Her Adorable DIY Tiny Home for Retirement - Divorce To Living Simple

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Meet Allyson. She's a driven woman determined to make her retirement the best it could be for her and her dog Tucker. She took it into her own hands and built this adorable tiny home from the ground up, only using assistance when needed. She chose a smaller bathroom and a quaint sleeping loft to ensure maximum living space in the central area.

In the main portion, she has a couch directly across from a large bookshelf holding over 150 books she intends to read through during retirement. Her favorite pieces of furniture are a funky red leather chair that converts into several different positions, and a dining table made up of recycled broken glass bottles. The french doors lead out to a cozy sitting area next to her fresh garden, where she hosts many nights of eating, drinking, and thoroughly enjoys her new chapter in life.

Her Instagram -
Her Email -
Shot by: @theaveragebrad
Edited by: @filmbro_

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16 Set 2021



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Comentários 5 759
Andre Demers
Andre Demers Anos atrás
Wow! what a great amount of courage it must have taken you to build this project, You succeeded and I'm happy for you. Great work!! Dominique ;-)
Jewel Primas
Jewel Primas Anos atrás
@Sophia Joyce Ferryand a un.
Jan Broderick
Jan Broderick Anos atrás
@Rosalba Rosati r
Never Too Late
Never Too Late Anos atrás
@Allyson love your tiny house! It’s beautiful and well done for all your hard work and drive. What square footage does that give you?
bburnsga Anos atrás
@Alberto Aguilar ???
pschilling Anos atrás
You were so interesting with your small house living. Happy Thanksgiving!
Dana K.
Dana K. Anos atrás
This is the most real, down to earth, honest interview I've seen regarding tiny house living. Her home and garden are beautiful!
Jeannie K
Jeannie K 8 meses atrás
I agree 🌼
jmarie1719 Anos atrás
Yes indeed…… I love 💕 her without even knowing her.
Gina Davis
Gina Davis Anos atrás
@Purselmer I have a friend who paid 40K cash for hers.
Gina Davis
Gina Davis Anos atrás
chithra ramaraju
chithra ramaraju Anos atrás
@Anna l
IT stuff
IT stuff Mês atrás
What a charming lady ! Her tiny house is very cosy. I wish her a happy retirement to come in her Daisy
West2East Anos atrás
I find this is a great inspiration to women, people of a mature age, people wanting to live financially independent and people on a budget (which are most people). So many possibilities here and a bigger home is more headache than its worth anyway.. GOOD FOR HER!
GraceAnn 11 meses atrás
Amazing job. You are a person that can do alot. I like that.
Creative Vee
Creative Vee Anos atrás
I’d move from my large home to this beauty any day of the week! It’s so cute and cozy!
Laara Archers
Laara Archers Anos atrás
I just adore this woman. She has a great way about her. And she learned how to create the life she wanted. So beautiful and inspiring ❤
l c
l c Anos atrás
As a 55 year old woman myself recently gone through a divorce I can relate to her on that level. She’s living her life in peace and enjoyment. You can tell. She is so intelligent too. Good luck to you. I wish you well.
tree2200 11 meses atrás
wish u well too :)
Cat Scanned
Cat Scanned Anos atrás
@Tabula Rasa Oh, including yourself?
Karyn Norris
Karyn Norris Anos atrás
I am 54 and just finalizing my divorce. I now live in a 300sf studio and love it.
Cat Scanned
Cat Scanned Anos atrás
People that read a lot are usually quite intelligent, like her! She wanted it and she did it! Yahoo! I love it
David Sirkin
David Sirkin Anos atrás
My thought also.
Jai mama Eclipse
Jai mama Eclipse Anos atrás
I love her home. It’s beautiful and quaint. She really gives a lot of life lessons. Shows that people really don’t need much to be happy
Ricardo Moseley
Ricardo Moseley 6 meses atrás
Kai mama Eclipse ❤️🤗🧚🏽‍♂️💫 Absolutely. I do share Your Sentiment. ☀️😅😊☺️
Sally Frenette
Sally Frenette Anos atrás
I LOVE how she repurposed so many great things especially the French doors to create a semi enclosed porch. She should be very proud of her accomplishments.
So In love
So In love Anos atrás
Love her decorating style & all the creative ways she re-purposed items too!
Steve Eaton
Steve Eaton Anos atrás
My 38 yr old single daughter decorates in "old school".
Rosa McElroy
Rosa McElroy Anos atrás
I love this woman, her courage and "I can do it" attitude! Tiny baby steps in the answer to big projects and an amazing vision!
Girl, you are inspiring!! Your tiny home is lovely. I really like the doors everywhere and the woodworking. I love how you hung the beautiful french doors to help protect the patio area and provide a greenhouse effect. Brilliant.
H. A. Karow
H. A. Karow Anos atrás
I loved seeing your home with all your clever ideas put into action, listening to your thoughts on the home and other topics. Just wonderful... you, Tucker and Daisy surrounded by peacefulness.
Wendy Mathews
Wendy Mathews Anos atrás
This is incredible!! I admire her so much for taking on a project like this, and doing it well! I am 62, and I would love to have a tiny house, but thought maybe I’m too old to make a move like that!! But since I’ve been looking into tiny houses, I am seeing plenty of people my age and older who are making a change to this style of living. I am so encouraged!! Thank you Allyson for sharing your home with us. I have enjoyed this very much!!
Sherri Adler
Sherri Adler 9 meses atrás
You can do it!
By Way Of Ct
By Way Of Ct Anos atrás
I love her. So real, smart and down to earth. Cute dog too. I'm in my 50s and would love to do this. Thank you for showing her journey. 😊
Mobile 695762
Mobile 695762 Anos atrás
Absolutely loved listening to her honest, clear, loving narrative. She sounds like such a lovely person. Hope she continues to lead a happy life!
Large Marge
Large Marge 4 meses atrás
Assuming gender?
Kerry Petruzello
Kerry Petruzello Anos atrás
Good luck to you and your sweet pup, your a lovely Lady, and enjoy the life you have built, congrats for having the courage, and you didn't listen to the naysayers, I hope I'm as content and happy that same age is coming soon to me, hopefully I can find my niche, still nervous, About it, but, you are an inspiration. Thank you for your video, and hope, continued peace, happiness, Health for you!! ☺️
Dawn Dixon
Dawn Dixon Anos atrás
@Sue Bryant If you have friends that have land. You can rent a space from them. Among other options. Ellison said she would love for people to reach out to her. She loves the tiny house movement. And would gladly answer any questions. She has some really good contact information. Covering a lot of different things for the tiny house movement. In the drop down description.
Sue Bryant
Sue Bryant Anos atrás
Would love to live in one but how expensive is it I know u have to have land
Holly Alsruhe
Holly Alsruhe Anos atrás
I love how you salvaged and repurposed so many things in your tiny home. It was a real treat to get a genuine look into your living spaces.
Mandy Bentley
Mandy Bentley Anos atrás
She seems so sweet🌼 I love daisies, books, and sewing, so I think we would get along perfectly😊 Her tiny house is gorgeous🏡
Kelly L
Kelly L Anos atrás
This has to be one of the most amazing tiny homes that I have seen. Not only is there room for so many things, you seem to have built on a budget! You seem so smart and I could listen to your voice all day. Thanks for sharing!
PDQ 6 meses atrás
I like her voice too. She could record audio books. 🙂
Sara C.
Sara C. Anos atrás
Allyson, I am so full of admiration for all you have achieved. Most of all, you have independence and security, which is what we all need, particularly in retirement years. I love the simplicity combined with many things that mean something to you, such as the mirror which was once a tray belonging to your parents. I also like your big collection of books. I have another ten years or so til I retire, but I have recently started looking at my bookcases and will aim to be a bit more ruthless than usual and pass on items to charity (thrift) shops. You show us that one can achieve a home that is compact but attractive and very comfortable, without extravagance or unneccessary belongings. I have a husband and daughter but too much "stuff" so I aspire to better appreciate what I have and pass on unneccessary things. Thanks for sharing your experience. Be well and happy.
Flora Fleur
Flora Fleur Anos atrás
If anything, this lady has reminded me of the basic rule in life, going back to the basics and the basic rule is we need the basic things to live. Retiring is an important phase in one's life. It can be a sad phase, but going back to the basic necessary things to live on, is everything we need, don't we? Thumbs up to this lady who's making her next move a smooth one while enjoying it.
Kat Praeuner
Kat Praeuner Anos atrás
I had to retire at 62, but with the changes I made, living on less than a $1k was doable. Not great, but I managed. This year I got a bump in Social security because my ex finally was eligable (he was younger than me). Now I really do feel very blessed, and quite confidant I can live on less if I ever needed to again.
Mango T
Mango T Anos atrás
All you need is something warm and safe and dry.
Rosita Fresita
Rosita Fresita 10 meses atrás
Absolutely love her place so cute. I love how she colored coordinated everything to match and blend in together. I love her voice and her way of explaining things. Imagine her reading a book out loud at bedtime, I would go to sleep like a baby. She mentioned she has grown up kids and I must say they are lucky and blessed to have her. She is intelligent and very loving she will be one amazing grandma one day her grandchildren will love her so. God keep blessing this lady always🙏❤
Magillsgiggles Anos atrás
One of the most unique and lovely tiny homes I’ve seen. It must be so meaningful to know you’ve done this yourself. Inspirational!
Sue Turner
Sue Turner Anos atrás
Your home has been so well thought out - it’s lovely. Not often do I comment but needed to let you know how wonderful your style and true space saving designs are.
Taz. Anos atrás
I like this lady, her spirit is beautiful and warm 🥰.She's absolutely right about letting ppl say what they want, but you do what you want. 👍
Becky Cantrell
Becky Cantrell Anos atrás
Looks so cozy! Great job. Personally I think the mustard yellow stove would have gone great with the pops of red, blues and occasional greens already incorporated. What a great idea to use shelves on their sides for a couch!
Shari M
Shari M Anos atrás
Wow! What a beautiful home and garden with unbelievable ideas! Just love ‘Daisy’ the best home ever and Tucker 😻 just soooo cute! Well done Allison from Australia 🇦🇺
Jeanine Prosser
Jeanine Prosser Anos atrás
Thank you so much for sharing this. Your generosity and authenticity and warmth come through, as well of course as all the super valuable information and experience you are sharing. 🙂
Michelle McGuire
Michelle McGuire Anos atrás
Alison, you and Daisy are both fabulous! You are living my dream retirement. So many great ideas for storage, decorating and living. Love, love, love everything about you and your tiny home :)
Gloria 12345
Gloria 12345 11 meses atrás
Omg I love this lady! Her energies and vibes are so sincere and serene. She deserves the world and and really represents courage, positivity and happiness. 💙💙💙
Paula Brown
Paula Brown Anos atrás
You are amazing! I don’t usually watch tiny home videos, but yours popped up and I was interested from beginning to end. Well done on the planning and effort for this stage of life. Your experience with decor shines through. The comfort and pride you have in accomplishing all of this is well-earned. Bravo!
anon6116 Anos atrás
The home design is brilliant and love the stories behind her treasures.
María Font
María Font Anos atrás
I am from Uruguay, 63 years old and live by myself with 5 dogs. And I feel, as you do, that my home is my sanctuary. Loved your home! 🇺🇾
something dianne
something dianne Anos atrás
She looks like she's living her best life, in the home that's just perfect for her. What else could anybody ask for 🥰
GiftSparks Anos atrás
I like the house because it is not TOO tiny. It still seems like a real house.
Heather Brown
Heather Brown Anos atrás
Very true. If a tiny home or van or RV is your house and your comfortable then go for it
Susan Hopins
Susan Hopins Anos atrás
How l am 68 on my own paying a lot of money a month how do you do it seriously it’s amazing get in touch you lucky bean many thanks great vodeo reeatvideo
Suzy Benz
Suzy Benz Anos atrás
I really love this idea, I often think about living in a tiny house. I see you’re in B.C, Canada too! 🇨🇦 Your home looks so warm and inviting😊
Blah de Blaaah
Blah de Blaaah 5 meses atrás
Her pride in her creativity and ingenuity is evident and inspiring. That shower curtain and tub solution was fantastic!
Hope Floats
Hope Floats Anos atrás
I love your home! and your story. Thank you for the inspirational seed. Also, you seem like such a wonderful person--wish there were more people with your character in current society.
Holly Nickleach
Holly Nickleach Anos atrás
Is there any footage of the initial build? Also cost if that's not too nosey. Above all YOU ARE A QUEEN! Such an inspiration 💚💚💚
Colette Chase
Colette Chase Anos atrás
You’re a treasure madame. Perhaps you would consider occasionally consulting for folks who want to venture into tiny homes after your retirement ? Your blend of moxie and pragmatism is inspirational and infectious! Plus I’d love to see you put that extra money into your toilet situation because… that’s your least favorite thing… Rooting for you!
MKFD 6 meses atrás
Well said, madam!!
Tina Blair
Tina Blair Anos atrás
@Blackhole6800 ty,,,exactly! I am 60 and I would not want to go empty a toilet. Sue Allen, good for you. I also do everything for myself. I just think she deserves a real toilet, that's all.
Illex Anos atrás
It's a shame. Many don't want to live in a tiny home. Fine for one person but not many. Kids wanna play on the stairs, gather around a kitchen table, have a Christmas tree, regularly have family (not just two friends) come visit and maybe sleep over. There's something awful about the tiny home movement I can't put my finger on. No disrespect intended.
Blackhole6800 Anos atrás
@Sue Allen I took “at her age” as she deserves a little pampering.
Sue Allen
Sue Allen Anos atrás
@Tina Blair why at her AGE? I'm 66 I'd like to know why that statement. I have my music bearing all day not because I'm deaf I like it loud, I do all my own painting, decorating, wallpapering and have just revamped my kitchen cupboards, wallpapered one wall and painted the rest. I recently painted my living room and glossed 7 doors. I do my own gardening and shopping so am a bit confused what a toilet has to do with age!!! Oh and I got divorded 9 years ago and live on my own
Pamela Mcgrath
Pamela Mcgrath Anos atrás
What a beautiful space! You can see how creative she is with all the unique touches. What a satisfying accomplishment. Thank you for sharing your dream with us. Many years of joy to you and Tucker.
3M's&1A Anos atrás
Kudos to her! For taking a woodworking class to learn how to build this amazing home on her own. Way to go 💪🏼
Large Marge
Large Marge 4 meses atrás
Assuming gender?
Glynis Ellens
Glynis Ellens Anos atrás
What a pleasure to see your tiny home and experience your delight at everything you have accomplished. Congratulations!
Heather Macintosh
Heather Macintosh Anos atrás
Such an inspiration! I love Daisy. Everything is so organized and perfectly stocked!
Susan Galea
Susan Galea Anos atrás
What a gentle and kind woman. She is inspirational and the whole notion of a shrunken environment in terms of reduced material needs and greater appreciation of nature is inspiring.
Tim Bradley
Tim Bradley Anos atrás
"There's a freedom the comes from owning only what you need." Right on. I wrote that truth down to remember always. Thank you. ~Kay B.
Missy360 Anos atrás
You've created such a beautiful home! Love the garden area :)
Jo B
Jo B Anos atrás
She was so honest about the process of moving into a tiny home etc. And sweet about offering to help give advice to others
Nic V-T
Nic V-T Anos atrás
Allyson speaks to many aspects of living worth considering in lead up to retiring, a wise woman indeed. Allyson, love, you are an inspiration! Love the British home decor accents!
Wendy Mookie
Wendy Mookie Anos atrás
Thank you for sharing your lovely tiny home 💚 You've got some great storage !!
LupieWarrior Italiano
I want to see a lot more tiny homes designed for retirees so they can stay in their homes and not assisted living. Would love tiny home retirement communities. I'm so glad YOU'RE happy with YOUR decision. It's your life, live it, and love it.
LaTonya Lee
LaTonya Lee Anos atrás
@Iris She stated she would move downstairs when she no longer felt it was safe and the upstairs would be nice for when her son/daughter/grandkids visit :)
Liberty Madison
Liberty Madison Anos atrás
A tiny house retirement community . If anyone knows one in Texas I’m in! My mom needs this! Heck I need this! If anyone interested to start one reach out
Barbara Pettry
Barbara Pettry Anos atrás
@Terri Foster From what I've seen, You can go any route with a tiny home. For You, perhaps the best would be a wider, one floor plan, plus a "chair incline" at front door. Wider aisles, wider shower, wider everywhere You would need for Your power chair, and that's doable.🙂
Abicat Anos atrás
@P G I live on a retirees Park Home complex. You do need to chose the site carefully but I have a good size plot, no neighbour behind me, most people love their gardens & 100% better than an apartment.
Wakeeta Rosser
Wakeeta Rosser Anos atrás
@Roxanne Gordon but this works for her so I’m confused about your comments. Tiny homes are built to your specifications and not everyone uses a loft. Do a little more research. What i heard was she loves it and it suits her lifestyle and finances.
Laura Harris
Laura Harris Anos atrás
You have made a lovely, lovely home. I'm so impressed by your pre-planning, and how it all turned out. Quality living. Your garden is so inviting, and your glass entrance exquisite. Wishing you happy and healthy living and retirement.
Valerie Pierce
Valerie Pierce 10 meses atrás
Thank you for sharing “Daisy “ your beautiful home! Everything you shared was very inspiring!
Nancy Anos atrás
Beautiful home 🏡 and garden! Like someone mentioned earlier, everything has a special meaning to her and she has made the best use of materials for her home. My best wishes for you, Tucker, and Daisy.
GG 4 meses atrás
Wow!! I am so in awe of this lady's Daisy! The decor, the lovely garden, everything is amazing! The owner is so inventive! I adore her back porch! You can tell that she is very content there! Best wishes!! You're all set for your retirement!
Noemi Solano
Noemi Solano Anos atrás
I loved when she said "building a tiny home is doable." Loved when she said "go for it." What a beautiful home, job well done!!! She's right, tiny home living provides people with freedom. Freedom of where people want to live and freedom from all the financial bills from either apartment renting or paying a mortgage, having a house. Such a beautiful cozy home!! ♥️
Chris hamill
Chris hamill Anos atrás
@EVANGELINE MUNYAN she said to contact her for any questions in how to go about this.
She has said she got a carpenter to help her and teach her how to do lots of this. I wonder how much that cost her? It surely was not free? I dearly want to to do this but doubt I will ever be able to afford it.
Kat Davis
Kat Davis Anos atrás
This is so inspirational. I’m single and of an age that I’m starting to think about this as an option since I like living simply. Great job!! It’s beautiful!
Felicia Sampson
Felicia Sampson 4 dias atrás
Love her creativity and ingenuity! She seems very chill, down to earth, and so inspiring!
Ann Bray
Ann Bray Anos atrás
Wow you should be so proud of yourself!! This is such a beautiful home you made for you & Tucker. You have amazing courage to do this. You secured a great future for yourself
bburnsga Anos atrás
You go, girl! I LOVE it!! And what a beautiful wooded site!! You are an inspiration -- thanks so much for sharing your lovely, practical home, & your adorable fur baby with us!!!
Liz Lorraine
Liz Lorraine Anos atrás
This is one of the most beautiful tiny homes, and I’ve been looking at them for years. I’m 74, and divorced, and downsized out of a home of 45 years to 314 sq ft InterShelter dome. I’m in the back yard of my daughters family, but living independently near grand children. This tiny house I love. I want your chair, lol!.I love your bright accent colors of pink, red, etc makes the place so homey and bright! Good luck to you, your courage led you to your happy place! ❤️
Cindy Coleman
Cindy Coleman Anos atrás
@10TOES I am wondering the same thing.
PoutineDream Anos atrás
@MyRosie2007 OUCH! I can see my daughter doing that shit 🤣, building a little place in the backyard that costs twice the value of my actual house. She's a stripper, working 2 or 3 nights a week, making way more than I ever made working for City government 🤣🤣🤣
MyRosie2007 Anos atrás
@PoutineDream More like $100,000.
10TOES Anos atrás
I too would love to have a red chair like hers, anyone who knows please let us know.
PoutineDream Anos atrás
I am wanting my daughter to build a little place in the back yard. She kinda wants to move. I desperately want her to stay. Do you think one could do something like this with like 10,000 dollars?
Ursala Outrageous
Ursala Outrageous Anos atrás
What an amazing lady. Her talent, determination and personality is inspiring. Her home is delightful.
Sonya Anos atrás
You are truly inspirational, your home looks so cosy and functional, I love it.
DKay Anos atrás
Absolutely delightful! Beautiful well planned :)
BATIRTZE URKIAGA 7 meses atrás
How wonderful. That's why I love watching tiny home stories: they often have hidden messages of new and heartwarming beginnings.
Laura Swann
Laura Swann Anos atrás
This is lovely ❤ I am so glad this lady did not listen to those who doubted her. She knew that she is responsible for her own life and happiness and just went ahead and built her house. She has lots of storage and her dog is a cutie-pie❤
A_ Wyssen
A_ Wyssen Anos atrás
This is absolutely amazing! What a beautiful home to live in.
jason maylebaux
jason maylebaux 7 meses atrás
Really well done tour of a beautiful home. Glad to see she and her doggy-mate are making the best of life's changes. Enjoyable and inspiring. Best wishes to you both.
Kathy KuhlKillaMom
Kathy KuhlKillaMom Anos atrás
This is my goal for retirement! I’d love to talk with you and see what your first steps were to creating your tiny home! My name is Kathy and I hope to hear from you!
Sherry Glass
Sherry Glass Anos atrás
Kathy, you'll have to keep us posted, too. Love to hear anyone's ideas on this subject. Best Wishes on getting your dreams, too!!!
Jane Gendreau
Jane Gendreau Anos atrás
Such an adorable home, and the fact that you accomplished most of this yourself is simply amazing!! Good for you and enjoy your retirement, Allyson & Tucker!! Thank you for a wonderful tour through your home...really enjoyed it!!! USA
Mathave Vadiveloo
Mathave Vadiveloo Anos atrás
Lll Ù
Charlie Ray
Charlie Ray Anos atrás
This is fantastic! You have everything you need in a lovely setting. You have really set yourself up for a wonderful retirement. Impressive!!
CharliBaltimore Anos atrás
A cozy, homey space. I love it! It's exactly what I have been wanting to do.
Leticia Tavares
Leticia Tavares Anos atrás
She is amazing! She built a beautiful house and she seems to have such a good, kind energy!
Annie Bédard
Annie Bédard Anos atrás
Wow! I love what you did with Daisy! It’s lovely! Efficient! Wonderful interview. It will help me get rid of stuff I don’t need. Enjoy your retirement! Keep on the wonderful spirit 🙏🏼
Maritsa Appollis
Maritsa Appollis Anos atrás
What a lovely home! So warm and homey. Love all the creative ideas like the couch on turned shelves, the hoola hoop shower ring and so many little clever nooks for storage!! Well done and may you live many happy years in Daisy ❤️
janebp Anos atrás
This is the first time I have liked a tiny home. It’s perfect. Well done and enjoy your retirement.
Sue Weiss
Sue Weiss Anos atrás
Bravo! So inspirational. May you, Tucker and Daisy enjoy many years of happy, tiny home living.
cheri sapp
cheri sapp Anos atrás
Beautiful tiny “Daisy”-bravo-great job! 😊❤️
Sarah S
Sarah S Anos atrás
Many happy years with Daisy! What a smart decision for retirement. Who needs all that stuff and stuff and space is overrated as we age.
kascension Anos atrás
I FEEL this woman's life on so many levels. Even though she speaks softly nd appears laid back i could see her power shining through! I love how she turned things around nd took control. Life gifted her some lemons, but she made a Daisy out of them instead of the usual lemonade. Nice!
a. Hardy
a. Hardy Anos atrás
Yes, I was also impressed with her cool, laid back demeanor ✨What an accomplishment!
Te Ve
Te Ve Anos atrás
She‘s so real and seems such a lovely person. Great inspiration!
Doris Setto
Doris Setto Anos atrás
You got it girl!!! That's a perfect place just for you ! I'm so happy for you .
JLMO 11 meses atrás
Fantastic interview and home. Love the wisdom of the older folks in the tiny homes. Way to go!
Skygazer Anos atrás
Love it! I could happily live in this little home.
Deepak Mahtani
Deepak Mahtani Anos atrás
I admire your " one step at a time " approach . So happy for you. You are so inspiring. Lovely home .
Mandy van Goeije
Mandy van Goeije Anos atrás
Oh, Alison, I L❤VE your Daisy! What an amazing home you've made yourself! It's so homely and inventive. Incredibly inspiring! Thanks for taking us on a tour!
Michelle ~ Cella's Chariot
Love all the little tips and ideas on how to make things the hoola hoop for shower curtain...BRILLIANT! LOVE this tiny home tour and thank you for sharing with us!!
Jodi O
Jodi O Anos atrás
Thoroughly enjoyed the tour of Daisy and the backstory of how your dream project came to fruition. Beautiful home, excellent organization, and brilliant repurposing ideas. Wishing you a wonderful retirement with Tucker!
YeshuasGirl 7 meses atrás
Lovely, homey tiny house! Well done! Very impressive. I love seeing books, too. :) And she sews, as well! So cool. I hope she has many years of peaceful enjoyment in her sweet home.
Jennifer Cox
Jennifer Cox Anos atrás
I love this tiny house, it has so much color and personality. I love that she knew what she wanted and didn’t hear the naysayers and built this beautiful sanctuary for herself and Tucker ❤️
Cate Mistruzzi [Staff]
What a lovely story and tiny home! I would love to know more about how you found the location spot to park it. It looks so beautiful!
Gina C
Gina C Anos atrás
That was really impressive. I wish you the happiest life in your amazing home!
Lupe C. Aragon
Lupe C. Aragon Anos atrás
Allyson, Wow! Love your tiny home. I am soon to be 68 & admire the patience & courage you took to plan your own home, buying & saving certain pieces and even taking classes to personalize & add your special touch to it! I love it! Thank you for sharing your tiny home with us. God bless you
kay regulski
kay regulski Anos atrás
Simply amazing. I love the whole concept that she designed. I am in love with her red chair
Doreen Baros
Doreen Baros Anos atrás
I so enjoyed hearing about this woman and her tiny home living. She has such an openly sharing, warm personality and a calming demeanor about her. It was a pleasure to hear her story. Thank you for sharing. Plus! . . . what a lovely home with great foresight to think ahead for future retirement. I'm sure your future self will thank you.
Deborah Hearty
Deborah Hearty Anos atrás
Her home is just beautfiul, colorful,cheerful,and such a lovely person..👌🏼☺
veeziegirl Anos atrás
Well said Doreen!
TakeTheRide Anos atrás
Super cute, Daisy and Tucker. Thank you for sharing your home with us. You've done an amazing job. It's beautiful. Enjoy your life. You are blessed.
Debbie Hawkes
Debbie Hawkes Anos atrás
Hello Alison, thank you so much for sharing this. I just adore your gorgeous tiny home Daisy. You are so clever. An amazing job you’ve done. ❤️❤️❤️
Sandy Delameter
Sandy Delameter Anos atrás
Congratulations! Your tiny home is so adorable!!!
Michelle Tanner
Michelle Tanner Anos atrás
Thank you for showing us around your beautiful home, Daisy. It's amazing! And you are an inspiration. I am so impressed. Tucker is amazing too. Thank you!
etcetra etcetra
etcetra etcetra Anos atrás
"There's freedom in owning only what you need." Words to live by. 17:46
Terri Foster
Terri Foster Anos atrás
@Pink Rose I agree he might want something. I'm glad my mom gave us the chance to do that....I do still regret getting rid of some stuff I did Agee to.
Pink Rose
Pink Rose Anos atrás
@ERGA 2016 Before you throw or give those toys away, I'd recommend looking up the toy on the internet to see if it's worth anything:) All your son if he wants anything and to come and pick it up by a certain date or out it goes:)
Kristina Mickwitz
Kristina Mickwitz Anos atrás
ERGA 2016
ERGA 2016 Anos atrás
My goal is to empty my home in 2021 and 2022 It is not easy. Have a husband that keeps broken stuff. Reason? He can fix it which he won't. My plan is to get rid of my stuff and useless memories First. My son is in his 50's and I still have his childhood art and toys. Crazy.
JAY T Anos atrás
What a warm, kindhearted woman. I hope she continues to find the joy in her life with Daisy. ❤️
Charlette Przybylski
Beautiful home, so well thought out, and future proofed!
Nina Edison
Nina Edison Anos atrás
Wow! This looks like something I would love to do. My girls are both grown up and living their own lives. She would make a lovely neighbor. Good for her! 👊
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