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This is the story of the first Australian car company. From humble beginnings making saddles horses, to unleashing some of the baddest machines the Land Down Under has ever seen! From the 48-215, to the Monaro, Commodore, Torana, Maloo and beyond. This is the history of Holden!
Hosted by James Pumphrey
Edited by Alex Rodriguez
Animation by Raghav Arumugam
Written by Nolan Sykes
Directed by Colby Mann
Thumbnail photo:
Vorka Imagery | Dean A.
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21 Mar 2019



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Comentários 5 750
Donut Media
Donut Media 28 dias atrás
Alright you Aussies, which Holden is your favorite? Yanks, which Holden do you wish came to the US?
Bo Malo
Bo Malo 16 dias atrás
I would actually love a maloo in the states lol
Danny Zeigler
Danny Zeigler 16 dias atrás
Tell James to do up to speed on John Lingenfelter
Carlos Wirihana
Carlos Wirihana 17 dias atrás
My VF Commodore and its NOT the shit v6 😂
Luke Salamacha
Luke Salamacha 17 dias atrás
the good ol' GTR XU1
tj323i 19 dias atrás
VF2 SS Motorsport edition Or Torana SLR5000 if going old school.
Gerald Gonzalez
Gerald Gonzalez 6 horas atrás
Wow! I never knew that Holden was truly a powerful car!! But when will we see the video for the Honda CRX???
nome 7 horas atrás
VL Turbo is the best
Fuzaneko 8 horas atrás
Dat spoiler tho!
thefreakgamer1080p 13 horas atrás
Loved the video LMAO
Plymco USA
Plymco USA 14 horas atrás
Ahhhhh the 04 goat was LS1, the 05-06 was LS2. Kind of a big deal bro. Huge upgrade. I assume Monaro had the same engines. We forgive you though. Kind of
michael dol
michael dol 18 horas atrás
Very good video, the "ute" was actually first designed far earlier by ford. And it was a car to take pigs to market during the week and nice enough for church on sundays, do one on the aussie ford falcons as they had alot going for them also (fastest production 4 door in the world at one point)
Michael Montero
Michael Montero 20 horas atrás
what about HDT?
KilljoyGatecrash 20 horas atrás
Great to see some Australian cars on here. Great video - Its a shame Holden sucks now.
Luke McMahon
Luke McMahon 20 horas atrás
How did he miss the hsv w1
Goofball Gaming
Goofball Gaming Dia atrás
HDT Group A in Bathurst
Road Royalty
Road Royalty Dia atrás
These things are amazing! Got the chance to drive 3 in New Zealand 😍😍 James I adore you!
Mushypeas DMc
Mushypeas DMc Dia atrás
man i wash i was born in America. uk car's suck .
Do ford falcon australia next The xr6 turbos are full aussie made cars, including the engine
Ryan Stark
Ryan Stark Dia atrás
Americans are so fucking annoying
Henry Hall
Henry Hall Dia atrás
CL TYPE S - Everything You Need to Know | Up to Speed !!!
freels michael
freels michael Dia atrás
"Who wants a bed in their car" "everyone wanted a bed in their van!"
Jallen 2 dias atrás
The One With The Skyline Engine
Jallen 2 dias atrás
Willdrknght 2 dias atrás
Now for FORD Australia my friend !
beyondthelol 2 dias atrás
Colony* Singular. You are literally the only country COMMONWEALTH OR OTHERWISE that uses imperial okay GUY?
Andrew B
Andrew B 3 dias atrás
U forgot the caprice ppv which is also a commodore
Chris P
Chris P 3 dias atrás
Am I the only one thinking James is looking rough?
Dave Parsons
Dave Parsons 3 dias atrás
I love these videos. Best car channel on BRvid
laolvle 3 dias atrás
Unsubscribe....don't need a commercial
Holden Rodriguez
Holden Rodriguez 3 dias atrás
My name is Holden dude I'm so so happy my car's name
ROBLOX RULES 3 dias atrás
Shrimp on the barbie in Australia we call them prawns I’m an Australian just uggg
Evan Cashman
Evan Cashman 3 dias atrás
I know that he is miss pronouncing the words on purpose but mate you gotta get yourself checked before me thongs end up in ya budgey smugglers
Jesus Ibarra
Jesus Ibarra 3 dias atrás
Vegimite sandwich,nice reference
d Barn
d Barn 3 dias atrás
Holdens...literally built for skids
joe5vee 4 dias atrás
why are you acting like such a dumb ass.
Almost Serious
Almost Serious 4 dias atrás
I had an 06 GTO...Sad she's gone but I would love to have a Yute...I heard there was guy out west that imports them...
Crash Gaming
Crash Gaming 4 dias atrás
My god I would love a Maloo. You should do one just on maloos
luqee watt
luqee watt 4 dias atrás
The guy doesn't sound australian one bit sounds like a wanker to me
lvluzify 5 dias atrás and that
lvluzify 5 dias atrás try that in detroit
Original PvP
Original PvP 5 dias atrás
Fucken Americans stole our cars from us get fucked cunt give us holden back
Golden Retriever
Golden Retriever 5 dias atrás
I wish Holden was available in the states And before you say WELL IT WAS AS A CHEVY SS OR PONTIAC GTO No I’m talking about Holden exporting their cars to the US as Holdens I think there’s a market for that and I do believe people would buy them in the states
Joshua Martin
Joshua Martin 5 dias atrás
Can I get a video on the Pontiac Gran Prix yet?!!
HooN Control92
HooN Control92 5 dias atrás
3:10 im going to put this as politely as possible, THEY’RE FUCKING PRAWNS CUNT
yeetang swift
yeetang swift 5 dias atrás
Stop talking bout holden imma nut
jeff king
jeff king 6 dias atrás
Awww.....the sin bins 😎
Jonathan Simões
Jonathan Simões 6 dias atrás
The Monaro was sold in Brazil as Chevrolet Opala (with some minor tweaks).
splatterbashpop 6 dias atrás
Was a farmer from Geelong who wanted a car to drive the pigs to market on friday and the wife to church on sunday, and wrote to the head of GM, thus the world was blessed with the first mass production Ute
Doom Guy
Doom Guy 4 dias atrás
Wrong. he wrote to ford. Ford made the first ute, not holden.
Elias Carpano
Elias Carpano 6 dias atrás
The holden vl and co group A we're not made by HSV it was HDT in partnership with Peter brock learn your holden history
Kers1 6 dias atrás
I have a feeling half the comments are going to be Aussie ford fan boys saying do a ford Aus vid next. (I like both btw)
Aaron Jones
Aaron Jones 6 dias atrás
1, you forgot the HSV GTSR W1 sedan and ute. 2, you didn't cover the GTS lineage and 3, THEY'RE CALLED PRAWNS!!!!
Yusuf :/
Yusuf :/ 6 dias atrás
That opening reference tho..
Chris Nicholas
Chris Nicholas 6 dias atrás
Ben Surgeoner
Ben Surgeoner 6 dias atrás
No aissie drinks coopers
praxis. ash
praxis. ash 6 dias atrás
Yeah G’day. Crickey!...that’s exactly how it happened! Bonza mate! No seriously, that was pretty much how it happened.
sixstringedthing 6 dias atrás
*AUSSIE CARS - Everything You Really Need To Know* Holden Commodore: Bogan car Holden Commodore Ute: Bogan tradie/farmer car HSV: Cashed-up bogan car HSV Ute: Cashed-up bogan tradie/farmer car (1 demerit point left before license suspension) HSV Senator: Cashed-up bogan car with delusions of grandeur Ford Falcon: Bogan Taxi (extra bogan points for factory LPG) Ford Falcon Ute: Bogan Taxi used mainly for circle work Ford Falcon XR6 Turbo: Bogan Taxi with extra psssht FPV GT: Cashed-up bogan Taxi FPV Pursuit/Super Pursuit: Cashed-up bogan Taxi with bald rear tyres
FreeFighter 6 dias atrás
Now you need to do Australian Fords to even it out.
Mike C
Mike C 6 dias atrás
I can't stop watching 12:29 - 12:35 GOLD!
John McRae
John McRae 6 dias atrás
F^cken ripper Holden history mate. You were so enthusiastic and you got so many facts right that we are making you an honorary Australian Bogan.
fireflowbabyg 6 dias atrás
Hsv maloooooo!!!!!
PoopyMcBunns PoopyMcMuffins
Was that Big Chungus when you said rocket bunny kit
Damon Haughton
Damon Haughton 7 dias atrás
Duuude killed it, Did the Holden brand justice. Love your videos. OZZIE OZZIE OZZIE OI OI OI
Brady Meyers
Brady Meyers 7 dias atrás
W I L K E N S H A W Close, but it's actually Walkinshaw.
Ali YAri
Ali YAri 7 dias atrás
ford barra!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
TX Boi
TX Boi 7 dias atrás
Scooter + Bee = Scooby lol
Mustafa Sakızcıoğlu
Ibrahim Glibanovic
Ibrahim Glibanovic 7 dias atrás
Shrimp on the’s fucking prawns mate lmao 😂
Christian Ompad
Christian Ompad 7 dias atrás
Sore wa ii desu.
Rob Ryan
Rob Ryan 7 dias atrás
Do the ford falcon. Way more interesting history
Shagganater 7 dias atrás
that "Aussi" intro bit was so bad. lol
Riley Morrow
Riley Morrow 7 dias atrás
Andrew Laughlin
Andrew Laughlin 7 dias atrás
Who cares about a heavy shitbox with a common af motor thats not even Australian made nor designed, needs to be a video about Falcons. The whole car in and out is Aus, unlike holden.
Jze 7 dias atrás
my VE SV6 ute has been very happy for nearly a month because of this vid
Christian Poirier
Christian Poirier 8 dias atrás
Rhyso 8 dias atrás
You could do a whole other video on the bogan community and Holden. If you want real Aussie culture look no further.
street guru
street guru 8 dias atrás
Its pronounced Mon - R - 0. And yes we Pronounce Camaro wrong hahaha
street guru
street guru 8 dias atrás
Many mistakes. Bathurst was never 500ks it was 500 miles until the end of 1972 then it became 1000ks. The A9X Torana was a Holden 308 CID making 400BHP in race trim with a super T10 and ten bolt Holden diff it totally dominated touring car racing through out 78 and 79. winning Bathurst 78 by 1 lap then winning Bathurst 79 by 6 laps or 37 ks starting from poll leading every single lap of the race with Peter Brock setting the fastest lap time on the last lap and incase your wondering our races here are a standing start not rolling start. Its Walkinshaw not Wilkenshaw. The VL did get the Nissan 6 but it also got the Holden 308 redeveloped for unleaded fuel. As for the 3rd gen Commodore / Monaro the sketch was based on the VT not VX and that's what the concept car was but by the time they put it in to production the VT was replaced by the VX
Blahblahblah Blah
Blahblahblah Blah 8 dias atrás
Jesus, I feel like Im getting ADHD from listening to this guy. MONARO *MONAIROE*
Jackandmel 8 dias atrás
Finally a non Australian who pronounces Bathurst properly
Conor Quin
Conor Quin 8 dias atrás
Australians love Kangaroos it's New Zealanders that love Sheep 😂 and it's Tom Walkinshaw not Wilkenshaw
Todd Matthews
Todd Matthews 8 dias atrás
For the record. Us kiwis made pavlova 😉
Todd Matthews
Todd Matthews 6 dias atrás
+MatthiasWRX 710 yeah
MatthiasWRX 710
MatthiasWRX 710 6 dias atrás
Todd Matthews nah
Phuoc Biach
Phuoc Biach 8 dias atrás
what about the Holden VF HSV GTS R?
Patrick Morton
Patrick Morton 7 dias atrás
And the W1
Samba 8 dias atrás
Brisbane outfit not British lol And no Australian would even buy one now, very sad state of affairs in that dept
Tomo Rainns
Tomo Rainns 8 dias atrás
Gts r* producing 700hp is actually the most powerful Australian production car
street guru
street guru 8 dias atrás
With an American engine
PnTNecrosis 8 dias atrás
Holy shit. Did he actually shower for this episode? Crazy!
leonardo amezcua
leonardo amezcua 9 dias atrás
Hey Mopar Australia
Dynamix 9 dias atrás
Holden on for dear life
blazing rose55
blazing rose55 9 dias atrás
Missed quite a few commodores
Pedro Souza
Pedro Souza 9 dias atrás
Do an Everything you need to know to be up to speed l CHAPARRAL 2J, the banned fan car s2 Cmon guys! thanks ;)
Zuxs 9 dias atrás
R.I.P Aussie legend Peter Brock. 😪😪
RED SPEAR 5 dias atrás
Zuxs please use this😢
ian Thompson
ian Thompson 9 dias atrás
Does Holden have buff horses tho?
Banjo W
Banjo W 9 dias atrás
Im sorry but kiwis love sheep not aussies
James Kirkham
James Kirkham 9 dias atrás
Peter Brock is from New Zealand!
Q Shank
Q Shank 8 dias atrás
Alfaphantom 9 dias atrás
yo james, do proton from Malaysia!
The Royal Crowned Tiger
I love Holdens, especially the HSV models.
Spy Kid
Spy Kid 9 dias atrás
Kill GM
mad ass
mad ass 9 dias atrás
Had a go in a HSV Malloo , went good.
Anonymous8MC 9 dias atrás
How are you gonna mention the first Aussie Ute and not mention the fact that that was literally the first ever Ute Australians invented the ute
Mechknight73 10 dias atrás
The VL Commodore ONLY doing 124 MPH? At maximum. for a manual, more like 144 MPH. I know this because I have been in one doing that speed. Granted this one had headers, but it was naturally aspirated, and a manual
Mitchell Mcloud
Mitchell Mcloud 10 dias atrás
Good to see hellrazor , open video
McToggles 10 dias atrás
Do Ford Australia! Surely the Barra turbo would make an appearance.
BennyYTPS 2
BennyYTPS 2 11 dias atrás
Fords better
Kyle Bolth
Kyle Bolth 11 dias atrás
For me a 1985 holden vk commodore
Jackandmel 8 dias atrás
Best car iv ever owned
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