History of Disney Songs with Kristen Bell

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Kristen Bell and Jimmy perform a live mashup of some of the best Disney sing-along tunes of all time, including "Into the Unknown" from Frozen 2. Full list of songs featured below:

When You Wish Upon a Star
Heigh Ho
Bear Necessities
Under the Sea
A Part of Your World
Whole New World
Beauty and The Beast
Circle of Life/ Nants’ Ingonyama (intro)
Can You Feel the Love Tonight
Colors of the Wind
Do You Want to Build a Snowman
You’ve Got a Friend in Me
Remember Me
How Far I’ll Go
Into the Unknown
Let It Go

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History of Disney Songs with Kristen Bell


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11 Nov 2019



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Comentários 9 392
Inés SA
Inés SA 2 anos atrás
Kristen here just proving how she could’ve had any role in any Disney movie
AC Shepard
AC Shepard 14 dias atrás
Some replies here lack reading comprehension
Heavens Gate
Heavens Gate 2 anos atrás
Nahh.. you're looking down on paige o'hara, lea salonga, judi kuhn etc
AshantiCaltini 2 anos atrás
@Toy Dubz 😂👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾
Tabeazzz 2 anos atrás
She couldn't have done moana cause she ain't no Scarjo, stealing roles from poc
Inés SA
Inés SA 2 anos atrás
Sayuri Nishimura
Sayuri Nishimura Anos atrás
Let's face it: she's got it all. The empathy, the charisma, the looks, the voice, the talent... c'mon Kristen, leave some for the mortals like us
Kedar Phadke
Kedar Phadke Mês atrás
Agree. 💯
하예준 3 meses atrás
what's the original video of this?
하예준 3 meses atrás
what's the original video of this?
Ferretocious 3 meses atrás
And she has adorable Dax Shepherd!
Zoe Morin
Zoe Morin 3 meses atrás
And the acting
Mollie Shadden
Mollie Shadden Anos atrás
I’m convinced that Kristen Bell was just born with the perfect princess voice
Thomas H. Smith
Thomas H. Smith 13 dias atrás
@The Puki I'd like to think that somewhere out there, there is a parallel universe where Disney movies and Princesses actually are real, and when they pass away they get reincarnated as their actresses here to continue telling their stories. P.S. I don't actually believe that, but it would be cool though.
설부화용 2 meses atrás
I agree
Pitch Perfect Lover 🌈💖
Yeah I Love this video so much ♥️
a user
a user 5 meses atrás
so false
The Puki
The Puki 5 meses atrás
She's a Disney Princess trapped here
Sienna River
Sienna River Anos atrás
I feel like Kristen’s voice is underrated
하예준 3 meses atrás
what's the original video of this?
44R0N- 3 meses atrás
Her voice is iconic.
yoshiaki sasaki
yoshiaki sasaki 5 meses atrás
0:00 ピノキオの「星に願いを」の日本語版の映像はこちらになります。 クリスティン・アン・ベルさんがディズニーミュージックの歴史を歌い、この中で「星に願いを」と白雪姫と7人の小人たちの「ハイ・ホー」とアナと雪の女王の「レット・イット・ゴー~ありのままで~」も紹介されました。 日本人ですが、クリスティン・アン・ベルさんの歌声は美しいと思います。
Kristi Dell
Kristi Dell Anos atrás
Sienna river I agree I want Kristen Bell and Idina Menzel to do a History/Medley of frozen 1 and frozen 2 songs
Tobbe Anos atrás
Im actually impressed by fallon when he sings, can you feel the love tonight.
하예준 3 meses atrás
what's the original video of this?
MIKEK3NT 3 meses atrás
Jimmy can sing hehehe
Chrina Boehler
Chrina Boehler 5 meses atrás
I just said this before I scrolled thru the previous comments! He jokes around like he has no talent, but I'm not fooled lol
youvelookedbetter 6 meses atrás
yah, no. It was cringey.
Landibear 8 meses atrás
@Minna Msl 🤣 Trying to hear that in my mind! 😂😂 There is also some video of Jimmy, either one of his "misheard lyrics" or "I used to think" section where some twitter user tweeted that they used to thing the song started with "Peeeeennsylvaniaaaaaaa" 🤣 More than one language is being used in the song too. "Nants ingonyama bagithi baba" is Xhosa and "Ingonyama nengw' enamabala" which the chorus repeats is Swahili. Just beautiful. It means a lion and a leopard.
Daria Wells
Daria Wells 2 anos atrás
If it's possible, Kristen's voice has gotten EVEN BETTER.
Jennifer Van Haften
Jennifer Van Haften 2 anos atrás
I was thinking the same exact thing!
dudeski7373 2 anos atrás
actually that’s how it should be! you should get better as you get older! obviously, once you start to get elderly, your voice will most likely deteriorate, but generally, especially if they take lessons or have a good vocal coach or practice, your voice will just naturally get better :)
itsMe Camille
itsMe Camille 2 anos atrás
@Lightswitch me too pls :)
Brian Jr Spero
Brian Jr Spero 2 anos atrás
Because she doesn't have the restrictions of the movie.
Lightswitch 2 anos atrás
Daria Wells i was your 999th like, ive set way something great. Congrats on your almost-1000th likes
Georgina Paterson Barnes
0:00 - 0:25 “ when you wish upon star” ( Pinocchio) 0:26 - 0:37 “Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious ( Mary Poppins) 0:39 - 0:50 “Heigh - Ho” ( Snow White and the Seven Dwarft) 0:51 - 0:59 “The Bare Necessities” ( The jungle book) 1:00 - 1:08 “Under the sea” ( The little Mermaid) 1:11 - 1:39 “Part of your world ( The little Mermaid) 1:40 - 1:55 “A whole new world” ( Aladdin) 1:56 - 2:18 “ Tale as old as time” ( Beauty and the Beast) 2:20 - 2:29 “Cirle of life( The lion king) 2:29 - 2:35 “Can you feel the love tonight” ( The lion king) 2:36 - 3:01 “Colors of the wind” ( Pocahontas) and Do you want to build a snow man” ( Frozen) 3:02 - 3:23“ You’ve got a friend in me” ( Toy story) 3:24 - 3:39 “Remember me” ( Coco) 3:40 - 3:51 “How far i’ll go” ( Moana) 3:52 - 4:12 “Into the unknown” ( Frozen 2) 4:17 - 4:48 “Let it go” ( Frozen)
Kristy Chan
Kristy Chan 3 meses atrás
The first song to the forth song are so iconic 😍And reminds me of good old days
Vanessa S.
Vanessa S. 4 meses atrás
无人 5 meses atrás
Wow this is too helpful thanks a lot
yoshiaki sasaki
yoshiaki sasaki 6 meses atrás
「レット・イット・ゴー」は日本語版では「ありのままで」の副題が入っています。 (ディズニーミュージックジャパン公式チャンネル) 4:17 (「レット・イット・ゴー~ありのままで~」の映像(movie)) 0:39 (ウォルト・ディズニー・ジャパン公式チャンネルの「ハイ・ホー」の映像(movie))
Federica Ruma
Federica Ruma Anos atrás
Sione Baira
Sione Baira 2 meses atrás
Was brilliant 💯👏🏽👏🏽
yoshiaki sasaki
yoshiaki sasaki 4 meses atrás
「アナと雪の女王」のフォア・ザ・タイム・イン・フォーエバーは日本語版では「生まれてはじめて」のタイトルが付いています。 (ウォルトディズニージャパンVEMO公式チャンネル) (ウォルトディズニーVEMO公式チャンネル) 日本語版では神田沙也加さんと松たか子さんが歌っていますが、このうち神田沙也加さんは日本国内の報道によりますと、彼女は2021年12月18日に35歳でお亡くなりになりました。 「レット・イット・ゴー」は日本語版では「ありのままで」の副題が付いていますが、英語版の歌手はイディナ・キム・メンゼルさんで、日本語版の歌手は松たか子さんだと思います。
Liz Hutchinson
Liz Hutchinson 11 meses atrás
@Sofia T. Same!
Ananya Sahay
Ananya Sahay Anos atrás
Sofia T.
Sofia T. Anos atrás
I literally cried when i first heard it...its amazing
Camila Peres
Camila Peres Anos atrás
She's just 'forking' amazing! Fork! Shirt! Oh holymotherforkingshirtballs!
Tom LaGesse
Tom LaGesse 3 meses atrás
Ya Basic!
AmeliaKC173 4 meses atrás
She’s the forking best
Kahinie Bhasin
Kahinie Bhasin 8 meses atrás
ahaha yesss 😂😂
ALTHEA 8 meses atrás
Holy shirtballs
Choi Moon_A
Choi Moon_A Anos atrás
Ah fork off
Aish Geraldinia
Aish Geraldinia Anos atrás
If I had Kristens voice I’d literally NEVER shut up
Mr. Zorg
Mr. Zorg 2 anos atrás
Kristen is like Paul Rudd: ageless, charming, talented, and beautiful.
Mk Tay
Mk Tay Mês atrás
This generation s Betty White
Oyin Oyetade
Oyin Oyetade 2 anos atrás
Is she is not even old is still in her 30s
kollay17 2 anos atrás
RosS Klag no Paul Rudd definitely aged
mi 2 anos atrás
Logan Kandel
Logan Kandel 2 anos atrás
@TheCoolerChannel Holy motherforking shirtballs! I thought you'd never ask!
primrose m.
primrose m. Anos atrás
Can't believe there's no "I See The Light" from Tangled
Arka Nag
Arka Nag 2 meses atrás
@Khadeejah Fazil superior? 😂😂😂
Mahzzug08 4 meses atrás
probably copyright issues
Cameron Holladay
Cameron Holladay 6 meses atrás
Perhaps they’ll do a part 2…I was surprised they didn’t do one with Lin-Manuel when Encanto was premiering
Khadeejah Fazil
Khadeejah Fazil 6 meses atrás
@G Lmao they're just insecure abt tangled being superior
Nora Engeli
Nora Engeli 7 meses atrás
@Cheyenne no, Tangled is Disney. I don't know why it wasn't in here, should have come before Frozen
jaka jan
jaka jan Anos atrás
Kirsten can nail any disney princess. Her voice is just so beautiful and versatile! She got the looks, charisma, talent, personality, she’s perfect!
Mark Kristof
Mark Kristof 11 meses atrás
Jimmy is not bad singer. In fact he is very talented. He sounds almost like Elton John in Can you feel the love tonight. And Kristen Bell is of corse so perfect(and beautiful), I really love her voice. In fact she could replace Idina Menzel and noone would know.
Caribe01 Anos atrás
Love how talented Jimmy is! Kristen’s voice is heaven on Earth.
Elysia 2 anos atrás
Kristen’s voice is the kind of voice that everyone wished they had
하예준 3 meses atrás
what's the original video of this?
Jeana Marie Pizzo Maggio
Scott Oakman
Scott Oakman 3 meses atrás
Jimmy wasn't that bad either.
Mallory 3 meses atrás
A Friend
A Friend 4 meses atrás
*I know left*
Kelsey Nash
Kelsey Nash Anos atrás
Too bad they missed mulan, Tarzan, tangled, princess and the frog... All had fantastic musical numbers!
Dave G
Dave G 4 meses atrás
Lol. They had 5 minutes...
Mahzzug08 4 meses atrás
Cinderella & Sleeping Beauty 😅
Kaitlyn Pennington
Kaitlyn Pennington 7 meses atrás
No Mulan either
Brittany Crowe
Brittany Crowe 9 meses atrás
Aristocrats too
Mizzy's Parrots
Mizzy's Parrots 4 meses atrás
I just watched her in the woman across the street from the girl in the window. She's freaking hilarious. I laughed so much over all the wine and all the stupid casseroles.
미아 3 meses atrás
she’s been my fav for a hot minute now. i also love how her name is anna haha. but seriously, how many more casserole dishes does she have??
Daviddd d
Daviddd d Anos atrás
I need a album of kristen singing every disney song ever
Runaway Anos atrás
Kristen singing Part Of Your World and Colors of the Wind was incredible
Rachael Baldwin
Rachael Baldwin 2 anos atrás
whoever’s idea it was to cast kristen bell as a disney princess is the smartest genius to ever exist
Kathy Somers
Kathy Somers 23 dias atrás
I think that she should have been EVERY princess…
Rainbow Mês atrás
@Carsen Maxwell Frozen wasn’t a good movie tbh. It was boring.
yoshiaki sasaki
yoshiaki sasaki 4 meses atrás
ディズニーソングの歴史を感じる映像で、ピノキオの「星に願いを」、白雪姫の「ハイ・ホー」、アナと雪の女王の「レット・イット・ゴー~ありのままで~」といった名作が勢揃いで有ると思います。 英語の歌声ですが、日本人でも見応えが有ると思います。
Co Duss
Co Duss 4 meses atrás
@Night Flyer same for Idina
Jessica Samuelson
Jessica Samuelson 3 meses atrás
I cried as an adult listening to this. This brought such a genuine smile and joy to my face. The kind that we last felt as kids. THANK YOU
Noah Mills.
Noah Mills. Mês atrás
Sincerely I'm blown away by your show of love and support towards me. Where are you from? I'll really love to keep in touch on email. Would you?🤗🌹
nurul afiqah azhar
nurul afiqah azhar 11 meses atrás
Her children are so lucky to have her as mom
Savannah Zwicker
Savannah Zwicker 11 meses atrás
her kids don’t even like her singing 😭 if she were my mom i’d be getting her to sing for me all the time ahah
Lukas Kalin
Lukas Kalin 6 meses atrás
Holy smokes! The Colors of the Winds by Kristen is amazing, the strength in her voice for those lines is stunning..
Peter Daniel
Peter Daniel Mês atrás
I always keep repeating this every time and never get bored
Noah Mills.
Noah Mills. Mês atrás
Sincerely I'm blown away by your show of love and support towards me. Where are you from? I'll really love to keep in touch on email. Would you?🤗
Aira Kusuma
Aira Kusuma 2 anos atrás
Kristen is like the golden retriever of people. She is so lovely and likeable!
yoshiaki sasaki
yoshiaki sasaki 6 meses atrás
クリスティン・アン・ベルさんの美しい歌声は日本でも親しまれていますが、日本語版アナと雪の女王のアナ役を演じた神田沙也加さんが12月18日に亡くなられましたとの報道が有りました。 クリスティン・アン・ベルさんの事を心配していると思います。
Deborah Cordova
Deborah Cordova 7 meses atrás
Touche Fire Indeed Is.
ALTHEA 8 meses atrás
I remember Eleanor's soulmate was a golden retriever in one of the reboots
shamelesshussy 9 meses atrás
Yeah, spreading misinformation about covid on her Instagram, totes likeable. 🙄
Whats Up
Whats Up 10 meses atrás
A dog??? Ok then...
audin1027 10 meses atrás
I never realized that Kristen could sing like that. Love her even more! Her husband Zack too! Jimmy kills me!
Crispy Chicken
Crispy Chicken 8 meses atrás
Her husband is Dax Shepherd
jennzay 9 meses atrás
Literally smiled the entire time watching this. Kristen’s voice is so good.
Leslie Jackson
Leslie Jackson Dia atrás
I swear the "makes no difference who you are" really got me fall in love all over again, such beautiful voice
Saleha Ali
Saleha Ali Anos atrás
Kristen Bell could play every single Disney princess and she would nail it.
Monivm 2 anos atrás
This woman just proved that she could be any disney princess.
Brandon Smith
Brandon Smith Anos atrás
@Melissa Anna
Alaiyah Nichole
Alaiyah Nichole Anos atrás
@David Bunge it’s a reference from a show called The Good Place
Mohammed Yusuf
Mohammed Yusuf Anos atrás
Not elsa, she cant take into those high notes
T Smith
T Smith Anos atrás
@gary goldstein attorney at law Damn good show. One of the best ever and the finale *SOB* so good.
T Smith
T Smith Anos atrás
She is them all and she just comes out to entertain us mere mortals on occasion.
Heidi Beaumont
Heidi Beaumont 18 dias atrás
Oh my god I love this!! Kristen bell has a beautiful voice and jimmy is just great!
Sara Daniela
Sara Daniela Anos atrás
I need the full cover for every song Disney ever made. Kristen Bell please make an album!
nurul afiqah azhar
nurul afiqah azhar 11 meses atrás
She nail it everything. We demand every song from her 😹
James Nugent
James Nugent Anos atrás
When Jimmy was singing Can You Feel the Love Tonight? he actually sounded like Elton John.
Paul Jahova
Paul Jahova Anos atrás
Its been so many years.. that semi-talented people can totally make fun of the greats lol.
Cat Hep
Cat Hep 2 anos atrás
Jimmy is actually a surprisingly good character/impressions singer
The Indigo System
The Indigo System 2 meses atrás
@Wee Lip Tan he was being funny lol he could have sung it.
Kimberly Sevastyanenko
Kimberly Sevastyanenko 3 meses atrás
@Wee Lip Tan he did that on purpose. Lol
Shawna Spadafore
Shawna Spadafore 2 anos atrás
His Elton John was amazing
Someone Odd
Someone Odd 2 anos atrás
@justin hartmann not really. He just seems so next to celebrities. Like most TV show hosts.
justin hartmann
justin hartmann 2 anos atrás
He is super annoying as always.
Newt Banner
Newt Banner Anos atrás
Kristen Bell singing little mermaid: “I want to be ...” Me: “THE VERY BEST!”
Grannygor Ironhide
Grannygor Ironhide 15 dias atrás
@Ronin 28 7 months late but.... you teach me and I teach you! Poooookeeeeemoooonnnn!
Ronin 28
Ronin 28 7 meses atrás
Our courage will pull us through!
Marie Parrish
Marie Parrish Anos atrás
Pokemon! A heart so true!
PCGamerTree Anos atrás
@Aline Kuipers in a world we must defend
Aline Kuipers
Aline Kuipers Anos atrás
Pokémon!! Oh you're my best friend
brenda L
brenda L Anos atrás
Kristen Bell is an amazing singer! So is Jimmy! They are so talented 🎵❤️
Wolfie Chan
Wolfie Chan Anos atrás
Both Jimmy and Kristen are AMAZING, but can we just appreciate the composer of the songs tho..they flowed so well...
Emma Le Hecho
Emma Le Hecho Anos atrás
AmI the only one thinking Jimmy's "Can you feel the love tonight" sounded really good? I'd like a full version of that!
paul rudd stan
paul rudd stan 7 meses atrás
Jimmy and Kristen's voice really fit well together
Vaness Viendry
Vaness Viendry Anos atrás
you guys. i know kristen is perfect but look at jimmy tho. HE SINGS SOOOO WELL.
Ankita Sarkar
Ankita Sarkar Anos atrás
Kristen Bell is really a very adorable person with such a great voice and such charisma... Really love her!❤️
MARVELellous ARMY Anos atrás
I would love to see Kristen and Lea covering all disney songs... And Jimmy's a good singer... Idk how many times I've replayed this vid
Imelda Darmawan
Imelda Darmawan 2 anos atrás
If i had kristen’s voice, i will never stop singing
JP Robles
JP Robles 10 meses atrás
What if you had Ariana Grande’s voice
Tanase Maia Sabourin
Same it’s beautiful
Devin Bret
Devin Bret Anos atrás
If I had her voice I would probably freak A lot of people out.
Maya Hasbani
Maya Hasbani Anos atrás
soooooo agreeeeeee!!!!!!!
Sophie Sings
Sophie Sings Anos atrás
I have less than half her talent and I sing all the time lol (look at my name 😂)
keddie empleo
keddie empleo Anos atrás
Kirsten is like about to go to bed with her PJ's and Jimmy called her by the last minute to perform and make collaboration and does it anyway and she nailed it with her amazing voice.
Alittier 9 meses atrás
Whenever you close your eyes and hear her singing, you will immediately imagine a disney princess, her voice is amazing, the people who cast her as a disney princess are absolute geniuses
Evan Rockwell
Evan Rockwell 4 meses atrás
She sang Part of Your World perfectly. I almost want to say she sang it better than Jodi Benson. Don't come for me!!!
Connie Muse
Connie Muse Anos atrás
Jimmy is so talented and I'm surprised to hear Kristen sing so well.
purpledragonfly4 Anos atrás
Why? She is Princess Anna from Frozen, girl can SING!
Vanessadmusic 2 anos atrás
Everyone’s talking about Kristen but Jimmy doesn’t sing bad either!! He harmonizes very well
Kimberly Sevastyanenko
Kimberly Sevastyanenko 3 meses atrás
@Capree by Name Review by Nature he was just goofing around on that part
Jasmine Andrea Javier
Jasmine Andrea Javier 2 anos atrás
When he sung "Under the Sea" tho
eatsham ahsan
eatsham ahsan 2 anos atrás
He's good at mimicking voices of the characters but the singing is meh and Kirsten's singing is just that much better that you just ignore Jimmy lol.
Cali Sharp
Cali Sharp 2 anos atrás
eden 2 anos atrás
Stolen comment from a few day before you 🙄
Rouge Moon
Rouge Moon Anos atrás
Okay Kristen was spot on with all of it except for some of the lower registers like "You've got a friend in me" but Jimmy's "Can you feel the love tonight" was actually pretty good.
Juee Dhar
Juee Dhar Anos atrás
Jimmy was sooo good. And yes, he was totally meant to be cast as little Anna ;P Loved it !!!
Chrina Boehler
Chrina Boehler 5 meses atrás
I absolutely love Kristen Bell and Jimmy Fallon. I gotta say, when Jimmy was singing "can you feel the love tonight", I had to look up and make sure it was him, he jokes about himself and his talents but he can sing when he wants to for sure! Kristen Bell is a fantastic singer obviously lol. I also loved hearing her sing let it go 💕 ❄
Andrea Gomez
Andrea Gomez Anos atrás
This will forever be my favorite video!! 💕
xiholliday 2 anos atrás
Dude Kristen Bell sounds like every single Disney princess.
하예준 3 meses atrás
what's the original video of this?
Emma Poteet
Emma Poteet 3 meses atrás
I swear she is a literally disney princess and I will fight to defend that
RPrince_Putra 8 meses atrás
thats true ngl man
Gamerboi 9 meses atrás
SO true LMAO
Randi Kline
Randi Kline 11 meses atrás
That’s called Disney Voice Training
Daniel Nwobi
Daniel Nwobi Anos atrás
Ok Damn. I can't believe I'm just hearing her sing. She's insane!
Anisa's Creative World
Jimmy's Into the Unknown was fire! 🔥
Panna Molnár
Panna Molnár Anos atrás
I want a cover of them singing heigh-ho!
yolanda Anos atrás
I've always loved this video & like to rewatch it over and over again. It summarizes my Disney dream🥺 So glad our drama group can perform this as our lip-syncing video!!
Ana Taddei
Ana Taddei 2 anos atrás
Kristen is the most likeable and charismatic person on the planet.
Alladin Daliva
Alladin Daliva 6 meses atrás
Especially when she starred in Twilight!
yoshiaki sasaki
yoshiaki sasaki 6 meses atrás
日本の東京都小平市からですが、「神田沙也加さん」の訃報報道からクリスティン・アン・ベルさんの存在を知りました。 彼女は英語版アナと雪の女王のアナ役で知られていますが、日本語版のアナ役だった「神田沙也加さん」が亡くなられましたとの報道がございました。 クリスティン・アン・ベルさんの事を心配していると思います。
JIYA 7 meses atrás
@Jorie Thomas Same
Twon 7 meses atrás
Robin Williams.
Food Scarr
Food Scarr 7 meses atrás
I disagree but she is cool
Seidenschnabel Federflügel
I cried. Her voice makes me feel emotional. ❤️🤧
Mynameisname Anos atrás
Words can’t express how much I love and admire this women-
daniel reader
daniel reader 8 meses atrás
Jimmy’s voice is actually so sick! What a legend. Kristen Bell is just from a different planet.
Shira Gold
Shira Gold Anos atrás
I got goosebumps from Kristen's singing
Karen Cheung
Karen Cheung 2 anos atrás
Kristen Bell is actually every Disney princess to every exist
Moonie Tran
Moonie Tran Anos atrás
it's like hearing your whole childhood flowing through your earphone
Emily Cline
Emily Cline 4 meses atrás
I absolutely love this!!!! Made my little Disney heart melt ❤
Chlo with the FLOW
Chlo with the FLOW Anos atrás
I love Kristen’s voice so much
AllyTheBean Anos atrás
I need a full cover of Beauty and The Beast immediately
StarGazerUnleashed6 2 anos atrás
I wanted to hear her sing "I see the light" from Tangled.
Pumpkin Anos atrás
@oh, no! eyeballs! It's cheaper to pay for the rights of use of just 1 movie's songs instead of the songs of several different movies.
oh, no! eyeballs!
oh, no! eyeballs! Anos atrás
@Pumpkin but they could sing other movies' songs instead of 3 songs from frozen
Pumpkin 2 anos atrás
People always say something is missing. It's all over the comments. Not every single thing has to be done here. People are never pleased with what they get just because it wasn't done exactly how they wanted it to be...
gary goldstein attorney at law
Shaked Yahalom
Shaked Yahalom 2 anos atrás
Anna Nesting
Anna Nesting 4 meses atrás
Kristen Bell is soooo great and sooo underrated!
Aneet Anos atrás
Kristen Bell's voice is the best sound I've ever heard
Natasha Merline
Natasha Merline Anos atrás
Her voice is just so clear, so smooth, soo... mesmerising. ❤️
Singit24Seven 11 meses atrás
Kristen is a truly wonderful and skilled singer!
robbycan 2 anos atrás
She may be the most likeable person on the planet.
Troll Gun
Troll Gun Mês atrás
Dudes dont forget Emilia Clark :P
Kimberly Sevastyanenko
Kimberly Sevastyanenko 2 meses atrás
@Holly Disgusts? That's a pretty strong word for someone who has seemingly done nothing wrong.
justinisasquare 2 anos atrás
@Austin Steenman haha. Nice!
Austin Steenman
Austin Steenman 2 anos atrás
@justinisasquare Came here to say this. Well done my good square.
Denise 2 anos atrás
SHE IS the most likeable for sure.
Lara Blakemore
Lara Blakemore Anos atrás
Love them both so much🥰Both had an outstanding performance 😁
Claudia Wanzeler
Claudia Wanzeler 4 meses atrás
Sheldon Singh
Sheldon Singh Anos atrás
Lovely duets ❤️
Florabelle Grim
Florabelle Grim 3 meses atrás
This was freaking amazing!! I am mind blown!! These 2 are so talented it's crazy!! Jimmy is definitely multi-talented but so underrated and underappreciated..
Vale Frenchy
Vale Frenchy 2 anos atrás
Imagine having a mum that sings Disney songs to you with this voice..her girls are so lucky 😍
Jennifer Jiang
Jennifer Jiang 2 anos atrás
@Emma Kappeyne when I took voice lessons, the exercises could get weird
Emma Kappeyne
Emma Kappeyne 2 anos atrás
@Fearless 4 Him to be fair Idina said that she understands it can get annoying when she practises high notes over and over. In general listening to practice is usually not a lot of fun cause musicians can rehearse a little part a thousand times
Fearless 4 Him
Fearless 4 Him 2 anos atrás
Vale Frenchy Yes, Elsa’s actress said her child told her to shut up when she sang. That’s harsh lol.
Eliza 2 anos atrás
@mikk 😂😂
mikk 2 anos atrás
eliza spote I used to get embarrassed when my mom sang to me but I realised she actually had a nice voice unlike my screaming
Matt Blumenberg
Matt Blumenberg 6 meses atrás
Kristen literally has the sweetest voice I’ve ever heard oml
Mary Ann Swayney
Mary Ann Swayney 11 meses atrás
I had no idea that Kristen could sing like THAT until Frozen! 😍
Hana Trevino
Hana Trevino Anos atrás
Ok, she needs to play every princess or at least make an album. She is far more talented then people give her credit for
Elysia Joseph
Elysia Joseph Anos atrás
she’s so talented she would have sounded nice singing reflection from mulan
athuh 2 anos atrás
I actually wanted to hear Kristen sing the chorus of "Into The Unknown" 😂
Karla Sosa
Karla Sosa 2 anos atrás
Hahn 2 anos atrás
Jacob EMT
Jacob EMT 2 anos atrás
Me too
Gia Mending
Gia Mending 2 anos atrás
Mee tooo ahhh! Darn..
Puppy555 JJ
Puppy555 JJ 2 anos atrás
,e to
Joni Laus
Joni Laus Anos atrás
Kristen Bell's voice never ceases to amaze! Lovely!
McZac 4 meses atrás
Oh, my! Kristen has a Disney princess singing voice! I hope she could voice a disney princess for real, if she hasn't yet... ❤️❤️❤️
McZac 3 meses atrás
@Luisanny Molina I have a boy, not so much into girly Disney. Now, I know after seeing related videos. Thanks
Luisanny Molina
Luisanny Molina 3 meses atrás
Anna from Frozen lol
Yoori Li
Yoori Li Anos atrás
Kristen Bell is an amazing actress and a singer.
Nicholas Harvey
Nicholas Harvey Anos atrás
Their impressions during “Beauty and the Beast” were spot on
daisy huerta
daisy huerta 2 anos atrás
Imma need Kristen Bell to drop an album where she covers all the Disney Songs.
Kenma’s Hair Dye
Kenma’s Hair Dye Anos atrás
Frozen?? Anna??? No? Okay then
RandomBarrie Anos atrás
Shes anna
Vizcaíno Anos atrás
Especially vaiana
MrDrewseph Anos atrás
Came here to say exactly that 💛
Madhulika Modem
Madhulika Modem Anos atrás
+ Jimmy singing full covers. 😀
KingNick666 Anos atrás
I knew I watched a lot of Disney movies.. But the fact I was able to sing along every word to every song...umm wow.. and by the way they did an amazing job and this may be my fav video ever now!!
Kelly Cristina
Kelly Cristina Anos atrás
Que lindo, não sabia Q Kristen Bell cantava.
Makes good sense
Makes good sense Anos atrás
I absolutely love Jimmy fallon ❤
A Shade of Gray
A Shade of Gray Anos atrás
She has the most Disney princess 👸 voice I've ever heard. Who knew. Love it. 💘
A 3 meses atrás
She is a Disney princess … lol anna in frozen hence the bit
Sergio Ampv
Sergio Ampv Anos atrás
I knew about Kristen because her role in The Good Place. Now I realize she has always been with me.
Gian Yu
Gian Yu Anos atrás
Came here after watching The Good Place finale.
clever username
clever username 4 meses atrás
Jimmy's Elton John was a thing of magnificence
Leah H
Leah H Anos atrás
I love this!!! I love it so much❤️❤️❤️❤️
Christine Jung
Christine Jung 5 meses atrás
aw i love Kristen Bell. i was looking forward to hearing her sing Reflections :'( so sad we didn't get that (or any song from Mulan)
CamiLucia123 2 anos atrás
Oh my god Kristen has the cleanest voice I’ve ever heard Ps: everyone is saying “you should listen to Lea Salonga” YES I’VE LISTENED TO HER AND SHE’S AMAZING TOO!!!! K bye 🤘🏻
UNLESS Anos atrás
I do the same there is nothing I cannot sing.. I'm like arianna lol
Glynn Donahue she’s got a “ok voice” her voice is beautifu,what do u mean by “ok voice” and she practice her voice, not everything needs money
Random Person
Random Person 2 anos atrás
Her, Lea Salonga, and Christy Altomare are 😔👌👌 i love them
Toty Vera
Toty Vera 11 meses atrás
Kristen and jimmy sound great together !
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