Halo Infinite is free but I still feel scammed

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gotta pay 20 bucks for the color white

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The pretty thumbnail background was made by Elia Sheikh-Bahaie. Here's the full image.

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Xbox: Sir Zanny
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►Music used
Halo Infinite OST - Main Theme

Doom Eternal OST - The Only Thing they Fear is You by Mick Gordon

Storybook (Prod. by Lukrembo) -

Classical Piano by Liborio Conti

Circus by CFmusic -

Music credits:
Gorillaz - On Melancholy Hill (Cover) by Koji Kobura
Art credits:
Knight walking puppies animation -
Medieval overgrowth -
Sitting with the pups -
Dathomir -
Floating temple -
Alien fantasy -
Medieval sunset -
White castle -

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23 Nov 2021



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The background I used in the thumbnail is this amazing piece of Halo art rendered in Unreal Engine 4. It was made by Elia Sheikh-Bahaie. Here's the full image if you wanna see it all
The Act Man
See how much better your videos are with your face in them? I laughed twice as much seeing you laugh
Modest Pelican
I think they should replace the halo sound track with you singing it
This man has come a long way
Emir Bülbül
seeing zannys face is so weird ,i always imagined him as a cartoon character
Finally, someone else agrees that Halo shouldn't be free-to-play. I'd rather pay 30 bucks and have all the customization unlocked by challenges and leveling
Gavin Alley
Title: "Halo infinite is free but feels like a scam." Zanny:
I feel Zannys dogs are tired and lazy when he’s not playing games but when he turns on the console the dogs are super hyper active
One of the best multiplayers I’ve ever played….. the Microstransactions flarking suck though. I honestly would’ve rather just paid a price for the multiplayer than have it be free if that meant Free to play players would have more offered to them.
"the game being free is not an excuse for a business model this predatory"
eXquisite Gaming
I wish my friends would play Halo with me like this. This honestly looks so much more fun with friends
I love the gameplay but honestly if they stuck with the in game currency route on reach this would be a 10/10 game
I have NEVER heard someone say “I wish this wasn’t free”
Zanny: “We’re never telling the others about this.”
Kira Yoshikage
There is no way, Zanny on trending. This man has come a long way
SlimFast Subaru
this guy is fkin hilarious i started binging all his battlefront videos like a week and half ago and haven't stopped watching his videos since lol
Lanz Sy
Just looked at zanny's past videos and am proud that they're mostly at 1mil views each, loyalty to the zan gang still running strong ✊✊✊
Cool seeing people look different as a squad for once. The game takes way too long for people to customize their spartan. So its usually just base model armor 90% of the time...
Jackson Washburn
The sheer variety of games on this channel is unparalleled. Well done
Im happy we're getting more halo content, miss the old halo vids and happy we're getting more.
A game of UNO if it was a Greek tragedy
Google Translate Makes BOBA!
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When Star Wars Battlefront 2 hits just right
Google Translate Makes BOBA!
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