Her Beautiful 399 Sq Ft Tiny Home Offers Tech Employee the Life & Freedom She Loves

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13 Jan 2022



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Katie Martell
Katie Martell Anos atrás
This is one of the prettiest, most well laid out tiny homes I’ve ever seen. Great job, homeowner!
Swankk0cean 4 dias atrás
Yes I love it! I’m not sure if I missed it but did they mention the builder?
Karen Rothery
Karen Rothery 9 meses atrás
I totally agree. I love all of it. If Iwere to live in this beautiful home, the only modification I need is to lift the roof line of the sleeping loft. I wish the price were known. ,
Jenevia Blanks
Jenevia Blanks 9 meses atrás
I agree! This is one of the most beautiful, functional, organized, well laid out and cleanest tiny homes I have seen. Good for you, homeowner to be able to do what you value most out of life while doing your part of being sustainable.
Kandi Blick
Kandi Blick Anos atrás
This is the first "Tiny" I could actually see myself living in. I 💖 all of the art and how you use it to divide/hide/make interesting your space. Absolutely love it!
Monica Silvs
Monica Silvs 11 meses atrás
Lovely tiny house. So much space. Congrats 🎉.
ImVGodsgift 11 meses atrás
Right!!! It's so beautiful and roomy
Edina Gaspar
Edina Gaspar Anos atrás
Same here, except the bedroom, I have claustrophobia so I would need some higher ceiling but great house!
Rita Broils
Rita Broils Anos atrás
I love the layout and all the space she, especially how wide it is.
voula Fratzeskou
voula Fratzeskou Anos atrás
Είναι τέλειο ευχαρίστως εμένα αλλά ολλα ωραία που δείχνετε.
Nancy Schaeffer
Nancy Schaeffer Anos atrás
I like it. But since im.older inwoukd need the bedroom so.i could stand up inso.i would need.the.tope.tobe an.a could stand. ,otherwise .I think.its.fantastic
Orchid Life
Orchid Life Anos atrás
Love seeing smart, savvy women living their best lives. Outstanding use of space-simply beautiful!
Rosemary Doran
Rosemary Doran Anos atrás
Beautiful home! Having a bedroom in the main floor would be great for me being disabled. I could just switch and use the loft as a guest room. All the personal touches make it very homey. The porch/patio is so welcoming. I would just need a ramp and a runaround spot for my dogs.
Australia N.
Australia N. Mês atrás
Now this is a beautiful home
Caprina Thomas
Caprina Thomas Anos atrás
I'm totally obsessed with watching tiny homes and off the grid living etc! 🙌 Love it Iris 🌹
Dee D
Dee D 9 meses atrás
Me too
Caprina Thomas
Caprina Thomas Anos atrás
@Marion Mathis I live in California
Marion Mathis
Marion Mathis Anos atrás
Where is your home located
Pamela Wilcox
Pamela Wilcox Anos atrás
Me also
Luz Maldonado
Luz Maldonado Anos atrás
Me too.
Kimberlynn’s HERE!
Wonderful home ! And a proper living room not a couch opposite the sink like most small homes! Thank you for sharing with us 😊
Lenora Peoples
Lenora Peoples Anos atrás
This is one of the best tiny homes I've seen. I could see myself in this one. Thanks for sharing.
La Vern Ann Mowatt
La Vern Ann Mowatt Anos atrás
Gorgeous tiny home. Beautiful decor and very versatile
Irene Low
Irene Low Anos atrás
I love the size of this house. This “tiny” house is not so tiny but I see she did have a smaller kitchen for a bigger lounge area. Love it.
Redheaded Gypsy
Redheaded Gypsy Anos atrás
Wow, my 3 "must haves" - fireplace, wooden floors, front porch!!! Love everything about this. You lucked out chica- it's a beautiful, cozy HOME. Thanks for sharing.
B.L Ward
B.L Ward Anos atrás
Lol, okay...I didn't expect to like that place as much as I did, but the amount of natural light she gets is very appealing and the exterior is just as nice as the interior, which she decorated very well. All that before being stunned by the office space and bathroom, that's not to mention how big a fan I am of the wood floors and ceiling accents. Very nice, thanks for posting.
Christopher Mcgrail
I love how she decorated the tiny home. Her style and multi use of furniture! Love it!! Very impressive!
Michelle K
Michelle K Anos atrás
I love absolutely everything about this home. It's gorgeous!
Larry Bill
Larry Bill Anos atrás
Hello Michelle how are you doing!!
Annie Malloy
Annie Malloy Anos atrás
Your eye for art placement on your walls, is unique and beautiful - I especially love the large ones hanging low! Gorgeous home!!
Bev True
Bev True Anos atrás
Your home is absolutely gorgeous. As you said, not at all tiny. Perfectly "normal". You have a ton of art, amazing you have room for it all.
Sadiee Bongo
Sadiee Bongo 11 meses atrás
Who is the builder where are they located??? Love the bedroom downstairs. Everything is perfect for me. May I ask the price??? What is not to love??? Oh the ceiling upstairs but a spacious room wow!!!
Kanesha P.
Kanesha P. Anos atrás
I agree! Most tiny homes I've seen lack wall space since they try to cram 100 windows onto it.
Holly Anos atrás
What a lovely woman. She’s done a fantastic job and making the space her own.
LovingAtlanta Anos atrás
👍Such a delightful person. I love the layout of her tiny AND all of the unique custom pieces that she has found to incorporate!!! I love some of the art pieces she has placed as well. Thanks for sharing. 🙏💝
Thomas63r2 Anos atrás
I've always thought that the 399 sq. ft. park model homes are the most realistic tiny homes. They are too small for my needs, but I watch these videos for design ideas.
CallOut Films / Calling Out Community
This is the most beautiful tiny home I've ever seen, and it actually made me cry. I've always wanted to get one, but there were always downfalls that I can see. This has smashed every single one of those question marks. Her last line of "NOT keeping up with the Joneses" was the most profound thing I've heard all year thus far. Amazing.
Graeme L
Graeme L Anos atrás
The Wow Factor ! Yes, indeed a spacious living room that looks and makes a home!! How refreshing and Well done! 11/10~~~~Stunning!! Vert rare to see as soooo many of these tiny homes have a park bench or shoebox for a loungeroom...This lady knows what she is doing! This is perfect....!!... Cheers G
Niamh Anos atrás
What a beautiful home! I also love the energy of this woman and how this house is actually in some sort of community with an organic farm nearby, I'd love to live like that someday♥
KB Anos atrás
I LOVE your home!! Thank you for sharing. I really like the extra room on the main floor and also that it's wider than a usual tiny house. PS we have that exact fireplace and it took FOREVER to put it together!! LOL I think the instructions said 2-4 hrs NOPE it was a good 8-10!! haha
raquel costa
raquel costa 10 meses atrás
@KB love your tiny! What are the dimensions of it?
KB Anos atrás
@Kim Price aww thanks, you're sweet. I bought it back in 2018 from Wayfair. I got it on clearance for $1000 CAD. They no longer carry it. We will be selling our house next year and it will be included in the sale as it makes the living room look so much better. :) Overall I've been super happy with it. :)
Kim Price
Kim Price Anos atrás
Love it. You have a great personality. May I ask where the fireplace with bookcases was purchased and how much?
Trudy's English Victorian Home Decor
Absolutely well laid out! So happy to see that you got your fireplace, bookcases and a full couch in a small space! Truly inspiring! We are moving into a 400 sq ft Condo in the Summer. This gets my "Creative Juices flowing". Thanks for sharing! ☺️☺️☺️☺️
Arseny Turin
Arseny Turin Anos atrás
I've seen dozens of tiny homes in the last few months and this one is my #1 favorite. So spacious, beautifully designed, the outside deck is stunning.
Elaine Tsialafos
Elaine Tsialafos Anos atrás
Love this home very much except for the sloping upstairs bedroom ceiling. Why couldn't it be made straight across?
You finally found Waldo
This is one of the most favorable set ups for my preferences. It’s surprising how much individual needs/priorities differ person to person. The murphy table is so rad. I love love the closet downstairs in the office. Just because I’m chronically ill with many illnesses, I’d probably open up the interior wall next to the front door for shoe shelves as insulation there isn’t super needed, even in cold climates. And because of PTSD, if I had a dream tiny, I’d have a locked door for entering my bedroom. I’d have to figure out how find a lock that wouldn’t accidentally lock me out lol It’s really unusual to find a tiny with space for a tv to be fully visible while working in the home but that’s be my only other change for the perfect tiny for me I think.
Sue Hale
Sue Hale Anos atrás
Gorgeous "tiny" home. Very spacious and well thought out.
Kate and Co
Kate and Co Anos atrás
I would move the bed against window for more headroom but its such a cozy beautiful tiny!
Corrine Bruning
Corrine Bruning Anos atrás
I really love this home, but I really struggle when people dont talk about the cost of their tiny. Hearing about costs helps me to more realistically plan for what is a good fit for me.
Corrine Bruning
Corrine Bruning 9 meses atrás
@Hey Ho I watch a ton of tiny home videos as I'm researching and planning a build and I appreciate tours that say the price. @Living Big in a Tiny House always asks about price and yes, things change with pandemics, inflation, the economy in general, etc...but it is still super helpful and possible to answer that question, especially at the end of the build they should have a cost total.
Larry Bill
Larry Bill Anos atrás
Hello corrine how are you doing!!
Hey Ho
Hey Ho Anos atrás
Price is a topic they probably don't talk much about, especially at this time. It's going to be different depending on your location. These builders will tell you a build is going to cost 'x' amount, but at these times it'll change due to price changes from the economy, as well as the supply chain being broken. Best thing to do is to go to your builder of choice and check in with them. They'll also help with any changes you might want to the build, adding or subtracting. So giving prices doesn't really help much.
BonnieMac Anos atrás
Iris your tiny home is perfect, I especially love the bedroom and living room with the fire place and book shelves! 😍😍😍
Larry Bill
Larry Bill Anos atrás
Hello Bonnie how are you doing!!
Rebecca Parmeley
Rebecca Parmeley Anos atrás
I LOVE your tiny house!! From the front landscape to the loft! It’s beautifully decorated, built, furnished, and your art is lovely. Thank you for letting us see it. Now I want one.
Diane Whitley
Diane Whitley Anos atrás
I would love to know the name of your tiny home and who built it. All that good info. I want to have a tiny house built for me. Currently live in an RV with my greyhounds. Wouldn't mind something built just for me and my needs. You've done great! Best wishes!
Aysha Fareed
Aysha Fareed 10 meses atrás
@TheCuddlebun it's lovely.
Larry Bill
Larry Bill Anos atrás
Hello Diane how are you doing!!
TheCuddlebun Anos atrás
Her model or floor plan is called the Casa de Canto. It and others are located in Village Farm Tiny Home Community in East Austin, TX USA. Looks like a fantastic community. 🙂
J Deane
J Deane Anos atrás
Love all the room she has. Some tiny homes are just too small because there are some things I won't part with. Beautiful!
itz Sheena
itz Sheena 8 meses atrás
This is a beautiful, well thought out space. I love everything she has, especially the furniture and the plants. I couldn't live anywhere without plants. I could definitely see myself living in a space like this
XOXO 💋 K 10 meses atrás
This has to be the best tiny home I’ve come across by far. It has so much character with a modern feel. I love this!
Louisa Isthankful
Louisa Isthankful Anos atrás
The books! 😍 Lots of room for books! 🤩 I loved this tiny home from the first moment! Oh and that cute Ziggy zaggy book case!💜 Reading is fun🥳
Mildred Alexander
Mildred Alexander 10 meses atrás
This is just lovely! Great use of space and you have everything you need.
This is just perfect! Great design too!Thanks for the tour🙋🏻‍♀️. I really enjoyed it 🥰!
Jenny Fulcher
Jenny Fulcher Anos atrás
What a beautiful spacious "tiny" home! I love the spacious living room for entertaining, "Murphy" fold-down kitchen table/wine cellar, artwork, woodwork, office, etc. Jenny
J. Abildgaard
J. Abildgaard Anos atrás
I absolutely love this home and, could move in immediately 💕
Miss Mel
Miss Mel Anos atrás
Beautiful! What a blessing to have an organic garden on site!!
Marirose 11 meses atrás
Stunning home. Stunning, and I do mean stunning, art! Well done home. BTW, love all the room for books. I’d need that amount of book storage in a tiny home as well. Keep on keeping on #KOKO🌀✌🏼💙
GG 3 meses atrás
Wow!! This is a huge tiny home! I could definitely live there! So spacious! Her decorating style is gorgeous. And her outdoor living space is Heavenly. Great tour!😊👍
Paige Herrin
Paige Herrin Anos atrás
I really love this layout. I literally never cook so designing my tiny, I’m leaving out an oven all together. 2 storable countertop induction burners and a micro/convection oven is all I’m putting in. Also my fridge and freezer are just 2 deep drawers that go under the counter, no upright. I can’t believe the amount of space I’m recapturing.
Liz Schultz
Liz Schultz Mês atrás
@David Blancaneaux so agree! A 3 combo unit of air fryer, convection and microwave would be perfect for a Tiny.
David Blancaneaux
David Blancaneaux Anos atrás
And don't forget the AIR FRYER
Saelah Lobb
Saelah Lobb 9 meses atrás
It's beautiful! I absolutely love everything about your tiny home 💕
Tonya Williams
Tonya Williams Anos atrás
This is one of the nicest tiny homes I've seen so far. Love it!
Barbara Jane Belanger
A tiny home with an actual living space. Beautiful home.
Miss Char
Miss Char 6 meses atrás
Wow, she has all the same collections and wish lists I do so first time a tiny home layout fits it all. Books, art, fireplace, social area! ❤️
Elle B
Elle B Anos atrás
Great lady, Great home! Such a welcoming space and so much positive energy from the homeowner. Love it :-)
anyviolet Anos atrás
love the design love the furniture esp that signature grey piece -- WOW love your positive attitude (also a necessity for small space living) Great vid and thanks for sharing your hone
Dawna Morgan
Dawna Morgan Anos atrás
I love that mini mansion! It is so big! I think that I would be very happy in a 399 sqft size tiny house. It is more than double my travel trailer (which is to small for me). Thank you for sharing!
CrAZychicke Anos atrás
The books, records and art 😍. Love the space. Looks amazing! Perfect tiny.
Stephanie Pugh
Stephanie Pugh 5 meses atrás
This looks like such a spacious home! It's beautiful!
Electra Anos atrás
It's so beautiful!!!!! It's hard to believe it's tiny.. Love all the details 💞
Eternity Anos atrás
I love the artwork and décor. A very talented lady with a beautiful space. Off to manifest living in a beautiful tiny home.
Winnie Luthien Thye
Sooooo beautiful!!! LOVE this tiny. It's like a vacation chalet, only you get to live in it everyday!
Francine Rindlisbacher
Beautiful and functional, love everything about your tiny home!
Marte Mcclain
Marte Mcclain Anos atrás
Love this! You decorated this space perfectly. Makea me think about tiny home living .
Fearless Meadows
Wow!! What an ahmazing tiny home and patio. They've always capture my Interest at Home and Garden shows.💗
ImVGodsgift 11 meses atrás
Love, love, love her tiny home!!! That picture in her loft is beautiful!!!
T G Anos atrás
I love the space and decor! The books, the art, the bathroom, patio❤️.
Niki Nicole
Niki Nicole Anos atrás
It is soooo beautiful. I absolutely love it! I am starting to work from home this coming Monday, and are looking to venture out with my work in tow. I love the life and the home you have built. Enjoy the journey😀
Bonnie Anos atrás
Thanks for sharing your home with us all. It’s beautiful and one of my favorites!
Judy Land-O'Brien
Judy Land-O'Brien Anos atrás
Probably one of the best tiny homes I've ever seen! Thank you!
Shawn Anos atrás
So nice. Usually tiny homes look so cramped, her home looks "normal" with open space. Any word on the community? It looked to be a mobile home park with tiny homes scattered about. It looks and sounds like an Austin thing!
Nancy Annette
Nancy Annette Anos atrás
I love the design of her tiny home!
Julia Pernicka
Julia Pernicka Anos atrás
Beautiful tiny home. Very spacious. Love that there is room for all the beautiful artwork. Great outdoor living. I, personally, don’t want an upstairs bedroom for myself. As you get older, you hit the bathroom in the middle of the night too much. I would want my loft for storage/craft room/guest bedroom.
Christine D
Christine D 10 meses atrás
I think this is my favorite tiny home I have ever seen Great Job❤️
Pamela Peterson
Pamela Peterson Anos atrás
Great layout and functionality..Love all the light and the outdoor space is a huge bonus...also love the use of large photographs/artwork. Stairs instead of ladder is great. Nicely done!
Larry Bill
Larry Bill Anos atrás
Hello Pamela how are you doing!!
Lucia Contrino
Lucia Contrino Anos atrás
Love the home, it is beautiful! ❤️
Kim Price
Kim Price 9 meses atrás
I love how neat and tidy everything is. Staging is perfect.
rae klaassen
rae klaassen 7 dias atrás
I've been looking at tiny homes for years...this is my absolute favourite of them all! So beautiful...Thanks for sharing
Connie Liscio
Connie Liscio Anos atrás
I love your house! Love the high ceilings in your living room!
R R Anos atrás
This has been my all time favorite tiny house!
K A Anos atrás
Wow! Gorgeous. So spacious. I love the fireplace and the L shaped sofa. And that front patio, wrap around porch. Great home. Nothing tiny about it. Very cozy.
Lisa Gaither
Lisa Gaither Anos atrás
Love it!! Thank you for allowing us into your home.
Janetta Wallace
Janetta Wallace Anos atrás
I really love your inside decor arrangement. Very nicely laid out. It is really nicely built all around. Great job. Love bedroom space .
Steve Gordon
Steve Gordon Anos atrás
Your home looks beautiful and perfect to me! What a great design
Liz Schultz
Liz Schultz Mês atrás
Absolutely delightful and functional Tiny. I've lived in two Tinies here in Australia - 32 square metres (340 square feet) and 21 square metres (227 square feet), but this 400 square feet beauty really is super spacious! Obviously not within standard towing dimensions - I'd say 10' wide, but what an amazing difference it makes! Just means getting a permit and possibly a truck, depending on weight, to relocate, but I'd say you're not planning on moving any time soon! Loved that you didn't waste valuable living space on a big kitchen, but I'd have a smaller sink to give just a bit more free bench space, and I'm always happy to wash up by hand, so no dishwasher needed. I've never had a stove either - a double induction hotplate that stores away, plus a microwave/convection/air fryer combo - just perfect for Tiny living. Because I'm tall and with wonky knees, I'd never choose to live in a loft, so I'd swap the guest room for my bedroom. I've worked in accounting from home off and on over the years, and the drop-down dining table would make a great work space for me, esp with a pop-up screen support for the option to stand. I've been watching Tiny House videos for many years, and this is the first time I've commented, because the design, airiness and size are just so liveable, with space for comfy furniture, that lovely fireplace, and all your important personal things. Job well done Iris - love your Tiny!
Shari Armstrong
Shari Armstrong Anos atrás
A real living room with a real had me there. But I really love the whole home. Bathroom not so tiny, does everything you need it to do. I want the porch.
Lisa Hutchens
Lisa Hutchens Anos atrás
Loving the floor. You guys are such perfectionists, it's going to be stunning. I'm also looking forward to seeing the mosaic tile entry. Lisa
M Cuz
M Cuz 10 meses atrás
Love the layout of this home and how she is using the space. Love her mindset even more.
Jean Gustafson
Jean Gustafson 9 meses atrás
This is the best tiny home I’ve seen! Thank you for all of your creative ideas!
Diane Redd
Diane Redd Anos atrás
Absolutely love it. Just goes to show that we don't need all of the items that we accumulate.
Evelyn Barrow
Evelyn Barrow 9 meses atrás
A well designed home! Love it!,
Sandra Slate
Sandra Slate Anos atrás
The home is so beautiful! The layout is fantastic! I will definitely save this for inspiration!
Kimberly Anderson
Kimberly Anderson Anos atrás
The living room space is great. I love the full size furniture. Great job.
Mel Stark
Mel Stark 11 meses atrás
That is a GORGEOUS home! I’m sure you are thrilled with it. Congrats!
Joanne Beauchamp
Joanne Beauchamp Anos atrás
This is, by far, one of the nicest tiny homes I’ve seen in a long time!
Larry Bill
Larry Bill Anos atrás
Hello Joanne how are you doing!!
Rachel Alithia Suni
This is the best tiny house i've come across till now!! Love it❤️
JamesB02 Anos atrás
Really really nice tiny home 🏡 ☺️ may you always be happy there for as long as the good Lord allows you to live .
gare9485 Anos atrás
This house is so beautiful, love everything about it
Kathlene Wang
Kathlene Wang Anos atrás
Love the layout of this home. So often ppl put the entry right in the living room. Lining it up wth the kitchen is perfect. Love ur home.
Tracee Wales
Tracee Wales Anos atrás
I love your reasons for your tiny home. I agree 100% It looks perfect for your needs. Enjoy your travels and home life. 🥰
Christina Gonzalez
Christina Gonzalez Anos atrás
Your decorations are so beautiful!!! Looks so nice & spacious!!! 🌻🌻
Faith Williams
Faith Williams Anos atrás
Gorgeous! This might be the best one I have seen. I love how you found a way to have ample seating and all of your books! I wish they would make tiny homes taller, though so that the bedroom would be an actual room. Can they not do that?
Liz Schultz
Liz Schultz Mês atrás
Tiny Homes on wheels have a max legal height of 13'6" because of travelling under bridges and overhead wires, but more space could be achieved with a flat roof. There's also a max width of 8' 6" if you want to travel without a permit. This Tiny is clearly much wider, which makes it so much more spacious, but a permit and hazard lights/vehicles would be needed, plus depending on the weight, perhaps a truck to tow it if ever it were to be moved to another location.
Summer Kwai
Summer Kwai Anos atrás
Where are you located? Are there lots available to rent or owner? I love that you live next to an organic farm & can pick up fresh produce whenever needed. I am looking for a place to live tiny. Thank you for your video & the tour of your absolutely beautiful home.
Bess9779 10 meses atrás
Girl!!!! Finally, a Tiny House set up for wall art. Usually, there are windows everywhere and no adequate art space. I appreciate and identify with the need for art in the home. Thanks!
linedezainde Anos atrás
Thank you for sharing your home with us! This is very inspiring!
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