
Abigail Porter 21 dia atrás
Let's be honest the majority of people that may be buying this palette aren't going to be MUA's either, so it's great that you tested it and showed your frustrations, then also showed how you got it to work too so Bravo to you Soph, you're so much more relatable in that sense!! Fabby stuff, and you got it to work in the end, that's the main thing! xXx
Ailsa Ni
Ailsa Ni 21 dia atrás
That's always the best technique when you put eyeshadow -- use a primer or a concealer to set the base! And don't just mix out colors on top of each other! 😂
Kristen Sargenti
Kristen Sargenti 21 dia atrás
I just got my jeffree Morphe spray delivered today and had to come back to this video to lyk that my spray does the exact same thing yours did!
Jana Cvetkovic
Jana Cvetkovic 21 dia atrás
Hi Soph, why don't you try it with eye primer I think they would blend and work better and the shades under wouldn't disappear :)
Ailsa Ni
Ailsa Ni 21 dia atrás
replaced! Absolutely crazy on their part. Beautiful look though!
Mystiicx_ Makeup
Mystiicx_ Makeup 21 dia atrás
haha I think the palette is supposed to be used with wet concealer! Now most people are following the trend of doing that, I feel like if I used my palettes dry now this would always happen! Now I'm curious about the setting spray since it smells like stawberries..... hmmm😳
Amy Pants
Amy Pants 21 dia atrás
Apparently I am the only one who things that the setting spray, while amazing, smells like roach spray. It smells terrible!
Ask to seduce Miss
Ask to seduce Miss 21 dia atrás
Am I the only one who binge watch Sophie’s video ?
bellou72 22 dias atrás
Nadi had some difficulty working with this palette as well. Such a shame, because the color story is very pretty.
Aoife 11
Aoife 11 22 dias atrás
Can you please try out the colour correcting fluid from primark
anais kent
anais kent 22 dias atrás
I don’t mean to sound rude but a lot of the time when people say a palette is patchy, it’s because their base is bad or the way they’re blending the eyeshadows. Because I’ve had a lot of morphe pallets and I’ve never had a problem with them being patchy. I don’t know if it’s because I go little by little instead of packing on loads of colour at once🤷🏼‍♀️
Ask to seduce Miss
Ask to seduce Miss 21 dia atrás
Thats how my bottle was with my original morphe setting spray. Maybe only some bottles had the defect?
less kiss
less kiss 22 dias atrás
So closed to 1 million subs Masha'Allah❤ May more come to you
Basy Bo bo
Basy Bo bo 22 dias atrás
You really don't get along with Express delivery
mameor 22 dias atrás
Babes it’s colour theory. Mixing a cool tone with a brown is gonna go muddy! You look gorgs anyways. Not buying this palette
less kiss
less kiss 22 dias atrás
what mascara do you use🤩🤩xxx
JL STRAW 22 dias atrás
Nadie over on PopLuxe had the exact same blending problem with the shadows :(
Emily An
Emily An 22 dias atrás
what mascara do you use🤩🤩xxx
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