Hermitcraft 8: 1 - The first 100 Days of HermitCraft

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Hermitcraft 8: 1 - The first 100 Days of HermitCraft
HermitCraft Season 8 episode 1! Follow iskall on his journey in the first 100 days of the season!

Hermitcraft Season 8 SEED: -7381235180058670651

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19 Jun 2021



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Comentários 0
Oh no 2:06
Marleen Lyon
Marleen Lyon Dia atrás
I love watching iskall mpg all over the place
Marleen Lyon
Marleen Lyon Dia atrás
Damian Ford
Damian Ford 2 dias atrás
now hes just showing of with the water bucket
Caleb Torres
Caleb Torres 2 dias atrás
maxx doodles should join hermitcraft 9 copy and paste this to make this happen!!!
Cube Titan
Cube Titan 2 dias atrás
11:50 Are you trying to bully me?
jason blennis
jason blennis 2 dias atrás
16:20 teaser for another hermit skies 👀👀👀
Maria Rose
Maria Rose 2 dias atrás
late to watch this but, you seem to have the most fun so far.
Emily Harman
Emily Harman 3 dias atrás
Iskall and Etho are such an unexpectedly amazing duo
Stop Motion Productions
Hey it's not teddy bears iskall its saddles I thought they were teddy bears myself until u zoomed in 😂
Just for the lolz
Just for the lolz 3 dias atrás
Dirt bricks in minecraft when?
Debarghya Basak
Debarghya Basak 4 dias atrás
Mic ? 🙃
Comedy Edits
Comedy Edits 4 dias atrás
Wait how r u boat less now?
kpop enthusiast :D
kpop enthusiast :D 5 dias atrás
kpop enthusiast :D
kpop enthusiast :D 5 dias atrás
The way he said 'orange' in swedish in the "orangeio" *_chefs kiss_* Edit: orange in swedish is orange but with a diff pronunciation
Demons Rexis
Demons Rexis 5 dias atrás
"We can have matching horse color." Love that companionship.
SmallerSundew62 7 dias atrás
16:53 gave me war flashbacks
Lisa Ely
Lisa Ely 7 dias atrás
13 bamboo is the new way
SwitchFox 8 dias atrás
it took me 10 seconds to realise he was talking about day 85 because its in his name.
MINECRAFT King 8 dias atrás
er du norsk? Iskall
Waylon Dowell
Waylon Dowell 8 dias atrás
Some Dude
Some Dude 8 dias atrás
Tomorrow is day 85 Today is day 85 Yoink! Today was a good day Day 86
CoolerX qw
CoolerX qw 9 dias atrás
Iskall: I am the slowest builder in the world! Me: First time?
Fox Tron
Fox Tron 9 dias atrás
Iskall: I am the slowest builder in the world Pacific: *Yes I know*
SKR 9 dias atrás
what 1.5 mil xD when did that happen?
Jareena Deepak
Jareena Deepak 9 dias atrás
after all of his skins he looks weird just wearing that... he forgot the jacket ,I liked the jacket
NeonDynamite18 9 dias atrás
Now this is very notable
_willum 9 dias atrás
iskall's new shirt looks so soft
Kaan Secilmis
Kaan Secilmis 10 dias atrás
The hungry opinion philosophically smell because wash secondarily smash an a oval cafe. subdued, burly whale
El Punch punch punch
El Punch punch punch 10 dias atrás
Me: Iskall is the funniest hermit! Everyone: fax
That one Guy
That one Guy 11 dias atrás
Keep it up great vid
Herskind 11 dias atrás
iskall just made a dirthouse and was proud of it. JKJK its looking sick dude xD
AlSh_7i G
AlSh_7i G 12 dias atrás
I thought they were real life days
LogisPrime65 12 dias atrás
18:16 you don't know what hard is until the warden comes
Demgod5853 Jake
Demgod5853 Jake 12 dias atrás
Ngl you look like Kano from mortal combat sry if it's stupid if I say that and you know
Heg TheBrave
Heg TheBrave 12 dias atrás
And that you guys is why you follow Philzas advice: DO NOT ENTER RAVINES
Mat Turner
Mat Turner 12 dias atrás
Am I the only one with crackeling audio?
veschyoleg 13 dias atrás
Plot twist: Iskall is co-basing with Etho to learn first-hand how Etho actually smells.
Brandon Mellor
Brandon Mellor 13 dias atrás
Jeez doc is so moody
Muxi 13 dias atrás
Are you swedish?
HQi88 14 dias atrás
Day 22: Iskall and Etho rob a man and commit arson
Alfons Törnäng
Alfons Törnäng 14 dias atrás
iskall speaking swedich 34:20 haha Nejjjjj
Carson Sutton
Carson Sutton 14 dias atrás
Me eating front loops and thanks how good u are in I BAD :(
Gustav Åkerman
Gustav Åkerman 14 dias atrás
Luv u man
Sleepy C
Sleepy C 14 dias atrás
I got a late start on the season. But what a great first episode!
Milan Wiersma
Milan Wiersma 14 dias atrás
Yo iskall ben je Nederlands?
Daniel Buller
Daniel Buller 14 dias atrás
The king is back baby
Virtual RR
Virtual RR 14 dias atrás
how can you say 100 days with out credit to luke the notiable
Maniacus Games
Maniacus Games 14 dias atrás
Etho needs an RTX3080 so he can use ray tracing.. ;)
Maniacus Games
Maniacus Games 14 dias atrás
if you want levels visit Wells' Ender Ender... located near end spawn... 130 levels in 5 minutes.. lol
Dwight Schrute
Dwight Schrute 14 dias atrás
Is kale the little house thing looked like a certain male body part. Be real
gymblue123 15 dias atrás
I feel like every first episode you eat dried kelp
just Alex
just Alex 15 dias atrás
Why is this cute to me
Fallenspartan73 15 dias atrás
... oh god... Luke The Notable has created a trend that’s already got to Hermitcraft... fuck... I’m out
Vivian Wells
Vivian Wells 15 dias atrás
Iskall: we must make the next 10 days efficient! Iskall ten seconds later: decides to venture very far instead of killing his thousands of cows. Me: why...
Khanya Ndadane
Khanya Ndadane 15 dias atrás
Wow that didnt feel like 40 minutes lol
Amethyst 16 dias atrás
This is the first video of Iskall I watch, and I like this man ! :D
tomer s
tomer s 16 dias atrás
Callum2oo6 P00le
Callum2oo6 P00le 16 dias atrás
It’s like lion king Sings Aladdin
Janderson Guedes
Janderson Guedes 16 dias atrás
Roux 16 dias atrás
Iskall, this was a very notable move of you to make
Edd Galley
Edd Galley 16 dias atrás
Hey Iskall have you ever watched a man watch a man mining quartz
SuperLama The best
SuperLama The best 16 dias atrás
I can hear your swedish deal😎😎
C N 16 dias atrás
i love how so many people are sticking together this season
Blue 16 dias atrás
Iskal: Well well well.. Meanwhile ijevin: XP
Alpine 18 dias atrás
Idea for the base:Helms Deep fortress From Lord of the Rings btw
Jayd Luna
Jayd Luna 18 dias atrás
It would be a pretty funny prank to actually strip all of the birch trees
Illogical Thinking
Illogical Thinking 18 dias atrás
Diorite is ok. It can be turned into andesite and granite.
Im acoolkid
Im acoolkid 18 dias atrás
when are you guys doing hermit challenges
Im acoolkid
Im acoolkid 18 dias atrás
big fan watched since hermitcraft season 4. i think i was 6 or 7 back then
Marvin Silfen-Jensen
Marvin Silfen-Jensen 18 dias atrás
The horse hearts are actually sadles
Jason Stone
Jason Stone 18 dias atrás
nice 100 days iskall85! awsome done!
Chelsie Humphries
Chelsie Humphries 18 dias atrás
Iskall I doubt you'll ever see this but can you please make your season 8 playlist? I save all the playlists during the season to help me stay up to date on the episodes
Mike Baker
Mike Baker 18 dias atrás
Peculiar: Pick - you'll - your. That's the easiest pronunciation.
Kim Bach Nguyet Suong
Kim Bach Nguyet Suong 19 dias atrás
The hapless representative psychologically pop because distance pivotally whisper next a adventurous node. petite, unnatural packet
Luke Brearley
Luke Brearley 19 dias atrás
Peculiar. Pec - you - Lee - ar
MasterQuentus 19 dias atrás
What proximity voice chat are you using I wanted to use it for my group of friends
Rabbit 368
Rabbit 368 19 dias atrás
Use shaders
Jarry Pota
Jarry Pota 17 dias atrás
Shaders cause lag
Tavis Crocker
Tavis Crocker 19 dias atrás
Iskall made an aladin refrence thinking it was lion king.
Dragonslayer69 19 dias atrás
Gem is greyahyet
Kingwolf 19 dias atrás
Birch forest being the best biome… angry tall birch forest noises
Zoe Schiffmann
Zoe Schiffmann 19 dias atrás
My idiot self read Kermit craft 😃✋
Wolf XE
Wolf XE 19 dias atrás
Grefer aw man
Countling 19 dias atrás
6:29 tho!
yellow tourmaline
yellow tourmaline 20 dias atrás
Iskall spent 6 hours and 24 muinets + in the caves just for it all to burn in lava
Phantom Slayer
Phantom Slayer 20 dias atrás
The glow item frame is so funny
buddeloy 64
buddeloy 64 20 dias atrás
You Can use an axe to make the copperblocks orange
Phantom Slayer
Phantom Slayer 20 dias atrás
He didn't said the word yet.... OF DOOM
Sepia Smith
Sepia Smith 20 dias atrás
The amount of content Etho cuts out of his videos wow wow I absolutely love the dynamic between these two and I'm LOVING the base they're building already. the greenery this season makes me smile
Aries Dave
Aries Dave 20 dias atrás
mumbo's introduction again and again and again
Laine Murphy
Laine Murphy 20 dias atrás
Iskall and Etho is a match made in HEAVEN!
yeet potato
yeet potato 21 dia atrás
hey iskall your pretty good at mlg water buckets but can you do it on a 3ds? I can lol its still 1.9 minecraft but its still rly fun
Plzxma 21 dia atrás
I can’t believe he doesn’t like diorite it’s SO beautiful!!! Its the best thing ive ever heard of Im lying.
Brayden Crisswell
Brayden Crisswell 21 dia atrás
Millhouse the hill house xd
Eibrande T
Eibrande T 21 dia atrás
You can really hear that this guy is swedish. He kinda sounds like notch actually.
Voltia 21 dia atrás
Iskall celebrating 100th day *Jevin was blown up by a creeper*
Osamah bin ballin
Osamah bin ballin 21 dia atrás
U should put hay bails in the tree below your balcony so you can’t miss a water bucket
Dylan Ward
Dylan Ward 21 dia atrás
mopped everyone up in the first 4 mins of the video lol
ACT Plays Stuff
ACT Plays Stuff 21 dia atrás
While the hermits are the worst at surviving in Minecraft, they are so good at building and redstone. I don't understand.
Otto World.of.Warcraftiboi
The swedish accent👌
TexasBlues 21 dia atrás
14:45 birch forests are the worst biome, Taigas are the best.
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