Gym Fails is Hilarious!

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25 Nov 2020



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Comentários 100
Paulos Samuel
Paulos Samuel 26 minutos atrás
1:52: guy almost dies pew: "hell yah!"
Kassahn Mathson
Kassahn Mathson 5 horas atrás
like u could ever do it
Anthony Salazar
Anthony Salazar 5 horas atrás
Planet Fatness, there is also a lunk alarm
MKA TECHNOLOGIES 6 horas atrás
Thumbnail is not from the BRvid 😉
Bruh Man
Bruh Man 10 horas atrás
who's re-watching pewds till he comes back from his break
Pari Naz
Pari Naz 12 horas atrás
Saker Alabas
Saker Alabas 13 horas atrás
the neck exercise one wasn't a fail though, that is a legitimate exercise, sometimes done by boxers to train their neck, which helps them to not get knocked out because when you get punched your neck muscles are what hold your skull to prevent your brain from shaking inside your skull
aneessa aghniya
aneessa aghniya 16 horas atrás
6:31 it takedowns drill lol, for wrestlers
Karthick Saran
Karthick Saran 16 horas atrás
1:50 For a second I thought he was actually concerned until he shouted hell yea😂😂
Emmanuel Caisse
Emmanuel Caisse 22 horas atrás
With his mustaches he makes me think of simon in the walking dead
Joao Pietro Campos
alguem fo brazil?
Eray Aslan
Eray Aslan Dia atrás
People: Doing wired stuff Pewds: H E L L Y E A H
sahalanimation Dia atrás
the mere existence of this meme is the reason people are afraid to go to gym.
Rose Biszko
Rose Biszko Dia atrás
Stop swearing
Cribbz Dia atrás
A bit late, but those machines that dip up and down are for training pull-ups and dips. They have a counterweight, allowing people who can’t lift or push their entire body weight to do those exercises, and eventually do it without the machine.
Olympus Cloud
Olympus Cloud Dia atrás
I want more pain!!!!!
Lele Harms
Lele Harms Dia atrás
I love how I’m watching gym fails while shoving pizza pills in my mouth
PhantomOTS Dia atrás
6:33 the guy looks like he’s completely insane but he’s actually doing a wrestling drill though that isn’t the most productive way to train for wrestling
Dizzy Flamingoez
Dizzy Flamingoez Dia atrás
In most of Canada, there are diagrams on the machines so this shit doesn't happen.
Payton Glen
Payton Glen Dia atrás
felix lookin like agent peña
sasha andrushenko
sarcasm warning for americans😂😂😂
Cherryz Dia atrás
Hi Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg
Sadcat Gaming
Sadcat Gaming Dia atrás
Nice stash bro
TheMilkyNipple Dia atrás
The machine the guy was riding on? The one you called a carousel? Supposed to help people that cant do dips. Weight assisted dips if you will
Load Ent
Load Ent Dia atrás
Jr high schooler Wrestler had good form.
A channel of random videos
7:25 when I was 7 at the local gym that’s all I did.
ABHI GAMER Dia atrás
Jax in the box
Jax in the box 2 dias atrás
Pewds: WHAT GYM IS THIS???? The Planet Fitness logo plastered everywhere: am i a joke to you
YurXire Raitenvoid
YurXire Raitenvoid 2 dias atrás
Oke doke PewDiePie.
Sammy Megginson
Sammy Megginson 2 dias atrás
It’s a tricep machine that helps u get up
Thibault Capéran
Thibault Capéran 2 dias atrás
Epic dude
Sanne Aarbakke
Sanne Aarbakke 2 dias atrás
its an assisted pullup machine
Sanne Aarbakke
Sanne Aarbakke 2 dias atrás
if u work out shoulder the neck muscles will come
DUNSHIDO FF 2 dias atrás
Benedict Castro
Benedict Castro 2 dias atrás
ngl PewDiePie looks like Freddie Mercury in this video's thumbnail
INFINITF2 2 dias atrás
Of course it’s Planet Shitness. They serve Pizza and they have an alarm that goes off if you grunt or drop weights...
Rick Renzo
Rick Renzo 2 dias atrás
The click bait pic is real.... But still love pewbie as always :3
Roze Rahim
Roze Rahim 3 dias atrás
Guy at 9:02 was just vibing
Chosen Undead
Chosen Undead 3 dias atrás
The thing about workout tutorials on the internet is they're always saying "this is the best way to do this" then 10 other people say "NO don't do this!!" so I never know what to believe...
Michael Padilla
Michael Padilla 3 dias atrás
It’s a machine to do triceps and shoulders you put your knees on the platform and the weight helps counter your body weight
Makan Terus channel
Makan Terus channel 3 dias atrás
Gajendra Nagda
Gajendra Nagda 3 dias atrás
Yup i know u are definitely searching for the thumbnail meme ;)
Miranda Cecsarini
Miranda Cecsarini 3 dias atrás
Aaah welcome to planet fitness, pewds😂😂
deathskrieg 3 dias atrás
One time I was at a gym with some friends and we were on this machine, I dont know what it's called but basically you lift a set amount of weight in a motion similar to how you would do a pull up. After a while, it's my turn on the machine and one of my friends decides to put a bunch more weight on it and tells me to try it. I begin doing normal pull ups, as the weight I was supposed to pull towards me was greater than the weight of my body
Grizzly Country
Grizzly Country 3 dias atrás
DHYANESH K 1523 3 dias atrás
Any know how much f**k he used😂🤣
DogePlays VR Games
DogePlays VR Games 3 dias atrás
Who thinks pewdiepie looks like italian 👇
NuffWorldGames 3 dias atrás
Watch me
i.b0r3d 3 dias atrás
Please do more gym fails
Matthew 4 dias atrás
Planet fitness
Coral049 4 dias atrás
13:28 Hes wiping the sweat off as he's getting his 10 pack
وليد الرحماني
استمر حنه معك هههههههههههههههههههههههههههـ
Elsa Emuu
Elsa Emuu 4 dias atrás
Gyms need to have a professional trainer in the gym that you can just ask questions about form because damn there people are fucking up their bodies
Nikolay Tekuchev
Nikolay Tekuchev 4 dias atrás
Trevor Pewdiepie
Haihai Gaming
Haihai Gaming 4 dias atrás
Normal in 🇺🇸
H E 4 dias atrás
Planet Fitness is such a joke.... Their add campaign is literally come here to not work out. If you already know how to work out dont come here.
Lillytheflower 4 dias atrás
hey ily!
The Night Fury TNF
The Night Fury TNF 4 dias atrás
when those weights fell on his body I was like P A I N
Jessica DeLucia
Jessica DeLucia 5 dias atrás
Gym equipment should have a QR code on each one with both step by step instructions and a quick video
chance price
chance price 5 dias atrás
The guy at 6:41 is gonna be a UFC champ someday
TrusT OP
TrusT OP 5 dias atrás
ik ik :( u've come here by thumbnail😂😂 5 dias atrás
OMG so many people exercising using the seat as the weight and the weights as a seat
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Alex is out
Alex is out 5 dias atrás
Hope he does another one of these this was hilarious
Dion-Davar Randjbar Moshtaghin
why does this video even have a dislike button
lebronze james
lebronze james 5 dias atrás
Ego lifting, why.
Unbreakable Yt
Unbreakable Yt 5 dias atrás
Typical planet fitness.
SkiT Adenture
SkiT Adenture 5 dias atrás
Felix is so tired...
П. Камр
П. Камр 5 dias atrás
Usually each machine has a small instructional plate screwed onto the side somewhere showing and telling what the machine is for and how to properly use it. 🤯😳
Berdikop Groudli
Berdikop Groudli 6 dias atrás
Why does he reminds me Negan from twd ? Xd
Da'ara Goodluck
Da'ara Goodluck 6 dias atrás
6:45 😂
Boxman546 12345
Boxman546 12345 6 dias atrás
Sub to Snakey
Eppu Viitanen
Eppu Viitanen 6 dias atrás
Sorry cant ask im a fin
Dave Charette
Dave Charette 6 dias atrás
i lift weights with my balls
I farm Diamonds in royal high :3
This is how many times he said he’ll yea and fûçk yea l v
Butterfinger 7 dias atrás
I love how every clip us from Planet Fitness
IAVAIN 7 dias atrás
Racing drivers do quite a lot of neck exercises cos of the g-forces
Stephanie V.
Stephanie V. 7 dias atrás
Most machines there tell you how to use it or have a barcode to scan that tells you on your phone 🤦🏻‍♀️
Splitt_1 7 dias atrás
3:40 I used this machine when I started working out. Basically you set some weight, and whatever weight you set will be pushing you up, so it's easier to do pull-ups, and anything that involves your bodyweight. Great for beginners, but I don't think you are supposed to sit on it but instead, you need to stand on that plate. Also, neck exercise is done by people who are into motorsports, Like f1. All f1 drivers do a lot of neck workouts. Those people don't look like f1 drivers tho.
Straight.Weird 7 dias atrás
Its always Planet Fitness.
S.K Farooka
S.K Farooka 7 dias atrás
Somebody tell Felix we can see his reflection.
ThunderX 7 dias atrás
This is kazoo kid in 2021
Ms Rohani
Ms Rohani 7 dias atrás
NIK 8 dias atrás
Makes fun of people working out as he crosses his legs
Shift Kebab
Shift Kebab 8 dias atrás
ngl, one time me and a couple buds went to a Planet Fitness and tried to see who could use the machines in the funniest way possible. We blended right in.
Reece jr Moz
Reece jr Moz 8 dias atrás
Jimmy sent me Mr best to
Elliot O'Dell
Elliot O'Dell 8 dias atrás
Some of these are genuine exercises, like the one where the woman was doing a downward leg press on the assisted dip machine
arcanehack 5 dias atrás
I wouldn't call it a "genuine" exercise since it originated from all the instagram chicks for glutes. If you want a good glute exercise do hip thrusts or use the actual machine that they are trying to recreate - the glute kickback machine, which is still not as comparable to hip thrusts for hypertrophy.
Alex Roylance
Alex Roylance 8 dias atrás
At least I know how to use the different machines! 😂
BrivalRB 8 dias atrás
Can someone lead me to the thumbnail
Nicolae Mirea
Nicolae Mirea 8 dias atrás
Gyms are just not made for Americans 😂😂😂
Diya Pillai
Diya Pillai 8 dias atrás
I love laughing at peoples pain
Jorge Lopez
Jorge Lopez 8 dias atrás
You look so ugly I can’t even watch the whole video
Jesse Lissaur
Jesse Lissaur 8 dias atrás
11:53 corpse reference?
Jacob Bohorquez
Jacob Bohorquez 8 dias atrás
pewds is the funniest man alive
Okelve 9 dias atrás
the guy at 6:30 was practicing wrestling moves i think
Jaden Gaming
Jaden Gaming 9 dias atrás
Dude should at least be getting 20 mil a vid, just saying
Sebin Sabu
Sebin Sabu 9 dias atrás
Malayalis ondo
Ryan Passmore
Ryan Passmore 9 dias atrás
11:45 those calfs
Nova vids And more
Nova vids And more 9 dias atrás
Pewdiepie says some people in American gyms have big arms and big belly’s lol you can’t lift heavy weights if you weigh 160
Skeleton Archer
Skeleton Archer 9 dias atrás
6:30 That's actually wrestling practice, I've seen some of that before. Probably just practicing, besides, did you see how fit that guy was, he wasn't new to a gym lol.
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