HIDDEN MATHEMATICS - Randall Carlson - Ancient Knowledge of Space, Time & Cosmic Cycles

After Skool
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After Skool
After Skool 7 meses atrás
As above so below. There's as much greater than us as there is lesser than us. There's as much outside us as there is within. Everything above us and everything below us is constructed from geometric relationships. When we study sacred geometry, we begin to understand our place in the universe. Everything, from the smallest atom to the biggest star, is connected. And you are at the absolute center of all connection. If you like this video and want to see more, please consider supporting on Patreon. Thank you so much!
Reaper ofDeath
Reaper ofDeath Dia atrás
432 plus the mirror number = 432+234=666 and the egyptian's who inhereted the grounds worshiped the "sun god RA" the speed of the earth's rotation around the sun
Kid Genius
Kid Genius 14 dias atrás
Damn I didn't think I'd see you representing the Kybalion! I love it. That was the first thing I thought about when I started hearing the geometry if the circle.and it's life form.
Ronaldo H
Ronaldo H 21 dia atrás
Long story short you’re not better me, I’m not better than you
Logan Mia
Logan Mia 24 dias atrás
I am Logan Mia from Mississippi am a member of the Illuminati which have been a part of since 2010 ...Would you be interested in joining our organization too gain financial freedom and safety from the government and its games Wanted too share an insight of our organization the Illuminati we are currently open for new membership
Mai Jot
Mai Jot 29 dias atrás
@nobody here just an idea And this is how I get the clock hand digits for 12 hours and every 5 minutes if you set the correct parameters.
Fowler 13 horas atrás
Yeah I'm thinking we're in a simulation now
Hobonickel 14 horas atrás
the 1st symbol to the far left of thumbnail is Cardano's logo
Maciek Te Ristor
Maciek Te Ristor 15 horas atrás
Cool now jump
patrick brogan
patrick brogan 20 horas atrás
as an aside on Anton petrovs channel they just fount the sty rations on the sea floor from the comet that wiped out the Dinosaurs... and the ones he found in the scablands the same group of assholes doubt his assessment of them because they are on land where water isnt present! Scientists just cant seem to think for themselves and constantly contradict their own theories... the truth seems to always come back to itself Randall says very few things, if any, that raise more contradictions, and that is the product of a well thought out idea, reasoned instead of recited!
GrahamAndFriends Dia atrás
The Cube is a reference to the Borg, and they are the ones who destroy the Earth periodically!
Cameron Craig
Cameron Craig Dia atrás
Bravo. This was an incredible lecture from Randall Carlson and the images were outstanding. Hats off to whoever spent this much time doing this - it made the experience so much more digestible.
Wojciech Boguniecki
So the real question for us is when is the next big event
RC Dia atrás
This is the most interestung, important and exciting lecture I've ever had the pleasure of watching and learning and confirming with. I'm blown away. This is my 3rd time watching! Thank you Randall Carlson ♡ !!
Larzsolice 2 dias atrás
Thank you
ABDO RA 2 dias atrás
لا اله الا الله محمد رسول الله
Pipe Practice
Pipe Practice 2 dias atrás
This is a great and fascinating presentation.
AFRoSHEEN T3 Arc Michael
It's a circle of 5ths chart and based off of functional harmony. The importance of 12 comes from 12 TET system plus Tetractys.
AFRoSHEEN T3 Arc Michael
If you add up the english alphabet values you get 351. If you add 1-9 you get 45. Add them together you get 396. If you take all the letters that rhyme with 3 you get BCDE-G-PTVZ. If you look up how many minutes are in X number of days, it will always equal to 9.
Neil Bee
Neil Bee 3 dias atrás
A predictably interesting, thought-provoking and thorough show from Mr Carlson and After Skool. Also, Mr Carlson looks to have lost weight. Good for him.
VARNAN GAUTAM_421 4 dias atrás
this video is awesome as it has evidence with logical explanation
JCramer121 4 dias atrás
Very interesting! Way to probe the nature of reality!
Pollko 4 dias atrás
Big Smoke knew about this. Number 9
No Name
No Name 5 dias atrás
There's that pesky synchronicity again...
SHADY MAZROOA 6 dias atrás
* انا دماغي ساحت من بس الفيديو دع محتاح ترجمة
Our Tern
Our Tern 6 dias atrás
It's obvious to me the ancient ability to measure the earth was actually just ancient architects using the sun and shadows somehow to make their building footprint measurements
rock roll
rock roll 7 dias atrás
marcos silva
marcos silva 7 dias atrás
We are entrr in aquários era, só its over?
Itai Carmeli
Itai Carmeli 7 dias atrás
42:30 ... a suitable ABODE - rather than ADOBE :-) Thank you very very much for this! I love the integration of numbers
Rodrigo Belloni
Rodrigo Belloni 8 dias atrás
Mike Esposito
Mike Esposito 8 dias atrás
My second time watching. Excellent
Spiritleaf Robertson
Spiritleaf Robertson 9 dias atrás
Does that mean there will be a catastrophic event by the end of the Aquarian age???? Nothing matters and live how you feel because there will be no proof of us existing anyways LOL
Ben Bradley
Ben Bradley 9 dias atrás
There may be some confusion about exactly what mathematics this uses, in fact this uses only a subset known as arithmetic. Also, to avoid other possible confusion, the topic is numerology, and not number theory. Number Theory is studied not down the hall, but in another building across campus.
Arcade Alchemist
Arcade Alchemist 9 dias atrás
so how many unvaccinated will their be?
Entre 10 dias atrás
Wooh just finished watching took 8 hrs but I’m sponged
Rich N
Rich N 11 dias atrás
Bullshit! earth is flat
Mike Fronczak
Mike Fronczak 11 dias atrás
Absolutely fascinating video I only wished he could explain if these numbers correspond with the Fibonacci Sequence
Nugget of Truth - Eric King
very interesting
Laura 12 dias atrás
Procession is about 26,000 years. Half of that is about 13,000 years. Around 13,000 years ago was the end of the last ice age. We are in an interglacial period of warm weather. Milankovitch cycle will start in 2024 when glaciers will start freezing INSTANTLY. Mini ice age.
Dxrth Dxddy Dxn
Dxrth Dxddy Dxn 12 dias atrás
Fyi my birthday is 09-19-1999 🙃
⚡Kozmic Re'⚡
⚡Kozmic Re'⚡ 13 dias atrás
Thank you so much Mr. Carlson for I'm a big fan of your work and progress as the experience shows a lot of great content.
⚡Kozmic Re'⚡
⚡Kozmic Re'⚡ 13 dias atrás
all of this references a specific equation, one that integrates directly with the ancient measurement of one royal Egyptian cubit which if we look closer at the cubit we get a just distance of 18 inches which is a feather under one half a meter in length and where this applies the physical human body on a general derived concensus the distance from the center of ones forehead to the center of the chest where the heart is = 18 in Then the point of ones elbow to the tip of the mid finger = 18 in, and Hip to knee = 18 in Knee to ball of foot = 18 The measure of man is immersed deeper rooted scale of lesser magnitude as a smaller equation ratio which appears the same exact equation of Pi as 3.14 divided by 2 = 1.57 ratio 8:13 resolving as 12 12 is a number associated with perfection and is directly relative to vibration on audible resonance which is a musical scale harmonizing as perfect 4ths a sum 43 perfect 5ths a sum 32 4332 = 12 12 is a multiple of 3, 6, 9 1+2 = 3 to show the working multiples which as a whole is Pi or 3.14 and its equation is 3 properties in scope eternal and never repeats itself arrives infinite and proportioned of mans physical firmament at a ratio of 1:2 the sum of Pi as our bones match in as though meshed into the Pyramidal arithmetic where man is put together as part of a royal a cubit as designed by mathematics would cleverly express how our bodies were crafted by number, angle and degree a real piece of 8 or an 8th octave in audible resonating would be a short cut to the salt and light we are, in fact our body is all 12 cell salts which a cool fact about cell salts, when you combine all 12 you get the alchemical result of bio-plasma and you can purchase them online, I use Hyland's they are not that expensive but highly important due to deficient vitamins especially so in minerals which these replenish and dissolve instantly under the tongue, I got a bottle of 500 for around $14.00 U.S. I learned of these from a channel here on the Ytube I also enjoy, the name is mr.astrotheology very intelligent teacher there named Santos.
Don Grider
Don Grider 14 dias atrás
07/11/2021 I do not know but my head is expanding and retracting at an unusual pace. I found your lecture amazing that I had no way of knowing this info. I have found my frequency at432 Hz. Others will cause headaches after less than one hour. I do not know your presentation frequency but I listened and watched and read the whole thing at once with only one headache. That is ... why didn't I know this before. Thank you. This really blew me away. I will never look at my lufkin folding ruler the same again! Don
Fiorentino333 14 dias atrás
Once i heard someone saying that we ourselves are the aliens. Hearing the end of this conference I start thinking that maybe we actually are. Leaving the planet seems to be the only rational thing to do to survive the global catastrophes, maybe someone came back when the earth was habitable again and found some beginnings of civilizations with no knowledge of what happened, making them hard to teach, because high technology could easily take as ''god powers''. Nature it's unstoppable, so the cells evolved again into humans, since it was a similar environment once the earth was habitable again. That would make us a ''second'' generation of evolved genes. Frequency might have to do with the inner evolution that we should be able to separate from the physic corporeal evolution. So complicated and interesting. Thanks for the effort in making this video and god bless people like Randall.
8ternalyfe 14 dias atrás
GENESIS chapter 6... and " The book of Enoch" begin to document an event that describes the beginnings of man's interactions with entities beyond our time and space. Form there on is then the passing on of "now. so called sacred knowledge", of some of the most foundational measurements of almost anything imaginable... Like where we learnt all types of alchemy... So it's hidden in plain sight for anyone who would humble themselves as "not to be presumptuous in their own knowledge and wisdom." QUOTE: It is the glory of God to conceal a matter, But the glory of kings is to search out a matter. Proverbs 25:2 AMP ...the searching out of these matters... is aroused in the hearts of those whose hearts yearn for TRUTH... that they may indeed learn to gain the DOMINION of their appointed destinies...
vanessa Juarez
vanessa Juarez 15 dias atrás
Have a nice day mister Randall :) May Jesus bless your life 🦕
Jerri Bales
Jerri Bales 15 dias atrás
Bravo!! I appreciate your work☺
Mexican Armada
Mexican Armada 15 dias atrás
I am monke
Bill Johnson
Bill Johnson 15 dias atrás
2 hours?
Adam D Pickens
Adam D Pickens 16 dias atrás
McKenna died on 432000
MirthTheOg087 16 dias atrás
This is my 8th time watching this
Creative Tagged
Creative Tagged 16 dias atrás
Oh God the last quote he stated made me think: Well that would mean we are survivors…. Ohhhh Gawd are we all variant Loki’s! #MarvelJoke
Creative Tagged
Creative Tagged 16 dias atrás
I always thought that maybe music would be the another way to communicate to maybe an higher civilization if we ever come in contact with any. When I say music I mean instruments like a flute tone or something like that. Similar to that alien franchise movie forgot the name of it. Ahhh he mentions it with the “Science of Harmony”Exactly what I was trying to say. Thank you Professor!
Creative Tagged
Creative Tagged 16 dias atrás
So should we be doing the same thing? As in building our own monolithic structure that will with stand pretty much any weather conditions that would signify that we too understand the universal language. Something maybe a little more simpler to crack but also shows our knowledge to give future civilizations an possible jump start on what the end goal is.
フᄃムJonShadow 17 dias atrás
The real science and math class they never thought in schools
Majinjef2099 18 dias atrás
I am accepting this stance on the reason behind the pyramids as fact, because numbers cannot lie. I can now move passed the 35 year riddle that has been plaguing my brain for as long as i can remember.
JSharpie 19 dias atrás
This is assuming you're using the decimal (base-10). Imagine how much simpler if it was using duo-decimal (base-12). Time we use Duo-Decimal Geometric-Angles we use Duo-Decimal (sometimes if having to rid the 0 at the end) Imperial Measurement use Duo-Decimal
Jason 19 dias atrás
awesome video! i learned a lot! thanks!
Jason 20 dias atrás
It's because of the ancient use of the base 60 scale used in Sumeria where mathematics as we know it began. They also knew about the great year procession. The sumerians existed about 8000 years ago. Sumerians > Akkadians > Isreal > Christanity and symbolism exists in the bible and much of it has lots its meaning unless you go back and read about the sumerians.
Dadson worldwide
Dadson worldwide 20 dias atrás
Chaldeans still chase the same answers in the same places lol Maybe 4000 years now? Idk if its ever going to give up the theory of everything no matter what angle you attack it. Get baked on dmt like Lee smolin and chase strings or shapes like Penrose and go madd lol Even if we pointed to cycle of catastrophe only the most elite would hang out on the moon till earth recovered. What good is knowing if we cant stop it ? Lol Math is just one many human languages its no underpinning universal message.
JCDN51 20 dias atrás
Y es is a lot more oler
Argjend Veseli
Argjend Veseli 20 dias atrás
doing those calculations on the pyramid using meters gives even more amazing results :)
Anya Saeed
Anya Saeed 21 dia atrás
I think I'm gonna have to watch this a second time to take notes! Props to Randall for giving the lecture without knocking over any of the props. Haha!
Jack Ineson
Jack Ineson 21 dia atrás
The sun and moon move earth is flat and stationary. There's no outer space how do we have low pressure and high pressure with no barrier 🤔
Bob Ridge
Bob Ridge 21 dia atrás
At the beginning of this presentation I cannot understand what the importance of 12 is. Isn't 12 just an arbitrary number ? The artist is skilled but he might spend some time on his spelling (eg equitorial should be equatorial)
Big Mike
Big Mike 23 dias atrás
Has anyone ever thought the pyramid is actually an octahedron? Maybe there is still knowledge below the surface of base of the pyramid. I guess what I am trying to say is that instead of going up into the pyramid, you should go down below the base.
JUNGLE SURFER 23 dias atrás
Mason check shirt
Antoan Bekele
Antoan Bekele 24 dias atrás
It really isn't "mathematics" if one is allowed to add a zero here and there to make things match and appear related.
Niels de Ruiter
Niels de Ruiter 25 dias atrás
Carlson is the kind of person that is so rooted in reality that it’s very hard for ordinary people to actually believe that a man can know so much and still act so calm and laid-back. He dismantles every fake argument with pure facts. If only 1-5 percent of the people would do that on the same level it would be absolutely incomprehensible how much better the world would be. One of the all-time greats, and I truly mean that.
Matt Finley
Matt Finley 25 dias atrás
Okay, but "the sacred year" is a false construct, and the 360 degree circle is ultimately arbitrary.
Logan Mia
Logan Mia 24 dias atrás
I am Logan Mia from Mississippi am a member of the Illuminati which have been a part of since 2010 ...Would you be interested in joining our organization too gain financial freedom and safety from the government and its games Wanted too share an insight of our organization the Illuminati we are currently open for new membership
Sattam 25 dias atrás
TL;DR The ancient world and religions used numerical patterns and ratios (in measuring distance, dating history, describing events, geometrical structures, etc.) that mysteriously correspond, with astonishing precision, to cosmological geometry and the geometrical make-up of human kind, hinting at the existence of a sacred number. This strengthens the hypothesis that pre-history was advance and is more like a 'mythical history' than primitive, yet was filled with planetary catastrophes (such as energy pulses, climate shifts, delivery of cosmic matter, volcanic eruptions, breaking of icebergs, etc.) that can wipe civilizations, which also correspond to specific cosmic times (which are significant in historical and numerical perspectives) such as the great year's season of the Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Sagittarius. A sceptical mind could argue that we are reading too much into it and that it is a matter of simple numbers with basic exponentials and ratios that we used (possibly by looking at our nature and the world around us) and might have e.g. cherry picked (e.g. by implicit bias of e.g. finding confirmations more salient) words and events that correspond to our patterns. As such, these patterns are both weak (not rigorous nor systemic) and trivial (no significant nor impactful conclusions and implications emerge from it) for now, until such a theory is developed. P.S. Thanks for the content! I enjoyed it even though I tend to be sceptical of the triviality and non-systemization of many patterns. I wish fruition to this theory especially since the hypothesis of a prior advance civilization (e.g. work of Graham Hancock) seems to me very plausible!
Daniel Salcedo
Daniel Salcedo 25 dias atrás
bruh... internet is wonderful
Della Martinez
Della Martinez 25 dias atrás
So basically I'm supposed to be measuring all aspects of existence, either overtly or by mere example. How does this correlate to the stock markets? I would like to expand the current ratio of my wealth/Jeff Bezos by a few magnitudes.
Александр Волков
Thank you for making me fall asleep tonight
gar md
gar md 25 dias atrás
Enoc, Trimigestus
Addison Draper
Addison Draper 26 dias atrás
You clearly don't understand how numbers work. What you're doing here is about as scientific as typing 58008 into a calculator and turning it upside down to prove that boobs are made out of math.
Righteous247 27 dias atrás
randall is such a under appreciated treasure. i want to learn everything he knows
Growth is Freedom United Earth Enterprise
it's technically a rectangle :P
Philip Sandberg
Philip Sandberg 28 dias atrás
Very interesting.
Tim Swartz
Tim Swartz 28 dias atrás
I find it hard to correct you. Thank You.
Frog Universe
Frog Universe 28 dias atrás
So that means there's a 9th planet somewhere out there.
Nicholas 28 dias atrás
This lecture is everything
Geometric Creations
Geometric Creations 29 dias atrás
Thank you 😊 really enjoy this.
william mabon
william mabon 29 dias atrás
God do exist and the proof is in mathematics. Here is that proof. Infinity = 1/x(delta) + 1. This equation says a number is a set-in space that change with space. In physics this equation reads: Gravity is matter changing with space. It combines Relativity or fractured space with Quantum mechanics or spatial expansion. How dose God fit into this equation? This equation is God's mathematical name. God's name in this equation reads: God's Mind Is Man Changed With God. Breakdown: God's mind is infinite. In math this measure out as the set of infinity In math (1/x) represents a fraction of a whole. Any child is a fraction of a parent and man according to the Bible is God's child. Therefore, man is a fraction of God Change in math is represented by the Greek letter (delta) and it denotes a difference of some kind. Plus (+) in math means to combine or add something with something. There is only one God. In math the number 1 means something or someone is complete and individual from all the rest. Spelled out: God's Mind (Infinity) is (=) Man (1/x) Changed (delta) With (+) God (1). Scientific Method Step 1 Observation: Math can deliver unbreakable truths such as 2+2 will always = 4 Step 2 Question: Do math and Divinity share a common truth? Step 3 Hypothesis: If God exist, He should be found in the house of mathematics. Step 4 Prediction: God's Mind Is Man Change With God is an equation Step 5 Test: Any number (Infinity) is (=) a set-in space (1/x) that change (x^2) with (+) space (1)) Note: "X" describes any set, (1) describes any kind of space physical or otherwise This equation tells us why 2 feet is not the same as 2 inches. Both distances are measured out as 2 units of space but there is a change or difference between both units. They are each sets in a space of distance, but they represent changes in their measurement of distance. Step 6 Iterate: New look at what makes up reality. Reality consists of 3 domains of space. a. Fractured space or matter b. spatial expansion or energy c. Complete or unbroken space/information Step 7 Conclusion: We now know Infinity is real therefore the value in enumeration demand God exists otherwise the domain for enumeration would be incomplete. We know the domain for enumeration is complete because we can count. God must be able to count too all the way to Infinity because His mathematical name tells us what is any number. Also, George Cantor known as the father of set theory was wrong. There are no sets of numbers larger than Infinity. Cantor's mistake was he did not see that "change" is a subset within Infinity. Cantors one on one correspondence between sets of numbers is wrong. Cantor used only one description of a number from one set to match out or with a number from a different number set. Example. Cantor said the whole number set was smaller than the integer number set. This is how he made his measurement. Take the integers 2.1 and match it with the whole number 1. Then match 2.11 with the whole number 2. Then match 2.111 with the whole number 3 and so forth. In this view we would run out of whole numbers when we get to the integer 3.1. This is Cantor's big mistake! Here is a correct way to measure these two number sets. Match 2.1 with say 2. In the next sequence match for 2.1 we could match this integer with 4/2 or 5-3 or the square root of 100 divided by the square root of 25. The point being we can match any description for the number 2 to continue this [integer- whole] number matching sequence forever. In this way we could then match the integer 3.1 with 9/3 or 7- 4. Again if Cantor had understood that change describes what any number looks like he would have known there can be no numbers larger than Infinity.
Hikikomori 29 dias atrás
TIKIWOLF 29 dias atrás
Could the earth’s processional orbit partially explain this global warming the elites are on about now? Or is it really all cow farts and smog?
porcupine pilot
porcupine pilot 29 dias atrás
Dillon Kelly
Dillon Kelly 29 dias atrás
I have created an idea that all makes sense. Then, humans struggled to live, yet they still evolved in a quick rate. This soon would turn into large ancient civilizations that prosper as they all worship one god or many. There is no man telling them what to do, but its their combined effort to understand these gods. Knowledge would grow at an ever lasting rate allowing these ancient humans to unlock the secrets of the universe even before they knew they lived on a planet. 3, 6, 9 in my opinion are indeed the key to the universe as it likes to stay parallel. I believe the reason we lost this power and knowledge was do to humans. We started growing so large that the only way to prosper would be to create governments or kingdoms to help the challenges of that many humans in one place. Religion, great power, and other factors would slow the process and ultimately loosing it, for it to be found again. We lost the great knowledge of the universe when we hungered for power and status. In reality, power and status does not exist as it's portrayed to those who follow, but those who don't have no consequences unless acted on by those who want to raise fear and show their "power". Space and time wasn't of worry anymore and religion grew. As modern age arose, freedoms came along bringing those who are interested in astrology and space; they have re-found the secrets that were burried allowing us to understand the universe once again. This is the reason it took many years with the help of ancient technology to understand these terms.
Jonathan Santana
Jonathan Santana Mês atrás
These Gaia videos are why I unsubscribed. Misinformation all the way.
shredmetalshred Mês atrás
Jesse Haglin
Jesse Haglin Mês atrás
Got any good book recommendations?
CL Johnson
CL Johnson Mês atrás
put those same numbers into other base systems and it all falls apart
Ride.the. Flow ENT
Ride.the. Flow ENT Mês atrás
Humans created the concept of time so how can that be a universal thing? They could of made hours longer but less hours in the day
Dax Plumbing
Dax Plumbing Mês atrás
So this is all based on the assumption that a year was once 360 days. Not buying it.
Uroboros _8
Uroboros _8 Mês atrás
Human life span is not 72yrs it's 79yrs 😐
Jsmes Wagner
Jsmes Wagner Mês atrás
This is awesome.
Aelea Mês atrás
Thank you for letting us see him speak too.
Peter Flack
Peter Flack Mês atrás
Thank you Randall Carlson.
Gergő Szabó
Gergő Szabó Mês atrás
*In fact, the Great Pyramid is eight-sided not four and this way it's shape has exactly 9 vertices.*
Peter Flack
Peter Flack Mês atrás
1:27:23. OUIJA. Ten numbers on the bottom. 26 letters✖ 26 letters. 676. Minus 10. Again my apologies for interrupting.
Peter Flack
Peter Flack Mês atrás
1:22:37. OUIJA. My apologies for interrupting. It was said once that the Egyptian words for that particular word was "good luck". Paranormal Files/Colins' investigation into Ouija history. Letters, and numbers. Just to let you and yours open the mind. Be mindful because Ouija literally ruined my life. As above, so below.
Oskar Hjerpe
Oskar Hjerpe Mês atrás
we are call Druids. we are infinety. we regain the absolut of informatien from previuse life. maby.
Amos Wittenberg
Amos Wittenberg Mês atrás
This talk is mainly trivialities. Once a number is divisible by 9, its digital root will always be 9. There is absolutely nothing remarkable about that. The ancient Babylonians used 60 as the base of their number system because 60 has so many simple divisors: 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 12, 15, 20 and 30. This made calculating with certain fractions much simpler. Our number system based on 10 has the only easy factors 2 and 5 and thus many more of our fractions have repeated decimals. Not so, when the denominator has only powers of 2 and 5 as factors. However, there do exist very deep and mysterious connections between pure numbers and the structure of the universe. This speaker is *not* talking about those connections. All Mr Carlson's 'remarkable' numbers are multiples of 12 and 60. Nothing mysterious.
Paul Dionne
Paul Dionne Mês atrás
nicely spoken to understand for to explane the science with the religion together nice to teach in a manner of this type for children would be able to learn threw growing that it is same so that would be able to take care of many issue of today learning of segregation again thank you for a beautiful way to present a issue bring it together may one suggest to keep pushing your mind it will find more one is thinking for a strange reason today to say that believes all of it builds a ship would like to say to all computer tec. to see if correct still have strange feel of some thing else is here today
Dan X
Dan X Mês atrás
Brilliant. As I write this, 1.85M subscribers. Plus 1. Please do more of these - illuminate lectures by truly great lecturers.
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