Hermitcraft 8: Episode 31 - MOONERS

Mumbo Jumbo
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In this episode of Hermitcraft Season 8, Mumbo starts a Hermitcraft cult based around the moon gradually approaching the Hermitcraft server. This Minecraft cult called the mooners is dedicated to staying awake, and praising the moon for its efforts. Mumbo builds a Minecraft temple with automatic Minecraft redstone contraptions. Mumbo Jumbo also works on the Mumbo mega base, making the back of the Hermitcraft base actually look good.

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28 Nov 2021



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Mumbo Jumbo
I genuinely think of the Sun and Moon orbiting the Minecraft world, for some reason the idea of a sun centric solar system in the Minecraft universe seems odd to me.
Royal crafting
Mumbo you could add a despenser that gives people jump boost and slow falling when a hermit enters the temple to give them moon effect
"I can't just walk around calling myself a mooner, people are gonna think I'm weird!"
Imagine walking past Mumbo's room while he's recording and hearing him say:
Liban M.R.
TIP, a good one:
Grian: Hmmmm let’s observe this and make careful deduct-
Everyone on HC: Let's not make laggy things. Mumbo: I need crying statues and fireworks.
ClockworkC0rvus YT
The two constants of every hermitcraft season: Corporate Espionage and Cults.
Seeing the normal size of the moon in mumbo's creative test world really struck home just how big it's gotten
Surfing Duck
Mumbo saying "I'm not a builder" is like a school teacher saying "I'm not an artist"
Caleb Wooten
I feel like rather than 'mooner', you should go with 'lunatic.'
kert kägu
Hey Mumbo, you should add some stone buttons around the site and make a redstone combination behind them to lead to a secret crypt, where mooner rituals could be done in secret.
Rachael Piotte
"Look! Our lunar neighbor has sent down wakefulness friends!" killed me.
Mr Teleport1
Grian has gone the scientific route, building the observatory
Chris is person
"and since my name doesn't start with a G or end with an N I actually need to do something about this"
The moon is either going to hit the earth or miss it and eventually start to get smaller till it disappears. It could also hit earth when 1.18 is released and be how all the terrain changes outside the island they’re all building on
Beau Zeau
"Embrace the moon with open arms"
xolbl0 Playz
Impulse: wow my factory lookin pretty nice-
impulse: moves house so he can see his factory from the centre of boatem.
Viani PZN-0148
I think, Mumbo should add a beacon with jump boost in the middle of the temple (because low gravity you know?) That activates every night and every time a member joins.
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