Her Adorable DIY Tiny Home for Retirement - Divorce To Living Simple 

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Meet Allyson. She's a driven woman determined to make her retirement the best it could be for her and her dog Tucker. She took it into her own hands and built this adorable tiny home from the ground up, only using assistance when needed. She chose a smaller bathroom and a quaint sleeping loft to ensure maximum living space in the central area.
In the main portion, she has a couch directly across from a large bookshelf holding over 150 books she intends to read through during retirement. Her favorite pieces of furniture are a funky red leather chair that converts into several different positions, and a dining table made up of recycled broken glass bottles. The french doors lead out to a cozy sitting area next to her fresh garden, where she hosts many nights of eating, drinking, and thoroughly enjoys her new chapter in life.
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Shot by: @theaveragebrad
Edited by: @filmbro_
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16 Set 2021



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Andre Demers
Andre Demers 2 anos atrás
Wow! what a great amount of courage it must have taken you to build this project, You succeeded and I'm happy for you. Great work!! Dominique ;-)
Alberto Aguilar
Alberto Aguilar 2 anos atrás
I'm also sure , it's part by the marriage they had for yrs. And both benefited from. The truth will always be their own.
Sophia Joyce Ferry
Sophia Joyce Ferry 2 anos atrás
Like Sophia Ferry.
Rosalba Rosati
Rosalba Rosati 2 anos atrás
Where for rent? I like it’s very nice😢
Rosalba Rosati
Rosalba Rosati 2 anos atrás
I wont ❤️
Allyson 2 anos atrás
thank you for your kind words, Dominique! I'm happy for me too!
soja kia
soja kia Mês atrás
I'm 54 and my wife and I are VERY worried about our future, gas and food prices rising daily. We have had our savings dwindle with the cost of living into the stratosphere, and we are finding it impossible to replace them. We can get by, but can't seem to get ahead. My condolences to anyone retiring in this crisis, 30 years nonstop just for a crooked system to take all you worked for.
Laara Archers
Laara Archers Anos atrás
I just adore this woman. She has a great way about her. And she learned how to create the life she wanted. So beautiful and inspiring ❤
JW Suicides
JW Suicides 6 meses atrás
I know. I wanted to pop round for a cup of tea.
Sally Frenette
Sally Frenette Anos atrás
I LOVE how she repurposed so many great things especially the French doors to create a semi enclosed porch. She should be very proud of her accomplishments.
l c
l c Anos atrás
As a 55 year old woman myself recently gone through a divorce I can relate to her on that level. She’s living her life in peace and enjoyment. You can tell. She is so intelligent too. Good luck to you. I wish you well.
David Sirkin
David Sirkin Anos atrás
My thought also.
Summerborn3591 Anos atrás
People that read a lot are usually quite intelligent, like her! She wanted it and she did it! Yahoo! I love it
Karyn Norris
Karyn Norris Anos atrás
I am 54 and just finalizing my divorce. I now live in a 300sf studio and love it.
Summerborn3591 Anos atrás
Tabula Rasa Oh, including yourself?
tree2200 Anos atrás
wish u well too :)
Gloria 12345
Gloria 12345 Anos atrás
Omg I love this lady! Her energies and vibes are so sincere and serene. She deserves the world and and really represents courage, positivity and happiness. 💙💙💙
Jai mama Eclipse
Jai mama Eclipse Anos atrás
I love her home. It’s beautiful and quaint. She really gives a lot of life lessons. Shows that people really don’t need much to be happy
Ricardo Moseley
Ricardo Moseley Anos atrás
Kai mama Eclipse ❤️🤗🧚🏽‍♂️💫 Absolutely. I do share Your Sentiment. ☀️😅😊☺️
Dana K.
Dana K. 2 anos atrás
This is the most real, down to earth, honest interview I've seen regarding tiny house living. Her home and garden are beautiful!
Anna 2 anos atrás
I love that she admitted he 2-in-1 washer/dryer wasn’t something that was working for her and that she was “broke” and couldn’t get the chrome hoop so she improvised with a hula hoop! I love hearing what hasn’t worked for people every bit as much as I love hearing what has worked!
Witness for Jesus
Witness for Jesus 2 anos atrás
How much did it cost? Monthly?
Witness for Jesus
Witness for Jesus 2 anos atrás
Outdoors looks beautiful, and your home is beautiful, like those floors too🥰
Witness for Jesus
Witness for Jesus 2 anos atrás
Like the French doors and that color pink
Donna Woodward
Donna Woodward 2 anos atrás
I so agree ❤️
Rosa McElroy
Rosa McElroy Anos atrás
I love this woman, her courage and "I can do it" attitude! Tiny baby steps in the answer to big projects and an amazing vision!
Blah de Blaaah
Blah de Blaaah Anos atrás
Her pride in her creativity and ingenuity is evident and inspiring. That shower curtain and tub solution was fantastic!
So In love
So In love Anos atrás
Love her decorating style & all the creative ways she re-purposed items too!
Steve Eaton
Steve Eaton Anos atrás
My 38 yr old single daughter decorates in "old school".
juyo token
juyo token Anos atrás
The thing with hula hoop is brilliant! 😯💛 She is bright and down to earth. Love her and wish her the best for retirement.
Sue Turner
Sue Turner Anos atrás
Your home has been so well thought out - it’s lovely. Not often do I comment but needed to let you know how wonderful your style and true space saving designs are.
Mobile 695762
Mobile 695762 2 anos atrás
Absolutely loved listening to her honest, clear, loving narrative. She sounds like such a lovely person. Hope she continues to lead a happy life!
Sue Bryant
Sue Bryant 2 anos atrás
Would love to live in one but how expensive is it I know u have to have land
Dawn Dixon
Dawn Dixon 2 anos atrás
@Sue Bryant If you have friends that have land. You can rent a space from them. Among other options. Ellison said she would love for people to reach out to her. She loves the tiny house movement. And would gladly answer any questions. She has some really good contact information. Covering a lot of different things for the tiny house movement. In the drop down description.
Kerry Petruzello
Kerry Petruzello Anos atrás
Good luck to you and your sweet pup, your a lovely Lady, and enjoy the life you have built, congrats for having the courage, and you didn't listen to the naysayers, I hope I'm as content and happy that same age is coming soon to me, hopefully I can find my niche, still nervous, About it, but, you are an inspiration. Thank you for your video, and hope, continued peace, happiness, Health for you!! ☺️
Large Marge
Large Marge Anos atrás
Assuming gender?
Wendy Mathews
Wendy Mathews Anos atrás
This is incredible!! I admire her so much for taking on a project like this, and doing it well! I am 62, and I would love to have a tiny house, but thought maybe I’m too old to make a move like that!! But since I’ve been looking into tiny houses, I am seeing plenty of people my age and older who are making a change to this style of living. I am so encouraged!! Thank you Allyson for sharing your home with us. I have enjoyed this very much!!
Sherri Adler
Sherri Adler Anos atrás
You can do it!
Ursala Outrageous
Ursala Outrageous Anos atrás
What an amazing lady. Her talent, determination and personality is inspiring. Her home is delightful.
By Way Of Ct
By Way Of Ct Anos atrás
I love her. So real, smart and down to earth. Cute dog too. I'm in my 50s and would love to do this. Thank you for showing her journey. 😊
Donna Allgaier-Lamberti
I'm age 72, studying tiny homes and I watch EVERY retirement type home video I can find. I just need room for my dog and my plants! Inspiring to see how these seniors are living sustainably!
IT stuff
IT stuff 9 meses atrás
What a charming lady ! Her tiny house is very cosy. I wish her a happy retirement to come in her Daisy
Taz. 2 anos atrás
I like this lady, her spirit is beautiful and warm 🥰.She's absolutely right about letting ppl say what they want, but you do what you want. 👍
Girl, you are inspiring!! Your tiny home is lovely. I really like the doors everywhere and the woodworking. I love how you hung the beautiful french doors to help protect the patio area and provide a greenhouse effect. Brilliant.
H. A. Karow
H. A. Karow Anos atrás
I loved seeing your home with all your clever ideas put into action, listening to your thoughts on the home and other topics. Just wonderful... you, Tucker and Daisy surrounded by peacefulness.
Mandy Bentley
Mandy Bentley Anos atrás
She seems so sweet🌼 I love daisies, books, and sewing, so I think we would get along perfectly😊 Her tiny house is gorgeous🏡
Madcapp 11 meses atrás
She is an absolute genius with the hoola hoop and the doors encasing the porch! I wish our retirement age was 65. I hope she's able to retire like she wants!
Magillsgiggles Anos atrás
One of the most unique and lovely tiny homes I’ve seen. It must be so meaningful to know you’ve done this yourself. Inspirational!
Jennifer Cox
Jennifer Cox 2 anos atrás
I love this tiny house, it has so much color and personality. I love that she knew what she wanted and didn’t hear the naysayers and built this beautiful sanctuary for herself and Tucker ❤️
G. M.
G. M. 4 meses atrás
So restful and well organised! Edit: The ideas like the wheeled door and the hula hoop are sooooo innovative! 👌
Rosita Fresita
Rosita Fresita Anos atrás
Absolutely love her place so cute. I love how she colored coordinated everything to match and blend in together. I love her voice and her way of explaining things. Imagine her reading a book out loud at bedtime, I would go to sleep like a baby. She mentioned she has grown up kids and I must say they are lucky and blessed to have her. She is intelligent and very loving she will be one amazing grandma one day her grandchildren will love her so. God keep blessing this lady always🙏❤
JAY T Anos atrás
What a warm, kindhearted woman. I hope she continues to find the joy in her life with Daisy. ❤️
Felicia Sampson
Felicia Sampson 7 meses atrás
Love her creativity and ingenuity! She seems very chill, down to earth, and so inspiring!
Becky Cantrell
Becky Cantrell Anos atrás
Looks so cozy! Great job. Personally I think the mustard yellow stove would have gone great with the pops of red, blues and occasional greens already incorporated. What a great idea to use shelves on their sides for a couch!
West2East Anos atrás
I find this is a great inspiration to women, people of a mature age, people wanting to live financially independent and people on a budget (which are most people). So many possibilities here and a bigger home is more headache than its worth anyway.. GOOD FOR HER!
Creative Vee
Creative Vee Anos atrás
I’d move from my large home to this beauty any day of the week! It’s so cute and cozy!
GraceAnn Anos atrás
Amazing job. You are a person that can do alot. I like that.
Shari M
Shari M Anos atrás
Wow! What a beautiful home and garden with unbelievable ideas! Just love ‘Daisy’ the best home ever and Tucker 😻 just soooo cute! Well done Allison from Australia 🇦🇺
Pamela Mcgrath
Pamela Mcgrath Anos atrás
What a beautiful space! You can see how creative she is with all the unique touches. What a satisfying accomplishment. Thank you for sharing your dream with us. Many years of joy to you and Tucker.
Thompson Smith
Thompson Smith 2 meses atrás
Hello Pamela How are you doing today?
Mezza Moodlay
Mezza Moodlay Anos atrás
I love this lady, she’s just lovely and her home is just perfect. What an inspiration 😊
Nancy Fuhrmann
Nancy Fuhrmann Anos atrás
So impressive with her work and narrative about her home. She and her kids should be proud.
Kelly L
Kelly L Anos atrás
This has to be one of the most amazing tiny homes that I have seen. Not only is there room for so many things, you seem to have built on a budget! You seem so smart and I could listen to your voice all day. Thanks for sharing!
PDQ Anos atrás
I like her voice too. She could record audio books. 🙂
Ricardo Moseley
Ricardo Moseley 7 meses atrás
I agree with You. ❤
Susan Galea
Susan Galea 2 anos atrás
What a gentle and kind woman. She is inspirational and the whole notion of a shrunken environment in terms of reduced material needs and greater appreciation of nature is inspiring.
Tim Bradley
Tim Bradley 2 anos atrás
"There's a freedom the comes from owning only what you need." Right on. I wrote that truth down to remember always. Thank you. ~Kay B.
Elaine Tsialafos
Elaine Tsialafos Anos atrás
This is one beautiful, gracious lady. I'm so happy for her and Tucker and that she is happy. We women really go to the through so much in our lives. Sometimes it's so difficult to be really happy. I'm thrilled for her that she has found her happiness. Daisy is just fabulous and so are you girl! Love from Athens, Greece❤️
Margaret Zaharias
Margaret Zaharias 6 meses atrás
TOTALLY in love with Daisy! One of best videos I've seen. Comfy and classy. Love absolutely everything about it. And just love, love, love the owner💜💗
Jo B
Jo B Anos atrás
She was so honest about the process of moving into a tiny home etc. And sweet about offering to help give advice to others
Drey Medler
Drey Medler 5 meses atrás
Thank you so much for sharing Daisy with us. She is lovely. Best wishes for you and Tucker and many many happy years with Daisy.💜 24:04
Paula Brown
Paula Brown Anos atrás
You are amazing! I don’t usually watch tiny home videos, but yours popped up and I was interested from beginning to end. Well done on the planning and effort for this stage of life. Your experience with decor shines through. The comfort and pride you have in accomplishing all of this is well-earned. Bravo!
Thompson Smith
Thompson Smith 2 meses atrás
Hello Paula How are you doing today?
something dianne
something dianne Anos atrás
She looks like she's living her best life, in the home that's just perfect for her. What else could anybody ask for 🥰
Susan Hopins
Susan Hopins Anos atrás
How l am 68 on my own paying a lot of money a month how do you do it seriously it’s amazing get in touch you lucky bean many thanks great vodeo reeatvideo
Heather Brown
Heather Brown Anos atrás
Very true. If a tiny home or van or RV is your house and your comfortable then go for it
GiftSparks Anos atrás
I like the house because it is not TOO tiny. It still seems like a real house.
anon6116 Anos atrás
The home design is brilliant and love the stories behind her treasures.
Sioux 8 meses atrás
This retired lady endeared me to her daisy 🌼 tiny home. She and little Tucker are encouraging me to go tiny. Loved your cozy home. • You solved problems by doing it yourself. Examples: the bathroom door, hula hoop shower curtain rod, and your steps to the loft. • Love your comfy chair and that bookshelf next to it. It's a perfect place to set out plants 🪴. I like that you gathered nine windows before the build. You think ahead. I like your fenced-in yard nestled under the trees. Good thoughts + good actions = good results. My home is 888 sq ft, and I have too big of a kitchen and rarely use my dining room. However, I have a claw foot bathtub 🛀 with curtains for showers 🚿 that must go into my tiny house... although I have seen a separate bldg. for baths or showers, I liked that idea. • Also, I would like a bedroom downstairs and a loft bedroom for guests. Autumn is my favorite seaso , and green, gold, brown, and red are my colors. 🍁 Thank you 😊 for sharing your tiny home with all the viewers. THANK YOU 🌹 AGAIN.
L Wyatt
L Wyatt Anos atrás
This is amazing. I stumbled across this because I follow garden things, but this speaks to me. I have recently separated from my husband of 30 years and have been looking around at my space and thinking this is just too much for one person. You are absolutely an inspiration.
Cassandra Butterworth
Cassandra Butterworth 4 meses atrás
I absolutely adore your beautiful tiny home, Daisy! What a relaxing setting you have found for her! Fantastic! Just goes to show how happy you can be, even in the midst of big changes! Tucker is a total cutie pie, too!
Ro C
Ro C Anos atrás
An amazing tiny home and an amazing lady. Good luck to you and Tucker and the new chapter in your life. This was really inspiring. Instead of being bitter and putting yourself in a corner feeling defeated you chose to rise up, create and live life according to how you imagined it. Bravo!!! I wasn't even looking for this type of video it just popped up and I decided to watch it. I am so glad I did. God bless you and yours.
Noemi Solano
Noemi Solano 2 anos atrás
I loved when she said "building a tiny home is doable." Loved when she said "go for it." What a beautiful home, job well done!!! She's right, tiny home living provides people with freedom. Freedom of where people want to live and freedom from all the financial bills from either apartment renting or paying a mortgage, having a house. Such a beautiful cozy home!! ♥️
She has said she got a carpenter to help her and teach her how to do lots of this. I wonder how much that cost her? It surely was not free? I dearly want to to do this but doubt I will ever be able to afford it.
Chris hamill
Chris hamill 2 anos atrás
@EVANGELINE MUNYAN she said to contact her for any questions in how to go about this.
Tracey szostek
Tracey szostek Anos atrás
Looks like Paradise! So nice and cozy! Thank you for sharing your beautiful little home! ❤️
Trish Morton
Trish Morton 4 meses atrás
Beautiful, I hope the owner is really proud of this. I love how everything has a place and it still looks like a beautiful home.
Laura Swann
Laura Swann Anos atrás
This is lovely ❤ I am so glad this lady did not listen to those who doubted her. She knew that she is responsible for her own life and happiness and just went ahead and built her house. She has lots of storage and her dog is a cutie-pie❤
S M Anos atrás
Daisy is so cute and cozy!🥰 Her added bonus? TUCKER!🐶❤️😊 The owner is adorable as well!😊
Kay Waters
Kay Waters Anos atrás
I could sit and listen to her all day! So chilled and had me thinking what is more important? Having to much which comes with stress or living simple stress free living life!
LupieWarrior Italiano
LupieWarrior Italiano 2 anos atrás
I want to see a lot more tiny homes designed for retirees so they can stay in their homes and not assisted living. Would love tiny home retirement communities. I'm so glad YOU'RE happy with YOUR decision. It's your life, live it, and love it.
Gather, Create, Live with Leslie. H.
A retirement community of like minded people would be great. Have huge piece of property with a nice sized shed in the middle for community classes. Everyone having .10 or .20 of an acres to garden etc if they wanted too and space, so you don't feel like someones on top of you. It would also provide security so if you needed help. There is a guy in Texas that has something like it, but people only stay there short term to try it out.
Suzeee James
Suzeee James 2 anos atrás
Great idea!
Michaela Fuchs
Michaela Fuchs 2 anos atrás
@Gather, Create, Live with Leslie. H. Wow, i love that idea! Been dreaming about sustainable living in a community setting for a long time. Yes, a piece of land would be a good start.
Liz Summers: The Road Home
Another advantage ... I have a motorhome and was able to park it at a medical facility when a friend was undergoing treatment. I was able to be there and visit him when appropriate and he was able to be in the motorhome between treatments. At any rate, whether parking an rv or tiny on wheels at or near a medical facility ... or in my case, I want to continue living rurally as long as I am able (I am 66), but if I eventually need to be closer to people/medical, moving a tiny on wheels means staying "home" as long as possible.
Rosa Blevins
Rosa Blevins 2 anos atrás
I would like to know more about how much you spend just to build your tiny home, also do you own or rent the land, what are the requi permission? Do you have waste sewage system connected to outside sources? Thxs
How wonderful. That's why I love watching tiny home stories: they often have hidden messages of new and heartwarming beginnings.
jason maylebaux
jason maylebaux Anos atrás
Really well done tour of a beautiful home. Glad to see she and her doggy-mate are making the best of life's changes. Enjoyable and inspiring. Best wishes to you both.
Glynis Ellens
Glynis Ellens Anos atrás
What a pleasure to see your tiny home and experience your delight at everything you have accomplished. Congratulations!
Thompson Smith
Thompson Smith 2 meses atrás
Hello Ellen How are you doing today?
TakeTheRide Anos atrás
Super cute, Daisy and Tucker. Thank you for sharing your home with us. You've done an amazing job. It's beautiful. Enjoy your life. You are blessed.
HyggeJem 8 meses atrás
What a lovely home! I hope she has many happy years there with Daisy and Tucker.
Judith Ashenhurst
Judith Ashenhurst 2 anos atrás
Her statement “There’s a freedom in owning only what you need” is so very true. I have been dominated by my possessions for too many years of my life and I have finally learned that owning too many possessions controlled my life for too many years.
Carol George
Carol George 2 anos atrás
Yes I am downsizing things in my home
SO'BENZ 🚘 2 anos atrás
I agree...but where do you start eliminating and when to stop acquiring. Most people's excess has memories attached to them withe exception of the newly acquired. 😦
Illex 2 anos atrás
Maybe you. I have a lot of shit around my old farm house. I have kids, animals, hobbies. I need room for my herbals, canning jars, board games, books, knitting, computers, off-season clothes, tools for husband to fix things. Self-sufficiency never looks tidy or small to me. I got shit everywhere, but its clean, organized and we're never bored or needing help. I see tiny homes and imagine someone on the computer. If it forces you outside, what are you doing? Gathering harvest, herbs, chopping wood, etc all requires "stuff" and space.
Starlight✨ 2 anos atrás
Me too...😔
Marlene Gonzalez
Marlene Gonzalez 2 anos atrás
sally flavell
sally flavell 4 meses atrás
Love the way she has made things work for her and with such flair and inventiveness! Brilliant inspiring! Good on her🤙🦋
Foster the Imposter
Don't you just LOVE when people say what's NOT possible? It's almost like an extra little PUSH. ❤
Connie Feltman
Connie Feltman 6 meses atrás
Congratulations … on having Daisy and building her! Great job … 🌈🙏🏻🙏🏻❤️
Niebieski Ptak
Niebieski Ptak Anos atrás
Having hoola hoop in the bathroom is a great idea. So creative 🤩. The whole project is fantastic 🥰
Maribeth Allen
Maribeth Allen 4 meses atrás
What a fabulous home, porch, and garden; and so impressive that you did it on your own!
Patricia Simmon
Patricia Simmon 2 anos atrás
This is one of the best presentations of a tiny house I have seen. The owner giving the tour and explaining the reasons she decided on the design elements was interesting. Loved the outdoor garden. Thanks so much for sharing.
Thompson Smith
Thompson Smith 2 meses atrás
Hello Patricia How are you doing today?
thiskidd 4 meses atrás
Congratulations on your new home Daisy! She will be a lovely place to experience retirement with your sweet little dog. Enjoy!
Caroline 4 meses atrás
What a lovely home! ❤ I especially love the shower hoola hoop, the red chair for reading and napping, and the protected porch w French doors. ❤
YeshuasGirl Anos atrás
Lovely, homey tiny house! Well done! Very impressive. I love seeing books, too. :) And she sews, as well! So cool. I hope she has many years of peaceful enjoyment in her sweet home.
Kim Carr
Kim Carr Anos atrás
What a wonderful little home! It's very peaceful and cheerful! I love your garden too. You did such a fabulous job. I'm VERY impressed!
Patricia Keats
Patricia Keats 2 anos atrás
This lady is 15 years older me…makes me realize creativity and living your dream doesn’t have to have an age limit!! 💕
Hope Floats
Hope Floats Anos atrás
I love your home! and your story. Thank you for the inspirational seed. Also, you seem like such a wonderful person--wish there were more people with your character in current society.
GG 11 meses atrás
Wow!! I am so in awe of this lady's Daisy! The decor, the lovely garden, everything is amazing! The owner is so inventive! I adore her back porch! You can tell that she is very content there! Best wishes!! You're all set for your retirement!
suz ald
suz ald 4 meses atrás
This has been wonderful to watch. I'm very happy for you, creating your beautiful sanctuary there.
Nancy Gilbert
Nancy Gilbert Anos atrás
What a wonderful example for women as she made this beautiful home with her own hands and she has everything she needs!
Sheryn Lepine
Sheryn Lepine 6 meses atrás
Congratulations on your tiny home. What an inspiring story 👏
Cindy Miller
Cindy Miller 2 anos atrás
I hope you and Tucker have a great life in your "tiny home."
Carol Hieter
Carol Hieter 6 meses atrás
That hula hoop shower curtain holder is such a neat idea! Your tiny home is beautiful, & where you live looks so peaceful.
waitsfanatic1 Anos atrás
What a talented, lovely lady you are and your tiny home is delightful. Thank you for allowing us to come inside!
z. alvarez
z. alvarez Anos atrás
It is amazing that she was able to do this. Kudos to her.
Eleanor Aquitaine
Eleanor Aquitaine 6 meses atrás
I'm so happy for you. You have a lovely affordable home that meets all your needs for now and as you grow in it. Congratulations.
Nina Edison
Nina Edison Anos atrás
Wow! This looks like something I would love to do. My girls are both grown up and living their own lives. She would make a lovely neighbor. Good for her! 👊
Maritsa Appollis
Maritsa Appollis 2 anos atrás
What a lovely home! So warm and homey. Love all the creative ideas like the couch on turned shelves, the hoola hoop shower ring and so many little clever nooks for storage!! Well done and may you live many happy years in Daisy ❤️
Joanne 4 meses atrás
A lovely video! I really enjoyed hearing her story and seeing how she decorated her space.
M Munroe
M Munroe 4 meses atrás
Well done, Allyson! You've created a delightful, comfortable home packed full of ingenious solutions. Thank you for sharing. 👍
Lisa G. Blocker
Lisa G. Blocker 5 meses atrás
Wow! I'm fixing to do this exact same type of's just the best the more I see! I can't do stairs, so my situation is different on floor plans, but love how you refurbished a lot and learned how build it yourself! Love the semi enclosed front porch of doors...super cool!
MyrtletheTurtle Anos atrás
What a great, inspiring story! Really appreciate you sharing this! 💕
Cate Mistruzzi [Staff]
What a lovely story and tiny home! I would love to know more about how you found the location spot to park it. It looks so beautiful!
Lindsey Drummond
Lindsey Drummond 2 anos atrás
I’m so incredibly impressed by this woman! Such an inspiration!
Brenda Pendergraft
Brenda Pendergraft 8 meses atrás
I’m so proud of you for all you have accomplished for yourself & what a Beautiful Daisy! I send you many prayers of blessings to continue your true happiness ❤️ I’m 70 years old & still working full time job. I downsized & gave most everything I owned to goodwill and to help other’s. In the meantime I am living with my one & only sibling sister & husband but also looking to purchase a tiny home on my own 1/4 acre of land. 🥰. We don’t care what other’s think or say. It’s OUR LIFE not their’s!!!
Thompson Smith
Thompson Smith 2 meses atrás
Hello Brenda How are you doing today?
Ethel Marie
Ethel Marie Anos atrás
It’s a lovely home & looks so peaceful! Tucker’s a cutie! I hope your son or someone can help you upgrade your bathroom. I’m in an old house on pier/beams and have had to experience frozen , busted pipes. I was so happy when my bath was renovated. Wish you all the best!
Simple Essentials
Simple Essentials Anos atrás
Wonderful home and so aligned with her values ❤️
Tania Dolphy
Tania Dolphy Anos atrás
What a lovely home! I especially like the patio area. Such brilliant ideas you've used. Congratulations 🎊 👏.
Artist Anos atrás
Dominique, I am happy for you. Fantastic job in making your own home. Enjoy this for years to come.
Doreen Baros
Doreen Baros 2 anos atrás
I so enjoyed hearing about this woman and her tiny home living. She has such an openly sharing, warm personality and a calming demeanor about her. It was a pleasure to hear her story. Thank you for sharing. Plus! . . . what a lovely home with great foresight to think ahead for future retirement. I'm sure your future self will thank you.
veeziegirl 2 anos atrás
Well said Doreen!
Deborah Hearty
Deborah Hearty Anos atrás
Her home is just beautfiul, colorful,cheerful,and such a lovely person..👌🏼☺
Skygazer Anos atrás
Love it! I could happily live in this little home.
GrammaDeenie Anos atrás
I usually don't comment but I needed to say that you're an inspiration. I love your home, inside and out. Its awesome to see you different colors though out. Wonderful home and I hope you're proud of yourself.
GL G Anos atrás
Great place and it looks like she’s really happy. Something we should all aim for, I think. I’m happy for her that she has what she wants. I love the shower-I mean, that’s creative and it looks great!
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