Watch Misha Collins Make Butter in a Jar for 4 Minutes

Inside Edition
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Misha Collins plays an angel on "Supernatural," but he works real-life magic in the kitchen. Collins visited to show digital reporter Stephanie Officer how to make butter in a Mason jar. "Thank you for the sweatiest interview I have ever done," Collins said of the process. The butter recipe is featured in "The Adventurous Eaters Club: Mastering the Art of Family Mealtime," a new cookbook he penned with his wife, Vicki.

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14 Nov 2019



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Comentários 122
Avigail Sufrin
Avigail Sufrin 10 dias atrás
Happy Birthday!
Heidi Baltom
Heidi Baltom 17 dias atrás
I read this as "The sweetest interview" and thought yep thats my Misha sweetest guy ever. And he is but hes also sweaty lol
Grettel Gomez Reyes
Grettel Gomez Reyes 26 dias atrás
Something worth posting❤️❤️I love Misha
Julia Lange
Julia Lange 27 dias atrás
Misha + inside edition = greatness
Marissa Bones
Marissa Bones 27 dias atrás
I still can't deal with the fact that Supernatural, is ending
Olivia Roderick
Olivia Roderick 27 dias atrás
PunnyMegan 27 dias atrás
Me and my little sister have been making butter like this for Thanksgiving for 3 or 4 years. To speed up the process we put ice in it.
Lê Huyền
Lê Huyền 27 dias atrás
Has anyone noticed his black hair? That hairstyle always makes him look extremely hot :3
Buffy Summers
Buffy Summers 27 dias atrás
Cooking is so 1800s #doordash
Abigail E.
Abigail E. 28 dias atrás
I love misha😭😂❤️ he's such a beautiful man
Zay HAM.
Zay HAM. 28 dias atrás
I Love Misha Collins so much! He's so funny!!♥️
African goth girl
African goth girl 28 dias atrás
Misha couldn't believe he made butter
A. Jain
A. Jain 28 dias atrás
Dude this is full.on hand job going on.. Do some other recepies too..
Alessandra Wahl
Alessandra Wahl 28 dias atrás
Supernatural is my favorite show!
sᴛʀxʙᴇʀʏ ᴍɪɪʟᴋ
Dr Coin
Dr Coin 28 dias atrás
Omg your castiel from supernatural leak the next season does jack come back
Flamingo With 100 subscribers
Stephanie is so pretty!
Misha_Weesha 28 dias atrás
ZOO_younis 28 dias atrás
I ship them
Isaak Costa
Isaak Costa 28 dias atrás
Lol this it hilarious
misha my love
misha my love 28 dias atrás
Just l love you misha so much my angel my life my love my everything
Mateus Black
Mateus Black 28 dias atrás
Ele é muito fofo 😆
Cameron1988 28 dias atrás
Stephanie Officer is gorgeous
edwena tan
edwena tan 28 dias atrás
hola mishamigos
Gummy Doll
Gummy Doll 28 dias atrás
I was waiting for a Winchester to pop out with a demon emergency only Cas can solve.
Jia May
Jia May 28 dias atrás
Why is this so funny and cute
RPostVideos 28 dias atrás
Making butter again...
1rotzy 29 dias atrás
Hey there, Mish-amigos!
HeavenlyHaven 29 dias atrás
I love Misha Collins! I’m surprised to see him on Inside Edition.
Isabella A
Isabella A 29 dias atrás
Omg Misha ❤❤ who doesn't love this adorable man 🥰
Ziggy 29 dias atrás
Cass get out of my ass!!!
Valor 29 dias atrás
Ohhh I thought it said “sweetest” I was like what?
Rito Silerio
Rito Silerio 28 dias atrás
That was me till I saw this comment.
That one person with no subs
Who else thought this said sweetest🙋🏾‍♀️
Jenn Nicole
Jenn Nicole 25 dias atrás
i didn't even realise i read it wrong until i saw your comment hahaha i was like 'wait it doesn't???'
eva nickAmir
eva nickAmir 27 dias atrás
every time I read it!
tracy Lee
tracy Lee 28 dias atrás
Thank you👏🏻👏🏻, I was waiting for the introduction of some kinda sweet treat🥳 then i read your comment 🤔oops my bad,😂🤣😂🤣❣
Luis Rosario
Luis Rosario 29 dias atrás
Morgan TV
Morgan TV 29 dias atrás
misha 😍💗
mrbear1302 29 dias atrás
Watch out for those mason jars!!!!! I was making ranch recently, shaking it like they did and the bottom of the jar blew out; leaving ranch all over the kitchen. All over me all the way down into my shoes too-which I had to throw away.
alejandriaiqq 29 dias atrás
I want to try that, It was so funny
Blue Frost
Blue Frost 29 dias atrás
Love him
Daisy XDolly
Daisy XDolly 29 dias atrás
Omg my angel! I have seen him for years on supernatural lol.
Dish Soap
Dish Soap 29 dias atrás
This was super funny to watch 😂❣️
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