Half in the Bag: The Last Last Jedi Review

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In this special episode Rich, Mike, and Jay talk about the Last Jedi. A movie that's complex, but subtle. Beautiful, yet awkward, clunky and unfunny. Good, yet very bad.
Also while discussing the bombing raid on the Dreadnought. Mike talks about a Star Trek Voyager episode coincidentally called "Dreadnought". Please comment about that below... if you were cool enough to know that awesome fact!!!


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19 Dez 2017



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Comentários 19 416
FleshNFaith Dia atrás
The way he describes the cycle of celebration > watch movie > hate movie > celebration is pretty much identical to all the Sonic games.
hughjazz44 3 dias atrás
There's no gravity in space? What?
Bulfwyne 3 dias atrás
We didn't need to be reminded about what Star Wars was about for Force Awakens .... Makes Zero sense when Movie Company's think that fans and people who will go see the movie, are some how ignorant to the Star Wars Universe .... We don't need to set up anything BUT the bad guy and its motives/plot
Oliver Hugaas
Oliver Hugaas 5 dias atrás
Oscar Guerrero
Oscar Guerrero 9 dias atrás
43:24 "See you in two years for the next one, where they have to blow up a superweapon and Rey has to fight Kylo Ren again because they can't do anything new or interesting..." Well I'll be damned. Rich, Jay, and Mike predicted the plot for The Rise of Skywalker.
Jesse Lamont
Jesse Lamont 10 dias atrás
Have you guys looked at the TLJ poster yet? What a brilliant brilliant poster it is. Love this poster. Might be my favourite movie poster this year so far.
Blake W.
Blake W. 13 dias atrás
It’s taken me 2 years, but I realized after 2 years that Mike is drunk as hell. Jay and Rich may also be but Mike is drunk and I completely understand all of their opinions. I’m really drunk so I think i get it, everyone who’s not drunk can get drunk and then, only then, debate this.
Brandon Day
Brandon Day 15 dias atrás
Kylo was injured but he immediately beat Finn but not Rey who didn’t use the force
Šimon Dráb
Šimon Dráb 15 dias atrás
hangover89 16 dias atrás
"See you again in two years when they have to blow up a superweapon and she has to get into a lightsaber fight with Kylo Ren again" OOF
john mimbs
john mimbs 16 dias atrás
i know this is an unwelome comment because the movie in question was a travesty, but the bombers make sense because the artificial gravity gives them their initial drop speed and the law of conservation of energy means with no forces ie space acting to stop it . it will continue to move in the initial direction it was ejected from the ship in.
C.M. H.
C.M. H. 10 dias atrás
Yeah, these kind of complaints that are just pedantic nitpicks. The Star War’s mythos is chalk full of sci fi/fantasy elements that bend anything close to logic. Lucas has always famously modeled and informed the franchise off of WWII warfare, no matter how unrealistic the armaments and technology actually are-Giant tanks that walk on legs rather than treads or wheels. Spaceships that bank and maneuver as if in an atmosphere. Floating battleships that engage war in space as if there’s latitudinal/longitudinal directions. Massive explosions in outer space. Etc
john mimbs
john mimbs 16 dias atrás
it doesnt make the bombers any less stupid as they could easily just spring load the fuckers and shoot em out at the ships or idunno anything...
Stevie 17 dias atrás
"If Mark David Chapman had a machine gun." LMAO
Chris 17 dias atrás
I think this movie truly broke Mike
Scott I'Anson
Scott I'Anson 18 dias atrás
SW 77 and ESB are the only two great films in the series.
Collin Yates
Collin Yates 18 dias atrás
In Zad We trust
In Zad We trust 18 dias atrás
I wish rian jhonson gets shit in his mouth by every subverted fan
sully 101
sully 101 19 dias atrás
Disney star wars is not cannon , looper is an awful film , the last jedi is unwatchable .
Lucas Ferraroni DrSin
Lucas Ferraroni DrSin 21 dia atrás
This review is great. Second time watching, and I never intend to watch episodes VIII and IX again.
Kyle Jones
Kyle Jones 21 dia atrás
The massive drop off in money made from force awakens to the other movies is all you need to know.
ManapuaMan 22 dias atrás
Take a shot every time you say to yourself/ think “ I know right?”
ErgonomicChair 23 dias atrás
Iunno I'd still say she is pretty mary sue in this one. But eh... we saw the result of what comes next. This one looks even worse because of the third one haha.
Rick Sanchez
Rick Sanchez 23 dias atrás
11:06 LMFAO
Nob the Knave
Nob the Knave 24 dias atrás
One day these guys will read some EU. And their minds will be blown.
Daniel Rodriguez
Daniel Rodriguez 24 dias atrás
I still fucking hate this movie
Oscar Guerrero
Oscar Guerrero 24 dias atrás
I overall liked the movie but yeah I agree with you guys on many of these things.
biscoloco 25 dias atrás
Whole movie was trash can’t believe you have a serious take and think this one is “alright” and are far less bothered by this than rogue one. Rian Johnson took a big dump on all the people who went to see that movie. How did you not think the Mary poppins Carrie Fisher scene and the light speed ramming weren’t the stupidest scenes in the whole movie?
Frank Merker
Frank Merker 24 dias atrás
rogue one is trash from a narrative and creative standpoint, it is just fanservice: the movie. I don't think they dispute that Rian Johnson took a dump on the fan base, which is clearly outlined in the Plinkett review. There are also far worse aspects of this movie than the Carrie Fisher scene in space lol
J M 26 dias atrás
TLJ is like the format of this show.
Anthony Melson
Anthony Melson 26 dias atrás
32:18 love Jays awkward joke about awkward jokes. He’s so cute.
FatbopulosMikel 26 dias atrás Mike Stoklasa
nt78stonewobble 27 dias atrás
In retrospect: Many poorly thought out and bad small subversions of expectations is not as good as 1-2 well thought out good big subversions of expectations. Previously in star wars, they were just movies, that kind of loosely resonated with real life (good vs. evil, personal growth and development) and the "plot twists" were "stunning and brave" in that regard. In this one introduced quite heavy "political themes" that are specific and directly applicable to real life, but they were never "stunning and brave" enough to eg. subvert expectations for those actually important and serious things... They only really used the "plot twists" to poke at what people liked about the originals... not their own new "agenda" additions. Put a bit differently... they poked at their fans like of these movies, but they weren't able to poke at themselves and what they themselves thought important to add to the movies. It's wasn't ballsy... it was actually quite the opposite...
Frank C
Frank C 27 dias atrás
I don't get how you guys liked this one but not 9
Bepartofmynovel 29 dias atrás
"Poe Dameron is the only character with an arc" Really? Finn begins the movie not committed to the resistance, ends up wanting to sacrifice himself Rose begins the movie as a Hero fanboy, ends up being a hero herself Rey begins the movie looking for her parents (in Luke), learns her parents don't matter Ren begins the movie being a servant to Snoke, ends up killing him and taking his place Luke begins the movie being a cynical hermit, ends up finding hope again and saves the resistance while apologizing to his nephew
Bepartofmynovel 27 dias atrás
@Casey Sanders to quote Luke Skywalker from TLJ: "Amazing. Every word of what you just said was wrong." - Finn chose to risk his life, no one forced him - Rose became a key player in the Resistance (which we can see even in the minimum screen time they gave her in TROS - Luke saved what was left of the resistance without harming Kylo. He did what he could do - apologize to Kylo and hope that his apology would steer Kylo in a different direction.
Casey Sanders
Casey Sanders 27 dias atrás
Bepartofmynovel -Finn is forced to stay or be called a traitor -Rose doesn’t end up a hero, she almost dooms the resistance and sexually assaults Finn -Luke doesn’t find hope again, he literally doesn’t even try to save Kylo.
Nibbles McMeow
Nibbles McMeow 29 dias atrás
This is even funnier watching them speculate the next movie, after seeing the next movie.
David Yu
David Yu Mês atrás
Not sure what you find strange about a large gathering of adults cheering like Children. Have you seen sports? Soccer? Football? Basket? Same thing. People find something they like, and don't even do it, but they like it. Just like watching this here Review. It's the way of Life. The force if you may, is with us all. Ryan Johnsson, if you are reading this, I hate you so much.
Fernando Almanza
Fernando Almanza Mês atrás
Snoke was another wasted opportunity that rian johnson used to "subvert expectations" like luke tossing his lightsaber or try to kill his nephew by "pure instinct" or even worse using a force projection rather than face kylo ren in person just to die anyway
Santiago Munez
Santiago Munez Mês atrás
interesting how the reviews were becoming increasingly negative as the trilogy progressed 🤣 .. new trilogy sucks so bad as my English
charlesandhisworld Mês atrás
luke skywalker in tlj was a rian johnson self-insert
Frank Merker
Frank Merker Mês atrás
That may have be his intent, but Snoke ended up being the real self-insert
Alan Provance
Alan Provance Mês atrás
Damn, I'm between 35 and 38 with a beard (not pictured)... this is literally the most I've ever been called out. I really liked TLJ, but Jay's on point.
Ficky Fatturrahman
Ficky Fatturrahman Mês atrás
35:52 Mike predicts the star destroyer in the Episode IX
Franklin Turtleton
Franklin Turtleton Mês atrás
People always forget that in TFA Rey was also injured. She was thrown 3 stories up into a tree and then fell on her face and is passed out in the snow for 10 minutes while wearing desert clothes.
redplague Mês atrás
Getting rid of Ryan Johnson was the worst thing Disney did. Ryan Johnson was the only person who had the bravery and writing talent to free Star Wars from its shackles. JJ Abrams is creatively lacking, hence why his Star Trek films are just recreations of past stories and characters. Star Trek hasn't had an original idea now for over a quarter of a century.
TheCosmicFireStar Mês atrás
Weird looking back on this seeing the Sequel trilogy in retrospect.
Maclunkey1977 Mês atrás
As someone who loves Last Jedi, this by far is my favorite review.
Alan Provance
Alan Provance Mês atrás
Keen James
Keen James Mês atrás
Yodas back baby! Baby Yoda forever!
FDR - FierceDeityRick
Worst SW movie
Gudrun Rosenfeldt
Gudrun Rosenfeldt Mês atrás
Hopefully Disney learns from its failures .
Frank Merker
Frank Merker Mês atrás
I think they'll just let the past die, they killed it just to make sure
WingedArchon Mês atrás
I can very much identify with both Mike and Rich who just bash on this shitstorm of a movie or can't be bothered to anymore, but the other guy I find annoying, particulairly because he still seems to like TLJ more than the prequels... which makes me be like: "Wut? Brah, are you daft?" He's just anoying with his semi, run-off-the-mill, 'I get what Ruin Johnson is trying' defences. TLJ IS JUST A BAD FILM!!!!
Roflcopter4b Mês atrás
They're all in agreement that it's vastly better than any of the prequels. Anyone with a shred of ability to measure things objectively would agree with that.
Zachary S
Zachary S Mês atrás
The cinimatic equivalent of the makeup shotgun...if only they knew what the rise of Skywalker would be
Bobby Daubert
Bobby Daubert Mês atrás
These youtube algorithms suck balls. I've been watching movie reviews on here for like 7 years and this is the first time I'm finding you guys. Amazing content.
Michael pellegrini
Michael pellegrini Mês atrás
After seeing that movie a second time, I asked myself, “Why drop bombs, when you can just hyperspace one ship at them?”
Dagenspear 16 dias atrás
I thought, "How can she breathe if those doors are open and she's lying right above the opening? I don't see a force field."
Jayk Dos
Jayk Dos Mês atrás
I love Rich to death, but I always disagree with his comments about how the SW universe is limited and a blank slate. There's plenty of expanded material that builds upon the universe. It's only these movies that make the universe feel small.
Jayk Dos you disagree to agree. Yes everyone knows there’s an expanded universe that’s not canon anymore. It’s really the new trilogy that’s just limited. Literally rehashing everything. And then the movies? Rogue One, we know what happens. A new hope! I really though that they would survive at the end and become the knights of ren. Nope. It’s so limited they brought back the emperor 🙃
Wveth Mês atrás
What's really interesting here is that they talk about the things the film did well or were interesting as well as the flaws... and everyone in the comments is doing the "race to hate it the most" thing that these guys criticized in this very video, ignoring the more nuanced opinion they actually displayed.
Chris Dryer
Chris Dryer Mês atrás
...and then Rey is related to somebody... wtf...
Lieutenant BaconWaffles
I'm waiting for Disney to do to Star Wars what Bethesda did to the Mass Effect franchise.
Lieutenant BaconWaffles Wdym it’s done Lmaoo. I haven’t even paid for a ticket for the ROS , I watch these hacks more than I’ve seen the new trilogy.
C KaldariaQ
C KaldariaQ Mês atrás
The rebels have Y-Wings. They didnt need those shitty "new" bombers.
Ben Mês atrás
13:09 ....bruh r u kidding me? Kilo had years of training with Luke in this movie from the past! She had only just started her training in this movie!
James Davis
James Davis Mês atrás
+Wveth Rey performed a Jedi mind trick in the same day she was told the force was real by Han Solo. Pain is supposed to make a dark side force user stronger. Kylo even threw Rey up against a tree after getting shot by that bowcaster. Next, she used force pull to take the lightsaber from Kylo, despite no force training. It was a terrible scene, and it just reenforces everyone's thoughts on Rey being a Mary Sue.
Wveth Mês atrás
He was seriously injured. It was impressive that he was able to fight AT ALL.
Ben Mês atrás
11:24.... dafuq, is there a seagull in the background?
Del Walton
Del Walton Mês atrás
What do you mean you THOUGHT Yoda was dancing.... Yoda definitely twerked during that scene...😁
A. Vecstric
A. Vecstric Mês atrás
18:20 Jay predicting his "The Lighthouse" fanyboyism!
JadeSun7 Mês atrás
"Star Wars has nowhere to go" This is the single most infuriating argument. Star Wars is easy. It's 40s and 50s pulp fiction, sci-fi, fantasy, war movies, action adventure, and a dash of film noir. It's flavor, it's style, in other words, the real heart of it has to lie with the characters. So! If you can write an engaging character, you can write Star Wars. IT'S NOT THAT HARD. And somehow they've been F*(&%^G it up for 30 years.... T_T Star Wars Rebels was excellent. I've heard lots of good about the Mandalorian. So... maybe there's hope.
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