Hairdresser Reacts To Insane Punk Hair Tutorials

Brad Mondo
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Hi Beautiful! I'm ready to become a punk princess after watching these insane liberty spike videos! These people have serious hair talent.


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20 Out 2019



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Comentários 100
Tegan Fletcher
Tegan Fletcher 12 horas atrás
"I've never been tired or depressed!" 🤣🤣🤣 I feel that
Ruby Tuesday
Ruby Tuesday 23 horas atrás
I was born in 2007 so after the emo thing but dam I kinda wanna try these just 2 we how ppl react (I live in a small conservative town witch is the absolute opposite of me )
Cheyanne R
Cheyanne R Dia atrás
My brother had a black mohawk with two red side mini mohawks & it worked some how lol 😂
Katie Breuer
Katie Breuer 3 dias atrás
Liberty spikes on boys will always be a chef kiss for me
Luxie Daemon
Luxie Daemon 4 dias atrás
Pleaseee volume up the original videos! I just jump from the chair when you talk after the vid
Anthony Johnson
Anthony Johnson 4 dias atrás
Rave 4x and a blow dryer. To much hair spray makes it heavy.
Lady Emikooo
Lady Emikooo 5 dias atrás
Why is Brad such a mood in this video?????
Heidi Seek
Heidi Seek 5 dias atrás
All the blood drains out of your arms with this hair style lmao
Bunny Gal13
Bunny Gal13 5 dias atrás
Your hair is amazing I love this hairstyle the best!!
Angelica 6 dias atrás
I need me some more emo/punk reacts! I love these videos. They bring me back to 15 year old me being a scene queen! 😂
Cheebah 710
Cheebah 710 7 dias atrás
Grow your hair out long enough to then put your hair in a man bun,then cut off the sides then keep growing your hair as much as you want
Northeast Reaper
Northeast Reaper 7 dias atrás
That one guy is giving me heavy SpongeBob sea urchin vibes 😂
Sage Sherman
Sage Sherman 7 dias atrás
ok but how do you sleep with a liberty hawk
HUSTLE BEAUTY 7 dias atrás
She reminds me of Cynthia the doll from rugrats
BerlyBear Girl
BerlyBear Girl 8 dias atrás
I believe it was in the late 80s when that started because I remember that it was a huge thing when they made the remake of night of the living dead which was called return of the living dead 1990 so I am almost certain it was most likely in the late 80s.
Leah. H
Leah. H 8 dias atrás
U should do one of these to a wig
Heckin Heck
Heckin Heck 9 dias atrás
When my mum was a teenager she used to hang around with a guy who would use glue to keep his mohawk up
Genevieve Perez
Genevieve Perez 9 dias atrás
12:00 Well I got the sides shaved and it was a faux hawk done by a professional but I hated it. It wasnt what I want so I opted for doing it myself (even going as far as to shaving my head a lot more on the sides) and even tho it looked like shit at first and became super short(like a weird pixie).... over the span of a few months I was able to get a long af mohawk. And it was mostly even too. When down it looks longer at the back So like a mullet. Pretty sick progress imo
William Lieske
William Lieske 10 dias atrás
no offence but "punk as a halloween costume" is not a good idea, its technically a political movement
Not Your Average Kids
Not Your Average Kids 10 dias atrás
I think the cool thing about punk hairstyles is that it’s all usually diy and these ppl cut their hair regularly at home n learn how to do all this stuff themselves , the creativity is endless I feel like if you can achieve hairstyles like this easily then ur set fr
Cari Meixner
Cari Meixner 10 dias atrás
hi brad, i really love your videos, but right now, without captions, they can be hard to understand for deaf and hard-of-hearing people. adding captions can make your videos more accessible!
Janessa Taitano
Janessa Taitano 10 dias atrás
I need that shirt he's wearing😍
Daria Oliva
Daria Oliva 11 dias atrás
Hiiieee. Really old punk rocker. I will tell u whatever u wanna know lol also my brother always let his hair grow out a bit and then shaved it into a Mohawk then let the Mohawk grow long. I was literally the only one he let shave the sides lol
Natalia Piccione
Natalia Piccione 11 dias atrás
Man id be the One who forgets to wear the shirt first, b4 doing the thing
drphillsaysno 12 dias atrás
Diamond Rosette
Diamond Rosette 12 dias atrás
All the punks I know just use Elmer's glue
BunnyKitKat 13 dias atrás
Okay but she changed her outfit. How did she get that shirt OVER THAT HAIR
Alina Bouch
Alina Bouch 13 dias atrás
On whether people grow just the middle out or grow it all out and then shave the sides: When I first cut my mohawk my hair was about shoulder length. Then I cut it down really short. Now I'm growing the middle back out long. So, all of the above!
Ryan Palmer
Ryan Palmer 14 dias atrás
my aunt had liberty spikes when she was like 17. she used jello, then had to shave her head
Campbell Rogers
Campbell Rogers 15 dias atrás
dude i love linzor
Cecilia Wilkie
Cecilia Wilkie 16 dias atrás
I had a friend in high school who had to have help with his liberty spikes every morning because they were so long he couldn't reach the ends
Cynthia Harris
Cynthia Harris 16 dias atrás
The full head of spikes is giving me LIFE
Xpunkxrockxprincess 16 dias atrás
Brad Mondo is a vampire 2020
Blush 16 dias atrás
you should check out Nascar Aloe
Karli 16 dias atrás
My fiance grew his mohawk by only shaving the sides and letting the top grow in, I got mine by cutting off my long hair on the sides and already had the length for the top.
I use to do half up half down
Jade Collison
Jade Collison 17 dias atrás
My ex had all over liberty spikes before shaving his sides and having a mohawk, looked awesome but he took so long to get ready haha
Madi Wolff
Madi Wolff 19 dias atrás
How dare you watch this and not do liberty spikes on yourself!
Calista Bliss
Calista Bliss 19 dias atrás
Mia Mango
Mia Mango 20 dias atrás
In 2020 we are using liberty spikes so people can stay 6 feet 😂
Taimi 20 dias atrás
I'm sorry but the 1st girl bums me out because shes Swedish, and my fiancee is in Sweden, and covid is stopping me from moving there. Grrr...
lauren 21 dia atrás
I think they’re called liberty spikes because of the Statue of Liberty (look at the statues crown) 🗽
Sofia Klein
Sofia Klein 22 dias atrás
lilblacklamb 22 dias atrás
A friend from school used wood glue to make his spikes stay up
Raven Hopkins
Raven Hopkins 23 dias atrás
My buddy Osiris used paint to hold his hair in a mohawk. When us punks need the hawk up, it is going up😂
Berring Breakers
Berring Breakers 23 dias atrás
punk is a ifewstyle not a fucking halloween cosatume
Lynn Devlin
Lynn Devlin 24 dias atrás
OMG the POSING Montage interlude 😮
SyrinxPriest2112 24 dias atrás
I had no idea liberty spikes were an actual thing I thought they just existed in the Guitar Hero/Rock Band extended universe
Boot and Z
Boot and Z 29 dias atrás
Hair is already in wattle and daub walls, mostly horse hair from 100 years ago but still.
hurricanefierce 29 dias atrás
Old school punks do them with egg whites or soap. Hair spray is too expensive!
Eden Cline
Eden Cline Mês atrás
Brad. Are you okay? ....we love you Brad
Danielle Terese
Danielle Terese Mês atrás
When I was a junior in HS (1998😂) I was in Speech for Jr year English class and we had to do a-“how to” speech & I did a mine on how to do a Mohawk!!! 😂🤣🤣 love 💕 you Brad!!!
Elizabeth Mote
Elizabeth Mote Mês atrás
Little did he know 2020 would be the worst year every...
sophie wilde
sophie wilde Mês atrás
I' m saluting Britain here ,this is interesting reading about punk history
Taco Of Love
Taco Of Love Mês atrás
Hey!! If your hair is 6ft you can spike it to keep ppl away for social distancing 🤣
Lauren Klich
Lauren Klich Mês atrás
13:04 😂😂😂😂
Yaya Mês atrás
i wanna do liberty spikes with my hair that goes past my butt
Breona Bryant
Breona Bryant Mês atrás
Lil Kim in the Crush on You video
Spencer at Walford East
Liberty spikes come from the UK
Victoria Careaga
Victoria Careaga Mês atrás
How do you style a mohawk other than this?
Alexandra Longoria
Alexandra Longoria Mês atrás
When he said “dink -ow” I LOST MY SHIT 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Denise S
Denise S Mês atrás
Yesterday....night. Yes.
javali escarlate
javali escarlate Mês atrás
ah sla o jeito q ele me olha é diferente sabe?
Erica mekish
Erica mekish Mês atrás
cheyy Mês atrás
My little brother had a liberty hawk when he was like 7 years old I loved it he didn't care about what people thought 😍
cheyy Mês atrás
And my dad had an Mohawk the most of his life 😍
Danielle Mês atrás
YESSS More Lindsor!!!!!
Bogi M
Bogi M Mês atrás
I used to be inspired by punk culture. I shaved my head both sides, cut a side bang and leave some hair for the mohawk. Also, hairspray never worked. I used soapbars instead. I dried the wet soap with hairdryer on my spikes 😂
Gunja Singh
Gunja Singh Mês atrás
Does he actually have those two eyebrow piercing
Olivia Mattison
Olivia Mattison Mês atrás
Brad what is wrong with you lol your so fucking funny lol you should totally do the liberty spikes lol
Hazbin Kyupiddo
Hazbin Kyupiddo Mês atrás
im a punk rocker, i wanna get a mohawk so bad lol but im only 13
mutiara daulay
mutiara daulay Mês atrás
11:00 that head look like durian fruit
Gabrielle Reggio
Gabrielle Reggio Mês atrás
Brad looking like an early 2000's K-pop boy band snack!
Sophie Morin
Sophie Morin Mês atrás
I have a mohawk and I just always shave my sides and never cut my hair on top ! And when you put up your mohawk you can keep it up maybe one week ! And I kind of never wash my hair... sometimes once in 2 weeks or per month lol
lidsboy 45
lidsboy 45 Mês atrás
badass dude I'm think about cuting my own hair in to a mohawk diy style do you have any suggestions?
Lisa Mylynn
Lisa Mylynn Mês atrás
Brad "DO IT SHOW ME!!!" Followed by frustrated fidgeting.
KittyKatDancer Mês atrás
Liberty spikes gained their popularity in the late 70’s early 80’s in England during the punk movement. Commonly used products to put the hair up were things like soap water or egg whites. My room mate used to have a Mohawk and after experimentation we found a little back combing and a SMALL spray of hair spray then use a blow dryer on it usually worked wonders! I’d set it up every day for her. I miss people wearing their hair like this
Allyson Dillon
Allyson Dillon Mês atrás
U should do the spikes on Ms. Manny Quinn
1312020 Mês atrás
punk is not a fashion statement :( it doesn't matter your hair or look
RetroReceptionist Mês atrás
Manny Quinn needs a liberty spikes moment
Just Lauren's Life
Just Lauren's Life Mês atrás
OMG Brad PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE grab a wig and do a rainbow dye and liberty hawk tutorial and then wear it!!!!!!
NekoArts Mês atrás
I had a mohawk as a teenager and I can't help but feel amazed at this hairspray that these people are using.. Back in my day (god, that makes me sound old.. I'm only 33!) everyone, myself included, used either sugar-water or gelatin. I personally used gelatin and my mohawk would stand for weeks (it's lucky that I always preferred to sleep on my side back then, haha). It was a bitch to wash out afterwards though.. As I'm writing this, I'm having flashbacks of spending hours sitting in the bathtub, essentially swimming in conditioner, trying to brush the gelatine out of my hair.. I don't miss it for a second..
Fleetwood Mac n cheese
The first girl's makeup is stunning
Cream Mês atrás
she looks like Angelica’s doll from rugrats
Brieana Davison
Brieana Davison Mês atrás
I think I found the solution to keep others 6 ft apart at the grocery store! Whole head liberty spikes.
Kayla Sharp
Kayla Sharp Mês atrás
Backcombing plus got to be glued equals the best liberty spikes ever. Don’t have the hair spray use egg whites
G Mês atrás
People usually grow all their hair out and then shave the sides off :0
Queen Darki
Queen Darki Mês atrás
How do they fit in cars? 🤔
go away im shy
go away im shy Mês atrás
I remember being like 8 in Denver and seeing a guy with liberty hawk and I was amazed ever since.
Serenity Mercer
Serenity Mercer Mês atrás
Eyyyyy you mentioned asexuals!
Cute But Evil
Cute But Evil Mês atrás
Cultural appropriation! They're punk spikes, punk is British, stop renaming our stuff!
Fay Brooks
Fay Brooks Mês atrás
Brad you are MY kind of freak...❤️❤️❤️
Emily Carr
Emily Carr Mês atrás
*Giggles* It looks so pointy! *Giggles*
E Mês atrás
5:44 angelica from rugrats EDIT: I was wrong, it's her doll Cynthia!!!!!!!!
Luna Szmukler
Luna Szmukler Mês atrás
Punk unicorns
MinaPanda Mês atrás
The best thing about this is Brad wondering how people grow a mohawk. It's easy. Shave your sides. Let the hawk grow. Looks cool regardless how long it is
Sara Skylar
Sara Skylar Mês atrás
r u ok brad?
Vootodef Mês atrás
That first girls make up is freakin killer.
Abbie Gossage
Abbie Gossage Mês atrás
Rachael Wilson
Rachael Wilson Mês atrás
"Nobody likes a limp one" 🤣 such a mood
Crystal O
Crystal O Mês atrás
Praying my future wife has liberty spikes
Tra'mayne Gaines
Tra'mayne Gaines Mês atrás
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