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A former military operative comes out of retirement to take on a new mission, but a lot’s changed since he’s been gone.

About Key & Peele:
Key & Peele showcases the fearless wit of stars Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele as the duo takes on everything from "Gremlins 2" to systemic racism. With an array of sketches as wide-reaching as they are cringingly accurate, the pair has created a bevy of classic characters, including Wendell, the players of the East/West Bowl and President Obama's Anger Translator.

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22 Ago 2019



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Comentários 5 057
Jordan K
Jordan K 10 horas atrás
Wait, they have Cylons now?
Lorenzo von Matterhorn
Decker is a gift that keeps on giving :)
prismm xx
prismm xx Dia atrás
Ok Boomer
Snort Wassabi
Snort Wassabi Dia atrás
Military specialist is by far the best sketches they've done
WhooFlungPoo 2 dias atrás
Mr Shimu
Mr Shimu 2 dias atrás
Decker surviving headshot is real ...OG!!
Tara Brooks
Tara Brooks 2 dias atrás
O Quoth n ube j CA 8 0
Super Saiyan Alex PWR
Super Saiyan Alex PWR 3 dias atrás
If have a hallow gram keyboard is just as cool as this
afrosoko 3 dias atrás
I like Decca. I hope there can be more skits of him
قناة ماهر maher channel
So many funny things in this short video to mention
crazybiscuithead 4 dias atrás
I’d act the same way if I seen this for the first time lol
Fakhrul Angah Anwar
Fakhrul Angah Anwar 4 dias atrás
Decker gonna likes Wakanda
AC2 4 dias atrás
Key and peele just reposting all their old skits ....🤦‍♂️lame
AC2 4 dias atrás
This skit is old af ? Why is everybody acting like this is new......
AC2 Dia atrás
@Zachary Thomas call it how i see it *"you're"* a sheep...get out of my comment section already bro ...and I'm pretty sure you haven't done shit in your life but respond to peoples comments SMH🤦‍♂️ ... *"you're"* the one that needs help if my comments bother you sooo much , and *"you're"* the one that needs help if a simple misspelling bothers you soo much🤔
Zachary Thomas
Zachary Thomas Dia atrás
@AC2 If you're going to act like a child and insult me, at least spell correctly. You meant to say "you're" as in you are, no "your" as in showing ownership. It is hilarious; despite the fact that I know what the Mandela effect is, I give another logical reason for the enjoyment of the video. You on the other hand, write it off as impossibility and infer that the ONLY possible reason is the Mandela effect. If that doesn't sound completely insane to you then you need to get some help. Oh and lastly, I guarantee I've done more to fight the beast system during my life than you. Instead of needlessly insulting people on youtube like you, I actually got things done at the grass roots when you were probably still attending the public fool system.
AC2 Dia atrás
@Zachary Thomas your a sheep bro...wake up a little
Zachary Thomas
Zachary Thomas Dia atrás
@AC2 yeah and? I watch key and peele all the time but missed this one too.... it happens... just like south park or old simpsons, etc. dont read too far into it
AC2 Dia atrás
@Zachary Thomas majority of these people think it never existed until a couple months ago
dasean mordgin
dasean mordgin 4 dias atrás
4 all u morons that didn't get tha coffee joke, technology has evolved so much since tha #coldwar...what,with holograms & all. He (@decker) was drinking "ICED COFFEE",thus da reason IV his last statement!! #keepupLOL
Villy 4 dias atrás
What is the name of the actress, she is so familiar.
sxmurai beats
sxmurai beats 2 dias atrás
Villy she’s a live version of Sonya Blade
Jenna’s Aesthetic
Jenna’s Aesthetic 5 dias atrás
Oh my god a snit I’ve never seen???? *What is this???*
Dr. Strange
Dr. Strange 5 dias atrás
FighterCK 5 dias atrás
Decker and Jimenez on the same side? Bad guys beware...
Bboy SolidusSnake
Bboy SolidusSnake 5 dias atrás
Bruh, funniest part was when he said tometo tometo, the exact pronunciation 😂😂😂
Cristi Lazar
Cristi Lazar 5 dias atrás
"In my day we made coffee hot" :)))
SidSid B
SidSid B 6 dias atrás
Jazzo Vogel
Jazzo Vogel 6 dias atrás
Zooming into the interior killed me so bad. He thought he was going through a wormhole. 😂😂😂
Extremely Memely
Extremely Memely 6 dias atrás
flaminanuses 7 dias atrás
I don't give a fuck about your war or your president.
Luke Lukas
Luke Lukas 7 dias atrás
Hussein Hassan
Hussein Hassan 8 dias atrás
Decker's other alias is Jimenez. Jimenez always survives headshots.
Kanley West
Kanley West 8 dias atrás
When Airforce tries to work with the Army in the future.
Craigslist Reply
Craigslist Reply 9 dias atrás
then later on agent jackson becomes lucifer's mom and works with another decker
Nicholas Bryson
Nicholas Bryson 9 dias atrás
He looks like the wizard from Shazam.
Pablo Escobar
Pablo Escobar 9 dias atrás
Avengers Endgame copied this and made Thor exactly like Decker.
Justin Galenzoga
Justin Galenzoga 10 dias atrás
He killed Charlotte Richards
Antee Matter
Antee Matter 10 dias atrás
Binge watching K&P is hard on the face muscles!
Sim Climie
Sim Climie 10 dias atrás
Quincy 10 dias atrás
When i heard decker the first thing i thought of was Lucifer😭
jamarr jordan
jamarr jordan 11 dias atrás
Him and mcgruber should make a movie!
Matt D
Matt D 12 dias atrás
I lost it at the coffee part lmao that came out of nowhere
Milk 12 dias atrás
Agent Jackson looks familiar.
Jeffrrey Eligue
Jeffrrey Eligue 12 dias atrás
He's still alive even though he was shot on the head.
Theophilus Akhimie
Theophilus Akhimie 12 dias atrás
"Ain't my first rodeo" and hot coffee burning in his mouth.😆😄🤣😂😅
Moe Moe
Moe Moe 12 dias atrás
Decker lol THE COLD WAR !
Bennasir Hayudini
Bennasir Hayudini 13 dias atrás
Tomato tomato
Danny Faumuina-Liu
Danny Faumuina-Liu 13 dias atrás
When A Caveman Discovers Fire
Kerry McIntyre
Kerry McIntyre 13 dias atrás
Press '7' shit got me dyin XD
SwampKid 13 dias atrás
I was dead at 2:32. Totally dead lol.
Christopher Willey
Christopher Willey 14 dias atrás
Peele’s delivery is awesome! “Papa’s a big boy.”
Trippy 4life
Trippy 4life 14 dias atrás
Tomato tomato 😂😂😂😭😭
Martin Turon
Martin Turon 15 dias atrás
Not sure if he's being Snake Plissken, Nick Nolte or Mickey Rourke, but I love it.
Firty Sumtin
Firty Sumtin 15 dias atrás
save the mouth squirt😂
Mystery Wheelgunner
Mystery Wheelgunner 15 dias atrás
When Big Boss goes to sleep, he checks underneath the bed for Decker.
Ed Lamont
Ed Lamont 15 dias atrás
He may be antiquated but goddamnit if he’s not the best we got.... we’re fucked
Zeus Pluchino
Zeus Pluchino 15 dias atrás
I want to believe he actually did know she was from Arachnid, and he really does now what he's doing.
Darwin Carlitho
Darwin Carlitho 15 dias atrás
0:54 when windows defender bastard auto deletes keygen as a virus
Zamrey Badaruzaman
Zamrey Badaruzaman 16 dias atrás
make a movie pleasee!!
Saboth 16 dias atrás
Notice on the screen it's pointing to the coffee in his hand and says "CAUTION - HOT" but he ignores it.
lukisnootis 16 dias atrás
looks like the old man in shazaam
Balerionthedread 17 dias atrás
So decker is actually Scooby doo irl
unknown user2
unknown user2 17 dias atrás
Love Tricia
Unnamed Player
Unnamed Player 18 dias atrás
Number 6 still the master of infiltration.
Ray 18 dias atrás
How come I haven't already seen this Key & Peele skit why ?
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