Halsey - Graveyard

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Music video by Halsey performing Graveyard. © 2019 Capitol Records, LLC


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8 Out 2019



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Comentários 100
Eric Schafer
Eric Schafer 3 horas atrás
@Halsey, thank you for this song and the lyrics. They describe my now X-Wife to the letter. This song helped me in getting through the tough times, Thank you!
Akila Jones
Akila Jones 3 horas atrás
I love you hasley
Vansh Joshi
Vansh Joshi 3 horas atrás
I miss listening Halsey so here I’m
Kayli Griffith- Camille
Omg I love this song
kdot _
kdot _ 12 horas atrás
xlyan non
xlyan non Dia atrás
2021 ?
Jeremy Charney
Jeremy Charney Dia atrás
No thanks...
WB V Dia atrás
Who else feels like invite your friends to come and listen
nathira farvin
nathira farvin 2 dias atrás
Hey, I know her! She's from Euphoria right?
Suyimari iscaelis Tovar
Like in 2021 👇
gloria zuazo guerra
gloria zuazo guerra 2 dias atrás
This is a mensaje from 2021
Hannah A
Hannah A 2 dias atrás
Did anyone else notice the two moons? Pink and blue like their dresses. I love the symbolism
Shanda Standford
Shanda Standford 2 dias atrás
R M 4 dias atrás
I didn't know graveyard had an MV, wtf?
Georgina Brown
Georgina Brown 4 dias atrás
I don’t really like this song at all
Luana Fontel
Luana Fontel 4 dias atrás
Maravilhosa, aff amo essa mulher😍😍😍😍😍
Gerry pete Catangui
Gerry pete Catangui 4 dias atrás
Geetha RV
Geetha RV 5 dias atrás
Halsey is beautiful with curly hair
Brenda Campbell
Brenda Campbell 5 dias atrás
Akhil kumar Talukdar
Akhil kumar Talukdar 5 dias atrás
Bhai batao kool ka matlab kya hain
Janell Vasquez
Janell Vasquez 6 dias atrás
"Its funny how the warning signs can feel like the butterflies" did no one get that but me
CurtDawg 7 dias atrás
I finally figured out who Halsey reminds me of... Liv Tyler... which is not a bad thing. The Princess Elf in Lord of the Rings, and oh yeah, daughter of Steven Tyler... Aerosmith's lead.
JASMINE LORD 7 dias atrás
Love you baby 😍😘
Nicholas Scott
Nicholas Scott 7 dias atrás
Danielle and angel nieves
Is that the grl from euphoria
Claire InSync
Claire InSync 8 dias atrás
morgan 8 dias atrás
Laura Sloniker
Laura Sloniker 8 dias atrás
You have to I love you are you gonna do well I know who it is that
Aria Gonzalez
Aria Gonzalez 9 dias atrás
me and my mom love this song when it plays in the car Lol
Sharon Mosley
Sharon Mosley 9 dias atrás
I keep digging my self down deeper
Bogdan Bogdan
Bogdan Bogdan 9 dias atrás
I need to break up with myself.
Carissa Procyk
Carissa Procyk 9 dias atrás
I'm Totally Feeling where U R....
Carissa Procyk
Carissa Procyk 9 dias atrás
I'm Right Here Girl ❣️😘💞
Marines Reccy
Marines Reccy 9 dias atrás
Ull be sorry.
Marines Reccy
Marines Reccy 9 dias atrás
I hate u.
Marines Reccy
Marines Reccy 7 dias atrás
@Minatozaki Sana'ya Aşığım u left me.
BLACKPINK 10 dias atrás
Go To 50M
Sallu Salman
Sallu Salman 10 dias atrás
Halsey Fans Like
Test Rabbit
Test Rabbit 10 dias atrás
@Navena I need to be roofied to be on a regular day night sleep schedule again
whistletoe 10 dias atrás
this video is stunning omg
Luna Gacha
Luna Gacha 10 dias atrás
I love the song but I’m confused bout the storyline of the song...... did someone die or sum.....?
Ashley Lissett
Ashley Lissett 11 dias atrás
Just posted a cover of “Graveyard” on my BRvid channel. Would appreciate it if you would check it out:) ❤️
michelle sheedy
michelle sheedy 12 dias atrás
if y’all see the views on this go up it’s cause i always come back to see sydney
Rasputin Disclaimer101
Rasputin Disclaimer101 12 dias atrás
'We' do not take responsibility for decisions taken by the viewer based solely on the 'information' provided in this video.
MIBSAM 12 dias atrás
Who is watching this in 2021 you are fucked up💩
Bob Postman
Bob Postman 13 dias atrás
Your voice like avril teenager.. ❤️❤️❤️
Estefany Joseph
Estefany Joseph 14 dias atrás
Halsey Te Quiero Mucho
Estefany Joseph
Estefany Joseph 14 dias atrás
Ame mucho está canción mas Clementine y Sugas interlude
Mariétou Gueye
Mariétou Gueye 14 dias atrás
I feel lonely when I listen this song 🥺🥺
Keysiane Gabrielly
Keysiane Gabrielly 14 dias atrás
seiah sefid
seiah sefid 14 dias atrás
Abril Negrete
Abril Negrete 14 dias atrás
Sean Bickel
Sean Bickel 14 dias atrás
this song makes me sad you are trying to find your children just like me :(
Havva Nur
Havva Nur 15 dias atrás
This is the best music video ever
Raychel Vic
Raychel Vic 15 dias atrás
Who’s here in 2021
Jack girl
Jack girl 15 dias atrás
diorgguk 15 dias atrás
this song is so annoying.
Withers 15 dias atrás
Remember dancing to this in jazz, I loved it. Good memories.
Swiftie Forever
Swiftie Forever 15 dias atrás
Anyone in 2021?
MR. PARK 16 dias atrás
How many ppl are waching this in January?
Jayme Solomon
Jayme Solomon 16 dias atrás
So that’s what happened to Cassie while Maddie was dissing Nate’s family
Dominic Vasquez
Dominic Vasquez 17 dias atrás
Jennifer ma Mary LA DIzziMA babicortezaunna
Joseph Blackwell
Joseph Blackwell 17 dias atrás
you are my favorite Iove you❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️💯💯💯💟💟💕💕💕
Joseph Blackwell
Joseph Blackwell 17 dias atrás
I love you Hasley
IGOR GORELIK 17 dias atrás
this is good .
Muhammad Aasim
Muhammad Aasim 17 dias atrás
Why is this song sooo good..... its making me maddd😡😡😡
carmen iellimo
carmen iellimo 18 dias atrás
Lolbitfan345 AJ
Lolbitfan345 AJ 18 dias atrás
Who be listening in 2021?
tinelle butcher
tinelle butcher 18 dias atrás
ill burn up later Izbm . . ...yk . . .v . . x. l.lfj btkxb lp
tinelle butcher
tinelle butcher 18 dias atrás
gf io xfik h xo khfc h nhfc hk ok askly d u np py goodby lou i would let u se but in the gun is crazy about someone its not me zs yc . ofx go kn xgik ik kyx kyf nhc kc ix mn cgim byc bmb im not in lov in me or u im not even real ddx gy b,m .m m jxm ..
Jaeden Ramen
Jaeden Ramen 19 dias atrás
This song came out during the good days
Neri Suarez
Neri Suarez 19 dias atrás
euphoria vibes
CherryToast 19 dias atrás
i guess im the 48,930,412th viewer
________ 19 dias atrás
Resean Balgaroo
Resean Balgaroo 19 dias atrás
Who listening in 2021? 😉😄
أحِباَࢪوُد .
Jhosua Vela
Jhosua Vela 20 dias atrás es un cuento fantástico que de seguro les va a gustar mucho no dudes en abrirlo ...
veranika kim
veranika kim 20 dias atrás
Graveyard from halsey=my life
morgan trunt
morgan trunt 20 dias atrás
Whose here 2021🔥
eren 20 dias atrás
Lil' Miss Different
Lil' Miss Different 21 dia atrás
Let's get this to 60M views by the end of the year!
Ahmet Şekerli
Ahmet Şekerli 21 dia atrás
03:07 "Pure sadness" That look breaks my heart.
sheren 21 dia atrás
I'm making a piano cover of this song, take a look if you're interested. Thankss
Roger Jimenez
Roger Jimenez 22 dias atrás
there it is again, the fat cat
Mo Cny
Mo Cny 22 dias atrás
2021 :)
musiclova2112 23 dias atrás
This song and “Clover Cage - Lost Then Found” (acoustic) are the only two things keeping me sane through these tough times. I just want to send love to everyone and I want everyone to know things will get better...We are in this together...I love you..
sheren 21 dia atrás
I'm making a piano cover of this song, take a look if you're interested. Thankss
color 23 dias atrás
I just want 'em all be happy no matter how l will be it is crazy >.> l want him to be happy l keep doing whatever l can -.- tc you all.
Camille Creighton
Camille Creighton 23 dias atrás
Here she looks like melanie martinez
KurosakiRuka 24 dias atrás
look like this euphoria film set from episode 4
Uncle Vince
Uncle Vince 25 dias atrás
She acts like I’m the only sex drug addict in the world and that’s why it’s not smart. I’m a dime a dozen. And oh, I’m not in the graveyard. I’m not even in active addiction anymore anyway
Elizabeth Reeder
Elizabeth Reeder 25 dias atrás
You don't see very many simple but amazing videos like this anymore. So many are very flashing and swimming with cg. This is simple yet beautiful.
Casey Cole
Casey Cole 25 dias atrás
Paul SingH
Paul SingH 25 dias atrás
she kinda looking like micheal jackson
TIK TOK BEST 26 dias atrás
O começo da música parece um plágio de Atlantis
Mimi Diaz
Mimi Diaz 26 dias atrás
I sound dumb but, am I the only one who thought that Selena Gomez sang this song....?
Mohammad amin Gudarzi
Mohammad amin Gudarzi 27 dias atrás
December 2020 and still listening
Krezzy 28 dias atrás
holy fuck, I just lost.
Mary Bilstein
Mary Bilstein 28 dias atrás
Who else lowkey got Melanie Martinez vibes from this video
Teresa Abdullahad
Teresa Abdullahad 29 dias atrás
Those dresses lol
Rain & Sol
Rain & Sol 29 dias atrás
Becca X
Becca X 29 dias atrás
It’s crazy how much you can actually relate to a song and how someone can hurt you so much yet you can’t seem to let go. It’s a very odd thing to think about when you actually take the time
sheren 21 dia atrás
I'm making a piano cover of this song, take a look if you're interested. Thanks
Lily Reitter
Lily Reitter Mês atrás
God: Do u want beauty, beautiful voice, or art talent? Halsey: YEs
sheren 21 dia atrás
I'm making a piano cover of this song, take a look if you're interested. Thankss
Mastan Khoshnaw
Mastan Khoshnaw Mês atrás
Hello Gayy. I wanna tell you. You are deserve nothing 👟
Tara Kirkham
Tara Kirkham Mês atrás
i keep diging my self deeper me:in quarenten diging a hole to die in
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