Hit the Home Run, I'll Buy You Anything - Home Run Derby Challenge

FaZe Rug
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I decided to do a crazy homerun derby with my friends, and the more homeruns you hit, the better the prizes get... HIT THE SUBSCRIBE BUTTON FOR MORE LIT VIDEOS!
Papa Rug:
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If you read this far down the description I love you


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24 Jan 2020



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Comentários 100
FaZe Rug
FaZe Rug 7 meses atrás
Where are all my baseball fans @ ??
Ozzy The skater
Ozzy The skater 20 dias atrás
Right here
Spartan Cup Series
Spartan Cup Series 22 dias atrás
B3AST Mês atrás
Grayson s Diesels
Grayson s Diesels Mês atrás
I’m a baseball player
James Stuart
James Stuart 2 meses atrás
Josh Adler
Josh Adler 12 horas atrás
Who else is here when the cat9 is out
Colin Roche
Colin Roche 17 horas atrás
FaTe Bitties
FaTe Bitties Dia atrás
Bruh I used to play here
Cubs Productions
Cubs Productions 2 dias atrás
They’re hitting halfway through the field, and people thing baseball is easy
Eclipse Gaming
Eclipse Gaming 3 dias atrás
Yo u guys are sooo lucky I need a pc so badly and my friends make fun of me for not having one :(
Larry Atkins
Larry Atkins 3 dias atrás
the field is like 200
Ben Andrew & Juliet
Ben Andrew & Juliet 4 dias atrás
Papa rug the glitch in the game
Ben Andrew & Juliet
Ben Andrew & Juliet 4 dias atrás
I love baseball
Natalie Leyrer
Natalie Leyrer 4 dias atrás
Anthony sucks
Jennifer Yepez
Jennifer Yepez 5 dias atrás
BLitz Ex0tix
BLitz Ex0tix 5 dias atrás
Bro I want to be in a video it would mean the world
Alex Norman
Alex Norman 6 dias atrás
All the baseball players thinking what are they doing
Nolan Walsh
Nolan Walsh 6 dias atrás
Baseball people where you at
Clapdaswets123 7 dias atrás
That’s my bat
Aidan Eduardo CRUZ
Aidan Eduardo CRUZ 7 dias atrás
At faze rig I'm addicted to baseball I'm right here
#1 Anaheim Angels Fan
#1 Anaheim Angels Fan 7 dias atrás
Every baseball player watching in disappointment...
Jaumil Cuevas
Jaumil Cuevas 9 dias atrás
All the baseball players
Tamika Ellis
Tamika Ellis 10 dias atrás
Jassi Phool
Jassi Phool 11 dias atrás
Ramelly ur smelly and ur uggelllyy 😂 🤣
Bryson Clayton
Bryson Clayton 11 dias atrás
Brooo this would be slight work 🤣
Easton Moore 2030
Easton Moore 2030 12 dias atrás
How rug yosto play baseball
Sebastian Poole
Sebastian Poole 12 dias atrás
I know this for a fact a baseball goes farther than a tennis ball because it is way to light to travel far
Can we get 1k subs for a THICC SUBSCRIBE BUTTON
Merrill Muckerman
Merrill Muckerman 14 dias atrás
I can beat you in baseball easily bud you can’t beat me
Phillip Ahio
Phillip Ahio 14 dias atrás
remember ur layup in last year with tjass
Elliot Vlogs
Elliot Vlogs 15 dias atrás
Faze rug looks good brawadis with the basketball lol 😂
Jason Johnson
Jason Johnson 16 dias atrás
I play baseball
H2O- _ -
H2O- _ - 16 dias atrás
who else saw how much brandon was pulling his head off of the ball when he was swinging
H2O- _ -
H2O- _ - 16 dias atrás
bruh im ten and i hit dingers on 310 feilds
Juicy Medina
Juicy Medina 16 dias atrás
2 home runs: MacBook pro $1,300 3 home runs: $1,000
Timothy Reymann
Timothy Reymann 16 dias atrás
I play base ball
Jackson Checkers
Jackson Checkers 16 dias atrás
This was posted on Kobe’s um Kobe’s yea you know 🥺
Hunter Moise
Hunter Moise 16 dias atrás
I play baseball
Ethan Guzman
Ethan Guzman 17 dias atrás
10 Homers
Ethan Guzman
Ethan Guzman 17 dias atrás
10 Homer's Wins a new Car!!!!!!!!
Ethan Guzman
Ethan Guzman 17 dias atrás
Night out
Jackson McBurnett
Jackson McBurnett 17 dias atrás
Being a baseball playet i know that hitting a tennis ball with a metal bat is actually harder than hitting a real baseball
Mark Horvath
Mark Horvath 17 dias atrás
Baseball fan
Samantha Williams
Samantha Williams 17 dias atrás
I played for 6 years
Reese Fosburg
Reese Fosburg 17 dias atrás
i play base ball
Niko Fifis
Niko Fifis 17 dias atrás
Since when did u have a cat 7
LoganGotGame 18 dias atrás
Let me be in a baseball challenge mike trout is literally my dad
Luke Seate
Luke Seate 18 dias atrás
They were all getting hella jammed on all of the pitches
Marla Galyean
Marla Galyean 19 dias atrás
They are probably using the drop 10 like come on y’all are grown men and can’t hit the ball 200 feet I’m 13 use a cat 7 drop 5 and still can double y’all’s distance
Aidan Murphy
Aidan Murphy 19 dias atrás
i am fuming rn watching this
Notyani —
Notyani — 19 dias atrás
I would of hit all home run right there🤦🏼‍♀️
Dariel Gutierrez
Dariel Gutierrez 19 dias atrás
You guys are using a marucci and can’t hit a home run from the outfield
Dariel Gutierrez
Dariel Gutierrez 19 dias atrás
You guys hit from the outfield and you can’t hit a home run. so sad
Bsbl pro 15
Bsbl pro 15 19 dias atrás
I’m 13 and I hit more homers then every one
SlayinChrome TV
SlayinChrome TV 20 dias atrás
come on bro u are over 20 yrs old and u can barely hit a dinger at like 80 ft yet there are 11 year olds who are dropping 250 ft bombs
Dariel Gutierrez
Dariel Gutierrez 19 dias atrás
True im 11 and I hit a 225 ft home run yet they can’t hit from the outfield
Peyton Jones
Peyton Jones 20 dias atrás
I’ve been playing baseball for four yearsc
Joseph Bense
Joseph Bense 20 dias atrás
I love baseball
Manuel Arriaga
Manuel Arriaga 20 dias atrás
Bruh papa rug is to much spoiled do real contestents like fans
Edward Villalobos
Edward Villalobos 20 dias atrás
I play baseball
308reaper Colby
308reaper Colby 20 dias atrás
Me at 13 playing with 14 year olds and out playing them
LAYTON HODGES 20 dias atrás
Go to home plate and try and hit a homer you can’t
Arturo M
Arturo M 21 dia atrás
Baseball fans be like “only 10 home runs lol”
GeauxtNIC 21 dia atrás
The pitcher messed Anthony up
Everett O'Neil
Everett O'Neil 22 dias atrás
I play baseball right now but this pandemic stoped it :(
Sammy Omega
Sammy Omega 22 dias atrás
I love baseball so much
Sam Felix
Sam Felix 22 dias atrás
Am I the only who jumped when Anthony foul tipped the tennis ball?💀
Aiden Fabela
Aiden Fabela 22 dias atrás
Ima cachter
Kamden Dooley
Kamden Dooley 22 dias atrás
if i was there i woud have for sure got at least 5,000- to a car when they bat its cring because im ten and ive been play base ball allmost half my live
Dariel Gutierrez
Dariel Gutierrez 19 dias atrás
Same it’s sad that they can’t hit from the outfield
Brado Hager
Brado Hager 22 dias atrás
I hit dingers
Gabriel H
Gabriel H 22 dias atrás
i can do that eazy
Boss Man
Boss Man 23 dias atrás
My 11 year old son put me on to faze rug and now I be watching it everyday you be doing some LIT videos
Khamren Nethery
Khamren Nethery 23 dias atrás
There were using tballs
G R Waugh
G R Waugh 24 dias atrás
I wish i was there with them i hit my first home run in a real game
The Real PugNite
The Real PugNite 24 dias atrás
U guys are noobs
Steelers Fan65
Steelers Fan65 25 dias atrás
Myst_Baseball boi
Myst_Baseball boi 26 dias atrás
Dude they’re using tee balls 😂🤣
Noah Playz
Noah Playz 26 dias atrás
You might need to practis
FaZePsycho 10
FaZePsycho 10 26 dias atrás
Soft baseballs
Julian479 26 dias atrás
I love baseball
Julian479 26 dias atrás
You’re using an illegal bat it doesn’t count lol it has more pop
Rene Gonzalez
Rene Gonzalez 26 dias atrás
Fase I play baseball hanks for making this video.
Paul Flores
Paul Flores 27 dias atrás
I won my baseball series last year
Eddie Fiocca
Eddie Fiocca 27 dias atrás
They suck what a discarese to baseball
Eddie Fiocca
Eddie Fiocca 27 dias atrás
I love how there in the outfield basically
Milan Artis
Milan Artis 27 dias atrás
Dimitar Cherkezov
Dimitar Cherkezov 27 dias atrás
rug you are the best
diego ruiz
diego ruiz 28 dias atrás
yoo i practice at that baseball park!!
Satic Flix
Satic Flix 28 dias atrás
Brian theirs a diffeence between few and 0
Nick Tripp
Nick Tripp 28 dias atrás
I play baseball and I hit dingers
Christine Hussey
Christine Hussey 28 dias atrás
Anthony hes smart he dousnt swing at bad balls) Faze rug Swings at all of them
Razak Al burkat
Razak Al burkat 29 dias atrás
Baseball Luke
Baseball Luke 29 dias atrás
I did
Stephon Kuartei
Stephon Kuartei 29 dias atrás
Hey I like your video before watching it
Conner Johnson
Conner Johnson 29 dias atrás
This is so painful coming from a Allstar baseball player
Vector 29 dias atrás
Lindsey Lewis
Lindsey Lewis 29 dias atrás
I play softball I luv this vid
The schell siblings YouTube
Ur sooooop bad anthany
Sean DeVylder
Sean DeVylder Mês atrás
I met David Ortiz at Fenway even at my first game think about all those people why go to games not thinking there gonna meet him
monkeyscrub Mês atrás
You don’t know anything about baseball
The HitMan
The HitMan Mês atrás
Not going to lie I would’ve crushed this I’ve played baseball for 12 years and last year I hit 27 home runs
Stephany Sun
Stephany Sun Mês atrás
Hi faze rug
Tucker Polli
Tucker Polli Mês atrás
The cat 7 is so fucking jacked, my friend was under-handing it me and I hit it 390
SypherPK Mês atrás
I am a really good baseball player 7 home runs in one season
Jose Islas
Jose Islas Mês atrás
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