Heart - Stairway to Heaven Led Zeppelin - Kennedy Center Honors HD

Mark Pakula
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Heart w/ Jason Bonham - Stairway to Heaven Led Zeppelin - Kennedy Center in HD


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28 Dez 2012



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Uncle Doug
Uncle Doug 3 meses atrás
This performance was an honor, not only to Jim, Robert, and John.....but to all of us who witnessed it. Thank you.
Rog Brown
Rog Brown 2 dias atrás
Amen to that. Rog. Pacific sunset records.
CloudzInMyCoffee 3 dias atrás
Agree , what a blessing. 🙏🏳️‍🌈💞💞💞
Uncle Doug
Uncle Doug 10 dias atrás
@DraftedByTheMan Better late than never, DM.
Anton Boludo
Anton Boludo 11 dias atrás
@DraftedByTheMan Amazing, isn't it?
DraftedByTheMan 11 dias atrás
Well…I just figured out who those guys are 😂
Dronemodelismo 13 dias atrás
Que momento senhoras e senhores!
Aerton Paulo Sena Cesar
Lindo demais isso! 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷
Beauty Fashion
Beauty Fashion 17 dias atrás
BELLEZA 😎🎶🎶🎻🎸🎺🖤🖤🖤
Viviane Rodrigues
Viviane Rodrigues 6 dias atrás
Sem palavras 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏
Carrie Ann Luikens
Carrie Ann Luikens 5 anos atrás
This is the best, most beautiful Led Zep tribute single song performance I have ever seen. Heart is my all-time favorite girl rocker fronted band. They have been playing Led Zeppelin songs for years at their shows. It is so perfectly fitting that Heart played Stairway to Heaven for this performance. I don't think there is anyone who can sing this song better than Ann Wilson, other than Robert Plant himself of course. And Nancy Wilson's acoustic guitar performance is outstanding like always.
Feljima Hill
Feljima Hill 4 dias atrás
Their "Rock And Roll" on Greatest Hits/Live should have told everyone that they were qualified. Led Zeppelin's reaction is the Certificate of Authenticity!
UnexpectedWonder 4 dias atrás
I feel ya on that. 👏👏🙏🙏🙏
Larry Sims
Larry Sims 4 meses atrás
Leland Lee
Leland Lee 4 meses atrás
Led Zepplin is shown in its best performance along side steam boat annie
Jose luis Garcia
Jose luis Garcia 4 meses atrás
Mr. Tin_88
Mr. Tin_88 Mês atrás
If you cover a Led Zeppelin song in front of Robert Plant, Jimmy Page and John Paul Jones...and they applause you... Congratulations, you made it in music.
JTD472 3 dias atrás
Hahahah this is the stupidest comment ever. Yessss I love it
Jeremy 7 dias atrás
Heart already made it. They basically created lead women singers in rock.
Jason Awender
Jason Awender 9 dias atrás
Are you telling me you don't know who Heart is?
Bookywooky 10 dias atrás
Are you that ridiculous to not know who Heart is? 🙄
Chris B
Chris B 12 dias atrás
Heart is a contemporary of Zeppelin. This is their *very successful* colleagues honoring them.
Matt Tyrer Golf
Matt Tyrer Golf 3 dias atrás
Gotta be one of the greatest rock covers ever done. Respect.
Rog Brown
Rog Brown 2 dias atrás
And probably the best I'll ever see. Rog p s records.
Rog Brown
Rog Brown 2 dias atrás
The best I've seen so far. Rog. Pacific sunset records.
lyphinx 8 dias atrás
i still can't comprehend the fact that robert plant was crying to their own masterpiece covered. this is beyond awesome, beyond magical. even miraculous.
UnexpectedWonder 4 dias atrás
@Richard Lug Absolutely!
UnexpectedWonder 4 dias atrás
Peter Wynbeg
Peter Wynbeg 6 dias atrás
Are you kidding? He always said he never liked stairway, Anna Nancy and Jason got to him
L W 6 dias atrás
Most of it is the power of Ann Wilson's vocals, I'm convinced.
Richard Lug
Richard Lug 7 dias atrás
I think it had to do with the little tributes to Led zepplion former drummer that passed years ago. Like the drummers son playing the drums wearing his dads signature hat and then the chorus popping up from behind the curtain also wearing the same hat. You could tell he was holding back when he saw that and finally couldn’t at the end.
Luis Carlos Loverra
Essa até Deus aplaude de pé, em honra a sua criação.
Kole Dornseifer
Kole Dornseifer 5 meses atrás
That guitarist had to play one of the most legendary guitar solos in history directly to the man who wrote it. No pressure god damn
Mike Oldroyd
Mike Oldroyd 2 dias atrás
@Neill Thornton Thank you!!!
Elizabeth Dillon
Elizabeth Dillon 4 dias atrás
The gutarist is nancy wilson and she has game
Joni Davidson
Joni Davidson 5 dias atrás
I know , right?
kathy borowski
kathy borowski Mês atrás
Awesome he did a fantastic job.
Gareth Atkinson
Gareth Atkinson Mês atrás
@Koen Pull dont think you know how you play guitar.
Ulrike Mayer
Ulrike Mayer Mês atrás
One of the best tributes I've ever heard. What a glorious honor!!!
Peter Wynbeg
Peter Wynbeg 6 dias atrás
And don't forget Buddy Guy
Maurizio Zanella
Maurizio Zanella Mês atrás
I totally agree! by the way, PJ
UnexpectedWonder 4 dias atrás
Not this is a Legendary Honor of a Tribute on so many levels for this Legendary and one of the Greatest Songs of All-time from easily one of the Greatest Bands of All-time. I couldn't help but get Emotional. Seeing those Gentlemen's Expressions and just the overall collective Soul behind this performance was magical.
Ben 17 dias atrás
When you consider the fact they performed this song so flawlessly, that they got a standing ovation from at the time, President and Michelle Obama, the Foo Fighters, David Letterman, not to mention Led Zeppelin themselves, you've done something spectacular. What an epic performance.
Florida Man
Florida Man Dia atrás
Let's not ruin it by crediting the Obama's at all. We know damn well they couldn't recite half the lyrics to this masterpiece.
ralph sampson
ralph sampson 6 dias atrás
Okay, yes it was a great tribute. Of course, there would be a standing ovation. It's sort of required in that setting. Even Miley Cyrus would have gotten a standing ovation. The fact that Letterman and the Obama's stood means nothing. Who cares about them, anyway? It isn't like they are musical entities whose appreciation of a performance deserves to be acknowledged. Now, to be appreciated by the members of Led Zeppelin? Yes, that is a reward of great magnitude.
skigdivider x
skigdivider x 6 dias atrás
The Bama's ruined it all''''''
Tracy D. Hobbs
Tracy D. Hobbs 28 dias atrás
Phenomenal. Not an easy piece to belt out yet the sisters do it again. God bless every musician whom has given us their talent to enjoy as we walk through this life.
Jennifer Buechner
Jennifer Buechner 27 dias atrás
I sing and have my own BRvid channel, but I wouldn't dare try this song LOL. But every singer has their own style, but Heart nailed it!
Rude Goat
Rude Goat 5 meses atrás
When your tribute brings the original performers to tears... that's everything right there.
G Dia atrás
@Atma Kali calling world class musicians celebrities is pretty laughable. Your fake projected nihilism is juvenile at best and honesty it’s embarrassing. You’re the the one who needs to grow up
TheSpaLife69 19 dias atrás
Their tears may come from a place inside that tells them “the show is almost over” . That’s a hard pill to swallow.
Carole Franson
Carole Franson 22 dias atrás
@Atma Kali You are incorrect about the Masons and Scottish Rite.
Rich Ault
Rich Ault 23 dias atrás
@Bob Sugrue no.
Rebel Without Applause
Rebel Without Applause 26 dias atrás
@Atma Kali You almost got me until I read your comment about Rolphs version being better..! Lol Mate, you are a salty troll, the funniest part being that other people haven't cottoned on and are responding angrily..! 🤣
Joseph Chirico
Joseph Chirico 16 dias atrás
That was one of the most unbelievable live performances ever. It was absolutely magical
Mona Gek
Mona Gek Dia atrás
It's really stunning 😍I can't get enough of this legendary song and the performance all together!
Joshua Henry
Joshua Henry 15 dias atrás
The tears in Robert Plants eyes. Now you know how the rest of us feel, Robert.
Mau Taylor
Mau Taylor 12 dias atrás
Imagine watching your dear passed old friend and drummer son doing his father part with such energy... Must felt deeply
Leons Lioness NZ
Leons Lioness NZ 4 dias atrás
This is one of the best renditions I have ever hear of this song and very cleverly arranged adding more and more instruments and vocalists as the song progressed. Very clever indeed.
Daniele Fenice
Daniele Fenice Anos atrás
The fact that the drummer is John Bonham's son makes this tribute more magical.
Joni Davidson
Joni Davidson 5 dias atrás
Absolutely agree !!
djpixie84 26 dias atrás
@Michael Corcoran Yeah they were a big deal for a minute when I was a kid. I think they got a raw deal because they expected him to be his dad and them to be like LZ, but they had their own style..Wait for you is still one of my favorite songs ever. I'm glad to see he's still around.
Michael Corcoran
Michael Corcoran 26 dias atrás
@djpixie84 I remember that reading about it in metal edge or something
Michael Corcoran
Michael Corcoran 26 dias atrás
@Braydon L yeah I remember in the early '90s he came out with his own band
Tirta Buana
Tirta Buana 29 dias atrás
@G. Dug bonham is the drummer of led zeppelin who's already gone
Francine Tanen
Francine Tanen 11 dias atrás
You can not watch this too many times! 40 years ago in college, I heard this song a million times as my roommate was addicted to Robert Plant. Who wasn't? BUT, watching this tribute tears me up EVERY TIME! The surprise chorus, Jason B. on drums and the raw emotion from LZ is unmatched! This starts my everyday and gets me motivated to get into teaching mode (high school teacher). The BEST cover & tribute!
Kym Bo
Kym Bo 9 dias atrás
Bravo 👏🏽 Teach!…BTW Summer of my Youth…6/26/1977 Led Zeppelin Concert at The Forum Inglewood Ca, I witnessed the Best Rock 🥁 EVER! John Bonham 💯🔥
Michael Telemachus
Michael Telemachus 2 dias atrás
A tremendous song played and sung wonderfully by all concerned. It is an honour to be able to see it. My heart bleeds for George; so sad that he was not around to join them.
Fernando Lemes
Fernando Lemes 21 hora atrás
Simplesmente fantástico.
M Ruger
M Ruger 18 horas atrás
I never get sick of this. Absolutely amazing!
Thomas Storm
Thomas Storm 10 meses atrás
Playing an iconic Jimmy Page solo like this one right in front of him on purpose takes more balls than a mortal human should possess
cbrend22 15 dias atrás
@James Haggie you’re right about the improv comment, no sense in copying, but his timing was a bit off. Not surprising given the band probably only played this a few times together, but the synchronicity with JpJ and Bonzo was what made Page’s riffs and improv so special, it’s easy to get lost. a little when you’re riffing. He acquitted himself well, but it’s naturally going to come up short for seasoned Page listeners. Nothing to be ashamed of, it worked and it was a fantastic rendition of STH.
Inujosha 20 dias atrás
@Dimitris Kaloupis nice. He seems extremely talented and knowledgeable in music and I like him.
Dimitris Kaloupis
Dimitris Kaloupis 20 dias atrás
@Inujosha That kid is CRAIG BARTOCK, a music Industry Veteran With Numerous Credits In Records, Live Work, Tv And Animation Scores. He Is A Long Standing Member Of The Iconic Rock Band Heart, Having Produced And Written Several Songs They've Recorded As Well As Being The Lead Guitarist. Other Writing/Producing/Playing Credits Include Blondie, Seal, Simply Red, Aly And AJ, Madonna, Brie Larson, Nikki Sixx, Brandy And Tina Arena. TV Scoring Credits Include Shows Like The Carrie Diaries, Dexter, Burn Notice, Brothers And Sisters, And Numerous MTV Shows. He's Also Appeared On Several TV Shows Such As Ellen, Conan O'Brien, Jimmy Fallon, Jimmy Kimmel Live, Dancing With The Stars And The L Word.
Dimitris Kaloupis
Dimitris Kaloupis 20 dias atrás
@James Haggie No one should ever disagree with what you said as you did nailed it the same way Graig did.... Heart's guitarist-producer couldn't put more on that....
evzv 21 dia atrás
He should have played it note-for-note to give the guy respect. Wouldn't have hurt to get the rhythms right on the notable classic bendy motif on bars 9-11. Thin and shrill vibrato, but Jimmy was kind enough to smile. Big pressure, though, so maybe that was what just came out after the nerves kicked in
Irene costa de oliveira
Joel 8 horas atrás
I’m here in my room crying , that was magical , beautiful .
Rino Rider
Rino Rider 14 dias atrás
5:36 Cover a song in a way that touches the original performers to tears. That does earn a standing ovation. And a deep bow.
Felipe Rodrigues
Felipe Rodrigues 14 dias atrás
Impossível não expressar um sentimento com essa música!! Que cover foda!!!!!
RyF Anos atrás
I've watched this a million times and it never gets old. I'll probably watch it another million times. Ann absolutely killed it, she made Robert Plant cry for christs sake.
Debora Eberhart
Debora Eberhart 13 dias atrás
regina williams
regina williams 3 meses atrás
i lost my son two weeks ago trying to listen to music
RyF Anos atrás
They played the entire song but for some reason they cut some parts out for this video. I bought this song on iTunes and they did indeed play the entire song.
Nicole Ortiz
Nicole Ortiz Anos atrás
They butchered the song! Why did the lob of half of the stanzas? Maybe that's why Plant was crying.
Jaymondo Anos atrás
I only just saw this for the first time - so EPIC.
Nick Castrellon
Nick Castrellon 5 dias atrás
Stairway was how my Dad introduced hard rock to me. Been in love with classic rock amd playing guitar ever since. As of this moment, I'm holding my newborn son and I'm crying my eyes out cause I feel like my Pop is with us. He passed a long time ago but I'm going to share my Dad's favorite music with my son to know who his Granddad was.
Blue Baron Productions
Blue Baron Productions 13 dias atrás
Such a beautiful tribute, this video never gets old. Seeing the faces of Robert Plant, Jimmy Page and John Paul Jones as they watch is incredible. Heart nails it, the song orchestration, the choir ensemble and stage production mind blowing. Jason Bonham simply fabulous. How can you not shed a tear watching this. CRANK IT!
J F 13 dias atrás
My wife just discovered this video a week or so ago. I/we must have watched it 50 times by now. Every time I shed a tear. Wiping them as we speak.
Katy Martin
Katy Martin 22 dias atrás
When you get a thunderous round of applause from the audience and a standing ovation from the band (Led Zeppelin) you really made it in this business! Congrats to Heart!
Monique Soares
Monique Soares Mês atrás
Demais! 👏👏🥰
Jake Godfrey
Jake Godfrey Anos atrás
I imagine this to be the absolute peak of a music career. Sitting atop the balcony of a massive performance hall watching other very talented musicians perform your most classic song while you and your band mates watch, listen, and feel the music, your memories from all past performances form a string of bliss and before you know it you realize what everyone else has known for a long time. This song changed your life.
Anita Thompson
Anita Thompson Anos atrás
@F.E.G. III since you have attended I have a question about the cameras, are they zooming with the lenses or are they on something that's mobile??
SN_25 Anos atrás
This is at the very top of the list of the most poignant description of an youtube video.
spook283 Anos atrás
@No Name growing up in that era i got to see alot of the great rock groups.was a good time i do say.
Tony Stewart
Tony Stewart Anos atrás
Wow beautifully said my friend.
Gabriel Soler
Gabriel Soler Anos atrás
What u said really hits me dude like holy shit just imagine one of us being on the balcony watching our song play like that That right there is the peak of a musician life Just wow
Brutal Alien Videos
Brutal Alien Videos 3 dias atrás
É simplesmente magnífico ver esses 3 juntos apreciando o que eles criaram! A emoção de Robert Plant é simplesmente contagiosa!
Ednaura Batista
Ednaura Batista 15 dias atrás
Simplesmente d+!💓
PDAWG JENKINZ 12 dias atrás
Jimmy's smile through the whole performance says it all. Along with Robert's emotions.
Fred Bentley
Fred Bentley 10 dias atrás
Absolutely ! Watching their expressions is almost, if not as thrilling as the performance !!
Cledimilton Sousa da Silva
Música boa é eterna 👏👏👏👏👏👏
Julie Benjamin
Julie Benjamin 9 meses atrás
The greatest cover of a legendary song....The tears in Robert’s eyes and Jimmy singing along with a smile says it all.
Ed Kowalczyk
Ed Kowalczyk 5 meses atrás
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Ivan Broussdelattre
Ivan Broussdelattre 8 meses atrás
MA GNI FI QUE !!!! 👏👏👏👏
all hail our reptilian overlords
Led zeppelin should be ashamed, they stole that melody from the song Taurus, of the band spirit.
The Templar
The Templar 8 meses atrás
@Erewhon Well as much as we hate things sometimes (such as war, killing, death), one can still look back upon unpleasant memories and get emotional. Hate often turns into a deeper level of understanding. 🙏
Timothy Harrison
Timothy Harrison 8 meses atrás
Oooowwww i luv it. Anazing cover
Furn iture
Furn iture 27 dias atrás
Probably the most emotional clip I've ever seen. I've watched this many times and the rush it lays on me is amazing. Slick, polished and faultless
Christiano Albuquerque
abhishek tiwari
abhishek tiwari 13 horas atrás
I loved this song the moment I heard.. and I am loving this tribute even more ❤️❤️❤️
Fred Bentley
Fred Bentley 10 dias atrás
Every so often I have to come here and see this again ! This performance is so incredible ! I love to see the expressions on the faces of Robert, Jimmy, and John Paul !! You can see how much they are enjoying it. Especially Jimmy Page ! I would love to see the video of all of them getting together back stage or after the performance and see/hear the exchanges ! I can't get enough of this performance!!
Hashi 8 meses atrás
As a guitarist, playing Stairways solo in front of Jimmy Page himself is a terrifying prospect. Hats off to the lead for pulling it off!
Shawn Kow
Shawn Kow 3 meses atrás
That's Sheldon cooper on the 🎸
David Cunningham
David Cunningham 7 meses atrás
@Carl Curtice Yeah - hell of a guitarist in his own right. Was married to Mackenzie Phillips for a while. I had to look twice when I saw him play because it's amazing how much he resembled Jim Parsons! LoL!
Don Gato
Don Gato 7 meses atrás
@George Tropicana that's what your daddy said when you were born.
Barbi Button
Barbi Button 7 meses atrás
@Hashi yeah I think sed to play. Now, I'm all broken bones and cartledge and crookedly healed breaks and fracture from my neck down to my fingers lol
Hashi 7 meses atrás
@Barbi Button you get it
gus galanis
gus galanis 16 dias atrás
This was an iconic performance, one that will always be referenced as the best of the best! To have been in that audience!
Eng. Menegazzi
Eng. Menegazzi 5 dias atrás
Ta loco.... Não me canso de assistir este vídeo. Simplesmente incrível!!!!
Pauline Robinson Art
Pauline Robinson Art 9 dias atrás
Just amazing. Such an honour. Tears in Robert Plant’s eyes.
Michele Huffman
Michele Huffman 22 dias atrás
I can listen to this over and over and over. Magnificent performance and great tribute to these great guys.
James Hama
James Hama 12 dias atrás
Hello Michael how are you doing today
Ziviani Anos atrás
When you perform Stairway to Heaven to Led Zeppelin and bring some tears to their eyes, I think you can call it a job well done.
John Hinsdale
John Hinsdale Anos atrás
@Mark Plant hated how often it was done poorly, to the point where he couldn't play it anymore, but said the Wilson sisters gave his song back to him that night.
KF Flo
KF Flo Anos atrás
@Dawn Has Broken I love Heart too!
Dawn Has Broken
Dawn Has Broken Anos atrás
@Scott Fitzgerald idk...this was pretty epic
Scott Fitzgerald
Scott Fitzgerald Anos atrás
@Dawn Has Broken doesn’t zeppelin play it better
Scott Fitzgerald
Scott Fitzgerald Anos atrás
It was jason bonham that made him cry because now all members of the band were represented
subvertsoundsystem 26 dias atrás
I can't stop coming back to this! Robert Plants face is just a lifetime throughout this song. I don't think anything has ever captivated me like this before. Absolutely amazing and deserves so much attention.
A.León 3 dias atrás
Todo lo que he visto y escuchado, es absoluta rendición a Led Zeppelin. Increíble! Y con ellos de espectadores! No me lo puedo creer! Bravo! Bravo! Bravo!
Monika beki
Monika beki 6 dias atrás
I can watch it again and again and I can’t hold back my tears… it’s so touching… just to look at plants face. You can hear in every single note how much emotion they put into it to make Led Zeppelin proud
Deborah Whetsell
Deborah Whetsell 12 dias atrás
My favorite Led Zeppelin song, or any song for that matter. Have seen the Jason Bonham band twice and they're good, but this version of "Stairway to Heaven" proves it is the best song ever. Thanks to whoever put this together.
Andrew Moore
Andrew Moore 7 dias atrás
It’s heartbreaking to see how this breaks Robert’s heart.
Larry Paul
Larry Paul 5 dias atrás
Make me cry for almost an hour..... Amazing Heart giving the credit to those who inspire generation of music
S C 3 dias atrás
Maybe it's just the visuals and passage of time, but the 1st time I heard this had a greater emotional impact than any time I heard the original.
Carole Franson
Carole Franson 23 dias atrás
The tears flowed again today watching and listening to this. I watched it on TV when it first aired and was blown away! So thankful to have lived during this time of exceptional musicians and performances.
James Hama
James Hama 12 dias atrás
Hello carole how are you doing today
Dennis Cach
Dennis Cach Mês atrás
Listening to this version makes me cry, such a beautiful rendition of one of the most classic songs ever
bababooey42 Mês atrás
Watch this at least once a week. Unreal. Tears every time.
humbledb4jesus Mês atrás
every single time i watch this...
Dimitrios Avouris
Dimitrios Avouris 11 meses atrás
The sheer amount of balls it takes to play a Led Zeppelin cover in front of Led Zeppelin.
Gladys was here.
Gladys was here. Dia atrás
What would you expect from a woman whose middle name is "Dustin." I mean.....?
dzilen 4 dias atrás
I felt like a nervous mother worrying for her child at a talent show 😅
A Zambrano
A Zambrano 7 dias atrás
The first time I heard Crazy On You, I thought it was Led Zepplin. They couldn’t have chosen a better band to honor the Zep than Heart.
mr g
mr g 9 dias atrás
why they were crap live too
Larry Gray
Larry Gray 13 dias atrás
@Vince Heng Shane Fontayne, I doubt that a bad performance would end his guitar career. He probably actually knows the band personally.
branco seixas
branco seixas Mês atrás
O PAI NOSSO do Rock, a mais linda de todos os tempos, imagina o q se passa na cabeça dos integrantes do Led quando ouvem a oração q eles criaram...
Oscar Vaughan
Oscar Vaughan Mês atrás
Tremendo espectáculo se lo mejor banda de todos los tiempos 😷🇵🇦
joshua gilpin
joshua gilpin 20 dias atrás
Jose Mario
Jose Mario 27 dias atrás
Stairway to Heaven é uma obra prima!
Bob Stratton
Bob Stratton 12 dias atrás
I saw this the night it 1st aired on TV. This video still touches my heart. Of course I'm a huge Heart fan but as near to the best rendition as could be. Such a huge tribute to the Zeppelin!
David Linge
David Linge Anos atrás
Robert Plant is choking back his tears the entire performance. Imagine writing a song 50 years ago that is still one of the most beloved songs of all time. What a great video! Thank you so much for sharing!
Glen Cheney
Glen Cheney Anos atrás
@Marcos Rodriguez yes, I heard him say that the words just came together
Rafi Derianto
Rafi Derianto Anos atrás
it was said that robert didn't write it, "something" inside him did
Marcos Rodriguez
Marcos Rodriguez Anos atrás
Not just a song.....but the greatest song ever written...
K31TH3R Anos atrás
At 4:52 onward you really see it hit him when Anne starts pushing her vocal chords into danger territory. That's one vocalist watching another vocalist with no intention of preserving their voice, because she cares more about emphasizing that moment than damaging her dearest instrument. It's one of the most powerful moments in music I've ever seen.
David Linge
David Linge Anos atrás
@tuxillo I was thinking the same thing.
S C 3 dias atrás
No, I'm not crying, Robert Plant is crying. Maybe it's just the visuals and time, but the first time I saw this, it stirred more emotions than I ever had listing to the original.
Louis Dittfeld
Louis Dittfeld Dia atrás
Bro i feel you 10000% im Not a emotional Person but the Look in has eyes was just heartbracking
bison1203 18 dias atrás
The only other voice that could ever do this song justice. This performance never gets old.
Hector LIZAMA ALIAGA 18 dias atrás
Las lágrimas de Robert Plant demuestran que la versión de "Escalera al Cielo" de las hermanas Wilson fue espectacular, me emociona que le rindan honores a nuestros héroes musicales en vida, creo que una piedrita entró a mi ojo.
Héctor Ververa
Héctor Ververa 4 dias atrás
What a powerful performance, the fact that so many legends are clapping to each other at the end just closes it in the highest way possible.
Jasmine Bischof
Jasmine Bischof Anos atrás
This was by far THE MOST emotional, heartfelt tribute. Still gives me chills. It touched Robert so deeply.
Disposable Cynic
Disposable Cynic Anos atrás
@dereksmallsuk Just bore off you tosser
dereksmallsuk Anos atrás
@Tom Tetreau who the fuck is she?
Tom Tetreau
Tom Tetreau Anos atrás
@dereksmallsuk Look at his face.. Negative Nancy..
dereksmallsuk Anos atrás
@Estevan Giongo Pervert
Estevan Giongo
Estevan Giongo Anos atrás
@dereksmallsuk She is rigth. I was there, i was the curtain.
Dene. F.
Dene. F. Dia atrás
I don't even like rock music but that has brought me to tears it was so intense. Amazing and thanks for the upload.
Anna Gaszkowska
Anna Gaszkowska 14 dias atrás
Just randomly found this and God I'm blown away... how beautiful! I can only imagine what the band felt seeing their masterpiece sang so amazingly and with such grace .
diver horned
diver horned Mês atrás
Time passes, their music still shines. Listen to what they have lefr fot generations to come. Classics, modernity and the future. Great!
diver horned
diver horned Mês atrás
@Arnold Potic exactly
Arnold Potic
Arnold Potic Mês atrás
Amazing! The best non-original remake!
lavo 3108
lavo 3108 5 dias atrás
Perfection! If there's only one band to preserve into history, it's Led Zeppelin! If there's only one album to save, it's the fourth! If there's one song, all of them! If there's one live performance, this one! If there's a moment to memorize, it's 4:30!
Andrew Oltmanns
Andrew Oltmanns 9 meses atrás
Just imagine the memories flowing through their minds.
Chao Wingching Hongfingshong PingPangPong
@Conscious Freshness ?
jhova187 8 meses atrás
Lol I wonder if it was a Vietnamisc flashback , all that hard work put in to make this epic song
Messed Up Shit
Messed Up Shit 9 meses atrás
@Conscious Freshness oh god
Conscious Freshness
Conscious Freshness 9 meses atrás
Like when they fucked that lady with a fish and got banned from that hotel for life?
suer4 9 meses atrás
Yup , amazing marathon that they had , it must be magical
CloudzInMyCoffee 6 dias atrás
I just love this performance so much, I return to watch it again & again. Led Zeppelin is my all time favorite rock band , they are legends & so deserving of being honored. 💫💫💫🎵🎵🎵
Tom O'Connell
Tom O'Connell 26 dias atrás
Poor guy misses his best friend. Even after all these years. Doesn’t matter how rich you are, nothing can replace a best friend.
Zevir Anibal Cipriano Jr
Fantástica homenagem, o Robert Plant ficou visivelmente emocionado! Com toda a certeza o Led Zeppelin é uma das maiores bandas de todos os tempos.
m dogg
m dogg 25 dias atrás
Every time I watch this vid, a different emotion grips me. Go to 2:52 and look at the expression on Robert Plant's face. Are the years peeling away, like the layers of an onion, as he listens to an amazing cover of perhaps the greatest rock song ever written? And he was part of it. Led Zeppelin listening to Led Zeppelin. Indeed, all is one, and one is all..... .
Rich Rick
Rich Rick 19 dias atrás
This was in fact, the greatest rock song ever written according to RocknRollAmerica's top 1,000 greatest rock songs of all time. It was listed as number one beating Hey Jude by The Beatles.
MetalizedButt 8 meses atrás
When the amazing Robert plant is teary eyed by your performance of HIS song, and led zeppelin gives you a standing ovation for covering their track, you know you’ve absolutely nailed it
Newton Firefly
Newton Firefly 2 meses atrás
Most people do NOT quite comprehend the situation. This 'tribute' performance and those in attendance is "The SHoOW", "The Dog and Pony Show", "Three Ring Circus" and "Hail to The Chief" all wrapped up into One. The Bow is the ending phrase of the lyrics of the first verse "... and she's buying a Stairway to Heaven." and the ending phrase " she still buying a Stairway to Heaven?". That is Robert Plants' only aspect of the lyrics which are joined of this well syncopated, rhyming set of jumbled and disjointed phrases and verses. The tune from Jimmy Page is the masterpiece of a rock-ballad, ending in a rock, metal solo and the final verse with all of it intricacy, complexity, compound and delightful melodies, originally played for the album version recording using a 12-string acoustic guitar, switching to the electric guitar for the solo and finish [and a background rhythm electric guitar track during the last ballad verse] (Jimmy said he recorded all guitar tracks). Jimmy used his custom dual neck electric, 12-string [upper], 6-string [lower] for live performances, and [from those have seen] he played the solo on the 12-string neck. The rhythm was either another guitarist or often John Paul on keyboard. Sincerely
Andrelius Luz
Andrelius Luz 3 meses atrás
Devlin M
Devlin M 7 meses atrás
Well said.
Hillsane 7 meses atrás
Yo-Yo was feeling it too. Great classical cellist feeling that jam!
Jakub Červinka
Jakub Červinka 7 meses atrás
There isn't a higher bar to top.
Ricledson Barreto
Ricledson Barreto 25 dias atrás
Esse cover entrou para a história..., O olhar emocionado do Robert entrega, rsrs!
Stu Jones
Stu Jones 2 dias atrás
LED ZEP take a bow, pure perfection... no one has or ever will make music like you guys..👌
LiveLikeYouFly 14 dias atrás
100% pure Legends. Fantastic! Thank you for the gift of this song to the world. It changed lives.
Juana Ponce
Juana Ponce 19 dias atrás
Maravilloso, tema eterno que trascendera generaciones. Para los jovencitos de hoy , valoren la buena musica y conozcan a estos semidioses que la crearon y ejecutaron. valgan verdades, este tipo de genios deberían ser inmortales.
Mike Mantle
Mike Mantle Anos atrás
The person responsible for this arrangement deserves an award. Incredible
Paul Bentley
Paul Bentley 8 meses atrás
KutWrite Anos atrás
@Geoffrey F.X. O'Connell: I'm sure the Heart girls had some input, too.
Tom Kochmann
Tom Kochmann Anos atrás
Extra powerful, the brass, the singers, Heart just nailing it. Agreed that it brings one to tears and gives us hope .
Geoffrey F.X. O'Connell
Rob Mathes is the arranger/conductor for this. He did all the Kennedy Center Honors work for years.
Miss Tury
Miss Tury Anos atrás
Agreed. I wonder if that would be something one could google to find out about. I mean who did the arrangement.
Rene Reddmann
Rene Reddmann 16 dias atrás
f#*~ing hell, not even 1 minute in and it gives me goosebumps... but on the more serious side, this performance is an absolutly stunning peace of art. deep respect to all participants, this will last forever
Kevin Worley
Kevin Worley Mês atrás
It never gets old. This is the best rendition of the greatest song& band of all time
Mike Clark
Mike Clark 23 dias atrás
BAM!!! Sure i can get sick of hearing this song, but it can uplift me beyond the heavens too. Brilliant.
Luiz paulo Rosa
Luiz paulo Rosa 16 dias atrás
Falta palavras ... Que apresentação fantástica !!!
Casey M
Casey M 11 meses atrás
Her voice. The hats on the choir. Plant's visible pain remembering Bonham, Jason looking up to his dad...gets me everytime. Every. Time. Chills and tears.
Anthony Powell
Anthony Powell 10 meses atrás
Steve Peterson
Steve Peterson 10 meses atrás
@Dario Cent So, so perfect!
Dario Cent
Dario Cent 10 meses atrás
Totally agree !!!
Jer S
Jer S 10 meses atrás
SOOO with you man!
grumpyotter 11 meses atrás
@Tony England Watching this again I was thinking the same. It wasn't just one thing--it was all of them together that made this into such a great performance. I get chills throughout.
Frederick Green
Frederick Green 3 dias atrás
A great version of one of the greatest rock 'n' roll songs. Thanks.
Citizen Kane001
Citizen Kane001 18 dias atrás
The greatest song ever from the greatest band ever, Jimmy was loving it and Robert was getting teary
Romeu Santos Silva
Romeu Santos Silva 23 dias atrás
Maravilhoso....Que homenagem à Robert.
Bob White
Bob White Mês atrás
I adore this. From the little glints in their eyes to the obvious "wow"s from the original line up. But to me the bit that hit me the most was Roberts hand at around 4:57. You see tiny little movements perfectly in time with the beat and drive of the song. That - to me, anyway - shows he's feeling every bit of it. See, there's tears, but they could just be a natural side effect of decades of being a rock 'n' roll star, but those little tiny gestures prove the music lives within.
Marcelo Garcia
Marcelo Garcia Mês atrás
Ter a certeza de ouvir a maior história de uma banda de rock é realmente coisa de Deus. Amo LED
Marcee Christensen
Marcee Christensen Mês atrás
I don’t know who you are but sometimes people have a soul connection!! I noticed and felt the same thing. So much emotion coming from the group as well as the non verbal signs. I was a high school stoner during the day of this song. Locked in mystical soul connection
Jahangir Chowdhury
Jahangir Chowdhury 11 meses atrás
Every one of the original members enthusiastically endorsed this version. That's the highest possible accolade.
MALCOLM TEXXX 9 meses atrás
@Alex Currie i bet you would've crucified christ... look this version isn't bad, but they did take out one of the most popular verses.
DuzBee 10 meses atrás
@Mr. V. Rose Yes - I said the exact same words and you victimise me for it but when the OP says it you are in support Bahaha. Contradiction much? Well they aren’t going to stand and hate it in front of an audience and on camera are they - think about it. Just take those royalties with that ‘enthusiastic endorsed smile’. At best it was an average attempt of doing a cover, reminiscent of your ability to logically, factually and morally win the argument hahaha
Mr. V. Rose
Mr. V. Rose 10 meses atrás
@DuzBee lol, project much?! First comment: “Enthusiastically endorsed” - as in standing ovation, teary-eyed, smiling, reflective and happy as depicted by their actions in the actual VIDEO! Your comment: “blah, blah, blah....shit.” Your attempts at backstroking and denial are futile! Proof is in the print and video!! ....So thank you for proving me correct in making my self righteous assessment of you spot on. End of debate, Night night!
DuzBee 10 meses atrás
@Mr. V. Rose So angry attack towards me just because I didn’t like the version - wow..... You seem like a sad and unhappy person with your self and life maybe?
DuzBee 10 meses atrás
@Mr. V. Rose Like wise with the original posters comment - speaking on behalf of other people like they know... But you didn’t have a problem with his comment - a bit one sided of you, very biased of you, favouritism as your opinion aligns with his and just because my opinion doesn’t align with yours, you make personal attacks on me. Your character flaws are profound and on display for all too see.
clemens gruber
clemens gruber 20 dias atrás
What a fantastic and emotional performance! Especially as an hommage to John Bonham.
Kenneth Mês atrás
When she rips to be a rock and not to roll - instant goosebumps every time
retrorockit 2 dias atrás
Probably the best live musical performance ever captured of the finest rock band this earth has ever had the pleasure of experiencing.... watching the look on the three remaining masters says it all.....
Willian Wagner da Silva
Maravilhoso...!!!!! Que showww...os caras São demais...❤❤❤
Zane Turner
Zane Turner Anos atrás
What a voice this lady still has. Never get tired of listening to her.
I am A smurf
I am A smurf Anos atrás
@Eddy Mahadi fuck off
Ernesto Ribeiro
Ernesto Ribeiro Anos atrás
ANN "If Voices Could Kill" WILSON
Eddy Mahadi
Eddy Mahadi Anos atrás
Beter then the original
Braup M
Braup M Anos atrás
@Joey Tomato Really speaks to the talent of all of these people. One group creates an amazing piece that millions appreciate for decades. Another not only does it justice, but brings it up to the next level. Anne can make anything sound amazing. Give her something this good, and wow...I had goosebumps. I love hearing great artists performing the works of other greats, bringing their own personality and style.
Joey Tomato
Joey Tomato Anos atrás
Not taking anything away from led... But took this song, kicked it's ass, and made it her own.
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