Hollow Knight's Most Broken Charm, Explained (And How One Great Hopper Changed Everything)

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This video tells the story of Flukenest, both one of the most broken but also powerful charms in Hollow Knight's history. Despite Team Cherry's attempts, the charm remained broken in a variety of ways, even to this day. I go through how this has been utilized in Hollow Knight speedruns throughout the ages, as well as how a single Great Hopper revolutionized various current patch speedruns.
I want to apologize for taking so long in making this video. Hopefully, I'll be able to upload more often in the future.

Fivebrane: Glitched run fluke footage
Scruffy: 106% TE NMG footage
Valigo: 112% APB footage
Spoonsei: Pantheon of the Master footage

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Additional credits:
Thumbnail by Frogmarss
Research help by Fivebrane, Jenkar12 and VioletBlight & Others


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1 Jul 2022



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Comentários 801
Skurry Mês atrás
I think the only option at this point is to patch it out entirely
Alli Hamm
Alli Hamm 2 horas atrás
I need help to get out of the city of tears
thatACNHkid 12 horas atrás
-Mei梅- Dia atrás
Arxeon OP
Arxeon OP 2 dias atrás
Hi skurry (haha chain)
James Johnson
James Johnson 3 dias atrás
Hi skurry
An average waddle dee
Good ending: Instead of majorly nerfing flukenest, team cherry decided to heavily buff flukemarm, making it an actually fun fight.
《Cօʍքʟɛȶɛʟʏ Wɨʟɖ》
@Bruno Cardin Hollowknight fandom is toxic as fuck. Why? This dude right here. This is what the community does to new players who are confused. I'm a returning player and use guides still. People like you push people away from the game and community which is a damn shame because Hollowknight is something amazing to experience, even if you use guides to help you play the game.
lil mars
lil mars 12 horas atrás
Bruh I beat it with few bits it was a ez boss
Mr. Isaac
Mr. Isaac 7 dias atrás
So, yeah I wanted to explore all of the map, I already had shadow spells and pure nail and had defeated Pure Vessel (fairly easy, just get quicknail, unbreakable strength, unbreakable hearth, and steady body. Then tank every attack) and found flukenest I abbyss shrieked him into the shadow realm.
T G 9 dias atrás
@Kirby I've had quite a simillar situation two days ago when I've quickly defeated Gorb, being able to stand pretty much damage because every two Shade Souls were advamcing them to next phase... I feel kind bad for Gorb. First I left them because I couldn't stand their aoe attacks and then I returned with Shade Soul + Shaman Stone and just blew them away. I guess that during the second playthrough I'm just gonna come earlier and git gud dodging through that fight
Lightning Penguin
Lightning Penguin 16 dias atrás
@Darkness Inc. I usally only do a single play through of a game so I hate missables. So I pull out the guide before going through a major event. Other then that, I personally think doing it yourself is funnest.
Tim Bakker
Tim Bakker Mês atrás
It's worth noting that you can kill Galien in Pantheons with 2 casts (over 600 hp), given that he's moving towards you, because of his slow monement and massive hitbox.
potat Mês atrás
I tried it and it takes one for each phase but I probably hit him with it wrong haha
Timothy Walker
Timothy Walker Mês atrás
this charm is telesto but not
Tim Bakker
Tim Bakker Mês atrás
@potat you got it!
potat Mês atrás
caps lock got stuck for a min sorry LOL
potat Mês atrás
Ivi-Tora Ineru
Ivi-Tora Ineru Mês atrás
The coliseum keeps track of how many enemies you kill before going into the next phase, not WHICH enemies you killed. The glitch makes each kill count as multiple, instantly advancing to the next set of enemies over and over while the previous enemies stay alive. The stronger bugs stay alive, while weak ones are one-shot to progress faster, and then used as substitute for the bosses.
Keith Poley
Keith Poley 12 dias atrás
Strange, I'll have to try this on my Hollow Knight
santiago videla leiva
My only problem with Team Cherry is how they balance the charms. I really don't get why things like fragile strength, fragile heart, quickslash and shaman stone can exists but the more fun options like flukenest are made to be worst. I rather have flukenest do way more damage rather than using the boring shaman stone. And that kinda applies with a lot more charms. Spore shroom should do way more damage. All the lifeblood ones should cost 1 notch less. All minions should do a bit more damage and heavy blow should maybe increase your damage slightly? I love the game but i always end up playing with the most boring builds in every playthrough, and i do try using different stuff but is just a heavy auto imposed nerf that it isn't worth it.
J-maginary 9 horas atrás
@Xerpaderp You see, my problem is that you seem to blame everything on Godhome. Tedious HP, Artificial difficulty, double damage is present through-out the game. If anything most if not all the games bosses are like this. They have arena changes and double damages in their second forms as a form of laziness. Radiance and Absolute Radiance is the best example, as it the difference between the two are just that one is faster than the other. I'd argue that NKG is a garbage made boss, because the only difference is that its faster and does double damage along with minor changes. The game also has a lot of other problems (Bugs/glitches if you will). The change of Awoken Dreamnail is so lazy as well, not even a slight change. A lot of the enemies are just annoying and not fun. All the abilities are just insufferable to use. The pacing of the game almost made me quit. Path of Pain is also really short and doesn't feel like an accomplishment (Its literally just 4 rooms). That goes for most of the things in this game. The game is fucking garbage, and you only realised at godhome. Godhome isn't the only things that have these problems. My argument for it being an indie game is not really "Oh, feel bad for them" but rather "Oh, what did you expect". They are an indie game, of course they aren't going to be putting a lot of work into things, thats what they do.
J-maginary 20 horas atrás
@Jonathan Flanagan You can actually get True Ending and Normal Ending without dive (You have to get Watcher Knights tho for both those endings). Also how do you get from Tram Pass to Dream Nail if the only to the resting grounds elevator is through Kings Stag. There is also another option which you might not know about, which is to use a skip to get to Blue lake, with your shade and pogo it; if you have seen a speedrun you might know. However you don't get access to CH because of this, so the only real option is to get Lantern I presume (Which is extra annoying cause no Lemm). After that you would get monarch wings and basically go everywhere for all the items. This sounds interesting I want to try it, maybe even speedrun it.
J-maginary 21 hora atrás
@Xerpaderp Good Copypasta, Cope
Xerpaderp Dia atrás
@J-maginary First of all, you're wrong right out the gate - I don't care about silksong at all to be honest. I only care about games once they're released, and pretty much forget about them until then. Regardless, you're doing a lot of strawmanning here and ignoring what was actually said - I didn't demand a new soundtrack, I said it would have been nice if they *had* put more effort *into* godhomes soundtrack. There's a big difference there. As to the boss design, I actually like it a lot - I wouldn't say the base game is excellent if I didn't. The sisters in particular is an extremely great fight and very well done, even in the godhome iteration - my criticism of godhome is because most of the bosses in it *are not* extremely well done and are simply matters of hp bloat or tedious arena changes. I've noted that the good godhome fights are also things like the two bosses at once with complimentary fighting styles and whatnot, too. You seem to be completely ignoring discussion in favor of strawmanning it as "reee you just hate godhome reee its an indie studio reee dont like dont play reee." Every game, no matter who made it or how, is open to criticism and this whole mindset you have is *absolutely* clownish and you should feel bad for having such a childish, immature and frankly braindead approach to critical thinking and game analysis. You're rushing to defend a game you like, from a person who *also likes that game*, and to defend a studio you like "because they're indie" - grow up you absolute white-knighting goon. TLDR: people like you are why discussion about video games is so impossible to begin with.
Jonathan Flanagan
@Xerpaderp santiago is right, literally nothing hits for more than two masks in one hit unless you're either overcharmed, doing the harder re-fights of white defender grey prince zote, or doing ascended bosses in the hall of gods, all of which are completely optional with minor world changes and bragging rights as rewards.
Windette Mês atrás
Hell yeah more blue content 💕 genuinely love topics like this
Gavin Martinson
Gavin Martinson Mês atrás
@Creeperface creeper some one made a dam ASPID queen boss fight
Gavin Martinson
Gavin Martinson Mês atrás
@Supervise thanks
Supervise Mês atrás
Well this reply section was an adventure
Anonymous n Lonely
Anonymous n Lonely Mês atrás
Windette, you’re here! :D
Mr. Happy AA
Mr. Happy AA Mês atrás
Don’t you love it when your favorite hollow knight youtubers comment on your favorite hollow knight youtubers video
Zenn virus
Zenn virus Mês atrás
I gotta say it: Flukenest is a true fluke of nature, 'cause its nature is to fluke in and out of spaghetti code, and fluke back into glitchy speedrunner experience as the fluke it is. "For Fluke's Sake!" said Team Cherry every time they patched the game.
cryo 22 dias atrás
im gonna fluke
Kira Naun
Kira Naun 23 dias atrás
My favorite part of the Flukemarm boss fight is when she says "it's flukin' time" (a reference to her name, flukemarm) and then proceeds to fluke all over those guys.
VonKrauzer 26 dias atrás
@Ahrpigi Stand the fluke back, I am flucking!
Ahrpigi Mês atrás
The best part of the game was when the Knight said "it's Fluken time!" and fluked everything.
Ze Memerr
Ze Memerr Mês atrás
I had no idea Flukenest’s history was this crazy. All I knew was the Lifeblood nerf and a bit of multi-hit jank you could do with it (it can trigger multiple Zote kills to speed up Eternal Ordeal for example.) I wasn’t aware the infamous high damage Flukenest actually came from Hidden Dreams and that the lingering hitboxes existed in Godmaster. Thank you for taking the time to document all of the Charm’s history!
Casual Bird
Casual Bird Mês atrás
It always bothers me when devs remove silly glitches like this, I am glad it remained broken in the end and I really hope it can stay that way
Eric Marcelino
Eric Marcelino 22 dias atrás
Too easy to execute lol All player can do this I rather they buff the charm and fix all the janky interaction
The One
The One 25 dias atrás
@Thy Duke for speedrunning sure but for normal play lingering hitboxes and dupe geo is too overpowered
Thy Duke
Thy Duke Mês atrás
Tbf. Some of that shit was a bit to silly.
I found a glitch for being overcharmed but without taking double damage. Just put the charm you want (overcharmed) then take a new charm slot by beating grimm or buying it for example. So be 2 slot overcharmed or more before gaining the new slot and that’s it. You can go to 14 slot max
Chaotic Glitched
Chaotic Glitched 26 dias atrás
oh god oh hell yea shit just got real af
silversleek Mês atrás
That's really cool, Good find. Kinda rough that you're basically locked in to your build at that point but that could actually be incredibly effective for Pantheon ending speedruns or just pantheon in general.
tatri2 Mês atrás
@Maíz jsj I would assume that you lose it if you go below overcharm limit at any point. So swapping 2+ notch charms could be a headache.
acexium Mês atrás
YOOO that's epic omg
BAZOOKA JOE!! Mês atrás
Holy shit . I need to try this asap
Echo Blox
Echo Blox Mês atrás
Clearly the best charm is wayward compass 🙄
Champion of the Dark Soul
@SCP-Phenomenon every other game gives you a location marker by default because it is quality of life Hollow Knight does not have this universal game mechanic and it is a stupid decision that makes the game more annoying to play but not harder. Same for gathering swarm item magnet is at worst unlocked with a skill point in some games but once you have it you have it in Hollow knight it's an accessory that takes up a slot that could be used for something else only so you don't have to manually pick up money. Making the game more annoying is the only effect not having a default item magnet or unlocking a key item that gives it to you permanently.
SCP-Phenomenon 2 dias atrás
@Champion of the Dark Soul I mean, idk it's not like it has to be there the entire time you're playing It's most helpful when you unlock a new location and need to explore, that's when you remember certain helpful routes and once you've done that you can take it off lol
Champion of the Dark Soul
@theMonkeeMan what are you talking about Wayward Compass shows your location on the map it shouldn't cost notches.
theMonkeeMan 13 dias atrás
@Champion of the Dark Soul how is one shotting every boss a quality of life…?
Champion of the Dark Soul
I hate wayward compass wasting a notch on something that is purely quality of life I literally downloaded a mod that makes it cost zero notches.
A. H
A. H Mês atrás
Fluke is the monster that team cherry kept on trying to kill but it always crawled back from that abyss
Fantasy Shadows
Fantasy Shadows 22 dias atrás
This is the monster that the pale king tried to seal away! *But it always came back.*
John Greenaway
John Greenaway Mês atrás
I like how at 6:09 you show Fragile Strength because the unbreakable charms didn’t exist yet.
arzfan29 24 dias atrás
@Dark Soles not in a 112%/106% run
John Greenaway
John Greenaway 26 dias atrás
@Dark Soles That too.
Dark Soles
Dark Soles 26 dias atrás
Fragile strength is better from a speed running point of view. Getting unbreakable is a big time sink.
Violet Blight
Violet Blight Mês atrás
Mmmm, that tasty tasty fluke damage. Happy to see the 107 shoutout, a little sad about no Collector quick kill being shown off for 1.4+ but good video. Appreciate the shoutout too
Deathworm9964 Mês atrás
Mmmmmm, flukes 🤤🤤🤤🤤
Coffee Cup
Coffee Cup Mês atrás
Oh Hello, it must be a small world after all. Nice to run into you in the wild.
DoktorTaiko Mês atrás
Maybe this is all on purpose and TC just wants the weirdest boss to drop the weirdest charm.
Ive Harzing
Ive Harzing Mês atrás
10:41 The only use I *ever* found for _Heavy Blow,_ is _Radiant Markoth._ Because combined with _Nailmaster's Glory,_ you can consistenly attack Markoth with _Great_ or _Dash Slash_ without getting hit by his shield.
Kirin Mês atrás
Team Cherry is an incredible coding juggernaut, but falls into spaghetti with this one damn charm.
TCOwlet Mês atrás
I’ve used flukenest to cheese both traitor lord and failed champ in my first play through and some randos but I never noticed/ knew this. Time to start messing about with flukenest a lot more then.
Numberplay Mês atrás
My biggest worry is that flukenest might need to be tested on every version of the randomizer now.
Ethribin Mês atrás
Sounds like Flukenest is in a good spot now. Where running it might save you time. Or might not. Not to mention its gimicy and hard to use at max capacity, but also not compleatly broken. So, I feel its balanced enough as it is now.
Octo Gorb
Octo Gorb Mês atrás
185 damage is 3 more than Cyclone. How does a charm outdo your actual best move?
Сергей Мухлев
damn, i remember how i began speedrunning, and tried a strat with flukenest in the first pantheon not knowing that it was broken. i dropped trying after some time because got bored, but its still funny that this strat is actually viable
Ghaia Mês atrás
Incredible video blue! the wait was worth!! hope you do more of these videos in the future :D
ShadowNight30 Mês atrás
I always use flukenest on the watcher knight in my playthroughs with them rolling along everywhere they took all the damage and the fight is ended really easely
Whee23 Mês atrás
I'm disappointed that I sorta missed the second flukenest renaissance, but it's neat to see how there are so many new developments happening even so long after the last major update. Great video and explanation too!
HackRazor1012 the Piano Rat
I never thought I'd see something in a game broken enough to rival Telesto. Their battle will be legendary.
Rowlet Ribombee
Rowlet Ribombee Mês atrás
I didn't know about the lingering hitboxes on current patch, it's really cool that flukenest actually has some use still
Drew Martin
Drew Martin 25 dias atrás
I'll say one thing about my own experiences, I wish I had played it when it first came out and again with all the updates. I've only played it during the later and I love it, but I would've loved to see the progress. I hope to see similar when Silksong comes out
Jędrzej Koszewski
Jędrzej Koszewski Mês atrás
15:21 Me: "Oh, that's a good advice." Also me playing Silksong after it releases: Tests out Flukenest.
Lanky macCrazyhair
Lanky macCrazyhair Mês atrás
This would have been nice to know during my Pantheon attempts.
Lanky macCrazyhair
Lanky macCrazyhair Mês atrás
@Radish hat at least there's a bench before Pure Vessel
Radish hat
Radish hat Mês atrás
Unfortunately Pure vessel is immune to flukenest entirely
potatogirl Mês atrás
Despite that, blue still refuses to use the flukenest charm
VonKrauzer 26 dias atrás
Professionals have standards.
Sholmes365 27 dias atrás
I love hearing game community lore, thank you for explaining everything about the fluke charm and thank you for sharing, this is a great video!!
Draywolf 21 dia atrás
I love this video essay. Really informative and entertaining. It's insane how one single game mechanic can make nerve-wrecking boss fight seem like child's play
My Name
My Name 10 dias atrás
Programmer: the "spaghetti code" checked for and executed the enemy kill code for each of the flukes. So standing on an enemy, many would hit at the same frame and execute the kill code simultaneously. Nothing in the code checked if the enemy was actually dead before running thereby letting it run as many times as called.
fifty Mês atrás
hollow knight will forever hold a dear place in my heart, truly in the top 10 games i've ever played in my life, and easily the best metroidvania to this day, i mean this game is even better than ORI, Metroid, Castlevania im truly grateful to the day i gave this game a try, 1 month later and i truly experienced something amazing
ManMadeThings Mês atrás
I love how the panteon strat is just shoot the flukes into a corner and bully the bosses into said corner
Aeternalis the Abyssal Alchemist
Huh, so back when I was active on the Hollow Knight discord, i was making a mod that was meant to rebalance charms (of course never really went anywhere because I am absolutely awful at programming), I actually had this happen while testing different damage numbers with flukenest. I had assumed it was specific to Traitor Lord or other enemies whose hitboxes frequently changed shape. It didn't really occur to me to check if the issue was flukenest itself, since as a very unskilled programmer I thought that it was happening as a result of changing flukenest, and ultimately commented flukenest's damage buffs out of the mod, since I couldn't figure out how to make that not happen. Looking at the message history on discord, that was all the way back on the 21st of November in 2018... It's quite nostalgic to see that bug resurface like this after all this time.
Mayo Mayo
Mayo Mayo Mês atrás
This stuff is so good. I was more immersed in this that most movies I’ve watched, and your so good at holding that attention and directing it to small details, and you still manage to patch in crazy hitbox stuff, minor and major glitches, math, and good humor. I genuinely can’t wait for your next upload.
Zocritterplayz Mês atrás
Only way to fix it, is to replace it with ‘Fluke Hermits purpose’ all it does is make empty boring areas feel more interesting, because you never know where it is, and it’ll leave your inventory every single time you enter one of those rooms, examples include -City of tears bridge -mantis village (after beating mantis lords) -other boring walking spots.
Blooblah05 Mês atrás
Great video. I love hollow knight and never knew this charm was so bugged! Feedback: there are several times in the video where there is nothing in focus on the screen for several seconds, and it makes it very hard to look at. I understand the blurred background gameplay with info in the foreground, but when the entire screen is blurred background with no foreground present for several seconds, it is physically hard to look at. Examples: 4:06 4:58 6:41 6:50
lumitry Mês atrás
I'll be honest, I've never seen more than a few seconds of hollow knight gameplay in my life. Regardless, this video was extremely interesting and very well-made. I felt like I understood things that I should have no reason to understand. Great work!
Anxmaly Mês atrás
I got the game last week and finished it in 54 hours with a 94% honestly i would reccomend the game you'll really enjoy it
Ascended •
Ascended • Mês atrás
You should do yourself a favor and play this game, arguably the best metroidvania game of all time.
BlueSR Mês atrás
There are a couple small editing mistakes in the first few minutes of the video, sorry for that! These are some text elements that stuck around in the wrong places due to me moving around the beginning portions of the video. Sorry if they're distracting, my bad!
RavenBane Mês atrás
Incredible video blue! I loved the topic and learned so much new hollow knight trivia today! Also your editing was phenomenal on this video! Just an absolutely amazing job keep up the good work!!
a_little_flame Mês atrás
no lies i actually found this out like 6 months ago against galien who i noticed i could kill way too early for flukes i never published it but it made me hate galien for not doing the quick kill find it so interesting what someone can find in their living room on their ps4
Ξανδρος Peaches
Ξανδρος Peaches 28 dias atrás
Awhile ago, before the sequel was announced in any way, I had a theory that the free content update and post-free updates for this game were being spun into their own game, which eventually became SilkSong; essentially all the pieces were in place to confirm my theory based on what was originally promised for content on the original kickstarter for Hollow Knight. I didn't know about the spaghetti code or how broken the game was at the time, but understanding the code issues now, it makes sense why they took the ambitions of longer-term HK updates and spun it off into a different game. Not only would the update route bring a lesser product to an aging game, but a new game would be a fresh start with a better plan; not to mention the generational gap between the first and second games, it's just better to push a new game than to forever port the original, especially when the studio has more experience, and probably more tools as well, that would make a newer platform better. Honestly, just imagine what would've happened if Silksong's content was the originally planned updates for Hollow Knight. Second playable character, new lands, etc., it'd be more spaghetti on top of old spaghetti. It'd eventually become a sunken cost fallacy of spaghetti code, Team Cherry would've ran into a wall that was building a new game, whether that would've been a sequel, or HK remade from scratch to comb out all the issues in the code, and I think we can all understand why a sequel was a better choice of the two. We'll probably see a similar situation once Silksong itself starts becoming an end of life project, except we won't see undelivered promises on an overly ambitious crowdfunded project. All games do eventually run into this issue, you can only stack so much new code onto old code and hotfix all of it to make it workable, why do you think so much modern game content is aesthetics, simple additions, or entire map revamps, coding is really just a poorly built jenga tower unless you have someone who'll actually hyper-optimize the code as a whole, which is rare. I can't wait for Silksong to finally come out and see how Team Cherry handles that game, if it's more of the same or if they've learned better coding practices.
Lee Is A Nerd
Lee Is A Nerd Mês atrás
Nice video! Interesting to see how it changes over time
Nerdolo 13 dias atrás
I love how TC had a nice idea for this charm but the implementation of it is obviously hard and more complex than most (all?) other charms when you think about it - and of course this led to spaghetti code and brokeness.
SPAMTONG Mês atrás
can you do a story for the other charms like you said you could for one per video? i’d watch them all!
Ya Boi Kiba
Ya Boi Kiba 16 dias atrás
I love how they give credit to the users that found the glitches. Not so you can thank them for their labor, but so you can tell them how much you hate them for telling the devs that your fav charm was absolutely broken, instead of blaming the devs. Smart move Team Cherry, smart move.
Zaid Lacksalastname
I missed your videos, they're a LOT of fun, and very informative. Glad you're back
Random person
Random person Mês atrás
So you're telling me that the only reason I haven't beaten Abs Rad yet is because I have never considered using Flukenest? Well that explains a lot actually
Radiant Knee Knight SharaShaymin
I'm tempted to look into Flukenest, but Im not competitive enough to use it well I don't think. And there's an entire 1 time where I used Heavy Blow. Radiant Oblobbles had been driving me mad for months when I heard the random suggestion of using Heavy Blow. 20 minutes later, they were no more. (Doesn't mean I think it's good.)
Tallin Mês atrás
the editing in this is amazing! awesome video as always blue, hope i catch the next stream
raynac224 17 dias atrás
You know this is so consistent I'm beginning to think it's not a fluke anymore
Graphomite 3 dias atrás
Flukenest was so powerful, it not only killed enemies, it killed them in six alternative dimensions.
carter collier
carter collier 13 dias atrás
I think heavy blow as a bottom tier seems a bit harsh tbh, I found it incredibly useful during my first playthrough and even use it for certain bosses in God home to bully them into corners
mys3cretskill Mês atrás
nice video blue. worth the wait. i'm a flukes believer now since they melt failed champion :)
Graphomite 3 dias atrás
4:05 I appreciated the echo emphasizing Flukenest like the holy grail of the Hidden Dreams update.
StairGoms Mês atrás
you can get this charm easy if you have dreamnail, wall jump, and dash with a bit of sanity by getting grimm child and then getting 3 flames and waiting about 1 min 10 seconds for it to kill flukemarm (it worked with crystal guardian trust me!). Edit: it doesnt work :(
earlynot Mês atrás
all of this was due to me thinking it did too much damage to crystal guardian, i also just killed the great hopper for fun :)
The God Doge
The God Doge Mês atrás
Nice content man! Good luck going forward.
Platycorn 9 dias atrás
what a lot of people don't know is that you can syngergize flukenest with dung defender (plus shaman stone for dmg frequency buff), throw in glowing womb and spore shroom for a full diarrhea build
Gi-Go 12 dias atrás
I resently played hollow knight for the first time and the only reason I kept using flukenest was because I used it on great hopper and it died very fast. So I kept thinking flukes are mega strong because killing hoppers with nail or classic spell takes me forever.
FlameUser64 6 dias atrás
I'm really mad that they took this cool build option… made it cost 3 notches, made it do less damage than the spell it replaces while having less range, and decided that was a good patch. The fact that they broke it again with their spaghetti code and left it viable is cool, but they really shouldn't have tried to be so insanely mean to it in the first place.
shreshthanigans Mês atrás
1:51 flukenest confirmed hottest charm Really entertaining video blue!
Waluigi is the king A. Smith
Alluring God of motherhood
Genki Colleen
Genki Colleen 27 dias atrás
Wow, you put a LOT of time and research into this... Amazing!
Madame Rhapsody.
Madame Rhapsody. 17 dias atrás
Great video on a really interesting topic! My only issue is that the blurred bakgrounds really hurt my eyes and the occasional overlapping text made it hard to read.
Aler Mês atrás
I used Fluknest in all time just for a meme, now I know the powerful that I had.
Laura D
Laura D Mês atrás
That was a great video. Definitely worth the wait!
Drew Martin
Drew Martin 25 dias atrás
Thanks to your video popping up, I realized I have one trophy left before the platinum. With hearing about the charms maybe I'll try a new set up and get it done.
Tamar Mês atrás
Eeeuuugh Flukemarm. Flukemarm is why I give people a parisitophobia warning before recommending this game. xD Anyways, love Team Cherry and can't fault them on this. It's probably really hard to make any true metroidvania without some weird balance irregularities, esp. if equipment and abilities can interact in ways you might not have foreseen (La Mulana did this too IIRC) and Hollow Knight is still absolute top-tier game design in so many ways. I can't wait for Silksong.
GG Retro & Ultra
GG Retro & Ultra 18 dias atrás
pairing that with Defender's crest is also fun.. Another OP combo: Defender's crest with Glowing Womb and Shroom Spore. good offensive and defensive plays due to it's AoE capabilities Of course.. make sure u stock up on Soul to be a walking tank and if u can fit Grubsong.. do that too
Ans Mês atrás
Blue : " And, as a speedrunner, i could talk about this for hours. " Me : 👀👀 In my head : " yeahyeahyeahyeahyeah- "
A person that exists
A person that exists 28 dias atrás
Live and learn
BlueSR 28 dias atrás
More coming soon. Got like 5 new video ideas and i just need to get off my lazy butt and make them haha
Rodney Buckentime
Rodney Buckentime Mês atrás
I wonder what it would look like to the hollow knight community if someone went back in time and used all of these skips in a speedrun from the beginning of the competition.
KayPlaya Mês atrás
How to make it non-optimal: make it require every charm notch in the game
Jaffil Mês atrás
KayPlaya Mês atrás
@brb updating the autopsy report laughs in it *not being able to be equipped with any other charms*
brb updating the autopsy report
Mister_dadster Says_hi
Actually I kinda knew about flukenest being stronger than the fans made it out to be, I was killing time in godhome bosses and found that flukenest was shredding on some occasions, although I never knew why it did that.
N1K0 Mês atrás
Did he just call the goddess of motherhood, the absolute M.I.L.F., the chadonka wonka bonkermomma Flukemarm a "thing"?
MegaChickenfish Mês atrás
The year is 2050: Silksong is finally released. Flukenest wasn't even added to the game. Somehow, it is still overpowered.
Wesley Ward
Wesley Ward Mês atrás
Telesto: "Finally, a worthy opponent! Our battle will be legendary!"
ThatSaladProphet Mês atrás
If I've learned anything about spaghetti code from valve is that when you patch spaghetti code, it will only come back stronger.
Gr1mmTheIndieRunner 26 dias atrás
As somebody who uses this charm in P1 runs, this charm is broken.
Bastian_5 29 dias atrás
Can't wait for the release of silksong to somehow break flukenest even more
thealeks1 7 dias atrás
Imagine if it changed all 3 spells
Paul Jackson
Paul Jackson Mês atrás
I tried several bosses on Switch (I think that's it) and it didn't seem to help. It it only broken for PC's or old patches?
Mudak The Multiplier
It kinda bugs me that Team Cherry actively fights against their speedrunning community.
PuRpLe_GuY 29 dias atrás
They do the optimal Dev route. Use speed runners to find major gamebreaking glitches and patch the easily accessible ones so new players won't accidentally break the game.
Danger_11 Mês atrás
i mean it’s less they fight against speed running and more that they patch game breaking glitches. remember they have random glitchless skips like pogoing off of random stuff. and that’s cool. i do get the annoyance but remember that a lot of these glitches did actually make casual play a bit more broken. so like idk
shadow Mês atrás
really well done video!
Bosjesmannen 28 dias atrás
10:39 heavy blow is a solid S tier charm, carried Radiant Markoth
wilma wessels
wilma wessels 12 dias atrás
I don't think we'll get anything like flukenest in silksong, i think team cherry has caught on to our game.
Primal Aspid
Primal Aspid 6 horas atrás
I agree. We should all slaughter Great Hoppers for no reason.
JykAtyk 8 dias atrás
Just found this between my "Speedrunning analysis" and "Hollow Knight" phases and I couldn't be happier
Mitako 8 dias atrás
Love how “speedrunners”panic when their glitche(at)s are patched since they lack the skill to break any record playing properly
Twilor 29 dias atrás
I have not watched yet but already damage wise its bs powerful so i am exited to see how it can be even stupider
Omar Gustavo Malave Vargas
Respect for early knot for saving flucknest
Gren Mês atrás
ohh, that's why flukes seem to hit multiple times? i just thought they had a slight damage-over-time effect lmao
Zandberg X
Zandberg X Mês atrás
But Blue! Heavy blow is really good for er... NKG spell only? That makes it a valid charm right... RIGHT??
Loading… 28 dias atrás
The editing, explaining, video length and basicely everything is amazing, this is such an underrated channel!
BlueSR 28 dias atrás
Aww, thank you!
Q-Kumbah Mês atrás
11/10 video, holy shit this is high quality content. absolutely awe inspiring video
Flare376V 6 dias atrás
Now I have more motivation to beat the flukemarm
rafaxexe Mês atrás
Honestly I'd rather seek balance for Wayward Compass than nerfing Flukenest. Who would want to take their opportunity to grow into alluring goddesses?
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