Hannity: Dems try to derail impeachment trial with last-minute smear campagn

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Democrats look to Lev Parnas as a last-minute bombshell witness.
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18 Jan 2020



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Comentários 2 595
Old Foot stool
Old Foot stool 19 dias atrás
Will somebody please tell me how many week republicans are planning to vote for witnesses and possibly vote for impeachment at this moment I hear of only 4 is that enough to give the dems a majority for either witnesses or conviction
David Triplett
David Triplett 20 dias atrás
DEMS: Hires guy out on bail being prosecuted for campaign fraud and hiding a million dollars from Russia. Also Dems: Accuses everyone of being a Russian asset.
Ujjwal Tripathi
Ujjwal Tripathi 22 dias atrás
Sean Hannity is a psycho!
William Griffin
William Griffin 25 dias atrás
one need only read all the comments below to see the magnitude of public opinion against every thing that Congress and the Democrats do to diminish any conceivable future for DNC
Veronica Rydr
Veronica Rydr 25 dias atrás
We need to get rid of the cheating in the election because they're working on that as we sit here watching the impeachment fake impeachment trial
Billy Taylor
Billy Taylor 25 dias atrás
American people know what the Democrats are doing here dividing us up and it's not going to work telling you Trump . # Trump2020
Concepcion Hernandez
Concepcion Hernandez 26 dias atrás
What progress? All they did was replace some old fencing?
Peter Phil
Peter Phil 26 dias atrás
But NK China n Russia don’t want him out... they can still tweek the numbers to edge him over ... again because he’s asked them and he has held open the door for them... again ... I see Ivanka will inherit the dictators seat on down the line with his base working harder and harder to stay alive like North Koreans do today .. as their ‘republican leadership’ continues it’s path becoming tyrannical dictators as we see in so many countries now... sadly... it’s very very bad for our kids.
Zaneta Horvatovavavarenzanetavndor
Zaneta Horvatovavavarenzanetavndor
Zaneta Horvatovavavarenzanetavndor
Zaneta Horvatovavavarenzanetavndor
rant404 26 dias atrás
As usual, a HUGE number of Russian trolls are posting here from their troll farms in Putin's dictatorship.
Jonn Izzik
Jonn Izzik 27 dias atrás
Scammitity is a corrupt swine-hund. A school-book example of a Moral Lepper. A low life without empathy and/or consideration if he were (would be) should sell his own mother - to gross a million $$??? Trust but verify. ALL ELSE IS COMMENTARY. Do you own thinking. Yes: DO YOUR OWN THINKING. Yes, they (FOX) certainly does not want - that - to happen. FOX NEWS is nothing but brainless bla bla bla to scare you, to lie to you, To manipulate you . . . to vote -. AGAINST-YOUR-OWN-INTERESTS.
Victor Tafolla
Victor Tafolla 27 dias atrás
As a proud native american,all i can say is that this continent was way better before white people came here and stole our land by force
Carlton Womble
Carlton Womble 21 dia atrás
Sinturin 27 dias atrás
Nancy pelosi an long pencil neck adams finances should be investigated!
Veracity North
Veracity North 27 dias atrás
Hannity - The lying clown of Fox News, no one should trust.
JR S 27 dias atrás
And he got an OJ lawyer!? Really... Who is writing this stuff!???
JR S 27 dias atrás
Okay... I tried. But he's literally just blabbering words. And the connections he is making aren't even connected. WHY DOES HE MAKE MORE MONEY THAN ME!?!
N M 27 dias atrás
Yes hannity, you were lying then, and here you are, still lying now.
N M 27 dias atrás
How are things in this sycophantic echo chamber? Everyone good and angry?
Gregor Resch
Gregor Resch 27 dias atrás
After two years of tariffs, Trump achieved nothing and caved to China.
David Durflinger
David Durflinger 27 dias atrás
No I don't
Neil Ballantyne
Neil Ballantyne 27 dias atrás
This is the trump network.
Chantel Smith
Chantel Smith 27 dias atrás
WanderingAngel 27 dias atrás
Had a thought why Parnus is lying because George Soro paid Iran to blow up Ukraine plane and warn him probably. Warning him or else . But hes a idiot for having fear of a demonic old man GS he is losing his grip world wide for the Rothschild clan.
Craig Brinker
Craig Brinker 27 dias atrás
If anyone knows about a smear job it would be Sean hand job
Allen Hamilton
Allen Hamilton 27 dias atrás
Well, I was trying to find the latest news but it disappeared. Something bad happens, this is a warning. A rifle behind every blade of grass.
Kathie Carter
Kathie Carter 27 dias atrás
Dems are trying to overthrow our President and government because Hillary lost!! Is this type of behavior going to happen all the time now that the Dems have run roughshod over our POTUS and our Constitution??
Freddusya 27 dias atrás
Trump got elected in 2016 despite being reported as racists, sexists, tax-evader by the media. and somehow democrats thinks a FAKE impeachment would hurt him?
manuel bonilla
manuel bonilla 27 dias atrás
Mr. Hannity, Mexico's president Lopez Obrador has disregard an agreement between him and mr. Trump, allowing another migrant caravan into Mexico, it has been confirmed that 5 suicide Iranians were in this caravan and are hiding in the Calexico/ Mexicali border, please alert our president of this new danger, posted by this fool, who is throwing another smoke curtain to cover his stupidity in the form of his presidential plane raffle. Thank you much and best regards,
snowmanireland 27 dias atrás
Hateful Hannity is just lying to you folks. He will never be an honest speaker of the truth , just like the lying president trump he serves so diligently.
Kam 27 dias atrás
Get the f**k off this real news show you loser..cnn is waiting to lie to you!!
Jed Knight
Jed Knight 28 dias atrás
Hey guys, tell me again about how Pelosi was afraid to move impeachment forward? How she realized that she made a huge mistake & is now regretting it? That was hilarious.
Never Again
Never Again 28 dias atrás
When will hannity be subpoenaed to testify and answer for his role and Fox's involvement in the Yovanovitch smear campaign? '' America will prevail ''.
Kam 27 dias atrás
Dumb Again!!
AdamosDad 28 dias atrás
1:29 Pelosi the juggling clown.
Todd Stevens
Todd Stevens 28 dias atrás
I prefer hosts that are devoted to conservative ISSUES not personalities.
Rae Bae
Rae Bae 28 dias atrás
The real question is how legal is it for cory booker to become a strategically placed democratic juror in the sham trial, if Trump personally twitted to his @name.
ThaYoutubeBigWig 28 dias atrás
You got to lighten up Hannity a billy,getting to serious bout this little trumpy impeachibilly thing
ThaYoutubeBigWig 28 dias atrás
Sean Hanibilly,Walmart shopibilly
ThaYoutubeBigWig 28 dias atrás
ThaBRvidBigWigBilly.....wait what?
ThaYoutubeBigWig 28 dias atrás
Lot of Billy’s in the repubillybilly party
ThaYoutubeBigWig 28 dias atrás
Trey Gowdybilly is a here trey
ThaYoutubeBigWig 28 dias atrás
Seanbilly,is trumpboy
ThaYoutubeBigWig 28 dias atrás
The Demmys are dragging things out...I thought senate was in charge...Demmys still in it look like...Democrats know how to get things done
ThaYoutubeBigWig 28 dias atrás
How much are the pens
Kam 27 dias atrás
Are you drinking? MORON!!
Tao Bob
Tao Bob 28 dias atrás
President Trump is the best and greatest exorcist against the ugliest evil Pelosi and her terrorists Democrats!
Everyone knows Pelosi is dead inside and she's just a smiling mannequin.
LockerRoom Talk
LockerRoom Talk 28 dias atrás
Client #3! How is Cohen?
앤더슨프란 28 dias atrás
Remember that time Trump bullied a kid on twitter, and the smear job he did on Biden in Ukraine, and the smear job he did on a gold star family, and the way he smeared John McCain, and the smear on everyone who disagrees with him? There's so much Trump smear that the entire country looks like lox and bagels.
alfonso ahumada
alfonso ahumada 28 dias atrás
Let's see who laughs last,p-Lousy or Trump!!!!!
patricia utzman
patricia utzman 28 dias atrás
Leftist mob patsy.
N S 28 dias atrás
as soon as Hannity said Michael Avenatti 2.0 I gave it thumbs up. That's what I've been saying all along ever ince Parnes came to light, it's another avenatti. A criminal trying to get some sort of plea deal with the radical DEMON-RATS
yanniaspro 28 dias atrás
Samuel S. Kent
Samuel S. Kent 28 dias atrás
Who really is Nancy Pelosi? She is the daughter of Alexander D’Alessando who was associated with the mafia boss Lucky Luciano. Both were involved in trafficking in heroin and cocaine in the mafia-controlled Baltimore area. We are not exactly working with nice people. It is disgusting that these low levels have taken over Congress, at least the House.
Norman Monteith
Norman Monteith 28 dias atrás
Hannity is a joke, a goof.
Norman Monteith
Norman Monteith 28 dias atrás
Hannity needs a swift kick in the head like Cowboy.
thekimssor 28 dias atrás
You Americans, you're the laughing stock of the world.What's next.."fake weather"?
Rohanda Mclaurin
Rohanda Mclaurin 28 dias atrás
Rohanda Mclaurin
Rohanda Mclaurin 28 dias atrás
FOX B.S. PROPAGANDA LIES..!!! 💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💣💣
Joe Matteo
Joe Matteo 28 dias atrás
It comes out of the House of Representatives operating budget. Unusually significant bills are signed and the pens shared. It is a practice all Speakers of the House have used when signing rare actions. I suppose the amount spent would be interesting.
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