Harry and Meghan’s interview was a ‘grotesque betrayal’ of the Queen

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Spiked Online Editor Brendan O’Neill says Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s interview with Oprah Winfrey was a “grotesque betrayal” of the Royal Family and the Queen.
“I say that as a republican,” he told Sky News host Andrew Bolt.
“This was just completely out of order, what we had was Prince Harry, grandson of the Queen, and his wife Meghan Markle, trashing the Monarchy, trashing the Queen by implication”.
“This was an assault on their family, this was an assault on an institution that took them in, this was a narcissistic victim complex display.
“I thought it was all really rather repulsive.”

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8 Mar 2021



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Comentários 99
Yolande Brink
Yolande Brink 6 horas atrás
Oh enough now same shit all the time dont you have any other news? To hell with the royals
theresa burdett
theresa burdett 15 horas atrás
I admire and respect the Queen for her sense of duty and love for her people and people of the commonwealth. My heart is breaking for her loss. I know that loss.
thereposhow1 22 horas atrás
Who cares about that English crap yeah
Science Geek
Science Geek Dia atrás
I think I love you❤️!
Susan McIntyre
Susan McIntyre Dia atrás
I do not know one person is for her not one,everyone says about how they both whine and cry and not truthful, so people in the us are.not all for her.
Kitzia jimenez o fariill
She is sick with narsisist Take all titles from all of them .
Yet Itis
Yet Itis 2 dias atrás
I was with a narcissist for nearly 10 yrs and this is what they do. They not only separate you from ur family but they try and make them not want you either so u are dependant on them. She is an awful excuse for a woman. He is a sheltered rich kid with a chip on his shoulder who is making the mistake of his life!!
Selina Hopkins
Selina Hopkins 2 dias atrás
Not all Americans are impressed with MM
Di Se
Di Se 2 dias atrás
Helen Morgan
Helen Morgan 2 dias atrás
She sounds very much like a mythomaniac within narcissistic pd.
Rochelle Amadeo
Rochelle Amadeo 3 dias atrás
A Beast from America has entered the Royal gates of England.
Eve Pa
Eve Pa 3 dias atrás
once upon a time ,a spoiled prince ( what Harry wants , Harry gets ) married an old nasty narccisist never- to be a successful actress. Result : a bombshell and other things she wouldn't be proud of.. Nasty people don't usually care for others, I suppose. See the result.... Shame on them both, even if I think Harry is realizing the situation now. Divorce, money and ..the children. God luck to Harry with such a ...
Aurelia Davenport
Aurelia Davenport 4 dias atrás
Harry became less than nothing (in terms of royal importance and succession) the moment William and Catherine had their first child so why they thought they would get a title and individual security is mind blowing
rae bean
rae bean 4 dias atrás
As a black woman, I found the racism claims to be extremely dubious. Context and intent matters. If there were conversations, they would most likely have been completely innocuous otherwise they wouldn't have let him marry her. I have a huge issue with people claiming racism and refusing to identify the person as it gives them no opportunity to explain the context and intent. Plus to air laundry like this - theyre not about reconciliation or understanding at all. It's completely self servicing to their victimhood!
Cynthia Kouris Dittoe
Cynthia Kouris Dittoe 5 dias atrás
I’m a citizen of the US. I’m disgusted with both mm and Harry. I’ve admired Queen Elizabeth for many years. She’s done nothing but good in the world. She is deeply loved across the continents. I’m embarrassed to say I spent the time watching that “train wreck” of an interview. I couldn’t think less of Oprah after watching her encouragement of the “Markles” to discuss such personal matters (lies) on television. I’ve never been a fan of Oprah and it’s clear to me now what a sham she really is. God Bless Queen Elizabeth.
Christine Holbrook
Christine Holbrook 5 dias atrás
Love your programs . Very level headed views . Thankyou
Sophia P. 004
Sophia P. 004 5 dias atrás
At least some people have sense
Kim Burns
Kim Burns 6 dias atrás
And yet, the Queen has thrived ... she has served her country and loved her family. The only reason that woman couldn't thrive was because she wasn't treated like the center of the universe. She'll never truly thrive because she'll never be truly happy. Her sad life centers solely on her.
L C 6 dias atrás
USA citizen, here. Most of us absolutely despise Harry’s first wife!
Dave Donaldson
Dave Donaldson 6 dias atrás
Why can't we have channels like this in Britain??
Laura Lopp
Laura Lopp 6 dias atrás
I’m American and I think Megan is a disgrace on both shores. She is disrespectful to the royal family and I turn she makes Americans look selfish self centered and greedy and woke and we are NOT all like that. It makes me sad. She plays the victim and she just looks ridiculous. She’s the definition of a narcissist. Poor me is all she had to say they are mean and I did nothing wrong. Ugh makes me sick
Ione Cutter
Ione Cutter 7 dias atrás
Yes, repulsive.
P K 8 dias atrás
Another American here who does not know one person who supports this woman or knew her before she married Prince Harry. The only people standing behind her and Oprah are people who really think that Joe Biden won the election!
Chris Carson
Chris Carson 8 dias atrás
In the 1900's Cancer was very rare. It was only when the Royal Family Rothschild began giving us #Vaccines that it became seriously worrisome, to where it is today. It's the same with #Polio which was once almost unheard of. It was only when the Royal Family Rothschild used their corrupt puppet FDR to promote the Polio Vaccine that the epidemic started. The Spanish Flu of 1919 where the only ones who died were the ones who took the Vaccine and wore masks. Is it any wonder #Harry & #Meghan are distancing themselves from the Royal Family? They know all too well that they will not survive the inevitable insurrection.
Natasha Tarasova
Natasha Tarasova 8 dias atrás
Very well said
Granny Lynn
Granny Lynn 8 dias atrás
How is speculating on what the baby will look like racist? It's no different than families everywhere that are just pondering the possibilities. I have a biracial great-grandson and we all wondered what he was going to look like. His mother is white, blue-eyed, fair-skinned, blonde, and tiny. His father is black, dark-eyed, black hair, large framed & muscular. Baby is handsome, smart, and so much fun to be around! He's a joy to our family. Too bad those families are missing so many opportunities to make wonderful memories together.
highmyope1955 6 dias atrás
I bet there was a comment or two about Granddad Charles's jug ears as well!
Riska van den Akker - Orpa Sari
Well in the end she got it all. A prince, title, fame, millions in the bank. Mission accomplished, future secured. How she accomplices them is not relevant. The end result is. And Harry, that idiot got what he deserved which is garbage of a wife
Annette -79
Annette -79 10 dias atrás
Okey. So is lying noble. Since when? Anyones roots can easily be cheked nowadays. But real nobleness comes from the content of the persons character. Middleage man saying :"my daddy didnt give me so much money this year", yeah, how noble. Why they expected citisens of UK, citisens of Autralia, and Citisens of USA to pay their security and hotels snd cars and houses, they sure let Charles pay their 11 million dollar Mansion, because:"what Meghan wants, Meghan gets", says the "Man". So daddy did give a little sum.. What Have they ever done For any of those citisens? Now they are attleast admitting that they lied, that is a start. That is the only thing they can do to ever again get peoples trust. I sure would not want those high profile Beggars to represent my home Country. No way. Dont ever come to North Europe.Ever. Please.
Dorothy G
Dorothy G 10 dias atrás
Even as an American I thought Meghan and Harry portrayed themselves as consumate victims in the Oprah interview. They received a $45 million wedding and Meghan was walked down the aisle by the future King of England and then calls the RF racist? I think not! I can understand Harry's actions as I don't think he's ever recovered from losing his mother at such a young age. I hope he realizes that hurting the RF is hurting the Queen, her legacy, and everything she has worked so hard for. Meghan is nothing like Diana. Diana worked hard on getting the land mines removed from Angola and banned around the world, she also visited patients with aides and helped remove the stigma of the illness worldwide. MM expected to walk into the RF and be the star of the show and do little to no duty work. Instead Kate is the obvious star and will be for years. It appears MM would love nothing better than to take down the RF so that William will never be King and Kate will never be Queen. Does Harry not realize that he is enabling his wife to hurt his family and his country? The Royal Family is a source of strength and pride for the whole UK and Commonwealth, but I don't think MM can see or understand that and Harry does not seem to have the strength to stop her.
highmyope1955 6 dias atrás
And the Queen invited Doria Ragland to spend Christmas at Sandringham before the couple were married. Absolutely unprecedented. And Doria was invited to Buckingham Palace when Archibald was born.
Diane Chiarelli
Diane Chiarelli 11 dias atrás
There is a new address for Meghan and Harry..its called the London Tower. As soon as they enter throw away the key.
Elisabeth Gelb
Elisabeth Gelb 12 dias atrás
MeGain and her orbiting Harried.
Brenda Edwards
Brenda Edwards 12 dias atrás
She used Diana's story to draw people in!!!
Brenda Edwards
Brenda Edwards 12 dias atrás
Shs had only met Doprah once and then put her on the front row at the wedding!!! We know what lipstick was put on! Doprah started the crying on TV for that sympathy a few years ago!!!!
Brenda Edwards
Brenda Edwards 12 dias atrás
Blavk communities discuss skin color in their families and communities in America. She's playing you!
Kimberly Anne
Kimberly Anne 12 dias atrás
I think Harry is medicated and Megan is a horrific social climber.🇺🇸
E P 12 dias atrás
The interview was a toxic, self-serving attempt at a hatchet job on the Royal Family. We expect this sort of malicious, preening tripe from Megan. But Harry should be deeply ashamed of himself.
Cheryl McWilliams
Cheryl McWilliams 12 dias atrás
Most Americans think she's full of if crap too! Despite what People mag says.
donnafrflorida56 12 dias atrás
No one knew she was black (quarter) was when she told us.
Jacqueline Moore
Jacqueline Moore 12 dias atrás
If thinging all racist about her why did she marry 2white men !!!!!!
Jacqueline Moore
Jacqueline Moore 12 dias atrás
Both a disgrace to the queen his grandfather lying dying he would t been kept in touch about his health
Sesshomaru 12 dias atrás
One of the most annoying things she said, was that she compares herself to Princess Diana. From what I've heard. Princess Diana was a humanitarian. If Meghan was exactly like Diana, then she wouldn't have had a problem with living below the standard that she had been at before. All I see are two people upset that they lost their privilege and money, and are now throwing a fit to get their way.
Monica C.
Monica C. 14 dias atrás
Like mother like daughter they are both in for the same things in there lifetime.
liquid chrome
liquid chrome 14 dias atrás
It's a cold day in hell when we all agree with Pierce Morgan ew, but he is right
Maxine Anderson
Maxine Anderson 14 dias atrás
And the no no pro abortion when in Ireland!
annabel braganza
annabel braganza 15 dias atrás
Truly narcissistic. Hope American media have some sense
R. M
R. M 11 dias atrás
Not so far. Media here is afraid to speak out against them.
annabel braganza
annabel braganza 15 dias atrás
Harri is so immature
annabel braganza
annabel braganza 15 dias atrás
What they did was nothing noble or with empathy
CJOK 15 dias atrás
Sadly this shows how Americans are so easily fooled by fame & beauty. Also shows how little americans understand narcissism.
Elle Bee
Elle Bee 15 dias atrás
Why would anyone have ‘concerns’ about any future child’s skin colour when she is white and Harry is whiter? And they contradicted each other. Harry said it was before they were even married and she said it was during her pregnancy! Very different versions. It turns out it was Princess Anne who was concerned about a culture clash and had NOTHING to do with racism whatsoever. Anne felt her with background as a American film actress she would not be happy opening leisure centres, etc. How right she was!
Honda Freedom
Honda Freedom 15 dias atrás
Great analysis.
Syd G
Syd G 16 dias atrás
The Daily Mail UK has fact-checked what they said and believe they lied 10 times. and Piers Morgan found 7 more lies in what they said. A total of 17 lies and things that can't be proven. The entire interview was garbage talk from H & MM.
Norma Perilla
Norma Perilla 16 dias atrás
I used to like Oprah and I used to listen to her speech about how being proactive, respectful, motivational. But when she allowed these 2 to display so much hate, so much resent, so much lies, so much bullying to others on her show and even going further and asking 7 millions from the Broadcaster, honestly it shattered my respect for her. All of this happens when we are living a pandemic, when real people has no money, no food, no job, is scared, some are facing terrible things and when in real life many girls and boys suffer from real racism and exclusion. Unbelievable.
Mari G
Mari G 16 dias atrás
I am from USA MM is not to be believed! And I agree with the commentator, bravo!
S.M. Elder
S.M. Elder 17 dias atrás
Don't bet that all Americans are sympathetic to Meghan!
Estella Moore
Estella Moore 17 dias atrás
She wanted to kill herself while pregnant? Good grief.we are watching, A star is Born and a prince is shamed.zillionaires have it so tough in California, the gorgeous houses w multiple bathrooms, gardeners, servants, baby sitters, , tv interviews, no jobs and huge bank accounts. Having 2 kids right off the bat should secure her royal position for life, eh?
FREPINO 17 dias atrás
Watching and allowing his wife to trash his family I think is a red flag! Even if ur not royals it’s still grotesque even worst for them coz they told the whole world about it. Harry telling the world his brother and dad is trap in the monarchy is a slap at his grandma who worked almost half life serving the country representing the UK and the commonwealth
Mustluvdogggs Seattle
Mustluvdogggs Seattle 17 dias atrás
Nothing new... JUST MORE AMERICAN FAKE NEWS!! They SPEW a "WHITE SUPREMACY" narrative DAY AND NIGHT. I am so used to hearing it, it really has lost any impact or shock value - they literally have called EVERYONE in America racists and white supremacists. Their rhetoric makes black people weak, makes them VICTIMS. That's the real insult in my book. Those that own that narrative need to look in the mirror. They are the ones doing the real harm.
Kelly W
Kelly W 17 dias atrás
Meghan and even Harry display their emotions and upset and believe they are victims (mostly Meghan), but you have to say that so did Princess Dianna. There is very little difference other than claims of racism.
Lorraine Fernandes
Lorraine Fernandes 17 dias atrás
Reading this after prince Phillip's funeral. What's really shocking. They did not care about Prince Phillip being in the hospital at the time of their tell all story. Harry went for the funeral. Megain let out through friends, that she wanted to go, but doctors orders...that she could not travel. When she had her grand baby shower, she travelled....all the George Clooney and other "pals" ....what a joke. The most self serving person . And harry, went for the funeral. Did he not have any feelings for his grandfather, at the time of the OPRAH OPERA Show. They're a disgrace to humanity. Both of them
Diane Tyler
Diane Tyler 18 dias atrás
Man in beard is right about everything
Diane Tyler
Diane Tyler 18 dias atrás
Americans sympathetic to Megan?? You must mean the press..because we Americans think she is a bimbo. You don't know Americans you just believe the American press
NILA Jackson
NILA Jackson 18 dias atrás
It seems to me most of the young generation is out of touch with service to anyone but themselves. It's very sad!!!!
Erlando Gjestrum
Erlando Gjestrum 18 dias atrás
she is the most hated person in europe right now wow
Al Fern
Al Fern 18 dias atrás
Let them rot in their 'poor' multimillion dollar lifestyle. Neither one deserve the attention they so desperately seek.
Al Fern
Al Fern 18 dias atrás
They both are repulsive and ungrateful to the Royal family. There is a picture of her on the new British Encyclopedia next to the definition of ungrateful-marxist-golddigger-biatch.
Hannah A. Gehrels
Hannah A. Gehrels 18 dias atrás
Stop saying Americans side with Markle. Only her "friends" do.
Jeanog 18 dias atrás
Ugh...This woman is a real problem. How did Harry not see what he was getting himself into?
Dyson Madison
Dyson Madison 19 dias atrás
Paranoid selfish couple who care for nobody
Pearls of Paragon Kate
Pearls of Paragon Kate 19 dias atrás
Well said
Senorra 19 dias atrás
Aussies telling it like it is
Elaine Ross
Elaine Ross 19 dias atrás
Disgusting couple
Ayla Gregg
Ayla Gregg 19 dias atrás
Piers was fucking spot on!!!
Gloria Acuna
Gloria Acuna 19 dias atrás
Agree ! I hope now Harry can see how awful is Meghan, her. malicious heart and how beautiful it s his family. Specially doing that awful interview while p Philip was so ill in the hospital!!! So insensitive! Harry dragged to low to be with her
Musiwa Saasa
Musiwa Saasa 19 dias atrás
It is appalling how voicing out injustice should vilify victims of such injustice to such unmeasured proportions! The couple's mudslingers could, reasonably, be construed as not only being proponents and perpetrators of racism, but possibly hired guns for the institution at the centre of this fiasco; especially when their unbridled injurious comments go uncensored and unrebutted by an institution that has direct and/or indirect influence on media platforms so abused!
Naomi Byrne
Naomi Byrne 20 dias atrás
I can think of a million things that are grotesque, disgusting and repulsive, I've read over 3years of repulsive bullying and abuse of Meghan Markle, but that ok for British tabloids to do that, but not ok for Harry and Meghan to stand up to the shit stirring institution, who spread vitriol of her. British media are toxic.
Elmien Liebenberg
Elmien Liebenberg 20 dias atrás
The worst thing about this interview and all the previous problems that Harry and Meghan caused is that 2 people were actually and truly victimized. Archie and his little sister will never know their famous paternal family if their parents manage to get themselves ostracised from the royals. Harry and Meghan are so self-absorbed that they do not see this potential damage. Imagine finding out you are in line to a kingdom but because your parents acted like children themselves there is a whole family out there who doesn't want anything to do with you. But you are innocent. These two beautiful babies, one not even born yet, are the real victims in all of this. Why is this not being talked about?
kiwi 20 dias atrás
As a great friend of mine would say "off you f**k"
Debi Kaip
Debi Kaip 20 dias atrás
We love the Royal family, we dot listen to anything coming out of LA , Yacht girl is a liar . We will never believe them again we always back our Queen.
N M 20 dias atrás
Mark my word that someday Harry will come to truly regret not to have listened to William's warning about "going too fast" into this relationship. One of the signs about Narcissists grooming their victim is by hurrying into getting attached real quick -before the one who is being manipulated opens their eyes on what is really happening at their expense. Meghan has grandiose personality traits where she imagines if she married a Royal that made her a royal, despite the fact that to become one you are born into it and raised as one or you learn to become one, but Meghan thought: hey I'm dating this royal now I can demand respect, I certainly don't need to earn it, and I can be whatever I deem to be if I say so. But real life is not at all what she imagines, and it is time she opens her eyes instead of her mouth even though her goose is cooked and she made herself to be the pariah and nothing else, and she only has herself to blame if it's too late. Had she seen the blessing of marrying into the Royal family she would have learned from the experience, and eventually become a real one like Kate and Camilla. Instead, just like a brat that hates the hand dealt by fate she only led Harry to rather throw the table over because the game is not to their full advantage -that was a dum dum move. The Book and the Oprah show were two bad moves especially since they both knew Philipp was dying. Never did it occur to them that they were too much of a headache to the Queen, and to protect herself from these two trainwrecks she had to refuse communication or else she could have been the one being buried today! These two have no consideration to other's rights to not be bothered. It never occurred to them that they created too much drama for the Queen while she has a country to rule and needs supports not problems. If you can't be part of the solution at least don't be a problem!
Shane Skeen
Shane Skeen 20 dias atrás
MEGHANS had ANATHER baby again 8 within 8 weeks
8439570 20 dias atrás
That woman actress is just simply an actress. Unfortunately Prince Henry has to overcome the obstacle by treating that low culture woman actress every single day. Priceless? No. Problem is also when a Prince chooses behind close doors a woman that has an underrate skills in matter of life and studies. Consequences is just right at his side. He is married with an Z-List woman actress who has skills only in playboys.
Kim S
Kim S 20 dias atrás
"It's trendy now to be a victim." ??? Idiot.
M Ricci
M Ricci 20 dias atrás
The RF needs to kick Harry and Meghan to the curb! They're nothing but a shite stain on the royal fabric!
Nomadic-Brit 20 dias atrás
Harry and markle need to remember what goes around comes around.This shows the difference between them and Prince William and Kate .and why Us British are proud of our honest monarchy
Gill Steeden
Gill Steeden 20 dias atrás
Will the new baby be called Diana??
C Dhan
C Dhan 20 dias atrás
This guy spells it out clearly exactly as it happened. AGAIN REALLY WELL SAID!!!
Bel wolf
Bel wolf 21 dia atrás
I’m a NYer and I recognized during the engagement interview that Meghan was a lying sociopath. She made herself look like the most appalling phony who was fooling an idiotic prince. Red flags were flying
Maria Isabel Cruz
Maria Isabel Cruz 21 dia atrás
Thank you for this interview., everything you said is the truth. Finaly.
Maria Isabel Cruz
Maria Isabel Cruz 21 dia atrás
Nobody believes her anymore. The more she talks the more we hate her. GOD SAVE THE WONDERFUL QUEEN
Maria Isabel Cruz
Maria Isabel Cruz 21 dia atrás
Brillant, you are right. The queen is fabulous, me me me is a monster
Maria Isabel Cruz
Maria Isabel Cruz 21 dia atrás
This narcisist is trash. So mean , what a wicked witch. It was grotest, and terrible awuful.
Maria Isabel Cruz
Maria Isabel Cruz 21 dia atrás
Maria Isabel Cruz
Maria Isabel Cruz 21 dia atrás
She is a monster narcisist.
Trevor Gordon
Trevor Gordon 21 dia atrás
Famous Americans (Serena Williams in this case) sound like they are reading from a cue card and use language most people don't use in their daily lives. I have to say that Megan Markle is just an awful attention seeking woman, who happens to be slightly famous and married a prince.
Lucinda Humphries
Lucinda Humphries 21 dia atrás
I think the British people have an unrealistic assessment of the adoration of the American people for Harry and Meaghan. Everyone talks, as if, we are so naive that we believe everything they say. Nope.
Mee Ree
Mee Ree 21 dia atrás
Not all in the US are buying the horse💩. Those in Hollywood does not speak for us all. Meghan overplayed her hand, and is looking quite foolish.
Mr Key
Mr Key 21 dia atrás
Plastic SurgeHarry. Operah. ....By J.R Token. Meghan is no Dutchess...she is a 5* count
Toni M
Toni M 21 dia atrás
The states are not sympathetic to them!! We don't want them here either. We would love it if they left the states for any place other than here!
Nicki N
Nicki N 22 dias atrás
She is allowed to speak the truth but hopefully she has the maturity to support him and help him maintain ties and good relations with his family. I hate when mother-in laws, siblings, daughter-in-laws, parents meddle in family ties and cause hardship and problems. She must have the experience and maturity to know that she was marrying into long standing royalty which almost never has anyone outside of their circles marry in. This type of marriage relationship requires a serious type of maturity which I am not sure she has, but we will see. Love your husband and help the relations in a family, especially between Harry and his brother, remain intact. Respect who your adult children and siblings marry and even if you do not love them, you can still respect them. Live your life and be happy in-spite of any racism which may exist. He is such that he will support and stand by her, but she has to show him that in-spite of differences as awful as it is that he can still maintain healthy ties with his family.
E P 22 dias atrás
An article in the Telegraph claimed that Harry hadn't meant to 'upset' anyone. Drivel. The intent was to stuck the knife in, and if Harry couldn't see that was what his wife was up to, then he's an even bigger oaf than I thought. He should be thoroughly ashamed of himself.
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