Hola, Guanajuato! First Time in GUANAJUATO, MEXICO 🇲🇽

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If you're visiting Mexico, make sure to visit Guanajuato City, in central Mexico!
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After spending the past few days in Queretaro, we took another bus north to the city of Guanajuato. This Central Mexican city is absolutely beautiful, and one of the best examples of well-preserved Spanish architecture in the country of Mexico. Another example that if you want old-world beauty you don't have to travel to Europe, you can come down to Mexico!

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27 Jul 2018



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The New Travel
The New Travel 3 anos atrás
*What other Mexican treats or candies should we try?*
Louisa Martinez
Louisa Martinez Anos atrás
Anything chamoy or with tamarindo
Salvdor Perez Medrano
Chocolate Masapan and Bubu lubu
D .:
D .: 2 anos atrás
La Guacamayas (not a candie or treat) but its worth trying it while you over in Guanajuato
Mongoose 1980
Mongoose 1980 2 anos atrás
Mexico airfare is not cheaper than Europe. Most Americans myself included prefer Europe simply because airfare is a lot cheaper to go to Madrid or Rome than it is to go to Guanajuato or Oaxaca. I save at least 600 on airfare going to Europe. I will explore Mexico when I have more money. While on a budget I will stick to Spain, Portugal and Italy. Even flights to London and Amsterdam are cheaper than going to Guanajuato. So Mexico is definitely not cheaper than going to Europe. You are wrong. Americans go to Europe because most of us are on a budget and saving on airfare goes a long way.
J J 2 anos atrás
Quien de aquí habla español y es guanajuatense
Arturo Sandoval
Arturo Sandoval 3 meses atrás
Sin miedo al éxito y a los túneles, prueba las cocadas es un dulce que me encanta, soy adicto a esos también a los mazapanes y el pelón pelo rico, muy sabrosos.
Mike NC
Mike NC 3 meses atrás
Hi, what airbnb is this?
The New Travel
The New Travel 3 meses atrás
Sorry don't remember, it was long ago
Juan Ortega
Juan Ortega 4 meses atrás
Si en Guanajuato estás, las charamuscas debes probar, especialmente las que tienen forma de momia, eso hablando se los dulces tipicos de la región que te puedes encontrar.
Alejandro El chingon
Alejandro El chingon 7 meses atrás
Is it safe
Pedro Nava
Pedro Nava 7 meses atrás
You are very cute. You looked wonderful walking and strolling up and down the streets. I felt in love with you.
Lori Miller
Lori Miller 9 meses atrás
This city looks amazing! I went to Puerto Vallarta last year 2019 and realized that u r right Mexico is closer to Canada and has charm like Europe. Can’t wait to return!
erica pedroza
erica pedroza 10 meses atrás
I've been there! Guanajuato is beautiful!😊
Alan Saldivar
Alan Saldivar 10 meses atrás
lmao, Titanic was the first thing that came up to my mind when you showed the stairscase.
Pablo Cruz
Pablo Cruz 10 meses atrás
Thank you for showing how beautiful Mexico actually is. Mazapán is so delicious. Saludos
Qhirino Ramirez
Qhirino Ramirez 10 meses atrás
Guanajuato is Beautiful.. but it’s the hot spot for crime in Mexico this dayz..
Ale Freedom
Ale Freedom 10 meses atrás
I Understand ! Mexico is more Than Them Bitches or bitchs lol in Spanish. Mexico es mas Que Playas y Alcohol antes de los 21 But... México es más que Sus playas pero la verdad sus playas están Paradisíacas hasta las más feitas como Tampico que se yo ja ja San Fernando ja ja el Golfo es poco feo el mar al menos son Calientes. Con un poco de Petróleo verdad ja ja che agua negra del Golfo ja j lol es broma amigos de ta ta ta Tamaulipas pero si nunca vayas ja ja soy de.Monterrey también está igual ..seamos sinceros el Pacífico. Y el Caribe no se comparan con el Golfo primero porque no se puede surfear. Y en el Caribe tampoco pero esta Cristalina el agua y no es culpa de los humanos de Texas o Tamaulipas sólo que hay muchas torres de petróleo y la cagada de los gringos todavía sigue reflejandose en la las playas. Porqué una vez hubo una fuga de petróleo en Texas muy conocido. Pero Veracruz todavía Pasa alguna que otra playa que se salvó de la contaminación petrolera
nataly fosberry
nataly fosberry 11 meses atrás
do you speak spanish? can someone visit that doesent speak spanish?
Yair perez b
Yair perez b Anos atrás
May city Guanajuato❤️🇲🇽
luis perez
luis perez Anos atrás
ormuz ariman
ormuz ariman Anos atrás
Manuel Alberto Sánchez Villaseñor
Pero los duces picantes son un arte maldito 😈😈❤😍😘🌶️ pocos tienen el honor de gosar y tomarle el gusto a ellos 😂✌🇲🇽
ORTIZ HDZ Anos atrás
Saludos desde Guanajuato capital 💚 , Gto capital no es pequeño es medianamente grande pero demasiado amontonado , Gto capital no únicamente el centro histórico es todo el municipio que es bastante grande .
lucy lesso
lucy lesso Anos atrás
I am from Guanajuato ❤️❤️
ORTIZ HDZ Anos atrás
Nel 713
Nel 713 Anos atrás
Is it safe to travel out there?
ormuz ariman
ormuz ariman Anos atrás
Thanks Dan for showing us this wonderful country trough your video.- Regards!
jose rodriguez
jose rodriguez Anos atrás
This is a very good video. I've been in Guanajuato several times and this video shows how beautiful this colonial site is. I'm mexican and I live in México. You're a good vloger Dan. Thanks to you and your friend for your visit to our country.
Arturo Gutierrez
Arturo Gutierrez Anos atrás
Visita valle de bravo
Daniel Vazquez
Daniel Vazquez Anos atrás
Skulls... day of the death!
Efrain Jimenez
Efrain Jimenez Anos atrás
Los rrelampagos se miran a lo lejos
Kevin cuh Vlog
Kevin cuh Vlog Anos atrás
I’m Mexican and they carve my house
Jordi Presa
Jordi Presa Anos atrás
the game never stops wohooo well done!
Louisa Martinez
Louisa Martinez Anos atrás
I’ve never been to this beautiful part of Mexico but I hope to one day be able to visit where a fourth of my heritage came from. Thanks for sharing
Bill Chalverus
Bill Chalverus Anos atrás
What time of year?
Bill Chalverus
Bill Chalverus Anos atrás
What time of year did you do this vlog?
Lord Henry
Lord Henry Anos atrás
Dope video 🤙🏽
Aguimar Aparecido de Souza
Guanajuato is an amazing colorfull town, and you become a top professional on video youtuber, one oscar for best photografy here and another for background music, & Cheers
Roy Becerra
Roy Becerra Anos atrás
There's only two other countries in the world aside from the USA I'd rather live; Mexico and Spain. As far as Mexico, Guanajuato is my first choice. My mother was born near the City of Guanajuato in her father's ranch called, Rancho Quinteros. That ranch is about 2,500 acres and has been in the family for 5 generations since the 1880's. I have relatives in City of Guanajuato. My wife and I are now retired, and we have fond memories of honeymooning back in 1977 in GTO. So much so, that we bought some property in GTO last December 2019 and are in the process of building a vacation home there. Should be ready in a year or so, perhaps less. Hey, let me know if you want to rent it Airbnb; will be available about 70% of the time. Saludos.
Aaron Gonzalez
Aaron Gonzalez Anos atrás
My city 🌃
Miguel Camarena
Miguel Camarena Anos atrás
Muy bonito video
carlos corpus
carlos corpus Anos atrás
What about the mommies???
Bubbles22 Anos atrás
If y’all haven’t gone to Guanajuato lo que te pierdes😬😬
Kitty-&-Mee Anos atrás
I love the beautiful words you use to express this lovely city!... i am going in july 2020 and your video was really helpful!! Thank You!!!
Patrick Timothy
Patrick Timothy Anos atrás
I constantly tell people about how Mexico has all the history,art,and culture of Europe-plus the pre conquest culture found nowhere else but Latin America. And it is cheaper. And the cuisine rivals anywhere in the world,Italy and France included. I have been to Europe multiple times and I grew up in a former French Colony (Louisiana)-I know"European"when I see it.In the United States,we have Santa Fe and New Orleans. And St. Augustine in Florida. And that is it.But right below us is one of the most amazing cultures in the world.The ancient,the colonial,the mid century modern,and the cutting edge of architecture,food,music,art,etc... Yet most people think only of beaches and cartel violence. I am statistically much more likely to be murdered in New Orleans than I am in most of Mexico. Not to mention the random violence here in the United States,where people shoot up schools and shopping malls for no reason. Not over money,religion,or politics,but just to indiscriminately mow as many people down as possible with guns that are easier to get than non prescription cold medicine- i am not exaggerating. Is Mexico perfect?No.Is anywhere?No. Thank you so much for helping educate the world about how amazing Mexico is.And for highlighting one of my favorite places in Mexico!(I love Puebla,Tlaxcala,and CDMX too,it is hard to rank them in order so i will just lump them together in my favorite cities i have far!)
Herb Williams
Herb Williams Anos atrás
Yeah Guanajuato looks okay to visit. But it ain't Paris my friend! It ain't Germany, Austria or Switzerland either. It may be a less expensive version of Spain or to a lesser degree a version of Italy. But yea for a short trip, I could see myself possibly visiting here. I'm with you on being a respectful visiter to another country. People like the carver need to have a foot but up their a#@.
justsomeawesome dude
11:35 just curious where in Guanajuato is that located at?
Michael Bennett
Michael Bennett Anos atrás
Here is some information about the tunnels from the net. Origianlly used to divert river water from the city during the rainy season. The longest of the tunnels, the “Túnel La Galereña”, was originally excavated in the early 19th century to divert the “Rio Guanajuato” (Guanajuato River) that flowed through the heart of the city. The diversion was required during the wet season, around August, as the river commonly swelled and caused significant flooding. The tunnel was blasted out using dynamite, using the skills and expertise mastered during the many years of mining operations. The river diversion prevented flooding in Guanajuato since the construction. A second tunnel was dug during 1960’s, which diverted the river much deeper and used improved materials and techniques, as the original tunnel showed signs of collapse and subsidence. This, combined with the dam further up stream, meant that the present day water flow is much smaller and more controlled. The old river tunnels were strengthened, reinforced and converted into a road tunnel to cater for the increased levels of traffic. The tunnels were of a suitable size to allow cars, medium sized bus and vans, but prevented larger transport getting into the city. The first journey was in 1961. Several additional tunnels were excavated during the late 1960’s and 1990’s.
potranca salvaja
potranca salvaja Anos atrás
Estaba viendo. Un reportaje de París Francia y vaya sorpresa que me llevé, la ciudad muy sucia y ahora viendo tú vídeo de mi lindo Mexico es muy limpio😱😱😍
Carlos Z.
Carlos Z. Anos atrás
being born in the States I never got to experience what all my ancestors did being raised in Mexico, it does seem like I'm missing out on things that could most certainly make it feel I'm even Mexican.
Cecilia Vega
Cecilia Vega Anos atrás
My dad is from Guanajuato I’m sad I’ve never been there thanks the video looks beautiful ❤️
MkJnx Anos atrás
Cecilia Vega you are beautiful! Come to Mexico you’ll love it
Giovanni Aguilar
Giovanni Aguilar Anos atrás
This place looks like parts of Southern Spain, the old Moorish neighborhood of Albaycín in Granada, Spain. Alot of similarities and small enchanted town atmosphere. Beautiful. Great Video Dan. We truly appreciate you sharing your travels with us.
orotiz hdz
orotiz hdz 2 anos atrás
Armando Rodriguez
Armando Rodriguez 2 anos atrás
Amigo Dan hay que recordar que Mexico no es un Pais, es otro Mundo!!! Y esto no lo digo Yo, lo han dicho muchas Personalidades que han visitado Mexico!!!
Pabloemilio Baltazar
Pabloemilio Baltazar 2 anos atrás
Gracias joven por mostrar lo bonito de México alas personas que quieren a México les decimos esta es tu casa.
Vegas Zoom
Vegas Zoom 2 anos atrás
Hey buddy, that last part when you showed a drink .. was that up the El Pipila? An we do Guanajuato in a day ?
Katia Gonzalez Lopez
Katia Gonzalez Lopez 2 anos atrás
You missed to know the pipila
Mongoose 1980
Mongoose 1980 2 anos atrás
Mexico is not cheaper than Europe. I go to Spain , Italy and Portugal for 300 RT most of the time. A flight to Guanajuato or Oaxaca will easily cost me 800. It is actually much cheaper to go to Europe that is why most Americans prefer Europe. We get to save on airfare. However one day when I have more money I will explore Mexico. Right now I am on a budget so I will stick to Europe so I can save on airfare and have money left over to enjoy Rome, Madrid and Lisbon.
Victor Marquez
Victor Marquez 2 anos atrás
Hey bro great video, i like the way you described everything in the video, im going to Guanajuato in 2 weeks and im taking notes and tips about your video. I have a question, whats the name and where is located the bar/restaurant of the last part of the video where you are holding your drink, the view is amazing and the drink looks incredible, thanks and im looking forward for morw videos, thanks and god blessed!
Avi 2 anos atrás
Another fantastic video! Keep them coming! Question: Are there any fun outdoor activities to do here besides walking around and visiting the historical sites?! e.g. horseback riding, ATV/mopeds, visiting natural wonders, cool bars etc?
Alondra Cortes
Alondra Cortes 2 anos atrás
Vídeo de San Felipe GTO en mi canal! Subscribete☺️
Emelala 2 anos atrás
Faltaron las minas!
BeautyMakeup 17
BeautyMakeup 17 2 anos atrás
Buenísimo video! ❤️
Aquiles va
Aquiles va 2 anos atrás
Copy Luisito comunica
Jainplay YT
Jainplay YT 2 anos atrás
Aqui hay puro spanglish todos son Jenni Rivera
Itzellyland 2 anos atrás
Try this mexican candie's: rellerindo, bolitocha, pipitoria, tostilocos, paleta de sandía, nieve de garrafa, pilonsillo, manguitos enchilosos. There are some of my favs
Yoscelyn Medina
Yoscelyn Medina 2 anos atrás
The city of Guanajuato is declared as cultural heritage of humanity, I am from Guanajuato, Clear Mexico a very interesting country, it has many beautiful places and magical towns to visit ❤
Juan Corona
Juan Corona 2 anos atrás
Jajajaj ste men poniendo Querétaro mientras es Guanajuato jajajajaj
Miguel Zepeda Rey
Miguel Zepeda Rey 2 anos atrás
Dulce M. Hernandez G.
Dulce M. Hernandez G. 2 anos atrás
Just beautiful I'm very happy to be Guanajuatense. Dan and Nari, you definitely need to come back on a road trip and go up towards Dolores Hidalgo and San Miguel de Allende. ❤️
rey sotomayor
rey sotomayor 2 anos atrás
Guanajuato El mejor lugar para vivir. 👍👍👍
Arturo Padilla
Arturo Padilla 2 anos atrás
If you get to Guanajuato you better stay at CASA GLORIA, very nice, cozy , mexican style 2 bed rooms with 4 single beds, look for it Im sure you´ll love it.
Martha Laxdal
Martha Laxdal 2 anos atrás
We visited Guanajuato in Jan 2019 .......enjoyed the Alley of the Kiss 💋 and huge Hildago Market too. There’s also an interesting tour stopping at silver mines and churches. But looks like we missed Diego Rivera’s Museo! Bravo 👏, great video and place to visit other than Playa Del Carmen Resort. 🏖. The next town is San Miguel that’s worth seeing too. Viva la Mexico 🇲🇽
Tania Rangel
Tania Rangel 2 anos atrás
Con todo respecto... Qué guapo estás :3
rey sotomayor
rey sotomayor 2 anos atrás
Y eso que no me has visto. 😉
Joanle Geraldine
Joanle Geraldine 2 anos atrás
Cristian Aguilar
Cristian Aguilar 2 anos atrás
Puro pinche Guanajuato alv y viva Mx cabrones
WaterMelon Juice
WaterMelon Juice 2 anos atrás
I went yo Guanajuato un october 2018 with muy family ir Washington amazing
bob 2 anos atrás
Im lucky to live 15 minutes away from Guanajuato when I go on vacation for two months over there :)
Ali 2 anos atrás
Omg your name is Dan And you look like “Dan Humphrey” Penn Badgley !!
Dany Rodríguez
Dany Rodríguez 2 anos atrás
I'm living here right now... School stuffs lol
Ka M
Ka M 2 anos atrás
I am from Mexican and Guanajuato i love it . How you say Guanajuato is the clasic place 😍😍😍😍.
Kawaii Pascual
Kawaii Pascual 2 anos atrás
Go to las momias
sofia gl
sofia gl 2 anos atrás
I live there
Maria Howard
Maria Howard 2 anos atrás
Mazapan, dulce made with peanuts and sugar
Karla Marquez
Karla Marquez 2 anos atrás
Guanajuato is beautiful but easy to get water stuck in the streets lucky you that didn't rain.
Revali 2 anos atrás
im from gto gto :DDD NICE My grandpa is the one selling the oleo paintings behind on minute 4:01
Juan Pablo Verdad Aguilar
You should try San Miguel de Allende it's the most beautiful city to live, that's a real fact.
FloidSoda 2 anos atrás
Damn finally someone visits my home city.
Diegoo YT
Diegoo YT 2 anos atrás
Yo soy de Guanajuato,GTO enserio Omg
Sara Inova
Sara Inova 2 anos atrás
Yo solo me meti al video para ver donde compro la michelada con papas 💖😢😢😢?
Erika Padilla López
Erika Padilla López 2 anos atrás
Faltaron muchos museos , recorridos , haciendas , hay mucho más en Guanajuato ! Visítenlo es hermoso
Lalo Wolf
Lalo Wolf 2 anos atrás
I think you have to Read History for the place you are Visiting , Guanajuato Silver and Gold mines 400 years ago and still producing , read how mexican coin silver and Gold was in all planet was ACEPTED sorry Caps . you go to see the funny dancing etc But get them people , i know some beautiful women and they simple humans , be li8ke that
Luz G
Luz G 2 anos atrás
Ohh! That's my beautiful city
Steven Graham
Steven Graham 2 anos atrás
The artwork and culture in Mexico are as beautiful as it’s people. I love Mexico, and after living in Merida twice, I’m ready to go back and explore more places. 😎
Ellavampyrella 2 anos atrás
I was born in Leon (an hour away) and I recently took my boyfriend to visit both cities. He fell in love with Guanajuato and wants us to move there 😂.
Melanie Rodriguez
Melanie Rodriguez 2 anos atrás
Mi rancho🥳❤️
Hugo Rangel
Hugo Rangel 2 anos atrás
Thanks for thinking about our city, sometimes I think foreigners value it more than us and yes, you're right it's a beautiful place and Mexico has a lot to offer ...
Jessica Martinez
Jessica Martinez 2 anos atrás
My home Guanajuato, it is amazing and so beautiful ❤️🇲🇽
Torresjuly 2 anos atrás
Aun hay funciones en el teatro Juárez?
Francisco Ag
Francisco Ag 2 anos atrás
Julyssa Torres Sí, aún se realizan funciones en el Teatro Juárez. Durante el Cervantino hay varios evento ahí, o de vez en cuando la Orquesta Sinfónica de la UG realiza eventos.
Lari Villalobos
Lari Villalobos 2 anos atrás
I am from Guanajuato!☺️✌🏻🇲🇽
Francisco Yanez
Francisco Yanez 2 anos atrás
Sooo pretty lie cheerr lidaaaa
Ángel Daniel
Ángel Daniel 2 anos atrás
If you come back to México at November, you could visit San Miguel de Allende at November 2nd, you never forget that, I'm sure about this
Ángel Daniel
Ángel Daniel 2 anos atrás
Hi, I'm from Michoacán, thanks for comming to México is an amazing country! Guanajuato is AMAZING!!
Luis L
Luis L 2 anos atrás
Guanajuato was a wealthy city because of the gold and silvermines. Those tunnels were originally drain tunnels.
Pamela RP
Pamela RP 2 anos atrás
Te faltaron LAS ESCALINATAS !! De la universidad de Gto yo estudio ahí es hermoso ❤️❤️❤️
christv2019 2 anos atrás
Yo tambien
ulineitor 01
ulineitor 01 2 anos atrás
You was so near to my home ajajjajaj