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Before the pandemic, Jaqueline was looking to buy a place in Austin, but with the market being crazy, she chose to rent and found a tiny home! With a wrap-around porch and vaulted ceilings, her 400 sq ft house looks massive! The interior has a simple layout with a living space large enough for an entertainment center, a small couch, and a dog bed for a little pup named Penny. Although downsizing has been a challenge, Jaqueline has managed to get her clothes to fit in the double closet and the rest to fit under the bed. There’s a large farmhouse sink, a microwave, and a dishwasher in the kitchen that she’s so thankful to have!
Shot by: @theirhappytrails
Edited by: @theirhappytrails
00:00 Introduction
00:19 Tiny House Kitchen
01:24 Tiny House Laundry Room
02:01 Why a Tiny House
02:41 Tiny House Office
04:58 Tiny House Living Room
06:02 How a Tiny Home
07:29 Tiny House Bedroom
09:05 Tiny House Bathroom
10:04 Tiny House Learnings
10:55 Tiny House Exterior/Patio
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24 Fev 2024



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Comentários : 432   
@robinjoines875 Anos atrás
I'm a 70 year old homeless woman who would give anything to have a home like this! Please pray for me. Thank you
@jennymcgowin9140 Anos atrás
I will pray for you.🙏🏻
@cbisme6414 Anos atrás
I will pray for you too Robin, 🙏💞
@caprinathomas2106 Anos atrás
Praying for you Robin🙏🙏
@treelady53 Anos atrás
Praying for you, Robin.
@mayamyu Anos atrás
@cynthiawilliams3239 9 meses atrás
This is one of the best tiny house I have seen. I love that the bedroom is downstairs and you don’t have to have the ceiling in your face while you in bed. Penny you have a BEAUTIFUL home.
@riogrande5761 Anos atrás
One of the better tiny homes featured on BRvid. Bedroom near bathroom is major plus, no having to go downstairs or climbing a ladder to use the toilet! A full 400 sq ft means maximizing features unlike many smaller tiny homes.
@cynthiagallegos8278 4 meses atrás
There is a community, close to Austin TX, that is tiny homes for the Chronically homeless. Check it out.
@juliadoherty83 Anos atrás
Penny is a little heart stopper. She's blessed to have you. This is a tiny home that I could live in - beautiful. I'm with you regarding the dishwasher. 🐕👊🐕
I wonder why they didn’t include how much she paid.
@sira451 Anos atrás
Nice 400 sq ft home. This is a "park" model, manufactured home and currently rents for $1500+ per month. Although I'm glad more communities are opening up, this is not affordable for most people who are trying to lower expenses by going tiny. Thank you for showing this park model home and the tour!
@dawnsullivan6233 9 meses atrás
Wow that is expensive
@Kiki-wi7px 20 dias atrás
Very Nice but Way Too Expensive ! ! !
@itsno1duh Anos atrás
You sold me at "no shared walls" ! but good community is still very nice... Fresh airy spacious, good living!
@7Jennifer Anos atrás
Awww, Penny is precious! I feel like I've seen this layout before in another video with a middle-aged lady. I'm not sure if it was on this channel but I liked it then and I still like it. Just a really great use of 400sq ft and the outside space is so fantastic as well.
Yes, the video title has “Retired Teacher” and it’s very similar. She has a fireplace on her porch.
@annesmith5192 Anos atrás
I saw the other video, too.
@00clgordon Anos atrás
Same, I saw it too. I love this layout. Feels very spacious!
@lizzieb6311 Anos atrás
Clearly she loves Penny Girl..with all the Penny stuff throughout her lovely home. She’s just adorable! Her home is fantastic!
Yes I've seen it too. I believe it is in texas
@cheeririnaldo435 Mês atrás
This is very livable. Also, having a deck and a covered outdoor space is really important with these tiny homes, so you can extend your living space beyond the interior walls physically and psychologically.
@Donneczka1 Anos atrás
Lovely home! Love to to see young people embrace minimalism! Too many people in my generation (Baby Boomer) are way too stuck on their stuff. Live small and light on the planet and enjoy your life! Experiences are far better than stuff!
@cynthiawilson5066 Anos atrás
Totally agree with you
@roxannegordon6162 9 meses atrás
I have STUFF and love it. I could not live the minimalism life without my stuff. There's my main lifestyle as a concert violinist. No it's not as big as a Tuba, or piano. I'm also a painter: Acrylics on canvas. Some quite big. Then there's my sewing machine since I've made quilts for all my siblings and mother: single size, double and queen for my bed and a huge king size quilt for my in laws. That took me 5 months to make and the key to getting these quilts done is to NOT put it away, but keep it sitting nearby to maximize the time I have to keep at it., Then there's my bike to store since I ride about 4-20 miles a week. During summer I'm out camping. I bring my bike, and all the equipment to make hiking safe. Pheww that's a lot of STUFF! Oh wait...I also decorate the 15' marquee at the concert hall. I love the fact the board gave me the opportunity to be the artist. I have lots and lots of totes with decorations stacked in my basement. I look at the next concert Theme to start designing. Those totes also have many large table cloths to cover the reception area. Well, I think that's enough information for now, to explain some people just can't let go of their stuff, nor do they want to. Good luck to you. This tiny house is far better than most I've seen. Especially the bedroom. No silly loft to crawl into like a bed bug that you can't even stand up in. My goodness!!
@raysun2be Anos atrás
I do love the park model tiny homes, full size appliances, high ceilings with lots of windows to bring in light. Nice wrap around porch on this one too. Nicely decorated, seems to be a great fit for your current lifestyle!
@debbiemelillo2011 Anos atrás
I have watched a bunch of these tiny home videos. This is by far one of the best laid out and well-decorated tiny homes I’ve ever seen! It was fun to catch all the Penny-inspired items she has in her home as well! Great video! Gorgeous home! I hope she continues to be happy there.
@bethyoung3654 6 meses atrás
Penny is adorable! Thank you for sharing your lovely home.
This house is definitely a home! And it’s absolutely beautiful and has enough space to thrive in, and live your best life! This is as close to perfect as one needs!!😀👍🏼
@kareneDallas Anos atrás
Austin did a great job - allowing the development of this new type of community. Not everyone can afford a mortgage or the cost of renting a house. This is perfect. You get your own space - without sharing walls & you have the community & safety of a neighborhood. Nicely done. You’ve done a great job of incorporating work, entertainment & living areas into your home too.
@ricardomoseley 11 meses atrás
YeS 🙌🏾 & YeS 🙌🏾
Lovely. I could live there in a heartbeat. It seems quite spacious. Thank you for sharing.
What a beautiful home and lovely young woman! I love this build and of course I love her adorable dog! Cheers
@puppycat58 Anos atrás
Your home is beautiful 😍....lots of luck in it...your porch is awesome love the way it wraps around... can you put like privacy curtains on your porch if you wanted too....Your fur baby is beautiful 😍 have great storage.... Lots of Luck... Be Safe Be Blessed
@12Gaile Anos atrás
I love this tiny home, Jaclyn & her sweet doggie Penny. ❤️
@IZZZYMUSIC Anos atrás
To anyone reading this, i'm sending you good vibes and blessings. take things one day at a time, focus on putting yourself first and take deep breaths. everything will fall into place
@erinbrown6962 Anos atrás
Beautiful home and Penny is precious!!! Congratulations on getting into a tiny house!!! I’m excited to do the same! Probably in two years!
@kattinabyse4500 Anos atrás
That outside space is so perfect. The whole little house is great, just enough for 1 to 2 people.
And...A sweet dog. Or cat lol
@janwherley8649 Anos atrás
Love love LOVE you little tiny Penny dog !!!! Precious ! And the house, and your presentation, that was pretty good, too !
@janwherley8649 Anos atrás
oops, same words, I must have written without reading other comments ! Sweet, cute, fragile ? lovely dog.
@gracerascon9026 Anos atrás
Love your "flat" tiny home rental. Being a senior, a loft is a definite "no". Thank you for sharing.
@jlscielo Anos atrás
She is precious. And what a great future she will have!🎉 So thoughtful on her use of the space and the need to purge. I am in the process of purging as well to move into a smaller tiny home. We all carry too much extra items as a burden to dust, store and clean! I am looking forward to living more minimally and efficiently and to save money as well for more useful wishes such as travel and also caring for my elderly mom.
Beautiful, love the layout! Wonderful job decorating, and love Penny and picture of her ❤️
@lulucharlie8683 Anos atrás
I love your doggie 🤗 he’s half blind like me! ❤
@teresamiller5412 Anos atrás
Of all the tiny homes I’ve seen, I love this floor plan! Thanks
@eh6454 Anos atrás
Very nice, spacious home, larger than the majority of 1 bedroom apartments in the UK!
That outside space is an extension of living. Very nice.
If you can use your outdoor space all year or close to it that would make a huge difference for me. I wouldn't ever feel confined. Very nice extra living area.
@kricklin 8 meses atrás
Penny is adorable!
Nicely done and it seems a lot bigger than 400 square feet.
@raymahannah4336 Anos atrás
Impressive! Very nice layout, and the way you have it set up is nice! 🙂 I could definitely do 400sqft with the wrap around porch not being included in that number... I hope it works out in the long run for you!!
@grandmalisa796 9 meses atrás
Bright young woman! She will always remember her time in the tiny home!
@pootninny Anos atrás
I can only imagine how much it must cost for a rental in Austin with all those amenities. I love the layout of that home, it is perfect for me and I’ve been looking a lot
@bluewrenbirdie Anos atrás
This exact model doesn't have a unit available at the moment for pricing, but another park model in the same community is currently listed at $1500/month.
@tthom2459 5 meses atrás
what a gr8 floorplan. Doesn't seem 'tiny' at all. I could totally live in a place like this. She's right . . . the wrap around deck almost doubles the living space
@janinafisher101 Anos atrás
This is a great community especially with being able to rent. Nice spacious tiny house with a ground floor bedroom and spacious kitchen!
@number1angel66 Anos atrás
Thank you for sharing your home with us but especially for sharing it with Penny! You are both so precious! Blessings to all in love and light!🙏🏼💜🙏🏼💙🙏🏼🧡🙏🏼💛🙏🏼💚🙏🏼
@catherineferguson7646 11 meses atrás
Lovely. I must say this young lady is an immaculate house keeper. These shows are encouraging me to downsize things I don't need.
@marysharvey Anos atrás
What a beautiful community. I could live there easily.
@geebrewer8186 Anos atrás
A lot of tiny houses to me seem like they are similar to small boats, just kind of small and cramped. This house F/P seems light and spacious. I love the bathroom, actually seems usable. The kitchen is great. I could live in this one, altho I would prefer maybe 600 sq ft
@dianep3071 Anos atrás
Now this is a tiny home i love. A bedroom on main floor
@Bridget2460 Anos atrás
Love the layout, wished you had mentioned cost for those that are very interested that information means a lot.
@bluewrenbirdie Anos atrás
This layout doesn't currently have units available, but similar sized units in the same development are around $1500/month to rent.
@Bridget2460 Anos atrás
Thank you!
@bdflavors1347 Anos atrás
looks like a huge house for 1 person. awesome!
I pray I am able to do this as well before it's too late.
@ecaldwell9 8 meses atrás
Nice video! Nice mix of showing the property - which is why we come to these videos to see. And then you get some content from resident. Good job! Thx U!
@tngalvols1184 Anos atrás
I absolutely love this floor plan!!!!
@bbowen1751 Anos atrás
Very, very nice. Beautifully decorated and love the neutral and white theme. And one level, no loft. Right up my alley. Looks very spacious. Like your logic on getting rid of stuff! Penny is sooo sweet, love the portraits and pillow of her. This is one of the best tiny homes I've seen.
@lizgillies2691 3 meses atrás
Gorgeous best I've seen we would love a home like yours penny is gorgeous and soooo loved ❤
@susanmcmains8593 Anos atrás
Lovely home, & Penny is adorable. I had a thought for the bathroom counter issue, talk with management about putting a small flip up ledge on the side? It would be small, but could help. Thank for sharing!
@seetaramsook7254 Anos atrás
Your home is absolutely how clean and tidy it is 🥳🥳👍🙏
@patlechuga1944 Anos atrás
This tiny home is a winner! I love all the kitchen cabinets.
I definitely like this. If I ever get a tiny home I want a large deck area.
@amyk3020 Anos atrás
I adore your place, love living minimalistic also and Penny is a sweetheart. Thank you for sharing your home. The paint colors make it appear sooo much larger and bright. Used to live in Texas and it seems they are more accepting of these communities that up in the Northeast. Best in 2023!
@janetchickey3577 Anos atrás
What a great use of space love the kitchen I wish in wisc they had more places you could actually have a tiny home Makes so much sense Also love the front deck
@Faithful10415 Anos atrás
I could live in this type of space. Well designed. Does not feel cramped.
@luckydubefan808 Anos atrás
Love Penny and her tiny home.
@sandrap3047 Anos atrás
Beautiful home! Love all the white! It almost looks huge compared to the tiny homes I've seen. I may have to move to Austin just so I can live in this tiny house community! Penny is so cute! I have a 17 year old dog that is my heart! I'm sure Penny is your heart too!
@laceknot1584 Anos atrás
Very NICE love all the natural light coming thru windows ❤️
@dawnsullivan6233 9 meses atrás
Penny is so sweet.
@smiling5683 Anos atrás
Sweet Penny❤️🐕‍🦺❤️
@karendeckman1694 Anos atrás
Love it!!! I traded in my rv this past July, was too old to renovate to a mini vacation home! A brand new one was best for our retirement, better yet near the grandkids!!! Enjoy yours! 😉
@serenapalmer1220 Anos atrás
That house is so cute and cozy looking
@southengirl1 Anos atrás
Lovely and beautiful! Thank you for sharing.
@painterlynne Anos atrás
Love your little Penny!
@roiannchabot8779 Anos atrás
I would love to have a tiny home like this! Also, would love the long term rental! Where can one be found? I live in Florida
@philiphaley6314 3 meses atrás
I love that you are able to rent these houses, it’s like a trial run to see if tiny living is for you. I particularly like that it’s single floor living, I couldn’t do with climbing up a ladder and crawling into a loft, not at my age that’s for sure 😉😁 This would really suit me, a shame it’s not in the UK Are they all rentals or could you buy one if you wanted too ??
@kashanawhidby1159 Anos atrás
A beautiful tiny home with great amenities!
@dvinedzine Anos atrás
Pretty home, love the retro sofa, too.
@paulathompson8470 Anos atrás
This is so cute love the outdoor space
@ES-qt6yo Anos atrás
This is a nice house..I would trade a bit of room from the kitchen to the living space since I spend more time there.
@luzTpasco Anos atrás
I love the lay out of house. I love the location of kitchen to bedroom and bathroom
@bethanyhaynes1123 3 meses atrás
This is the most practical tiny house ive ever seen.
@BrendaLee8 Anos atrás
I love this house ❤
@tumbleweed1976 Anos atrás
Downsizing possessions for the win 🎈
@rinaroldan8921 Anos atrás
I like your tiny house. I always want a tiny house but unfortunately they don't have a tiny home community here in Northern California
@samanthalake5011 4 meses atrás
I love love love 💕 this tiny home! Perfect for a single.😊
@mikemartinez1885 Anos atrás
VERY NICE.! ... I'm looking for something like that for when I retire.
@lisanetgark415 Anos atrás
Your place is awesome! The layout is the best that I have seen. Full size for each space. Great choice.
@MsPardal123 Anos atrás
Good video about working remotely. It’s my dream to work 100% remotely 🤩
@janhatcher6991 Anos atrás
thank you for sharing your tiny home with us. I think about getting a tiny home a lot! It's nice to know that there are communities out there that she can move into. A tiny home is just big enough for me. I'm thinking. I sure like the porch area you have.
All the best. May this life make you content.
@sfree0101 Anos atrás
For a tiny home, everything seems very spacious!
@josier7559 Anos atrás
Hi hope you're having a wonderful life in the tiny home. Cute little dog. Yes to Jennifer I seen a video also with I believe it was the same one but with the fireplace outside beautiful layout. What's the name of the company if you don't mind me asking?. And congratulations on your new living space craft it goes continuously well.
Very beautiful well decorated home!
@amybrevard3800 Anos atrás
Loved this one! Great layout and style! If the owner happens to read this what is the title of the pink book on the shelf I can’t see it lol 😂 and I love books and collect these colors for my shelf in my office. Loved your shelves and the pink wall calendar in your home office!
@mikefinley4367 Anos atrás
Dog, is the best part.
Love this,love this!You did great!😍😍😍😍😍😍
@MamaLlama007 7 meses atrás
I LOVE this video! Love Jaqualine's tour, & the home is Beautiful! Who is the builder???
@graceweber2822 Mês atrás
Love the spacious counter top.
@avrilskeete3761 Anos atrás
I love your tiny home and I hope to one day own a tiny home. Thank you for sharing.
@mariamarshall338 Anos atrás
How cool, please can u give an idea of price🙏🏾
@dawnsullivan6233 9 meses atrás
You have a beautiful, beautiful home you did it a great job. Thank you for explaining everything.
@teresabell1014 Anos atrás
That was a lovely home. You explained everything so well. Happy New Year !
Looks fabulous🌺
@ramblinjudy Anos atrás
This is super great thanks for sharing
@effiesanford6391 Anos atrás
This is perfect!
@sumosprojects Anos atrás
Tiny space 😮 looks like a mansion to me 🧐😁 what a fantastic setup 👍🍻
@lormor460 Anos atrás
This is beautiful 😮❤! I love those gorgeous built ins.
When you are thinking about buying - check out Recreational Resort Cottages. I have nothing to do with the company, but have been watching their designs on BRvid videos and they are amazing! I bet you would love one of them. I recently saw one with two bedrooms, one and 1/2 baths plus a loft space all in 399 Sq. Ft!! This current tiny house you are renting is lovely. I love your design aesthetic making it your own. Wishing you and your pup much happiness in the future as you settle into your own place!
@wandakitterman252 Anos atrás
Put a shelf between your mirror a d sink in will really your place..
vendedor tentando ser esperto.
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