Guild Wars 2 Vs Final Fantasy 14 - The Review

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23 Mai 2022



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Inspector Mills
Inspector Mills 7 meses atrás
Best mmo experience for me through the years is playing both, because each game scratch a different itch.
enferreine 29 dias atrás
I wish FFXIV scratched any itch for me. I skipped most of the story until Shadowbringers and then watched bits and pieces. My things is making alts and usually I like those alts to be different races and classes and looks, etc. FFXIV made even picking a different class so painful to level for me. And then I got to the end and didn't know what to do... Wish I wanted to play, I bought Endwalker... smh.
Inspector Mills
Inspector Mills 3 meses atrás
@zadoww That's a valid reason. For me, I just treat it like any other sub like Netflix. I'm not compelled to watch everything there just because I pay monthly. Granted, I won't be able to do this back on college when expenses were really dire.
zadoww 3 meses atrás
i've considered this playing as im playing the FFXIV demo but with FFXIV's subscription i'd feel compelled to need to play that more or else i wouldn't be getting my money's worth where as Guild Wars 2 was a pay once and come back to it whenever sort of deal.
Dale 6 meses atrás
It’s weird about tribalism in video games to be honest. The concept of superior game is kinda fuck up in a sense. I hate when ppl try to compare something when they are not enjoying it or try to rationalize something to motivate others to agree with. That a heck situation similar to marvel and dc fanboys.
end heart!
end heart! 6 meses atrás
The Beauty about this is that Gw2 was my first game.. i did everything i could the mistake i made is i Focuse it on too much and burnt out at somepoint 2 years ago, then went on and off in gw2, now i can proudly play both on certain cycles and not worry at all! since Yoshi-P really encourages to paly other games! and FF14 patch cycles are also longer so having 2 games to play on each really removes the burnt out!
Rob Myr
Rob Myr 6 meses atrás
"if you don't have a specific quest specifically associated with a place, it's really just gonna look hollow and empty" is the perfect summation for me about why FFXIV never sticks with me for very long. I've played all the expansions, enjoy the story content and high level boss fights. But compared to GW2, it just doesn't feel like a *world* to explore. GW2 is, to this day, the ONLY MMO I've ever played that felt like it genuinely prioritized explorer players in its fundamental design. It's still wild to me that, almost 10 years later, baseline GW2 still feels ahead of its time and innovative in that regard. I'm of course biased, but it feels like exploration is a core selling point of the whole idea of MMOs, and yet in almost every one of them, you're punished for following your whims rather than following a set path.
Wild Doggo
Wild Doggo Mês atrás
Ya thats probably because FFXIV doesn't focus on exploration. That's why you can queue for any content from anywhere rather than having to go to that place. They don't have any nodes to go after besides Fates and Aether currents. If you're into a more progression based gameplay with little to no job bias in PF (literally any job is viable. I thought this was impossible but it's actually such a small difference that it only matters if you wanna spend a couple minutes less in the hardcore content. Personally I HATE exploration and the story in GW2 but im trying to get into the progression of it.
Chillax 3 meses atrás
@DJ Meowth Mix GW2 exploration with Final Fantasy level of character development and you can struck gold.
DJ Meowth
DJ Meowth 3 meses atrás
This is also the main reason I just can't get into FFXIV. I've tried six different times over the past eight years. Eorzea just doesn't feel like a world to me. The different regions feel cramped, tiny, and purpose-built to serve as areas in a video game. There's little 'wasted space' that allows the world to breathe and feel expansive, which is convenient if all you care about is minimizing travel times, but not if you want to explore a vast world. Everything kind of feels like a corridor leading somewhere else, and rarely did I ever experience the sort of moment you can experience in GW2 (or even WoW, ESO, or LotRO) when you climb up to a high vantage point and look around and see all sorts of interesting landmarks off in the distance. Even the quests contribute to this feeling of a lack of scale or 'epic-ness' - I remember getting a quest to kill 3 Garlean soldiers at this outpost nearby. I was anticipating some kind of fortress or citadel that I would be storming, but the outpost was literally one tower and a few bulwarks/barricades scattered around it. I think there were maybe six spawns of soldiers there, total. The scale is so small, it really just makes me feel kind of suffocated.
Kraivathin Kritaramrueng
the exploration part, yes, even though i got skyscale, griffon and such, but when i created new character, I tended to explore on foot.
Zyphent 5 meses atrás
Agreed. Aside from non-mmo games like Breath of the Wild or Skyrim I can't think of many games that do open exploration anywhere like Guild Wars 2. I'm loving 14 right now, but the world between settlements does feel quite hollow as a result.
Zeghart 7 meses atrás
I love both games. I've been a GW2 player for much longer and I've got to admit that FFXIV initially made me really jealous. SO many aspects I wish were in GW2 are so fleshed out in FFXIV. The world and setting and characters have the depth that I think Tyria would deserve and I couldn't help but feel engrossed in Eorzea. That jealousy quickly subsided once I realized that choosing one or the other isn't necessary, as GW2 with its lack of a gear treadmill and sub fee makes it a fantastic companion game for anything else
enferreine 29 dias atrás
Honestly, GW2 gives me the ability to sit in it all day and commit to something but I don't have to worry if I want to play something else and fear that upon return I will be nothing but useless. I have tried having those other things be MMO's and I just can't stand other MMO's anymore. Everything he said for positives for FFXIV were things that caused me misery or things I had an opposite experience with. GW2 lets me just play other genres and come back when I feel like, which is fairly often but I don't have to feel obligated to do so daily.
Donteo50 5 meses atrás
The only thing ffxiv makes me jealous of when playing is the music. Don't get me wrong, I love the tracks we have in gw2 now but damn, xiv tracks are so hype and really immerse you in fights and what they mean to the player character and the bosses
Krieghandt 6 meses atrás
I DESPISE gear grind. I still only have a precursor lengendary. AND I'm still competitive. I would like new weapon skills for old weapons, but the early game experience of FFIVX killed me.
Wellshem 6 meses atrás
Equip your mount and roam around for 2 minutes in the wild. You'll lose any remain of jealousy from you.
Carlo 7 meses atrás
Thanks for the video. Great content. I've picked up FF14, but I couldn't get it to stick. After watching this video, I see that it's not the game for me. The ways in which it excels over GW2 are all aspects of MMOs I no longer care about. Again, great video! It was super helpful.
Nyxnik 7 meses atrás
Guild wars server architecture should have been the standard for MMOs for a long time, even in GW1 you could instantly switch regions with barely any difference in latency (which I think was astonishing back then). I feel this is something that should be a lot more appreciated. I cannot stand how in 2021 most MMOs don't allow you to switch regions freely and many even make you lose all your progress if you attempt to play in a new region.
Maurxiel 3 meses atrás
I'm always impressed by fast the game launches.
Kyrxon 7 meses atrás
Honestly it should! I met a couple in pvp one day and they turned out to be ppl i played with for like 5 years in a row. Funner than anyone else i met in the game. And they were on a different server than me. In any other mmo i wouldnt be able to play with them, i'd have to buy a server change for like $20 i bet just to play with them
danycici8 7 meses atrás
I would love to see you do the same review for ESO especially since I think these two games are more similar than ffxiv and gw2
Urlik7 4 meses atrás
I would love such comparison done by WP - with his experience in MMO used to analyse Elder Scrolls's take on the genre.
Kessra 6 meses atrás
@Dye Wars 2 The problem with ESO's cobat model is that the game itself doesn't explain you that it is actually based on a priority system where higher priority things will cancel out lower priority things. As stuff in ESO is performed up-front this led to a bug where abilities did their full damage when canceled by a higher priority thing. Deelopers turned that bug into a feature as players mostly liked it. It added a further level of player-based skill to the game where you could increase your damage notably by "training" and get the "roatation" into your muscle memory. The priority of things is as follows: block > dodge roll > skill > light/heavy attack. As mentioned you can use a higher priority thing to cancel a lower one. Most of the time you will click your left mouse button to trigger a light attack and as soon as the animation of it is about to occur you use one of your 5 skill abilities. This will lead to the light attack going of with almost no render cycles being spent on the light attack animation and dealing its damage instantly followed by the skill you pressed. This is basically the short version of how to properly animation cancel in ESO. As mentioned ZOS turned that bug into a feature and smoothed out the window where you could actually benefit from canceling allowing easier utilization of that "feature" by not only the hardcore players. The problem here though is that people with bad internet connection or computer hardware will have a harder time to utilize of that "feature" than players with exellent internet connectivity and hardware. Also, as certain player-based training is necessary to get the timings into your muscle memory, most more or less casual players will not have the time and patience to invest that time to train their muscles accordingly. Skills in ESO do not have a fixed CD like in most other games and are thus spamable. The combat is therefore fast-paced as you constantly have to click light attack followed by a skill. I agree that this can be exhausting at times and I wished ZOS would allow players to chose more between whether they preferred a light-attacked focused or heavy-attack focused build and achive similar DPS results. Unfortunately though, heavy attacks in their current form are only used to replenish your resources, which feels very odd. Especially in PvP when a player had the time to channel a heavy attack onto his opponent, that heavy attack should hurt. As there isn't anything you can do to prevent almost perfectly weaved light-attacks the damage they contribute to the overall damage should be brought down notably as in their current form they contribute like 30-40% of your overall damage which is way to high.
Andrew Harrison
Andrew Harrison 6 meses atrás
@Dye Wars 2 agreed. The combat in ESO was probably the worst I've ever experienced and it's what I was most looking forward to.
Hyou Vizer
Hyou Vizer 7 meses atrás
I wanted to fully love ESO but as an MMO its inner systems are still so buggy and poorly designed. seeing it as an open world online co-op RPG its pretty damn great tho.
Kevin Arnold
Kevin Arnold 7 meses atrás
@Joseph Israel They occasionally have free play periods, but not an ongoing free trial. These occur a few times per year, as I recall. As it happens one such period is ongoing, but will end on October 25th so the window of this particular opportunity is tight.
John Delaney
John Delaney 7 meses atrás
I do like thinking about the what ifs of mixing the staffs. I really would have loved to see where the Square Enix writing team would have taken Palawa Joko, etc. He could have been a really interesting and deep character with a lot of interesting motivations.
Shizlgizl 6 meses atrás
GW2 is amazing new player experience - I will always recommend it. It's one of few current MMOs which is fun for the world/leveling without some massive promise of end-game to grind. With that said, a lot of expansion/living world content has been uninspired. They made a template for almost everything and now build develop the game following it, while also introducing constant gold/time sinks. That ensure non-hardcore players will tune out or burn out.
OkayIGetIt 6 meses atrás
I'm in love with both games. I will say, GW2 really is just beautiful though. I love the art style.
Wild Doggo
Wild Doggo Mês atrás
I find that hard to believe because in my opinion, Sourge's VFX looks like actual feces in vapour form. Like who decided that looked good? Idk. Ffxiv's style isn't really great either, but imo gw2's is kinda gross looking.
John Delaney
John Delaney 7 meses atrás
I play both games, but for very different reasons. I just think all the things I would weigh in favor of GW2, I liked more in GW1. They're all very different games, but when it comes to buildcraft or combat in general, I definitely prefer GW1. The thing I like the most from Arenanet is things like... world / zone design. They make places that feel like places. I don't really know exactly how to describe it. I guess I'd just say in most MMOs zones kind of feel like movie sets, but the zones from both Guild Wars games always felt like places I was in... I just wish there was more of that in all games.
John Delaney
John Delaney 6 meses atrás
@RogThePirate It would be cool to see. I think it's difficult to try and do everything, because if you don't have a main focus, like story or world, etc. You end up with things competing for attention. I don't just mean for the player, but for the developers too. Sometimes story is better supported by having a simpler other system instead, etc. I don't really know how to describe it...
RogThePirate 6 meses atrás
@John Delaney I actually feel like that GW1 buildcraft/spell collection thing is kind of similar to Blue mage in some ways. The class is a complete rabbit hole, I've been spending weeks with it now and it keeps on giving. As to map design, I very much agree that the individual locations feel more .... realized. But on the flipside, FFXIV definitely excels at ... well, scale. The world just feels open and wide, whereas in GW2 everything feels kinda scaled down on many maps. It kinda works with the art style for the most part, but it's noticeable. But in general ... I wish someone would create an MMO that takes the best elements of both of these games and combines them. Like, FFXIV-level story content with GW2 world design and mounts, deep feature systems combined with deep buildcraft, FFXIV's glamour system with GW2's dye system, XIV raid content and encounter design with more GW2-like combat, that sort of thing ... man that would be beautiful.
voltaicbore03 7 meses atrás
"Places that feel like places" is exactly what ANet has done better than anyone else. Divinity's Reach in particular is a shining example of a place that feels lived in, and there are so many examples of the extraordinary care ANet put in to making such places feel truly inhabited.
John Delaney
John Delaney 7 meses atrás
@Tiago Yeah. That collecting aspect also made it easier to set short-term goals. I feel like that's missing a lot from GW2. There's plenty of loooong term goals to work towards. But things like grabbing an Elite Skill you needed to try out a build yourself or on a Hero or getting the drops to get a part for a weapon from a Collector, etc. I miss those things. I miss putting together whole team builds and seeing what havoc I could get up to. I miss 55 Monks, trying to solo with damage reflection and regen with only 55 health and struggling so hard to stay alive.
Tiago 7 meses atrás
The thing that I liked the most in GW1 was how many skills each class had. It was like collecting cards. I still remember those damn Ranger/Necros touch in pvp.
Talimity 6 meses atrás
This is a great video! I've played FFXIV for eight years but only very briefly tried GW2 at launch, so I don't really remember much about it. But I think you really sold its exploration, jumping puzzles, combat, and mounts (your mount footage looks genuinely amazing), enough to make me want to give it a shot again. Not like I have to pay for a second subscription after all...
WeirdDud 7 meses atrás
Picked up XIV's old 30-day trial back around 3.2ish during the post-HoT content drought. Figured I may as well since it was a more tolerable idea than running dragon's stand one weekend. That was a great mistake to make. And for credentials, I've clocked roughly 900 (~600 on my ele) hours in GW2 starting from early LWS2, and about a little over 2000 in XIV to date. I think I tended to lean towards XIV more and more as the "main" game over GW2 as time went on for a few reasons I'll try to briefly highlight. At first it was the QoL for alt-o-holics, such as myself. While I did pride myself an Ele main, the amount of time you had to spend on alt professions was a bit silly. HPs and Leveling aside, if you wanted to run a specific piece of content on an alt, say Chak Gerent, you would have to physically head there through SW, VB, and AB. Same goes for the dungeons if you wanted to do those, I remember Citadel of Flame being a pain at one point for this reason. This problem, I felt, got worse as new LW maps were added, especially if you didn't grind out the portal tomes. Meanwhile XIV being as it is, just a button press from inherently having everything on one character, which was a nice change of pace. Then it was the inventory. Oh good f***ing lord the inventory. I cannot begin to say how nice it is to not have my inventory space gimped by not forking over gold for better bags or gems for more bag slots (the latter exacerbated by HoT's new maps having individual keys that took up space before that got patched, and also the previously mentioned alt addiction). Granted retainers costed more after the 2nd and there wasn't any material storage to speak of, but it kinda came down to the feeling that the game wasn't intentionally flooding my inventory with useless junk. Except maybe faded scrolls and Triple Triad cards I couldn't be assed to trade in for mgp. And, aside from the amount of content as you already went over, it was the aspirational stuff that started really reeling me in. Cool looking armor and weapons were earned in game by clearing hard and harder stuff, as opposed to running the most efficient gold treadmill so you could offer up a weeks worth of bandit chest trains for a single skin. I don't mean to rag on the gem store's quality of offerings more than has already been done, but when most of the good stuff comes out of it, people (myself included) will try to efficiency the hell out of gold gain to the detriment of our own fun. This also extends to Legendaries, or in XIV, relics. GW2 leggies feel like a journey for about half of it, and a wealth check for the other, and I swear becomes more and more of a wealth check as time goes on (remember when Mystic Coins were like 20s? Good times.) Relics in XIV are much more... removed from your coin. For example, Bozjan relics, the most recent expansion's relic quest, is a matter of two additional in-game zones with a separate leveling system, additional skills you can loot and equip, and each with their own in-instance 48 man raid. And an extra 24 man raid and 8 man trial on top of that. Sure it's the same story and crafting route regardless of whatever bozjan relic you're going for, but it's not something you can skip by swiping your credit card. You knew that somebody holding one went through some skill checks to get one, or at least spent a lot of time trying. The worst that could come out of it all is getting PTSD from red choctober. Not to say XIV is a perfect game though, of course, this was just more of a stream of thoughts. That said, that period where XIV and GW2 would alternate content releases in the LWS3 - LWS4 era was so nice. Although it is disheartening to think that I initially stuck to GW2 for the narrative, and my interest in the main story path in that game has since only waned. I wont add another paragraph explaining my opinions on champions as that horse is long dead. Also I now have a crippling need to play Mahjong every now and then thanks to this game. Don't learn how to play it if you value your time. Anyways, thanks for reading. I see you're on the same world, so feel free to hit me up for extremes and the like. Yunalesca Astora on Cactuar. Cheers.
enferreine 29 dias atrás
It's funny, because I am an alt-a-holic and FFXIV made me cry and scratch my eyes out. Trying to level different classes without the main story to access anymore made leveling other classes feel terrible and then when i saw the shop was selling skips for them, it made me even more angry. It felt like such a punch to the face. I leveled as Scholar/Summoner to get double and a dancer for the automatic early start and just kept rotating them out till they were both max level for the time. I tried doing a Bard and I never made it, I pretty much quit the game by that point, even after I preordered Endwalker, I have not returned. All the things you mention as a dislike for GW2, are things I prefer. Guess it really shows how much personal preference impacts these kinds of things.
Princess Jello
Princess Jello 6 meses atrás
Hello fellow cactuar resident
Neox 6 meses atrás
The inventory thing is very true. While GW2 has way more QoL features like the material bank and quick material depositing you really need them as the game would be almost unplayable without them. And you need bag slots, different kinds of bags, shared inventory slots and salvagers to make it less annoying. In FFXIV you just need to learn how to sell things via the annoying retainer UI from time to time and you are good to go.
TJ 6 meses atrás
Dope comment, super interesting t hear the thoughts of GW2 players.
Matt Pearl
Matt Pearl 7 meses atrás
I finally started working on a legendary, so I've been working on Heart of Thorns map completion. I had forgotten just how amazing those maps are. Sure getting around is somewhat trivialized by having a Skyscale, but they're still amazing.
White Rabbit
White Rabbit 4 meses atrás
@You are a Coward! sadly you're kind of right, the skyscale kind of ruined the other mounts
You are a Coward!
You are a Coward! 4 meses atrás
That is why you dont get the flying mount, you ruin the whole experience.
I T 7 meses atrás
I really like this review - it's very honest and objective for both games. One more thing about "lack of features" in gw2 and funding - I have a feeling NCSoft pulls a lot of resources from gw2 for other games and projects and my opinion is that gw2 would have much different development and current state if they had kept it.
Xivinux 7 meses atrás
This is really interesting coming from a guy who adores the guild wars games. Thank you for your work.
Storm Blessed
Storm Blessed 7 meses atrás
Great review WP, thought you did a really good job at going in depth and being as balanced as possible in your praise/criticms of each game. Here's hoping that both games keep improving, even drawing inspiration from each other to improve the quality off games within the mmo genre. p.s would be super keen to see you dive deep into ESO too if you've got the free time.
Qaztim Eleven
Qaztim Eleven 6 meses atrás
on his streams WP said he is interested in trying out other MMOs like ESO and to make more MMO comparison videos.
Jacob G
Jacob G 7 meses atrás
I imagine he eventually will, but you can only really dive headfirst into one mmo at a time imo
TheSilverSkeejee 7 meses atrás
As an FFXIV vet coming back to GW2 on occasion now you *definitely* nailed some of the experience for me! GW2's mounts have been a wonderful breath of fresh air, and god I wish we had them in FFXIV; but GW2's telegraphing is *absolutely infuriating* . Half the time I cannot tell if it's a friendly or an enemy AoE; I've been flattened for what felt like no reason whatsoever. GW2's PvP is without comparison and I adore its active combat system; but once I hit 80 I was *completely* at a loss for what to do or how to do the things I wanted to do. GW2 has the superior glamour system by far *but* the tone of the world is completely lost by how ridiculously over-the-top all of the shop bought glamours are *and* I feel like I can't earn anything cool, I have to buy it. And touching on your new player thing, the sheer *hump* I feel between catching up in FFXIV and catching up in GW2 - the GW2 one is massively offputting. I quit FFXIV for 3 years, coming back in ShB, and I knew exactly what to do, what I could do and where to go and nothing was unavailable. GW2 was what? Oh and I gotta *buy* all of the story to actually get my skyscale and understand what's going on? I nearly quit right there and then, and now I *finally* got to the skyscale section I'm just feeling super burnt out. And gods I dislike GW2's UI. I can't change it to what I want, and I often lose important information from all the noise on screen. But as much as FFXIV is my game of choice, I still really enjoy GW2 and the itches it scratches are very different; and I'll probably be buying End of Dragons. Really solid video, glad I watched it!
Aaron R
Aaron R 3 meses atrás
@Shinigami Mizuki HAHAHAHAHAHHAHA Get gud then, bet I can pvp you down in GW2 easily.
Dale 6 meses atrás
The way FFXIV build the story that involve with the world building as well (as time passes, some events will be gone or finished, especially ppl who played the 1.0, 3.0, 5.0 versions. The world actually change in the longer you’re playing. Questing maybe the same but characters in game come and go after major updates. It’s funny because they remove contents XIV, they either add up or change it so long time players will see the slightly changes but so much for those who play casually or only for the contents). If you look at the game on pure perspective of doing contents. You will miss the point of how XIV is designed. It is NOT your regular MMO, it’s a Final Fantasy game with a number on it. By that, it means that story will tell you the world on its own (different progression level will see different things, especially for seasonal events). You can revisit certain areas after completing certain part of the story. For every content you finish, they add it into the World lore as a whole. Pretty much consider the philosophy concept of XIV that they won’t separate the story and the contents because it’s a living world approach (though the system indeed limited different objectives for the game, majority of the budget went to the soundtrack and they did advertise the game as virtual world with constant growth in one of the Japanese magazine if I remembered correctly). Part of it is similar to what SAO and anime try to promote but yea, words are words, ppl don’t take it seriously for that. For every contents you’re doing in XIV, it will add into the game for all the future events that you have participated in the past. The dialogues also change if you do things from the point that content available. Those extra dialogues are also expanded the meaning behind all the things for future predictions. Pretty much choices at the direct result of the story, not the other way around. Because 1.0 and XI were designed for a vertical progression (before Square tried to bring someone else on the project, the whole ARR and HW design became the direct result of the mess they had before SB and ShB which a lot deeper to explain… so basically the game got fucked around that), they take advantage of those elements to implement similar to a JRPG game. Most western games do not do that if you are into more options. Frankly, the design of most MMOs that you have for story side is DnD as starter then pulling in other elements such as story, raid, crafting, gathering, hunt, and other contents (yep, XIV aren’t a game where exploration is the main focus or it is ever had one so they put everything into instances like Eureka and Bozja). In GW2, your focus is to explore the world of GW2, in XIV, your objective is to see how the RPG pull you into. If GW2 is movie or a short tv series then XIV is annual monthly TV series with bunch of episodes from start to finish that require you to watch in logical order to understand. You don’t find that usually in MMO but you will find that a lot in RPG. Hence ppl have been called FFXIV as RPGMMO, not MMORPG because it is final fantasy first, mmo second. The reason for why some mmo players are pissed of XIV MSQ unlocking because it’s following a chronological order and not everyone play games just for those things. If you’re not interested in the rabbit hole then you can’t jump into it and expect it should change for you. That’s part of what making the game has a different approach from other MMOs if you are looking to buy a full price RPG game with 100 hours of story and the monthly subscription is (remember that XIV subscription price has not been changed since 1.0 while each expansions adding more contents or longer but still keep the same price for years afterward. They also run campaign every now and then where you get a month free to play FFXIV, especially during transition between new expansions. That monthly sub is a scapegoat and paying for maintenance the services, if you watch Netflix you will see why they have that but you also have a lot seasonal events and things to do in between. Ppl say about subscription but forget why that model work if you know that is using for. If XIV is F2P game, I think the budget is biggest problem with time commitment schedule, paying for community services like customer support in game, no locking contents behind paywall, no additional fee or asking your more money like most Korean MMOs on the market. Pretty much having that sub also keep the devs to take responsibility for fixing their games and update the game constantly. Not sure why ppl consider Mogstation is mandatory when everything on it said “optional items” and it’s cheaper than Wow in some extents. Overall, a lot of it coming from the focuses of the playerbase or specific target audiences. If you count everything as a whole then the value of it will be different between each game and how they approach. FF franchise foremost is a console exclusive title and being exclusive came with a price or a different design philosophy. GW main focus to PC audiences and those aspects when you put into an MMO from the combat system to open world environment as priority (the early day of GW2 was also rough, not because it’s bad or having issues with the contents but the community and ppl interacted with GW like they played a something that not Wow clone. I mean, you can understand why ppl complained with how lack of hardcore and rolling with looping mobs because it was short of contents back during launch. Same FF too but worst, that fatigue system suck). FF doesn’t get that and it mainly takes on stories with more complex plots or sophisticated characteristics. Those theme will come into how FF bosses are designed along with the mechanics.
Shinigami Mizuki
Shinigami Mizuki 6 meses atrás
@akhs denlew I know what hornet nest I'm poking at :')
Shinigami Mizuki
Shinigami Mizuki 6 meses atrás
@Omega8Trigun "Potency is a term that describes the effectiveness of an ability in Final Fantasy XIV. The more potency an attack has, the more damage it will deal. Potency does not increase or fluctuate as you level up." It takes into account your auto attack damage. Because the auto attack damage is very low when you're synced down to Sastasha, Standard Finish with 1000 potency does 10% hp of dungeon's mobs at best. But cherry-pick the fact that it's a level 15 skill, it actually proves my point right. DNC also has a 150 potency aoe at lvl 15, but SE doesn't want to improve the early game experience and they don't bother changing DRG's Doom Spike, which is 170 potency, to level 15 and lower the potency if needed. The excuse that DNC is a new job is absolutely dumb, because it wouldn't break the game if they atleast gave all the classes access to an aoe on the very 1st dungeon they do. They don't do this because they need to keep the arbitrary sense of level progression when they give you something you should receive at level 15 at a way higher level... "So you're saying you'd have more fun playing the game less." No, what I'm saying is **it's not fun to press 1-2-3 for the entire dungeon on loop** and I personally would rather have the trash mobs die faster so I would get to press more than 1-2-3 on loop on the dungeon boss. "Define viable?" Not having to do 50 FATEs for 5-10 minutes each for a single level. It's pointless to do any other activities than mentioned that gives exp besides Wondrous Trails if your goal is to level up. Meanwhile, GW2's open world is not a desolate wasteland with useless activities - events and map exploration reward you with good exp and materials, and if you're hellbent on getting from 1 to 80, you can do that in a single day without boosts by farming mobs. Dungeons are dead content for a reason, look at Ascalonian Catacombs P3 to understand why - it takes 2 years to complete due to some event having a 10 minute timer. However, I do wish they would take another look at this type of content and apply the knowledge they received from the faults and try again, but I don't mind if dungeons never become relevant again. I perceive fractals as dungeons in GW2, and they're fun to do and are rewarding. "Also, some world building is better than basically none. And nice cherry picking zones there lol. Don't mention any of the other HW zones with great world building." What great world building? A single zone? It definitely isn't something to write home about: Coerthas Western Highlands - Ishgardians fighting dragons and heretics in the snow; Sea of Clouds - Vundu are summoning Bismarck and are a threat to Ishgardians; The Churning Mists - Dragon home, the original Moogle tribe resides there and they have a horn that can summon Hraesvelgr; Azys Lla - Floating Allagan land with a research facility which hold Sephirot, Sophia, Zurvan and their followers captive. Garleans are interested in Azys Lla because it's has Allagan machinery and research. I don't even remember why Archbishop (Thordan) came here for. Dravanian Hinterlands - Abandoned Sharlean area, where non-Illuminati Gobbies have rebuilt some of the ruins into the city Idylshire, a place that welcomes all, including those that have nowhere to call home. Area features A to the L to the E X ANDER. It is the best zone in Heavensward. I can't say anything nice about Core Tyria either, Queensdale is Seraphs vs bandits, Harathi Hinterlands - Seraphs vs Centaurs, looking at the overall image of each playable race area can be boiled down to "internal conflict + dragon threat", which is also nothing special. World building does improve with expansion areas imo, like Crystal Oasis is an area where refugees are fleeing from Baltazar and Joko with the hopes to get to Lion's Arch, while the Free City of Amnoon has to make a decision on whom to side with to protect their citizens from Balthazar's Forged. "Why do you need high ilvl gear just to try something out?" Because dungeons and normal trials only serve to learn the job's bare basics, while extremes and savages test your skills on the job you're playing and your game knowledge. PF has a lot of parties with steep ilvl requirements and having better gear helps survive mistakes or do recovery plays. Also, it's easier to tell if you're doing overall good DPS when you have near BIS and compare your parse with your peers to know that not only you're doing mechanics right, but you're also doing appropriate DPS - applying game knowledge and job knowledge correctly. "You shouldn't be throwing it out. You can upgrade 510 crafted gear to 520 augmented gear in Eulmore using tomestones of allegory." You're right, I should be desynthesizing the gear when I get better or BIS pieces or store them into my glamour case if it's good glamour.
Omega8Trigun 6 meses atrás
@Shinigami Mizuki You know standard step/finish are level 15 actions right? So ya of course they let them have them in sastasha. They designed it for them to have that at that level. It was designed with that in mind when they created the class in ShB. But they don't design for you to have all your higher level abilities in sastasha. They didn't design ARR classes with letting you use post ARR actions in synced ARR content. No, you wouldn't have plenty of time to hit all your skills. Your example uses a level 15 action in a level 16 duty. That doesn't prove your point at all. If everyone had their full kit, a warrior would wall to wall pull, inner release and blow everything up in a few seconds. "even if everything died faster and I got only 1 hit in, it'd be way more fun that to click 1-2-3 on mob pull with DRG until lvl 39" So you're saying you'd have more fun playing the game less. Does that not sound strange to you? As I've said, other mmos have done it the way you describe, and it very much makes the game unfun for new players. You may find it boring, but for others, especially new players, it's plenty for them. For most people, playing the game even at a basic level is more fun than essentially not getting to play it at all. I don't know why you're bringing up gear grind, because I didn't say anything about that. Just leveling. "viable ways to level in FF is PotD/HoH/Bozja or dungeons" Define viable? Because there are other things you can do to level besides those. Those are the best but by no means do you have to do those things to level. And in that vein, I could say the same thing about GW2. The only viable ways to level are to pvp or explore. You get xp from gathering and such but it's by no means enough to be considered as a viable main source of xp. And at least dungeons are a viable leveling method in FF unlike GW2 where you don't see one until level 30 and it's dead content. Also, some world building is better than basically none. And nice cherry picking zones there lol. Don't mention any of the other HW zones with great world building. "I wanted to try out a tank, a melee, a healer and a mage and I've only managed to gear and raid with MCH and RDM over the course of 5.4." Why do you need high ilvl gear just to try something out? Yes of course buying crafted just to try something out is a waste. I was under the assumption that you meant jobs that you were sure you'd want to play and thus the investment would be worth it. If you just want to try something out you can just do dungeons or some older ShB normal raids or trials for gear with no weekly lockout. You don't need to play a job in savage content just to try it out. "not everyone had the gil to get crafted gear during 5.4, right now the prices iirc are still relatively steep for newer players." Prices are lower than ever since it's the end of the expansion. I had like 3 million gil by the time I reached the end of msq in 5.0. So a new player now would have even more gil by 5.55 completion assuming they didn't waste it on anything. "But personally, I don't want to buy crafted gear for alt jobs when I'm gonna throw out within a day" You shouldn't be throwing it out. You can upgrade 510 crafted gear to 520 augmented gear in Eulmore using tomestones of allegory.
Mr Implicit
Mr Implicit 7 meses atrás
I just wanted to mention I've been loving watching your FF stream. I went through the full story myself but watching you go through the story again has been a lot of fun. I consider myself pretty up on the lore, I paid attention during the story and spend lots of time reading the wikis for additional information. However, having you go through and ask lots of questions, and all the different minds of the chat having tidbits of information has been absolutely great. I've learned a lot of story things I didn't know that I didn't know! Good review and I generally agree with your points. When GW2 makes certain systems, such as the classes, and mounts they do them really well. They feel really well made. FFXIV though is just such a big game, and the story feels professional while GW2 often feels a bit like a fan story. FFXIV has great concepts overall for systems with lots of complex ideas and features but the particulars can be a little clunky. If somehow one could get GW2 programmers and systems designers with FF story writers and devs.
Zaylinth 5 meses atrás
GW2 was my first MMO. I played it for several years from launch. I was absolutely in love with the game. And it was one of the few multi-player games I could play with my mom, even better still that we could bring our laptops and play together while she received her medicine at a cancer ward (she did not have cancer but you are still required to go there for RA infusions in some places cause that shit is rough). It was one of the ways we could bond since I am autistic and have a hard time making small talk. But everything about the game was perfect. Even moreso since I could play with my mom. From the combat to the character progression, the story was fun, being able to have 15 different toons and not a single one of them the same because of how incredible the class systems worked. World exploration was a treat, and it was always fun to be rewarded for it. The music, the watercolor effects, the dungeons, how grim things actually were despite how bright it all looked. The dragon fights were eh cause I mean... you fight a toenail. It was funny with Jorlag tho. But I loved the people there. I still remember laughing at one of the commanders named Char Butcher who was dedicated to his role as he always played out his toon giving commands via posterboards. My fondest memories were of being in a guild based in Singapore and forming some of the strongest friendships I ever had to this day. The guild however fell apart, since one of the dungeon masters hated that I was being groomed to replace her. Not my fault she always died the most in her raid parties lol When that happened, I was on again off again because of how insane the drama was around me for seemingly no reason. Everything felt very bitter. Then the living stories happened. And I HATED it. I did not like the fact that you couldn't keep up with it if you were a casual player like I was. I didn't like that it didn't care if you kept up, it was continuing on. Damn your confusion. Then the UI changed. The way you made classes changed. I watched in horror as I felt like my favorite mmo regressed into something I could not recognize at all. The combat felt the same, fun and all. My wellomancer still kicks ass and is a hella great tank. But holy fuck the UI was so beefed and invasive I was actually put off by it to the point where I still don't want to play and deal with... that. Then Shadowbringers dropped. Mom and I had known about ff14 for only a few years and we were kinda ehhhh about it. Not to say that it looked dumb, I just personally couldn't see the point in a final fantasy game being an mmo. That felt like everything it wasn't. It was meant to be a fun single player experience and I couldn't see it any other way. But my mom begged me to get it, so I did. And PHEW it was a rough start for me. I kept trying to play it like it was gw2. No, you can't do that. What do you mean my conjurer can't be a dps??? Why can't I heal myself on thaumaturge??? Omg Gladiator barely hits for anything, send he- tf do you mean I'm the only one who can take the hits???? Where's the dodge button?! I hated how each class was locked into the Class Trinity. And ARR was so rough. It didn't feel like a classic final fantasy experience, it felt like a chore. But I stuck with it. Maybe, just maybe something good will come of it. It's Square Enix, they have had to put in SOMETHING redeemable. Three years later, I can't remember the last time I enjoyed anything like this. Sure, I loved gw2. I still do, classic gw2 anyways. (Arena Net pls launch gw2 Classic I will return to that shit in a heartbeat). But there is something about the story in FF14 that makes my heart flutter. The world might not be filled with all the npcs and missions that gw2's did, but I personally enjoy the tranquility of it. I like being able to fly and walk around a map without having my minimap scream at my every 5 seconds cause I'm near an incomplete objective. As beautiful as gw2 was, there was not a single map that I remember topping FF14. In fact, I remember dreading going to many of those areas. I never felt that dread in FF14 (unless it was story related cause lmao EW ripped my heart out and slapped my face with it). The writing is weird in some places, but no story is ever perfect. Yet, I can't remember the last time I experienced a story that made me cry, laugh, smile, and be so excited to continue it yet be so viscerally upset that I had to walk away to take breaks. The only story I could compare to it was maybe Nier (the entire story not just either game) but even then... FF14 is not without its flaws. Compared to gw2, it is functionally bad. But I personally enjoy it far more than I did with gw2 when I sit down and really think about it. Who knows, maybe one day I'll go back to gw2 when I get a laptop that has a better graphics card than a potato. But as of now, I am very happy with my "weeb" game. Say what you want about it, and if you had bad experiences with FF14, I am sorry you missed out on such a great game, but there are reasons why it is thriving today, now more than ever. Respect that. And no, I'm not talking about the death of WoW. I personally don't take joy in the fact that people celebrate WoW dying. I may not have enjoyed it, I did try it for a little bit, but I can 100% respect all the game has done for the entire industry as a whole. I just wished it died with a little more dignity befitting such a titan.
dead 7 meses atrás
This review is pretty much exactly what I had hoped from you, articulate as always and I'm glad you're self aware enough to stay in your lane and comment on things you've experienced first hand, you've admittedly experienced so little of XIV and you address it and work your comparisons around that aspect. As someone who has thousands of hours in both games, I really appreciate that as this was the only way to fairly critique the game on your part. Well reviewed man, I hope you enjoy Shadowbringers, the end game raids and all the extra content that comes along with hitting endgame.. for about 2 days, then Endwalker drops haha.
Isengard_za 7 meses atrás
I play both, have been for years. I like that they are such vastly different MMO experiences and makes hopping between them enjoyable because what I take away from each game is very specific to the things that make each of them great.
Jackkernaut 7 meses atrás
One things that both games can share, they both have incredible communities. As an retired veteran WoW player I must say, 99% of my multiplayer experience in GW2 is positive.
Kolzi 3 meses atrás
@Andrew Lynith I spent years playing gw2 and this doesn't match my experience at all. The closest to this I ever came was one time someone in a fractal group asked me about bringing a ranger (was in vanilla when a lot of people incorrectly thought rangers were bad) and then all the other team members piped up in my defense, we carried on and had a good run.
Il Putridume di Youtube
@Andrew Lynith the openworld is designed for players to help each other in the events, it's not something u have in other games because events in gw2 are the best and its why the community shines Too bad the community is bad in raids and fractals due to bad design. The class customization is awesome for me but every weapon should have the same potential so that the meta wouldnt exist like in ffxiv
Andrew Lynith
Andrew Lynith 6 meses atrás
@Il Putridume di BRvid True but open world content is casual no matter the game.
Il Putridume di Youtube
@Andrew Lynith Maybe he was talking about openworld content, where the community is not toxic and where everyone spends most of the time in the game
Andrew Lynith
Andrew Lynith 6 meses atrás
@Colin Deal with the way gw hands out level skips like candy (I have like 20+ lvl 60) and how leveling Artificer and cooking gets you 16 more... I consider the leveling a non issue. But you are right that due to Meta gatekeeping, the really isn't much "choice" for endgame content in GW2. I mean, nobody's ever been kicked for their class in FF. And that happens all the time in GW2 even in casual content. So yeah there's less choice overall
Tyler Watson
Tyler Watson 6 meses atrás
Loved seeing your FFXIV UI layout. Would love to see (even a short) video from you explaining your setup and how you got there. Thanks!
tommyinthewell 6 meses atrás
Great to see you move into other games again, love getting you perspective on things. I hope you keep exploring - would love to see you follow through on ESO, New World, and especially outside of direct comparison videos. You've got a lot to offer that doesn't have to be tied to a single game.
Eysedris E
Eysedris E 6 meses atrás
Thank you. Everyone deserves to experience what GW2 does with their mounts. Its amazing. However, you're absolutely right. After I hit lvl 80 and acquired all the mounts, I suddenly didn't know what to do with myself. I didn't know what to play towards anymore.
Xio 7 meses atrás
Great analysis WP, its fun watching you come to similar conclusions about both games. I love GW2 but FF14 is just feels like a more complete product.
Clark Bogner
Clark Bogner 7 meses atrás
I want to let you know your time and effort put into this is appreciated
Benschii 7 meses atrás
Thank you. This is in my eyes incredibly well written and objective. It's a bit unfortunate, you didn't have more video footage that was on topic, but I cannot even start to imagine just how much more work that would have been.
Easy Pete
Easy Pete 7 meses atrás
This is a great review! I am amazed you managed to combine your thoughts during your streams into a cohesive 1 hour video. Hope you are doing well.
Calestis 7 meses atrás
Huge fan of several FF games so I can relate on so many points in this video. For me gaming is a lot about playing with friends and ARR knocked out 2 of my 3 friends that joined with me. I ended up going back to GW2 after reaching shadow bringers and found I really missed the tinkering with builds and seeing what they can do in a game. Looking back my FF14 experience felt so much more on the rails and I think it's why I lost interest. The main story quest with it's constant in and out of cutscenes that had the cadence of a high school play (all the awkward pauses even on autoplay), teleporting every 5 minutes, and server lagged combat really didn't help with my immersion into the world either. When my friend and I were playing together is was often awkward because we both wanted to progress story but still do stuff together, so it was a constant game of tag I'm in a cutscene now so we can't do a dungeon yet. GW2 does the leveling experience together with friends much better because you can just join them on their story. The main character in FF14 could really use a voice too, the nodding just doesn't cut it. I loved the dungeons/raids/trials, music, the golden saucer, and unique classes in FF14 so I would encourage anyone to give it a try despite my comparison points. I personally just find the GW2 combat, live map events, mount system, and build making help create a more immersive environment where I feel personally invested in my character/performance to enjoy with my friends fits in my shape of life. I too wish their were more cool appearances to earn instead of mostly paying to look cool but understand that might be what keeps the lights on in GW2. Thanks for all the great content WoodenPotatoes!
Xio 4 meses atrás
This is such a honest and genuine review of these games. Rewatched months later and I still think this is the best video on all of youtube about this topic.
Leigh San
Leigh San 7 meses atrás
WP great video I really appreciate the integrity in this review it was unbiased. Lots of respect for putting this out there and I hope we can see more of this type of content in future.
Matt G
Matt G 4 meses atrás
I think this was a very well thought out and interesting video. I would love to see you do this later with ESO once you make your way through that. I'm sure 'this vs. that' videos are probably more popular but the information in your videos, and the ideas of comparing patches and how they compare, make this seem more like an insight into MMO evolution and business practices which I find far more interesting.
Jarvice 6 meses atrás
I do miss the dye system from Gw2 in FFXIV. I loved how you can change the colors of smaller details and even your mounts in Gw2!
Marche Maximillian
Marche Maximillian 7 meses atrás
I played GW2 from release to around 2015 and moved to FFXIV. I have like 5000 hours played in GW2 and it felt I had found my forever home. Then in early 2015 I was a bit bored and decided to try FF thinking that I'd be back to GW pretty quickly, but turns out I never really returned. I've occasionally gotten back, but I haven't even fully played through PoF story soo yeah... FF completely stole me from GW completely.
KotCR 6 meses atrás
I kind of feel the same. I absolutely adored Guild Wars 1, it's still my favourite GOAT. While I enjoyed Guild Wars 2 for a while (till they got carried away with some less than desirable decisions), I feel like Final Fantasy XIV has more in common with GW1 than GW2 does. Which is weird. Just the way the characters, the story, and the content are handled. Even if GW1 and GW2 share the same world. The gameplay systems are more different between GW2 and GW1 than they are between FFXIV and GW1 - the truly open world of GW2 and FFXIV aside.
talzumon101 7 meses atrás
The best part about gw2 is definitely the little nuances that you stumble upon that makes the world feel bigger thrash it is. I liken this to Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild where you can come across something year after the launch and it is new and cool! An example of this was the other day when I was going through the Desolation and stumbled across a giant statue to Abaddon behind a waterfall. I had no idea what to do, but I knew it was here for a reason; so on a whim I decided to bow, then kneel, and BOOM!! Achievement unlocked that led into another question about kneeling to all the god statues in the Desolation. So I then and looked for all the other statues. It was pretty awesome!
TheCatslock 7 meses atrás
I love both. Im super casual though so I tend to play gw2 a little more then ff14, but if I get a couple days off in a row then I find it easier to sink more time into ff14.
GAMING GRANDPA 7 meses atrás
A great balanced take, been loving the streams but having to catch up on vods now. Don't want to spoil the story for myself unfortunately. Hopefully we'll be all caught up by the time new content drops for final fantasy!
Azalea Rose
Azalea Rose 5 meses atrás
Amazing video! I play both games and I love how you bring up in FFXIV the attack doesn’t matter stand in the attack just dodge the telegraph. One of the worst parts of that game. For me despite all the jobs FFXIV actually doesn’t have a class that I love. GW2 has 2 which is Ranger and elemenalist and their specializations make them even better. Now call me a terrible player but since HoT open world content has been too hard for me and it makes me stop ✋ playing frequently.
Relentless Nights
Relentless Nights 7 meses atrás
Loved hearing your current point of view. I was playing ffxiv a while back and when you mentioned you were getting into to I was pumped! For me ffxiv was a nice break and provided variety in the gameplay / dungeon experience which for me as a tank was great. Prob played around 400hrs and went back to gw2 which I have around 4K hours played. Gw2 character creation and variety, open world and general adventure, game modes, sense of accomplishment from achievement points, combat and class diversity feels better than ffxiv imo. While I enjoyed ffxiv quite a bit especially the throwback to Final Fantasy Tactics (one of the best games of all time) it didn’t last but no matter how many breaks I take from gw2 I always come back for more. More character creation, more class building, trying new roles and classes in fractals, pvp is super fun although it’s got its issues. All in all I love your content and will continue to watch your vids. Enjoy the gaming and variety while it last for you in ffxiv. Looking forward to hearing more as you go.
raifintune 7 meses atrás
Please do that second review. That sounds like an incredible way to do comparisons between all three big mmos.
Wedd 74
Wedd 74 6 meses atrás
This was a really good video. I haven't played GW2 since launch and I've only been playing FF14 for a few weeks, so it was nice to see someone compare the two.
K.R 7 meses atrás
I appreciate the balanced take. I've also been following the stream all the while, too! Loving the FF14 content and I'm glad you're enjoying it. Ultimately, it's a great time for MMOS and competition is just going to make the products we love better. - Korendil_250
MrFifths7 6 meses atrás
Instead of a versus, I'd like to see WP's "perfect MMO" wish list. Like a hypothetical game that would combine the best of all worlds. GW2's combat is amazing, FF14 story and game depth is great, New World's gathering and crafting is awesome, etc...
Garroke 6 meses atrás
I used to watch your stuff back when I was playing a bunch of GW2, and I enjoyed it! Seeing this video on my YT reel was a pleasant surprise that kept me up an hour longer than I wanted before sleeping. As someone who is pretty heavily invested in FF14, I'm looking forward to seeing what (if any) kind of FF14 content you make once you finish the MSQ and have more time in the game. You already seem to have an idea of the depth that the game has to offer, so it will he interesting to see what aspects of the game you decide to focus on.
Joshua Badach
Joshua Badach 7 meses atrás
I'm extremely glad you made this video and that you're playing FFXIV. I've been playing FFXIV since 1.0, prior to Realm Reborn. On the flipside, I've been playing GW2 since launch, and typically flip between the two between content patches or based on my long term goals in each. I actually think you did a really great job remaining objective and emphasizing that these are two very different kinds of games, with very different sense of pace. I think you nailed it, at least from my perspective, for a lot of these points from both sides of the games. I will say that there are some (few) where you can tell you're not veteran of FFXIV, but it didn't really effect the validity of your perspective (except that you haven't completed Shadowbringers which should be a requirement for a review like this). One point that I think is VERY important is the differences between the developers of the two games. I think highlighting the FFXIV developers would show a glimpse of what makes the game so special . I've been playing MMORPG's for 20 years and have played them all. I love both dearly, and for different reasons. In my opinion, FFXIV is currently the best MMORPG on the market, but GW2 is my favourite.
WhiteVII 6 meses atrás
"haven't completed Shadowbringers which should be a requirement for a review like this" what an awful take
nameis2 7 meses atrás
@WatCatz nope, I just think people can just make their own decisions not my job to try to convince them to do what I like to do; but if you’re of the participation trophy generation then I guess millennials are old. It’s just stupid to think that, just because you enjoy something every else has to be convinced into what you like to do. Reason why, when you made it clear you don’t know what makes an mmorpg, a mmorpg I saw no point in the discussion. Because everyone enjoys their own thing, wether it’s playing a co-op game, moba, fps, or mmo; if some1 is set in their ways it’s simply a waste of time and effort to force some1 to like something I like.
WatCatz 7 meses atrás
@nameis2 Eh, looks like GW2 is gonna go places if the players are like you I guess. It's just strange to me that you wouldn't want more people to play the game you enjoy but who am I to judge? Maybe you are abit old and this is the only thing you enjoy so you want to deny others from enjoying it to. It's pretty common trait for older ppl.
nameis2 7 meses atrás
@Wolrok but you do know what “polish” means right? What you said about taking what wow did good and etc is pretty much a different way of what I said “more polish” but at the end of the day, it’s just a reskin wow that’s more polish.
nameis2 7 meses atrás
@WatCatz LMFAO I didn’t care to discuss the moment you clearly show you don’t understand what and MMORPG is. You think it’s just a Co-Op game, without realizing that it’s MMO”RPG” whether you RP or not doesn’t mean the RPG part doesn’t matter. And I don’t care if people play GW2 or not, I’m not trying to get more people to play it.
Daniel S
Daniel S 6 meses atrás
Great video! Gw2 is the only mmo I ever been this ingested to. I have played a lot of mmos and all the big titles. It’s just something with the game that it’s hard to not find something you don’t love in the game.
Kay Kii
Kay Kii 7 meses atrás
Thank you for this video. I've always enjoyed your content, even tho i haven't played GW2 in quite some time. Happy to see you play XIV. Would love to hear some of your lore analysis the same s you do for Gw2. Definitely agree and disagree on some of your opinions of XIV. You may be interested to watch the NoClip documentary on XIV if you haven't already. A lot of the quality of ARR is attributed to the failure of the base 1.0 game. But I'm sure I'm not the first person to tell you this. Thanks again for the great listen.
Axel 6 meses atrás
It's really interesting hearing the point of view of players from other MMO's it has been soooo long since I played another other than FFXIV and boy oh boy I can see I've been missing out of a lot of cools stuff in GW2
Sam Galeott
Sam Galeott 6 meses atrás
I love both games, they are amazing and they do something that world of warcraft never could, make me love both worlds and make me love the comunity of both games, im praying that end of dragons could be the shadowbringers of gw2 tbh
elmuppo82 7 meses atrás
I think this was an extremely fair comparison, good job!
Food Republic
Food Republic 7 meses atrás
I really want to keep loving gw2 I do, but raiding the same 25 raid encounters for 2 years straight with no further new raids or farming the same drizzlewood/HoT metas are just making me so mad. Hopefully EoD can keep me for more than 3 months before I put down the game again.
Brian Secrist
Brian Secrist 7 meses atrás
Love the video WP! I actually like this longer form content stuff. I can tell you put a lot of work into this one.
Tewlip 7 meses atrás
Funny enough, I think the sheer depth of some of Final Fantasy's social systems is what interests me the most about the game. I am definitely someone who enjoys a deep story like what I have seen on the streams, but ultimately I always think that the social systems and the ways you can interact with other players is the best part of an MMO experience. On that note, it also helps that FF14 has a ton of group content, which is something I always enjoy in MMOs, and something I feel Guild Wars 2 has always been terrible at; not that the content in Gw2 is bad, but there's just not enough focus on it I feel.
Luka Pitkänen
Luka Pitkänen 7 meses atrás
With final fantasy I feel like there is a lot of soul to the game. It really feels like a place populated by its players. The interactions you can have with other people like doing silly emotes or have guild house next to a player run club that people visit is pretty cool. None of my irl friends are interested playing the game with me but I never feel alone playing the game. It feels very lively.
Yooms 7 meses atrás
I'd argue these two games make an awesome couple. I can always switch cause gw2 have no subfee and scratches a very specific itch while ffxiv does the same. I'd mainly want better ui tools for ffxiv tho since it gets very cluttered very fast if you don't want to spend hours figuring out how you want things or look up how to do it. I mean you kind of get used to it but something like weakauras from wow or beeing able to mess around with how the party/raid ui looks would be neat ^^' (Also Im pretty sure addons in ffxiv goes against their TOS? )
Trashcan Hero
Trashcan Hero 7 meses atrás
Regarding things to do every expansion with non-combat classes, there is one huge thing (also coming to GW2) that's extremely fun in Eorzea: fishing! There is a HUGE catalogue of "big fish" that you can hunt down for elusive titles, and the fish spawn in specific zones under specific times under specific weather conditions. There are whole sites dedicated to alerting you when certain fish come into window (one from shadowbringers can go weeks without having a window!) and it's really fun to try and collect them all through the RNG. Obviously it's not for everyone but it's something that gets expanded every expansion and patch and even if you aren't going for them I think it's impressive to see something that's such a side activity constantly supported and expanded.
GdoubleU 6 meses atrás
I love both games for different reasons, have about 3k hours in each game. The 1 thing I will say about GW2, it is much more fun for map exploration , and open world content is generally much better.
Xbob42 7 meses atrás
I was very excited for GW2 prior to launch, and did enjoy it for a month or so after launch, until it was clear the endgame just... wasn't. And despite them getting "rid" of the holy trinity, it didn't replace it with anything worthwhile, meaning combat just felt hectic and unfinished. In fact, I've never liked a single moment of Guild Wars 2 combat. I like the *ideas* behind the combat, it's one of the main reasons the game excited me, but actually playing it? My kit just always feels so tiny and so fiddly. What does it matter how much customization I have if I get a small selection of abilities I can use at any given time and I don't like using most of them? This dramatically hurt my desire to play, because in a game where you do a ton of combat, the combat not being something you like is a big deal. It's the same reason I can never put that much time into Elder Scrolls games. Well, it's worse in Elder Scrolls, like they're actively trying to make bad content or something. I did love the jumping puzzles, the character movement, the voiced main character, all that. But it just never quite clicked with me the way WoW or FFXIV did. I came back for Heart of Fire and thoroughly enjoyed what I played, even if I can barely remember the all-too-short story, the awesome mounts did leave an impact. But then I finished the story and just felt like I had no idea what to do or why I should play. The game really felt aimless and like I had no obvious goal. I shouldn't have to go out of my way to find goals, they should be self-evident. I'm looking forward to coming back yet again for End of Dragons, as I've never disliked GW2, but it always just feels like a side game, and I think that's sad, because it has (or rather had) all the potential to be so much more than that. For all of FFXIV's flaws, it tells a killer story and, being someone who couldn't give a rat's ass about buildcrafting, has very solid, if traditional combat that feels great in high-end content. It is designed precisely around what it is. Whereas in GW2 I felt like they wanted to be different, and asked really big (and valid) questions about the MMO, but their answer was just scribbling as they daydreamed about how cool everyone would think they are for getting rid of the holy trinity. And that comes from someone who was EXCITED to lose the holy trinity because I think it limits game design! I feel like both games really are made with equal amounts of love and care (GW2 towards the world and builds and overall polish, FFXIV with making sure there's a ton to do and that it all feels worthwhile to do while never forgetting the core story being the star of the show) but that ArenaNet just doesn't have the playerbase to justify a large budget for their expansions, which has severely impacted player retention, creating a feedback loop where sometimes I get scared that I'm about to read that the game is going to be shut down. I would love for nothing more than for ArenaNet to get a proper budget and a big second chance at really impressing with GW2, as I'd love to be able to swap between multiple MMOs (WoW lost its luster for me years ago, so I pretty much just play FFXIV now.) but I just can't see that happening. Someday, maybe. GW2 doesn't do a million things like FFXIV does, but it does come up with some real novel concepts from time to time, and I'd hate to see that fade away.
Anderson 6 meses atrás
They really have some good complementary assets. Gw2 with the incredible maps, exploration and dynamic events and ffxiv with the flawless instances and fights. Both have great combat, but it's super different. I was very frustrated with the clunckyness of gw2 dungeons, fractals and all of that. They don't have clear standardized visual cues to explain what's happening and it feels super counter intuitive sometimes. The story is a bit harder to judge, because while ffxiv has a very clear, well explained and detailed plot, gw2 delivers it way more dynamically instead of huge blocks of text, which I honestly appreciate very much.
Samson Chu
Samson Chu 7 meses atrás
I think Gw2 is certaintly underated maybe because it doesn't have a huge foundational fan base like bigger MMOs. It's definately worth trying.
Niels Niels
Niels Niels 7 meses atrás
I'm noticing I've not been very invested in gw2 since the story quality took a nose dive and I really get the appeal of ff14 in that regard. Rn the gw2 story isn't as horrible as it was in season 1, but season 2 was light years ahead of what we've seen in the latest patches.
RogThePirate 6 meses atrás
I guess I agree with you, because I've actually not even played most of Icebrood Saga yet because it didn't draw me in at all. Completely forgot about it at some point in fact. If you were to ask me what it was even about I'd basically just be able to say "Jormag or something"... Well, maybe that's also partly because I began to get into FFXIV in the meantime because I was starved for strong narrative-driven games. Glad I did that.
Qaztim Eleven
Qaztim Eleven 6 meses atrás
GW2 story and lore is really interesting in concept. Humans, Charr, Asura, Sylvari and even the Norn have really cool and unique origins that you don't often see in fantasy media. Elder Dragons and the entire Magic disaster story could be extremely interesting, but as soon as they get into a groove, something happens and they shift gears and the story is worse for it. Season 2, HoT, pre-PoF patches and most of PoF was very interesting, but then the story just fizzled in the middle of season 4
Miguel Condado Olivar
Miguel Condado Olivar 7 meses atrás
IBS had potential... It killed itself in the second part of Drizzlewood.
Sleepy Potato
Sleepy Potato 7 meses atrás
I dislike all of the stories except path of fire and season 4
⇔ジョッピ⇔ 7 meses atrás
I'm right there with you. I always really liked both games and have played gw, gw2 and ffxiv(1.0&2.0) but ever since about halfway of gw2 I got really disappointed with the way the story was going and stuff and now I pretty much only do ffxiv and a BIG part of that is the story. I love it a ton. Don't know if it's your thing, but I recommend it.
Conan Nanoc
Conan Nanoc 3 meses atrás
Interesting review. I am a long time GW2 player, on and off, and I can say this game sort of lives to its promise of changing mmos. They say, be the change you wanna see, right? Not much experience with FF but, looking at the images, the combat, the things to do... how does it differ from WoW? And then, if it´s doing the exact same as wow, isn´t that a better game (despite all the things sorrounding it recently). If I am to criticize GW2 for something big, it would be not believing in the product they have. They don´t develop instanced content because they want their players in the open world, but then the open world encounters are not challenging enough and don´t have options to make them more challenging once you master them. Also, they don´t exploit their living world idea to its full potential (we need more new things goin on in old maps).
JovelHello 6 meses atrás
Been playing FFXIV for some months now and absolutely love it. For the longest time it was in the same position as GW2 still is to me, in the back of my head as a game I will get into at some point. Looking forward to Endwalker but when the lull before the first conentpatch hits, I’ll defininety give GW2 a proper shot finally
John Odom
John Odom 4 meses atrás
GW2 is my all-time favorite MMO but I do agree with a lot of these points where FFXIV is better. I also love the crafting system in FFXIV more than GW2 where you are using the skills that you earn by leveling up to produce higher quality equipment instead of the typical throw items into station and press a single button to craft.
AR 7 meses atrás
WvW kept me in GW2 for years along with Fractals of the Mist. Then WvW added in enormous maps that heavily diluted the combat and content and took it away from being tight-nit and easy to navigate. Fractals of the Mist also took away the random nature of the Fractals with you never knowing what you're going to get and made it stagnant with one level always being the same thing. By the time the Path of Fire Living World content started coming out I felt I just didn't care. I was tired of WvW, tired of stagnant Fractals, and tired of going through each and every map nine times so all of my characters could still be used everywhere. The last part might be the biggest part for me. I really like having one character that does everything. No more jumping characters to go to the right combat class that I felt like or the right crafting class to make that new weapon or armor. No more tedious running through the same map nine times every time it comes out. FF14 feels like something I can pick up and put down while GW2 just came to feel like a second job. I play EVE for that feeling, not a character-driven MMORPG.
Daniel 7 meses atrás
I've tried so so SO many times to enjoy GW2 ever since buying the game on release. It's failed to capture me everytime. I found the leveling process so incredibly boring I couldn't stand to play any longer. Later I got access to 80 boosts, I guess from the expansions, and used them on my old characters and even at 80 the game still felt just as boring to play as it did at level ~40 or wherever my Necromancer was. It's made worse when I try making new characters when returning to the game years later so the whole exploring to get XP aspect is turned into a massive chore since I've seen these places before, I've done these hearts before, I've done these public events before, and so on. The worst thing is on paper GW2 should be the exact type of MMO I was wanting for years, but it's just a huge miss for me. At least I can enjoy how it looks and sounds as I love the painterly aesthetic of the game and the music is good. I just really want to like the game and be able to happily throw hours and hours away at it, but it just doesn't happen. On the flipside, I started playing FFXIV pretty early on, I think it was patch 2.1 or 2.2 is when I started. And since then the only time I wasn't subbed for a long period of time was for the entire Heavensward expansion. Since Stormblood's release the game has held my attention pretty consistently, of course with breaks here and there but nothing too long.
Reinaerys 6 meses atrás
I've played both games and I really do love both of them but when you said "You might love GW2, but you'll log in and not really be sure what you want to do." it really hit home. I've played GW2 since launch but I stopped.. probably two-ish years ago? I tried coming back multiple times but I just felt like I have nothing to do - even tho there were a few things I could've been doing but I couldn't really make myself to actually do them. So I ended up searching for a new games to play, tried ESO for quite a bit, such a nice game, and even WoW cuz I never played that before.. and actually stopped playing it rather fast. And eventually found FFXIV and tbh.. I love that game so much. The story hits like a truck, the music is so great and as a level/map designer myself I appreciate the environment too. And when you compared the races.. I think FF races are more my style tbh. I love being a bunny girl. I never really liked playing the GW2 races but that's rather a personal thing :> The only thing that GW2 will be always better at for me is the WvW PvP, that was my top thing to do and I'll never forget those times :> But yeh, I guess it was time for me to move on and FFXIV it is. Otherwise very nice comparison :3 Edit: I actually wanted to say two more things I kinda forgot. Combat: I actually like both of them but surprisingly for PvE I personally prefer FFXIV one, it just feels more rewarding when you do your rotation just right while doing mechanics and movement while also timing your burst phases with the boss phases perfectly etc, I love that. I guess it goes mainly for higher end content idk. And lastly one thing that FFXIV wins - again for me personally - is the lack of alts, I hate alts.. :D Even in GW2 I tried to focus on one class - tho I ended up playing all of them, i just have much less time on the other ones. I just enjoy being able to have everything on one character :3
Ray CS
Ray CS 21 dia atrás
You convinced me about Rotation, I have been played Revelation Online 3 years, but now are so less players and I can't play money for be op because I don't have money for that. Talking about rotation in Ro the combat is like this, you do rotations and wait while you get your special skill while you do bosses mechanics, that sounds good for me when you talk about FFXIV, now the main problem is my pc and the bills XD, I just want to do PvE and kill solo bosses just for fun how I did in Ro (some of them, not all XD) If FFXIV exist when I reach 30 (now I'm 23) maybe I'll try it, for now I only can play f2p and I don't have mood to play f2p again, less time than before and less and less XD.
RogThePirate 6 meses atrás
I actually like having alts because I like making multiple distinct characters for different classes, but what I really DON'T like about alts, especially in GW2, is that it's just such an incredible hassle to keep track of it all. On which char did I have my ascended zerker stuff right now again? Can't remember, oh well, let's go relog 10 different times until I find it.... Plus, having to buy bag slots PER CHARACTER is just goddamn ridiculous. Utterly ridiculous. Ideally, gimme a one-character-solution like that of FFXIV but let me completely swap out the visuals, including the character itself, not just the outfit. That would be a dream.
Mahal Greatcutter
Mahal Greatcutter 7 meses atrás
After playing FF XIV as a way to take break from GW2 I realized how much we take server architecture for granted, as there is no other MMO currently that has such good server uptime and availability (unless you're a WvW player on reset night for obvious reasons). Most monday late nights i've wanted to play FF XIV there was always some maintenance downtime, and the server i play on has had 3 days where it crashed entirely for like 3 hours before it became stable again, which made me transfer to a different one within the same datacenter. Playing with people that happened to be on a completely different datacenter made it even more frustrating, as i had to choose one friend group over the other to join them, and while datacenter travel is coming out sometime after Endwalker launches, it's currently a pain point for me. Both games have their highlights, and I can't easily choose one over the other; I'll just play them in tandem whenever i feel like it and still have lots to do on both.
BartenderKyle 7 meses atrás
Great video mate, loved to hear your points on both. I'm coming to a pretty similar conclusion.
razart908 6 meses atrás
My favorite feature that ff14 has is job changing on the same character/toon. Having to complete story to unlock an area I’ve already been to previously on other classes/toons has always been annoying to me.
RonixEnclave 4 meses atrás
@Fake Maker Shouldn't GW2 feel more liberating then? You can mine, harvest, and chop trees all on one class, as well as revive anyone at any time no matter the class.
RonixEnclave 4 meses atrás
I actually hate this as a feature because it leads to a swamped inventory where you're constantly deciding what pieces to trash or keep based on what levels your jobs are at. It also doesn't encourage alts with different genders and races. If you try to do that in FFXIV, you have to create an alt and run through the long winded story again, or pay to change. GW2 I have the freedom to run past the story to level, get free level tickets, etc
Fake Maker
Fake Maker 6 meses atrás
As a chronic AltoHolic, I totally agree. The fact that I can play as whatever and whenever I want feels liberating and is so much fun. Like for example, I'm lvling up my mining, and suddenly see a new player struggling with a Fate, so I press a button and boom, now Im Paladin and can tank for them. Or if I see someone die, I'll switch to a healer, res them and help them with whatever it is they're doing. And then I'll go back to mining, done.
Ostrum Tempus
Ostrum Tempus 7 meses atrás
Played GW2 since beta and stayed mostly on for all these years. I will say this, finishing Shadowbringers and caught up to patch 5.55, FFXIV has, in no hyperbole, the absolute best narrative of *any* MMO, and hell, *most* single RPG games I've ever played. It's honsetly up there with Nier/Halo/Mass Effect, and is critically acclaimed for a reason
Vile Disturbance
Vile Disturbance Mês atrás
@Ostrum Tempus I guess we had exact opposite experiences in both games. Guild Wars 2 has been the best experience for me overall. While FFXIV has done a very good job at chasing me away as far away from that game as possible.
Ostrum Tempus
Ostrum Tempus Mês atrás
@Vile Disturbance Ironically, I had that same experience in gw2 and was looking for a new MMO to spend my time with. FFXIV became that game for me back in Jul, near the same time as the WoW exodus. Hearing about the community and how great it was, I was kinda excited over it, after the bad player experience in gw2, but I kept my expectations low. People being people was something I knew well and I had suspicions that any community that highlights how good they are would usually have that dark side to it. So when I did eventually encountered some toxicity, I was prepared for it, which made it not as bad as it would be. But yeah, I'm sorry you had to deal with the shit you did. FFXIV finally getting popular with the mainstream audience usually comes with a side that starts touting its bad side and I wanted the game to succeed because of how great my experience was during that low point of my life. I know not everyone has the same experience I had, but I do hope that things get better for you, in whatever game you choose to play. Everyone deserves that.
Vile Disturbance
Vile Disturbance Mês atrás
@Ostrum Tempus To be honest, I actually really like shitting on FFXIV players. They are so easily offended. It's easy to get a response out of them. Very fragile, with their personalities firmly linked to their beloved game. Another reason I do this is because I had a lot of really nasty experiences with players in FFXIV. There's a really vile and wretched toxic aspect of the community that hides behind the smiling face of a cute catgirl character. It's not the game everyone likes to pretend it is. Perhaps the average FFXIV players is really nice. But once things get ugly it gets far more ugly than I ever experienced in any other game, including WoW. Atleast in WoW the toxicity is very upfront. It doesn't try to hide behind cute smiles and friendly cuddles. If there's one thing I absolutely despise it's backstabbing two faced pieces of shit like that. And the toxicity in FFXIV boils down to exactly that. Backstabbing two faced pieces of shit. They are also very passive agressive in their methods, expertly avoiding any and all TOS infringements while bullying people for saying things they don't like. These people rule entire guilds and going against them is very hard since they rarely break any TOS rules. It's a festering rot that has grown behind the scenes and tends to boil over outside of the game. The other side of this wretched coin is that these same people get really offended when you talk shit to them where there's no TOS for them to hide behind and protect them from retaliation.
Ostrum Tempus
Ostrum Tempus Mês atrás
@Vile Disturbance Every community has its flaws. We're all human, after all. But let's say just say that a story enjoyment is subjective. He enjoys Mass Effect's story than ffixv, for example. Then how can we determine what's better? Awards? Ffxiv has won numerous wards on narrative alone, just recently too. Numbers? Can't discount the rate of growth if the game itself is not enjoyable. And since FFXIV tours itself as a mmo that emphasizes on story, then its main selling point is successful for the long spanning longevity of the game. Also, you discount how my own player experience and label me a ffxiv fanboy. I love mass effect, halo, and especially nier. Just because I enjoy ffxiv, doesn't mean I discounted my experiences. I brought those up because those games are heavily into story, and is a good, direct comparison. And I made the original comment. His response was rude in itself and I responded in kind. And yet, you would call *me* the fanboy for responding to his response?
Vile Disturbance
Vile Disturbance Mês atrás
@Ostrum Tempus On what? That the FFXIV story is better than Nier, Halo and Mass Effect? I don't think he would agree on that. I mean, you'd have to be a cringy fanboy to even begin considering to think that might be the case. And FFXIV fanboys are bat shit crazy. It's a shame, really. For a game that prides itself on its community people like you sure put a massive damper on the whole thing.
xHeigoux 7 meses atrás
Man, what a great video. I really hope your subscribers and just people in general who are interested in on of those mmos (or both) will appreciate it.
RogThePirate 6 meses atrás
Also, to that last point: Yeah, it would definitely be interesting to see a kind of side-by-side by era/expansion.
Kohtas 3 meses atrás
Really good video, I played FFXIV about as much as you played GW2 and I feel almost the exact opposite in terms of what feels more fun to me. FFXIV is mostly fluff imo, there's a lot to do but how much are you actually doing regularly? The option to do it or not is nice but really I like the more direct and simple approach of GW2, I log in each day and know what my goals are and always log out satisfied rather than going "oh I should have done XYZ today instead".
Yellow Man
Yellow Man 6 meses atrás
One day a lone company will make an MMO that truly gets the best the genre has to offer, and meld it forge it into the perfect product. An mmo so incredibly good that you will almost literally feel like an isekai playing it. I hope it happens relatively soon....
Hunting Carbon
Hunting Carbon 4 meses atrás
Maybe the League of Legends MMORPG coming up
jerbanpls 6 meses atrás
Good video critique, keep it up! New sub never got heavy into Guild Wars, my only issue was I had no one who wanted to play it with me. For some reason selling the idea of cat girls to my friends for FF14 was easier but I believe both games are great and have their own highs and lows.
Leios Labs
Leios Labs 7 meses atrás
Gotta be honest, I would love to see something like this for Guild Wars and Guild Wars 2.
devin belver
devin belver 7 meses atrás
I recommend a fantastic video called "worst mmo ever, guild wars". Where a guy reviews the game thinking it'll be terrible and falls in love with it WP also has a video called "the death of guild wars". Which is semi close to what you want
GhostymyToasty 7 meses atrás
Too rough of a comparison tbh. It'd be like comparing call of duty to among us you really grasp for straws to find any similarities. GW1 was a PvP game that had built PvE around it. GW2 is a PvE game, that sometimes remembers PvP exists. GW1 is an innovative take on the trinity system. GW2 tried to reinvent the wheel (and failed) GW1 had 2 years of developer time before they announced they were working on GW2 GW2 has 9 years of content (though somehow still feels like less in some modes compared to GW1) and thats just surface level. There isn't any other game out there that is like GW1 (except maybe magic the gathering, a card game, which is what inspired the devs) so hard to really compare it to anything.
Joey Frankhauser
Joey Frankhauser 7 meses atrás
I think one of the major benefits and successes of the slow pace of the storytelling in FFXIV is that you see the characters develop and show actual growth. You see their thought processes, their faults, their strengths- as this happens you actually grow an attachment to these characters. Its the first game in a long time where I actually care about the character's wellbeing and if something happens to them. I don't think I ever felt that level of attachment in GW2. Like when Rytlock went into the mist I genuinely didn't care what happened to him.
LazyRock Mês atrás
Im the opossite. By the time you are doing the expansions you feel connected go everyone. I cried during the Aurene and Blish scenes. FF has zero voice acting at the start.
Paper 7 meses atrás
As someone who has been fully engaged in both games since their release, this is a really great "review" of both games. FFXIV is honestly the better game based on the amount of content alone, but GW2, like WP, will always hold a place in my heart and I ALWAYS find myself coming back to it with each patch. If GW2 had a sub fee, I would likely have left it in the dust post-HoT.
Corsair 7 meses atrás
I'm actually the inverse of your play experience. Longtime FFXIV player dipping into and progressing (as of this moment) into the opening Heart of Thorns story for the first time. Me and a few friends in our FC are taking a sensible break leading up to the Endwalker's release and trying out GW2 (mostly, I'll add thanks to your videos on the story, lore, and character builds looking intriguing). We're having a blast so far for every point you put out, and reflecting a bit of the others all too real. Mostly over the shock of lack of character connection or development (Your video about the lack of Living World Season 1 in a play through helped me and some others cope with suddenly being asked to care about an all new cast we had never interacted with.) Our current kind of 'collective thought', especially as self professed story driven players, is that we love the gameplay of GW2 that we've gotten so far, we're just hoping the story at some point catches up. Considering the things people have said about the expansion stories being good, that's what we're hoping. Hoping you have fun in 14, Edgewalkers (Get it, EDGE? Cause edgy stereotypes and... yeah.) will be a blast, but don't rush your way through the story! Take your time, enjoy it. Will probably start watching your Twitch a little more consistently. Hoping End of Dragons is great when we eventually get to it!
RogThePirate 6 meses atrás
I second that eye on his twitch channel, because I do want to see his reaction and hear his thoughts on Shadowbringers ... heheh
aquapendulum 7 meses atrás
Regarding story: I think ArenaNet is perfectly capable of telling great stories if they just take their time and not rush everything. Even in their greatest blunder - The Icebrood Saga - there is still a glimpse of greatness. The end of Ryland Steelcatcher's story is the testament to ArenaNet's capability to write a very well developed villain. And this was after ANet delivered a polar opposite flavor of villain - Palawa Joko. Ryland is the sympathetic and tragic villain. Joko is the Guild Wars flavor of the lich king archetype, irredeemable but so competent as a villain you can't help but feel some respect towards for how he managed to build an empire where his zombie army and living people form a symbiotic society. I'd go so far as to say the work they've done with Joko and Ryland is some top-tier villain writing that could rival FFXIV's villain writing... if not for the fact that Ryland and Joko are only secondary villains. All of the sudden, the decision to "End of Dragons" made sense. The point about forming unity and alliances for common survival has been made, Guild Wars lore doesn't have to revolve around the Elder Dragons (as GW1 has proven). It's ready to move on from the Elder Dragons as the main villains to graze on greener pasture (... literally?).
Moogri2 7 meses atrás
The problem I find with the GW2 story is that it's really good at build up and hyping you up but then it fails to deliver. FF14 has a more subtle build up but when it delivers, oh boy does it deliver.
R. Senal
R. Senal 7 meses atrás
I don't play FFXIV, but I've played I, II, VI, VII, VIII, IX, X, X-2, XII, and FFVII: Dirge of Cerberus, so I know how amazing and in depth (and sometimes confusing) FF games can be with their plots and side-quests. That said I like GW2 story up to HOT and beyond, but I LOVE the story of POF and especially Living World Season 4, it has 2 moments in particular that for me outshine any moments in any games I've ever played before. So sometimes it can be a bit of a soap opera, but other times the story will rock your world! Have fun!!
ninja_sloth 7 meses atrás
>we're just hoping the story at some point catches up. It will never reach the level of FFXIV, so I'd advise lowering your expectations somewhat. It definitely gets better. HoT and PoF are far better stories than the vanilla game, but it will always play out like a drama show, episodic in nature with characters popping in and out with no explanation. It lacks the depth and breadth of storytelling that FFXIV provides, but does it's job as a sort of drama TV show rather than a feature film with increasing proficiency in the expacs.
ILoveBeingAGamer 7 meses atrás
Don't sleep on leves when leveling crafting and gathering. You can literally level 1-80 super quick with them. It's the reason leves are still being used.
Odeezee 4 meses atrás
the more you spoke about FFXIV and the things that you love about it, the more i realized why i left traditional MMOs in the first place, so thanks for the reminder. if you have a strict holy trinity and tab-target old school global cd combat, you can stop right there, it's not for me. and i can't get over the fact that it looks soooo much like AION right down to the ui, smh.
Cebertus 7 meses atrás
I used to love the GW franchise, and I still think GW2 has the better gameplay, but i lost all my trust in arenanet. When I started FF14 back during stormblood many people started to complain about the predictable content schedule in FF14, to someone coming from GW2 where most of the time you are unsure what will happen in the future this was mind-blowing. I never knew when the next raid release in gw2 would happen, i never knew if there would be a new raid, at many points I was unsure if there would be a new expansion. When shadowbringers released everyone knew we would get 5 major patchcycles, everyone knew which type of raid was in which patch, how many trials we would get. Sure there were some new surprises and much more content then just raids, but we knew the bare minimum we would get, there was a minimal expectation and everyone was confident square enix would meet those expectations. And if covid wasn't a thing, we would be able to guess the release dates of all the patches and the next expansion. GW2 always neglected some parts of the community, I remember dungeon runners complaining back in the day, I thought they shouldn't complain because we got fractals, but those people quit the game. Then we got raids and I liked them... But arenanet neglected that part of the game, and now I quit the game. FF14 has so many features and subcommunities, I'm always happy if they release a feature that's for a niche part of the community, even if I will not use that feature. Even PvP seems to get attention in endwalker which is non-existent for most people. And last but not least, im much more confident about the storytelling in FF14, they don't open new plotpoints all the time if they not intend to finish them. Sometimes it takes some time, but we get our conclusion, like for example many plotpoints if stormblood being introduced in Arr.
myhr2 6 meses atrás
@Shion Kreth Well, FF14 did try doing their own thing in 1.0, with the results we know...But I'd argue that responding too much to player's feedback is not always the way to go, and I don't really think that it's more the case when you're innovating, on the contrary, you should stick to your original design a bit to see how it can be improved before switching gear...Also, Wow is not loosing players because they're sticking to their vision, in fact, current Wow is very different than old Wow, especially how they see the players. Perhaps Wow's fault is that they adapted too much. Not to the player's feedback but rather to analytics and engagement metrics...
Shion Kreth
Shion Kreth 6 meses atrás
@myhr2 It's easier for ffxiv because they're not doing anything different than anyone, and have a reliable budget and staff. When you try new things, you have to be prepared to respond to player feedback and adjust accordingly, rather than being like wow and 'sticking to their vision' even as their players are all quitting.
myhr2 6 meses atrás
@Shion Kreth What I think GW2 lack is vision. They changed course so many times, between "no expac, living world instead" to "no we're doing expac", from "no trinity-based dungeons and no raids" to "soft trinity and hardcore raiding content", from "FOMO season 1" to "map-based season 2 and 3" to whatever they're doing now...Sure, innovation led to some incredible things, like the mounts that are lightyears ahead of the rest of the industry. But the overall experience is just...inconsistent, they keep reinventing the wheel, and while 1 times out of 10, they have THE thing, the rest of the time it's just...shallow. To me, GW2 is a lot, and I do mean a lot, of missed opportunities in exchange of some really nice things. Now I perfectly understand that it can be more than enough to delight players, and I enjoyed it for years... It's just...I dunno, I feel we're in the bad timeline for Arenanet...I mean, there are so many great things about GW2, I agree with everything said in WP's video, but man...they just needed a great project manager like Yoshi-P to keep them on track with whatever budget they had, and there would be no competition at all.
Shion Kreth
Shion Kreth 7 meses atrás
@Cebertus Whew, that's a long response. I read it all, but will respond in point form. -Of course new players feel that way about the old content, but veteran players feel it's a little easy and simple by comparison; I think it's unavoidable, though I agree it's nice it's all still playable at least, and certainly not bad. I'm more like a FFXIV refugee to GW2, a year ago, btw. :P -GW2 shifted gears a bit after the initial release, based on player feedback, so core tyria isn't in line with everything that came after, and sadly probably never will be. -Anet's team seems a fair bit smaller to me, and it sounds to me from your own admission that things were on track until they were forced to lay off people, which is something that happens to smaller studios, vulnerable to mandates like that from their publisher, which is in line with my point. -All that said, GW2 is on track for an expansion, on average, every 3 years, which is 2/3rds the rate of ffxiv which we cannot expect to keep pace with, being the biggest subscription based game there is, now. Hopefully, EoD will get things back on track for the quality of the living world. -GW2 is the ferrari and FFXIV is the family car in that metaphor...? I think it's the other way around. :D Besides, which is better or worse is up to the individual's needs - if you're a racer, you want the ferrari; if you want to road trip with your mates, you want the reliable family car.
Cebertus 7 meses atrás
@Shion Kreth one of ff14 strengths is preserving old content. It still blows my mind how many wow refugees are mindblown by the fact that 8 year old endgame content is still playble in a fun and somewhat challenging way. When did you feel challenged by core Tyria the last time? Isn't it strange that GW2, which was always about horizontal progression and avoiding gear treadmills, is worse at preserving the challenge of old content then a rpg with a gear treadmill? And sure ff14 has a huge dev team, but the team of GW2 isn't small. it's not that much about size, it's more about project management. There are much smaller teams like that of Albion online that are able to grow their game and satisfy their playerbase. When ff14 Arr was developed they worked on patching 1.0, basically developing a new MMO with 2 0 and preparing post launch content under time pressure. That's only possible with godlike project management. GW2 had a great content flow with season 3 into pof into season 4. That was basically the ff14 content schedule. It almost felt like they found their way of developing the game, but then they started talking how they didn't need an expansion for exansion like features, that ice brood saga could do that(which it didn't in my opinion). They completely damaged all the trust and goodwill they got during s3-s4. I wasn't sure if we would ever get an expansion again. After the layoffs this sounded like they are facing the end of GW2. In my opinion we are now in a similar situation like before heart of thorns, they had to stop developing the live version of the game, so they could finishing the expansion. It's literary the same situation like 2015. Doesn't feel like they learned something... Or maybe they did but those people got fired. And I don't want to shit talk about GW2, like I said, the moment to moment gameplay feels so much better then ff14 yet ff14 manages to be the better MMO. It's like looking for a car, sure a Ferrari looks amazing but it's not as useful as a family car.
PrettyUnicorn 7 meses atrás
Yesss do New World or TESO next it'll be much more interesting ! Actually GW2 and FF14 dont have a lot in common and their combat system is so different that you can't really compare them (Some people prefer tab targetting, but it seems like you think hybrid combat is just superior, which fair enough if you think so ) I play both FF and GW2 and I love both games but if you're not into legendaries or WVW there isnt much to do in guild wars 2 end game sadly, there's very little intent to do the old raids or strikes, fractals are just a way to farm gold or another piece to the legendary system, you either play with the same 50 people or bots in sPvp, so whilst I love the WORLD and the mounts, the game doesnt push me towards anything after beating the story and clearing the PVE content. Its definitely a great side-game though and I find myself coming back to it every now and then. Comparatively, in FF I have cleared tons of content (About 4k hours-ish compared to my small 1k8 hours in GW ) but there's still a lot for me to look forward to especially on mount unlocks ! I hope EOD brings us more fresh content, my pre-order is already placed !
T.A 6 meses atrás
The prob with Buildcraft or costumization skills is that people will always went to the meta build like the majority of players and I personally think what's the point of having customization when everyone or the majority of players are basically doing the same thing with small differences? Although it's a positive to have a full control but the negative is also exist.
Phased Sinclaire
Phased Sinclaire 5 meses atrás
Yeah it doesnt really matter how customizable something is if there is a best way to do something. Why would I care about this condition based build when its less effective than this power build in almost all cases.
Stef B
Stef B 7 meses atrás
Great video! Obviously very different from how you originally planned it, but it turned out well. And I’ve got to say, what a classic WP move to avoid talking about the twist at the end of Heavensward, only to then later show the 3.3 boss fight as background footage :’D
ReelyReed 6 meses atrás
You can run out of stuff to do in FFXIV, however it's consistency shines in the regard, you always know the next patch is only 3 - 4 months down the road, and with you can estimate what sort of content may be included. For example is it going to be a hard core savage tier, maybe an ultimate fight that last 15+ minutes and rewards awesome trophy weapons, or maybe its going to be a more casual patch introducing more story, new beast tribes, and outdoor zone like Bozja or Eureka, maybe a deep dungeon. You always have an idea of what to look forward too and roughly when it's coming out.
Answerisequal42 7 meses atrás
Honestly i would like to see more MMO vs tbh. The feature depth of FF14 really surprised me to hear about. I think goving gw2 more deep fetaures/overhauling old outdated once could really do the game a favor. Same goes for old story content and an update to dungeons. The defocus of the studio did harm the quality of the story albeit i think the worst complete story package for me is HoT which was going when gw2 was probably the sole project for Anet. IBS first half was fantastic the second half was the worst story in the game while HoT was mediocre throughout with an ending i still despise and cut content i sorely miss. I hope they expand on the dragon response missions and the EotN as a Hub. Its good 5 man content and if they would redo dungeons in a similar scaling fashion it really could tie the storylmore together and provide replayable solo content for good rewards.
Whatever 7 meses atrás
Great comparison. I think you managed to be very fair towards both games and present their strong and weak sides quite well. We really are dealing with two very well-made MMO's and which one each of us prefer is going to come down to preferences. There is also overlap enough that many of us will enjoy both of them.
Conner M
Conner M 7 meses atrás
In terms of server infrastructure, one of FF14's servers broke a few years ago (during the HW expac) because a guy went fishing. Not even joking. I've played GW2 since launch until PoF and have played FF14 since the release of HW That being said, I go for GW2 if I want to have an "adventure" and if I feel like unwinding playing solo. Achievements, solo play out in the world, the feel of exploration and adventure is so rewarding. I go for FF14 when I want to interact with people (i feel like ff14 is better at grouping people together), or fight end game raids/bosses. The hardcore side is super rewarding. Their crafting/gathering is also waaaaaay better than GW2's However I love both of these games so much.
MegaKaims 7 meses atrás
As a FFXIV player who plays GW2 casually on the side, I must say I completely agree with almost everything on this video. I actually feel like the video could have given GW2 good aspects more credit but anyway, I think the biggest thing holding GW2 back is the payoff almost always feels off, for me at least. Like I dont wanna spoil but I havent been satisified with any Elder Dragon kills, I always walk away from the fight feeling 'thats it' type of feeling. Also there are so many weird holes in the lore that get bigger the more you think about them ,but the biggest thing that annoys me about GW2 is the ArenaNet is so weird in their communication like I kinda quit GW2 for a while becuz I heard that they dont wanna do another expansion and they wanna stick to LW so I felt like there wont be any major updates for the game anymore ,but lookey here they are making another expansion, and that hippity hoppity indecisive attitude is annoying tbh As a FF player, it sometimes feels like ArenaNet doesnt want the game to be anything more than it is now, like every step they take forward they also take one step back anyhow sorry for the rant
michael poulsen
michael poulsen 7 meses atrás
great video, Guild Wars 2 used to be my main game but I kinda fell off after Path of Fire.
AzureinkVI 3 meses atrás
Sounds like we need a game to come around in the future that combines the best parts of GW2 and FF14.
itschaddavid 7 meses atrás
I've been flopping between these two games a lot lately, and I feel you spoke my thoughts here. As someone who was never invested in the Final Fantasy franchise nearly as much as I am invested in Guild Wars, I too feel crushed when I'm honest with myself about which game feels better currently. I caveat with "currently" because I acknowledge that at different times in the lifespans of these two games, my opinion on which game felt better was different. Frankly, Icebrood Saga's incredibly abrupt and shoddy ending is what causes Final Fantasy to pull ahead in my eyes. I was surprised you didn't mention this directly, as I recall your reaction to the finale at the time being very similar to mine: they threw a bomb into the overarching narrative they have spent years building.
Games Rule
Games Rule 7 meses atrás
I get to spend more time exploring and doing races and jumping puzzles in GW2. I have plenty of optional achievement grinds if I want to take them on. GW2 is the MMO where I can jump in and just play, no strings attached. I don't need to hit a certain level or beat a certain dungeon to keep going. Once you hit 80 in GW2, the 'trunk' of the MMO branches out into a million different maps with a million different places to explore, find loot, participate in events in the open, participate in concerts, world bosses, races, jumping puzzles, etc. I don't think I could get into a traditional mmo anymore after playing GW2 for years.
RogThePirate 6 meses atrás
FFXIV is kinda similar in some ways, in that the leveling (at least that of your main class) is entirely taken care of by the main story quest. In other - I would argue even more "traditional" MMOs - you'll be grinding a bit more, going from quest hub to quest hub and slaying the proverbial 15 rats over and over again to level up. In FFXIV you basically play a mostly (except for dungeons and trials) singleplayer narrative game until you hit max level (which would be the 'trunk' in your analogy) and the same kind of branching out (with focus on some different types of content from GW2 maybe, but still) happens all along the way - just that the vast majority of it is kept perfectly endgame-relevant through some pretty smart gamedesign choices. For an expansion, the 'trunk' is basically extended, but still consists of the main story only, no side content or grind required to level. It's what you're gonna do first anyway (which is pretty much the same in GW2 too, you unlock most of an expansion's new stuff along the way of the main story, you just don't happen to also level up while doing it), after that everything opens up. My point is this: The approaches as to HOW both games handle this issue is very different, but the result is essentially pretty similar. You don't have to take my word for it of course. The free trial for XIV isn't time-limited and does include everything until the post-expansion patches of the first expansion, so you wouldn't have anything to lose by trying it out. Whether you do that is your business, but I think it might surprise you if you did. Certainly surprised me.
moosecat00 6 meses atrás
You can also get faster leveling for 1-60 for dps jobs with your grand company via the squadron system, but that takes work to build up. 8 minute Sohm Al runs are great.
crimsonfancy 7 meses atrás
I've spent much more money in GW2 than I ever spent with 14 including the monthly fee and I've played both about the same amount of time
Path Wars
Path Wars 7 meses atrás
Skalibran Mês atrás
I appreciate the story of FFXIV more, but I enjoy how the story is delivered in GW2 waaay more.
Alan Odulio
Alan Odulio 6 meses atrás
Yes classes and class progression... i wish they did more about this on gw2
Creslin321 7 meses atrás
Great video. The only thing I think you didn’t touch on is the music in FFXIV. The music in FFXIV is way far and above the quality of the music in any other MMORPG. It’s in the background, so you may not notice it, but it’s always there’d sneakily tugging on your heartstrings at the perfect moment, or hyping you up in an epic boss fight. The music in FFXIV is so good, that sometimes I just listen to it during the day for fun.
RogThePirate 6 meses atrás
To be fair, he's not in Shadowbringers yet, which definitely raises the bar another 3 levels on the music side.
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