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August 21, 2021 my life changed forever 💔
I love your forever grandaddy

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25 Set 2021



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Comentários 10 405
Neisha Crawford
Neisha Crawford 11 horas atrás
Who put on a full face of makeup to come come on camera
Simply Kimberly
Simply Kimberly 13 horas atrás
In every picture he was always smiling R.I.P to him🙏🏿🕊️😢
sMORGAN'Sbored 14 horas atrás
This was painful to watch, & I can relate to the unreal painful feeling you described, too. 💔 We will be reunited with our loved ones soon! I can't wait till Jesus returns and we don't have to feel this pain of separation thru death anymore💔 cry, talk about it, think about it, write about it, but remain hopeful. I'll be praying for you and your family💔
Mya Anderson
Mya Anderson 16 horas atrás
This made me so emotional . My papa (moms dad) passed away 3 years ago on the day of my high school graduation and I’m still in disbelief and very numb . Like this isn’t real , it’s a bad dream that I’m going to wake up from . My papa was my dad .
Nia Hayes
Nia Hayes 20 horas atrás
Watching this video made me cry because I recently lost mu great grandmother she player a really big role in my life and in my dad’s life we seen her everyday and now ik that im not going to see her no days but im praying for you stay strong and he is so much more happier now
Anthony Ratliff
Anthony Ratliff Dia atrás
I just loss my grandfather and I'm the only blood grandchild so it was hard for me it's still hard I still cry because it's so surreal my heart goes out to you and your family love ya de'arra
kaitlyn bowden
kaitlyn bowden Dia atrás
When I tell you , I am so lost for words and my heart is broken like I know you and your family! my grandparents are both still with me , and this made me think so much and look at life different. Sitting here bawling in hard tears because this really broke me ! I’m praying for you and your beautiful family I know this isn’t easy , your so strong! The end of your video really made my heart HURT! I’m so sorry for your loss and I pray that things get better by time ! keep going beautiful! ❤️
Apryl Nicole
Apryl Nicole Dia atrás
I lost my grandpa and great grandpa 3 months apart earlier this year (both had huge parts in raising me cause my dad wasnt really there) this just made my heart so heavy. My condolences to you and your family 🕊💕
albanian_anisa Dia atrás
Jada Dia atrás
Wow I really related to this! My grandfather (my mothers father) had turned 90 (June 9th) and passed away on September 21st, 2020. This was our first year without him🥺🥺 I’ve never grieved over a loss like I did the over last year, it was tough! Omg this video made me CRY!! It’s so weird tho because my mom just text me while I’m watching this. It’s like she knew I was missing him😢
Da’Mya B.
Da’Mya B. Dia atrás
Girl this has crying real tears !!!! So can relate bc I am so close to my granddaddy & couldn’t imagine.
Paris-Jade Nunn
Paris-Jade Nunn Dia atrás
Marlo Nicholas
Marlo Nicholas Dia atrás
Sorry for your loss sweetheart you will always have memories and the love u and him had will be cherish and I keep u in my prayers my dear ❤
Simply Steph
Simply Steph Dia atrás
Omg I’m crying!
Simply Steph
Simply Steph Dia atrás
Aww she trying so hard not to cry. I recently both of lost my grandparents so it’s hard
Naturally Taj
Naturally Taj Dia atrás
That made me so so sad & thankful for still having my last set of grands😭🥺
Jaiden Green
Jaiden Green Dia atrás
We love you keep your head up we will send lots of prayers
Jessica Chandler
Jessica Chandler Dia atrás
I lost my grandma when I was 8 years old.. she had a massive heart attack while she was on vacation with us, on the morning we were about to go home. 15 years and it still hurts the same, miss her all the time . ❤️🕊
TheRealJamiaB Dia atrás
this is exactly how I felt last month when I lost my great grandmother 🥺🥺 dearra I’m praying for you and your family Revelations 21:4 “ and he will wipe out every tear from their eyes and death will be no more neither will mourning nor out cry, nor pain be anymore .. the former things have passed away. I love you queen 💕
I cried the whole video because Ik exactly how she feels I still feel like that and it’s been 3 years since my grandma passed 🥺🥺💔💔.
Ariyana Harden
Ariyana Harden 2 dias atrás
I cried so hard watching this. Losing a grandparent is the worst kind of pain. Their love is unmatched. I miss mine so much 😞 it gets better with time love 🖤
Zoey Steele
Zoey Steele 2 dias atrás
He is so hansum
Zoey Steele
Zoey Steele 2 dias atrás
So sorry for your loss 🥲🥲🥲🥲🥲😩😩😩😩😩
Zoey Steele
Zoey Steele 2 dias atrás
Awwwwwww it made me cry the intro made me cry
Young TNutty
Young TNutty 2 dias atrás
U are so beautiful are u single 😍
Selina Renee
Selina Renee 2 dias atrás
Esther 2 dias atrás
John 3:16 For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten son, that whosoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life. Here’s a reminder of how much God loves you. God bless you🤍
Ka'Nyah Williams
Ka'Nyah Williams 2 dias atrás
i loved it omg crying so bad man🥺
Miracle Mom
Miracle Mom 2 dias atrás
We got the same last name. I’m over here crying. My grandparents raised me like they were my real parents. My granddad is like my dad. Our granddad has the same first & last name. My grandad showed me how to drive. My grandad was the first person to see my daughter after I gave in 2016. That’s crazy, I feel were your coming from. I lost my grandma in 2015. I think about her everyday. I got her name tattoo on me. Keep your head up sis. God got u & your family. God bless
The Afrikan Superstar Black
My condolences #Afrikansuperstar
Madline Adonis
Madline Adonis 2 dias atrás
Awwww please accept my sympathy His Memories will forever live with you🕊💐🌹❤
Ariee Duhh
Ariee Duhh 2 dias atrás
BiggBoss Dess
BiggBoss Dess 3 dias atrás
this really broke my heart… I been watching you forever.. y’all bond was everything I remember when ken ask him to take your hand in marriage and he was so supportive always was❤️ RIP sorry for your lost.. keep making him proud
hughesmartha29 3 dias atrás
Sending prayers to you and your family
Dwayne Holman
Dwayne Holman 3 dias atrás
I truly can feel your pain. I remember when my husband and I separated after several years and then my grandma died. A few months later my mother died. It's like they were grieving our separation. So I was grieving times 3! It's going to be hard but you'll find your way period And I am here to be on the journey with you. Shalonda PS my husband and I has been back together for about 13 years now
mileon francois
mileon francois 3 dias atrás
I’m so sorry for your loss
E Robinson
E Robinson 3 dias atrás
Wowww, he passed on my daughter’s 18th birthday 🤔. My condolences to you and your family.
Naomi Rose
Naomi Rose 3 dias atrás
Literally just boo boo cried. You’re in my prayers
Kyla Jordan
Kyla Jordan 3 dias atrás
Hey hey mom just
Straight Facts
Straight Facts 3 dias atrás
Aww baby girl, I’m so sorry for your loss of your amazing Grandfather , may he rest in peace!
Vitamin DC
Vitamin DC 3 dias atrás
Vitamin DC
Vitamin DC 3 dias atrás
Sincere condolence
Blake Keller
Blake Keller 3 dias atrás
Omg I held back tears watching this but that voicemail at the end took me. 🥺🥺🥺 prayers to you and your family. (I know im late I’m sorry )
Zania Worthey
Zania Worthey 3 dias atrás
im sooo sorry, I cried watching this. Praying for you
Shadaja Fields
Shadaja Fields 3 dias atrás
So sorry for your lost everybody who been here thru the journey know dearra loved her grandparents.
Yani Kemp
Yani Kemp 3 dias atrás
same thing happend to me
Puff Queen
Puff Queen 3 dias atrás
I literally cried with you. I’m so sorry for͏ your family loss❤️‍🩹prayer goes a long way. I’ll keep y’all in my prayers.
Kendal Brown
Kendal Brown 3 dias atrás
I lost my grandfather on easter this year and the way she speaking about her grandfather I felt every word because my grandfather was the same for me too
Angelette Hunter-Taylor
Mahogany Red
Mahogany Red 3 dias atrás
Wheeeewwww, I’ve been crying since this video started. I lost my Granny (Dad’s mom) on my 20th Birthday I always say that it just shows how connected we are. I promise losing my lil’ lady struck me differently. I only have one grandparent left, it’s important to give them their flowers, I know i made her proud, I find comfort that I forever have an Angel.
Kenshinsangel 3 dias atrás
Tarsha Sutton
Tarsha Sutton 3 dias atrás
A different kind of diamond
My condolences I lost my great grandfather at 17 and it felt like my world shattered so I know the pain that you may have felt but they are always looking out for us even when you don’t know it
Makiya Patterson
Makiya Patterson 4 dias atrás
my heart hurts for you ma, i lost both my grandparents on my dads side and my grandpa in my mothers side, my prayers are w/ you and your health💕
the chocolate egg Queen
Praying for your family 🙏. May God continue to strengthen you all during your time of bereavement.
syckindahead 4 dias atrás
Condolences to your family
Nene Finklea
Nene Finklea 4 dias atrás
I’m very sorry for your loss, I understand completely, my brother passed on august 21st of 2020, and when you said you grand father passed on the august 21st I felt like it was some kind of sign, idk I can’t explain it. I’m not going to say it gets easier, because it’s never easy losing the people you’re closest with. It’s hard waking up and knowing you have to continue to move on in life without that one special person. I do know that you will grow from this, you will become stronger. I’m knowing your grand father is in a better place and with the lord. He is always with you and I’m sure he is very proud of the woman you have become. My deepest condolences to you and your family. 🥺🥺🥺🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🕊🕊🕊🕊❤️❤️❤️❤️
Desirey Figueroa
Desirey Figueroa 4 dias atrás
My prayers go out to you my grandaddy past away September 24 and it was the hardest thing to go threw so I know how you feeling I didn’t have a dad so he fill that place and was such a amazing grandad just like yours god bless you
Curly Cocoa
Curly Cocoa 4 dias atrás
Great looking grandparents. Much love and condolences 💐
Golden Lani
Golden Lani 4 dias atrás
I remember I lost my grandma at a very young age. My grandma was an alcoholic. The day before her death she had came up to my school where she took me from school to hang out with her for the day because she knew if she told my mom or stepfather that I was going with her that wouldn’t let me. After a while my stepdad found me with her where he took me and brought me back to my mom. Shortly after my mom went and cursed her out. The next day she had taken off in her friends car after some drinks and crashed into a diesel truck. This one brought back the water works after years of staying strong. Tell your loved ones you love them because you never know when god will call them home.
KI KI 4 dias atrás
Daisy Torres
Daisy Torres 4 dias atrás
The voicemail 😔😭
Desirae Vazquez
Desirae Vazquez 4 dias atrás
Girl this hit I hope all is good and you remember all the good you had with him and he will be watching over you I love you girl your strong!!!❤️
Tiana M
Tiana M 5 dias atrás
85? He looked GOOD. My condolences Derra.. I really understand how you feel. Ever since my grandad passed I’ve been different, life has been different, etc because like you said my grandad was my DAD, I didn’t have a dad. That hurts DIFFERENT & nobody understands it for me and why I feel how I feel but my mom, because I didn’t have that “dad” he was that for me! I genuinely hope soon you find a way to grieve in happiness and not in sadness ❤️ he’s still here just not physically. Pray to god and ask him to keep you and grandad connected through the other realm. Pray through it all.I’m crying real tears because I know.
Mekel Hoskins
Mekel Hoskins 5 dias atrás
Beautiful tribute 🥺🥺 had me in tears 😢 I wish I would’ve been able to meet my granddad’s I know for sure I would’ve had the same relationship with my moms dad 😇🕊 Rest Up Mr.Taylor
Mooskalina 5 dias atrás
Sending my condolences n yo gma did his celebration sooo beautiful
Ah'Yana Knight
Ah'Yana Knight 5 dias atrás
not even 2 minutes in the video and i’m already crying 😢 i’m so sorry for your loss , i loss my favorite cousin August 1 & loss my granny August 15 🥺💔 now i don’t have any grandparents 😔 praying for you let strength De 🙏🏽🙏🏽
Ms_Coco_ is_a_10
Ms_Coco_ is_a_10 5 dias atrás
Sorry for your loss. I know it's hard loosing a loved one but keep the person's spirit alive by smiling at the good times/memories ever time you feel sad/down 💜
Jordan Nichole
Jordan Nichole 5 dias atrás
Yah Bless!
Jordan Nichole
Jordan Nichole 5 dias atrás
FOREVA 5 dias atrás
Kiah Williams
Kiah Williams 5 dias atrás
Wow this made me cry omg!
Cricut Sistahood
Cricut Sistahood 6 dias atrás
I made it through half of the video and realized that I am not ready for this. After losing my grandmother, my emotions are still unstable. My deepest and most sincere condolences to your family.
Cecilia Duncan
Cecilia Duncan 6 dias atrás
Did her and her boyfriend break up?
Tiesha Wilson
Tiesha Wilson 6 dias atrás
Prayers for you and your family ❤️
bitchessocrusty 6 dias atrás
my heart breaks a thousand times for you 💔💔💔 he’s with you
Sliimm Goodii
Sliimm Goodii 6 dias atrás
Kyramai Hassan
Kyramai Hassan 6 dias atrás
I truly am sorry for your lost, but he truly brought light to your family even through everything he kept a smile on everyone's face. I truly admire his love for your grandmother she was truly blessed to have such a man by her side. May she heal and may everyone in your family heal with grace for god has taken him home.💕🙏🏾
Metrell Smith
Metrell Smith 6 dias atrás
Love and Never Ending Light🙏🏽💕
Alphanique Stubbs
Alphanique Stubbs 6 dias atrás
Hey Dearra I lost my mom August 31st and I'm still numb so I know how you feel right now. I saw this quote that said Grief is love with no where to go and that really opened my mind to accepting my mom has moved on. I still get little reminders of all the things I'll never do with her and it makes me sad but I just think about the peace they're in and it makes everything a little better.
💛❤💛❤💛❤💛 ..😘 you D. Condolences, it will take a minute.. but, keep pushing, he is always with you.. I promise. 💛❤💛❤💛❤💛
Blake squad 1.0
Blake squad 1.0 6 dias atrás
The end !!! Omg my heart !!! 🥺
Breelix 6 dias atrás
Crying right now. My heart breaks for you and the ending omg was that a voicemail from him? 😭 It helps to take it one day at a time as the pain will dull overtime. Thank you for sharing with us and sending lots of love and condolences to you and your family❤️
life as dajah
life as dajah 6 dias atrás
I’m with you on that tweet nb love can ever compare to my grandma love that love hit different from ebb else
Unique Matthews
Unique Matthews 6 dias atrás
Next month will be 1 entire year that I lost my grandma physically I miss her so much, it feels like it gets harder with time. Not a day goes by that I don’t think of her. Vickie Turner 💜💜💜
TheeMimiDeshun 6 dias atrás
Lost my mum last November 😢. I can’t.
Ciera Smith
Ciera Smith 6 dias atrás
Girl it’s a different love from your grand dad I miss mine dearly ❤️ a pain that’ll last a lifetime. 💕 remember the good times.
Lindsey Brito
Lindsey Brito 6 dias atrás
Him and I share the same birthday. May God give you strength
Kay B.
Kay B. 6 dias atrás
So sorry for you loss Dearra😞keep your head up girl!
dids spence
dids spence 6 dias atrás
Carla Bella
Carla Bella 6 dias atrás
JarvieCakes 6 dias atrás
Prayers for you and your families continuous healing Dee. He definitely seemed like a light in your life. I lost my last grandparent 2 years ago and it has took an enormous toll on me. You're absolutely right that no love compares to the love you feel from your grandparents. I don't know what it is about their spirits and the love they show their grandkids but it's one of a kind for sure. That VM at the end was the perfect touch. Your vulnerability is appreciated and my heart is with you love!
Bianca Stubbs
Bianca Stubbs 6 dias atrás
This really makes me cry because I remember losing the only grandparent I ever had that cared about me. And then recently losing my dad this year unexpectedly. Truthfully the pain never goes away, you just learn to cope with it better with keeping the memories of your deceased loved ones alive. Through the grace of God you’ll see it through ❤️🙏🏽
Dariicadbomb 6 dias atrás
my condolences
Roland and Shukura
Roland and Shukura 6 dias atrás
Hey it’s Sunday, if you’re trying to find motivation. Please get up, pray, brush, eat and have that positive state of mind. Be creative, give inspirational from your situation, show love to yourself and if you can just text and call someone reach out to someone. Not cause of your emotions, but in case of other’s going through their deep struggles and emotional mental Heath. Smile, laugh and rest your worries today, tomorrow and moving forward. I pray from close or from a distance, you stay safe and healthy my friend, sis, brother and to you that’s reading this at this moment. I reconsider you deserved to read this and I continue to pray for our happiness and for it to be with us today and more blessings 🫂💯💚..
leeyanhmoss ÷luvlymeneca
That voice message at the end hit me hard omgeee. 😭😭😭😭🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏
Tealeafs J
Tealeafs J 6 dias atrás
I’m sorry for your loss babe💗
Angela McFlurry
Angela McFlurry 6 dias atrás
Are you and ken still together and still posting on the main Chan
Laila Abdullah
Laila Abdullah 6 dias atrás
Rest up and rest easy 😢😪🙏
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