Haiti Has Had Enough of Gangs, Kidnappings and Its President

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Amia Kade
Amia Kade 6 horas atrás
D A 8 horas atrás
Another problem caused by American imperialism
dirty cats on the counter
This shows you that when the Government decides to turn on its citizens the Police (as well as the Military) will be on the Government's side. We the people need to arm ourselves and fend for ourselves.
Walter Fisher
Walter Fisher 13 horas atrás
1% did not want the dead President. Looking at it think foreign attack, but by what Country? The hit men and security paid off by who.
Walter Fisher
Walter Fisher 13 horas atrás
They want to be free to have their country. If another country is backing any candidate then he win, Must be a president by the people for the people. Unity is missing like gangs paid to keep killing each other having to do with drugs. Put liquor guns drugs in a poor neighborhood this is what you get.Shipped from some where. Watch Snowfall, la gangs. Regan era.
Cole Cressun
Cole Cressun 15 horas atrás
Listening to the creole being speaken by the Haitians in the video, i could understand very clearly, some words are pronounced the same as we do in my country. As for the context of the video, this country has been in the state for quite some time now, frankly i do not see how they are going to turn this around, but let hope it gets more peaceful at the very least.
Andrew Jabear
Andrew Jabear 19 horas atrás
im surprised they still let us see this video after the president was killed
Lovely Hailey Grace
No wonder they killed his ass.
InTheGranite617 Dia atrás
Our News in U.S.A. Is ah Joke! It’s really not there fault! But if they had any Self Respect,Or Spine? They would tell them Fire me,I Don’t care! I want to tell the American 🇺🇸 People the Truth! I want to help these People in Haiti 🇭🇹. Great People in every Country,Culture,Color. Everyone has a Price,Thats the Problem! Most, even here in United States 🇺🇸 Politicians Win a Popularity Contest,That couldn’t Fight if there lives depended on it? That’s who mess with our Laws,They don’t care about the Middle Class,They definitely don’t care about the People that are in Poverty! We live in the Richest County in the World,And People suffer here too! I Would go help these People in a Second if I could get 250 People with Guys,Honor, Dignity, Self Respect,and want to help People. This is a Disgrace,Raping little Children,Lighting people on Fire 🔥! Real Cowards! Give me 250 Men,Woman,and a Few Interpreter’s and if Our Government would allow it? I would go to help these Poor People![FACT!]
Joe Smith
Joe Smith Dia atrás
I see why they knocked the president off i figured it was a inside job
Joe Smith
Joe Smith Dia atrás
This makes Chicago violence a walk in the park
Jacob Klein
Jacob Klein Dia atrás
You know you've gone Full Africa when a whole platoon of mercs attacks the palace...
Crazy Demon
Crazy Demon Dia atrás
colombia and usa criminal state
fuc zuc
fuc zuc Dia atrás
erybody knows what the problem is in hati, Yet no one dare say it out loud!
Cornelis Verhoef
Cornelis Verhoef Dia atrás
One scumbag politician killed, next scumbag politician to take power.
gerri577 Dia atrás
Those forces who work to protect a president that allows their brothers and sisters to suffer in such misery should be made to live in fear. The citizens that are being made to live this way, with the help of Moise's militant police forces, need to go to the police forces houses at night and start burning them down. Maybe those cops would think twice about supporting the devil himself.
𝗡𝗮𝗺𝗲𝗹𝗲𝘀𝘀 • 9 years ago
ok.. enough mourning...peoples always won when thry know their true power.
Ryan Rodriguez
Ryan Rodriguez Dia atrás
Watching this knowing he was assassinated a few months later is chilling.
piratefetishmachine jones
Is the G9 leader, Barbecue, using the assassination to gain political power? He did a press conference after the president was killed, ffs...
Galeon Jomar
Galeon Jomar 2 dias atrás
This is were Hillary took the kids for horrendous actions.😑
un viberz
un viberz 2 dias atrás
yA a few mounths later president got assinated im hatian
Furthereast 2 dias atrás
A country that long ago forcibly overthrew and forced out the whites. A country entirely run by blacks, the dream of BLM, completely free of that horrible systemic racism said to infest the U.S. Nice work.
S Dia atrás
@Furthereast oke
Furthereast Dia atrás
@S my point: the situation in Haiti, among several other countries, should conclusively shut up the Americans who are on the current loud and offensive crusade against whiteness and white culture. Also those who scream about American systemic racism should notice which way the black refugees are flowing.
S 2 dias atrás
Your point?
Marjorie Fede
Marjorie Fede 2 dias atrás
Haitian people have not yet realized that Haiti is not controlling by Haitians.
Kgothatso Ngobeni
Kgothatso Ngobeni 2 dias atrás
What a God forsaken land. I am absolutely horrified by what is happening in Haiti
X 2
X 2 2 dias atrás
The people of Haiti want another election. But the interim president has the backing of the US of course.
Dan Pike
Dan Pike 2 dias atrás
We need sum a dat in ja cuz di leaders not doing any good for us
mink mink
mink mink 2 dias atrás
11.00 Life this day was all chaos but GOOD this moms know the truth. when Trumpet was sound and God came for the 2nd time every elected man will rise from the dead. Hallelujah Praise YAH all Mighty!!!!
LIVING NEWS 2 dias atrás
Is there anything good in Haiti? Someone enlighten me please,am Kenyan never visited Haiti
Logic 2 dias atrás
After watching this, I'm no longer disturbed by his assassination.
Stay Hench
Stay Hench 2 dias atrás
I saw a video about 2 years ago from Haiti of 4 men chopping up 6 dudes on a roadside whilst pigs eats remains of other people near a gutter... This isn’t new.
Echufrank Echufrank
Echufrank Echufrank 2 dias atrás
I now understand why the president was assassinated. Never judge a book by its cover.
mambru gonzalez
mambru gonzalez 2 dias atrás
why this not show on the news this is sad im puertorican & this is tuff to watch the goverment abuse his own people like that 😔😔😔
Kerline Destine
Kerline Destine 2 dias atrás
The Levites from the tribe of Judah cannot be defeated! Haiti will rise again in spite of the conspiracy from imperial powers. The year 2023 is a year to watch for events in America as well as Haiti
Takezo San
Takezo San 2 dias atrás
nanssy rose
nanssy rose 3 dias atrás
May god be with thème 🙏😢
Max Terry
Max Terry 3 dias atrás
Bringing rocks to a gunfight won’t turn out well ever
America Marie
America Marie 3 dias atrás
Now their President has been assassinated. Now what? Gangs fight for the leadership and they're already so poor its sad.
Pete B
Pete B 3 dias atrás
Well this didn't end well
Yoitzderick 3 dias atrás
I'm grateful that the BRvid algorithms are doing favors like sharing deeper mass manipulation its almost like the people were sick and enjoyed the violent/peaceful protest in what they know and would refer to as the "impression of consciousness the personal perspective in meaning of existence they experience. None of this is backed by any visible or numerical data yet, but im making progress.
Azzy Rohman
Azzy Rohman 3 dias atrás
We need to pray for Palestine ...these rich elites are behind all the chaos around the world.
S Dia atrás
@Azzy Rohman Bruh
Azzy Rohman
Azzy Rohman Dia atrás
@S Yes pray for Palestine
Azzy Rohman
Azzy Rohman Dia atrás
@S Yes we pray for everyone who are suffering.
S Dia atrás
@Azzy Rohman You need to stop. The video isn't related to palestine so talk about Palestine somewhere else.
S Dia atrás
@Azzy Rohman But the video isn't about Palestine.
Joel Hess
Joel Hess 3 dias atrás
You are so far off, I don't think you have Any clue what's going on
Michael Gonzalez
Michael Gonzalez 3 dias atrás
The U.S supplied weapons and was okay with the gang going on a rampage in kill 70 people??? I’m gonna need more proof from a nenes outlet that said MS13 is misunderstood 😒
BaBy DOLL 3 dias atrás
Shotguner 42
Shotguner 42 3 dias atrás
The mainstream media won’t cover a story like this
twilightlink64 3 dias atrás
Well he dead now... (President)
Jose Gomez
Jose Gomez 3 dias atrás
Moise totally underestimated his opposition. No wonder he got clapped.
KW 3 dias atrás
Now that I see this is propaganda from 4 months ago. No talk about the Nuclear power plant for Electricity and Power
Yolo Swaggins
Yolo Swaggins 3 dias atrás
This video has aged somewhat badly.
Alien Latino
Alien Latino 4 dias atrás
ANYTHING that the USA supports or abates is evil. Every single government the USA supports in the Middle East or Latin America is an aggressor or corrupt, or hated by the people. Now you know why the Haitian president was killed, he was corrupt and didn't lift a finger to stop the kidnappings of innocent people and criminal gangs. But he did use bullets and his army to put down protestors.
Oc4ever12 4 dias atrás
God, please bless Haiti, heal the land and give the Haitian people stability, in Jesus' name. Amen.
Slifer The Dragon
Slifer The Dragon 4 dias atrás
May God rest Ronald soul by the grace of God
matthew stein
matthew stein 4 dias atrás
Well guess he didn't really have the backing of the US
Whatever Iwannaupload
Whatever Iwannaupload 4 dias atrás
If the usa cares that much then we should fund their security cameras with bullet and bomb proof casings. The footage is open source and constantly monitored. This means people from China America and all citizens of planet earth can see what is going on. True justice needs to be restored. You cannot have a warzone in a country and still call it yours to control.
Winva Loriston
Winva Loriston 4 dias atrás
Whole video is bullshit and doesn't even dig deep. Haiti didn't want him out majority of country doesn't even concern itself with the politics that's why they only filmed in PAP
S G 4 dias atrás
Propaganda - you know how many people dying in Chicago violence - but vice not pulling up on Biden or mayor light foot. Vice has been corrupted it’s now just another propagandist aiding in the destabilization of target countries. So obvious… there is poverty and violence in the US as well. Where are those stories? More people get killed in Chicago than soldiers in Iraq where is that story Vice? Politicians party in LA while people live in Skidrow, where is that story? This was simply propaganda to further destabilize Haiti, a plan that’s been in the makes since the Clintons went down there and built all those buildings and shxt that Haitians don’t even use.. well guess what l? Thanks to the help of vice we’ll (The US) will soon be occupying those buildings as we take control of the country. Thanks Vice!
S G 4 dias atrás
Let’s bet money! All of us who can see through the bs let’s start betting out on operational variables and strategic objectives.. now that’s playa
Reignny Joseph
Reignny Joseph 4 dias atrás
The reason the President of Haiti was shot and killed was not because of this. As much as a saying gets taken out of context. People quickly believe something that is true, when they don’t have proof , which causes a stir of misinformation. Though, it’s sad that the Haiti President was assassinated because someone wanted to take his position of power... and you know what that means. It’s control and taking the land as someone else’s own for granted....💔
Matt Liston
Matt Liston 4 dias atrás
They need to change their name to Lovey. It's the only way to fix this.
az rael
az rael 4 dias atrás
We wuz
Stephen Hall
Stephen Hall 4 dias atrás
Look at you now Moise…
SWIFT ANGEL 4 dias atrás
Why is the U S CORPORATION involved in other peoples business again.
Louis Pouliot
Louis Pouliot 4 dias atrás
Haiti Chérie, vous êtes un peuple fort.
Chris Leach
Chris Leach 4 dias atrás
He’s not backed by anything except a coffin or urn.
ASFR&FlagCommunity 4 dias atrás
The only way things can ever go back to normal if the US decides to invade the nation, it’s been made clear for years now that Haiti can not support itself let alone keep order
junior gaming
junior gaming 4 dias atrás
I was there like 2 years ago for vacation
Gidi Gucci
Gidi Gucci 4 dias atrás
This didn't age well
Joe Boyd
Joe Boyd 4 dias atrás
Asking him why he’s celebrating after murder of motor biker is such an unfair question. That’s like asking Biden why he’s celebrating 4th of July after Miami building collapsed.
Joe Boyd
Joe Boyd 4 dias atrás
Well he was assassinated so...
Paul Lopez
Paul Lopez 4 dias atrás
Now I understand why all the Haitians want to fleet over the border to DR!!!
Bernard Ilagan
Bernard Ilagan 4 dias atrás
1500 fvckers dislike this , why you hatin ?
Greatest Finds
Greatest Finds 4 dias atrás
UGANDA is going through the same thing under dictator MUSEVENI. You need to come here @ VICE
critic for the uploader
*Hey, the Haitians in America needs to sponsor their fellow Haitians...*
Shin M.
Shin M. 4 dias atrás
Well, that escalated quickly.
Doug Unfunny
Doug Unfunny 4 dias atrás
I get a strong vibe he was a drug lord who ran for office and used his political power to be untouched. U.S. must have taken notice that he was kingpin so group of mercenaries were hired by U.S. Gov to take him out.
taz santiago
taz santiago 4 dias atrás
What NOT to do when present in front of international camera crew 🎥 👉(@10:04) WTF😳🤷🏾‍♂️ You can see the dust and gases come out of the coffin briefly soon as it opens ⚰️💨 😳🤭🤢 There’s always ☝️ Cheddar Bob in the crowd
BOSS LADY 4 dias atrás
He got 12 bullets n how many his wife got ?? I see that suspicious .
BOSS LADY 4 dias atrás
The president Haiti didn't care about his people then why should we care about his dead. He was not a great leader, had no mercy on his people that are hungry n poor .
La Muneca Rodriguez
La Muneca Rodriguez 4 dias atrás
Haitians have suffered for sooooo long, IT NEEDS to stop.
wtfmwan g
wtfmwan g 5 dias atrás
damn, this sucks
Rebel soul
Rebel soul 5 dias atrás
Lol they all hated the president but when he was assassinated they want war lol typical
zoemayne 5 dias atrás
The translation is wrong @ 0.42 he said "Truly in miser you will find Haiti"
Michael Todd
Michael Todd 5 dias atrás
How could we help this?
Jean PetitBois
Jean PetitBois 5 dias atrás
Its more complicated than you think. The president was never a problem...journalists and powerful opponents (dirty economic class and political slaves) who can pay foreign journalist can see now how frustrated the people are after the assassination. If you want to know about Haiti, watch this:
Jean PetitBois
Jean PetitBois 5 dias atrás
if you want to know why Haiti is where it is now:
Dfw Fqdefqw
Dfw Fqdefqw 5 dias atrás
And always the same cancer keeping people in ignorance and poverty: Christianity.
simp no more
simp no more 5 dias atrás
They need barbecue to become president also get the clintons out of that country. Haiti is rich in natural resources I feel for that country because Europeans will not let go of Haiti
KaiTakApproach 5 dias atrás
This piece did not age well. And as usual, the hallmark of Vice is that it is written with the sophistication of a 15 year old whose parents won't let them get a tattoo on their forehead; sulky and naive.
Don Jon
Don Jon 5 dias atrás
Women at 8:34, are you sure he is still gonna be president till next year.
BadBrowny 5 dias atrás
Gene a Wisea2
Gene a Wisea2 5 dias atrás
This video is pretty goddamn funny after all the outrage after he was assassinated.
daxton reid
daxton reid 5 dias atrás
Apparently Moise got what he was looking for. And of course America in the background pulling strings.
SanOptPri〽e 5 dias atrás
The reporter have guts to go to these places, talk to these people and asking the president about the situation he is responsible. Reporter like this are the hero's who show the reality of our world we living
Levan Walker
Levan Walker 5 dias atrás
My life is like Haiti behind larges quantities of stealage of my oil and gold I'm the form of music, artwork, sexual images, still pictorial pictures, and short attachment ideas on electronics
Rolland Tanda
Rolland Tanda 5 dias atrás
Who else is re watching this after the Haitian president has been assassinated?
Kevin James
Kevin James 5 dias atrás
Wont he do it,look at god!!
RAndomlyEntertained 5 dias atrás
All they do is delete comments, that does not fit the narrative 🙄
RAndomlyEntertained 5 dias atrás
Backing of the U.S.A🤥... don't worry america will send the vaccine and crime will be fixed... just watch them act all nice with Haiti, while they try tokill the people... a zebra does not change it's stripes..
mattbloodstain brown
mattbloodstain brown 5 dias atrás
This video clearly shows why the Haitian President was murdered.
Nashliz 2 dias atrás
@Antiguan Woman And? Riots happy everywhere. And 2, it wasn't even Haitian ppl who killed him. It was Colombians do your research
Antiguan Woman
Antiguan Woman 2 dias atrás
@TheLostSheeppButNowFound not like this sorry
@La Muneca Rodriguez America can’t either it was riots in America the same way!!
La Muneca Rodriguez
La Muneca Rodriguez 4 dias atrás
and even after his murder, it will continue to be the same, Haitians cant agree on doing better for their country.
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