Half in the Bag: The 70-Minute Rise of Skywalker Review

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Internet superstar Rich Evans joins Mike and Jay on this very special episode of Half in the Bag. The guys discuss the newest Star Wars film, "The Rise of Skywalker" and attempt to make sense of it in the fairest, most humane way possible.


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23 Dez 2019



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Comentários 100
Matthias Nagorski
Matthias Nagorski 2 horas atrás
They probably wanted to imply that THIS Palpatine is Darth Plageus and the Palpatine from 1-6 is Sidious. They failed, obviously.
Aaron La'Gere
Aaron La'Gere 6 horas atrás
This is how I felt about the prequels compared to the originals. I learned to appreciate the prequels more over two decades, but still, why?
Pretty sure a lot of shit that felt 'too fast' would have made more sense if they had time to appear and develop in Last Jedi.
Frank Vizen
Frank Vizen 13 horas atrás
I've watched this review so many time and still haven't seen the movie hahaha i just don't want to sit through it
William Prior
William Prior 13 horas atrás
St. Howdy
St. Howdy Dia atrás
The star wars storyline isn't out of possible stories to tell. They just hire shitty writers who can't think of any original content
Marcoux mtlqc
Marcoux mtlqc Dia atrás
For real the prequels were good movies even if they had flaws they were great and had good rythm .... I also liked that Luca respected the sci fi themed since it was robots versus clones (the ethical scientist debate in the early 2000 )
Mark Hilton
Mark Hilton Dia atrás
I’ve watched this review roughly the same number of times I watched Rise of Skywalker but this doesn’t put me to sleep like episode nine did!
Teds of Bevs
Teds of Bevs Dia atrás
regina fung
regina fung Dia atrás
mary allison
mary allison Dia atrás
my aunt and cousin are huge star wars fans so when i saw them last christmas i asked them what they thought of it and my aunt was like "oh my god it was amazing!! i cried" and my cousin just shrugged and mumbled. i think that says it all
Jakub Dabrowski
Jakub Dabrowski Dia atrás
Well, the technology advanced in 30 years in Star Wars universe. Those destroyers were 3D printed.
Ralph's Place
Ralph's Place Dia atrás
I think they of used the idea of Whills in Rebels season 4 "A world between worlds" with the 3 charcaters Father, Daughter and Son who were the embodiment of the force.
Davesoft 2 dias atrás
11:12 Rich Evans is the key to all of this.
Borsalino Kizaru
Borsalino Kizaru 2 dias atrás
The fact that the Holdo Maneuver is so unlikely to pull off makes no sense. That means that Holdo was truly leading them to their death in Last Jedi.
laserbeamlightning 2 dias atrás
10:45 well Redlettermedia now also correctly predicted that Rey was supposed to be a Kenobi too
Gruk’Nar Orcish War-yer, here to sue
Wow mike really didn’t understand rise of skywalker. The Palp in RoS is a clone of the one who died but the body is decaying because it’s incomplete due to Sith magic (a little kinda reference to the old legends extended universe) or something I’m no expert but man mike really seemed like he wasn’t even paying attention.
iforgot87872 3 dias atrás
23:01- Hey I LIKED the giant snake thing I thought it was cool k? Don't shit on my cool star wars creature. But shit on the random thousands of star destroyers out of nowhere all you want :)
D greene
D greene 3 dias atrás
The JJ Abrams Aluminum comment! Was hilarious because it is so true and right and fact. FACT!
Liam Donovan
Liam Donovan 3 dias atrás
These hack frauds predicted the netflix playback speed feature woooooooooooow
Ammoniumbicarbonat 3 dias atrás
A big problem that you guys addressed is that Star Wars was never built for longevity (as a franchise), unlike say the MCU. If Disney had wanted to do something similar with this franchise, they should have laid a far more cohesive groundwork; films like Rogue One and Solo should have directly tied into the major installments and each other - i.e. world building. If Kathleen Kennedy knew what she was doing, or actually gave a flying fuck about Star Wars beyond seeing it as a money machine, then maybe they could have made it work far better.
kim rasmussen
kim rasmussen 3 dias atrás
the dagger is another failure, considering how much the death star wreckage would be eroded over time. after a few years, there is NO WAY the outline would be the same, with the constant waves hammering on it
kim rasmussen
kim rasmussen 3 dias atrás
palpatine, he could manipulate jedis and the senate. he could clone FORCE USERS. he beat YODA!!! he could zap a WHOLE FLEET OF STARSHIPS! but he still got beat by rey after a weeks worth of training. he didnt have the power of a uterus...tough luck, palpy
Gan Khef
Gan Khef 3 dias atrás
Hmmm I dunno, I must disagree with the whole "with Snoke dead they just HAD to find a new villain" argument. Think more than enough groundwork was laid for a good writer to make Kylo a compelling primary antagonist.
Erik the Ranga
Erik the Ranga 3 dias atrás
What the fuck is Jay doing at 36:04
Jimmy Zappa
Jimmy Zappa 4 dias atrás
Watching people shitting on these movies is way more entertaining than watching the movies themselves.
Christina G.
Christina G. 4 dias atrás
My opinion: J.J. Abrams did the best he could with what Rion Johnson left him. J.J. set up a framework for a trilogy in Force Awakens and Rion Johnson chose to ignore it and go his own way, even though his film was one in a series of three. And amazingly, Disney and Lucas Film let him do it. I also feel like Rise of Skywalker intentionally leaned into the madness because at that point, why not?
The Ian Prender-Cast
The Ian Prender-Cast 4 dias atrás
So many Viiiiistas
Joey Green
Joey Green 4 dias atrás
I would argue that the last Jedi had just as much, if not, more things happening in Empire strikes back.
Sundi Edwards
Sundi Edwards 5 dias atrás
15:10 that is absolutely not how Palpatine survived or who he is. His return is absolutely as contrived, but what the novel said is that Palpatine essence transferred back to a clone. However, his original body died on the second death star
ermonnezza74 5 dias atrás
What infuriated me most of this mess is their version of the throne room scene, In Return, Luke is put in front of the same moral dilemma - jump to the dark side or let everyone die. He has his moment of weakness, but then he chooses a third alternative, go full jesus and let his dad take care of the emperor. So he needs help, but he also chooses. In this mess, Ray is like "OK, I guess I will kill you and take your place then, I have no other options!" Luckily for her and the universe, her emo boyfriend comes and saves the day. I guess the message is: a sith lord with a dick is more reliable than a dickless jedi. How progressive! BTW I only watched the movie in order to enjoy this review more.
Capn 139
Capn 139 5 dias atrás
Honestly if they made the first Disney movie all about Finns character ignoring Rey entirely.... I’d think it would be way more interesting
Slightly Bonkers
Slightly Bonkers 5 dias atrás
They seriously miscast the Kylo character!
eduardosuarez 6 dias atrás
I still haven't seen Rise of Skywalker, but I've watched this review 3 times.
Chris France
Chris France 7 dias atrás
Force heal was in the KoTOR games wasn't it? So it's hardly a new force power. This review is more entertaining than the actual movie
Joker’s Shadow
Joker’s Shadow 7 dias atrás
I just realized this is the 200th episode of half in the bag
Abe Sito
Abe Sito 8 dias atrás
The answer is: THREESOME
Peaceful Riots
Peaceful Riots 8 dias atrás
I'm here for the lofty dialogue.
Caio Rezei
Caio Rezei 8 dias atrás
"Her character's a Mary Sue, so I hate her as a human being" THAT'S IT. THAT'S THE PERFECT DESCRIPTION. People don't understand that she's just portraying a person that someone else envisioned and another different person decided what she would say. She gave her best. She actually is my second favorite character (after Kylo, of course) of all these films, even including even the classic actors. It's not her fault the character wasn't grounded. Even the ones to blame, like J.J., doesn't even deserve the hate. If you mess up a task in your job, be it simple or complex, do you think strangers should have the right to tell you to kill yourself? People that feel obligated to be rude to others are simply evil. Sometimes they don't even want to be, they just believe they're right, as askewd their vision could be. In summary, don't be mean to people. Even if they messed up your favorite thing, they 99.99% of the time weren't actually trying to get you mad nor to intentionally make something shitty. Tip: if you hate anything without proper arguments nor respecting those involved in what made you made, take some time off to think about how you deal with people. You're probably someone that hurts people in ways you wouldn't like to be hurt yourself. Try to put yourself in the other one's shoes. Don't be a dick. I mean it.
Peaceful Riots
Peaceful Riots 8 dias atrás
Your second favorite character of the series is a non character.
Caio Rezei
Caio Rezei 8 dias atrás
38:10 "Can't they switch it to, like, eight different ships? Oh, OH! Switch it to EACH INDIVIDUAL SHIP! THERE YOU GO!" I swear that I can hear the people in the background (the tech dudes, etc) crack the fuck up before the cut. I know I did.
Brendan Hunt
Brendan Hunt 8 dias atrás
@6:18 LOL
Caio Rezei
Caio Rezei 8 dias atrás
OH SHIT THAT DUTCH TILT IN STAR TREK Like, I only ever heard people talking about how tilting the camera has specific uses (like showing confusion, insanity and even representing the character losing his grip on reality/doubting all he took as truth) and otherwise it just ruins the shot. But until this, I never understood how it could fuck up a scene. JJ, I KNOW THEY'RE CONFUSED, ANXIOUS AND IN THE MIDDLE OF BATTLE, BUT GOD, KEEP THE CAMERA STILL!
Caio Rezei
Caio Rezei 8 dias atrás
I'm someone that can like even the worst movie ever made, while still acknowledging it's flaws. This is the first movie that I sounded like a BRvid channel (like the ones that only focus on the flaws, even though they may be only doing it for the purpose of the channel e.g. CinemaSins). I was constantly going "WHAT WAS THAT?" "WAIT WHAT?" "BUT HOW?" "COME ON, THAT ISNT NECESSARY" and other kinds of similar sentences. I could literally FEEL Abraham's spite and his direct jabs at TLJ. It was noticeable. Half of this movie is a shorter attempt at a retell of ep VIII while still considering it canon ALL THE WHILE saying that the last one lied to all the viewers and this one is the only that is sincere. God, this was a mess. Still enjoyed watching it though.
Nathan Schulz
Nathan Schulz 9 dias atrás
Hey Mike, Ringo's a great drummer!
Lee Jones
Lee Jones 9 dias atrás
Adam Driver carried the franchise Kylo did not deserve to be redeemed.
Lee Jones
Lee Jones 9 dias atrás
Obi is a virgin Palpatine and Anakin are not lol.
Dustin Neely
Dustin Neely 9 dias atrás
I refuse to accept the Prequel and Sequel Trilogy as canon. Star Wars will always be 1977-1983 to me. It had a beginning, middle and end & Han shot first.
Ace Rimmer
Ace Rimmer 9 dias atrás
I just watched ROS for the first time yesterday and omg it's so lame on so many levels! As mentioned in the review everything happens super fast, nothing has any time to breathe, everything that happens is set up with only about one or two lines of dialog and if you pull on any thread it falls apart and nothing makes sense. But that's not even the worst of it. The entire style of the movie was like a parody and got irritating very fast, the scenes with all the old actors were awkward and cringy, especially the scenes with Leia when she always has like 1 line or even just a word or a look and everyone around her has to talk for her (I know why but still, that was terrible). Also I'm surprised they didn't mention in the review how EVERYONE phoned in their performance, it so obvious that all of the actors are so done with this, everyone delivers their lines completely flat, dead-eyed, no emotion, no chemistry. It was obvious that everyone just wanted to get this over with. It was worse than I expected.
Jonathan Hrovat
Jonathan Hrovat 9 dias atrás
I get that RLM made their name off ripping the prequels, but you guys should acknowledge how much the Star Wars universe was expanded by those films. The sequel trilogy’s biggest mistake was somehow making the Star Wars universe feel small.
Josh Evans
Josh Evans 10 dias atrás
I want Jay's sweater
Matt Aamold
Matt Aamold 10 dias atrás
I didn't think this was possible...but Mike's take on the Palpatine clone theory actually made the ROS a worse movie.
mick cv
mick cv 10 dias atrás
Dude your interpretation of the plot of palpatine is so incredibly far off from what I understood it to be. Palpatine wasn’t a clone in all the movies it was the original but he made a base on the sith planet while he was in power as a backup plan which could reincarnate him if he died with all the sith of the past assisting as some mega spirit. So ghost in the shell palpatine was a reincarnated kinda clone of the original who died on the death star. I fckin hated it, but that’s the plot.
Robert Zimmerman
Robert Zimmerman 10 dias atrás
Star Wars The Rise of Mary Sue. Star Wars The Rise of Space Jesus
Christopher Miller
Christopher Miller 10 dias atrás
Why have I watched this so many times
Wilford Wyatt
Wilford Wyatt 10 dias atrás
i enjoyed this movie, but when they killed off chewbacca, only for him to not die, when they actually fucking killed solo in episode 7 made me draw the line
Lincoln Man
Lincoln Man 10 dias atrás
Go with Darkseid theory other dimension evil using tokens of evil copies
Officer Flat Foot
Officer Flat Foot 11 dias atrás
My bones are achin’, Ani.
Peaceful Riots
Peaceful Riots 8 dias atrás
There's a storm comin.
Corbin Mauck
Corbin Mauck 11 dias atrás
"if you legitimately like this movie you have a low iq" *Likes xmen origins wolverine*
Miguel Perez
Miguel Perez 11 dias atrás
Dude fuck you
Miguel Perez
Miguel Perez 11 dias atrás
Dude you know that wasn't jj idea,. Why are you trying so hard to make the movie make sense,. Dude sitting in the middle
Anthony Schiappa
Anthony Schiappa 11 dias atrás
Look at these horses!
you know nothing jon snowden
Pretty obvious to me now, the worst approach for making a new SW Saga Trilogy was trying to connect it all to the original cast twenty yrs too late. Just make new characters who have their own stories, & let them have fleshed out arcs.
buzzardbeatniks 12 dias atrás
I think I could just sit and listen to these three guys talk about movies forever
JFeldon 12 dias atrás
We need a trilogy where we follow Maz Kanada working for the galactic post office, discovering important artifacts lost in the post.
Mr Zeus
Mr Zeus 13 dias atrás
Sheppard Denton
Sheppard Denton 13 dias atrás
the most frustrating thing about this movie is that they hired a director with an actual vision (colin trevorrow) to write an actually interesting script, but chose mass appeasement over cohesive storytelling and gave us this.
Red 13 dias atrás
The Star Wars sequel is the duel of the entitled trust fund movie brats.
Guardiane 14 dias atrás
I'm going to be fair and not even give "Rise of Skywalker" a chance. How is that fair? Because they'll be spared from my hate mongering. Sort of. I can't bash it directly without having viewed it, so I'll stick with generalization. Star Wars episode IV will always be my favorite film from the franchise, nothing will ever come close. Because back then they actually cared about producing a good movie with a good story. The series is dead and died long ago after the prequels. People are too focused on modernizing everything instead of just focusing on good story making. "Oh how can we cater to all these different breeds of humans, we got to make sure to include everyone, otherwise somebody will get offended." That thinking right there kills film making in general and why everything sucks today. The movies that ignore this rule get swept under the carpet where only the intelligent, mindful people pay attention. Problem is, these films don't make money, and that's because the majority of Earthlings are fucking dumb.
Great moments of opera
Great moments of opera 14 dias atrás
Will there ever be a Mr Plinkett review for this film?
ThePride ofAfrica
ThePride ofAfrica 14 dias atrás
Money Plane
alex 14 dias atrás
gotta love how the url has ass in it
Jessica Higa
Jessica Higa 15 dias atrás
I gave up on the movies since Force Awakens, to be honest. That movie already smelled bad and made me lose ALL interest in Star Wars. I play Jedi Fallen Order instead, much better and much more "Star wars" than all these new movies put together. Also liked The Mandalorian.
Aaron Stoner
Aaron Stoner 15 dias atrás
I heard General Pryde was based off of JJ Abrams and Rian Johnson, when they shat out Star Wars and thought they were the best films ever...
Greta’s Stolen Dreams
Plinkett review of this nightmare when?
Patrick Ishmael
Patrick Ishmael 16 dias atrás
If Palpatine was an all-powerful ancient being, then what was the point of him trying to create an Empire from within the Republic? Why wouldn't he just conjure his forces for hundreds of years from a distant planet and attack all at once?
Patrick Pomerleau-Perron
This is one of their funniest reviews imo
Onemanarmylol Lol
Onemanarmylol Lol 16 dias atrás
lawrence kasdan is a hack he barley wrote any of empire or return of the jedi all he did was just suggest george that he should kill off characters just to kill off characters
Red 13 dias atrás
Leigh Brackett wrote TESB. I’m tired of that dude getting credit. The big chill I think is the only great things he’s written himself.
Ay der la
Ay der la 16 dias atrás
guy on the right could be the joker after hamil he has a quite the range of laughs.
You Don't Get to Know
You Don't Get to Know 16 dias atrás
45:00 C-3PO's crowning moment was filmed for Empire, but cut. It's when he takes down the "Do Not Enter - Zoohazard" sign from the sealed corridor, causing Snowtroopers to open that door and be eaten.
iProb 16 dias atrás
I can never get over how the main guy makes a """"joke""""" in the beginning of each video and peon 1 or peon 2 or both think its the funniest shit ever?
Anton Mink
Anton Mink 16 dias atrás
In the next alien movie it will be revealed the space jockey is actually palpatine
Peaceful Riots
Peaceful Riots 8 dias atrás
Sam Maloney
Sam Maloney 16 dias atrás
Ringo Star is/was actually a stellar drummer that actually did raise the beatles performance to an added height! He was a necessity to the mix!
S . Storumus
S . Storumus 17 dias atrás
58:47 The most badass Rich Evans moment
Bazillin 17 dias atrás
The only thing i like about this movie is that a Palpatine won in the end..
TheRuffington 17 dias atrás
I might be the only person in the entire universe who hates the sequel trilogy but still likes the characters. Especially Finn and Poe. Even Rey - I like a number of things about her despite the ridiculousness in the way that they tried to portray her. The sequel trilogy is just a complete disaster, mostly because of the way they undid a lot of the original trilogy. They turned Han Solo back into an asshole after his redemption story and completely distorted Luke and everything he ever stood for. They destroyed Anakin’s redemption and made the Empire seem disposable by using its skeleton to create the very unoriginal new order. Or first order, whatever the hell it was called, I don’t even care anymore. First mistake they made was trying to put the good guys in charge of the galaxy again since the Empire wasn’t around anymore, but still give them an underdog, rebellion type of feel, by putting them “on their own” in the galaxy against the first order, which doesn’t make any sense at all story wise. The first order is horribly evil, the new republic isn’t bothering to do anything about it and then on top of that won’t even overtly support the resistance, so it makes it seem as if the resistance is a giant underdog, just to capture that feel of the original series. What a terrible decision that was.
Darth Insomnis
Darth Insomnis 18 dias atrás
As much as this movie sucked, I do feel bad for the actors. All they wanted was to have fun doing Star Wars, and in the end all of them are fed up with it.
Darth Insomnis
Darth Insomnis 16 dias atrás
dezessete it’s a curse. Fans love it, but at the cost of the positivity of those involved in making them
dezessete 17 dias atrás
That's been a tradition since the first one. Seems like no one has ever had a good time doing Star Wars.
Nathan Parker
Nathan Parker 18 dias atrás
If you twist the beginning comments to be negative it still works
TK99 18 dias atrás
If the rumors around this movie are true and it was the biggest clusterf*@& if all time. With so many reshoots and changing of the end and the plot. Its a wonder it isn't worse and then there is the Lucas cut. Which is said to be light years better (which isn't saying much) but is considered more coherent and enjoyable. Rumor has it the Lucas cut got Kathleen Kennedy removed from the head of Lucas film in everything but name by the money men at Disney. The reason the money men wanted Kennedy out? The toys didn't sell, not that they were modest or below normal sales, no Disney lost hundreds of millions of Star Wars toys that were never sold. Meaning there was no back end, hell people who did get some, were probably sent a bill by Disney to cover the money lost making the toys.
Sketchy Jeff
Sketchy Jeff 19 dias atrás
It’s so fucking frustrating thinking about this franchise. Force Awakens, like yeah it was a rip off but it’s still SO good, the actors are great and have chemistry, the music is great, it’s just a good movie. But they just FUCK up the rest of the trilogy. It’s such a shame because if they had a full 3 movie arc planned for all of their characters, it would’ve been great
Mario R
Mario R 19 dias atrás
Rich’s face looks so bloated!
Peaceful Riots
Peaceful Riots 8 dias atrás
It's all the fat free water.
Bite SizED
Bite SizED 19 dias atrás
That comparison from entering the star destroyer in episode 9 to entering the Death Star in episode 4 is perfect. It sums up the entire sequel trilogy for me.
lindsay lamar
lindsay lamar 19 dias atrás
PawnSacrific3 19 dias atrás
We need new cross over movies where the Empire from Star Wars develops technology to breach other dimensions in order to hide their clandestine activities and ends up declaring war on Toon Town, to which the Avengers show up to defend.
Sherlock Holmes
Sherlock Holmes 20 dias atrás
Listen to Darth Plagius by James Luceno audiobook.
Swan Auto47
Swan Auto47 20 dias atrás
Ashoka could force heal ppl in the clone wars though
PuppySoft 21 dia atrás
I saw this movie by myself on christmas eve and my dad had a stroke. Thanks JJ
Vaping Fury
Vaping Fury 11 dias atrás
yeah JJ also poisoned my cat and forced me to watch rise of skywalker
Joey Bananas
Joey Bananas 21 dia atrás
Im glad I watched this movie from a torrent. Cause I was just bored enough and Rei was just hot enough, that i just paused it to beat off about when Chewbacca got "blow up". It was still just waiting for the end after that
HeatIIEXTEND 21 dia atrás
Kotor 2 amirite :D
Mace 21 dia atrás
when do they talk about how babu frikk saved the movie?
Naaquh 21 dia atrás
I've watched this more times than I have the new star wars movies combined.
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