Harry Styles Makes 'Daylight' Music Video for $300 w/ James Corden

The Late Late Show with James Corden
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James Corden and Harry Styles hit the streets of Brooklyn with $300 to canvas apartments in search of a location to shoot a music video for "Daylight" from his new album "Harry's House" in just three hours. Listen now:

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25 Mai 2022



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Lina Maria Chavarro Suarez
Harry and James are like that extroverted-introverted kinda friendship where the extroverted comes up with the craziest ideas and the introverted just follows along and hopes for the better. Loving that anytime they come together, amazing things happens.
Abi England
Ok but the way this turned out genuinely really good and not actually cheesy… that’s how you can tell that despite all the joking around and unplanned nature of this james and harry are actually professionals with experience making music videos and the like. It’s definitely a talent to know when to joke around and when to work hard
"Dont treat Harry like he is Harry. Treat him like..he's someone called Chris."
Minol Hewage
Minol Hewage 21 dia atrás
This SHOULD be released as the official music video. at least as a special music video. It has so much class and story behind the video. Awesome.
Fairy gay mother
" We have got to hide all of this, I'm worried your a psychopath" "HARRY DONT COME IN HERE" Love this so much 😂
I couldn’t stop smiling and laughing 😂 James does it again! Harry is a GREAT sport and it all works when Harry is in the house!
Emma A
Note to self: always have party decor and costumes at home in case Harry and James knocks on the door
Love how that woman said “no thank you” to James with no hesitation😂
Ella Ronci
"people are going to think there's a deeper meaning....there isn't" is the perfect description of our fandom
I don't care, to me, this IS the official music video for this song. It's PERFECT! Great job everyone, I loved watching the whole process.
Shirley Monreal
I find this inspiring cos it just confirms that making art should not be something tedious but instead a fun activity to do :)
Louise skip
I've always loved James humor, from Tom Cruise jumping out of planes, carpool karaoke, he always delivers. This was excellent with Harry Styles, no egos, great girls and their friends will never forget this day. I thought Harry may have been abit arrogant, but no what a lovely genuine guy. New respect
Julie Krol
Not because of Harry, but this concept in general has got to be the best late night segment I’ve seen…it was cool seeing it all put together in the end 😂
Love how the girls told James and Harry “the roof is unsafe” and Harry said “unsafe is good” 😂
Connie Billas
I am laughing so hard through this video. James is hilarious and Harry is just a natural fun talented guy. The girls were great too. I’ll just watch the video a few more times🤣
Missy Johnson
This is exactly what was missing in my life…I haven’t laughed so hard in months…I just love that Harry never takes himself too seriously and remains humble; it would have been amazing to be part of this project 🥰
Marissa Sweet
This was actually such a great music video! Taking part in the making - makes it all so much more wonderful. Love the song and James YOU DID AN AWESOME JOB. Do more videos! Harry... well... lovely song again and gorgeous! BRAVO!
No matter how bad of a day I’m having, Harry and James videos always always always make me smile.❤️ Harry is such a gentlemen and people forget he’s just a regular person. Sometimes I wish I could just have a normal conversation with him or even give him a hug.
Ok these girls are officially the luckiest people alive. Harry REALLY seems like someone I would love just hanging out with. What an amazing person. 💚
Meggan Cole
I smiled and laughed all the way through this, I just loved it that much. I mean, I am a 54 yo woman and I am now totally in love with Harry Styles (so am now right along with my 13yo daughter and all of her friends). 🤣
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