Here's the truth about JANA...

Jake Paul
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I'm sorry...
I've been traveling a lot
get sum merch fam -
text me im bored - 310-870-3349
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Please be warned (and we cannot possibly stress this enough); under no circumstances should any challenges, stunts, or pranks be attempted by any of our viewers. All challenges, stunts, and pranks are performed by trained professionals in a controlled environment and are for entertainment purposes only. Again, do not try anything you see in this content at home and always consult a parent or adult with any questions or concerns.
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19 Ago 2019



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Comentários 9 327
fortnite queen26
fortnite queen26 5 horas atrás
Omg Jack tana should have a fire but will a girl
Sarah Rutten
Sarah Rutten 12 horas atrás
i will fight you lol and i will win lol
Sahara Leyva
Sahara Leyva 14 horas atrás
You have season 12 coming up and in the trailer it showed Jana ???💁🏽‍♀️
Clorox Bleach
Clorox Bleach 18 horas atrás
😂 free chain with 15 dollar shipping.
Nuria Pozueta
Nuria Pozueta 20 horas atrás
John Norn
John Norn 23 horas atrás
Your hair is dumb
Evan .w
Evan .w Dia atrás
Stop ducking gib and fight him
Brooklyn. Gacha
Brooklyn. Gacha Dia atrás
Jake on his 7th wife: DeAr KSI
Hhh Moskov
Hhh Moskov Dia atrás
I wonder how many 'truth' videos Jake Paul will make in his whole BRvid career. Probably the same number of ex-wifeies he has.
Ovana Squad
Ovana Squad Dia atrás
My crush in School is jana
Isaiah Kimbell
Isaiah Kimbell Dia atrás
How did you grow your mustache and beard so fast
e m
e m Dia atrás
Bro stop this whole thing that u build a name with u and ur gfs name like jerika jana wtf jesus christ
Jana Saric
Jana Saric Dia atrás
yo, it’s weird seeing my name everywhere ahaha. I mean my name is pronounced (YAH- NUH) but still.
Galaxy Queen
Galaxy Queen Dia atrás
You see I was all for Jerica, then it ended... Next I was all for Jana then there is this big thing were you were seen eating lunch with Erica without Tana knowing and this is all too much... Jake, this is disappointing and Tana and Erica deserve WAY better.
sofia urdiales
sofia urdiales Dia atrás
Ford Family
Ford Family Dia atrás
OMG omg
LPS Triplets
LPS Triplets Dia atrás
No one: Absolutely no one: Jake Paul: get your free chain Also Jake Paul: deletes Contest video
Tfue Dia atrás
I'll fight you
Luis Aauilar
Luis Aauilar Dia atrás
I legit cried at 7:45 with happy tears I haven’t seen chad IN MONTHS
Uncle Fester
Uncle Fester Dia atrás
It's evry day bro
StephHialeahM S
StephHialeahM S Dia atrás
I hope tana is okay
Shatha Ahmad
Shatha Ahmad Dia atrás
Hi my I weel fight you I am lit
Tym4kolby 2
Tym4kolby 2 Dia atrás
Hell yeah angry grandma
Edward Howard
Edward Howard 2 dias atrás
hi jake paul
Mona Mia wolf
Mona Mia wolf 2 dias atrás
The intro was so funny Btw you put Jana on the title
F30 2 dias atrás
Bro deadass I love THIS jake Paul
Mafia Bmx
Mafia Bmx 2 dias atrás
Fight me
Not Snipes
Not Snipes 2 dias atrás
Get a mullet
6ftsamurai 3 dias atrás
The chinese character tattoo, sadly, isn't warrior. If written correctly, 士(the horizontal line is longer than the bottom line) is a scholar (which ironically he has a fk the teachers music video). But 土(the horizontal stroke at the bottom is longer) is actually mud/dirt/soil. So the new Jake Paul is now Fire Strength Soil. FSS. Or Fire Strength Scholar.
Mike Gjerkaj
Mike Gjerkaj 3 dias atrás
You are so rude Jake
Private Pug 1997
Private Pug 1997 3 dias atrás
You know he's a self centered person cause he has murals of himself everywhere..he's gonna end up like vanilla ice ... Homeless and grabbing at every movie appearance he can to make some cash
Levi Lloyd
Levi Lloyd 3 dias atrás
So u wanna fight the rock?
Gunner Wall
Gunner Wall 3 dias atrás
I’ll fight and I’m 12
Mike 3 dias atrás
You are a 12:24 😂 And your also 12:30 🤭
Kenzie Idk
Kenzie Idk 3 dias atrás
I wanna fight for real I’m being for real
Baby Kiddies
Baby Kiddies 3 dias atrás
No one likes you
Holly e Vlogs
Holly e Vlogs 3 dias atrás
Thanks jake I thought my gymnastics crearra is over I gets
Marissa Healey
Marissa Healey 3 dias atrás
No airpods? I'm appalled.
Jana Milojević
Jana Milojević 3 dias atrás
My name is Jana 😂
Blackbeae_TT V
Blackbeae_TT V 3 dias atrás
Fight deji
Samantha Rose
Samantha Rose 4 dias atrás
dude where is your weddding ring ass ????
Bram Gouda
Bram Gouda 4 dias atrás
i have a good one for your (last to clean wins 10.000 dollars please i did it with my parents and it is soooooo fun love you bye
yuri godoy magalhaes
yuri godoy magalhaes 4 dias atrás
Thomas pathak
Thomas pathak 4 dias atrás
Make good content again
Logan Hasbrouck
Logan Hasbrouck 4 dias atrás
Whoever 👎 this you are amazing Whoever 👍 this you are a stupid 9 year olr
Mikey w
Mikey w 4 dias atrás
Is the tattoo permanent
Mikey w
Mikey w 4 dias atrás
Is it permanent
Lockett Gamer
Lockett Gamer 4 dias atrás
Thanks Jake I appreciate it! I have recently been upset but you have inspired to put that in the past and be positive!!! Xx
Gloria Njah
Gloria Njah 4 dias atrás
Are you ever going to be in another tv series.
Young Gamer
Young Gamer 5 dias atrás
Hug to hug dito?💕
Dylan Byczkov
Dylan Byczkov 5 dias atrás
get her back
Masao Jim
Masao Jim 5 dias atrás
Adam saleh gonna make you his toy
Surr3al 60Bit
Surr3al 60Bit 5 dias atrás
Thank god I have adblock so I don't give money to this guy
Jobro The player
Jobro The player 5 dias atrás
Me: were apoloe (or how ever you spell it) 2 seconds later Oh there he is
Emma 0405
Emma 0405 5 dias atrás
Jake just seems so fed up and like I feel real bad :(
Ash Cheah
Ash Cheah 5 dias atrás
The tattoo you got that you said means warrior it actually means dirt brooo that artist is a legend. This 士 means warrior while this 土 means dirt
Fresh Eggos
Fresh Eggos 11 horas atrás
Ash Cheah he did him dirty
Green Study
Green Study 5 dias atrás
Ruby Pereyra
Ruby Pereyra 6 dias atrás
I don’t want you to get hurt by fighting
Andony Lopez
Andony Lopez 6 dias atrás
Sorry for that
Andony Lopez
Andony Lopez 6 dias atrás
I think Jake going to her house to have sex don’t let him he is a bicth
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