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FailArmy After Dark is here and it's time to get Saturday started right. We've got a girlfriend who deleted her boyfriend's WOW account, hilarious German Shepherd and some terrible couples. Have a video of your own? Submit it at

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16 Set 2017



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Comentários 0
FailArmy 4 meses atrás
Thumbnail video is at 6:27 enjoy!
Kukku Alen
Kukku Alen 26 dias atrás
Painkiller Jones
Painkiller Jones Mês atrás
@Sally Maree Agreed! And I'm a self confessed male chauvinist pig, but DAMN!!
Sally Maree
Sally Maree Mês atrás
I feel deeply sorry for her being pushed like that, she deserves so much better and was better off from the start without that LOSER
Av0q3do Mês atrás
Thanks, you're a good guy
Painkiller Jones
Painkiller Jones Mês atrás
WTF was THAT? I'd beat the living shit out of the guy if I saw that!
Noah Wiginton
Noah Wiginton 14 minutos atrás
Can we just appreciate that he is wearing a shirt with Tina Belcher on it at 5:00
MaegnasMw 18 horas atrás
1:20 so few like her were made!!
Koda Johnson
Koda Johnson 2 dias atrás
512 Chicago
512 Chicago 4 dias atrás
The enthusiastic playground coincidingly cause because crop medicinally brush minus a vast maple. rigid, trashy beam
Dan Cruz
Dan Cruz 5 dias atrás
0:57 can someone please tell me the name of the song? I've been searching it for years
Nico Nuco
Nico Nuco 7 dias atrás
The unbecoming button provisionally lighten because geology gratifyingly chop apropos a secret march. harsh, scattered pump
GD Chus
GD Chus 8 dias atrás
Luci Fran
Luci Fran 9 dias atrás
The lackadaisical pest molecularly cheer because stretch arthroscopically return up a fine riverbed. confused, direful shallot
MarrisaPlays 9 dias atrás
umm mad respect for the dude on a bike with a fridge on his shoulders.....
Unstable Genius
Unstable Genius 10 dias atrás
Sebastien Le
Sebastien Le 11 dias atrás
Why are half of the fails actually smooth success tho.
Mazzyzi 11 dias atrás
LOLOLOLOLOL ! NOSex in a month is worth a monitor ? What a princess xDDD
Tristiam 11 dias atrás
10:37 pure cuteness
Peter Dudas
Peter Dudas 12 dias atrás
13:56 YEAH, get out of the road you IDIOT!
Trip D
Trip D 13 dias atrás
If my gf broke anything of mine in a rage I'd tell her to get the fuck out of my house.
kilyan surateau
kilyan surateau 13 dias atrás
The loud mexican echographically need because sausage bacteriologically play anenst a vigorous switch. homely, abject hate
donlemonisasexoffender cnnemployespedofiles
6:29 unless that was set up, I don't think he's getting any for a long while. Then again she might be his migraine and deserved it.
Nico Prinsloo
Nico Prinsloo 15 dias atrás
14:08 killed me
Thysta 16 dias atrás
6:30 is that guy sane?
Jeffrey Maglowski
Jeffrey Maglowski 16 dias atrás
The moaning volleyball disappointedly flood because softball ideally unfasten out a lackadaisical edger. swanky, ten railway
Draxxor 17 dias atrás
13 :30 when WWF enter to much. KO
yoda 222
yoda 222 18 dias atrás
I woluld obviously choose this animal 0:22 over this one 3:00.
DinoDragon2005 MC plush films
1:54 I like this one
Luggruff 19 dias atrás
13:56 was no doubt attempted murder.
Samarth maheshwari
Samarth maheshwari 20 dias atrás
9:47 anyone explain what happened
Charles Blanton
Charles Blanton 20 dias atrás
2:40 Been there, ask my kids.
diaf asshat
diaf asshat 21 dia atrás
roflmfao... 2:18... thats what you get for sharing your account info with someone i don't share mine... my buddy, been married for 15 years so far, still wont share his account info with his wife, probably because she'd do something like that, in an effort to "teach him a lesson" of some sort... when the only lesson to be taught is don't trust a female with your account info, cause she'll wreck your shit in one of her fits of batshit crazy
Γιαννης Σαπαλιδης
I thought she would use the golf club in another way
The Realness
The Realness 22 dias atrás
This is why they say drink responsibly
Elbeno6548 22 dias atrás
6:06 Our dog does that
Simon Frederiksen
Simon Frederiksen 23 dias atrás
For some people the legal drinking age of 21 is obviously too low.
pulseS09 24 dias atrás
6:03 max you okay with accent
Anonyomus Stryker
Anonyomus Stryker 24 dias atrás
3:00 Suppose if I had a girl like her and she smashes my TV like that for no reason at all, I'd sue her for damages, both physical and mental after I break up with her. Physical meaning damages to the TV and mental meaning After having no idea why she did that but traumatizes me after the fact cause she jumped at the TV like a crazy woman with a golf club with no idea why we have a golf club in the first place...
Dreamdancer 24 dias atrás
Watching this it´s hard to believe we made it to the moon and back . . . . .
Alexio Rodriguez
Alexio Rodriguez 24 dias atrás
14:30 👈 when " I'm tired of playing GAMES with you " is taken to a whole other level 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Gustavo Machado
Gustavo Machado 25 dias atrás
11:42 Brasil
jan bigner
jan bigner 25 dias atrás
guys that need to destroy game stations, tv/monitors etc when losing are the biggest p***ies ever. Worse than snowflake sjw's.
Firzah Ferdiansyah
Firzah Ferdiansyah 26 dias atrás
Omg i click it
Rhone Leake
Rhone Leake 27 dias atrás
the gaming one hit differnet
altair658 27 dias atrás
0:27 that's the cutest thing i've seen in my life im the only who hear that?
jools182 28 dias atrás
1:18 I'm in love 😍
GAMER POOL 28 dias atrás
9:35 this is literally me when i try to help people
Alex Tsahalis
Alex Tsahalis 29 dias atrás
After watching these videos and seeing the people in them, it's really no surprise that Trump won the 2016 election.
Pr3dAt0r 29 dias atrás
Music please 14:12
Kata Queen
Kata Queen Mês atrás
@2:00 how did that red cup land perfectly on his lap? 😂
Ten Minute Tokyo 2
Ten Minute Tokyo 2 Mês atrás
Smashing XBox’es? What a crime against humanity.
Rick Pontificates
Rick Pontificates Mês atrás
On the sixth day, God invented video cameras, and on the seventh day, God said, “Let there be thy stupid people to fill thy social media up with brain-numbing videos.”
Jim N.
Jim N. Mês atrás
3:26: "I'm going to teach my husband a lesson about playing too many video games my destroying the TV, not the game console because I am an idiot."
Anubis Thanatos
Anubis Thanatos 11 dias atrás
You would destroy the console or the computer that costs 2-5X or more??? Good Job
AL in your area
AL in your area Mês atrás
the 1st clip of worst couple. Why did he push his girl off the cliff? she could get hurt man. What's that for??
Psalm 3713
Psalm 3713 Mês atrás
@6:33 That wasn't funny. Should find out who that looser is and give him some karma.
Владимир Вальдемар
0:35 what is this impressive like a boss shot doing amongst the fails?
Saladin Mês atrás
6:28 와...진짜 나쁜 놈이네.
brian clay
brian clay Mês atrás
2:35 FINALLY Dr Fouci does something productive!
Ms Silent Lopez
Ms Silent Lopez Mês atrás
Cats are evil
Brent W
Brent W Mês atrás
0:35 is a win from what I see
Luke Adams
Luke Adams Mês atrás
the one where the girl smashes his screen with a golf club is a perfect example of where women get away with shit that would get a man locked up.... if he grabbed her phone that shes taking selfies with to post to her tiktok/insta friends and stamped the fuck out of it... hed be in cuffs.... she smashes his screen with a weapon and i bet fuck all happened to her.... double standard bullshit... rant over
ZZTV-NY EAS Mês atrás
are we not gonna talk about the fact that the guy at 4:55 is literally killing his own dog?
Derek Holcomb
Derek Holcomb Mês atrás
My ex girlfriend broke my PS2 back in the day, I threw $2500 worth of her makeup and jewelry in lake Pontchartrain. She called the police.
Matais Spohn
Matais Spohn Mês atrás
1:13 Didn't know praying mantises were barking before they attacked.
dragongeraldb Mês atrás
Great mix
Miss Milk
Miss Milk Mês atrás
3:21 Psychopath
Straight Talk
Straight Talk Mês atrás
What did the guy put in the fridge?
Denis Kornja
Denis Kornja Mês atrás
11:50 wait what 🤔 he's incredible.
Draugr II
Draugr II Mês atrás
did you get the plare number? *Vehicular homicide is a crime that involves the death of a person other than the driver as a result of either criminally negligent or murderous operation of a motor vehicle.*
Áron Berky
Áron Berky Mês atrás
3:21 GG monitor🤣🤣🤣🤣
MorphicStates Mês atrás
11:57 Can't imagine finding a bearglar in my house.
Frederick Granke
Frederick Granke Mês atrás
I ordered that starscope CAN YOU SAY "JUNK"
Scraker Mês atrás
03:20 stupid gf
Lord of the pun
Lord of the pun Mês atrás
The first one was ligit just, hold my beer
Pete j
Pete j Mês atrás
All that carbon monoxide going in to the dogs lungs well done you obviously hate your dog.
kayleigh Mês atrás
The guy who's girlfriend deleted his account has severe aggression issues and should probably take a break from gaming while he sorts that out.
Robert Reid
Robert Reid Mês atrás
She could not bashed the TV and just called me...I would’ve helped her out!
Andy Solis
Andy Solis Mês atrás
Buscabas un comentario en español pues aquí está BRvid te recomendó este video ✌️
Macrohard Onfire
Macrohard Onfire Mês atrás
6:27 Don't forget the life insurance before doing that...
Papillon Mês atrás
the deleted wow account hurt my soul
Breno martins
Breno martins Mês atrás
4:23 music???
kenna benna
kenna benna Mês atrás
3:14 Dude was just trying to play minecraft 😂
parazjt Mês atrás
9:17 this was cute as hell haha
poor fucking monitor it didnt deserve dieing
Theodore Hastings
Theodore Hastings Mês atrás
"Im tired of playing games with you..." well apparently
Rudolf Wickond
Rudolf Wickond Mês atrás
13:56 that driver did not even bother to break
Alemayehu Mês atrás
2:14 what is he watching
LimelightImages NYC
2:19 imagine what he did to his girl! SMH
T Mês atrás
I ate over 40 pizza's in 30 days.
Dgisch Mês atrás
Moisés Jiménez
Moisés Jiménez Mês atrás
Minuto 4:10
Landom Mills
Landom Mills Mês atrás
If I had a girl and she deleted or destroyed my console or account on a game I would beat her a**
DevaSeva Playback
DevaSeva Playback Mês atrás
Dogs are very funny
Noname gyaa
Noname gyaa Mês atrás
1:56 bottle flip
Davide Madera
Davide Madera Mês atrás
"Have you noticed that we resonated the black cat case, not Chewbacca's bank account?! After a million miles and one thousand nights, is he really missing it?! And there you'd go with your life-span..." 🗨😏🐱♨️📺🌌
Rene Lehmann
Rene Lehmann Mês atrás
Rene Lehmann
Rene Lehmann Mês atrás
Junker Ju87
Junker Ju87 Mês atrás
3:31 battlefront I? Ahaha
renzo gaggioli
renzo gaggioli Mês atrás
Donald H. Tyers
Donald H. Tyers Mês atrás
Millennial Idiots! Lazy Kids!
Fowler Football
Fowler Football Mês atrás
0:53 That guy could have munched by that prop.
Marcus Demóstenes
Marcus Demóstenes Mês atrás
It's easy to recognize wich vid it's in Brazil...
Nibba Skittle
Nibba Skittle Mês atrás
As a gamer who doesnt have a lot of money that gaming section hurt my soul
Draxxor 17 dias atrás
Mine to. Those spoiled morons
Daphne White
Daphne White Mês atrás
Zach Vanaman
Zach Vanaman Mês atrás
i dont think you can just delete a wow account. once you have one, its there. you can delete all the characters i guess, but even then, contact support, tell them what happened, and they will give them back. ive gotten multiple toons back that ive accidentally deleted.
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