GUILTY GEAR -STRIVE- Season Pass 2 Playable Character #1 Trailer

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GUILTY GEAR : the next entry to the series

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■The fate of the universe will be determined…
The story of Guilty Gear, spanning over 20 years, will finally come to a conclusion in “GUILTY GEAR -STRIVE-“. The trials and tribulations of the series’ heroes and villains will finally be resolved. Discover the astonishing truth awaiting at the end of all things.

Check out the play style of the first character in Season Pass 2, Bridget, in this trailer.



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6 Ago 2022



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Comentários 3 040
Bird Online
Bird Online Mês atrás
I cant believe we got Baiken, Testament, and then Bridget. What a game
kameno -o
kameno -o Mês atrás
@Darkstalkers 4 in 2077 nah Kliff would be crazy and weird but a good welcome back
Darkstalkers 4 in 2077
@kameno -o I was with you until you said Kliff
Don_Vito Mês atrás
Hope they make Baiken a male transgender 🙏 That would be amazing!
Renato Ramos
Renato Ramos Mês atrás
What a bad game. Characters won't fix the bad design.
SectionEight Mês atrás
@Jeffrey Agrao Dizzy has a model in Strive so her being added to the roster of playable characters seems pretty likely imo.
OccuredJakub12 Grefkowicz
Love the redesign! Hair looks longer and puffier, the nun habit being turned into a hoodie is a cool connection, they didn't remove the big handcuff which is actually something I wanted them to get rid of, but in movement it doesn't look as busy as in XX. Roger looks like an actual plushie at last. It's really the little details like coloring and texturing that make Bridget look less chaotic in motion while actually not removing almost any design elements from him. Kudos! EDIT: watched the arcade mode, it's her now
MishaVargas Mês atrás
What a normal, mature response to learning something new about someone. Everyone could learn something from you, Grefkowicz.
metagameface Mês atrás
@Ollie Valentine The reason they use that term is to equate supporting gay/trans children with pedophilia. This is the only reason for the recent surge in gay/trans people being called of "groomers", and if this weren't happening, people wouldn't be using that term when talking about Bridget's story. You can disagree with the direction they took Bridget's character, but just say she was forced to present as a girl. Using the term "groomed" is lending credence to transphobes, and makes you look like one of them.
Ollie Valentine
Ollie Valentine Mês atrás
@metagameface grooming has multiple terms and definitions, one of such is prepared or train for a certain activity dear, it is most often used for pedofiles, but transphobic people often like to use the term too to say we groom children into trans children *eugh*
metagameface Mês atrás
@Ollie Valentine You might want to look up what "grooming" means.
Ollie Valentine
Ollie Valentine Mês atrás
@Nebuelle Bridgett coming out as trans is not a good look for the community nor does the community want it It goes entirely against Bridgett wanting to defy what the village wanted out of them, to be a girl And the fact that the village forced Bridgett to be a girl and than Bridgett decides that they are a girl It looks bad It’s not just a “decision for the lgbt community” The last thing the community wants is a femboy (especially one who was forced to be one) to come out as trans That’s not how it works and we certainly didn’t like it So it’s not put off as “some transgender want” literally so many trans people in the community hate that descision It’s wrong The kid was literally groomed into being a girl than decides of their own will they are? That’s not good
Devil's Ruin
Devil's Ruin Mês atrás
I still think the ultimate wildcard would be putting Justice in, having her show up in the story mode, a character looks over and just says "wait she doesn't exist anymore" and she fades away still hoping we get playable Bed though
Devil's Ruin
Devil's Ruin Mês atrás
@Jamie yeah, just Bedman was very powerful in-universe, Bed was doing most of the work in game
Jamie Mês atrás
I mean... did Bedman himself even do anything for attacks? It was mostly just the bed so there wouldn't need to be many if any changes.
Budgie Cat
Budgie Cat Mês atrás
@Nouvelle what if the man IS the bed?
AHPURO Mês atrás
@Nouvelle this time it's Manbed
plastic / eden099
plastic / eden099 Mês atrás
“You’re not in this episode!”
Love the redesign! Hair looks longer and puffier, the nun habit being turned into a hoodie is a cool connection, they didn't remove the big handcuff which is actually something I wanted them to get rid of, but in movement it doesn't look as busy as in XX. Roger looks like an actual plushie at last. It's really the little details like coloring and texturing that make Bridget look less chaotic in motion while actually not removing almost any design elements from him. Kudos!
bcvbb hyui
bcvbb hyui Mês atrás
Yes! I miss this dude so much, his skills and combo's are so fun.
CC Short
CC Short Mês atrás
The thing that excites me the most whenever new DLC releases isn't even that fact that we get a new character; it's the fact that we get a new music track!
Javian Brown
Javian Brown Mês atrás
@Silver You played Zato on your first time? do you hate yourself?
Javian Brown
Javian Brown Mês atrás
LOL I have music turned off in every game. My friends call me a monster
kokayi Newsome
kokayi Newsome Mês atrás
@Emperortime I guess he would just have his own toilet in his room. Or since he was with nuns all the time, likely all toilets were unmarked and all used by women at the convent.
Emperortime Mês atrás
In which puplic toilet room you go if he was raised as a girl? Boys or girls though...
kokayi Newsome
kokayi Newsome Mês atrás
What happens when Bridget gets older and her her voice gets deep? Still cute? Or naw?
Daehan Mês atrás
Can't wait to see Zappa's reveal. Seems to obvious that he might come back knowing what happened in Strive's side story Faust's soul and all. Hm maybe Ariels will arrive too?
Pasha Vasilyanskiy
Pasha Vasilyanskiy Mês atrás
I didn't think it was possible, but here it is now. I like that he didn't gone through a complete redesign, but got his original design modernised. Wasn't a fan of his play style, but still excited to see him come back
SAIKO_ORO Mês atrás
This is definitely someone i've never expected to see back, can't wait to know more about his story and motivations.
Dan T
Dan T Mês atrás
Yes! I miss this dude so much, his skills and combo's are so fun.
Jeremy john Hall
Jeremy john Hall Mês atrás
I love Bridget ❤️ I been wanted him to join the cast & good for her... For coming out
GPAngel Mês atrás
Bot only did they give testament a sick new design, they also gave Bridget a new design that still fits his look. If we get ABA next then I would call this a big win
Neaux Way
Neaux Way Mês atrás
Loving the lineup so far. I know it'll never happen but I'd be real happy to see A.B.A. come back!
bcvbb hyui
bcvbb hyui Mês atrás
Coming from Axl and Ky main I feel she's gonna be up my alley a mid range fighter with tons of zoning potential my stuff right there
lior yunfh
lior yunfh Mês atrás
For someone who was constantly tired of being mistaken for a girl, Bridget sure hasn’t done anything about it over the years. Good to see him back.
Joseph Ralloma
Joseph Ralloma 17 dias atrás
Seems there was a reason she didnt. :)
Playerrico Mês atrás
Great to see a legacy character get some shine. Enjoy Bridget mains.
Austin Harvey
Austin Harvey Mês atrás
@kokayi Newsome Thanks Bucko
kokayi Newsome
kokayi Newsome Mês atrás
@Austin Harvey okay then. You do you. I hope they add Zappa later so you can enjoy this game. But it's Bridget's time now.
Austin Harvey
Austin Harvey Mês atrás
@kokayi Newsome Who's wasting time? I'm just happy as a clam playing Accent Core Plus R while I wait!
kokayi Newsome
kokayi Newsome Mês atrás
@Austin Harvey well you're in trouble if you're only here for one character, you're wasting your time if they wait years before putting him in another game
Austin Harvey
Austin Harvey Mês atrás
@kokayi Newsome I never said Venom. I was talking about Zappa. Half the reason I only like Zappa is because he seems to be separate from the main story and mostly does his own thing. The overall lore/story of Guilty Gear is way too anime for me.
FantasmaNaranja Mês atrás
wonder how many people saw that clip on twitter where bridgett outright states she's a girl? based off the comments here, not many!
William Mbongolwane
I was not expecting him to come out today. What an epic surprise. This has been an awesome weekend for the FGC.
aClockworkTomato Mês atrás
Holy crap! I didn't think I'd see Bridget in Guilty Gear ever again. This is awesome!
bcvbb hyui
bcvbb hyui Mês atrás
For someone who was constantly tired of being mistaken for a girl, Bridget sure hasn’t done anything about it over the years. Good to see him back.
Tikki Mês atrás
Hoping near Halloween we get Slayer or Zappa!! Bridget is also an amazing addition.
Christian Vazquez
Christian Vazquez Mês atrás
I'm very happy to see him, very nostalgic. I was hoping for Slayer, I'm hopeful they'll announce it around Halloween time.
Don_Vito Mês atrás
I got banned on twitch because I used he/him. I believed you man, twitch chat was freaking out 😔
Nuno The Dude
Nuno The Dude Mês atrás
Harrison Lane
Harrison Lane Mês atrás
@Sulthan MS mo you wouldn’t lmao
Dean Brooks
Dean Brooks Mês atrás
@Fukaze nope, not gonna take that chance on this weirdness lol
nemo pouncey
nemo pouncey Mês atrás
hate for some guy to kidnap bridget thinking it's a girl. there in for a surprise.😂
Nintendo Wii with a V
I love his new play style so much it looks so fun
HiI'm Daisy!
HiI'm Daisy! Mês atrás
I thought this day would never come but I finally get to play him!
Ricky Ciccarini
Ricky Ciccarini Mês atrás
I've been waiting for this for a long time, I'm so glad Bridget is back!
Demoniac Mês atrás
I never expected Bridget to return! That means we got hope for A.B.A!
AmeLilith Mês atrás
Absolutely love the theme! And that walking the dog animation!
MZX Omega
MZX Omega Mês atrás
Love it that Bridget is back, but I just really want Dizzy. Arc Systems, PLEASE give us back Dizzy as a playable character! :
Sharka Frank
Sharka Frank Mês atrás
Bridget looks awesome I’ve missed him 💜
Camilo Valenzuela
Camilo Valenzuela Mês atrás
Ese personaje se ve tremendo. Muy buen diseño👏👏👏👏👏
kunn Mês atrás
i missed him so much! thank you for bringing him back!
Nullified Mês atrás
I'm glad he got more prettier 😭 his theme is also bumping, cant wait!
V 21 dia atrás
@Not_A_Bot it's literally a dude, so he.
Not_A_Bot Mês atrás
*She ;)
Red Lemon
Red Lemon Mês atrás
Bridgets theme sounds super good! I can’t wait to play him!
Sosari Mês atrás
Im so god damn happy!!!! He looks so goooood! He definitly deserves to be in this game. Also looking that they brought back Testament and Bridget gives me hope for some other older characters like queen A.B.A. If they add her to the game as well im going to be so happy!
CX Stevens
CX Stevens Mês atrás
My favorite guilty gear character is back 🔥🔥🔥 Bridget is so fun to use
赤神くろ Mês atrás
I was excited about 3 DLC of previous season and was dissapointed about how they turned out because of their scarce moveset. I wasn't expecting Bridget and watching his moveset, I'm hyped. This is the kind of DLC I waited for a year.
Kanzuki Mês atrás
Jam is my most wanted character, but I hope this means more XX characters stand a chance at making it into the game. A.B.A to be more specific
Luiz Henrique
Luiz Henrique Mês atrás
@NightbaneKaizer bridget is also a bounty hunter like Sol
João Henrique
João Henrique Mês atrás
@NightbaneKaizer About him traveling. Its because to break the villages taboo and messed up customs, he made a goal of being a sucessful twin and bring its riches and prosperity to the village. Just to clarify the comment earlier, the reason twins are taboo is because according to the village, twins of the same gender bring bad luck. About the twin brother... I actually don't remember if his twin brother is relevant in his lore.
CosmicRPG Mês atrás
For me is Dizzy and Zappa
JamLover Mês atrás
@Nick And me
Near Darkroad
Near Darkroad Mês atrás
yes, give us creepy girl with giant key husband!
BlackSheep Mês atrás
Seen him before in older games but I'm glad he's back. Love his new design, I honestly want to know what his brother looks like
Sanya Shaihov
Sanya Shaihov Mês atrás
HOLY!!!Actually cant believe Buri-kun made it to Strive,but i always thought his playstyle is pretty fitting for Strive gameplay flow
Fogdog Mês atrás
Love how they released an entire cinematic showing they had models for Sin and others not yet in the game, and then the next character is Bridget just to throw people for a loop. 10/10 misdirection
Hacooray Mês atrás
Welcome back to the one of the best walking animation in fighting game. Love his redesign and honestly a better hoodie than how May looks
May-chan Mês atrás
@Hacooray ah I see I see understandable, personally I love them both so much...can't wait to see them interact honestly
Hacooray Mês atrás
@May-chan it's just a personal taste. For me May looks way too casual and simple for GG outfit while bridget looks "yep, that's a guilty gear alright"
May-chan Mês atrás
Ngl I thought they both looked cute..especially when people start doing fan art because both of em wearing hoodies
MisterZygarde64 Mês atrás
Can’t wait to see the lad’s face when Faust uses his wheelchair
Roberto Torres
Roberto Torres 8 dias atrás
​@Yeah Boyz well, that comment aged interestingly
Jessica Almeida
Jessica Almeida Mês atrás
It's pure gold, let me tell you
Kevin G
Kevin G Mês atrás
All I think about when Faust uses the wheelchair is the meme "BROKEN.........ANKLES!" But, I get what you're saying.
A Prinny On Break
A Prinny On Break Mês atrás
@Hafi Renggayuda I can see it going one of two ways. First, Bridget comes out chiseled, rugged, and handsome. Second, Bridget comes out unchanged, with Faust sulking in the corner, because you can't improve perfection.
IsaiahOmega Mês atrás
Heavenly Pot Buster
WZRD RPG Mês atrás
Thank you so much! This design is so beautiful!!
Derrick O'Neal
Derrick O'Neal Mês atrás
i loved her in the older games. combo heaven lol
Gabriel Franko
Gabriel Franko Mês atrás
Minhas esperanças para a A.B.A voltar, voltaram com muito entusiasmo
Jeremy john Hall
Jeremy john Hall Mês atrás
Me too
Squirrelsquid Mês atrás
Nice to see him return. I like his new design.
MiniSquirtle Mês atrás
After all this time of fans talking about Bridget and saying how unique and liked the character was, finally he's in Strive! It's like they listened!
Bryant Fernández
Bryant Fernández Mês atrás
Coming from Axl and Ky main I feel she's gonna be up my alley a mid range fighter with tons of zoning potential my stuff right there
Haze Here
Haze Here Mês atrás
Oh, check out his +R theme called Simple Life too 😁
Haze Here
Haze Here Mês atrás
If he's anything like how he plays in +R, his floating glowing yoyo acts like a trap you can change into various things while also being a point you can basically fly to (0:26). It resets every time you use it in any way other than the flying so you need to set it up again. Great mobility, set ups and all-around adorable play style. Also yes, Bridget's a guy. He was raised as a girl because he grew up in a village where having twins of the same gender is bad luck. He was a bounty hunter back in +R and is trying to prove to his village that the superstition is stupid. Simple dude really
JM Mês atrás
Bro ALL the redesigns in this game are so fucking good. Ishiwatari you're a legend
Justin Leibee
Justin Leibee Mês atrás
For someone who was constantly tired of being mistaken for a girl, Bridget sure hasn’t done anything about it over the years. Good to see him back.
Jom Mês atrás
@Krulak It isn’t about peer pressure or being groomed into it - she experienced abuse as a kid, strongly identified as a boy and told everybody so without shame, proved the superstition of her village wrong as a boy, and only then, once she was FREED FROM that peer pressure and stigma as an adult was she able to explore her gender identity by herself, eventually coming to the conclusion that she identifies as a girl. She wasn’t happy as a girl when it was forced on her. But it’s quite a nuanced, unusual portrayal of a trans experience, so people instead jump on the “it’s grooming” wagon. Most trans people I’ve seen think she’s had an interesting character journey, the only people crying out about grooming in my experience are folks who are against transfolk in general.
Mike, TheAnimated
Mike, TheAnimated Mês atrás
@BishtrainerTai16 no one's bullying; it's *literally the lore now.*
Saafi Mês atrás
@Something Diabolical "Nobody wants stupid modern day politics in their escapism." - I don't think trans people are "modern day politics". We have always existed and now we are less oppressed and invisible than we used to be. I certainly want more trans people in the video games I play. Good news, no one is forcing you to play GG Strive. "The harsh reality of grooming." Trans people can't be groomed. You just are trans. People can support you and help you figure it out, but someone is trans, regardless of whether or not of they are transitioning. A lot of trans people are in denial, before they do more introspection. "Is it your head canon that women can just be men? Yeah that's the argument you're making right now for gender." Women can't be men, we probably agree on that. One can discover they had a different gender all along, though...
Something Diabolical
@João Marcos Costa Is it your head canon that women can just be men? Yeah that's the argument you're making right now for gender.
N Y Mês atrás
Really digging the song. Matches him very well.
HuskyWizard Mês atrás
Well, well, well...look who decided to finally show up after all this time. Welcome back Bridget. Time for you to turn heads and make people question their personal biases the world over once again. We've been waiting for you.
Mendfi Mês atrás
Now i just hope we will get Elphelt/jam/johnny or at least one of them (Sin too but i'm 100% sure he will be in the season 2 btw)
Testekill Mês atrás
"Mentally I'm already at lunch" I love her.
RetroRageasaurus Mês atrás
The Daily Mood I also love that standout song lyric XD
CurtisClover Mês atrás
Really wanted to see how Bridget would play in Strive! Super glad rn!
Adrius Mês atrás
Top tier redesign. He looks so fun!
KC Smooth
KC Smooth Mês atrás
The embodiment of the phrase “Sometimes it takes a boy to be best girl!”
Yabara Mês atrás
Characters design of this game is terrific, wow
Spiteful Crow
Spiteful Crow Mês atrás
Bridget's always been a lot of fun to play. Now we're just missing Jam and all my favorites will be there!
Guardiandy Mês atrás
this is one of the best character trailers ive ever seen
EmeraldFatalis Mês atrás
I really didn't expect them to ever bring back Bridget or Zappa! One down one to go!
MrLonewolf Mês atrás
I'm guessing on the one of the next two either being Venom, Jam, or ABA but I wouldn't mind if Daryl or Gabriel made their first playable appearance as dlc. Or a reincarnated Cliff or smaller variation of Justice.
Norman Mês atrás
What the hell this is unexpected as hell. I miss my boy Bridget!
Bobrian Fo
Bobrian Fo Mês atrás
I wasn't hyped at all for Bridget, but damn his walk cycle alone where he stumbles behind the yoyo is an animator's wet dream
FlyingN1mbus Mês atrás
@Thorin Jeager hes 19 in strive now because lore
Thorin Jeager
Thorin Jeager Mês atrás
Oh god don't say this while he's underaged....
Siddhartha Mês atrás
@nemo pouncey Better
nemo pouncey
nemo pouncey Mês atrás
it has balls.
Manic Pixie
Manic Pixie 18 dias atrás
Posting this a month after release, and Bridget has become my main. Not just because I love the she/he/them (I don't want to get into that controversy so I posted every pronoun I could think of off the top of my head.) plays but the character is adorable. ☺
Manic Pixie
Manic Pixie 14 dias atrás
@Vinny Aguiar Much appreciated for the clarification. I recently found out about it, and I have no problem with Bridget being trans at all. To be honest I figured as much after her arcade ending, but noticed a lot of people were very salty about it, and didn't want to get caught up in the drama. That is why I was careful with my previous post. Now that it is official though, I have no qualms about saying "she"; Bridget is my main. 😁👍
Vinny Aguiar
Vinny Aguiar 14 dias atrás
The creator of Bridget confirmed she's a trans girl who goes by "she/her"
Nanaten Mês atrás
I honestly did not expect Bridget to be returning character So this is a welcome surprise Love his new design
Sigma13 Mês atrás
When the world needed the true meaning of what a man is, Bridget returns making all arguments invalid.
Ekkonus Mês atrás
Still hoping to see Ragna in one of these
Bryon Youngblood
Bryon Youngblood Mês atrás
Bridget is someone I didn't expect to come back into Guilty Gear Strive, but it's cool he's back, and it looks like his fighting style isn't too different from the past, and I dig how cute his voice actress is to fit with how he was raised as a girl.
dnkakusei 5 dias atrás
@Mangoman 9895 My comment aged badly...
Mangoman 9895
Mangoman 9895 5 dias atrás
@dnkakusei uhh about that
V 21 dia atrás
@KoolAidManOG silence groomer
Blade GTR
Blade GTR Mês atrás
I just hope we get some moments when his male voice slips out like we did back in the day with GG XX Accent Core.
Rayze Mês atrás
I'm just happy to have my character I never main but had so much fun with back and to see he's still schmoovin
Matix 777
Matix 777 Mês atrás
"Johny is cool, he is gonna be next!" "No, it will be Elphelt!" Daisuke: "fuck it, have a yoyo femboy"
Rufure92 Mês atrás
While I'm happy to see Bridget back, Didn't they said that dlc episode should have introduced next dlc fighters? Bridget was not seen. Also only 3 slots left for Sin , Delliah , Dizzy and mysterious soldier ?
Wyatt Geogaddi
Wyatt Geogaddi Mês atrás
After so many years.. we finally got him.. THE FEMBOY IS FINALLY HERE
kameno -o
kameno -o Mês atrás
It’s so cool to see Accent Core characters finally get the 3d treatment after missing out on Xrd
kameno -o
kameno -o Mês atrás
@GPAngel he was in xrd’s story mode and now just a decapitated head in strive chilling with venom
GPAngel Mês atrás
@Tvoyager technically speaking robo-ky is in 3D (in the story mode)
Tvoyager Mês atrás
Think we'll ever see Robo-Ky?
T Rex
T Rex Mês atrás
Bridget was a long time coming relieved to see him back with cute new bear friends aswell
AmeLilith Mês atrás
0:31 "Allow me to transfix you!" Hasn't been a day and this already hits different in light of revelations regarding HER story lmao
Jom Mês atrás
Heck yea!
Dunkel Grau
Dunkel Grau Mês atrás
Testament, Bridget... This is truly the last gg isn't it? Then I've seen the popularity ranks I thought - OK, the 3 and 4 characters of season 2 will be Slayer and Johhny (bc I was thinking we get Sin right now) and in season 3 we get Bridget. Also I voted for him, Johhny and Izuna so I am super happy.
Fancy Pancy
Fancy Pancy Mês atrás
That walk animation is amazing
HypeBeastMemer Mês atrás
This brings me hope for Robo Ky and A.B.A
Yuri Sakazaki XV
Yuri Sakazaki XV Mês atrás
Oh, Bridget! 🔥 Welcome back Bridget! It's been so freaking long. And he is back! And he is now free tomorrow hopefully!
NK Irmath
NK Irmath Mês atrás
That air to ground command grab looks like it's going to be devastating
Haze Here
Haze Here Mês atrás
From what I've played in +r he really needs that and I can't wait to use it
SectionEight Mês atrás
Arcys has been on point with these designs lately. This is the best that Bridget has ever looked in years!
Budgie Cat
Budgie Cat Mês atrás
@SectionEight I mean I did just say so but thanks
SectionEight Mês atrás
@Budgie Cat If you say so
Budgie Cat
Budgie Cat Mês atrás
Testament redesign sucks
Pudding Princess
Pudding Princess Mês atrás
So glad to see she's here, guess its time to actually pick up the game now
ً ً
ً ً Mês atrás
Oh boy, I can't wait to see the community's reaction in a few days, surely there wouldn't be any un-family friendly content of him online. I trust the community to have a safe and friendly discussion of his lore and his design.
RetroRageasaurus Mês atrás
Ah yes, the Core Family Values that Guilty Gear is known for
Haze Here
Haze Here Mês atrás
Nothing that never happened before I'm sure. Just glad my boi is back and as adorable as ever
2001 Toyota Corolla
I like how this theme kinds sounds like a choir song at some points lol, it's a mix between that and and upbeat jrock it seems (until we get the amazing Diasuke trademark tone shift lmao)
flioink Mês atrás
"Allow me to transfix you!" Masterful trolling, ArcSys 👏
Anko ASMR Mês atrás
Pretty awesome reveal imo, as someone who wants Dizzy and Jam in the game.
OsvComandante Mês atrás
Clara -My New Private vidoe
Bridget is someone I didn't expect to come back into Guilty Gear Strive, but it's cool he's back, and it looks like his fighting style isn't too different from the past, and I dig how cute his voice actress is to fit with how he was raised as a girl.
Herp Derpinson
Herp Derpinson Mês atrás
He's back! Honestly I wasn't sure if he'd come back the same or as a huge muscle man.
Renato Fontes
Renato Fontes Mês atrás
I think no one was expecting him at all. Now, can we please have Zappa back?!
Random Spectator
Random Spectator Mês atrás
I love Zappa, but I fear seeing him in strive. Worried how they might gut his kit. If big ol' summon gets turned into a single super I'd cry
Amrehlu Mês atrás
I haven't touched this game since the first week it came out, Bridgett coming back will get me to touch it again.
Yuri Sakazaki
Yuri Sakazaki Mês atrás
No way... Bridget! The girly boy is back! After so many years! Well done, art system work!
Leone Senpai
Leone Senpai Mês atrás
Finally my main is in the game 😭 I was hoping they'd add em and now that they have I'm hyped af!! Let's go!!!!
aye_filly Mês atrás
What a time to be alive, we finally get best boy in Strive
Neireau Mês atrás
lol.. Bridget was my very first main character in a fighting game, I never expected to see him return in any fashion whatsoever. Colour me excited!!
Yuki Colburn
Yuki Colburn Mês atrás
@Bugs Nice bait.
Heartstorm Games
Heartstorm Games Mês atrás
@Bugs no it doesn't the word originated with the anime community. The word means a character that looks like a woman but is actually a man. And no it's not a slur and yes Bridget is in fact a trap
Shalashaska Seven
Shalashaska Seven Mês atrás
@Bugs Earliest internet usage was infact not used towards trans people. Even the earliest memes using the said word, wasn’t referring to trans people at all. Another person already posted a good comment talking about it. No matter the misuse of the word by hateful people outside of the community, here it was used correctly, with no intention or even context to being a slur.
BishtrainerTai16 Mês atrás
@Bugs lol white guys claiming trap is in the same league as the N word.
Nikoorii Mês atrás
@Bugs the consensus online is that, when the word “trap” is used to refer to trans women, it’s a slur. “Trap” originally referred a feminine-looking male character, whom identified as male, but the main character(s) would mistake as a female (in anime or other online settings). Your described use of the word as a slur is something that has only been within the realm of discussion and public awareness after 2017~. It’s usage is highly subjective, and, unfortunately, neither you or I had the utmost authority to deem its contextual application inappropriate or not. Is it disingenuous and untrue to say that it has always been used as a derogatory against trans individuals when that is simple not the case. Ultimately it boils down to semantics: in the context of Bridget, a male-identifying individual with the appearance of a female, he’s a trap. As for trans women, women-identifying individuals, it’s a slur. People who want to feel offended by it will, and those who don’t won’t, simple as. Also, where do you get off comparing it to the n-word? How dare you compare it to a word so vitriolic with hundreds of years of hatred? Unlike the word trap, the n-word’s usage is not contested or debated; it’s a word imbued with racism and hatred.
Namae no nai Kaibutsu
A lot of people are dying for the return of this character! Are you happy now? Well you should be!
Devil's Advocake
Devil's Advocake Mês atrás
so I read that they're 'coming out as trans' finally to get rid of the messiness of it. That's such a load of crap. There was no messiness of it. The story made sense and it gave another aspect into a fucked up occult world. Just admit you're doing it to try adding a trans character... instead of ya know... making one? Did you think that maybe 'raised as a girl now a trans woman' would ya know... not be a good look? Cause that's supporting the evil shit John Money had theorized before torturing his subjects. Bridget was VERY confident that he was a boy.
EspurrsEyes42 Mês atrás
Honestly I forgot all about Bridget, she was gone for so long, but looks more fun than ever so welcome back
Mythical Cupcake
Mythical Cupcake Mês atrás
My boy came home just take my money I'm so happy honestly was not expecting this 😭❤
Elick Ashcroft
Elick Ashcroft Mês atrás
He's back! I can play Guilty Gear again. Thank you Arc!
symphony heart
symphony heart Mês atrás
Bridget is back an the theme is in my head forever
Jambles Mês atrás
yoyo boi is bacc Bridget relaly impressed me. He looks like he's got a lot to him, which is good to see! Hopefully this season they'll update the characters that have already been added
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