He Was WARNED Not to Talk Trash...But Didn't Listen!

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He Was WARNED Not to Talk Trash...But Didn't Listen!

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13 Mai 2020



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I have a personal story to share with Drazen. I was a young prospect back then, played in junior team of Cibona Croatian champion, where Drazen used to play. After a summer practice, our couch says: ok guys, you're shooting 3s and the one who wins, stays at an additional practise. We were like, wtf? But I won anyway, I was really good back then. Next thing I know, Drazen walks onto the court, introduces himself and we spent 2 hours in practice. Everything he did, I had to do to. 25 free throws Drazen, 25 free throws me, with Drazen passing me the ball. It was unreal. Oh, and did I mention this was when he was already a huge Nets star and he was in Zagreb on "vacation". Every day he spent in practise. That's how motivated he was. Thanks for this video @Cosgrove, made me cry.
Damn, I hadn’t heard of him and am not much of a basketball enthusiast but this was an exciting reel! Then it hit me like a ton of bricks when it was revealed that his life was cut short in an accident. Totally knocked the wind out of my sails. RIP Drazen.
I remember Petrovic clearly. I was 17 when he passed away. Living in NJ and going to Nets games Drazen was 1 of the only stars on the team. He gave real hope to us winning. He was an actual Star and he shined blindingly bright if only for a short time. Cant forget a guy like that. RIP Drazen.
As a native Portlander, I am ashamed at how poorly we treated Drazen. May God forgive us!
He had an apartment in Hackensack, NJ, during the season and I often had breakfast with him at a local diner. He would always sit at a table away from any TV set because there was a terrible war going on in his Country and he couldn't bear to watch. He was a wonderful man, soft spoken and respectful.
May Drazen Petrovic never be forgotten. What a legend he was. Another one taken too soon.
@AngelAffinity18 2 anos atrás
Died young, but still managed to immortalize himself into the basketball history. That deserves respect.
Growing up in NJ and going to Nets games, I quickly became a Drazen fan. I remember this 1 game he scored every OT point in a Nets win and on the way out I purchased his jersey...the 1st one I ever owned. I'll never forget listening to the radio while laying in bed and hearing the news of his death when I was 15. Never thought you could be emotionally connected to someone you've never met, but I cried my eyes out that day. You were one of the best basketball players I've ever seen Drazen and I love you for playing hard and never taking it for granted. Thanks for the memories 😢 ❤️
Dude was a Savant, WELL AND TRUELY ahead of his time, We see what guards were doing in 2018-2019, splitting doubles, running around screens to get open threes, being one of the toughest to guard at the rim, and applied it in an era known as the Big Man era. You can’t take anything away from him.
It's a shame I didn't know about Drazen Petrovic until he died. Thanks for this video laying out this historical tribute to his talent, his fighting spirit, and the Euro legacy he brought to the NBA.
@patrik8736 21 dia atrás
Much respect for Drazen and his ability to not back down and to play the game he loved. His energy, confidence, mindset, and work ethic is something we all can appreciate. Definitely another great talent gone to soon!
Growing up in Chicago I was a huge NBA fan going back to before Jordan played in the NBA. I got to see Jordan play live and also watched every game on tv. I watched those games that Drazen played against the Bulls and Jordan plus any other games Drazen played in that were broadcast nationally. He was a true superstar and not only the best European player I have ever seen but, simply one of the best NBA players I have ever watched. At the end of the season before he died I remember thinking, wow wait till next year, he will be a marquee player. It’s such a shame that he lost his life so young. The NBA not only lost a great player but a great ambassador to the game. The only other players that I have seen play with the same heart and determination were Jordan and Larry Bird and Kobe. What a huge loss, Rest In Peace.
@JeremyThompson1978 2 anos atrás
I was a 15-years-old growing up in a Chicago suburb when Petro died. I'll never forget the immense sadness that I felt. Petro was fearless and obliterated the myth that Euro players were soft and couldn't play in the NBA. He will always be a legend!
Drazen! ...I hated him for what he did to Italian teams he played against, but, when he died I cried like I had lost one of my family. We miss you!
Dražen Petrovič was probably the best European Basketball player of all time. I can not stress enough how good this guy was. He was a basketball giant! So sad he passed so soon. What a legend! I'm from Slovenia and we have Luka Dončič now who's walking in his steps but when Dražen was playing with Cibona [his team from Croatia] in the 80s, I watched all their games in the Euro League. They had great duels and legendary finals against Žalgiris and their Sabonis from Lithuania. Sabonis also went to NBA. That was some peak Euro basket at that time. I think at that time Euro basket differed in style more from the U.S. than it does today in a sense that it was harder for Euro players to adapt, but Dražen was all about taking challenges. He was so good! Btw - Croatia in 1992 also had Kukoc and Radja. I think Radja also played in the NBA. Their team back then was certainly #2 in the World at that time. It was no coincidence they ended up in the final, but the dream Team back then was on another level - they should've just went play some intergalactic matches against some Alien basketball team because they were just too strong for anyone here at that time :D :D
I'm not even a basketball fan and I enjoyed this video immensely. It's fascinating to see 2 people so skilled and so competitive to one another that it left us all spellbound. Rest in peace Drazen.
I was addicted to Basketball at this time. I would never miss a Bulls game. I used to take days off school "sick" just to watch a replay if I missed the game that night. I have to be honest, I can barely remember Drazen. However, this video shows he was loved and respected. RIP.
Being a North American I was excited when he came to the NBA but very few had heard of him. I knew of him from following European basketball and the battles he had against Galis of Aris and Greece as their battles for euro championships were legendary. Drazen was a fearless legend and top 50 all time player 100%
@mattsims8281 Anos atrás
Drazen was a beast! Imagine the mental toughness you needed to have to go tit for tat with MJ and not break. Now, imagine facing MJ with the Dream Team and still thinking "we have a chance, boys!" and he played like it. Guy was fearless AF!
A completely wonderful player, incredible shooter. He played in Spain, Real Madrid team. Same as Fernando Martin, they both died in car accidents and we were very sad for it. Petrovic was practically unstoppable in the basketball court.
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