Highly Suspect - Serotonia (Official Music Video)

Highly Suspect
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Comentários 80
shery bergner
shery bergner 6 horas atrás
Be real don't be afraid to feel
Jason Houk
Jason Houk 10 horas atrás
Sweet transam tattoo dude
James Nightingale
James Nightingale 22 horas atrás
Was it always glitching at the 4 Minute mark in the video?
Jimbalaya Man
Jimbalaya Man Dia atrás
Damn those crooked teeth and that herpes lip are nasty
Ronin Yeti Studio
This song always makes me want to get really high...yus.
Startthrough Finish
I just want to tell u there's something als but its obvious its already there waiting for a nother surprise the day was already over are u on urself waking up do u want to live or die I can tell what u see and do with only one more camera to walk away from u
ThornsOfOurTime 2 dias atrás
I thought music was dead, but then I found you
Love Givens
Love Givens 2 dias atrás
World's most dumbest video,.
adrenaline 2 dias atrás
As a straight man this is uncomfortable to watch, so I just scroll down and read comments while listening.
Diego Montañez
Diego Montañez 3 dias atrás
Abril Garcia
Abril Garcia 4 dias atrás
This might be my all time favorite song. I listen to it at least twice a month when I'm not on a HS kick, at least once A DAY when I am, which is now. It's a fucking masterpiece
Amanda Wilson
Amanda Wilson 5 dias atrás
Fav line was during the second chorus where he sings "My heart just started screaming, I think I wanna be alive!!!" in a higher pitch. Got my attention!
thefreebychoice 5 dias atrás
holy shit..first time i viewed this...brilliant...epic...
thefreebychoice 4 dias atrás
the middle of the vid is the best, your face is priceless ..i will never unsee this :)
Richard Hardeman
Richard Hardeman 6 dias atrás
painful is writing lyrics after ozzy.,,,,....
aaron m97oh
aaron m97oh 6 dias atrás
like shirly manson in the 90s. i'd listen to her sing and lay her ; )
tired hero
tired hero 7 dias atrás
well corona virus is doing it for us dude
NYCRiotgrrrl555 Anarchist
Im new to Highly Suspect. I absolutely love them. I haven't heard anybody as refreshing and talented af 🤯💯...I feel a bit dumb asking what's MCID?
The Grappler
The Grappler 7 dias atrás
damn.......this is a jam. i will definitely be checking out more by these guys
Mel Al
Mel Al 7 dias atrás
I can feel it too.... My lips are also chapped.
MacKenzie O'Brien
MacKenzie O'Brien 9 dias atrás
Do the guitar riffs on this track remind anyone else of Pink Floyd? (specifically, Shine on You Crazy Diamond) This band is insanely underrated. I've watched this video 4 times in one day, can't get enough.
Jay Johnson
Jay Johnson 9 dias atrás
wicked intro =)
Jay Johnson
Jay Johnson 9 dias atrás
I like the Art in Your Vid =)
Tasha Shelby
Tasha Shelby 10 dias atrás
My favorite song!!!!! Fckin loooove it!!
Jason Jones
Jason Jones 11 dias atrás
Love this band
Retard 11 dias atrás
They used to be so good
Mark Laquire
Mark Laquire 11 dias atrás
Wow curious if a life size Bobnlehead would have made a cheaper video lmao wtf
Heather Robb-Stokes
Heather Robb-Stokes 12 dias atrás
You are an amazing band and people. I love you 😍MCID forever
Barbie Corpse666
Barbie Corpse666 12 dias atrás
Jimi D
Jimi D 13 dias atrás
Finally, a song that gets me...
Maycon Albertino
Maycon Albertino 13 dias atrás
BC M 14 dias atrás
why did he go almost skinhead after "My name is human"? he had the look, the groove, rock on boys, you got what it takes, My family is from the Cape, and have seen you kids live, bring it! you got it!
darkgouda 14 dias atrás
This should be the theme song for COVID-19 and a what not to do during the quarantine.
Steven Tuck
Steven Tuck 15 dias atrás
I love this song i still listen to it every day I listen to the song since it first came out
Tripper Harrison
Tripper Harrison 16 dias atrás
The dogshit that actually wins “music awards” amazes me when there is music like this being created in the modern era. I just hope this dude quits the cigarettes before it effects him vocally.
Michael Ardon
Michael Ardon 17 dias atrás
Anyone else here during 2020 self quarantine? Repeat-
Kevin Whiting
Kevin Whiting 2 horas atrás
I can feel it too
shery bergner
shery bergner 6 horas atrás
Sick of this shit .....REALLY
shery bergner
shery bergner 6 horas atrás
Jeremy Russell
Jeremy Russell 2 dias atrás
Michael Ardon always a good song my best friend/like a brother loved this band one of my favs
KustomGraphics206 7 dias atrás
Never left
Marcus_trappz Lix
Marcus_trappz Lix 18 dias atrás
I love his voice
Erika Hill
Erika Hill 18 dias atrás
The stats this weekend had been the best all yr so far lol I wish that everything is well and I'm not ever without waking up to this song u are my alarm of logic
Megan LovesUall
Megan LovesUall 20 dias atrás
American spirits... I'd recognize them anywhere
Megan LovesUall
Megan LovesUall 20 dias atrás
Bro, chapstick is not your enemy
btsmchl 21 dia atrás
Love this song!
M L 23 dias atrás
Zoe Yu
Zoe Yu 24 dias atrás
The only thing I regret about finding this song is that now I’ll never get to experience listening to it for the first time.
karen LAUBENTHAL 24 dias atrás
God he's soooooo fine it is painful.
Cooper Rayes
Cooper Rayes 24 dias atrás
Fuck I love this song. Right in the feels. Everytim.
FearNoEvil 26 dias atrás
Tammie Almany
Tammie Almany 26 dias atrás
L MMM 27 dias atrás
He's the hottest at 4:33
A Ford
A Ford 26 dias atrás
3ric Car
3ric Car 27 dias atrás
Fuck his lips look like they taste of strawberry or cherry chapstick 😂😭❤
Meg Scott
Meg Scott 27 dias atrás
A true rock masterpiece. These guys are deservedly blowing uup!!! This song gives me a Pink Floyd feel..and chills!
Lexi Roberts
Lexi Roberts 27 dias atrás
dope ·· sick .
dope ·· sick . 28 dias atrás
DUDE... get outta my Head .... or I'll charge u rent. I accept Diners Club, 100's... PLURAL, and dick.
Bexyboo97 28 dias atrás
Their best song change my mind.
Kristen Salyards
Kristen Salyards 29 dias atrás
I love the facial expressions
TheLoneWanderer Mês atrás
Highly Suspect, please, please and please don't take drugs...I don't want to see another person/group going...I can't bear this shit no more. You're on 300k subs, I want you to keep going, but take care of yourselves.
davdust Mês atrás
Love the guitar man! Nothing speaks more true than those strings!
Ceylin Kılınç
Ceylin Kılınç Mês atrás
The ending of the song is definitely orgasmic. Like it's slowing down and you feel lost in the damn sound. What a fuckin band it is. I love it
Claire Garcia
Claire Garcia Mês atrás
God I watch this video over and over and over and I never get tired of it baby
Ayari Kiyo
Ayari Kiyo 24 dias atrás
Hell yeah.
David Madrigal
David Madrigal Mês atrás
Get hella baked to this song🔥💯
Tim Johnson
Tim Johnson Mês atrás
That's a good song, but that ink well when his day comes he will wish he had not done that :)
Mother Metal
Mother Metal Mês atrás
Really dig this one! Glad I found it. This band rocks!!! 🔥😎. Mother Metal 💀🖤
Vasilii Adler
Vasilii Adler Mês atrás
Есть кто из 2020?
mauro jeronimo
mauro jeronimo Mês atrás
Is he hight or he just makes me wanna be?..
Joni Bernstein
Joni Bernstein Mês atrás
depression made sexy.
Joel Escamilla
Joel Escamilla Mês atrás
I believe he talking about Lana Rhoades
Jared Davis
Jared Davis Mês atrás
All Rhoades lead to Anal.
Gina Marie
Gina Marie Mês atrás
Occult Rites
Occult Rites Mês atrás
The bum go so wasted he couldn't finish a set they had to have rich come apologize to us. Sort your life out. Alcoholic get some rehab. Fake loser. Your fans are also horrible attacking people on social media removing comments you suck dude an your fake Hollywood
Nathan Lang
Nathan Lang Mês atrás
Someone's mad 😂😂😱
Occult Rites
Occult Rites Mês atrás
MCID= My crew is DICKS
Armanda Martinez
Armanda Martinez Mês atrás
I love your tattoos and your voice 🌹
Tianna's Art
Tianna's Art Mês atrás
"I just wanna be naked" Me: oh Yeah, sure, no problem, "bro". 🤣
Captain Cav
Captain Cav Mês atrás
Really hit me with pink floyd vibes. Hella good job
Preston Danger
Preston Danger Mês atrás
drink some water foo, lose lips CHAPPED!!
Lady Phoenix Grey
Lady Phoenix Grey Mês atrás
Everyone's always talking about *zomghessohawt* and I'm just over here like, "Yeah, but the fridge is empty..."
Lady Phoenix Grey
Lady Phoenix Grey Mês atrás
Enclave Soldier 100%. And he is quite handsome, let’s be honest. 🤷🏻‍♀️😂
Enclave Soldier
Enclave Soldier Mês atrás
Yeah, but the roof is gone. Ngl tho he be vibin.
Chrissan Mês atrás
That solo sounds like Lucky by Radiohead
Randy Shives
Randy Shives Mês atrás
Epic show in Houston TX last weekend!
Gloomy Orange Barrels Project
yeah great, i can kick it to this sometimes for sure
Chinger Burger
Chinger Burger Mês atrás
If I were that attractive I’d spend all day fucking
BerserkerBrat Mês atrás
its unholy to be that beautiful..hes got issues.. i got issues, i got issues..right here in PROVIDENCE Johnny.... hang with me... get twisted.... fuck me allll the way up... ill sign a waiver lo.l
Zack Kelley
Zack Kelley Mês atrás
I'm seeing you guys for the first time in about an hour in Grand rapids Michigan... I'm hoping to maybe get some closure after this terrible week...I lost my best friend two days ago...I haven't been able to stop crying day and night...I hope your music carries me far from this world... Rest in paradise Petey Kelley... You're sorely missed down here... Please come back to me baby boy.... I'll be counting the days...
Tom Upton
Tom Upton Mês atrás
Solo section is David Gilmourish
Krazi Von
Krazi Von Mês atrás
That damn solo give me chills it's so good
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