HARRY STYLES Wins Album Of The Year For ‘HARRY'S HOUSE' | 2023 GRAMMYs Acceptance Speech

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Watch HARRY STYLES's acceptance speech for Album Of The Year for ‘HARRY'S HOUSE’ at the 2023 GRAMMYs.

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4 Fev 2023



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Comentários 6 046
Gen Mês atrás
That woman was so cute and adorable 🥰 she reacted like a teenage fan!!! We need more people like her in this world
Kaiyutube 4 dias atrás
J P 28 dias atrás
how dare you misgender they?!??
tri do cao
tri do cao Mês atrás
Cecilia Mês atrás
@SHAVEYSGIRL actually? I live in Thunder Bay lol
She is from Thunder Bay, Ontario!! She is so sweet!!
crazy4corbinbleux Mês atrás
Although he got Best Album- I was so surprised he didn't get any Grammys for 'As It Was'. To me, that track is perfection and summarized the COVID era perfectly.
ItsMeJessieAndAri 5 dias atrás
I don't agree the lyrics are not that deep they don't really relate to Covid 19 as a whole
Flutter pea
Flutter pea Mês atrás
Same thought here😔
Ryan Olsen
Ryan Olsen Mês atrás
@My name is Aminé who?
why? Mês atrás
@Isaac Rumley agree but Harry House IS a very good álbum, sounds like Matilda , cinema, daydream and satélite show that and not only as It was
Isaac Rumley
Isaac Rumley Mês atrás
@why? numbers do not mean that it’s an incredible song it’s not groundbreaking or super interesting it’s really just another pop hit (especially good enough to be the best)
Jensen Jones Henderson
He was not expecting to win! He's so deserving! :) Such a genuine speech.
Includ 3 dias atrás
@Draco 286 neither does Beyonce
Draco 286
Draco 286 6 dias atrás
He doesn’t deserve this award.
Xayah 10 dias atrás
Iftekhar Ahmed Sakib
There were times when I used to listen to 'Harry's House' non-stop for hours. I still do. This is a gateway of mental peace for me. Proudest harry styles fan 🥺❤️
N Leonard
N Leonard 19 dias atrás
Me too!
Margo Speirs
Margo Speirs Mês atrás
Someone told me Harry is receiving backlash for his speech, but I think it was so genuine and wholesome. He deserves this award and I'm so happy he got it, well done Harry!
Carl Marks
Carl Marks 13 dias atrás
@BlackRoyalty9996 Yes, it's true and you've got nuthin' to say
BlackRoyalty9996 13 dias atrás
@Carl Marks not true but ok
Frankie Nixon
Frankie Nixon Mês atrás
Harry is finally getting the recognition he deserves. Been a fan from day one. He such genuine sole. Fully deserved. Every one knows a Harry song even if you didn’t know he sung it.
Frankie Nixon
Frankie Nixon Mês atrás
@phi latio17 what I meant was every one who never took him seriously now know what we all saw before a exstreamly talented artist and genuine person
phi latio17
phi latio17 Mês atrás
Tbf though, Harry was always recognized. He as in the biggest boy band in the world in 2010-2014 and he was one of the most beloved members.
son van
son van Mês atrás
Shantanu Mishra
Shantanu Mishra Mês atrás
From "Hi I'm Harry Styles, I'm 16 and I work in a bakery". To receiving arugably the biggest award for a musician, You know it's not the same as it was!
springvear 2 dias atrás
I wasn’t ready for your comment, don’t do this :(
Any Who
Any Who Mês atrás
Kurt Cobain was a janitor, Mick Jagger was a porter, and Freddie Mercury sold used clothes at an outdoor market. Whats your point?
MUFASA!! 🦁 Mês atrás
@Hakim Bandaru ur delusional
Ryan Olsen
Ryan Olsen Mês atrás
Alfred Estrada
Alfred Estrada Mês atrás
@T Rex no Madonna, Sam Smith Dr Dre Are evil Harry, Elton John, charlie Puth, ruel, Marshmello, Selena Gomez, Ariana grande, zedd , the 1975 are good
Trapiche Música
Trapiche Música Mês atrás
I discovered the album cause it has just won the Grammy and I've been listening to it non stop for the last 4 or 5 days, it's so beautiful and uplifting.
N Leonard
N Leonard 19 dias atrás
Me too!
claire masiga
claire masiga 16 dias atrás
He has the sweetest speech
aMUSEher Mês atrás
Was at his Berlin concert in July. Packed. The entire *diverse* audience sang word for word every song. It spoke volumes. Congrats, Harry and, ignore the haters.
Poison Mês atrás
The entire "diverse" audience lmfaooo pls 😭😭
ab vevo
ab vevo Mês atrás
Why does it have to be a "diverse" audience and not just an audience. 🤣
Teacher, Read to Us!
We’ve listened to this album so many times, and never get tired of it. Every song on it is so good. Loving that Harry won the most important Grammy of the night!!! 🎉❤
Garry Long
Garry Long Mês atrás
Kendrick robbed
Garry Long
Garry Long Mês atrás
How do you listen to this corporate ass ai generated music 💀
Dark Foxy
Dark Foxy Mês atrás
All dat for Mr Morale to solo
DrBreezy Mês atrás
@Agnes Efforsat one good song rest is ass
DrBreezy Mês atrás
@Agnes Efforsat im a hater because he over rated
Autum Dawn
Autum Dawn 11 dias atrás
The fact that he was genuinely not expecting to win is crazy. He’s so humble I never expected anyone else to win ❤
Scarlett Mês atrás
The way he gave one of his biggest fan a hug on stage and then the fist bump, how cute!
Vgirl Mês atrás
@nihedi BOUCHEMAT yes she was cheering him on. but if you mean like a friend then no
nihedi BOUCHEMAT Mês atrás
@Vgirl yes
Vgirl Mês atrás
@nihedi BOUCHEMAT who? The grandma?
Arianna Mae
Arianna Mae Mês atrás
@We Took A Chonce 💙 fr
We Took A Chonce 💙
@Arianna Mae girl it shoulda been the whole fandom lmao
Elena Sánchez
Elena Sánchez Mês atrás
He is an artist. His music touches and transforms lives. He can make me wanna live. Thank you, Harry Styles.
Hearther Ramey
Hearther Ramey Mês atrás
You deserve this Harry!Congratulations!I love your music!So rude of those people yelling.🎊🎉🎊🎉
The Tourist
The Tourist Mês atrás
At least it was short lasted, you could tell they got kicked out pretty fast. But I also think only the stars themselves should be able to attend these events.
Adriana Canalli
Adriana Canalli Mês atrás
There are inexplicable moments in life. Harry's surprised expression demonstrates the dimension of having won this Grammy. A lot of work, talent and merit! I love him!
David Smith
David Smith 22 dias atrás
Hello Adriana how are you doing today?
Léna Bdx
Léna Bdx Mês atrás
Whatever people said, he deserves it so much, this album is emotional and put you in a certain mood too 💕🫧🤍🦋❤️
Mik via yatube
Mik via yatube Mês atrás
@Léna Bdx yea I know we all know who really won tho but FairPlay to him
Léna Bdx
Léna Bdx Mês atrás
@Mik via yatube anyway, never mind it’s Harry who have won the award
Mik via yatube
Mik via yatube Mês atrás
@Léna Bdx she is the celebrity of celebrities the whole night of the Grammys celebrities was just @ing her
Mik via yatube
Mik via yatube Mês atrás
@Léna Bdx it’s not just my opinion tho there FACTS TO BACK IT UP it was ROLLING STONES NO. 1 THE NEW YOURK TIMES NO.1 LOS ANGELES TIMES NO.1 PITCH FORK NO.1 VULTURE NO.1. ENTERTAINMENT NO.1 NPR NO. 1 ETC ETC ETC you get the point THE WHOLE ALBUM WAS PLAYED IN CLUBS it broke headlines again with no promo she just puts out with no former promo and so many artist will tell you how hard she works
Léna Bdx
Léna Bdx Mês atrás
@Mik via yatube it’s your opinion, I listened to Beyonce’s album and it was amazing but for me the emotions that Harry put in his album was also amazing
Soun Mês atrás
this is literally so unreal for me. I have been a fan for over a decade now, even tho I dont keep up with him anymore but watching him win aoty has shown how far he has truely come as an artist. I'm so proud of what he has become. Its so inspiring to watch someone become successful
Andie C
Andie C Mês atrás
While Harry’s right that there’s no such thing as “best” in music, wow this is so unbelievably special to me and my directioner heart - seeing a guy I’ve loved for over a decade being recognized and celebrated for his artistry and work 💘
Njjeje Kim
Njjeje Kim Mês atrás
@Simone P You should read the whole Grammy voter interview to see what some of them say about Harry, not just Beyonce. His 1d past is like a curse to him. He was completely shut down from being nominated with his first album just because he came from that band. The Grammy people said it themselves even though his single Sign of The Times is one of the greatest songs in 2017. Most critics praised it. You can think his win is a cheat. But I’m gonna say the Grammys are more sonic biased and have something against sample music. Rap / dance / samples are not their thing. Lizzo and the new black girl won big, so I don’t think race is the issue here.
Simone P
Simone P Mês atrás
@Chef And musician so does beyonce
Chef And musician
Chef And musician Mês atrás
@Mania Grammys don't even acknowledge the existence of the Weeknd, George Ezra, Ruel, The 1975, charlie Puth, Marshmello, Tiesto, Calvin Harris, Dua lipa etc
Chef And musician
Chef And musician Mês atrás
@Simone P harry has a huge fan base in Latin America
Mania Mês atrás
@Chef And musician yeah Beyonce should have swept the evening
Carie J. Pippins
Carie J. Pippins Mês atrás
Harry is so beautiful, humble, exceptional, iconic. So deserved ❤😭
Tierra Rogers
Tierra Rogers Mês atrás
That Harry's House album is sooo freaking beautiful and cohesive. As It Was is one of my favorite songs. Well deserved!,💯✨😌💜👏👏
Chef And musician
Chef And musician Mês atrás
@Sharach Yahreal go for anything? Are you gonna make music like Howard shore, Hans Zimmer, john Williams, James horner, Michael giacchino, ramin djwadi, Brian Tyler, Vangelis?? Who else is gonna do it?
Sharach Yahreal
Sharach Yahreal Mês atrás
Basirah Abdullah Kamany
You deserved this. Your album was a masterpiece. It was Art. It was magical and I’m so proud of you♥️🥺
Flávia Eduarda
Flávia Eduarda Mês atrás
You deserved this award so much Harry. Anyone who has followed you since the beginning of your career knows how passionate you are about music and how dedicated you are, you have always been professional and work hard to deliver great albums, honestly, who thought it was bad, I'm just sorry. Harry is amazing. His full album is a hit, that's why he won, and he is like a friend of his fans, always cute and Attentive. This man has a very good heart, and he has a lot of talent. @harrystyles Always in my heart".
Forever Thirty Two
Forever Thirty Two 3 dias atrás
Never liked any One Direction material and I never thought I would like anything from the member's solo endeavors until I listened to Fine Line. What a journey Harry has been. I think the reason why he's loved by many people and his music because he is not an arse, he's a very humble person.
Thainá Góes
Thainá Góes Mês atrás
So proud of him. A boy from England, worked in a bakery, went to the x factor cause his mom loved him, was rejected, put in a band. Even with all the 1D success was portrayed as a sex symbol by the media and couldnt make his own career choices. So happy to see him win AOTY with an album that was make to just be genuine. An artist without remixes, collabs or any crazy strategy to hit the billboard. Just good music, great personality and support from his fans. Love you so much, Hazza. I have since 2011 and will do so forever.
Lauren Dixon
Lauren Dixon 11 dias atrás
@Cara Peregrine he does have a lot of privilege but that doesn’t mean that he’s never struggled
Lauren Dixon
Lauren Dixon 11 dias atrás
@the1nonlyani ?
Lauren Dixon
Lauren Dixon 11 dias atrás
@VZ Y’all know that you can still struggle in life with the privileges he has correct?
Lauren Dixon
Lauren Dixon 11 dias atrás
@mountain snake y’all are annoying lol
G H 16 dias atrás
“A boy from England who worked in a bakery”. That sounds pretty privileged to me lol
Andrew Supangkat
Andrew Supangkat Mês atrás
i listened to this album more times than I could remember this past summer. Every song made it on billboard hot 100. ‘As it was’ was no 1 for the longest time. Well deserved. Congrats Harry!!
LushCat Mês atrás
I love his album. I feel like it’s a well deserved win.
litgurlMedisa 25 dias atrás
He so deserves it, his music helps me go through life feeling less pain
AbbeyRoad Mês atrás
He’s so humble and talented. I love how he shared the stage. Yo I can’t fake that kind of humanity ❤
Gillian Norris
Gillian Norris Mês atrás
That award could not have gone to anyone more deserving than Harry styles.. he is handsome his talented beyond belief.. he is humble he is kind he is articulate... He is so professional.. such a a sweetheart.. it has been a long time since somebody in the music industry like him came along.. love this guy beyond words.. made this just be the beginning ♥️
mel Mês atrás
2:17 beyoncé standing up and cheering while everyone else sits down - she’s such a class act. such a gracious, humble, sweet person. cheering for lizzo earlier in the show was beautiful too
YouTube user And chef
YouTube user And chef 11 dias atrás
@Faysal Fabriham She's great but the 1975, Shakira, Zayn, Ed Sheeran, bring me the horizon, Adele, harry styles, Dua lipa, Rita ora, ava max Ellie Goulding matter more
Alfred Estrada
Alfred Estrada Mês atrás
@Starious Shine Taylor and Selena loved Ed Sheeran for thinking out loud too
RocStarr913 Mês atrás
@elabis23021 Aaliyah was talented to be sure, but she didn’t even write her own songs.
ʙʟɪɴᴋsᴇ̀ (sᴜʙ ᴛᴏ ᴍʏ ɴᴇᴡ ᴄʜᴀɴɴᴇʟ @sᴜɴɢsʜᴏᴏᴋ)
2:15 harry: this doesn't happen often for people like me. also harry: *breaking records and creating history with his music*
LORILBKTX 8 dias atrás
Everyone in the categorie is amazing BUT HARRY DEFINITELY DESERVED THIS!! Haters will be haters! A true fan of your artist will always be humble no matter who won!
Banu Sek
Banu Sek 21 dia atrás
I just adore you and am so happy that you won!! You deserve it with your talent, voice, and amazing personality! Rock on, Harry! I can't wait to watch your artistry unfold in the next decades. xoxoxox
Amanda and Bug
Amanda and Bug 20 dias atrás
This speech by everyone was just so grateful and humble. Love it!
Dezmond Harris
Dezmond Harris 14 dias atrás
Yes, it was!
James Peachwall
James Peachwall Mês atrás
I bought this album the day it came out, as a way of bonding with my daughter. I put on my headphones not knowing what to expect. 40minutes later when I took them off, I sat in silence realizing I just listened to something special. I’m so happy for him.
Josephine Mês atrás
Well Said. I love this so much. So well deserved
Sophie Mês atrás
The sweetest thing ive read today 😭🙏
Joshua Martinez
Joshua Martinez Mês atrás
Don’t ever forget that moment
David&Tricia Bosse
David&Tricia Bosse Mês atrás
His music just continues to get better. Went to see him in the Watermelon pit with my 24 yr old in late 2021. Best concert I have ever been too and was told by a stranger I was cool because her mom would have never come. Don’t understand why not, amazing show full of energy! Haha
himari riku
himari riku Mês atrás
Anja Kabelitz
Anja Kabelitz Mês atrás
His reaction is so sweet 😭❤️ I'm happy for him, he's a beautiful artist.
Shivangi Yadav
Shivangi Yadav Mês atrás
He is The Artist of the Universe 😭 Love u Harry.... U deserve it... Love from India 🇮🇳
DrBreezy Mês atrás
kanye is
Viviane Mês atrás
A senhorinha, falando o nome dele toda emocionada, foi tudo de bom, que fofa 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰
Janet Llaverias
Janet Llaverias Mês atrás
So proud of HS. You are humble, kind and down to earth. So happy you won this award.
cuzimnotlaughing Mês atrás
This album just came out of nowhere. I was shocked when I first listened to As It Was and found out it was sung by Harry. The vocal and listening experience of listening that song for the first time was magical
Asmodeus Guys
Asmodeus Guys Mês atrás
@iwantamaste apparently not. This year's grammys continues to prove that shit music will always succeed in the end.
iwantamaste Mês atrás
Have you never heard generic music before
WestTexas_ Mês atrás
@Olaf HensonFr no way these people are real
Beau Mês atrás
For real! I never expected I’d be a fan of his, but HH blew my socks off. I bought it after a week of listening online and replayed it out(worth it, it’ll come back) He really deserved it. Such a contrast from fine line, love that these artists are gaining more freedom to be who they want to be.
aguerra620 Mês atrás
He deserved it! That album is amazing , I literally listen to it everyday , it changed me for the better..
vK9SA Mês atrás
did he? it was faaar from the best album nominated let alone album of the year
c Mês atrás
I'm so proud of be a one direction fan... Love you Harry. We always support you 💜💜💜💜💙💙💙💙
greetharrystyles at gmail dot com
hello thanks for your support and thanks for the love, we are reaching out to few fans to share our appreciation.kindly write me at the email on the top to find out about my next tour in your city and also ticket prices. thank you love.
ntombifuthi shandu
ntombifuthi shandu Mês atrás
And Chris is so happy you can just tell by that facial expression. 😂 And to think Harry thinks he's like every other person makes me want to cry.
Xavier Mês atrás
Ha trabajo duro para llegar tan lejos, Harry es una persona tan apasionado por lo que hace, tan dedicado y talentoso. Te amamos harry styles . Felicidades en cada logro en tu carrera.
ivetka zuffova
ivetka zuffova Mês atrás
As it was is grammys winning masterpiece so as his full album so defo deserved
H Mês atrás
literally every artists are cheering for him and I cannot be more prouder. very well deserved my humble, talented, Harold. This is HARRY STYLES WORLD DOMINATION.
Ryn Funkhouser
Ryn Funkhouser Mês atrás
@ardit D Adele didn't leave lol
hazel 3rd 👁️
hazel 3rd 👁️ Mês atrás
What? Hell nah not at all
himari riku
himari riku Mês atrás
Oskar “sKr” Pérez
Iris 08
Iris 08 Mês atrás
@ardit D How did Adele left when she's there clapping
Inday Gelay
Inday Gelay Mês atrás
Congratulations Harry Styles thank you for the wonderful music you deserved .love yeah!! .keep it up!!
idolharrystyles08 @ gmail AND ON GOOGLE CHAT
Thank you for the love & support towards me on my page I really appreciate you. I can’t meet with all of my fans but i make out time to chat with few write me with the email address above to stand a chance for a live meet & greet video call💕💕💕
Geleo Mês atrás
i love how beyoncé is happy for him and her fans are just toxic towards harry like bruh y’all can’t even follow in her footsteps and just be happy for the guy lol
Draco 286
Draco 286 6 dias atrás
It’s because he won with a worse album
Ronald Calove
Ronald Calove 29 dias atrás
@Risingofthephoenixx x not even what I said. She is one of the best vocalists ever and has some of the best songs ever. But even you can't deny she is a shell of her former self, otherwise you would have told me why she isn't lmao. But whatever..tell me what I already know haha
Risingofthephoenixx x
Risingofthephoenixx x 29 dias atrás
@Ronald Calove You can have your opinion without being a poor sport about it. What a nasty comment. You should probably learn how to be a better team player from Harry Adele Lizzo AND Beyonce cause they were all standing up for him clapping and cheering him on genuinely. Cause talented artists recognize other true talented artists. You may not like Beyonce but she’s one hell of an entertainer one of the greatest of our time and will be remembered for centuries to come. That’s just a fact. I’ve got my degree in Music History geeked out to stuff like this studying what makes an artists last for decades and centuries compared to the ones that fizzle out and are eventually forgotten with time. The girl is up there on Michael Jackson levels of entertainers. Shell or not she’s gone down in history and will continue to do so long after her death.
Risingofthephoenixx x
Risingofthephoenixx x 29 dias atrás
@Darius Ivey Right??? What an eclectic talented bunch! All deserving truly!!!
Ronald Calove
Ronald Calove Mês atrás
His album was miles better than Beyonce's anyways. She is a shell of her former self
Pabillore Stephany B.
So proud of you harry 🥹 your music is a masterpiece 💕
Emma Catling
Emma Catling Mês atrás
Super well done Harry styles, you really deserve it 💖💖💖💖
Draco 286
Draco 286 6 dias atrás
@cloud absolutely agreed
cloud Mês atrás
no. kendrick shouldve won
Bri Mês atrás
He deserves recognition probably one of the most heart warming and genuine speeches.
Henrik Mês atrás
He is so humble and a kindhearted person. I smiled through the whole segment. Soo incredibly well deserved!! Congrats Harry!!
Itz Splash
Itz Splash Mês atrás
@Exlaugh no
Thomas Espinosa
Thomas Espinosa Mês atrás
@shannon [thiccpandas] What the hell? Harry got nominated for a lot of awards for a mid pop album
Exlaugh Mês atrás
@shannon [thiccpandas] and hip hop is treated horribly at the grammys 2 of the best albums of the 2010s My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy by Kanye West, To Pimp a Butterfly by kendrick lamar and Lemonde by Beyonce all got snubbed of AOTY. MBDTF & TPAB are regarded as the best of the 21st Century even by the biggest critics
Exlaugh Mês atrás
@Itz Splash how kendrick and beyonce by far had the best albums the others were overrated or mid
shannon [thiccpandas]
@Exlaugh kendrick already won 2 of the awards this year so let the other artists win some damn :/
Tess Renee
Tess Renee Mês atrás
This is one of the very few albums where I love every song. I especially love playing it when I’m driving around with the sun roof open. It makes me feel better when I’m upset and happier when I’m in a good mood. Thank you Harry for making such a magnificent album.
Jaylor Raine
Jaylor Raine Mês atrás
Well deserved Harry! That album is a vibe and an absolute work of art.
Robert Adrian
Robert Adrian Mês atrás
Harry Styles deserves this award. Truly an album of the year.
jnjmusic 87
jnjmusic 87 Mês atrás
So proud of Harry! I've been a fan since the X Factor days and I'm glad I've got to see him grow and bloom into an amazing artist 👏👏👏
Sonia Muci
Sonia Muci Mês atrás
When I listened to the album I was blown away from him i didn't expect him to be so good and now I am a huge fan
greetharrystyles at gmail dot com
hello thanks for your support and thanks for the love, we are reaching out to few fans to share our appreciation.kindly write me at the email on the top to find out about my next tour in your city and also ticket prices. thank you love.
Brittany Lauer
Brittany Lauer Mês atrás
Always such a class act. In absolute disbelief that he won and just so grateful to be there. Giving the other men who worked on the album with him the spotlight that they also deserve. Just such a gracious person.
Chef And musician
Chef And musician Mês atrás
Music at a sushi restaurant had a jazzy vibe Not everyone makes good music Harry did well But lady Gaga, one republic deserve attention too
I'm Always Right
I'm Always Right Mês atrás
@Vaszty Vault stay mad
Vaszty Vault
Vaszty Vault Mês atrás
Leslie B
Leslie B Mês atrás
YAAAASSS He totally deserves it absolutely and entirely!! One of the best albums ever made in history!! I love Harry I love all of the songs of this amazing album, as it was has had such an impact on me and have helped me go through some rough stuff! Well done Harry 💖
DYRC Mês atrás
He seems a sweet guy. The album was everywhere in 2022 with great success. Congrats, well deserved.
Charlotte Page
Charlotte Page 12 dias atrás
He accepted his award with Grace, humility and love.
Sabirah J
Sabirah J Mês atrás
I love all your songs.. especially the emotions you put into it! Well-deserved!!! :)
Lesley Wright
Lesley Wright Mês atrás
One of the most genuine good guys in music today, super talented, super kind a truly special man, just love him💕
espresso espresso
espresso espresso Mês atrás
Huge congratulations to Harry Styles, the way he gave a big hug to his fan was so touching, and great stage performance with good diversity representation too. I'm really looking forward to see you soon in your world tour, thanks for coming to Asia.
Demon Gabe
Demon Gabe Mês atrás
You can’t be serious
Eddy Del Rey
Eddy Del Rey Mês atrás
Everything is panned lmao but yeah congrats Harry
donald see
donald see 26 dias atrás
very humble.great artist but even more a role model on how to carry ones self.congrats deserve this honor.
noah53 29 dias atrás
He deserves the world what a legend
Pink Shoelace
Pink Shoelace Mês atrás
Humble Harry saying @ there s no such thing as best in music, is so true . He deserved it with not even the smallest doubt. Wish him all the love and success through his whole life!
Camila Fuentes
Camila Fuentes Mês atrás
Estoy demasiado orgullosa de el, hace casi 2 años y medio lo conocí y es lo mejor que e podido hacer en mi vida; no saben lo lindo que es apoyarlo en otra nueva era, aún recuerdo la era Fine Line y de verdad estoy muy feliz por todo lo que a logrado y seguirá logrando, sin duda el se merece todo lo mejor de este mundo, lo amo demasiado y no encuentro las palabras exactas para agradecerle a Harry 💘💘
Cielo Novelo
Cielo Novelo Mês atrás
No te hace mejor si lo conociste primero o no, nos aman igual
Camila Fuentes
Camila Fuentes Mês atrás
@⚔Nation Gaming⚔ de hecho tenía 7 años cuando conocí a 1D, pero ya más o menos por el 2020 empecé a stanear a Harry y a los chicos 💘
@⚔Nation Gaming⚔ Yo si lo conoci desde 1 Direction a lo bien llore con lo tierno que fue con la señora
⚔Nation Gaming⚔
Lo hubieras conocido mejor desde 1D
Jenny Mês atrás
I love HARRY STYLE my gosh I really love all his songs...
Shantanu Mishra
Shantanu Mishra Mês atrás
More than this award which is arguably the biggest award for any musician, it's the fact that he has inspired, comforted and helped millions of people with his music over the years and he is here to stay! And so, he deserves every award and happiness ☺.
Serran Lewis
Serran Lewis Mês atrás
@Earl Grey nobody crying just staring a fact
beau aloevv𖤐
beau aloevv𖤐 Mês atrás
bro spamming 10 comments to get likes smh 🤡
Earl Grey
Earl Grey Mês atrás
@Cultural Savant cry harder kid
Earl Grey
Earl Grey Mês atrás
@Vaszty Vaultcry harder
kraii kraii taytay
kraii kraii taytay Mês atrás
i do think beyonce should have won but im in no way mad that harry won and im so proud of him for his growth and his hard work so congratulations to him REALLY PROUD as a one direction fan and a fan of him when he went solo 👏👏👏👏👏👏
Ahbek Hyati
Ahbek Hyati Mês atrás
His speech shows how true what people describes him that hes so incredibly kind and so humble
lanzi_xo Mês atrás
I am SO happy for Harry. I haven't heard a full album in years that I love and that changes my mood to be positive. Every time I hear one of his songs, it immediately makes me smile and feel so much joy. 💖 I feel so bad that people were yelling at him and being rude during his speech. It wouldn't have mattered who won AOTY, if it wasn't Beyoncé then the same reaction would have unfortunately taken place. Not cool. I don't understand why people can't just be happy for others' success even if the person they wanted to win did not win. All of the artists work very hard, and the fact they were even nominated at all is a huge honor in itself.
Evanthebat15 Mês atrás
So genuinely happy for Harry, he's such a humble person and genuinely nice. I feel like he's the Keanu Reeve of the music industry in that he doesn't go around bad mouthing people and just try to be a nice guy, he has also always done right by us the fans. Been his fan since day 1 of X Factor, now look where he is now. The sky is NOT the limit for him.
Dml Mês atrás
Never been a 1D fan but I like Harry. Wow, so genuine. He really did not expect it. Those who had an issue with his speech, screw you all.
FandomObsessed Mês atrás
I'm so proud of Harry! This album was AMAZING. I love his humbleness and you can tell he's utterly greatful. Totally deserved!
FandomObsessed Mês atrás
@Sean girl ok but it's LITTARLY an opinion. 💀
Sean Mês atrás
@FandomObsessed bro i understand that you like it but everyone with more brain cells than 3 knows someone else should have won Beyonce or Kendrick had WAAAY better album you know
FandomObsessed Mês atrás
@Sean that's lit Tarly ur opinion-I genuinely adored this album so ✋😀 I think it deserves one
Sean Mês atrás
@FandomObsessed nah i except it and stuff but this album isn't thaaaat good that it deserves a Grammy you know
he worked SO HARD AND won one of the BIGGEST awards in history. so proud of him😭
Tavinho Veríssimo
Tavinho Veríssimo Mês atrás
As caras e bocas da Lizzo são as melhores kkkkkkk
Meghan Enya
Meghan Enya 2 dias atrás
So proud of Harry❤️
Emikyns Mês atrás
he values his collaborators a great a deal and I can see how much they appreciate him too. he's such a wonderful himan
Beatrice Stoica
Beatrice Stoica Mês atrás
i’m so proud of him❤
Your Man
Your Man Mês atrás
Harry deserved this awards. Haters can say whatever.
Misanthropic Mink
Misanthropic Mink Mês atrás
I’ve been listening to this album nonstop since it released last year. It was undoubtedly my favorite of 2022 and seeing it get recognition like this is amazing. Congratulations to Harry and his producers for a well deserved award!
Einhorn Taschentuch
@KING OF THE SOUTH EAST It was infinitely better and more unique than this Target commercial music compilation 💀💀
Rhian C
Rhian C Mês atrás
He has done a lot for the LGBT community, fully deserves this Grammy
@himari riku hailed by his low class fans🤣
himari riku
himari riku Mês atrás
@Go Home Roger robbed legally 😂 her album aint that good
Byebyeme Mês atrás
Harry is a gem 💎 for the world . ❤️🙌🏽
lil bench
lil bench Mês atrás
One Direction Better
Bubbly Sybille
Bubbly Sybille Mês atrás
wowww congratulations harry styles!!!! this indeed is the best birthday gift for you!!!!
Fabian Pillay
Fabian Pillay Mês atrás
This really was the best album of the year. And he meant that contestants from tv singing shows are usually snubbed by award shows like this - he (3) Kelly Clarkson (3) and Carrie Underwood (8) are the only exceptions. Very deserved.
you and i are like my buttcheeks after all the shit that goes between us we always get back together
i havent listened to any of the albums in this category so after his win i went and checked all the albums, and quite honestly, well deserved win? idk why some people are upset
R. Mês atrás
hmmm... i think harry's house was a good album and it was definitely a solid choice but there were better albums in this category and deserving of aoty imo. i really wish it went to beyoncé or even bad bunny but congrats to him!!
Naintara Kapur
Naintara Kapur 15 dias atrás
Whoo🎉 cheers to Harry! We love u so much!! U deserve this more than anyone❤
Nat Ramos
Nat Ramos Mês atrás
I am not an active fan of Harry as I used to be... But I always knew that he had genuine talent and love for music. I'm so happy for him.
Hay day 01
Hay day 01 Mês atrás
@Barb it was a fan
Barb Mês atrás
Was that his mother?
himari riku
himari riku Mês atrás
Hay day 01
Hay day 01 Mês atrás
@Thomas Hernandez of course it did
Xbulelo - Profound Punk - Gamer
I wasn’t a fan of One Direction but wow … Harry has been flying & is flying with his solo career. Well plaaaaayed 👏🏼
Cloud Mês atrás
Well deserved!! I got my whole family into Hary styles this album is magical!!
Iansir McFadden
Iansir McFadden Mês atrás
Can we not just take a moment and realise that someone who came from the XFactor won the album of the year GRAMMY!!
Victoria Mês atrás
A very humble and talented artist. We love you Harry! You deserved this award. Congratulations!
Jasmine Viviani
Jasmine Viviani Mês atrás
Harry deserved this award and deserves so much more and I am so happy for him!!!!
greetharrystyles at gmail dot com
hello thanks for your support and thanks for the love, we are reaching out to few fans to share our appreciation.kindly write me at the email on the top to find out about my next tour in your city and also ticket prices. thank you love.
Nonnach Mon
Nonnach Mon Mês atrás
That announcing and reactions... the best moment of grammy night.
luall Mês atrás
this and kendrick winning rap album of the year are tied for me
Chad 007
Chad 007 Mês atrás
Here is the full clip :
Hay day 01
Hay day 01 Mês atrás
They were all happy for him?
AJ Studios
AJ Studios Mês atrás
He deserves all of it.🤩 So glad he won. So proud of him.👏👏👏
Morana Paris
Morana Paris Mês atrás
Well well deserved, excellent album, beautiful Harry!
CL Mês atrás
Harry Styles! You deserve that award.
Zzz Mês atrás
Love you harry! Your music is amazing and we celebrate your win and what you’ve given us!!!🎉🎊✨🎉🎊🎉🎊🎉✨🥳🎈
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