Guy Kawasaki: The Top 10 Mistakes of Entrepreneurs

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The UC Berkeley Startup Competition (Bplan) proudly welcomed Guy Kawasaki to the Haas School of Business. Kawasaki, former chief evangelist of Apple and co-founder of Garage Technology Ventures, explained the top ten mistakes that entrepreneurs make. His talk covered all stages of a startup from inception to exit.

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26 Mar 2023



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Nicky Mês atrás
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Christoph Burgdorfer
Christoph Burgdorfer 9 anos atrás
8:48 Multiplying big numbers by 1% 10:57 Scaling too soon 15:30 Partnering 16:29 Pitching instead of prototyping 19:54 Using too many slides and too small font 22:12 Do things serially 23:37 Believing 51% = control 24:52 Believing Patens = Defensibility 28:09 Hire in your own image 29:24 Befriending your VCs Bonus: 35:55 Thinking VCs can add value
MrGuitarguru95 5 meses atrás
Thank you!🎉
Athalia Princess
Athalia Princess Anos atrás
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Tau Mohlodi
Tau Mohlodi Anos atrás
Thanks for the break down
mehyar moe
mehyar moe 20 dias atrás
I love his energy, even the sniffing and the snorting didn’t stop me watching the whole thing. It was funny and I learned something.
Rick Ellis
Rick Ellis 2 anos atrás
Guy’s sense of humor is the biggest indicator of his honesty
Tony Leonard
Tony Leonard 8 anos atrás
Fantastic over-delivery by Guy. Here is the 30 Point Font version. 1. Mistake: Multiplying big numbers by 1 percent (Truth: Don’t use this type of logic. It does not work.) 2. Mistake: Scaling too soon (Truth: Companies don’t die if they don’t scale fast enough.) 3. Mistake: Partnering (Truth: Sales fixes everything.) 4. Mistake: Pitching instead of prototyping (Truth: A functional prototype reduces the risk that you can deliver.) 5. Mistake: Using too many slides and too small a font (Truth: 10/20/30 rule-10 Slides, 20 Minutes, 30 Point Font.) 6. Mistake: Doing things serially (Truth: Doing everything at the same time is how the real world works.) 7. Mistake: Believing 51% = control (Truth: The moment you take outside money, you have lost control. You have a moral, ethical and financial obligation once you take outside money.) 8. Mistake: Believing patents = defensibility (Truth: Only use the P word once. “We have filed patents.” “If you are acquired someday, the acquiring company will love that you have patents.”) 9. Mistake: Hiring in your own image (Truth: Seek balance to complement your skills. You need someone to make it, sell it, collect it.) 10. Mistake: Befriending your VCs (Truth: VCs are in the business of making money, not making friends. Just make your forecasts. They will ask you step aside if you don’t. “Just meet your projections.” “Under promise and over deliver.”) Bonus. Mistake: Thinking VCs can add value (Truth: Fundamentally you want their money and 2 to 3 hours of their bandwidth each month.)
erikbyt 6 anos atrás
The thing about the parallel stuff: True problems appear in parallel and need to be solved in parallel. But learning can only be done serially. It's physically impossible to learn financing and hiring at the same time. So be prepared to do a lot of crappy stuff, but do one thing well. Put all your heart in one area. And after doing that for 3-5 years you have learned something in most areas and can do much less crap, maybe little enough to finally win.
saiprasad somayajula
saiprasad somayajula 7 anos atrás
great video. Guy Kawasaki's message to entrepreneurs on top 10 mistakes is awesome. He touched upon everything from wrongly projecting a market share to the defensibility of patents.
Julio Ochoa
Julio Ochoa 6 anos atrás
Mistake 1: Thinking that getting 1% of a market (car market, hamburger market, phone app market) is easy. It is not easy, so don't think like that. Mistake 2: Scaling too fast. You anticipate huge growth and customers that will love your product and you invest so much and then it turns out no one wants to buy your product, and you run out of money. Mistake 3: Being obsessed with partnering. Partnering is essentially two companies coming together in an attempt to band-aid their weaknesses. Focus on SALES. Sales fix everything. Mistake 4: Being too focused on your 'sales pitch' and perfect 'powerpoint presentation' that your prototype lacks. Focus MAINLY on improving your prototype. PROTOTYPE. Mistake 5: This kind of a rule. 10-20-30 rule. 10 slides, 20 minutes, 30 pt font on a presentation. Mistake 6: Doing things serially. In the real world, you will need to stay on top of multiple things at once. Not just hiring. Not just raising money. You will need to move everything down the road at once. Mistake 7: Thinking that owning 51% of your company means you have control. NOT TRUE. The moment you take outside money (investor money), you lose control of the company and you have an obligation to the investor. Mistake 8: Thinking that because you have a patent that makes you defensable. Don't even think about telling an investor that the reason you're defensable is because you have patents. You'll never have the time of money to sue Microsoft. Mistake 9: Hiring too many of the same person. Hire a variety of types of people. In other words, have strong branches for every aspect of your company. Generally, you will need people who specialize in MAKING the product, SELLING the product, and COLLECTING the money. Mistake 10: Trying to befriend you VC (venture capitalists or investors). They are just here to make money. Meet your deadlines/projections of 80% confidence minimum. Don't think that they're out there to help you and babysit your company. Mistake 11: Thinking that VC's are the key to your success just because you know that they have invested in a successful company before. *You should definitely watch the Q & A that begins at 41:05 *
ninetyonezx 5 meses atrás
@damcism The finance and legal teams. Structuring agreements and assuring cashflow
damcism 7 meses atrás
I don't get the part with "collecting the money". What does he mean by that?
Julio Ochoa
Julio Ochoa 2 anos atrás
@Hector Man thats pretty cool.
Hector Man
Hector Man 2 anos atrás
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George Brain
George Brain 2 anos atrás
Julio Ochoa ppl pp
gubstav 5 meses atrás
Watching this in 2022. Dang this guy was ahead of his time. All his points hit on target. Talking about trends such as cheap tech infrastructure and free marketing in 2013.
Rotimi Best
Rotimi Best 2 anos atrás
Guy is just an amazing speaker. He is able to connect the dots in his speech and convey one message. It would be hard to forget the lessons he shared in this talk. Key things that stood out for me are 1: Patents are not really useful 2: Shut up and show a prototype 3: Still shut up and improve your prototype then show it again 4: Being frugal is an asset. 5. 10 slides, 20 mins, 30+ font size
Jaime Prado
Jaime Prado 2 anos atrás
Pure common sense, transparency and good communication. Thank you!
M. H.
M. H. 6 anos atrás
Movinga is a good example for scaling too fast "However, the biggest mistake we made is scaling too quickly. We were fully on fire to bring the moving industry to the next level. It is a complicated service and we have underestimated some of the challenges. Mistakes happen every single day, but we’re not afraid of making changes when we need to."
Robert Guzman
Robert Guzman 6 meses atrás
This is great stuff well polished presentator, quick improve, great listener/communicator. I know have the best-selling motivational real life entrepreneurs at hand though online videos. I now know what it is like to have mentors that I can believe in. You do it such ease, you have raised the bar for driven success the way I like it. Some of my managers, witch I am under have this skill in working with other's/addressing issues. Many thanks to Guy Kawasaki (hope to get through some of your books soon), and especially thanks to the i-lab for all your efforts. Making my reality such a promising one.
kyoungd 9 anos atrás
Great lecture. Very useful information. Thank you, Guy, and thank you Berkeley.
Marco Rocchio
Marco Rocchio 4 anos atrás
"Sales fixes everything" - in business, truer words were never spoken
Wj76 2 anos atrás
Except bad accounting of course
Ekanem 6 anos atrás
Amazing speaker, never get bored of hearing his talks
Doriel Alie
Doriel Alie Anos atrás
Enjoyed this much more that I thought I would. What an unforgettable character
TechnomTigerGeek 10 anos atrás
i love dis guy! he is absolute joy and talks with humour keeping his humbleness even though he was one of the reasons the macintosh was a success! respect!
Susan McVea
Susan McVea 2 anos atrás
Loved the video! Business is hard and failure along the way is inevitable. Glad to see someone who is real about the industry.
TNT Explosive Sounds
TNT Explosive Sounds 9 anos atrás
I loved this video Guy is not only an excellent and knowledgeable speaker but he is down earth no bullshit
Nemanja Stankovic
Nemanja Stankovic 9 anos atrás
This guy is a true legend!!!
JusTina-Marie Simba-Masozera
Guy is simply amazing in his inspirations.
Natalia 10 anos atrás
Fantastic, I really appreciate the no BS expertise from Guy :-)
D. M. Cook
D. M. Cook 6 anos atrás
This was so friggin' helpful that I have to watch it 2 or 3 more times as I apply each note!
Moisés Ramírez Flores
I really admire what you do and what you teach through your videos. I think I will be succesful by following your advice.
Distance Rides
Distance Rides 6 anos atrás
I like this guy. Very practical outlook on startups.
Denys Marushchak
Denys Marushchak 9 anos atrás
I wish stand up comedy would be as informative as this talk. Very entertaining
Brett Haase
Brett Haase 10 anos atrás
I love his quotes about partnering and stupid money. Good stuff and very practical advice.
Kouros Kirk Ansari
Kouros Kirk Ansari 7 anos atrás
I just put up my first video on BRvid this afternoon; Talked last week to my daughter's tenant who is a MBA student at Berkeley Haas; Right now we have a distinguished visiting professor staying in our vacation rental in Berkeley who is teaching at Berkeley Haas MBA program; Our son is finishing his MBA at UCLA Anderson School of Management; We bought our home from one of original founders of Berkeley Evening MBA program; NOW, somehow this great presentation from Guy Kowasaki to Berkeley Haas MBA students appears like a rocket on my lap top. Talking about Google following me around?I started on my MBA program some 35 years ago but never finished it. It is scary. At any case Mr. Kawasaki has many good things to say and he is very entertaining as well. Have you done your prototype? That seems to be his most important advice for the new start ups.
fed mendez
fed mendez Anos atrás
Great lecture. I had a question about one of the mistakes. "Hiring In Your Own Image". Should the ideal hiring situation or process be linked to: matching the position with a prospective employees experience and skillset?
Ashley Wincer
Ashley Wincer 10 anos atrás
Excellent speaker and great advice.. Thank-you for posting this video online..
TheSketchMonkey 9 anos atrás
Great presentation, great insight! I get the impression that having a prototype is pretty important.
Felecia Townsend
Felecia Townsend 9 anos atrás
Guy, so much great information ... thanks for sharing your knowledge about entrepreneurs :) You rock!!!
Marcus Bodington
Marcus Bodington 6 anos atrás
Really enjoy this video, very informative and highly entertaining...great job Guy!
Uqob 9 anos atrás
Some of the most honest, "I don't know", I've ever heard out of a super successful person's mouth.
Elvire Prochilo
Elvire Prochilo 9 anos atrás
Great moment with Guy Kawazaki. Funny but at the same time full advices ! THX !
Loma Luv
Loma Luv 8 anos atrás
I really enjoyed his presentation. He was not only knowledgable, but captivating through his humor. He sounds like he's from Hawaii. He has this very down to earth quality which is nice to see.
Entrepreneurship & SME Development Media
Good to see a successful entrepreneur, VC, and ex-Executive of Apple, give this advise.
Nen'o 10 anos atrás
This Guy knows how to enjoy life...I'm getting his book
Success Resources Australia
“It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it. If you think about that, you’ll do things differently.” - Warren Buffett
luke dawson
luke dawson 4 anos atrás
Yeah, I run a business and I think about that every day.
Andrew Rulnick - VP, Platform Solutions
Great advice for aspiring entrepreneurs.
Overflow 9 anos atrás
Lucky to have Guy Kawasaki at your group!
Eduardo Díaz
Eduardo Díaz Anos atrás
The case number 2 it actually happened to Steve Maiden. They launched big and they had a huge demand for their shoes in the whole country, but they ware unable to deliver (from the book "the wolf of wall street").
Sia Nazari
Sia Nazari 7 anos atrás
I like his craziness!! and I like his last point! "Integrity" , doesn't matter if they copy, truth will come out eventually.
Noobster 9 anos atrás
Great Talk! Thank you Guy. And thank you Uc Berkeley for uploading this :)
sneha gavli
sneha gavli 7 anos atrás
Gery nice lecture infact it was not a lecture it is how one should connect to audience. Beautiful presentation and good jest. Loved it.
Growndweller 9 anos atrás
You said it. Better to stage an impromptu dance in a shed with friends who are already there than to prepare a lavish party that no-one comes to.
Devin Mickey
Devin Mickey 5 anos atrás
This Guy is an excellent speaker! Thanks Guy!
Marshall Improvements
Marshall Improvements 7 anos atrás
Greatly enjoyed this talk. Grew up listening to Zig Ziglar and other motivational speakers. I appreciate your directness and candor. You have one new follower.
Deborah MacDonald
Deborah MacDonald 9 anos atrás
Very informative along with a very good presentation. Thank you for posting this video.
Vin Bhaskara
Vin Bhaskara 5 anos atrás
What a talk!! Fantastic Guy Kawasaki!
william Maldonado
william Maldonado Anos atrás
I like when he mentioned the prototype oh my God you know this is the only way to go I've been doing this for quite some time and sometimes I get great feedback from people that would love to have said product. Thank you very much I enjoy your video and your lecture and believe it or not it's kind of sad that I can't subscribe to your channel because believe it or not I have too many subscriptions but I will follow you whenever you come up thanks and much blessings 🙏
Luke Edwards
Luke Edwards 7 anos atrás
Guy Kawasaki LOL hilarious & incredibly insightful presentation
Raymond Cui
Raymond Cui 9 anos atrás
Great video! Humorous and pragmatic!
Rob Goris
Rob Goris 9 anos atrás
How refreshing and to the point. Thanks for sharing.
Jack Binder
Jack Binder 10 anos atrás
Excellent tips and such a funny approach. Thanks Guy!
Gus Ceja
Gus Ceja 9 anos atrás
Thank you Mr. Kawasadi your video entrepreneur 10 mistakes is very enlightening, personally I've been a blue colored worker but enjoy the white colored careers. God bless, Gustavo Ceja
Abhishek Bhalla
Abhishek Bhalla 8 anos atrás
Thanks Guy for this truly priceless 20*2 = 40 mins of your views.. Learning = Priceless.. :)
Jordan Ford
Jordan Ford 10 anos atrás
Sad, but true. As an starting entrepreneur I find the patents so frustrating.
Vanessa Huntlier
Vanessa Huntlier 7 anos atrás
His book on "Enchantment: The Art of Changing Hearts, Minds, and Actions" is awesome.
Rajat Bansal
Rajat Bansal 4 anos atrás
difference between a marketing guy and a technical guy he is charismatic af.
Vittal Krishnamurthy
Vittal Krishnamurthy 10 anos atrás
Awesome! thanks Guy!. Eyeopener... U seperated the myths from the reality.
Martin Hurley
Martin Hurley 9 anos atrás
Wow Guy Kawasaki this is a brilliant talk! Love your intellectual approach - relate to it! :o)
Madhava Srivatsa
Madhava Srivatsa 5 anos atrás
I love this Guy!!! Lot of insights.
Fabulous Fab Fitness - Fabiola Gomes
The funniest guy ever. So wise!!! Gosh, I love you. lol
Shresth Toshniwal
Shresth Toshniwal Mês atrás
Quite sad that there was almost no good question from such a class. They were looking for rules on how to break rules... Loved Guy tho, what a guy!
Ashley Wincer
Ashley Wincer 10 anos atrás
Excellent speaker and great advice..
5 anos atrás
I love it! Currently on my management courses.
Tony S
Tony S 9 anos atrás
Really informative & entertaining
Grow By Joe
Grow By Joe Anos atrás
Amazing speaker, great content and presentation!! :)
Floyd Glenn
Floyd Glenn 8 anos atrás
I love the way he's coining the phrase/words - "Band Width" - That. is brilliant.
George S.
George S. 9 anos atrás
I'm guilty of number 1. It's more when I'm in the midst of developing an idea rather than looking at actual long-term projections.
Floyd Glenn
Floyd Glenn 8 anos atrás
In the middle right now - and Wow! Incredible - best Seminar in a long time - Thanks for this.
javierbaldrich 9 anos atrás
I didn't know anything about this guy. He is so cool!
Mischa Vladimir
Mischa Vladimir 5 anos atrás
This guy is so good I had to rewatch this. It's that good.
Thabo Johannes
Thabo Johannes Anos atrás
A great man he is. Wow!
Phil 333
Phil 333 9 anos atrás
This guy is funny! Good advice, thanks.
Felipe Ochoa
Felipe Ochoa 10 anos atrás
What a luxury to have Kawasaki talking for you guys
Joanne 3 anos atrás
Very entertaining and insightful!
Amy Ansel
Amy Ansel 9 anos atrás
"the key is not the pitch, it's the prototype." Guy would pick the prototype over the pitch all day long. "you can fix the pitch but you can't fix the prototype." that makes sense
IamMeats 7 meses atrás
I'm just about to go live with a business I know will be a multimillion pound t business, about 2 hours ago I was thinking about the 3 people who have helped me during the last, worst year of my life. I am not a greedy man and thanks to their help I decided I'm going to give them all a % of the business, and straight away I thought I'd better make sure I keep the 51% 🤣🤣🤣
MarkHouckNews 9 anos atrás
- Thanks For Sharing Your Information! - Easy To Follow, And A Plan Of Action For Business... - Mark Houck -
Mohammed Sagar
Mohammed Sagar 2 anos atrás
Every single word he said is true ! I should have watched this long back
Amith A K
Amith A K 7 anos atrás
golden hand in apple - GUY KAWASAKI SIR!!
Vanessa Augustus
Vanessa Augustus 9 anos atrás
Hi Noemi I'm learning Hungarian! Hogy vagy? I was so excited when I heard Guy ask this question in this brilliant presentation.
Kumar Bala
Kumar Bala 9 anos atrás
Thank for sharing your experience Guy Kawasaki
Daren Klum
Daren Klum 9 anos atrás
If you are a first time Entrepreneur this is a must see.
Randall Hoover
Randall Hoover 7 anos atrás
Finally, a REAL person. Researching!
Maria Archer
Maria Archer 8 anos atrás
just brilliant - a rock of sense and I have made all of these!!!
talar a.
talar a. 9 anos atrás
a good informative video with nice questions and answer.thank you
Chris D
Chris D 4 anos atrás
This guy has a ton of experience
Klaas Victor
Klaas Victor Anos atrás
So informative and entertaining :-) :-)
Andrew Boey
Andrew Boey 9 anos atrás
have alwys been a fan of his delivery style.... good one Guy :)
ExpressEarth 7 anos atrás
Thanks for sharing critical information.
Peace of Mind
Peace of Mind 6 anos atrás
I am a network marketing professional & I chose a company with products I use & love! i can help so many people.
Diana M Joice - Love Rebels
Hello Guy, "Make the scale rather than patent" What if a company is already successfully established in a niche, but hasn't taken advantage of all of it's possible platforms and is in the process of line-extension to diffuse it's original branding? Can I, blunt and bold, take over that platform with a definition of a sub-niche that hasn't been established yet? And what will happen, when that (first on the market) company shows up on that platform, under which I am being categorized?
Pierre C
Pierre C 8 anos atrás
One percent of something is ALWAYS better than 100 percent of nothing...
jsc 6 anos atrás
but is 1% of something better than 99% of nothing?
Diptendu Roy
Diptendu Roy 2 anos atrás
One of the best startup video I've ever seen.
Growndweller 9 anos atrás
Re: the last question. The guy was worried his venture capitalists would be bent out of shape over his patent being stolen... I would have thought this alone would be a great pitch for his product. I mean, who would bother to try and copy a design that's no good? Kawasaki didn't make this point, though. Still, what an excellent and entertaining speaker. I am so glad I clicked on this video. This information couldn't have come at a better time. Thank you for uploading & thank you Guy! :-)
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