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We are happy to present you our newest 11 hour Healing Sleep track.
The more rest you get, the stronger your immune system gets. With the delta brainwave state, health improves on all levels - including an extra immunity to sickness. Lack of sleep can affect your immune system. Studies show that people who don't get quality sleep or enough sleep are more likely to get sick after being exposed to a virus, such as a common cold virus. Lack of sleep can also affect how fast you recover if you do get sick.
In this track Binaural beats were mixed subtly and periodically to target the Delta Waves. (continuous binaural beats sounds tend to saturate the ears leading to headhacke). Delta brainwaves, mimicking the sleep state, allow you to rejuvenate both your mind and body, regenerating the needed chemicals you up use while awake.
Although not mandatory, headphones usually provide a better listening experience, experiment with what works best for you, headphones or common speakers.
Since many of our subscribers use these type of tracks for sleeping, we've decided to fade the video to a black screen after 10 min.
The black screen after 10 minutes will reduce the amount of light on some devices to emphasize a relaxing environment.
Let us know what you think in the comments below! Enjoy my friends, Peace
We’re devoted to grow a place where you can return whenever you need to relax and heal.
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22 Jan 2020



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Nu Meditation Music
Nu Meditation Music 2 meses atrás
Given the current situation in which we live caused by COVID19, we have doubled our effort to write healing sleep music. We have based our music on recent scientific studies that demonstrate the benefits of binaural beats on sleep quality and the immune system. These studies published in the "US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health" can be found at the following links. "A Novel Insight of Effects of a 3-Hz Binaural Beat on Sleep Stages During Sleep" "Sleep stages and other sleep parameters indicated that the 3-Hz binaural beat on a 250-Hz carrier tone can be potentially used to modulate sleep stage. Shortened N2 duration, extended N3 duration, and shortened N3 latency were presented after receiving the 3- Hz binaural beat on a 250-Hz carrier tone during sleep. Furthermore, the results also suggested that an auditory stimulus can be used to modulate sleep stage without disturbing sleep, which is in agreement with some studies on auditory pathways and sleep. " "The Sleep-Immune Crosstalk in Health and Disease" "Several experimental studies in animals and humans show that manipulation of sleep can affect a wide array of immune parameters, including leukocyte migration and distribution, cytokine production, leukocyte activity and proliferation, antibody levels, complement activation, expression of cell adhesion molecules, and immune -related genes. It is therefore not surprising that sleep influences infection outcome." We will be publishing all these new tracks on the following playlist Please share it with everyone!! Peace
BereNice Gomez
BereNice Gomez 2 dias atrás
Alguien que me traduzca lo que dice el autor sobre esta música por favor. Graciaa
The Donald#1
The Donald#1 2 dias atrás
u mean the wuhan china hoax bill gates and media attempted world takeover ya
Boyet Sevilla
Boyet Sevilla 2 dias atrás
Gloria Chang
Gloria Chang 2 dias atrás
1 TRY // 1 GO
1 TRY // 1 GO 3 dias atrás
@Student Time 🤗💜
Patricia Serrano
Patricia Serrano 9 horas atrás
Desejo a todos boas vibrações e saúde. Que Deus nos ilumine, nos guarde e nos acompanhe...
Reina Way
Reina Way 11 horas atrás
Estas ondas musicales me han ayudado en muchos problemas y estar sanando de la pérdida de 2 hermanas muy buenas
ドキSomeone 2124ドキ
To anyone reading this, this was a terrifying thing that happen to me before. My gf was having a panic attack, feeling sick and was having a migraine at the same time, so what I did was go and get water for her and medicine for her head because she was having a migraine, so I took care of her and when she took the medicine wich made her really sleep I told her she needs rest, and I was looking for relaxing or Zenful music to put, and came across this video, and it helped a lot, and she has chose this music/sounds to relax to when she's feeling stressed out too and I too listen to this music too, so thank you for this music and God bless everyone, hope everyone is safe too during this pandemic time, stay safe everyone.
Boyet Sevilla
Boyet Sevilla 2 dias atrás
MissDay Rg
MissDay Rg 3 dias atrás
Indo 😴
Sue Parton
Sue Parton 3 dias atrás
Thank you for your beautiful music xxx
ooqniq oralq
ooqniq oralq 3 dias atrás
Avril roxalia Olivares perez
Que bonito 👏👏👏👏❤🇲🇽👍
Sharifa Ellis
Sharifa Ellis 4 dias atrás
May you know peace May you be healed May you know the beauty in your own true nature May you be a source of strength to others. Love, light and peace to all💛🙏🏽
Paloma Chevalier-Starvaski
Thank u very much. I love this video. Can u make more ? But only with very black screens? I would like to sleep listening them.
B G 4 dias atrás
Thank you for screen fading 🙏
David Romero
David Romero 4 dias atrás
Here from Argentina...desde argentina!! Me ayuda a relajarme y conciliar el sueño...
Lissette Hashimoto
Lissette Hashimoto 4 dias atrás
Anoche encontré este binaural, de todos los que vengo escuchando y buscando al fin lo siento como quería sentirlo. Gracias.
SOLDIER OF CHRIST 5 dias atrás
Jesus Christ is the only way out of this satanic prison planet matrix.
Marilou Strider
Marilou Strider 5 dias atrás
Relaxing, calming, healing and being well.
LaTashia Moore
LaTashia Moore 5 dias atrás
Turned this on for my dad who is currently in Hospice from Leukemia right here with me. Hoping he has a peaceful nights sleep. At this point his Morphine only touches the surface of how deep his pain is. Cancer is such a ugly illness. Bless you for this
Brigitte HERMELIN 5 dias atrás
Restons unis dans ces temps difficiles. Courage, force et que la paix soit avec vous. De tout cœur !
Beatriz Parada
Beatriz Parada 5 dias atrás
que bello gracias !!
Justin B
Justin B 6 dias atrás
I'm trying to go to sleep!
Nilda Rosillon
Nilda Rosillon 6 dias atrás
Es muy agradable y relajante trasmite paz y tranquilidad gracias por sus atenciones
J&P PARIS TV 6 dias atrás
I friend I just show you some love please do the same
Frank Blankenbaker
Frank Blankenbaker 8 dias atrás
Thank you!
Prithvi Setty
Prithvi Setty 8 dias atrás
111 Give 111 likes.
magda tito
magda tito 8 dias atrás
Gracias Dios y gracias por pensar en las demás personas Dios los bendiga, estoy combatiendo voy por cinco días me ayuda mucho mil gracias desde Perú
Esmeralda Conceicao
Esmeralda Conceicao 9 dias atrás
If you play this combined with Nu Meditation Native American Sleep: canyon flute & nocturnal canyon sounds, it's even more beautiful.
Goranko Ilić
Goranko Ilić 9 dias atrás
Nice musicand pictures!
EPII SPEI 9 dias atrás
Beautiful and peaceful music.
F H 9 dias atrás
ket 👽
Debra Vanzant
Debra Vanzant 10 dias atrás
Playing this while my brother is dying....
Brigitte HERMELIN 4 dias atrás
With you very sincerly
Debra Vanzant
Debra Vanzant 10 dias atrás
Very calming 😊❣️
zarlet1 11 dias atrás
I am sending healing energy to my mom and my step dad who have covid. They are healing 💕💕💕
Estela Duarte
Estela Duarte 11 dias atrás
Tengo. Dónde vivo .5d...destruye....
R O U S E 12 dias atrás
Sólo déjate guiar con la hermosa y cómoda sensación que provoca esta canción, deja que cada trazo entre en lo más profundo de tu ser permitiendo que de una vez puedas renacer, como si cada partícula de tu ser sanara todo lo que hay dentro de ti... cabe decir que confíes en el universo, que si estás pasando por un mal momento y llegaste a este nivel de músico terapia entonces deja tu destino en las manos de el universo... pronto serás escuchado y si algo no sale como esperabas es que aún no era el momento, solo cálmate, relaja toda esa tensión y deja que esta melodía aniquile él insomnio, aniquile todas las energías negativas que tenían el fin de apoderarse de tu ser... Y que más hermosa coincidencia numérica, esa en la que perfectamente la melodía dura 11:11 :11 Esto significa, en la númerologia... que escuches al universo, siempre confía en el, créeme tu destino ya está escrito, el de todos los está.🌌 gracias por llegar hasta aquí... Te deseo tanta suerte como necesites y recuerda que la meditación es una gran decisión si te sientes mal. Medita mientras escuchas estas melodías 💫🌟🌺
Станислав Антипов
אורנה נעמה בקלש
משך השיר הוא: 11:11 :11 וואו
Eduardo brinde
Eduardo brinde 15 dias atrás
Fiz um comentários aqui e se alguém quiser trocar experiências e conversar sobre a ansiedade isso ajuda. Minha rede social é. Facebook: Eduardo Brinde Instagram: @eduardobrinde Vocês conseguem me achar pra trocar experiências e assim um tentar ajudar o outro. Bora transmitir enérgia positiva no mundo. Abraços 🙏🏼
Eduardo brinde
Eduardo brinde 15 dias atrás
Sou do Brasil - São Paulo - Zona Leste - Vila Prudente. Posso afirmar, de todos os sons para relaxar e encontrar a Paz interior para ter uma boa noite de sono, esse foi o único entre tantos que funcionou de fato. Gratidão aos idealizadores e empenho em obter um som perfeito. Gratidão a todo o universo que conspiram ao nosso favor, que a Saúde, Paz e AMOR estejam com todos nesse momento que estamos passando. Sejamos forte, se puder nos alimentar bem, beber bastante água, e nao ver tantas notícias na TV, isso ajuda muito a não ter mais ansiedades, noticias negativas atrapalham na recuperação da ansiedades. Vejam coisas mais agradáveis, ja sabemos o suficientes o que esta acontecendo no Brasil e no muno e ver todos os dias notícias de que morreu mais e mais não faz bem, as pessoas esquecem que outras também se curam desse vírus, mas quase não vemos notícias assim, so números. O que mostram é qur em 24hs se foi tantos. Vamos emanar mais enérgia positivas. Deus esteja com todos. Amém 🙇🏻‍♂️🙏🏼🙌🏻💆🏻‍♂️
Deeply Change
Deeply Change 15 dias atrás
j'adore ta chaine tu m'a inspiré pour crée la mienne
t k
t k 15 dias atrás
masked covid-19 citizens banding together in times of need time to feed the hungry shelter the homeless free the weak to become strong remove power from abusive tyrannical dictators, presidents, and harmful zealots restore and replenish Earth's sacred gifts We are the masked bandits now refitting our neural pathways by simply laying our hearts upon our beleaguered planets' altar of Love
Don Saxon
Don Saxon 16 dias atrás
I awoke at 5am to get ready for work..its a bit too early for this because I must drive a total of 256 miles on my route...but 12 hours from now when I'm home and relaxing with my dogs, I will enjoy this peaceful music...and make plans to buy me a telescope
Rita Daniels
Rita Daniels 16 dias atrás
I want to say your have a good night everybody 💤✌️😴
Thamirys Tonioli
Thamirys Tonioli 16 dias atrás
Thank you for this. It’s really helpful! Sending healing vibes to the world in this difficult times we are all going through. Be safe all 🙏✨
Randy Smith
Randy Smith 16 dias atrás
Sleep is too good for the immune system, now turn your phone off and got bed, NOW
Noemia Lopes
Noemia Lopes 16 dias atrás
Flavio A.C. Losada
Flavio A.C. Losada 18 dias atrás
YHWH bless and guides us all keeping us safe.
David M
David M 18 dias atrás
Look to the majestic light we are all part of.
Drewfhak 18 dias atrás
I cried while I was listening to it. Thanx for taking out those feelings from the bottom of my heart.
Tomàs Moreno
Tomàs Moreno 18 dias atrás
Muchas gracias por tu ayuda
Luv 2 Medit8
Luv 2 Medit8 18 dias atrás
Very nicely done. We enjoyed it very much. Keep up the great work.
Bernadete Cruz
Bernadete Cruz 18 dias atrás
Consegui dormir direto depois de dias de insônia, muito obrigada. Deus abençoe
guadalupe carranza
guadalupe carranza 19 dias atrás
Prayers please it's slot of health issues ... Dry nose eyes and ears... Gerd... psoriasis... hernia... Panic attacks and more... It's torture 😟
Brigitte HERMELIN 4 dias atrás
I hope you feel better now. I pray for you and all who suffer in these difficult times.
Tulio Henrique
Tulio Henrique 19 dias atrás
Sou de Minas Gerais q as energias positivas tragam paz paz
mara christina vilas boas
We are all conected! God bless you all! Gos blesses us in Brazil 🙇
Micah Jeff
Micah Jeff 19 dias atrás
I’m so glad to hear all of the love and support in the comments. It gives me so much hope that this world still has good in it! Sometimes it seems so far away but thanks to everyone here I’m am reassured that I still have something to fight for! Thanks everyone and God bless all! ✌️❤️☀️
Yhojan Garcia Oficial
Yhojan Garcia Oficial 19 dias atrás
hola from colombia sigamen y los sigo Dios lOs Bendiga en cualqueiro parte mundo
Aaron Truth TV
Aaron Truth TV 19 dias atrás
Now meditated for 9 hours on this.. thank you.
CL Tran
CL Tran 19 dias atrás
11:11 :11 💙
CRS Dream Meditation Music
Thank you♥️♥️♥️
Brí Akílah
Brí Akílah 20 dias atrás
Didn't even realize I was falling peaceful & calming! Anyways, I saw 11:11 :11 & had to click on this video 🙏🏽✨
Tena Jenkins
Tena Jenkins 20 dias atrás
11 11 11 I was sent here💤💤💤💤💤 🙏🏽 Thank you
mustofa kamal
mustofa kamal 20 dias atrás
awal tanggal bulan gravitasi air laut dari barat
- hanmom tv - Qigong & Pain Relief
Sound has really power. I never doubt the immense ability. But sadly we live in a world that has too much sound and noise all around us. Sometimes we just want to hear singing birds, passing breeze, and flowing stream. Or, just the sound that is coming from our own body and mind~
Thalita Tata
Thalita Tata 22 dias atrás
Que Deus seja conosco nesta quarentena mundial...Que Deus abençoe cada um que estiver lendo este comentário, e salve sua casa e sua família... pensamento positivo Sempre! Fé , paz ,amor, esperança e cura aos enfermos !🙏🇧🇷
Carmen Gonzalezperez
Carmen Gonzalezperez 22 dias atrás
Gracias. 🦉🦉🙋✌️💋💋🇪🇸🐦🐦👍
massimo m
massimo m 22 dias atrás
Michelle Suhar
Michelle Suhar 23 dias atrás
Thanks for such wonderful videos. I sleep through the night now and have started dreaming again after years of not being able to due to traumatic experience . ❤️
Cesar Videla
Cesar Videla 24 dias atrás
Excelente música, es realmente relajante, la uso mucho en mis ejercicios de meditación por las mañanas. Gracias por esto..!!!
decorive sol
decorive sol 24 dias atrás
Mui buena i sanadora,,,,para el coronavirus!!!!
The Love SHEET
The Love SHEET 24 dias atrás
अगर सच में रोग-प्रतिरोधक क्षमता को बढ़ाता है तो इस Music को कोरोनावायरस से लड़ने के लिए सभी देशों में सुनाना चाहिए , कोई Time fix कर के सभी देशों में इस धुन को एक साथ हर रोज साउंड लगा कर Full volume में बजाया जाय ऐसे में सभी देशों के लोगों कि प्रतिरोधक क्षमता बढ़ेगी सायद , और कोरोनावायरस से जल्द ही काबू पा लिया जा सकता है ,
BatiYah B
BatiYah B 24 dias atrás
I love this so much. What hertz is this?
Jack_oi 666
Jack_oi 666 25 dias atrás
Y notic that the time on this is 11.11.11
Captain America
Captain America 25 dias atrás
Good song
Manuella Silva Cachos
Manuella Silva Cachos 25 dias atrás
Esculto sempre pra dormir e reforçar meu sistema imunológico, durmo como um bebê 👶 obrigado 🙏 gratidão Deus abençoe vocês q enviaram pra nois essa linda música, gratidão 🙏 universo
FICA EM CASA. Bjoss🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🥰
Sapphire Splash
Sapphire Splash 26 dias atrás
11:11 :11 Good job
patti mcnab
patti mcnab 26 dias atrás
thank you
Cindy Sellers
Cindy Sellers 26 dias atrás
This is beautiful. This is how I fall asleep. Just talkin to God and we listen to this.
eric axson
eric axson 26 dias atrás
Hola. Buenas con esta música tuve contacto en mi mente con alienígenas 👽 solo los veía en lo profundo de mi mente em blanco 👽 aún no lo puedo creer 👽
Benedito Cesar Isidoro Marcelino da Silva
Karla S
Karla S 27 dias atrás
Thank you
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