Her Retirement Plan Is Tiny Home Living -- No 401k, No Problem 

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Imagine your tiny home is situated in an area with mountain lions, coyotes, and a residential bobcat roaming the grounds. This may sound terrifying, but for Hilary, it's incredible! Off her custom deck, she can sip coffee and be at peace coming from a large three-bedroom house full of stuff she didn't need.
Her little home oasis is full of light with plenty of windows and open areas. The design is functional for her, along with her pets. She even has a mini kitty condo for her siamese cat! The loft sleeping quarters are only 42 inches tall, but just the right height for a movie in bed and a good night's sleep. Although it took Hilary a year to get everything in its final place, the kitchen is well organized and abundant with functionality. Retirement is sweet for this brave woman that went against others' opinions and dove into the world of tiny home living.
Shot by: @brian_bear_butler
Edited by: @sagetraveling
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30 Dez 2021



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Comentários : 1,7 mil   
@TinyHomeTours Anos atrás
More and more people are downsizing to save for retirement! Are you in the same boat?
@TheTruthlady Anos atrás
I’m trying but I need help!
@mikeseverino8159 Anos atrás
as i creep to 60 yes i am thinking about a tiny :)
I'm a single retired woman and I'm trying so hard to get a tiny home of my own on a small quarter acre (or even less). All I have is my small pension and no 401K either. I need to find a small plot of affordable land in my area and not having any success at all. Acreage tracts for 100's of thousands of dollars and that's not what I want All I want is to get out of my dreadful apartment and move out of the city limits and start enjoying peace and quiet and simplicity for a change. My retirement dream is to watch sunrises with my coffee and my cat and work on starting a garden and pursue hobbies I've been wanting to do.
Why is there dating site comments in your chats? The last two times I have commented . Someone posts a dating thing under it. Wasn't sure if you noticed it.
I’m thinking about Tiny for the summers when I retire. I wish these videos would give me dimensions!
@afrodivinity2902 Anos atrás
This was one of the realest tours I've seen. This woman got divorced when her 3 children were young, worked hard to raise them and as a result couldn't save for retirement BUT she didn't just lay down and die. She found a way to be able to enjoy her latter years and retire comfortably. I commend her for that and applaud her for doing what she had to do because she's not the only one that has been through this but she was real enough to be honest and this will help others going through the same thing. I wish her all the best.
@ayela562 Anos atrás
Very well said !
@candlewax5234 Anos atrás
Fantastic tiny house a seperate shed for storage is an excellent idea.
@jt1364 Anos atrás
Realistic? 😋 You just gave a summary of the whole video in one paragraph. Tiny home owners should hire you to do their interviews. They would certainly be a lot shorter lol.
@almurry8943 Anos atrás
Personally, I would love to know what her ex-husband was doing during the years she was raising the 3 children by herself. Was he helping with child support or anything while she was struggling to raise the children? I do commend her for what she was accomplished but I just want to know how much the ex was doing to help with his children.
@afrodivinity2902 Anos atrás
@@jt1364 I like the way you think! Lol
@kathysowers Anos atrás
She exudes feeling right at home in her tiny place. I love the cheery interior and how she has everything arranged. And nothing wrong with "cheating" with a shed, great idea! Nice to see someone so content with where they live.
This is the most livable tiny house and outdoor property I’ve ever seen. I absolutely love everything you’ve done. I also love that you had the courage to sell it all and let go of it- and I’m impressed that you are not all intimidated by the mountains lions. 😀 Inspiring!!
@ThompsonSmith-xo5sd 5 meses atrás
Hello Danielle How are you doing today?
@Aussie71 Anos atrás
I love that you can tell she LOVES her pets. So much space in her tiny home dedicated for them. Its a beautiful space. I hope she has a long and happy retirement here.
@jillv4006 Anos atrás
I love her kitchen! Makes so much sense to have a washing machine instead of a dishwasher, especially for just one person. If I were single I’d seriously consider a tiny home.
I can relate to her story! Having been married and starting over at almost 40 then another failed marriage, I had some money put away but not enough to last. I purchased a mobile home in a beautiful community in Washington State, two years ago, when I retired. No mortgage rented lot and enjoy the mountains, ocean and farms. You do what you have to do to make life what you want and need it to be. My only issue is her stairs, I couldn't live in a two story like her.
@noreenebostick9593 8 meses atrás
It is wise to not have a two story in the senior years because aging changes of the body will start and continue. I am 65 years, ten months and 19 days as of this comment. I am physically and mentally able and prefer to live on a first floor if there is not an elevator and live in a one story place to reduce the wear and tear on my knees and other body parts. I enjoy living in a small apartment. The daily maintenance allows me to spend quality time reading, watching and listening to videos of people all around the world. I get to look back and appreciate as well as be grateful and thankful for all the steps that I did. Thanks for this BRvid video. Thanks for reading my comments. Smiles
@heyjude6335 8 meses atrás
Do you own the lot? Hubs and I thought of that route but with so many Mobil home communities being sold to investors- it scared us off
@feliciasampson8032 7 meses atrás
May I ask where in Washington? I'm looking to move there and am thinking about a tiny home as a possibility.
@debbieh6309 Anos atrás
The absolute BEST tiny home video I’ve ever seen. This lady is a true inspiration. She should be SO proud of herself. She has a gorgeous home and yard.
@diane4999 Anos atrás
Perfect! I was going to comment, but you said exactly what I was thinking!! And the shed is a definitely plus and the outdoor space is an extension of her living area. I would also eat out there. LOVE IT!!
@freshstart4423 Anos atrás
Dont settle for less. After Covid thousand of homes will go on the Market cheap.
@carollloyd7178 Anos atrás
Totally agree!
So beautiful. I would like to know how much it cost. It couldn't be nicer. I love everything about it inside and out.
@wwjdkaren Anos atrás
@@freshstart4423 .. I believe covid will never end unfortunately, do it now, don't wait, enjoy your life while you can.
I'm glad you were able to get a tiny home. I had a beautiful 2 story new house when I was married. My husband left and I raised 2 sons. Single moms are resilient and we have to be self reliant than other moms. I live in a studio and rescued 2 feral cats that are so delightful and fun to have around. May your new beginning be blessed and full of peace & joy.
@buffysato7151 Anos atrás
She has created such a wonderful home for herself. I really enjoyed seeing how she organized her home and hearing her thought process on what she really needed and what she could do without.
I love this lady's setup. It is efficient, attractive, and looks super easy to maintain. The auxiliary shed is a great idea, could even serve as a tiny studio for an artist or writer. Love the dog kennel and fenced in yard too! This is pretty close to my tiny home dream arrangement!
@Bess9779 Anos atrás
I'm now in my 60's and am in the same financial position due to the same reason. Thank you for sharing your retirement home I'm glad to see it is do-able, comfortable, and beautiful.
@mariaacosta_virgo Anos atrás
All you need in one small homestead. She's lucky to have found someone that can let her rent the land to live on. It's as big as any land under a large home. I love the landscaping she did and her large shed and patio area that give her so much more space.
@ThompsonSmith-xo5sd 5 meses atrás
Hello Maria How are you doing today?
@leasagowers2293 Anos atrás
At 56 built my tiny home... got rid of my 3 bedroom home and all my nonessentials. I love it.. been here 4 years with no mortgage or high upkeep costs and my only regret is that I didn’t do it at 46. My monthly cost of living is less than $300/ mo. I am close to my son grand grandson
That's really inspiring! I'm in my early 40s, so hearing you say you wish you had gotten started at 46 has got me thinking! May I ask where you live that your expenses are only $300? That's incredible!
@leasagowers2293 Anos atrás
@@jillkohlenberg1010 Alabama…
@ziggy33399 Anos atrás
Where is that? No property taxes either?
@flowerchild5701 Anos atrás
Leasa. I’m a single girl 49 in Alabama as well. What kind of land are s your tiny home on ? Who built it etc. I’m thinking of doing this since I can barely survive financially
@leasagowers2293 Anos atrás
@@flowerchild5701 My tiny home is on .6 acres on a rural county road. I bought it from my son . Left it in his name and put my tiny home there because I will leave it to him anyway. My home is 14x 40 with a 10x 12 screened porch on the back and small deck on front. My total cost was $28,000. I love it .
@cindyscanlan7826 Anos atrás
What an awesome job she has done with this tiny home oasis! After all she has been through and sacrificed…..she deserves this happiness I wish her great health, longevity and a very blessed life😊
@barbaraleon7322 Mês atrás
I absolutely loved this visit & Tour. What a lovely person, with a happily comfortable & perfect life she has created for herself! I am going to take her advice and follow her plan for my retirement. I’m very grateful for her kindness and her wisdom. Barbara Leon
@bevr2164 Anos atrás
For those of you wondering about when she is older and the stairs....My husband and I both turned 80 in 2021. We live in MO, thus we have a finished basement with laundry. We have two rails for our stairs. I have back and hip issues, but still go up and down stairs. She may be just fine for a very long time. 🤗
@maggiegray8046 Anos atrás
Just a thought which I'm thinking about. I am also a smidge older and have laundry in my basement. I'm thinking of installing something like a dog gate or something halfway down the stairs - something innovative so IF I take a small tumble or whatever, the closed gate can stop my fall down a couple of steps rather than a full break my neck or back fall all the way down my steps. Just a safety option. GOOD FOR YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
@bjwilliams Anos atrás
@@maggiegray8046 get a bone density test, found I have osteoporosis. I now take meds once a week, and calcium supplement. Also leg weights to strengthen leg bones. Women who lose estrogen..(bones weaken),when we get older, are in danger of hip fractures more than men. I live in a one story house for 30 years 🌴😘.no basement or attic #💗
But maybe not. I hurt an ankle and was done for a month. And I'm not 80.
I also have laundry in my basement family room and a spare bedroom I am 67 but I rarely set in my family room so I only go downstairs once a week she has to go up the stairs daily I think having a bedroom on the main level would have been a much better choice and use the upstairs for storage
@sonhuynh8222 9 meses atrás
That outdoor space is amazing! The pavers and turf areas and shed is awesome. She has more outdoor space than most homeowners! ❤
@vsoraya Anos atrás
She is absolutely adorable and smart. Her house not even looks tiny, because she has everything that is important in her life, what I liked the most, is the love she has for her pets and wild.
@BK4of4 Anos atrás
I get it ! At 57 I paid cash for an "as is" tiny condo and spent the next 5 years fixing it. I'm all in at about 60K . No 401, but also...No Mortage 🤷🏽‍♀️. We do what we need to do. Great job with the lovely tiny. Enjoy your success sister !
@danabinaz3173 Anos atrás
How do I even begin to find a TH builder and where to put it in AZ?
@anah3864 Anos atrás
Well done! I wish you much health and happiness in your home.
@RS-cp5wc Anos atrás
It’s a model way to live in every way.
To Dana too but I want to be in WA
You ladies inspire me and give me hope. Newly divorced at 53, starting from scratch
@janemitchell8003 Anos atrás
I admire you and the unique changes you weren't afraid to condo, etc. I really appreciate your creativity with your outdoor space to accommodate you, guests and your sweet pup! Well done!
@marym5631 Anos atrás
I'm 58. Living in a 3 bedroom home. Kids are grown. Your suggestion for a notebook and to dream is awesome! Thanks for sharing your journey! I can definitely relate!!
@kkissums1175 Anos atrás
Love this! I sold my suburban home after my youngest moved out this spring. Used the equity to buy a small ranch in a adorable small town. Now mortgage free. I knew I couldn't afford my old home in retirement, no savings after raising my kids on my own. They kept raising the taxes in the city. Best choice ever, no more stress.
@fy4729 Anos atrás
You don’t have property taxes?
@terrylmiller8229 Anos atrás
She put so much effort into making this work for herself. Loved that she shared her process of designing her home. Thank you for sharing!
@jeanineh6006 Anos atrás
Wonderful home for you and your fur babies!! Love the house but the use of the outside area is fantastic! And the 10x10 shed is genius!! Love the freezer, shelves and the winter clothes space. Also the availability of a crafting area. Brilliant!!
@ThompsonSmith-xo5sd 5 meses atrás
Hello Jeanine How are you doing today?
@lizzieb6311 Anos atrás
You’re a survivor! Thank you for opening your home to us. I’m a divorced woman - 56 - planning to do what you have done and your video has been very helpful to me. I’m going to sell my home and free myself of the high property taxes and annual maintenance and upkeep of an older, larger home. Very inspiring! 🙏🏼♥️
@teafoster5643 Anos atrás
Best of luck on new beginings and memories.
@BK4of4 Anos atrás
Go For It!!!
@conniehowe5421 Anos atrás
Exactly ! Upkeep of a home is hard and taxes .
@WiseLady7 Anos atrás
Go for it, girl!
Going tiny was best decision for myself.
I so enjoyed watching your video. Really inspiring to see how you’ve integrated so many lovely details for storage, etc. and the stairwell is beautiful, adding such charm. And the deck is divine!
@heidiferring6926 Anos atrás
What a sweet heart she is. I love her tiny home! So nice for retirement 👏 less work, enjoy life. Great video. Thanks for sharing!
Congratulations for being successful in retirement! You have everything that makes you happy and obviously cared for children sacrificing your needs/wants for them, bravo to you, you deserve everything you have now!
@grammy3875 Anos atrás
This was a great video! I so enjoyed how you so easily talked about your tiny home and new life style! This has been one of the best I have seen! Many blessings! ⚘️
@susiebevacqua2555 Anos atrás
She is wonderful, her house and yard are great, she is happy and she and the pets are living a very nice life!! Congratulations ! Beautiful tour!!
@nmr6988 Anos atrás
I have seen probably a hundred different tiny home tours and designs and setups, and this is the best one by far. Her deck and the paver stones and gravel to keep the dirt down is absolutely brilliant. I am so proud of this lady and I thank her so much for sharing this because there are many of us older ladies who really do not have much of a retirement fund to rely on. Well done!
@euchrideucrow1970 Anos atrás
A REAL staircase! And a solution to the making-the-bed issue. Just brilliant. A delightful home for a wonderful (and inventive) lady. ❤️
@MM-ri4mj 8 meses atrás
I'm very impressed with the layout of your home. I thought I wouldn't be a good fit for a tiny house but after watching this I have a change of mind. Thank you Ma'am. ❤️❤️
@cjtn1746 Anos atrás
First tiny I've seen with a separate essential! Also well done color choices with the cabinets and tiles in the kitchen.
@Protesto2012 Anos atrás
Love the tiny home and she is very fortunate to have so much outdoor space. That is a great destination! Thank you!
@deeb1636 Anos atrás
I really enjoyed this video! I’m still working now but in her same position. I raised 2 children on my own after my divorce and didn’t receive child support despite being court involved for years. I have also remained single and I still don’t have extra money to contribute to a 401k. I really love this home, it looks spacious and is beautiful!!
@mdaze9753 Anos atrás
I cannot believe she is 68?! She looks fabulous! I hope I am as agile when I am her age. So happy for her!
@scorpiomoon5671 Anos atrás
I was looking for this comment as I was thinking the same thing.
@rachelyates7713 Anos atrás
My mom is amazing!💜
@natnielsen8472 Anos atrás
@@rachelyates7713 She's a smart cookie! Looks like she has a smart daughter too! Make sure you spent lots of quality time together at her beautiful place! Her home is super - her back deck and outdoor living area relaxing and welcoming!
@@natnielsen8472 Not so smart .She rents the piece of ground the house is on .That does not sound secure to me .
@natnielsen8472 Anos atrás
@@anthonydowling3356 We don't know the details regarding the land she's on - you know what - she does! Like I said, she's a pretty sharp cookie so I believe she was smart enough to choose wisely!
@joshuataylor6087 Anos atrás
What a success story, she seems more happier and content than many traditional retirees.
@grumpyschnauzer Anos atrás
It’s so inspiring to see older generations thinking outside the box and taking risks. I’m in my 30s and really drawn to tiny living but just really terrified to pull the trigger.
Thank you for sharing your gorgeous home! I love when you say, "I have everything I need". Many in larger spaces cannot say that. Blessings to you!
@kayroosa609 Anos atrás
Love this tiny home and the red door is beautiful. You have decorated so beautiful and I really love your shed outside and the way you did your back yard. Enjoy your home.
@Star-qp5qd Anos atrás
Such a cute lovely home. I especially love that you have the shed for extra storage. Love the furbabies too 😃😘🐱😘🐶
@JamesB02 Anos atrás
Shes an inspiration for those who have been gainfully employed but jobs didn't offer any benefits. God bless her 🙏 ❤️
@johnswigler6512 Anos atrás
You have to start your own retirement if your employer doesn't offer any benefits. Don't rely on others.
@stevegarfi5812 Anos atrás
@@johnswigler6512 facts
@JamesB02 Anos atrás
@@johnswigler6512 just because a person has a job doesn't mean they have the means or capability to save any money. They may only make minimum wage a just a bit over. Thank God I don't/didn't rely on others. Take your two cents and put it here 🗑
@LaLadybug2011 Anos atrás
@@JamesB02, You're right James! Many of us made all the right choices in life but it still can end up being very hard. Maybe they missed the part where she spoke of raising her three small children alone. She mentioned not being able to contribute much because they were living hand to mouth. That's another way of saying paycheck to paycheck. I admire her-she worked hard, she raised her children alone-and she got it done. Bless her! She does have a retirement, its law enforcement so maybe through a state or if through a sheriffs department-a local government pension which usually don't pay out very much. But she's making it on her retirement because she sold her big home and paid cash for her Tiny Home. I wish her all the best and that she continues to have good health!
@JamesB02 Anos atrás
@@LaLadybug2011 thank you for understanding my point. Happy New Year 😁 God bless
@nanakarrots4325 Anos atrás
I really like your tiny home. You were able to design it to your needs and pets. I know that you enjoy it everyday with your pets. I have been watching tiny home videos for several years now. The shed was a great idea, also. It’s a blessing to be financially free and enjoying your retirement life. Enjoy a healthy and peaceful life. Take care and many blessings.
@sylviekins Anos atrás
It is great to have that fenced yard! What an inspiring lady, and the dog and cat are extra special❤️
@blacklatin11 Anos atrás
I love her inside and outside. Beautiful story. As the cost of living is becoming ungodly and a Gov that is becoming a Tyrant...going offgrid and/or a tiny home is sounding more pleasant for me. Amazing channel on BRvid.
Wow so impressive. Truly lovely place. It seems so cozy and well organized. Sharing with us about the shed was so real. It was a great solution for items that you still really need. Your animals live well! Thank you for sharing.
@Izatin97 11 meses atrás
I love this tiny home and it's such a good idea to have a shed especially when you have a tiny home. So much more space to put your things. Good on her for living her best life now and not allowing anyone to hold her back from this.
@MsSarahJam Anos atrás
The large freezer in your shed is a great idea. It frees up space in your home and allows you to batch cook and freeze the meals. Excellent!
@eckankar7756 Anos atrás
I have a chest freezer, it's so handy to pack full of sale items and save trips to the store.
@tamtam777 Anos atrás
excellent idea...
I think this has got to be THE most welcoming tiny home I've seen by far. She has made it so cozy and airy! Also, I do believe she's also found the fountain of youth! I hope I look like her at 68! ❤️
@traceyzvirblis4909 8 meses atrás
Wow…this home & property is spectacular! Best I’ve seen yet. Thank you for sharing your story Hilary.
@SPohl-zy4rz Anos atrás
Beautiful. This woman has really thought things through. Very much like her outdoor layout and thoughtfulness regarding her pets. Kudos!
@a.alonso2457 Anos atrás
Your home is lovely ! I plan to downsize soon ( I am also retired ). There are many decorations, paintings, etc. that I LOVE in my home and dont know how to let them go but your idea of taking pictures of them I thought was great ! Enjoy your lovely home, your fur babies, and your retirement !
The storage and the yard makes the difference for this tiny house. I have seen many videos on tiny houses. This is by far the key to survival in a tiny house.
@katiemartell6520 Anos atrás
Hilary, I have looked at a lot of videos of tiny homes over the past few years but I think your home “knocks it out of the park!”: it’s cozy, has room for everything, takes into account your pets needs, is in a beautiful location. Your property, decor and shed are first class. Well done, Hilary. You have a lot to be proud of. Is your dog an Australian Cattle Dog/Blue Heeler?
I agree, and I've looked at maybe 75 small home videos over the past year. All of them were missing something. But these tiny house tours, 3 so far including this one, were stunning and close to ideal Check our Tiny House Tours Georgia The Hermitage, two guys in a stunning property, and the Texas woman in her orange recliner--two great examples of how you can customize to get your ideal space, while using some of the same tricks and ideas as others.
@edlane1883 Anos atrás
I agree! This is by far my favorite so far! I’m 60 and in the same boat. Starting the purge and selling off all my extra stuff so that I can downsize!
@karynkay328 Anos atrás
Yes her dog is an ACD good guard dogs too!!!
@zookeeper6799 Anos atrás
I feel like I am watching myself! I can definitely identify with her. The layout is so cozy and functional, and properly caters to the cat lmao! The yard, deck and layout of the thow just work. Simpler is better. And who doesn’t need a shed?
@merryhill4790 8 meses atrás
You have a wonderful home and outdoor space, so glad for you to be able to enjoy your retirement, you worked hard and deserve piece and contentment. Thanks for sharing your lovely home.
@susanbowers247 Anos atrás
I absolutely love this design. I am 70, so having a handrail would be a must for me. I love fresh vegetables, so may have made room for a small veggie garden or even a small greenhouse (critter proof).
@ThompsonSmith-xo5sd 5 meses atrás
Hello Susan How are you doing today?
@paulab.5154 Anos atrás
One of the nicest tiny homes I’ve seen yet! I love the backyard oasis and shed! Everything is so warm and cozy!
@CreoleSpirit1800 Anos atrás
This a perfect tiny house and tiny house tour. She is smart and positive...she really made her dreams happen. I loved that she’ has lived there 3 years! Yes this lady knows what she’s doing! Excellent video!
@Toobielove Anos atrás
I have great respect for this woman. Down to Earth and an inspiration!
@sharonmoore5562 Anos atrás
Love the set-up and the organization! Beautiful home.
@ThompsonSmith-xo5sd 5 meses atrás
Hello Sharon How are you doing today?
@janice4258 Anos atrás
She truly is blessed. A beautiful home. Just the right amount of space and her critters for company and good mental health. I am working toward the same goal. Letting go of 56 years of stuff is a real challenge. One room at a time. A storage shed could house my hobbies. Thank you for giving me more good ideas.
@marthabradas8873 8 meses atrás
This is such a perfect lovely home. The shed, the yard, fencing, the deck, ALL AMAZING! Great job !!! I love all of it.
@ThompsonSmith-xo5sd 5 meses atrás
Hello Martha How are you doing today?
I love your tiny home! So cute and well-organized!
@pamelastevens8136 8 meses atrás
My absolute exact tiny home dream home. Great yard and a shed as well! Thanks for helping inspire me!
Such a nice, nice tiny home! The set is great with the shed and yard space, not to mention that sweet deck! So happy she made her retirement work! ❤️
@HJones-pi5bs 8 meses atrás
I love both her tiny house and her outdoor space! What an amazing investment! Well done!
@carmell51 Anos atrás
All the big houses we have and things all of a sudden don't look good when you are 70. You have no way of understanding this unless you listen to others. If you are fifty and your kids are gone start this process! You will be so glad you did. Your insight into things Hillary with a plan of action is awesome. I.e. the pictures and memories! So helpful.I understand about children who have not understood how to appreciate what you did in their life. I have had to leave that in God's too!
@janemccoy4757 Anos atrás
Very well presented! Love your home and the accommodations for your pets! Consider providing consultant services for tiny home builders!
@joangagne7578 6 meses atrás
She sounded so surprised that she liked everything chosen for the kitchen becuz she wasn't sure what she was doing. This savy lady knows exactly what she likes & that's why it turned out great. Sure of herself. Wish I was more like that. Thank u so much for sharing.
@raquelalcaraz1457 6 meses atrás
She is so organized! I admire her!!!
@LaLadybug2011 Anos atrás
Love her home--and the outside area is fantastic! Did she mention the dimensions of her home? I wish the channel would always put the length x width x height in the description box of all their videos. Also siding type, roof type and would they change anything like add a couple more feet, lower a loft to have more head space in the sleeping area, etc. Good luck and happy living to this kind woman--she's earned it!
@lindahughes9207 Anos atrás
Really beautiful home, so well put together, love the space & your yard looks fantastic as well.
@ThompsonSmith-xo5sd 5 meses atrás
Hello Linda How are you doing today?
@jennifert2953 8 meses atrás
I’ve been divorced twice. Still raising two of four children at home. I love this. It gives me hope! Thank you!
Your home is absolutely stunning! it is cozy and warm but very efficient. I am completely enamored with it... Well done. All thought out and flows great. Enjoy it... you have earned it! Jennifer
@quanaaisha1273 Anos atrás
This is such a beautiful home. The outside is just as nice and inviting as the best inside . I love it. Doesn’t look like you’ve been there 3 years. What a lovely tiny home! You definitely have everything.
@mangafq8 Anos atrás
Absolutely spectacular! Love what you have done. Gorgeous home and yard. I vacillate between living in someplace like Portugal in a place where I can walk to everything AND then I see this and it looks awesome. I'm 68, too, but still have a wonderful job where I'm living on the beach so no need to make any imminent changes -- although one day that will have to happen. Thank you for sharing your journey. I have to add that it is such a great feeling getting rid of everything. I had to sell everything when I realized I couldn't pay the rent AND the heat. I moved to a beautiful room in a big house so I didn't need furniture. I still needed to get rid of more stuff and brought 2 suitcases with me to Kuwait back in 2009. Of course, looking around this apartment here in Kuwait, I'll have to get rid of it all again when the day comes to move. BUT I love being free of material things. Best feeling ever.
@pama.6410 Anos atrás
The outdoor space, fenced in yard and sizeable shed really make this place feel like a regular home. Seems like a great arrangement. Great job landscaping and thinking of what her animals needed. Would miss not having a bigger table, but glad it works for her.
@ynnej64 Anos atrás
What a beautiful space you have for yourself. I love the layout. Well done!
@marithag2319 Anos atrás
I'm impressed with all the outside work you did. The pavers are amazing! You are so neat and tidy...something you hardly ever achieve in a big house and yard. I've spent 20 years organizing, and it is always ongoing. This is a fine solution, and what a view! I spied that nice greenhouse on the seem to be around interesting people too. :D
@ThompsonSmith-xo5sd 5 meses atrás
Hello dear How are you doing?
@marithag2319 4 meses atrás
@@ThompsonSmith-xo5sd Doing great in this Hot Texas Heat. Sorry I didn't see this earlier.
@Robin-mm6mo Anos atrás
Absolutely gorgeous! I also love what she did with the pavers, gravel, and the patio to extend the living space. Brilliant! 👍
Love your home! And I love how you care for your animals too!
@ThompsonSmith-xo5sd 5 meses atrás
Hello dear How are you doing?
I've always been fascinated by tiny homes and yours is absolutely GORGEOUS!!! The only thing I may have an issue with the loft bedroom, not the size of the room, not the bed, but the low ceiling. I would be so afraid that I would wake up and hit my head on it, but I guess it's just a matter of getting use to! Beautiful and very tastefully decorated.
It is a lovely tiny home, and she presented it very well. I only wonder how well its design will work when she is in her late 70s and beyond. I hope to build my tiny home next year, but don't believe in lofts that require crawling in especially those you can't fully sit up in for any back or knee issues. The patio and deck are also great spaces.
@aspiring... Anos atrás
I was thinking the same thing. Kneeling won't be so great in a couple of years. Hopefully the downstairs can be converted/extended to make spake for a bed.
@Fishbabies Anos atrás
Elevator Bed! Problem solved! Bed up during the day, down for sleep. My friend is looking at one for her single-wide 1 bedroom so when she can no longer climb up to sleep in her loft, her bed comes down to her.
@acajudi100 Anos atrás
I love living in an apartment, and in a secure building, so I pay rent, but it is $850 less per month, and includes all utilities, wifi, and maid service. I order my groceries online for home delivery.
@jessicaromero2586 Anos atrás
@@acajudi100 that's not bad at all for everything
@MyMaxKitty Anos atrás
I love the little cat condo!! I'm putting that on my tiny house wish list.
You have thought of everything a person needs in a home. I like your setup. Congratulations on retirement 👏 Thanks for sharing 👍
@johanneperry3912 Anos atrás
I truly am SO HAPPY for this lovely lady!!!!!
@robynbohbot3709 Anos atrás
This home is beautiful and has all that a single person needs. The deck and yard are an added bonus.
Absolutely GORGEOUS home! And thank you for your service! 🙏🏻 💙🚔👮🏼‍♀️
This house is so cute and looks so charming. I don't think I could sleep in that bedroom though, the ceiling is too low for me. If I ever get a tiny house I would have to have a bedroom I could stand up in.
@DawnOldham Anos atrás
I’m younger than she is and already my knees would not be able to crawl around the bed. I would need a standing bedroom downstairs.
@fedoranahmens7096 Anos atrás
I couldn't either. I would need a standing up bedroom.
@62WILDCAT Anos atrás
Love a cozy higher bed. Moving my body keeps me flexible.
@@DawnOldham My knees and back would not be able to take it!
@jt1364 Anos atrás
@Connie Lott How do you know that? There are three windows and the one at the head of the bed could easily be an egress point. She probably has an emergency ladder just like any other multi level dwelling.
@ravenmaniac428 Anos atrás
Beautiful design, interior/exterior, and functional use of space! This video was particularly helpful because, I’m 65 and planning on living tiny with the same financial issues. Thanks for sharing!
@mijotwentyseven3935 8 meses atrás
Thank you for showing us around your beautiful and adorable tiny house. I love your pup, kitty and shed too!! God bless.
I love your home but especially your bedroom and deck!!! Kudos to you for living your dream!!! 💖
Beautiful tiny home. I love your outdoor space, it really makes a difference.
@lynseywise230 Anos atrás
This is a wonderful retirement plan and home!! I especially love her accommodations for the older pets. They bring joy and love!
@carriemoench3545 Anos atrás
Very nicely designed home for all amenities and comfort. Really like all the storage inside your home and of course the shed is an added bonus 😀!
@judil3294 Anos atrás
I was a bit stunned when you said what your mortgage was. How does anyone manage any more? I'm 70 and just retired. If I was on my own, your home would be perfect. About 6 years ago my husband and I knew we wouldn't be able to handle a mortgage as he retired and consider ourselves so blessed to have found a foreclosure that we bought outright after selling our home. It needed work but my husband has built us several homes over the years and like you we have wild animals for neighbors. Totally love the changes you made, especially to the stair treads.
@lauragb3677 Anos atrás
Beautiful home and see seems very happy. She retired from law enforcement, so I assume she has a pension, which actually puts her way ahead of people that only have 401k’s. She’s in great shape for enjoying retirement and even with the possibility of having to go into a care facility later in life.
@ThompsonSmith-xo5sd 5 meses atrás
Hello Laura How are you doing today?
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