Half in the Bag: The 70-Minute Rise of Skywalker Review

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Internet superstar Rich Evans joins Mike and Jay on this very special episode of Half in the Bag. The guys discuss the newest Star Wars film, "The Rise of Skywalker" and attempt to make sense of it in the fairest, most humane way possible.


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23 Dez 2019



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Slaugmr Omni
Slaugmr Omni 7 horas atrás
“George Lucas sold Star Wars for $4 billion, motherfucker.” And Ringo is a great drummer, too.
UrbanKumaKage 12 horas atrás
The thing about simple minded ppl is, they don't like being called dumb or stupid. Soooooooo, instead they just say everything is subjective. Which is why they like this movie. . .
Gary Kelley
Gary Kelley 16 horas atrás
Palpy used his power in the force after his death on the death star to inhabit a clone, but it couldn't handle the dark side energy hence why he's hooked up to machines. As much as the "he was a clone in the earlier movies" would be amusing, that's not what happened. It's also funny because back in legends (de-canonized stuff) this also happened, him cloning himself, and them having to fight him again.
Uchida Oginome
Uchida Oginome 16 horas atrás
I think each of these movies is good, and I particularly loved The Last Jedi but why was there no overall plan for the trilogy from the jump? I watched The Rise of Skywalker twice and both times thought it was overstuffed with plot elements to the point of distraction. That was clearly a reaction to the fan reaction to TLJ. This trilogy, for all the fun I had with it, mentions things that I would have liked to see. We should have seen Luke training s new generation of Jedi. We should have met Rose and her (incredibly pretty) sister in the first film. Finn should have had to confess in the second film, that when he said he was assigned to "sanitation", that was a euphemism for a corpse disposal unit. Perhaps he was one of those flamethrower troopers and they burned the bodies of the people the empire killed. Also Finn should have been paralyzed at the top of Part II...he was slashed across the back at the end of Force Awakens! He could have spent the second film learning to walk with some robotic apparatus and finding a new way to use his training. In other words, character development. Rose could have been the technician that built the apparatus and helped him get his ish together and that's how she falls in love with him. If my wife and I can sit around the kitchen of our 2 bedroom apartment and brainstorm a 3 movie arc, why didn't Disney? We know they can. Again, I don't hate these movies. I had a blast watching all 3! But I can see that they didn't have this planned out. Just don't know why.
Mister Dizzy
Mister Dizzy 17 horas atrás
I wish it was officially titled "The Ewan McGregor Obi-Wan Kenobi Show!"
George I
George I 17 horas atrás
70 minutes, and they didn't even mention Wedge.
Random Schmid
Random Schmid 22 horas atrás
The 1000 star destroyers can't fly up without the one navigation tower wow, thats a huge oversight Nope, its by design. wwwwwwwwwwhat
Jacquobite 23 horas atrás
Instead of slowing the movie down. Wait for it to come on streaming and then press right arrow to skip ten seconds whenever it gets really annoying. Cut your pain down to 90 mins.
A Chocobo
A Chocobo Dia atrás
What Hollywood did with the movie Rise Of Skywalker, was what the anime studios did with Tokyo Ghoul. They just rushed it, because they knew fans wanted it. Quick cash grab, and then the end result ends up looking and feeling rushed all together.
The Luminary
The Luminary Dia atrás
Now that the new complete POS Trilogy is over it is time for Plinkett to do in depth review!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jet Wave
Jet Wave Dia atrás
The love for Star Wars I've had from when I was a kid is what carried this movie enough for me to find enjoyment. That and Adam Driver. I had straight up given up on Disney being able to salvage this story so all the bits that annoyed me washed off super quickly, especially in combination with the rushing of the plot points. The satisfaction of hearing a lightsaber light up in the theater is something I'll always appreciate.
Ask Doctor Murphy
I nearly died laughing when you mentioned the old lady who complained about her bones aching and the dust cloud is coming. 41:40 I completely forgot about how mental that bit was
Rhett Osbment
Rhett Osbment Dia atrás
The real palpitine is the friends we made on the way
Tom Riddle
Tom Riddle Dia atrás
After this movie, I’m sure Mr Plinkett is looking back on his Prequel reviews and thinking “I may have gone too far in a few places”
Robert Wiscott
Robert Wiscott Dia atrás
I think I just watched this for the second time without realizing it. BRvid recommended it and I was like "Finally" but I got all the way to the end and thought to myself "this all seemed so familiar." Star Wars is officially so forgettable that I don't even know if I watched the RLM review of it.
AlluMan96 2 dias atrás
In hindsight, what frustrates me most about this trilogy is that with The Last Jedi failing to live up to what it was doing and the subsequent backpeddle they attempted with Rise of the Skywalker, it muddied the fact that there was a connecting, underlying thread that could have amounted to something in this whole mess that if they just stuck to, could have made the series much better. Going backwards even to The Force Awakens, there is a good set up for a classic "Giving up the ghost" storyline that Last Jedi tried to run with, but just got confused along the way. - The First Order is a desperate last gasp of the dead empire, a ghost living in the shadow of it's former glory - Characters like Luke and Vader are mythologized by everyone around from Kylo Ren's implied obsession with Vader to everyone's quest to find Luke - The old cast, revered and praised by everyone around, die off one by one as the new cast is left to pick up the slack People meme the whole "subverting expectations" bit, but what it was in actuality was the only shred of genuine storytelling they had and they squandered it. To it's credit, these are ideas that The Last Jedi committed to following up on these ideas. I was surprised people were so revolted with Luke's portrayal, because I was kinda expecting it. It runs with that idea of new beginnings, how the heroes of yore are past their prime. It went too hard on the "Nothing matters" angle, but the stuff with Luke coming to terms with what the Jedi actually are signs of a theme desperately trying to reach the audience, but is drowned out by nothing else supporting this weight and everything else being poorly written. We needed more time spent enforcing this "Stop clinging to the past" story (Like maybe from The First Order's side, showing how they are disorganized and braking at the seams at every moment) and less time bumming around casino-land.
ManWithNoName 2 dias atrás
On Our Own is the f*cking jam though!!!
Greatest Scott
Greatest Scott 2 dias atrás
You'd need a bona fide forensic accountant/coroner, and secret testimony, to actually suss out who exactly was to blame for what. I'm sure there's plenty to go around, but I sense the stranglehold of Darths Sidimouse and Kathy on what "must" be included, stifling any goodness that might (?) have been had.
M E 2 dias atrás
I always thought Endor was the name of the planet and the "forest moon of Endor" was simply that - a moon containing only forest and not important enough to be given its own name (or maybe once you get to the point of naming every planet in the Universe you skip naming the moons - kind of like how Star Trek mainly names star systems and then numbers the planets orbiting each star - the moons are too numerous to be worth giving their own names once you're mapping on this scale). If it's actually Endor, the forest moon - then what planet does it orbit and would it be well known enough to be found by the rebels from the name alone? So I guess my understanding was that the second Death Star crashed on the planet Endor itself, not the forest moon (which explains why there's oceans and other none forest environments).
Sean Sheckles
Sean Sheckles 2 dias atrás
You guys should watch outdsider on hbo it’s right up jays ally
SNN 2 dias atrás
maz kanata might be gayer than jarjar
Skruff 3 dias atrás
The Prequels atleast tell a good story.
Gamey 3 dias atrás
Don't be mean to poor tony daniels
David Wald
David Wald 3 dias atrás
If 3PO’s programming restricts him from translating sith runes then why does his programming allow him to read it in the first place? Also, as he was canonically created by anakin in the desert with spare parts, why would he have ANY restrictions
Mastah Blastah
Mastah Blastah 4 dias atrás
Finn was afraid of that corona
Skruff 4 dias atrás
This movie was so bad, it would physically hurt and insult me. BUT 8 already did all that and i was prepared.
robert ball
robert ball 4 dias atrás
JJ "directing" not fucking writing!
Lucas Perks
Lucas Perks 4 dias atrás
Poor Mike... He keeps trying to Star Trek Star Wars....
Toolio Jones
Toolio Jones 4 dias atrás
Love how Finn says he won't be Disney +'d like it's a negative thing. He'll be lucky to show up in anything else IMO (although I liked him in Attack the Block). He should take what he gets.
Reubeanie Allam
Reubeanie Allam 5 dias atrás
i cant pinpoint why but the mandalorian really LOOKS like star wars, where the modern trillogy looks maybe a bit too clean and crisp or something... not really sure
John Gargano
John Gargano 5 dias atrás
Scarlett Johansson definitely blue mmmmmWeinstein
Artwork by Christopher Cayco
Why the fuck wouldnt they just give her her new lightsaber throughout the movie? At least a yellow beam would have been something visually new. haha.
Mr Orange
Mr Orange 6 dias atrás
I never leave the cinema for anything. I lost count of the times I mumbled "oh for fuck sake" and got up to take a leisurely piss- whilst missing 8 scenes.
Elvick 6 dias atrás
Passive progressive is perfect
Gaz 6 dias atrás
I am singularly impressed Mike can recall such an obscure non-character from The Phantom Menace, of all films.
Dudell Brödel
Dudell Brödel 6 dias atrás
Hot nerd take. Annakin skywalker was never a virgin birth but just another palpatine in a plot to further his influence. In episode 1 Annakin's "mother" bad acting was actually great acting, because she was nervous as fuck. The fact that the religious maniac Jedi took the idea of a virgin birth seriously at all just on face shows that the sith disdain for a fundamentalist paramilitary force loose in the galaxy is totally warranted. Jedi high council had it coming. Thats what you get for being space ISIS/self appointed Galaxy police. Couple this with the fact we later on have no idea what the rebel alliance's political mandate looks like and the blind worshipful following of the Skywalkers as Jesus proxies(I mean, they are arrogant enough to make claim to a monopoly on the concept of 'good') and I can almost understand why you'd want to wipe them out. That's why Rey picked a yellow lightsaber after everything, she's going to be a Gray jedi (A centrist lol). Also when Kylo Ren and Rey kissed it was technically incest. I think they're second cousins. But i guess it doesn't count because he was a ~SpOoKy GhOsT~
Terry Greene
Terry Greene 6 dias atrás
STAR WARS "we didn't realize the prequels where not total garbage* well at least we can imagine only the original 3 films complete the series. Lol
James Davis
James Davis 6 dias atrás
The prequels completed the series. Some of us never would have became fans of Star Wars without the Clone Wars era.
tipoomaster 6 dias atrás
"Do you remember...Star Wars?" _confused silence_
deepspacepilot 6 dias atrás
I thought the Emperor’s spirit was force projecting itself into some portion of what was left of his body held together by the machines. So he was a combination of force ghost and corpse we are seeing for most of the movie. And then at the end of the movie when he drains Kylo and Rey’s life force that somehow through the dark side regenerates his body as indicated by his fingers growing back. And bringing him back to life in the flesh. Only to be killed off again a few minutes later. Or disappear into the force and teleport his ass out of there.
deepspacepilot 6 dias atrás
I think they should replace Palpatine’s laugh with the guy on the right’s laugh. 😂
Nanofuture87 6 dias atrás
There's no way Disney could afford a superstar like Rich Evans aka Dick the Birthday Boy.
Diamondplate 7 dias atrás
Until the JACK Association is removed, all we can do is DONT watch &voice our opinion. JACK = Just Another Clueless Knucklehead OR Chibnall/Johnson/Abrams/Kurtsman. And they think we dont know JACK!
bimer 7 dias atrás
disney killed SW
Nanofuture87 6 dias atrás
George Lucas killed Star Wars. Disney buried it.
Oscar Guerrero
Oscar Guerrero 7 dias atrás
"Harrison Ford, who looks like he just rolled out of bed. Didn't even bother to shave it comb his hair." I'm dead this is EXACTLY how it happened 😂 😂 (thanks to that Jimmy Kimmel interview)
TooLameToDie 7 dias atrás
Swtor explains the eternal emperor way better than this shit flick.
Gabe Pharris
Gabe Pharris 7 dias atrás
Every single movie in this trilogy diregards the previous film in the saga. 10/10 would Sheev again
CyndiMi 7 dias atrás
I think it’s not pointed out enough that the final cut was not what JJ’s vision originally was. They filmed everything he wanted and then Disney producers and shareholders went and chopped up everything behind his back in post-production. Finn was supposed to have the Force, the reylo kiss never happened (JJ filmed it to please producers but planned on never putting it in the film), THE FORCE GHOSTS WERE THERE!
mangalores-x_x 3 dias atrás
he should have insisted on not having his name on the credits as screen writer, director and producer then. You do not get to claim all the fame and reject all the blame.
Jermbo Notrombone
Jermbo Notrombone 7 dias atrás
Mike should have phrased “nobody is watching this that hasn’t seen the movie” as “nobody is watching this that cares about spoilers”
Sidney Boo
Sidney Boo 8 dias atrás
its almost like star wars is really lame in general.
Scott Johnson
Scott Johnson 7 dias atrás
It is now my friend, it is now. That bad feeling you had about this?... you were right.
DemiGod_3Scrub 8 dias atrás
This is news to me..😁 News to me! 😂 Rey has a theme? Wtf are you talking about? 😂😂😂
Sky Man
Sky Man 8 dias atrás
They were all shit
Steve Lambeer
Steve Lambeer 8 dias atrás
When's the Plinkett dropping on TROS?
Mst3kevin 8 dias atrás
lol mike where did you get your jacket? looks so comfy
Juan Inchauspe
Juan Inchauspe 9 dias atrás
I'm starting to fear this was the last HITB
dustisdeadbodies85 9 dias atrás
(Ab)Use the force...
90 Lancaster
90 Lancaster 9 dias atrás
The Prequels are ""Good" in the same way Independence Day is Good - in the context of the time they were released they are sub-par in retrospect Movies have since then got so much dumber that they look way smarter now compared to modern fair. It's understandable to not like them - but some people are already admitting The Last Jedi isn't so bad compared to some other much worse things too (that doesn't make it good as such - just less bad) I think some people push that mindset a bit far when they take to pretending some of those DC Movies are good - there is only so far I'm prepared to go and that is to far for me. Movies would have to get a lot dumber for a lot longer for me to be suggesting a lot of positive things about Zac's Movies. But the Prequels are "OK" This channel is just being Edge Lord Confused Matthew Wannabes about it is all. We've had way worse insults since then. Besides something can be both bad and good at the same time Star Trek Voyager springs to mind.
90 Lancaster
90 Lancaster 6 dias atrás
@James Davis The Last Jedi is a bad Movie in some respects like how it treats established Characters with so much lack of respect and some of the Writing is idiotic. "HOWEVER" It might be argued that The Rise of Skywalker is so scattergun that it lacks any coherent narrative at all (even a bad one), So I'm going to be very controversial and say I actually dislike TLJ the least of the 3 because of the character development on Kylo (he's no longer an emo dweeb in that movie). That doesn't mean I think any of the 3 Movies in the Disney Trilogy are any good - and I still have not bought 7 or 8 on disc and have no immediate plans to do so, I just find I dislike an incoherent narrative and being bored in Episode 9 & 7 more than I do Luke & Hux being misstreaded and some minor plot stupidities in episode 8. But again, It's not like i'm going to be sending Rian Johnson a Christmas card now. It's just I have some positives as well as the negatives on Episode 8 and not so many for 7 & 9. But that might just be my intense dislike of JJ's emotion over common sense way of doing things speaking.
James Davis
James Davis 6 dias atrás
TLJ will forever be the worst Star Wars film in existence. It was a nasty chore to complete in that theater. Some of us couldn't even finish that abomination. Believe it or not, aside from the action sequences, what holds the prequels together as average Star Wars films is the politics. The underlying themes in those films were well crafted. The Clone Wars show expanded more on it.
Erling Hansen
Erling Hansen 9 dias atrás
yeah I watched this 3 times already. Have no plans at all to watch the movie.
90 Lancaster
90 Lancaster 9 dias atrás
It's the 1st Act of ROTJ I do not care for - in fact I used to skip it when I used to watch Star Wars Movies. (which I won't be doing a lot of any time soon thanks to Disney). I guess ROTJ is a bit like Rogue One - most of it isn't worth watching some of it is. so both of those Movies are ones to keep a finger on the fast forward or skip chapter key for me. Though I'm being Hyperbolic as the only bit of Rogue One I'm ever going to watch ever again is the space battle the rest of it isn't worth my time really. The Rise of Skywalker annoyed me by being so relentlessly Meh ; that it put me off wanting to finish watching the Mandalorian. It might be weeks before I care enough to do so - if ever. Modern Western Media is so disappointing to me.
wowathena 9 dias atrás
watching that last fight vs palpatine, i recalled that one line from Highlander movie when main bad guy says, "better to burn out than to fade away" lol xD
Bible History Science
Bible History Science 10 dias atrás
Chewie didn't get "blowed-up". I think the word you're looking for is he "asploded".
adam sloszar
adam sloszar 10 dias atrás
"it's not sloppy writing, it's the force" should be this movies tagline.
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