history of the entire world, i guess

bill wurtz
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9 Mai 2017



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I literally can't miss any second or I'll miss an entire civilization
aju YiKeS A random cube trainee
You know the videos good when 6 years later the sense of humour is still relevant
augusta lavender blue
Sometimes instead of getting worried about current events I imagine how they would fit into this video and most of them aren’t significant enough. It makes me feel better somehow
Yeet Boy
Yeet Boy 21 dia atrás
“The sun is a deadly laser”
Matteo Ciaramella
it's tradition to watch this video every once in a while. what a masterpiece.
Kristie Allen
Kristie Allen Dia atrás
Is it just me or does it get better every time I watch it. I feel like I watch it at least once a year but it still feels more entertaining now than ever.
Monique Gerken
It is remarkable that he can squash billions of years into a 19 minute video.
Seven Aries
Seven Aries 14 dias atrás
When aliens find our civilization, I hope they use this video as the canonical document of human history.
Kris Wilkinson
Kris Wilkinson 21 dia atrás
Possibly the most entertaining and also informative 20 minutes of my life.
Irish Empire
Still cant believe its been 5 years since one of the best educational videos and videos in general on youtube came out. Shoutout to all the OG's who watched this back in 2017.
vtrbswarmachine 14 dias atrás
This is still really good and important to share. Just saying you made a timeless for our mutual times vid. It's perfect. People can talk about it negatively yet it is and hits time with any reality. I thank you and appreciate your knowledge and judgement as well as your work I'm sure it wasn't easy. To create something this simple yet perfectly said. I still send this like it's the best thing! Because it is! I really want to thank you and everyone involved for giving this to us random enough people's. It means a lot. Thank you again. You are an artist.
The rare crossover of chemistry, physics, geology, paleontology, human history and art. In short a true masterpiece that can't be replaced by anyone.
Jeff Wang
Rewatching this after a few years and I am now convinced the writers of "Everything, Everywhere, All At Once" saw the first 30 seconds of this BRvid video and thought to themselves "this should be a movie!"
Theoderic Strider
I still wish more people were on board with the let's save the planet thing
Mocha Poke Bowl
Mocha Poke Bowl 28 dias atrás
My history teacher played this in class the other day because it was “too historical to miss” lmao
Steckhahn 14 dias atrás
Imagine his grades in history class 💀
168Ms 3 anos atrás
I'm scared to blink and miss a whole century.
honestly whenever i feel done with absolutely everything, i come to this video and just sit through it. i think ive almost memorized the entire thing. its honestly just a really funny video, and it makes my brain go mmm.
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