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I hosted a massive Hide and Seek server with creators like Technoblade, Fundy, Smallant, and more! This video took hours to film because the build was impossibly big haha.
Thanks to MattiBorchers for building this map for us! Check out his Discord here: / discord
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3 Abr 2021



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@Technoblade 2 anos atrás
anything for the $10,000 MrBeast Gaming Refrigerator
@goodnight5639 2 anos atrás
Mr Blade
@OrangeBlossom08 2 anos atrás
@dixtir69 2 anos atrás
@lilianjoch449 2 anos atrás
@Smallant 2 anos atrás
I sacrificed everything for fundy. I am so proud
@lucasnothere 2 anos atrás
Ant i Love u
@Daisy-rz3yh 2 anos atrás
Hello ant
@roundcorners1928 2 anos atrás
@notsparkplayz5003 2 anos atrás
@shadow_154 2 anos atrás
@jamesrandall975 10 meses atrás
Techno will always be with us, through every block we mine.
@mridulasingh2409 6 meses atrás
@princeadrianlamar929 6 meses atrás
Technoblade died
@princeadrianlamar929 6 meses atrás
@@mridulasingh2409didn't u know
@mridulasingh2409 6 meses atrás
@Prince Adrian Lamar ofc i know wdym that i dont know
@Hdlmc2013 5 meses atrás
Technoblade never dies!
@user-fp7wt2cu4v 5 meses atrás
Descanse en paz technoblade siempre te recordaremos en nuestros corazones ❤❤❤
extraño ha tecnoblade
@RjEdits2011 Anos atrás
Bro hearing techno again brings memories to my heart… I loved his potato war series… Technoblade never dies..!
@dbgaming2716 Anos atrás
I feel you
@panlikecheese Anos atrás
But he died 🤣🤣🤣 oops wrong emoji i mean 😭
@civardelen9684 Anos atrás
Yeah same🥺
@Solar_spam Anos atrás
WHY HIMMMMMMMMMMMMM 😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢
@YumChum Anos atrás
@@panlikecheese bro you could have deleted the emojis so probably not WRONG EMOJI
Techno estara siempre en nuerstro corason ❤
@Oper_nell Mês atrás
Very bad bro :/
@MrBeast 2 anos atrás
What an amazing video, I love your channel! Big fan
@iIGio21Ii 2 anos atrás
?? (Oh wow I'm first, and lol no one cares)
@theassassin9640 2 anos atrás
@Caroline-uo6jn 2 anos atrás
Lmao same
@chao7376 2 anos atrás
Big fan
@chowdarandom3994 2 anos atrás
@nikinot7192 Anos atrás
Just had to rewatch this video, so many memories. TECHNOBLADE NEVER DIES👑🐷🕊
@kj2745 Anos atrás
Too late for that buddy.
@deniseschrade7504 11 meses atrás
@@kj2745 no it’s not TECHNOBLADE NEVER DIES
@micoilicic1744 11 meses atrás
He will soon
@micoilicic1744 11 meses atrás
99 oooooooohhh la la
@The_Grecian_Empire 10 meses atrás
@@electricgaming9914 damn right, NOM.
Keep the great content going
@Silvia-fu5yv 9 dias atrás
Miraré todos los videos de Mr Beast. Sin omitir anuncios para contribuir un poquito. Para que sigan ayudando. Éxito
@Galvatron2000 5 meses atrás
Покойся с миром, Technoblade...
@Japan200Hahaio62 5 meses atrás
Эх да
@fatihcankorkmaz8940 5 meses atrás
Look at the ping...
@n1texyt 5 meses atrás
@Varkusha_Play 5 meses atrás
Что случилось?
@hack3r485 5 meses atrás
​@@Varkusha_Play он умер
Who here is also on a nostalgia binge rewatching Technoblade videos?
@bloxzlol2346 Mês atrás
Me. Rip techno fly high. 🕊
@itsAnisaGhalib Mês atrás
Are you Italian dude?😂
@julietteverbeemen2640 26 dias atrás
@@itsAnisaGhalib does my name sound Italian to you? 😭
@allenjoseph1659 14 dias atrás
​@@julietteverbeemen2640si senorita
@RicemanTV 2 anos atrás
Chris: MrBeast never lies! MrBeast: I lied about sparing you.
@verification535 2 anos atrás
I eat rice
@thatoneguy7451 2 anos atrás
hey verified guy
@laststrawyt 2 anos atrás
@sufg6313 2 anos atrás
Now like me
Technoblade never dies. The minecraft king has left us, but his magic of minecraft is still in our hearts. Through every block we mine, he is right beside you, waiting for you, to become the champions of minecraft. Rest in peace, King. 🕊
@Ozzy277 5 meses atrás
@42069Subscribe 5 meses atrás
Stay strong kiddo
@disunlikeable 3 meses atrás
WHAT ARE YOU SAYING 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
@ElectricPudding05 11 meses atrás
Techno tricking Jimmy and Chris for the boat to escape 😂. Rip you legend.
@zahirstorey1147 10 meses atrás
mommy get off my accaont
@BowserJr1220 5 meses atrás
@Smokemchn 4 meses atrás
Yeah 😂
@user-di6hv5wi6n Mês atrás
Technoblade never dies
@alexbro584 5 meses atrás
Вечная память Текноблейду!
@TheLandShaft 5 meses atrás
@user-rd7wg7ig9q 5 meses atrás
В игре
@lordmalkarionzen7057 4 meses atrás
@Kalinka_Malinka_MJ 4 meses atrás
Ага кста привет русскиц
@tomkvk62 Mês atrás
Techno never dies :(
@oneill5 6 meses atrás
Good job making all these cool videos! Keep up the good work!
Hearing Techno’s voice is amazing. It gives me memories.
Yea 9:48
Technoblade nunca morira
@esmal9903 5 meses atrás
Mrbeast: называет все достопримечательности по их именам, тот самый кремль Mrbeast: это здание
@user-topoviy_dryg 5 meses atrás
О Русский 🇷🇺
@Drevesina133 5 meses atrás
Это был храм Василия Блаженного
@esmal9903 5 meses atrás
​@@Drevesina133 да ты прав ошибся😅
@esmal9903 5 meses atrás
Нужно было написать хотя бы красная площадь
@bobuxmen5268 5 meses atrás
@NC._.Paw1 25 dias atrás
6:57 we should be proud of Punz he made it from Japan all the way over to Greenland and then to Canada. And he didn’t get caught.
@EggSocks 2 anos atrás
Technoblade with the 10 000 iq boat moves
@garvitsurana1884 2 anos atrás
Wow egg socks
@infyalex698 2 anos atrás
@No-xw5yw 2 anos atrás
Egg socks
@dev-wq1vv 2 anos atrás
Egg sucks :)
@iapex9130 2 anos atrás
It’s mr parkour god
@warmpillow3453 8 meses atrás
Rest in Peace Techno
@mrmonster172 11 meses atrás
I love hearing technoblades voice again Man I miss him
@mfernandezmf57 10 meses atrás
Let his soul rest 🕊🕊🕊
@bengr1ce 10 meses atrás
rest in peace ❤
@user-yo3ut3ie5k Mês atrás
Винаги се радвам на вашите клипове.
@user-hq8go9ff5l 3 meses atrás
Techno no va a volver con nosotros 😓,pero siempre estará en nuestros bloques 🐷👑
@Void_xD Mês atrás
Si, nunca.
@user-fe1wq1lf7e Mês atrás
@jsjsmsksixxmsmss Mês atrás
Rip blade, i genuinely miss this guy
@zazinombiesjr4935 Anos atrás
Coming back to videos like these to see Techno play, just makes me want to cry even more, having all these great friends and family around him. Techno, we will miss you, from all of us. You gave us entertainment and we enjoyed every last one. It sucks that you're gone. Rest In Peace Technoblade. You will always live in our memories.
@lildicky114 Anos atrás
@amazercat8598 Anos atrás
o7 techno
@chloekhurana9283 Anos atrás
Same 07
@hockadiamond Anos atrás
I'm also watching some old videos too
@loucat9961 11 meses atrás
Hearing Techno’s voice again brings tears to my eyes…..🕊👑🐷 TECHNOBLADE NEVER DIES!!
@youtubebot12 7 meses atrás
@briannemccurley5901 6 meses atrás
Watching this in 2023 makes me sad too
@pearjosh69 5 meses atrás
@@briannemccurley5901 same
@shieldfan1310 5 meses atrás
Rest in paradise Techno! You fought a good fight! Now i hope you’re peacefully resting 🙏🕊️
@user-cq4lc7pe9d 5 meses atrás
@saulomiguel4330 Mês atrás
Technoblade never dies!
@spikesuit502 Mês atrás
Legends never die 😢 rest in peace techno blade
@FakeId-ur7gh 29 dias atrás
@Spifey 2 anos atrás
you found vurb 5 blocks away from me :O
@Oiiink 2 anos atrás
@sparks3170 2 anos atrás
oh hey spifey
@anhrs6337 2 anos atrás
@potatosoap 2 anos atrás
@ForeverF1 2 anos atrás
Now we wait for Fundy, Techno and Ranboo to comment
@monkemr 7 meses atrás
RIP Techno the king of Bedwars, you also gotta love that scene where he just does the ultimate escape tho
@Gestord 11 meses atrás
Rest in peace, techno
@esliannygamer14 Mês atrás
Vuela alto technoblade 😢🕊️🕊️
@user-bw5ou8bo7t 5 meses atrás
techno never dies
@subtimer5982 4 meses atrás
he died
@mr.sonneteny6159 2 meses atrás
Rest in piece Techno...
@AgathaWhite3 2 anos atrás
I honestly wouldn’t have been surprised if techno found a way to kill jimmy even though he was in creative
@Mitduck 2 anos atrás
@Mitduck 2 anos atrás
@@hallucin827 hi
@King_ofthepirates 2 anos atrás
Hello fellow bruhify
@AgathaWhite3 2 anos atrás
Moon Boy 15 year old Eminem
@DanielorDs-1149 2 anos atrás
3 year old 6ix9ine better than you
@uddishgaming Anos atrás
Techno never dies
@saulgoodmanisreal 11 meses atrás
Seeing all these comments after the death of Technoblade shows how powerful this community is. R.I.P. Techno. We still love you even though you’re in heaven
@Ailea11Bruh Mês atrás
We all miss you techno TECHNIBLADE NEVER DIES
@adamgarcia3950 11 meses atrás
R.I.P Techno you'll always be remembered
@user-vc4cn1fl1q 2 meses atrás
Your energy is contagious! 🌟
@MrScientific 2 anos atrás
1:54 This Indian TV serial was awesome.
@syd_sohail 2 anos atrás
Broooooooo its crazyyyyyy
@mdariskubra8665 2 anos atrás
Bruh I agree
@mikalswift5229 2 anos atrás
@SantaBruh no
@adrianpena800 2 anos atrás
Hello verified
@gamersofi2653 11 meses atrás
Fundy: They’re nuking Techo: Welcome to America🇺🇸
@franciscs1604 8 meses atrás
@ch4rl0tt3_16 5 meses atrás
Rip techno you will always be remembered:(
@merluzon 18 dias atrás
TechnoBlade never dies
@clopaz1940 6 meses atrás
dang miss you techno
@albertomarcotulli3417 3 meses atrás
Look how fast Techno is
@IcarusLP 2 anos atrás
I love how Techno had no hesitation about selling people out.
@draven1016 2 anos atrás
He made 69 proud
Lets see how many subs i can get
@VladHornyi 5 meses atrás
Как приятно видеть еще и друга Вэнноса. Спасибо Михакеру за переводы
@HaaaxYT 5 meses atrás
Не привычно слышать такую озвучку Тайлерв
@Winecaust 5 meses atrás
​@@HaaaxYT если честно, эта озвучка лучше, чем у Михакера.😕
@mr.mansur5025 5 meses atrás
​@@Winecaustне, у Михи лучше
@Winecaust 5 meses atrás
@@mr.mansur5025 Ваше мнение, но для меня голос Михакера вообще не похож на голос Тайлера.
@mr.mansur5025 5 meses atrás
@@Winecaust да, не похоже, но под характер тайлера голос Михи очень подходит, ты его переводы с кого года смотришь?
@user-jd5hv5bs1p Mês atrás
Technoblade with the 10,000 iq boat moves
@spookygamer2.085 10 meses atrás
I still can’t believe techno has left us this early, R.I.P
@Danna_011 Mês atrás
I'll never forget techno :'(
@ab_4583 2 anos atrás
That 5-second speech Fundy said at the end is truly inspiring
@ivan1644 2 anos atrás
yeah im crying
@blazingfish8486 2 anos atrás
I like the part where he said ‘ha’
@hehe3441 2 anos atrás
Yup i almost cried too🙃
@bulakenongfrieza3664 2 anos atrás
@kaia.5288 11 meses atrás
techno never dies :')
@EXE-RU 5 meses atrás
было-бы круто найти свой город и спрятаться там, и да привет из России!
@NYCOPRO 5 meses atrás
@user-jw1io1qe1z 5 meses atrás
@user-zd4lo6hf2z 5 meses atrás
@zadnisa7449 5 meses atrás
@mrredman744 Mês atrás
“They’re nuking us!” “Welcome to America!” Techno Blade is so funny rip
@backbutton7888 Anos atrás
rip techno, let him rest.
@McNuggetuser Mês atrás
Techno blade never dies
@goldendonutz3723 2 anos atrás
Let’s just have a moment of respect for technoblade, who faced two people in creative mode and still got out alive
@parulrathwa4385 2 anos atrás
@stoneyboy2609 2 anos atrás
@ranveer162 2 anos atrás
TECHNO BLADE NEVER DIES And I’m a dream fan 😂😂
@TheMoonIsFrosted 2 anos atrás
@hungryconfidence1562 2 anos atrás
Technoblade is underrated amd dream is overrated
@Memer496 9 meses atrás
Techno never dies!
@tavincurrie6470 8 meses atrás
legends never die
@FloppaDotr1666 Mês atrás
techno never die
@Tchutu Mês atrás
Techonoblade representou o Brasil
@JojoSmacks 2 anos atrás
I find it hilarious that Fundy actually fooled Mrbeast by typing "Fundy died" in chat
@aceofbases 2 anos atrás
no he didnt fool him mr beast was being sarcastic
@presidentnoob4798 2 anos atrás
I'm a normal person, don't click read more Never gonna give you up Never gonna let you down Never gonna run around and Desert you
@BaileyIDK 2 anos atrás
he shouldve done ItsFundy blew up
@JojoSmacks 2 anos atrás
@@presidentnoob4798 Haha you failed I saw it in the notification
I’m just coming back to remeber the good memories of techno ❤
@emirsheikh2011 3 meses atrás
You will rest in peace, my best friend, Technoblade
@lacane5722 2 anos atrás
Fundy is so good at hiding that he even evaded screen time
@gujju_cousins8550 2 anos atrás
There’s bypasses for windows screen time
@m3tbii 2 anos atrás
@@gujju_cousins8550 i dont think thats what he meant
@tortoiseman4823 2 anos atrás
The true legend
@rydes1662 2 anos atrás
@@gujju_cousins8550 r/woooooooooosh
@gujju_cousins8550 2 anos atrás
@@m3tbii lol as I read your comment I realized. It completely flew over my head
@jerso2435 5 meses atrás
Descanza es paz Technoblade
@GamerBros1111 11 meses atrás
It's so sad that TechnoBlade can't be with us now :(
@jessicaarrington6811 3 meses atrás
Techno is still alive in our hearts
@NIGHTMARE-mt9je 2 meses atrás
@NIGHTMARE-mt9je 2 meses atrás
@alquraini1999 9 meses atrás
Imagine this in real life!
@ggb0ybga68 2 meses atrás
Techoblade never dies!
@whoisriley 2 anos atrás
“while i havent gotten a $10,000 refrigerator, i won a $5,000 REFRIGERATOR” - Sun Tzu, The Art of War
@TheLetterA. 2 anos atrás
@panicscript2137 2 anos atrás
@warfilms772 2 anos atrás,that indian drama scene
@lovst 2 anos atrás
@NO-de7gx 2 anos atrás
I hate to be that guy but techno didn’t get the 5000$ fridge. The deal was if he won he’d get a five thousand and a 10 thousand dollar fridge
@Gambit21231 Anos atrás
Rest in peace Techno ❤
@RuhanShrivastav 7 meses atrás
Just watching techno play makes me almost cry😢 He truly was a legend. RIP Technoblade❤
@new.dz__2595 2 meses atrás
راني في دار لعشية
@arcrisgonzaga7324 3 meses atrás
Ahhh good ol techno! Rest in peace king!
Tecnoblade estas en nuestros corazones
@SemiBlox 3 meses atrás
Rest in peace legend 🙏🏻🕊️
@harliv_a075 2 anos atrás
Ranboo- "i just heard nukes" Fundy- "yeah they're nuking" Techno- "WELCOME TO AMERICA 🇺🇸"
@SaadZaeemTechnology 2 anos atrás
Take care of yourselves! Do help me!
@l0nleywatch400 2 anos atrás
Techno isn't wrong LOL
@alicevenderman 2 anos atrás
This I show 911 started.
@CINEMAMANTOILET 5 meses atrás
What a good time where techno was alive
@manukifroggo5301 11 meses atrás
Tenchnoblade will never die he’s a true legend 🕊🐷👑
@jr.savage 4 meses atrás
I can’t believe Techno would rat those people out 😢
@gravelyum7024 2 anos atrás
I love how he cut out the amount of times he missed techno
@kayragur3542 2 anos atrás
İts cooler tho
@littlesam6280 2 anos atrás
Jesus loves you all I love you please repent of your sins God Bless you and your family
@pearbear6031 2 anos atrás
Yeah lol
@adelinamoca. 2 anos atrás
@thetiredworm2100 2 anos atrás
@_Brandoniii_ 6 meses atrás
As a New Zealander, i can relate😂😂😂😂😂
@eylulsahbaz8022 3 meses atrás
We miss techno he lives in our hearts
@lxki_gaming Mês atrás
Technoplade never dies 🥺❤
@patsytaylor2582 6 meses atrás
RIP Technoblade you will always be in our hearts
@BO24ka-Offical 2 meses atrás
Technoblade never dies...
@MB-pw9hf 2 anos atrás
Ranboo: "I just heard nukes" Technoblade: "Welcome to America"
@thanksagain4787 2 anos atrás
Other Imposters: "We go to america"
@olivia07865 2 anos atrás
@YLDM well you’re here soooo
@dancanbeagamer 2 anos atrás
@@olivia07865 -_-
@juliannew400 2 anos atrás
@YLDM Imagine replying to literally every comment just to get attention.
@shingeokageyama6641 2 anos atrás
@bills240 4 meses atrás
Techno debió haber ganado Descanse en paz 🕊️
@ProGamer-dy5cm 11 meses atrás
techno never dies r. i. p.
@Myeasin2572 12 dias atrás
amazing playing ▶️ experience 👏
@Ruspicich 4 meses atrás
а ведь тогда был жив technoblade...любим, помним, скорбим
@ArtsNeel12 Mês atrás
@Kaylamvo 2 anos atrás
Imagine being 16/17 and just telling your parents you won a fridge
@ok2635 2 anos atrás
@rasti_gamer4448 2 anos atrás
@missninjapig8498 2 anos atrás
@Kaylamvo 2 anos atrás
@@missninjapig8498 wouldn’t he be 16/17 bc he’s in between Tubbo and Tommy? Tubbo is 17 and Tommy is 16 (17 in a few days).
@lavvybunnie3473 2 anos atrás
@@Kaylamvo wouldn’t that make him definitely 17 at this point?
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