HIGHLIGHTS | All Blacks v South Africa 2022 (Johannesburg) 

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Catch all the action from the All Blacks second Test against South Africa from Emirates Airline Park.
Credit: @skysportnz
Highlights brought to you by Altrad.


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12 Ago 2022



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Lam Cheek
Lam Cheek Anos atrás
The skills the players displayed from both teams were phenomenal. What a game.
TCt83067695 Anos atrás
I'm just mesmerized by the speed of their wingers. You'll think for a minute they're fast and then they just kick it up a notch. Absolutely outstanding
Neil.J Petersen
Neil.J Petersen Anos atrás
Boks don't have skills,only stampkar gemors.
Lizardlord Lord of lizards
@TCt83067695 I think the All Blacks showed that they still have that extra gear that SA couldn't match. Sa played great rugby, but were just outclassed in the end.
Hester Hanekom
Hester Hanekom 2 meses atrás
​@TCt83067695no.😊😊 en😊crugby spring okke verces new ,dLand
Karl Burgess
Karl Burgess Anos atrás
Looked like a good old fashioned game of rugby from the highlights. Running,spreading the ball wide, muscle, and hard work from both teams
Aaron McKechnie
Aaron McKechnie Anos atrás
Good summary from the highlights. It was a very close and tight contest. Tough gritty win for a team that has been under intense (outside) pressure
Johan L
Johan L Anos atrás
And a biased ref
Flynn Ualesi
Flynn Ualesi Anos atrás
@Johan L w
Erock1275 Anos atrás
Man Rieko is really coming into his own on the defensive end.. It's like he took all that negative talk to heart during the off season and really worked at it. Amazing display of defence by him.
keza41 Anos atrás
it was great to see him getting ball in space and able to use his speed instead of getting man and ball at the same time.
Codie Moko
Codie Moko Anos atrás
@keza41 yea, toxic fans and especially all the haters forget teams prepare for us, like shutting us down before we get any sniff off open air, like containing our centers and keeping the game tight for their bigger forwards to control the breakdown. It's not hard to see.
Badboybenny Anos atrás
To me he is more dangerous out on the wing. Hes tackle breaks/offload stats are average for a centre.But i really think in time if they keep him there he will develop but in my opinion hes dangerous on the wing.Tupea is young and has the ability to be nz next greatest centre
Tim Brown
Tim Brown Anos atrás
Umm, he got out played all day by his opposite
King Of The World
King Of The World Anos atrás
Dudes been a legend for years
Ernest Stanley
Ernest Stanley Anos atrás
The Boks 13 showed why he is considered by many rugby pundits as the world's best centre. A real multi- skilled midfielder who has the strength to breeze through tackles. What a talent.
TheGGMan Anos atrás
One of the best performances from an AB team in a while. 👏
Kazam K
Kazam K Anos atrás
100% agree with you
KinG_BronZ Anos atrás
When the AB’s play SA they always bring the best out of each other. Always a tight contest. Huge effort from the boys. Thank you SA for a great game
Good game thank you
Tim Fieldes
Tim Fieldes Anos atrás
I was thinking the same - both teams were right in this thrilling match. Some mistakes from either side but so much pure skill. Happy the ABs got there but it was so exciting I couldn’t have complained if the Boks had won it.
BLUES N8 Anos atrás
That’s true my guy! 💯 we always learn something new with our Bokke brother’s
ً Anos atrás
@Axel Foley it’s not that deep, it’s good sportsmanship
John Mcfadzean
John Mcfadzean Anos atrás
These are the games you live for! Two great teams giving it everything. Well done ABs, you done us proud! South Africa No 13 is some player! As for Etzibeth, wow!!!
aliss liou
aliss liou Anos atrás
I'm from Japan, but I'm looking forward to seeing All Blacks in Japan on October! Great game! I felt very excited to watch this game. I hope to see them!
MrCMaths Anos atrás
Congrats AB’s. Only one team who can play like that. International rugby needed that. Only team that can play SA at Ellis Park like that. Superb!
Harry Milton
Harry Milton Anos atrás
Strong possibility that France could do that, not forgetting Ireland as well. Today's game was great, two rugby superpowers going at it, just not sure they are going to have it all their way come the next World Cup. It could be the best WC yet.
linalmeemow Anos atrás
ABs were rubbish today, no idea how the Saffers let that one get away from them.
linalmeemow Anos atrás
@Harry Milton France are head and shoulders above these two at the moment.
Alec Castro
Alec Castro Anos atrás
@linalmeemow Sorry but NO ONE aside from the ABs has performed at Ellis Park like that. France are amazing - but they haven't done this particular thing yet.
Moggy471 Anos atrás
As a nuteral I would like to congratulate everyone involved in one of the best test matches I have ever seen.
couu alis
couu alis Anos atrás
Both excellent teams who seem to lift to another level when they play against each other. Good game
Lucas Mostazo
Lucas Mostazo Anos atrás
WHAT A GAME! 🔥 Congrats to both teams for this EPIC battle. It was a gift for all the rugby fans. Regards from Argentina 🇦🇷
J DB Anos atrás
which side were you going for 🤔😂
Interested Bystander
Nice work by the mighty Pumas too! What a result. Vamos hijos!!!
I'm from Japan, but I'm looking forward to seeing All Blacks in Japan on October! Great game! I felt very excited to watch this game. I hope to see them!
J DB Anos atrás
arigato spring bok itadakimasuuuu 🙏 🤣🤣🤣
speed demon955
speed demon955 Anos atrás
hello from New Zealand, it's great to hear we have fans in beautiful Japan, i visited Japan in 1984, it is a wonderful country. 👍👍
Aaron Anos atrás
2019 RWC in Japan was the greatest experience of my life. The people of Japan were so welcoming and the atmosphere was electric. Many Japanese would come up to me when they saw my All Blacks shirt and comment on the All blacks and give a thumbs up. I hope rugby continues to grow in Japan and good luck to the Brave Blossoms! 🌸
Pilgrim Anos atrás
ABs will waste you
J DB Anos atrás
@Pilgrim cmon mate thats not the kiwi spirit
Sello T_P
Sello T_P Anos atrás
4:35...just wow...the strength of Etzebeth to not only prevent Savea from touching down for a try but to toss him back like that is just mind blowing!!
Codie Moko
Codie Moko Anos atrás
Yea, didn't even realise he was on the field until he did that. Literally the only thing he did lmao
Mr Miyagi
Mr Miyagi Anos atrás
Great highlights! Awesome to see an actual in-depth selection of highlights of the game. Much appreciated 🔥
bodhid Anos atrás
A terrific game and momentous performances from both sides but the AB's came out on top. Thought the AB forwards found themselves today: S Barrett, Whitelock, Ardie Savea all immense. And San Cane had a stormer. It can't be easy leading the side, having your place in said team questioned publicly whilst forever being compared to a great of the game, but he found another gear tonight. The Havili try wad thrilling, an edge of the seat moment that had me cheering - and I'm an England fan! Some phenomenal play from both sides and that's up there with the classics I'm the long history of Boks Vs AB's. I've loved watching Tri-Nations/Rugby Champ over the years, up on a Sat morning here in the NH and Bok Vs AB is always the highlight. Must also say Am is a special player and showed it here, didn't deserve to lose.
LOGEN Anos atrás
As a Springboks fan I have to give credit were is due.The ABs brought thier A game in this one.....I could see from the first half that they won this match👌🖤💚
parkiwi Anos atrás
Where rugby stands out as a sport is the spirit in which it's played. At all levels! Great game everyone.
Jackson Ioane
Jackson Ioane Anos atrás
Can’t help but cry 😭 up the All Blacks. Boys left it on the field. Much love to SA. Always bringing out the best in us.
couu alis
couu alis Anos atrás
As a nuteral I would like to congratulate everyone involved in one of the best test matches I have ever seen.
-Trajan- Anos atrás
This victory was actually the worst thing that couldve happened it just cemented Fozzies job
John Creedon
John Creedon Anos atrás
Epic game of rugby, finished it like the AB's of old... delighted for Fozie and Cane. Congrats from Ireland 🇮🇪
Shehan Senanayaka
Shehan Senanayaka Anos atrás
Not like 2013 but what a game 🔥🔥🔥
Michael Carroll
Michael Carroll Anos atrás
I echo those Irish sympathies - go All Blacks 🏉
Nook Star
Nook Star Anos atrás
See you in France 😉
Freedom Born
Freedom Born Anos atrás
Gotta love the Irish mate. Even though they gave us a harder time than what SA looked to give us. See ya in France. 🤙🏾
Chris Mills
Chris Mills Anos atrás
How was the last World Cup
bjnwright Anos atrás
Kiwi here, impressive win and we desperately needed that lift in intensity and execution. To do it at Ellis Park on after the string of recent defeats is very special. SA looked absolutely amazing going forward and scoring out wide through the hands. Real skill in that back line these days. Epic game, like every other.
drh02 Mês atrás
I was so stoked for Foster after this game. I remember watching Nonu interviewing him after the game, and you could see how much Nonu was happy for him. The players couldn't pull off a win like that against SA at home if they didn't have faith in the coach.
ELITE CON & Vintage Rugby Revival
Rugby union is a natural for New Zealand. It is like encrypted in their genes and flows on to many generations. Likely behavioural for them to adapt and readapt to secure victories. That is their pride and the reason why it is not too long for them to find their way back. I'm not a New Zealander but one can always tell the standards they bring is set apart from the world. They've gained fans and supporters the globe over due the attraction of the beauty of rugby they've always showcased. European rugby standards show more of an art in line with their tradition and culture of world dominance, just can't take it out of them. Romanticism, Classicism, Science, Art, and all other elegances into it. They've tried and tried but always have stood out in awkwardness of motion in playing. Sometimes effective enough to bring about the attention of the global rugby population. Pacific rugby introduced, however, the art of deception as a model of attack. That's why you'll see a lot of that dummying, foot-work, and that mental attitude of robust powered physique being a medium of greater advantage to their opponent (size up). New Zealand rugby just happens to naturally have all those qualities because it's an admixture of both hemispheres and regions in one nation e.g. British descendants, Maori, and Pacific Islanders. They have diverse cultures, philosophies, and approaches combined to be ultimate.
Edward Anos atrás
Perfectly put mate
-Trajan- Mês atrás
Well said
Nathan Davids
Nathan Davids Anos atrás
This was the real AB's today was great to see them on this level again well done super proud of you bois🔥🔥
Kel Batt
Kel Batt Anos atrás
when you lift the microscope off a bug- it can run again (reference to recent ABS Refs/Discipline experience) ref was even- ABS won
Alone Veatufunga
Alone Veatufunga Anos atrás
God bless 🙏 AB n Sbox bring the game to level fix ready WC
assassin8or Anos atrás
Leave it to the All Blacks and Springboks to have better test matches together than most RWC semi-finals and finals
Mike Pokai
Mike Pokai Anos atrás
No better,I saw the 1965 springboks play against the mighty Allblacks and couldn’t believe how big the boks pack was oh the memories
Floyd Kingi
Floyd Kingi Anos atrás
@Mike Pokai as a kid I remember the 81 Bok Forward pack. They were so big they made the AB forwards look like Schoolboys
Peter Green
Peter Green Anos atrás
Yes indeed.
J DB Anos atrás
if the game gets faster (as it should) it could be their downfall, guys that big have abysmal cardio, like this game where they struggled at the pace
Sunnysamuel 9 meses atrás
Absolutely 💯 this was the best AB vs Springbok game I've ever seen 😲👏 The Best AB performance sgainst S.A I've ever seen🖤💪🏉🏆Freedom cup is ours.
J T Anos atrás
Fantastic seeing two heavyweights of the game smash it out! Cracking game! See you in the World Cup. Love from England, northern hemisphere 😘
corny165 Anos atrás
As a neutral i've never cheered for the NZ'ers... ever. Not because I don't like them or have a problem with them but because they're always favourites and i like cheering for the underdog. I broke with that tradition for this game! Delighted to see men who are clearly putting everything into what they're doing get their reward. Great game too.
Peter Daly
Peter Daly Anos atrás
well, in this game, they pretty much were the underdogs
NZSki 7 meses atrás
Who cares
Bruzeys Anos atrás
Rieko Ioane, Caleb Clarke, Will Jordan… wow the AB’s backline has some dynamite in it. These guys just look so dangerous every time they touch the ball. Awesome rugby and great highlights video; perfect length for anyone that couldn’t catch the full game live.
J DB Anos atrás
Caleb was outstanding, definitely showed his worth
MrTimmu67 Anos atrás
Clarke missed a couple of tackles. One led directly to a try.
Ballers Nation
Ballers Nation Anos atrás
@MrTimmu67 all started from Havili stilly kick that went nowhere
nvwcj22 Anos atrás
@MrTimmu67 Clarke also made a huge break which led to an AB try. He did that last game as well. He works hard. Great player!
MrTimmu67 Anos atrás
@nvwcj22 My point is that he wasn't the standout some are saying. He made a few errors. Ioine, Jordon, Havilli and Mo'unga were all much better.
Daniel Tweedie
Daniel Tweedie Anos atrás
Absolutely SENSATIONAL. I felt breathless just watching it, screaming out at various times, even though I’m from neither New Zealand nor South Africa. That ‘try’ from South Africa on 55 minutes has to rank right up there with Sam Underhill running round Beauden Barrett as one of the best tries that never was. And that mega pass at the end of the move was right up there with Juan Martín hernandez against France in RWC. Phenomenal - and to think that New Zealand have been so heavily criticised recently.
-Trajan- Anos atrás
NZs third try was way better than SA tries lol
Mark Jackson
Mark Jackson Anos atrás
Fantastic match, great battle, amazing entertainment, fantastic venue, amazing crowd...what more could you ask for? Thanks South Africa for everything. Love the contrast in styles. You have to give it to the Bok, their 10, 13 and 15 are pretty damn good. ..
Interested Bystander
Agree. That said, though, there's no one on either team who are there to make up the numbers. Class all over the park, and a proper test match! I think the score doesn't really reflect the game, though. Felt more like a five pointer than a fifteen pointer.
Kazam K
Kazam K Anos atrás
100% Agree with you
T C Anos atrás
What a great result for this team, the forward pack looked 100 times better, set peices were good and they finally provided the backline with something to work from. They played for the jersey and their country today folks and they can be proud of that performance. The big question is can they back it up... its beem one of their biggest weaknesses stringing performances together against top tier teams
Mathieu Guillet
Mathieu Guillet Anos atrás
Agreed. Far, far fewer mistakes and penalties today. Some sensational rugby, both with power and speed play.
rosco lawson
rosco lawson Anos atrás
isnt it amazing what jason ryan has done for the forwards in just 2 weeks, something fosters team couldnt do in 2 1/2 years, jason sorted the rolling maul defence, the lineout drive to the line, sorted, supporting players at the breakdown, sorted, all these things fosters team was unable to fix, ryan has in just 2 weeks, imagine if razor robertson was there too, ryan is razors forward coach for the crusaders, and this morning the ab forwards played like crusaders forwards, great to see the team back performing,
Kia Ora Bro
Kia Ora Bro Anos atrás
@rosco lawson this ain’t a 2 week job bro, Jason Ryan hasn’t fixed anything more he’s got them on the same page of what they’re trying to achieve and it was coming together.
westsideAUKILANI Anos atrás
@Kia Ora Bro exactly💯👌🏽
John Diamond
John Diamond Anos atrás
@Kia Ora Bro Also player selections played a role, both Degroot and Frizell stood up with strong ball carries and strong defense from them and Lomax added the much needed grunt and support for Taukeiaho, Whitelock, Savea and Scott. Those selections made a huge difference in the pack and Mounga despite his intercepted pass mananged/controlled the game much better than Beaudan could have.
big Yin27
big Yin27 Anos atrás
Wow, what an incredible performance from both sides. This is a giant leap for rugby kind, that David Harvili try went through 23 pairs of hands from Will Jordans mark. Wow.
Kel Batt
Kel Batt Anos atrás
question: what type of rugby is better?; mauls, bombs, and scrum penalties or passing, running and try scoring. I know which one I prefer.
Kel Batt
Kel Batt Anos atrás
Watch the officials at the next world cup- theyre gonna make it boring again cos it's the only way a NH team will have a chance. the microscope will be on max strength and the cards will be flowing.
Nebraska Jones
Nebraska Jones Anos atrás
Awesome game. Well done to both teams, huge respect from Australia
Alec Castro
Alec Castro Anos atrás
Well done, ABs - You deserved it big time, no other team could put us away like that. 1-1 is a fair reflection, cos both teams are underperforming at the moment. Hope your media gives your guys some credit finally! Some absolute heroes like Rieko and Ardie and Caleb Clarke really stepped it up tonight!
charlie redfern
charlie redfern Anos atrás
and richie
Jesse King
Jesse King Anos atrás
@charlie redfern Richie? He's retired
Mama Jama
Mama Jama Anos atrás
@Jesse King Richie Mo'unga lol.
Matt Hodge
Matt Hodge Anos atrás
@Jesse King 💀💀💀
MrTimmu67 Anos atrás
Our forwards were the heros. Rugby will never change in that games are won up front. I particularly thought the young front row did very well. De Groot and Newell being bought in is something that I've called for, for some time now. With Lomax coming in also and Joe Moody on the way back from injury, we'll finally have depth at prop again.
boli milda
boli milda Anos atrás
There will be no better rugby played until these teams meet. Great game AB's, thanks.
abloCD Anos atrás
Another banger of a test match against the old foe. Happy to come away with the W in Ellis Park 🔥
Far Q All
Far Q All Anos atrás
That was 1 intense game thank you S.A for bringing the best out of the boys. Well done A.B and S.A
James Aholelei
James Aholelei Anos atrás
As the commentator said.."The All Blacks have silenced the critics"! Well done All Blacks!🔥💪
Nikola Kozhuharov
Nikola Kozhuharov Anos atrás
Rieko and Havili with probably their best performances in the midfield. Will and Jordie safe as houses under the high ball. Whitelock and Scooter absolute beasts and Ardie being Ardie. That's what we want to watch.
Andrew Barton-Willson
Absolutely top rugby - exhilarating pace, power, passion and performance
Karl Holdo
Karl Holdo Anos atrás
Excellent victory Abs congrats to Springboks for being such quality and tough opponents in this game and the first test.
Shabir Amin
Shabir Amin Anos atrás
Awesome, breathless game. Bravo to both sides. Shame it's not a WC final
moosesnWoopPlays Anos atrás
What I loved about the AB game this time, was that at almost every breakdown, especially in the second half, the AB's stole the ball from the ruck. So technical, so fast and precise. You have to clear the ruck and secure it, or it WILL get stole/turned over.
TopNotch37 Anos atrás
Wow... Rieko defense has been getting better and better this year. So proud of the man!
Nofakin🤘🏾 Anos atrás
Facts💯I’m glad that he keep shutting this haters mouth🤷🏽‍♂️🍻
Aaron McKechnie
Aaron McKechnie Anos atrás
When the going gets tough, the tough get going. Tough courageous gritty win from this All Blacks side under truly intense (outside) pressure. This All Blacks team, these men showed what they're made of, showed their character with this win under such pressure and stood up at the Springboks fortress one of the hardest assignments in World Rugby.
Tokoa Anos atrás
Champions always bounce back!! Well done to the Mighty All Blacks! Come home with your heads held high boys.. You did us proud!! Go the All Blacks!!!
Nicolas B. Henry
Nicolas B. Henry Anos atrás
Those Blacks are not that good... Actually SA is by far better. Against Uk and especially France they will loose.
Jkon Matz
Jkon Matz Anos atrás
@Nicolas B. Henry shhaaadduuppp🤫
Zane Paul
Zane Paul Anos atrás
Not yet got to stay for another game don't they😉
Enrico Anos atrás
Ref did them good. Hope he enjoys his bonus
MJ Checksfield
MJ Checksfield Anos atrás
Wow that was a pulsating game of rugby with very high quality plays.
Pcmateo42 Anos atrás
What a game. AB getting back in form. this is the rugby we love seeing from AB taking a lot of risks and reaping the reward. never count the ABs out even if they havent been performing well. i rememeber when they couldnt win a WC and people doubted them ever winning one. next thing we know they win a back to back WC. Good on you NZ and Good on the Boks for taking to the ABs every time. awesome rugby.
Me Anos atrás
England fan here. Amazing game of rugby. Incredible tries and intensity by both teams.
moosesnWoopPlays Anos atrás
your coach, good ol' Eddie Jones was at the game, just watching hahahaha
Drummer1000George Anos atrás
@moosesnWoopPlays hahahaHAHA why are we laughing? Hahaha
Graggle5 Anos atrás
10:03 is one of the best scenes of the game, the Saffa's being disallowed a try because it was forward. The view of the crowd is momumental especially after they thought they had won. Anyway, I thought you Pommies were putting us down a week ago, now we are being respected again. No mate, we just starting, long way to go for NZ, but on this performance, they looked more like an older All-Blacks team to me. That kind of intensity was reserved for the McCaw era I thought.
Joshua P
Joshua P Anos atrás
@Graggle5 It was disallowed for obstruction (hence the penalty) not for a forward pass.
Jonathan Bennett
Jonathan Bennett Anos atrás
Brutal, awesome footy, well done boys, never ever doubt this team, super effort, you did us super proud ,the Boks are awesome too, just fantastic to see each team in full flight, to come away with the win, wow :) im stoked
Yeah Definitely
Yeah Definitely Anos atrás
Happy for the boys, they’ve been under massive pressure and turned up today
Dallas Watene
Dallas Watene Anos atrás
There's something about this game why I can't stop watching it.... I've watched 30 times and still watching
Faiez Cader
Faiez Cader Anos atrás
3 times watching and can watch many more matches
J DB Anos atrás
because it displays what rugby is all about, strength, speed, skill, never give up attitude, and the execution was way up there
xXxNeoxXx Anos atrás
What a great game! Go the Kiwis! The atmosphere would have been so intense, just check out the stadium packed, good to see it getting back to normal.
laurie carter
laurie carter Anos atrás
Yeah you could have heard a pin drop at one stage,ABs silenced 60,000 fans,Cause that crowd was deafening loud!!!
William Thomas
William Thomas Anos atrás
What an awesome game! Finally the AB's play like they wanted it.
Yannick Lenormand
Yannick Lenormand Anos atrás
So good to see the ABs back on top of their game. From a French supporter ;)
Mathabu Anos atrás
Just a great win. ABs completely answered the physicality question
Hakatime Rugby
Hakatime Rugby Anos atrás
So proud of that one boys. Congrats to Ian, Sam and the boys. Well done 👏
Owen Muta
Owen Muta Anos atrás
You called it yesterday. 👏🏿
Governor Toailoa
Governor Toailoa Anos atrás
That's all they need was combination Moaga at 10 open up Havili game and the back line and Moaga had a better kicking game every time the SA was on the AB half Moaga kick it out on their half
con chronic
con chronic Anos atrás
Credit you did call it saw your vid
mmmplop Anos atrás
nek minute hahhaaha
jeffsyg Anos atrás
Great game, some magnificent running rugby from both sides.
Sean Shepherd
Sean Shepherd Anos atrás
Where's everyone that said Richie Mo'unga isn't a test level 10? 😂 😂That was a terrific game. Havili's best game in black, haven't seen him carry the ball that well, combined with his usual skillset. Ardie was a beast as always and Sam Cane seems to be getting back to his best. Was really happy that he scored a try, would be great for his confidence and good to shut up the naysayers. Special shout out to Am, that bloke is world class.
Nomad 47
Nomad 47 Anos atrás
Which game have you been watching ? Richies performance was average. He was lucky the forward pack was performing very well
Reformed1 Anos atrás
@Nomad 47 Average? Slotted our penalties, converted most of tries just missed one, brilliant on tackle on Pollard, managed our forwards easing the pressure from Smith. Massive on finding territory. Most importantly, very calm under pressure. If BB was on, he puts everyone under pressure including himself. He’s very predictable. Doesn’t pass as much as Richie. Reiko looked good because of Richie’s passing game.
Gary Kingdom
Gary Kingdom Anos atrás
Mounga was in the squad from the start. But Fozzie didn't trust him. If Beauden wasn't knocked last week, I doubt Fozzie would've picked Mounga. Fozzie doesn't know his best players yet. Been picking players on reputation. Not on form.
Karpetburnz Anos atrás
@Reformed1 calm down, Mounga did ok at best, his best contribution was his goal kicking, but he almost cost us a try with an intercept pass, the forwards were the real difference and anyone who knows a thing about rugby understands this, they were far more accurate at the breakdown, won their lineouts, won their collusion’s, and carried the ball post contact, Mounga was a passenger most the game.
sweetmana22 Anos atrás
The forwards stepped up, I agree BB has been found out and many have studied him and his play. It's up to him how he can counter that and move forward. Everyone studied DC but he still knew how to rise above and still be a world class player and get the results.
Auriflamme Anos atrás
I did not expect after recent performances, but hats off to the All Blacks they showed real desire, intensity and self-belief. There's still a lot to do to get back to the top, but at least they've shown they aren't just going to allow themselves to be bullied by the top teams.
Jerry O'Shea
Jerry O'Shea Anos atrás
I understand Ireland Beat the All Black's 2-1 recently,but when the AB's play like this,it's a totally different story!..And Credit to the SA Springboks,their strength,&resilience in defence,with their Speed&Power in attack makes them one Hell of a opponent!..Fantastic Match!👍☘️
Hona Wikeepa
Hona Wikeepa Anos atrás
Well done lads. The come back was sooner than expected. What a great effort all round. Not many teams go to Ellis park and come away with a confidence building win against a formidable Bok side. Good to see some mongrel out there. Only way to deal with physicality of the Bok kind. Altitude is not an advantage and hasn't been for decades.
Interested Bystander
Yes, seems like the only difference altitude makes now, with current fitness levels being what they are, is that you can take reasonable shots at goal from further away.
Cully X
Cully X Anos atrás
Le Angry Poulet
Le Angry Poulet Anos atrás
Great ref Luke Pearce, really matured over the past decade. Not many refs would have the balls to card a player just 4mins into any international, let alone a Bok at Ellis Park against the ABs. Should happen far more often, but many refs let early incidences pass. Either it is a cardable offence or it isn’t, from the first minute of the match to the last. Good job. 👍
Ghana S Gurung Gurung
Well done Boy in black - you have displayed skill and composure when needed the most!
K N Anos atrás
Well done AB. Was painful for us in SA, but deserved victory to you all. Till we meet again…
Caleb Lim
Caleb Lim Anos atrás
The fowards finally had parity, meaning Mo’unga had a lot more room to work with, especially with a far stronger breakdown, meaning ruck ball was secure for Smith, and Mo’unga could use quick ball to put his men in good lines to break the Bok defence. Wonderful kicking throughout, tactically sound decisions and most importantly, the offloading skills are back in full flow. Add that to Jordan’s improvement in the air, and Rieko Ioane finally clicking into the right support lines in midfield, and suddenly the backline is surging with threat. Still think Mo’unga wasn’t quite as decisive as he could’ve been, he’d run down blind alleys that would’ve opened up had he the pace or build of a Barrett, but kicking was excellent, and his delayed passes led to good work (except for that Du Toit intercept). Stronger performance from Cane here as well, a significant boost to the ABs ball retention and a sharper back row all-in-all, Frizell putting in the physical work and Savea being Savea as usual. A disappointing cameo from Beauden Barrett following a strong but not game-breaking performance last week; think he’s still not 100% after that fall, and he’ll be disappointed to not make an impact, as Mo’unga has now surely earned a start at 10 for at least the rest of the Rugby Championship.
laurie carter
laurie carter Anos atrás
Big credit to the whole ABs team,they dug real deep RM played wicked considering minimal,playing time the last few weeks,this game could have gone either way,it gets none better than Springbok,All Black rivalrys for real man.
Henrick Van Rooyen
Henrick Van Rooyen Anos atrás
@laurie carter I dont think most of the people criticising RM understand the he has had little game time coming from the bench. The performance will only improve his confidence. He controlled the attacking line beautifully granted he had two brainfart moments. However, he still has a lot of room for improvement
Karpetburnz Anos atrás
@Henrick Van Rooyen In my honest and fair assessment, Mounga did ok.... just ok He did nothing spectacular but didn’t crumble under pressure, his best contribution was his goal kicking. However we need to consider that the forwards played incredibly well, winning the breakdown, their lineouts and collusion’s which in turn gave Mounga a great platform to work with. I’ve noticed a lot of hatred toward beauden lately (particularly from Mounga fans) claiming that the reason we lost the previous games was because of him, yet in reality he was actually playing great rugby, it was just unfortunate for him that he was playing behind a forward pack going backwards
-Trajan- Anos atrás
@laurie carter ,didn't think RM played that well behind a good pack this time he nearly gave away an intercept try
Nico Goliath
Nico Goliath Anos atrás
@Henrick Van Rooyen you're speaking my mind here
baby joe
baby joe Anos atrás
Damn...that S.A. outside centre is something else!!! Congrats AB's ❤️🎉
Api Anos atrás
What a massive turnaround. Foster must be counting his lucky stars now.
Kai Uluitova
Kai Uluitova Anos atrás
It wasn't foster it was the players Coach can only do much Onus is on the players who put on that sacred Black jersey
J D Anos atrás
@buck lad one win doesnt redeem him
T C Anos atrás
Foster has to go regardless
Pierce Hart
Pierce Hart Anos atrás
@Kai Uluitova if the team loses, it's the players not the coach then? it's the players that put the sacred jersey on.
Hamish Goodley
Hamish Goodley Anos atrás
Yes it was a good result for the ABs. Expectation will be for them to go unbeaten for the rest of the year I would imagine. If they struggle for the rest of the RC it will be interesting what plans they will make for Fozzy
Douglas de Jager
Douglas de Jager Anos atrás
As a Bok fan I am ashamed. But massive congrats to our AB brothers.
laurie carter
laurie carter Anos atrás
Nah it's all good that game could have gone either way man.
Brett Wilkinson
Brett Wilkinson Anos atrás
The Jordie Barrett tackle on du Toit was absolutely crucial. Jordie's height , size and speed made it extremely difficult for du Toit to fend Jordie off. It's the little things that make a difference in the result. Keep this exact team together as each individual passed the test.
Kel Batt
Kel Batt Anos atrás
i still reckon we can be better in the 6, 7, and 8 mix- maybe Grace or Sotutu on the bench- comes on at 55min for Cane and Ardie goes to seven. Cane retires after next world cup Ardie takes seven permanent with Scott and Grace/ Sotutu other back rowers.
petespirals Anos atrás
nice to see some long phases and nice hands, glad the ABs can find a way to keep the game moving. Exciting from both teams, respect SA too, great rivalry
Ashan Perera
Ashan Perera Anos atrás
What a come back ABs, amid all critics and underestimations, way to go boys 👍
Mathieu Beth Tan
Mathieu Beth Tan Anos atrás
The last 10 mins of any game are the most crucial. The boks were short on defense and fitness. All Blacks gave their all 80 mins. Congrats to ABs, well deserved. From a Springbok fan!
couu alis
couu alis Anos atrás
As the commentator said.."The All Blacks have silenced the critics"! Well done All Blacks!
Drumsand Stix1
Drumsand Stix1 Anos atrás
What a joy to see the ABs hitting their straps again! Congratulations!
Sunnysamuel 11 meses atrás
One of the best games eva😲some of the best tries Eva 🤯U blow my mind AB's.
Andy Mather
Andy Mather Anos atrás
Being a Kiwi living in London, there's something about listening to Nisbo commentate that makes me slightly emotional. Just love that way he calls the games!
Sunnysamuel 11 meses atrás
Yeah hes OK I guess but his pronunciation of Maori words are shocking.
Dylan Maher
Dylan Maher 9 meses atrás
Great comment, true words I’m impressed by your comments hope we can be friends if that’s okay with you??
Sunnysamuel 9 meses atrás
@Dylan Maher yeah us kiwis should stick together love from nz
jharv300 Anos atrás
What a game from both teams, both played their hearts out, could have gone either way. Well done boys! 🏆
Kel Batt
Kel Batt Anos atrás
nah i felt the ABS were gonna get this one pretty early on by about 35th minute
Medagedara Jinadasa
I thoroughly expected this win as all were contributed very much for the win. Good Luck New Zealand Rugby.. You can do it again and again and again.
myz Anos atrás
As a kiwi, SA are BEASTS!! They bring a great challenge everytime! Glad our boys secured the W but SA stand up!! 🙌🏾🙌🏾
Patrick O'Reilly
Patrick O'Reilly Anos atrás
Congratulations from Ireland. Some great rugby by the mighty AB’s 💪
the bonecrusher of rugby
Thnk you ...
-Trajan- Anos atrás
We still have a bone to pick with you 🤣🤣🤣 see ya at the world cup lol
headsprunggg Anos atrás
one of the greatest test matches ever. incredible intensity
Robert Rigo
Robert Rigo Anos atrás
Lukhanyo Am. Best 13 in world rugby at the moment. He is busy re-writting the outside center role for future centers. Master in the making.
Interested Bystander
Agreed, mate. It's not often a MOTM comes from the defeated team, but my pick would have been Lukhanyo Am (and no disrespect to anyone else on the park). He was just 👏 brilliant!!! First name at the moment on my teamsheet of I were selecting a World XV, and this game shows why.
Marco van Noort
Marco van Noort Anos atrás
Nice play AB ! Good to see you back on track 🏈
Graggle5 Anos atrás
🇳🇿🇮🇱 Wow, now that's the All-Blacks we know. I will say the strategy was outstanding from NZ and SA making those early changes was big badda idea. What a win and statement to the rest of the World, that NZ look bloody good all of a sudden. Right players in the right positions, works don't it Foster. Fingers crossed they will continue like this, because they got potential. Special call out for Newell, did bloody well, as did Da Groot, etc.
Ali Ali
Ali Ali Anos atrás
Wow just Wow What a performance from the All Blacks 💯💯💯🤘🤘🤘
Ignis Raendl
Ignis Raendl Anos atrás
GO THE MIGHTY ALL BLACKS 💪 respect the opposition but always proud of our team. they may not always be 'the' champions but they will always be ours!! 🖤🇳🇿
Hunter Luxton
Hunter Luxton Anos atrás
My favourite second team, love from Wales. ❤
Filipe Kaisuva
Filipe Kaisuva Anos atrás
I thought AB was lucky. Congrats to them. SA looks to be a dangerous team.
Ignis Raendl
Ignis Raendl Anos atrás
@Hunter Luxton my mother's birth mother was born in Wales, and there is only one team i want to see beat the ABs. ❤🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿💪
Niuean Laho
Niuean Laho Anos atrás
right on ....go the All Blacks......
J DB Anos atrás
@Filipe Kaisuva i thought the boks were lucky they looked like they would be pummelled, without stoppages in the first half they were on the ropes, the coach panic changing the nearly whole side before half time was crazy 😂
jason smith
jason smith Anos atrás
the silence of the crowd at full time lol was priceless
Troy Smith
Troy Smith Anos atrás
Full credit to the boys. What a game huge congrats to the AB's and well played SA 🥳
Makahawe McG
Makahawe McG Anos atrás
Stand up NZ and salute our Mighty All Blacks. Their faith and belief in themselves shows what this team is capable of. The balance is not quite there but when it aligns the world better watch out.
Fa'avale Niupulusu
Fa'avale Niupulusu Anos atrás
Congratulations 🎈🍾🎉🎊 All Blacks. You deserve all the hard work you have done 🇧🇼
Greg Gilbert
Greg Gilbert Anos atrás
Well done All Blacks Warriors out there Pride restored From OZ
sweetmana22 Anos atrás
Thanks Aussie Cuz. It means alot.
Ronan West
Ronan West Anos atrás
Richie Mounga made a huge difference not kicking the ball away every time we had the ball
westsideAUKILANI Anos atrás
Good game all round. Quite refreshing to not see all the negative Foz and Cane comments. We just won the hardest game of the year so far and keep alive our Rugby Championship.
Kyle Brookes
Kyle Brookes Anos atrás
Congrats from Scotland. Definitely difficult moments in the game that could of gone the other way but you fought for the win. Hope to see you back it up and improve. Hope to see more from the boks and the other teams too.
J DB Anos atrás
was annoying hearing the commentators talking about defending a lead 15 minutes out, in stead they put on 2 tries like a real football team
Dylan Maher
Dylan Maher 9 meses atrás
Great comment, true words I’m impressed by your comments hope we can be friends if that’s okay with you??
Matthew Thomas
Matthew Thomas Anos atrás
Well done ABs. This is what we expect in Rugby.
Firas Elmir
Firas Elmir Anos atrás
Are we just gonna ignore that monstrous defence from inside the try zone by the springbok nr 4 on Savea at 04:33 ?! The sheer strength on that man! On another note, I think that the low, closer to the field camera depicts the game much more realistically; the pace of a pro rugby match, how quickly the ball is passed from one player to another, and those bullet-like long-range passes from Le Roux, Pollard, Ioane and others. Just fascinating to watch! I really hope in the future they'd broadcast more matches in this manner. All in all, one of the best rugby matches I've ever seen! Respect to both teams.
Codie Moko
Codie Moko Anos atrás
Obviously we all saw it, we also saw the try straight after it aswell 😂🤣
Luke Baker
Luke Baker Anos atrás
If someone asks what rugby union is. Show them this game. Just excellent, hats off to both teams! Thank you
Pricklyhedgehog72 Anos atrás
Whew! What a match. Great to see a change of tactics: more ball movement, more aggression and control by the ABs. Frenetic pace by both teams. That was a decent game of footy.
Cruss Anos atrás
I needed my blood pressure pills for that one...what a classic. Reiko should be on the wing, he can burn players..
Will Fieldsend
Will Fieldsend Anos atrás
A cracking test match. SA we’re brilliant and it’s a shame they couldn’t win. But NZ played superbly, and the confidence boost this will give makes the future very exciting. Well done from England 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 !
Interested Bystander
Agreed, mate. It's not often a MOTM comes from the defeated team, but my pick would have been Lukhanyo Am (and no disrespect to anyone else on the park). He was just 👏 brilliant!!! First name at the moment on my teamsheet of I were selecting a World XV, and this game shows why.
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