Hickory Golf Club Challenge at Oldest Course in The World

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Hopefully you guys enjoyed the hickory golf club challenge! Lots of fun and awesome to see how hard it is to hit good shots with these clubs!
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20 Ago 2019



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Comentários 438
gm__golf Mês atrás
This challenge was hard to say the least.
Ian McIlhenny
Ian McIlhenny 29 dias atrás
Giannis Antetoloskloouncpdpo your username😂😂
Ian McIlhenny
Ian McIlhenny 29 dias atrás
gm__golf the least
The Putt-Putt Bros
The Putt-Putt Bros 29 dias atrás
@Sam Wardlaw I don't think many places compare!
Sam Wardlaw
Sam Wardlaw 29 dias atrás
You have to admit Scotland is the best place to play golf
Kesir Sangha
Kesir Sangha Mês atrás
Yet you still made it look easy bro
Chris Livingston
Chris Livingston 2 dias atrás
Harald Versteegden
Harald Versteegden 8 dias atrás
3:33 6:23 8:38 why hitt with people in front ??? weird
Ryan yorkston
Ryan yorkston 11 dias atrás
I legit live here wtf that’s so weird, I live 5 minutes away from that course 😂
Taylor Spencer
Taylor Spencer 13 dias atrás
Thinking there’s a big opportunity to set up a dentist practice in Europe.
David Geraci
David Geraci 15 dias atrás
"what iron are you going with?" "the special" lol
humdrummer 23 dias atrás
I shot 75 with my hickories....
ImActuallyOnFire 23 dias atrás
I can tell you that Brodie's driver certainly lost!
Michael Hendrickson
Michael Hendrickson 25 dias atrás
Will Brody ever shut up during swings
Bryce Lemaster
Bryce Lemaster 26 dias atrás
Been wanting on this video for a while
Matt Barton
Matt Barton 26 dias atrás
You guys should try to play a few holes with a bouncy ball
Steve Dedoes
Steve Dedoes 26 dias atrás
The rewind though! 😂 It was definitely a good one.
Ezmoney 23
Ezmoney 23 27 dias atrás
Just found your channel a week ago and since then I’ve watched every vid you have!! Love the vids and so pumped for Brofive!! Keep up the great work bro, 1 million is coming your way!!!
AxydonA 27 dias atrás
Soo I have been watching your channel for a while now and feel like story time. I went last Monday to take my girlfriend out golfing for the first time. She left after 9 holes and I continued on to play with some other guys on the course. 18th hole I got a par and the other guy lost his ball in the brush. I helped him find his ball but at the same time took a branch to the center of my eye. I was in the hospital without vision and extreme pain. Then had to see an ophthalmologist every day sense. Finally I have my eye patch taken off today but still bad vision in my left eye. I am on steroids and currently correcting my cornea. I am now going back to playing hockey and football... but no joke this is true. Stay safe
christopher200XX gaming
You guys should do a frisbee golf challenge
Planes at Abz
Planes at Abz 27 dias atrás
You should try a challenge where however many strokes you hit after 18 holes is how much money you owe to your chosen charity
ferran estebankenny
ferran estebankenny 27 dias atrás
Brodie won
Isaiah Faust
Isaiah Faust 28 dias atrás
If only the last hole was for $100, then Brodie won. But if it was $100 from all 4 holes, then Garrett won.
M W 28 dias atrás
I think Brodie has a crush on you
Drew Williams Drew Williams
Play frisbee/disc golf with brodie
Golf Guys
Golf Guys 28 dias atrás
Can u guys do a par 3 putter only challenge
Brenden Lewis
Brenden Lewis 28 dias atrás
What kind of camera are you using?
Stephen Scott
Stephen Scott 28 dias atrás
Is this at Musselburgh in Edinburgh, Scotland?
Garrett Johnson
Garrett Johnson 28 dias atrás
Play a game of golf on your knees with all of bro 5
If you play Bathgate golf course home of the Ryder cup captain I’ll take u round
Michael S
Michael S 28 dias atrás
You see why 81 won tournaments 150 years ago.
Maxwell Hamilton
Maxwell Hamilton 28 dias atrás
No the oldest course is St. Andrews in Scotland
MrCampbellsoup205 28 dias atrás
You both are winners! Look at what you are doing right now. But on a serious note Id have to say Brodie won as when a match is extended i see it resetting the clock and being for all the marbles. Plus he won that hole braking a club during the tee shot... Keep up the good work fellas
Tristan Hyatt
Tristan Hyatt 28 dias atrás
I have a question would you ever fly down to Colorado and we could go play a round of golf or just so pointers
John Mitchell
John Mitchell 29 dias atrás
U both did
YooBrady 29 dias atrás
crazy you never introduced Brodie Smith in the beginning.
Simph 29 dias atrás
I played in a comp yesterday off handicap -1.1 I shot 82 87 I am so goated
Paul Nicol
Paul Nicol 29 dias atrás
Musselburgh links is just down the road from me great wee course....keep the videos coming lads. 👍👍👍😎😎
Nolan Smith
Nolan Smith 29 dias atrás
the Roblox oof was something I've been waiting for on this channel forever
Jake Carlson
Jake Carlson 29 dias atrás
St Andrews golf course in Fife, Scotland is the oldest gold course in the world. This video is fake news.
Tegan Kogler
Tegan Kogler 29 dias atrás
Mosquito Matt should’ve came
Mac Waldrop
Mac Waldrop 29 dias atrás
The obiwan hello there is great
gixxerman 11
gixxerman 11 29 dias atrás
9:20 that sound was incredible
gixxerman 11
gixxerman 11 29 dias atrás
So it's not the oldest course is what your saying.. lol I mean that's like saying I'm the oldest person in the world that has my name and lives in Texas
McLain Caruso
McLain Caruso 29 dias atrás
Garret won he’s better
Chris Glienke
Chris Glienke 29 dias atrás
How much was it if you wanted to golf a round?
GRG YT 29 dias atrás
It’s called Mussle Bruh btw
Dakota Lowery
Dakota Lowery 29 dias atrás
Y'all need to fly someone out to play golf with y'all lol
Matej Hantabál
Matej Hantabál 29 dias atrás
When are you gonna make a video with DP?
ClanTripz 29 dias atrás
Garrett looks older every video, I swear.
Chris Gerber
Chris Gerber 29 dias atrás
Brodie won
VxL SH0CK 29 dias atrás
Yo can you do a another grind golf video I enjoy those
Steve Wright
Steve Wright 29 dias atrás
We won! That was hilarious guys 🔥
Benjamin Davis
Benjamin Davis 29 dias atrás
what about you a Brodie doing a frisbee vs golfing challenge? Not sure if that exists already, but it may help Brodie struggle a little less haha.
Jeff Bruno
Jeff Bruno 29 dias atrás
Garrett is the better golfer Brodie chokes under pressure
Jeff Bruno
Jeff Bruno 29 dias atrás
Garrett one he had way more better shots
TigerMatt.31 29 dias atrás
Cool to see that you guys watch the no laying up videos too...
Senpai Mart
Senpai Mart 29 dias atrás
Brodie sounds like deadpool sometimes 😂
Ja Ja
Ja Ja 29 dias atrás
Brodie got destroyed
Siddharth Sawhney
Siddharth Sawhney 29 dias atrás
RyanADillon 29 dias atrás
Except it isn't. Earliest evidence for Musselburgh Links is 1672 and Old Course at St Andrews is 1552. Not sure what he's getting at with "continuously played" as I'm not sure St Andrews Old Course was ever shut.
RyanADillon 29 dias atrás
And also confirms it.
Harrison Froling
Harrison Froling 29 dias atrás
Nick Faust
Nick Faust 29 dias atrás
you guys need to do a video with Erik Anders Lang! That would be video of the year
Crispy 29 dias atrás
Garbagio Golf Lolz
Logan Gates
Logan Gates 29 dias atrás
Can u do frisbee golf so Brody has a chance
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