Half in the Bag: The Last Last Jedi Review

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In this special episode Rich, Mike, and Jay talk about the Last Jedi. A movie that's complex, but subtle. Beautiful, yet awkward, clunky and unfunny. Good, yet very bad.
Also while discussing the bombing raid on the Dreadnought. Mike talks about a Star Trek Voyager episode coincidentally called "Dreadnought". Please comment about that below... if you were cool enough to know that awesome fact!!!


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19 Dez 2017



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Diestro Corleone
Diestro Corleone 5 horas atrás
I agree with Jay. And with the general opinion from our three friends: there's plenty of interesting topics, some nice 'subversion of expectations' that went too far in a few places. Visually it's a great film, but failed miserably in several things. Oh, but after TROS, TLJ feels like Episode 3. That's not too much to say, but it's something.
Tony Castle
Tony Castle Dia atrás
iforgot87872 Dia atrás
All they needed to make star wars fresh was a third faction. Anarchist pirates or something like Jabba’s crew turned into something huge to rival the first order and resistance. Change my mind.
SpunkyJerky The Spaz
SpunkyJerky The Spaz 2 dias atrás
W hen Mike kept asking "Do you remember when...?" all I could think about was when Chris Farley had a recurring bit on Saturday Night Live (back when it was worth watching) where he did movie reviews and would ask his guests "Do you remember when...?" and then follow up with "That was awesome."
damjrok 3 dias atrás
20:51 The magic of Star Wars
St. Howdy
St. Howdy 3 dias atrás
Who's still mad in 2020.
G Ren
G Ren 3 dias atrás
Mike Stoklasa thinks the freeing of the animals scene was too stupid for him, didn't bother to mention the allegorical parallel to Return of the jedi, the fact that it was done to get back to the ship and serve as a symbol for inspiring the next generation through actions and how it all ties back into the narrative of indifference and emotional dark side and light side. It really is a shame that people who are not film critics and cannot analyze film have more influence than people who bust their asses studying and analyzing film. And the problem is they have no specifics, they say that the theory of Luke rejecting the force is good in theory but in execution and then NOTHING, no specifics. What the hell? If you're going to criticize something, go into specifics, they keep dancing around the edges, asking questions, not providing any level of clarity to their criticisms, just a bunch of vague execution questions or picking at side knitpicks. And they overplay what is wrong and they tend to ignore the parts they liked. No mention of ideas, theories, dialogue. the 30 minutes of Luke dialogue is ruined because they'd rather talk about tossing a lightsaber? Come on
J G 4 dias atrás
I’m a big fan of RLM, but they seem pretty clueless about this movie. Sure they point out the many, obvious cinematic problems. But they’re still reviewing it as if it were a movie made with the intent to entertain or please the audience. It’s not. Choose your favorite buzzword for pissing all over something like an angry brat and pretending it’s art - deconstructionist, post modernist, etc, with a full helping of Intersectional/Marxist propaganda. It’s not a movie in the same way that Jack and Jill is not a movie. It is simply a front for Johnson and Kennedy to throw an incredibly expensive and mean-spirited temper tantrum. It hates its audience and ridicules you for having an emotional connection with anything in the Star Wars mythology. If you’re trying to “review” the movie in any conventional sense like the guys are doing here, you’ve been scammed. Nothing is giving Johnson and Kennedy more satisfaction than seeing people who are passionate about movies attempt to analyze the details of the film as if they actually matter to its makers. They are laughing at you.
Kelley Bozeman
Kelley Bozeman 4 dias atrás
Ironic because you are reason this movie exists
Galaxanz 4 dias atrás
43:27 Seriously spot on assessment imo.
Whatcha Cookin?
Whatcha Cookin? 4 dias atrás
Just a trash movie by a trash writer, directed by trash round headed buffoon.
Eric Seitz
Eric Seitz 6 dias atrás
Mike's confession about confusing Yoda with the Garden Gnome movie is legitimately one of the funniest things I've ever heard.
MrJamesCleveland 7 dias atrás
This is therapy for me. Thanks guys.
Mike Jones
Mike Jones 9 dias atrás
Yoda wearing a G string dancing infront of the fire XD
Cool Guy
Cool Guy 14 dias atrás
Why are these videos of 3 men rambling about starwars infinitly rewatchable
Kevin mchebri
Kevin mchebri 18 dias atrás
I hope to God some Disney higher ups watched this
CallinicusHu 19 dias atrás
Jupiter turning into a Death Star is in the anime movie Space Pirate Captain Harlock and it is genuinly awesome.
Sherlock Holmes
Sherlock Holmes 20 dias atrás
Rian was so focused on subversion of expectations, he subverted his own story lines... great cinematography and of course music. If George Lucas could have edited the film for Rian it could have been really special. Just have George edit all 3 films. He could fix them.
@Sherlock Holmes Paul Hirsch, the man who edited the original trilogy. But even he wouldn't be able to save this dumpster fire simply because he can't make new footage conjure up magically to make a coherent story that never existed.
Sherlock Holmes
Sherlock Holmes 19 dias atrás
@Everynameistaken who would you suggest?
Everynameistaken 19 dias atrás
What? Editing is one of the filmmaking skills Lucas is the WORST at - and that's saying something.
Coffinsmoke 21 dia atrás
The best part was when it ended
Herohammer Studios
Herohammer Studios 21 dia atrás
TLJ has some major structural issues, but as an experience it's more or less fine. Problem is it also pretty much leaves nowhere for the story to go, and you end up with zero interest in the next movie
Кедах Лозунг
20:37 sums it up
Phil Dees
Phil Dees 22 dias atrás
No such thing as spoilers for dog shit movie.
ldmt1995 23 dias atrás
See you thought I was gonna make a good movie but I subverted your expectations. I'm a goddamn genius!
Diestro Corleone
Diestro Corleone 25 dias atrás
Everyone liked the prequels better after the sequels. And everybody liked TLJ after TROS. Now what? We just wait until the Snyder Cut of The Rise of Skywalker comes on HBO Max?
Honestly, I don't hate The Last Jedi, but I still like The Last Jedi way better than The Rise of Skywalker, Flash Gordon 1980 with Sam J. Jones, and Die Another Day with Pierce Brosnan. The Last Jedi is not a very good Star Wars film, Rian Johnson did a pretty bad job with the film, and The Last Jedi is a very disappointing film from start to finish. Tomorrow Never Dies with Pierce Brosnan is a way more better film than The Last Jedi, Pierce Brosnan is a way more better actor than Daisy Ridley and Sam J. Jones, and Tomorrow Never Dies is a very underrated and good James Bond film.
Shade DrawsDotCom
Shade DrawsDotCom 23 dias atrás
Flash Gordon is infinitely better than the Last Jedi shitshow.
Protector of the Realms
I'm still debating which is the worst in the saga, this or Rise of Skywalker lol. Probably the latter for me tbh. But it's close
There Aphelion
There Aphelion 23 horas atrás
Star Wars Episode 8: The Last Jedi is the worst thing ever made by a human.
Malign M
Malign M 19 dias atrás
Last Jedi is straight garbage.
Peter Teal
Peter Teal 25 dias atrás
Jay seems more concerned with attacking people's honest criticism of these movies than giving his honest opinions.
Karl Wa
Karl Wa 29 dias atrás
What if before Kylo sliced Snoke he and Rey escaped somewhere in their minds and Rey says "Ben" and then we're back in the throne room. Come on it woulda took 3 seconds!
ldmt1995 29 dias atrás
I hate that that guy with the red shirt is such a Rey apologist like using the mentality of "people don't like her because she's a girl" no, people don't like her because she's an awful character.
Otis Spunks
Otis Spunks Mês atrás
Rich: "You really dont though have a rich universe to set something new in" KOTOR: Am I a joke to you?!
fiorung Mês atrás
"So the fact that she's just some person and not related to anyone is great" Spoke too soon, Jay...
ChrisPlaysGames Mês atrás
BASIL!!!!! The pumpin' Seagull
Rian Johnson and Rich Evans looks suspiciously similar. Hmmmmmm.
Bryan Bradley
Bryan Bradley Mês atrás
Yeah, Finn and Rose do this whole PETA/save the animals things by freeing the kangaroo horses. Finn and Rose make it back to the ship, pat themselves on the back for what they did, get in the ship and leave and the kangaroo horses are maybe a mile away from the casino they just trashed, probably some of them ran back to the casino. All Finn and Rose did was doom those animals to a horrible horrible fate of revenge abuse by the evil rich casino people. They freed nothing!
matthew galer
matthew galer Mês atrás
Fandango done fucked up now
michael mendez
michael mendez Mês atrás
Sometimes I have a bad day and rewatch these videos and I laugh and laugh. Thank you guys!
Loren Barker
Loren Barker Mês atrás
"See you in two years, where they just blow up a superweapon again..." and that is exactly what happened
Sam Hindson
Sam Hindson Mês atrás
Mike's exasperated question at 20:37 is the best part of this
General_Atheis Mês atrás
@20:37 that’s the clip you’ve been looking for
Croner Yveit
Croner Yveit Mês atrás
"Star wars is creatively bankrupt" "It will always end up being the same story" - 3 dudes that have never even touched the extended universe in their lives. C'mon guys, you're embarrassing yourself. Read a book or two (or Audiobooks, they are pretty high production value) before you decide something as broad as this. Read the Bane Trilogy for example and tell me how many similarities you can find with mainstream Star Wars. Or not...
Croner Yveit
Croner Yveit 16 dias atrás
@Arthur Balls I've gone through them again too with the astonishingly high quality audiobooks with sound effects. I agree they are not 2020 material the way they are, but the inspiration for something great is most certainly there, and no one said they have to stick to the books 100%.
Arthur Balls
Arthur Balls 17 dias atrás
@Croner Yveit I brought the Thrawn triliogy in 1994 and re-read it during lockdown. Whilst Thrawn is a great character, the main stories in each of the books aren't that special, and some of the B-stories are incredibly corny.
Croner Yveit
Croner Yveit Mês atrás
@Nicholas Silveus Mainstream cinema under Disney? Thrawn trilogy is the easy answer, but the inclusion of Luke, Leia etc makes this impossible with the actors being old/passed away. Darth Bane related stuff can be good for TV but definitely not under Disney; it's way too dark and adult. Old Republic era has great content that could be great for cinema as well, but would require a great visionary at the helm because it is entirely disconnected from current era Star Wars.
Nicholas Silveus
Nicholas Silveus Mês atrás
What portion of those extended universe stories would translate well to cinema?
Derik Mês atrás
At 44:00 mike predicts social distancing requirements
Ethan Durrence
Ethan Durrence Mês atrás
'Rey's not related to anybody' Oh no....
walter hank
walter hank Mês atrás
Rose saying that everybody needs to “save what we love” at the same time as she is destroying the resistance 👍
Edward Stradinger
Edward Stradinger Mês atrás
the opposite of hate isn't love. it's apathy. Benicio del Toro's DJ is apathetic to the very real good vs/ evil struggle in the galaxy in question. This was the smartest thing Rian Johnson did in this film.
Arthur Balls
Arthur Balls 17 dias atrás
The Lego movie did it far better through Batman's indifference to Joker.
Edward Stradinger
Edward Stradinger Mês atrás
Han very nearly fell to apathy in episode 4, if you recall. Luckily the force intervened.
otmanh Mês atrás
The whole of the Star Wars Universe is a dumb universe. There are no smart people in existence and nobody ever does anything that can be considered smart. Ironically All of this is in a very high advanced technological universe. I challenge you to prove me wrong.
Arthur Balls
Arthur Balls 17 dias atrás
This comment from the SW universe
Don Joey
Don Joey Mês atrás
What we've never had in star wars, is the protagonist joining the bad guy when he asks them to. That's what they're saying in this review. We coulda got like a Scarface type thing of Rey and ken building their own empire.
cygnushemispheres Mês atrás
This movie is an issue
The Presence
The Presence Mês atrás
Rey and Kylo teaming up to tear down the good/bad split was the movie I wanted!!!!!!
The Presence
The Presence 16 dias atrás
@Arthur Balls ...I could live with that
Arthur Balls
Arthur Balls 17 dias atrás
Rey + Kylo massacre civilians and then kiss.
LE0NSKA Mês atrás
I legit think he made this mess on purpose. his next film, knives out is a fucking amazing movie. in story, scipt and execution. and his previous movies looper and especially brick are really good. he fucked up star wars on purpose. I'm convinced.
Martin Epstein
Martin Epstein Mês atrás
I don't buy the logic that the first movie in the trilogy should be safe and similar to the original while it's the second movie that should go in a new direction. By then it's too late. TFA established a very similar setting and drama to ANH. To be different and interesting the next movie needs to be something other than what it was set up to be. It's going to be jarring no matter what. This doesn't seems like a good formula.
Ccccvv Ccccvv
Ccccvv Ccccvv Mês atrás
do.... do they think there's no gravity in space?
Black Duck
Black Duck Mês atrás
People acting like defying expectations never happened before this movie.
Arthur Balls
Arthur Balls 17 dias atrás
Killing off the principle antagonist in pt.2 of a trilogy certainly broke new ground.
Turtle3000 Mês atrás
20:37 “StarWarsOnly”
Dustin Barlow
Dustin Barlow Mês atrás
After the Last Jedi the prequels became cinema gold in my eyes.
Thomas Rosendahl
Thomas Rosendahl Mês atrás
Peanut brain Rian Johnson made Attack Of The Clones look like a masterpiece, anyone else thought that was possible? hahaha
White-Dragon Mês atrás
It's sad, but Star Wars once had MASSIVE potential. ESB and even the EU proved that. But it was all ruined by terrible writing, directing, and people in charge with extremely limited imaginations. As RLM said in their ROTJ commentary, that was the film that started showing signs of repeating itself over and over again. It was the film that started to jump the track regarding quality of storytelling and just giving up on itself. What once showed massive potential as an epic space drama fit for everyone is now just a CGI cartoon fit for little 5 year olds.
Einstein826 Mês atrás
Years later and I still don’t understand Rich’s conviction that Star Wars is creatively bankrupt. It’s only stale because they ARE doing the same thing over and over. But it’s an entire galaxy, full of potentially interesting characters and tidbits of lore. You could do literally anything you want in that setting. What makes Star Wars any more limited than, say, Star Trek? Mandalorian was a teeny, tiny step towards demonstrating that there’s still plenty of stories you could tell, in any number of genres. But that’s not “safe.” Rey and Kylo saying “fuck everybody” and taking off on their own? That would’ve been different and interesting but Rian didn’t want to commit to that idea for some reason.
Arthur Balls
Arthur Balls Mês atrás
In their review of the Mandalorian Mike asks Rich about him having said SW is creatively dead. Rich - who loved the show - kinda conceded he was wrong, and said the show was taking baby steps with new creativity in the SW universe
Rohit Pandey
Rohit Pandey Mês atrás
Maybe Yoda acted weird to remind Luke of his more innocent days.
Ro Jay
Ro Jay Mês atrás
20:26 Says it all. The guy missed every point SW made...
Anglo Saxon
Anglo Saxon Mês atrás
Gravity is a weak force in space. EVERYWHERE! Things move VERY fast in a vacuum. Not having air resistance or earths gravity means things move very very fast. Free fall in earths orbit is so damn fast you can watch a sattellite cross the sky. 17,150 miles per hour is low earth orbit free fall....cassini-hyugens probe travelling to saturn using gravity assists reached 68,000 mph which is about 30 Kilometers a second. The speed of sound is about 61.2 mph (1,225 km/h), so for context imagine a speeding bullet travelling a thousand times faster to saturn.
Helios Mês atrás
2:25 Mike gives the most subtle smile.
WilliamE216 Mês atrás
I would have been fine if this review was just them hanging themselves, cutting to black, and letting Simon and Garfunkel play for an hour
dale lee
dale lee Mês atrás
She flew back to the ship that's going light speed ? it wasn't going 2 miles an hour, but light speed are these people on drugs or just making a 70s bad science fiction movie ?
Tyree Webster
Tyree Webster Mês atrás
bh617 Mês atrás
Its weird they talk about the Star Wars cult - have they seen the Marvel fandom?
Bcvetkov 853
Bcvetkov 853 Mês atrás
Honestly there is creativity in Star Wars! Look at Knights of the Old Republic! They literally could've made those games into movies not to mention the Extended Universe!
Dip-Dip Potato Chip
Dip-Dip Potato Chip 2 meses atrás
Come on. Ringo doesn't deserve still being made fun out of
grace eddy
grace eddy 8 dias atrás
i mean maybe but that joke made me laugh SO hard
Scorer 2 meses atrás
Can you believe that Simpsons make up shot gun is censored in the UK
CrappyMcDick Mês atrás
@Chris Hansen I think it got banned because Marge said "you have the it set on whore mode" or something along those lines.
Chris Hansen
Chris Hansen Mês atrás
Hahaha that's sad. You can have the most degenerate dating show where people literally pick their dates based on looking at people's genitals and nothing else but a cartoon shotgun that doesn't even shoot bullets is going to damage society
DroolingLizard 2 meses atrás
1:37 that's what she said
CrappyMcDick Mês atrás
"Length is an issue, structure is an issue and pacing is an issue"
Peter Graniela
Peter Graniela 2 meses atrás
Lots of good observations. "The universe has nothing else to offer." However is not one of them. It the opinion of someone that has only watched the movies. Theres a lot more to star wars than "Rebel vs empire"
Finnly 4life
Finnly 4life Mês atrás
I agree but I think they were referring to the content of the films. It's hard to organically branch off and tell a different story because there are so few things that we see in the universe on film, it's a one trick pony and it's only worked in the original trilogy. I think alot of people would be happy if they did some knights of the old republic or something but I don't know if they would risk making a movie that isn't just rehashing the same beats and visuals over and over.
Son of Atom
Son of Atom 2 meses atrás
Kotor 2
kingmadhatter45 2 meses atrás
I've watched this more than the actual movie
Dream Salad
Dream Salad Mês atrás
I watched it once on Netflix when I was sick and through the overwhelming desire to die, I thought "This is terrible"
Rodny C.
Rodny C. Mês atrás
I've never seen it.
AndrewBanishers 2 meses atrás
Approximately 12 to 0 for me
Martin Epstein
Martin Epstein 2 meses atrás
Did anyone else find the horse creatures on the Casino planet creepy looking? I know Disney likes to have animals with subtle human features to make them sympathetic but these horses straight up had miserable human faces. I'm guessing they didn't sell a lot of toys.
AndrewBanishers 2 meses atrás
Normalization of human animal hybrids. Outlandish theory perhaps, but no evil surprises me anymore.
moist_ cabbage
moist_ cabbage 2 meses atrás
bootneck 98
bootneck 98 2 meses atrás
20:36 "have you seen star wars?"
Koselill 2 meses atrás
Normally I really love movies and watch with wide open eyes. This movie is the first and only movie where I fell asleep because I was so bored.
Gary H
Gary H 2 meses atrás
40 seconds in and I'm already cracking up. "the equivalent of Homer Simpson's makeup gun"
AndrewBanishers 2 meses atrás
An analogy for the ages
Luka Julakidze
Luka Julakidze 2 meses atrás
6:11 Well the critisized prequels for that
La Bestia Politica
La Bestia Politica 2 meses atrás
Don't forget Rey trained with Luke for a total of 3 days and then she goes off to defeat Kylo and Sith Guards in Snokes throne room. Don't ever forget that.
Green Manatee
Green Manatee 2 meses atrás
"It's about family, and that's what's so powerful about it"
Mr Anderson
Mr Anderson 2 meses atrás
All we know? Expanded universe?
Chris Hansen
Chris Hansen Mês atrás
Disney scrapped the expanded universe when they bought the brand
Mark M8
Mark M8 2 meses atrás
This is better with 2020 sight
naoki toiko
naoki toiko 2 meses atrás
I think the Last Jedi was a bad movie which tried to innovate and at least TRIED to develop some arcs. It was a hit and miss. But the 2 movies written by JJ Abrams, oh boy, they were terrible. They had no plot other than making a soft remake of the original movies, there were really no good dialogues, no nothing. Like someone else said, they looked like an episode of the Amazing Race. Nothing making sense, a lot of those mystery boxes that don't mean anything just to keep them runnning from A to B, no arc development, many loose ends, I still don't know what were Kylo's or Rey's motivations to fight for either side, Rose almost didn't say anything, we don't know what happened to Finn's romance with Rey, Kylo and Rey kissing felt rushed because they haven't really interacted much other than that Force connection that lasted seconds.. JJ Abrams recipe was just adding more shit, looking for whatever looked cool even if it made no sense, like having the resistance striking a Star Destroyer WITH Fing HORSES!? Disney should have hired people with experience to write this trilogy.
naoki toiko
naoki toiko 15 dias atrás
@Steve Burnside Liar liar, pants on fire. Liar liar, pants on fire. Liar liar, pants on fire. Liar liar, pants on fire. Liar liar, pants on fire. Liar liar, pants on fire.
Steve Burnside
Steve Burnside 15 dias atrás
@naoki toiko then I am remembering a different scene. Oh yeah, wasn't that one of the scenes rei saw when she touched the light saber? Either way it was in the movie. JJ had come up with that background. So you are wrong. But I agree. I don't understand why you are so adamant about this point when we both agree the movie was bad. But really, if you stop talking to me I will have nothing to say to you. So if you feel talking to me is a waste, just stop.
naoki toiko
naoki toiko 15 dias atrás
@Steve Burnside "And you also forgot to mention that in that scene you clearly see kylo and the knights of ryn in the flashback as the cause of the temple destruction, and who caused kylo's downfall? " I don't even know why I waste my time with you, but there are no flashbacks during that scene. It's just Han Solo walking around the Millenium Falcon's cockpit while talking to Rey, with the projection of the galactic map on screen. You know what's a worse debating tactic? Overtly lying. That's probably the worst one I can think of right now.
naoki toiko
naoki toiko 15 dias atrás
@Arthur Balls You are assuming. It's clear that JJ wanted to make a soft remake with TFA, and wasn't planning to be involved with EP 8 and 9. Was Johnson wrong for building on a remake (TFA) but doing something different from there? The answer is yes only if you ASSUME that the WHOLE trilogy was supposed to be a soft remake. Maybe we wouldn't have gotten another soft remake for Ep 9 if it wasn't because Colin Trevorrow resigned and they brought JJ back. But the point is that you're not very consistent if you quote a movie (TFA) to prove you're not assuming, that the trilogy was supposed to be a soft remake. But when in the next movie Johnson doesn't follow the original plot, it's Johnson who's wrong and not you who was expecting the WHOLE trilogy to be a soft remake. The point is, it wasn't impossible to write a good Ep 9 without Palpatine or Snoke, but in that case they would have needed a new plot. And then again, you have the problem with bringing back another dead character, it changes once again the meaning and consequences of the original trilogy. For once, it takes from Darth Vader's sacrifice, we can no longer say that Vader killed Palpatine for example. Just let the dead be dead in my opinion, don't come up with these irrational solutions that are hard to digest.
Steve Burnside
Steve Burnside 15 dias atrás
@naoki toiko Really I find this debate wierd cause we both agree the movie was terrible, but you seem to take offense at the fact snoke was meant to be the antagonist. Frnakly snoke being the antagonist is just further proof of JJ not having original ideas, thus yet another reason why the movie is bad. so It's weird that you are so against it. Yes he was searching for a tool to use against snoke. not going to fight. different implication which you were trying to use. so I was just clearing up that point. And you also forgot to mention that in that scene you clearly see kylo and the knights of ryn in the flashback as the cause of the temple destruction, and who caused kylo's downfall? snoke. you were only presenting part of the information to support your point, a common bad debating tactic. I'm not doubting you quoted that scene, but just because you quoted one scene doesn't mean it didn't happen in another. I do admit I don't have that movie memorized like you seem to, nor have I seen it in awhile. Also I just don't recall han saying luke ran away. Everyone in that movie thought luke had a purpose in disappearing. But if Disney switched the lines out after the last jedi, it would make more sense. we are both right then. after all it's extremely easy to edit movies now a days. You've seen TV edited movies right? can hardly tell they cursed in some scenes now. And Disney has a track record of saying they never said something when they clearly did. so would have to be verified by looking at older hard copies to be sure, but is possible.
Derek Davie
Derek Davie 2 meses atrás
"your snoke theory sucks"- Rian Johnson...."Your movie sucks"- Derek Davie
Artjom Glad Man
Artjom Glad Man 2 meses atrás
the guy to the right with the yell voice is always bragging about how rich he is. THen how come his clothes look so cheap
Garrick 2 meses atrás
That Green Goblin laugh from the guy on the right makes me want to stick a butcher knife in my ear and swirl it all around.
Invalid AF
Invalid AF 2 meses atrás
I know this comes kinda late, but I'm glad I wasn't the only one who noticed that fake crazy Yoda ghost was completely wrong! Thank you!
kevtiz03 2 meses atrás
Luke in the legends universe: awesome Luke in this movie: crybaby lil bitch
Jex2112 2 meses atrás
I'm so glad that Mike bought up the Yoda acting silly part... That made my brain shutdown when I first watched the movie..
KPX 1138
KPX 1138 2 meses atrás
Daisy Ridley looks seriously coke-bloated in this movie. Spent too much time in Carrie Fisher’s trailer I guess.
Dorian Gray
Dorian Gray 2 meses atrás
I wonder if people will pay attention to the millionth time Plinkett's explained that whining about canon, lore, nitpicks, etc. it's just fans playing with themselves, including when it's Mike/Plinkett, and that understanding why a movie's bad or good requires stepping beyond lore-canon fan land and looking at the script, the pacing, the editing, etc.
Jeff Sutthoff
Jeff Sutthoff 3 meses atrás
“How much longer can this conflict go on”? --until it isn’t profitable
Daniel Fisher
Daniel Fisher 3 meses atrás
Pretty spot on with the super weapon predictions for Episode IX. Except instead of an EVEN BIGGER Death Star, they made THOUSAND OF DEATH STAR BEAMS!!
3797ID 3 meses atrás
@28:40 Jay’s under the impression that JarJar didn’t have a rough overview of all the things he set up in TFA, wonder what he’d say now that it’s been come out Ruin Johnson threw those notes out & went full boar subversive 🤦🏽‍♂️
mike ferrara
mike ferrara 3 meses atrás
Disney... A company of PEDOPHILES... What did you expect?
Daniel Miller
Daniel Miller 3 meses atrás
6:08 My favorite part. Just the pause after that word.
BACWithKraakman 3 meses atrás
Two words as to why Admiral Akbar wasn't the commanding officer. Allahu Akbar!
White-Dragon 3 meses atrás
The franchise had fantastic potential when ESB was made, but Lucas' decisions afterwards limited the films dramatically. From what Kurtz said, they had ideas for at least nine really solid and classy movies, but Lucas wanted to rush the saga to a conclusion in ROTJ, and wanted to make a CGI kids' toy commercial with the PT.
Dean Willis
Dean Willis 3 meses atrás
There used to be more worldbuilding before Disney decided they didn’t need an extended universe.
Peter Ortiz
Peter Ortiz 3 meses atrás
I love Carrie Fisher and I miss her dearly, but goddamn, that “it’s about family” line just really puckers my sphincter and them I’m thinking about Vin Diesel and the Fast and the Furious.
CiniCraft 3 meses atrás
My wife’s boyfriend let me finally watch this movie last night! Don’t understand the hate, this movie empowers women.
KPX 1138
KPX 1138 2 meses atrás
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