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Guild Wars 2
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Catalysts have revitalized ancient techniques for channeling elemental forces-with a few modern improvements, like their jade tech spheres. For more info, visit:

Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons is the third expansion for the award-winning and critically acclaimed MMORPG Guild Wars 2. Continue to evolve and customize your level-80 character with a new elite specialization for each profession. With a new variety of playstyles, weapon choices, and traits to choose from, there are more options than ever to play your way. Learn More:

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16 Set 2021



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Comentários 1 563
Anubirai 7 horas atrás
The abilities look great, but the war hammer was a poor choice.
HouseNDeLectro Dia atrás
Why Calatyst? Why not something like a "Channeler" or "Elemental Flux"
MeianJū Naihatsu
MeianJū Naihatsu 2 dias atrás
Why not a great sword if we were going melee again... I still will try them out but yeah
Ricardo Mata Vazquez
Ricardo Mata Vazquez 2 dias atrás
Just hear to remind people that this spec is still a terrible idea. Don't @ me. 🙏
Reading Rainbow
Reading Rainbow 2 dias atrás
I feel like this is going to be a weaker version of Scrapper.
PM 2 dias atrás
Sorry for harsh words but that really showing amazing disrespect from design team. They made 💩 at elementalist's head. This entire elementalist "spec" is a garbage and simply modifications are not enough. It need rework, true rework with some imagination inside.
Randomizer 2 dias atrás
Well. I suppose norns now have an excuse to make Thor. But unless they gain a lot of toughness, ele which is the most glass class of all... I just don't know.
Geo 4 dias atrás
Still waiting on my dual pistol ele.
Jason 4 dias atrás
hello , just a question: he have a physical edition collector ?
Jared C
Jared C 4 dias atrás
hammer is stupid.
Andre Bryan Salazar Balza
Another melee spec for ele what a disaster. I only hate with see him.
AYAYAYA 4 dias atrás
melee again ? anet we need far range for ele not melee please
Jun Sheng Tan
Jun Sheng Tan 6 dias atrás
Would be great if the ele hammer was more like Revenant's ranged hammer, able to attack from far by default yet allows one to get close for those devastating wells.
Rhagius 9 dias atrás
I didn't think a game could make magician class that bad. if I wanted to play melee, I would choose a warrior, not a warrior parody with less hp but fancy animations gosh... Maybe give us a new mage class who be a mage, not a mage parody
Cysthen 9 dias atrás
Enhancement Shamans Yasss
Caglar Cakmak
Caglar Cakmak 11 dias atrás
Hammer and ele cmon guys e u kidding
Dauriashi 12 dias atrás
Well, I wanted to try some other class anyway
sno0p3r 14 dias atrás
Nothing makes you feel like a multifaceted spellcaster who channels elemental forces like a giant 2 handed hammer
Throthgar 15 dias atrás
I love Guild Wars 2, I think it is the best MMO out there. But I was a long, long time WoW player. The one thing Guild Wars lacks combat wise for me is a traditional caster style mage. Elementalist just doesn’t do it. Underhand throwing some little blobs of fire or rocks with the Staff and placing some little patches of lava on the ground doesn’t have that fantasy of chaining together destructive forces where spells combo off each other to launch projectiles at your foe. The Staff Elementalist should fill that niche but the only spell that feels like you’re casting anything or using the staff is skill 5. It is one of the least played weapon and class combinations where it should be iconic. So disappointing to see another melee Elementalist instead of something that will provide that traditional experience. Even SWtoR does mage like classes better. Maybe one day they’ll rework staff 1-4 =\
Sweet Potato
Sweet Potato 16 dias atrás
ngl I been debating coming back to gw2, and usually the elite specialisations are so appealing, like the mirage, but this elite specialisation is disappointing, its so meh :/
sensible self-defense
sensible self-defense 17 dias atrás
elite specializations was always a bad decision. They PIEGEONHOLE players. It totally killed the spirit of "Build Wars." And now, the ele players just got screwed even more because they got a redundant role on a role they never asked for in the first place!
HairyPothead 17 dias atrás
i think that doesnt realy fit to the ele... i would love to have a more mage-like playstyle and not another meele spec.
EmC etc.
EmC etc. 24 dias atrás
And the award goes for the most disappointing new elite spec class goes to...
Training Addict
Training Addict 20 dias atrás
I'm disappointed too, especially since the main ele
LetoZeth 27 dias atrás
Boring and heavily pushed feminism again.
Ricardo Mata Vazquez
Ricardo Mata Vazquez 18 dias atrás
Lol out of all the reasons why this spec is garbage, you went with the reason that truly shows off your insecurities. 🤣
FYOU 27 dias atrás
Talk about not knowing what their player base wants, we want to be ranged stop with the useless melee specs we already have real melee classes what's in the next elite specialization Heavy armor ?????
off3nc3 Mês atrás
B R U H Mês atrás
so u came here to see some shitty comments about this "new spec", alright drop it
Lalaboompoo Mês atrás
ah yes, our third elite specialization and its melee. all melee, gotta love playing a melee caster with the lowest health and armor stats in the entire game.
abraxusurtur Mês atrás
Not "all" melee though. lol
abraxusurtur Mês atrás
Doesn't look super impressive, but very fun to play. Hurricane of Pain (Air Hammer 2) is so satisfying. haha.
abraxusurtur Mês atrás
@bocoy noiu I was talking about spin to win, and you showed me how cool Teapot is. LOL
bocoy noiu
bocoy noiu Mês atrás
AD Mês atrás
Dont really need another close quarters weapon
Ricardo Mata Vazquez
Can we get 1k downvotes? I say we can! 🤣 Lord knows this spec deserves it.
mit trac
mit trac Mês atrás
Plz can u give the catalyst fire hammer 1 to the revenant hammer 1 with a ball of mist energy that explodes when it hits an enemy. Sorry but the animation of rev hammer 1 is very awkward, slow and boring ...
seiom jvony
seiom jvony Mês atrás
with a LIGHT ARMOR SPELLCASTER; like, give them bows or guns or such, give them elemental bullets/ arrows, would be way cool
Emilio Mês atrás
No le veo sentido a un elementalista con martillo pero bueno...
Nigel Bagguley
Nigel Bagguley Mês atrás
All the new classes look very underwhelming. Not to excited about them
Kilian M.
Kilian M. Mês atrás
Necromancer : 20khp core, gets gun. Elementalist: 11khp core , gets hammer. I believe I will start leveling a revenant or go back to my easy 2 button rotation daredev thief
Papermonk Mês atrás
The best specialization: the ability to turn off the massive amount of glow from meta / world events. I sometimes lose track of the mob unless it is massive. Please please please let us turn down spell effects, even if its just people not in your party.
seiom jvony
seiom jvony Mês atrás
Alright... In these New specialization Will exist some MAGIC and not MELEE class? I miss REAL Magic classes here :-(
Alex Blessed
Alex Blessed Mês atrás
Well, thats another expansion that my Ele will stay out of. Sigh..
Ricardo Rosado
Ricardo Rosado Mês atrás
well... i've always loves the versatility of elementalist... when i found out that there was a spec that combined elements i was so happy... and then i discovered that his utility skills and eapon where for melle... i tried many many times to play it since i realy gravitate twards alchemical like mechanics (mixing of elements) and i jsut cant... cuz its mostly melle based... now i see they have a two handed weapon... OH! yes... a hammer... oh cool! (realy... not sarcasm)... is it gonna be ranged like the revenant? seems not... i was a bit disapointed... but... im still eager to try it... maybe i'll be suprised... unfortunatly (and fortunatly) i dont much hope... but then again... im the idiot that thinks that the ele elite skill of flame sword should have been a staff whose 2-5 skills should be of each element since the ele already has a fire weapon...
Dennis Kramb
Dennis Kramb Mês atrás
this is a big disappointment in long line of disappointments for years now. how is anet so out of touch with its players?
Blast Archer
Blast Archer Mês atrás
where is our subtitle? to brazil portuguese pt-br
RazieL Mês atrás
yet another melee mage... another expansion i won't be playing ele in...
T0beyeus Mês atrás
So the Elementalist got a rethemed version of the Engineer's Scrapper? The Jade Tech Spheres are just Scrapper Gyros which also create Wells and they both use the Hammer?
ngc4486diane Mês atrás
Kesa Mek
Kesa Mek Mês atrás
EoD should be bringing a 'variable range' (including proper long range) EoD option. Catalyst is the wrong direction. Elementalist doesn't need another melee spec.
Alan Aponte
Alan Aponte Mês atrás
so disappointing
Drew Vega
Drew Vega Mês atrás
seems like crap
Rotbart1337 Mês atrás
Fire is ranged. Just so everyone knows.
Ricardo Mata Vazquez
Lol 🤣 we know, and the hammer is still a shitty choice.
miko foin
miko foin Mês atrás
Anet often likes to go against expectations, but should not go against those of the players.
Voldebutt Mês atrás
But....greatsword and bow D:
Helton Barros
Helton Barros Mês atrás
Alright... In these New specialization Will exist some MAGIC and not MELEE class? I miss REAL Magic classes here :-(
Helton Barros
Helton Barros Mês atrás
@miko foin a bow is só much better than Hammer...
miko foin
miko foin Mês atrás
I really wanted a bow :(, elemental arrows firing at 1200 range :(
Harvalest Hakai
Harvalest Hakai Mês atrás
米michram米 Mês atrás
The trailer itself is misleading, it's half melee and half short-ranged specialization (600). Air and Fire are ranged because they are more about damage, Earth and Water are melee, since they are more supporting elements. Spheres can be used in a ranged way or melee.
Pebble Pabble
Pebble Pabble Mês atrás
im getting brawler vibes. i hope this at least means eles won't be as squishy anymore.
Newgaim Mês atrás
So disappointed! The classes don't feel like themselves anymore, but just other classes! -Catalyst = basically new Guardian buT wiTh eLeMEnTs -Bladesworn = basically new Enginner BuT iT's A swOrD -Virtuoso = basically new Thief bUt MaGicAL -Willbender = basically new Warrior buT bEsT deFEnSE iS OfFeNse The Harbinger is the only truly creative and original one yet. Anet rly fucked up, especially the Virtuoso. A bard-kind of spec should've gotten the Warhorn ofc! With a trumpet/flute skin and cool sound effects, but- smh.
Speedylord Inc.
Speedylord Inc. Mês atrás
@Newgaim I don't mind negative opinions, but it seems like you don't understand the point of Elite Specializations. They are meant to feel way different than the core class experience. And why should Virtuoso get a warhorn? In what way is Virtuoso a bard...?
Newgaim Mês atrás
@Speedylord Inc. Since Beta and the first game for 15 years now. Sorry for being used to more quality and expressing a negative opinion. :)
Speedylord Inc.
Speedylord Inc. Mês atrás
Do you actually play this game?
Mighty Mês atrás
that's the point of these "new" elite specs ... they've already said that ... and they've been doing that for a long time now ... not everyone picked a Ranger just to become a healer druid with a staff ... if it doesn't appeal to you ... it will appeal to someone else.
Poachmonkey Mês atrás
Another melee weapon... no thanks
Matheus Fernandes
Matheus Fernandes Mês atrás
viaxon6 Mês atrás
Did this entire comment section not realize it's NOT a melee spec? Fire 1 is 600 range. It's more of mid-range class... which already was Tempest. But not a pure melee.
abraxusurtur Mês atrás
It will be absolutely hilarious to come back to read the comments in another week. Actually, it's already pretty funny. LOL.
IIxVxII Mês atrás
not bad but honestly they still have yet to top the Cele d/d tempest. Still my favorite style of play in the game. really good damage/survive/support/sustain for pretty much anything
Όνομα Επώνυμο
xd plz dlt
Ramy Farah
Ramy Farah Mês atrás
Anet has no idea what they're doing at this point... hammer for ele are you fucking kidding me?
Roasted Bloop
Roasted Bloop Mês atrás
Hammer is mid range for ele. Watch their vod stream
Princess Narii
Princess Narii Mês atrás
Seems like the wells changes effect in different atunements looks very cool im interested to see if this will crush my love for the Weaver
GamerGami87 Mês atrás
I just want to go on the record and say that I for one am Completely fine with this... elements have needed a designated melee spec for ages now...
Uriel Almazán
Uriel Almazán Mês atrás
All those who complained about being "full melee" ended up like this. 🤡
Yam Moto
Yam Moto Mês atrás
HEY DUMMIES, confirmed to not be a melee only spec, has both melee and mid ranged options. Fire/lightning is mid ranged, Earth/Water is melee. Hammer time.
Sinwee Charge
Sinwee Charge Mês atrás
I really wanted a bow :(, elemental arrows firing at 1200 range :(
daelle Mês atrás
I'm a main ele and every other class has excited me way more than this but It's fine I guess T-T
ZeeHero Mês atrás
Elementalist with a hammer? My wish actually came true! Darn now I need to level one.
Methodical Mayhem
Methodical Mayhem Mês atrás
Can anyone please tell me why Anet gave Ele a Hammer and not a Bow?
Thulsa Doom
Thulsa Doom Mês atrás
Yuck. I am not impressed with these elites. I certainly don't get a Cantha vibe from them either. I hope it doesn't take them another 2 years to balance them, again. After two cycles of this, it has become predictable.
Stan Larcombe
Stan Larcombe Mês atrás
Missed opportunity. They should have gone for main hand focus or something.... literally anything but another bloody melee spec!
MattxAus1 Mês atrás
Heart of Thorns was a great expansion. I love scrapper!
eDan Mês atrás
Their new weapon should seriously have been a short/long bow.
José Ricardo Rodríguez
People: asking for ranged weapon. Also 90% people: fighting raid/fractal bosses stacked at melee range, fighting wvw stacked on tag at melee range. And fighting pvp inside node because you need to capture it. The 10% that will actually use the ranged weapon: "yes! i snipped that moa! Im so happy with my ranged weapon" Also same people: "oh fck here come his moa friends, lets ruuun"
Shinzo- Mês atrás
so fucking true XD
Anthology Of Interest
Me likes de "Wells" mechanic
Mc Fly
Mc Fly Mês atrás
TarumLüg Programmierer der Master. K. I.
kissmeifly Mês atrás
That air knockdown looks like a GW1 ele animation.
Andres Coloma
Andres Coloma Mês atrás
I'm dying inside
Most Valuable Pig
Most Valuable Pig Mês atrás
Too early to say off of a video with no hands on experience. But, I almost foresee the idea of "fixed rotating proc spheres", getting reworked into "player orbiting proc spheres". Hard to tell if they already do that since tree'mun didn't move.
Dash Rider
Dash Rider Mês atrás
They r getting a dragon XD
Kirnale Mês atrás
Guess I can save some money
Skarwind Mês atrás
Talk about being out of touch.
Allen Chiu
Allen Chiu Mês atrás
Not sure why it can't be a great sword with mobility skills and high dps and condion damage.
Yunjie Low
Yunjie Low Mês atrás
was looking forward to pistols ele, but meh, more melee weapons.
VAX Mês atrás
Elementalist with hammer: * enter fractal * Boss breakbar: "time to leave"
Epic Math Time
Epic Math Time Mês atrás
Guys, we finally got 2h enhancement.
HiddenHikka Mês atrás
Can i play on mage like MAGE pls??
HiddenHikka Mês atrás
@AndyCZZ only in wow reality.
AndyCZZ Mês atrás
Elementalist is more like Shaman than Mage
Gary Tsang
Gary Tsang Mês atrás
Man, stop melee caster and just add wands already.
Quetzel Mês atrás
Love it
Zachary Powell
Zachary Powell Mês atrás
Hey everyone wants greatsword and preferably ranged, so let's give em a melee hammer! 🤠
Gilcroix Mês atrás
Meh . . . Although anything short of one of the 2 bows was going to be disappointing.
Verumbra Mês atrás
so ele scrapper
KEN TANG Mês atrás
Is this ScRaPpEr vEr.eOd traler??
thebestone Mês atrás
Why would you give mesmer a ranged dagger but you wouldn't give ele a ranged hammer or ranged anything. I'm tired of melee, ele is the lowest defence, lowest hp class with no passive mechanics like aegis to protect them. Please stop with the melee it's not fun. Virtuoso is 100 times better........
apple Sauce
apple Sauce Mês atrás
Mmm, thats a unique take on a magic casting class. If ele is getting wells, then they will have some access to quickness with chrono rune. I dont think the devs understand what their community wants from an elementalist.
Zero 4711
Zero 4711 Mês atrás
Melee Magi sounds awesome.
S N Mês atrás
if you're constantly in downed state with weaver, then you're not playing it right, lol. Weaver has insane mobility, tons of heals, tons of cc, and insane damage. I mean, if you can't survive with all those tools and abilities, then you may be doing something incorrectly.
zCBSajsBXN sdjzcnaskxn
Weaver only has 1 or 2 of those things at a time. Fresh air has good good mobility and it's lacking everywhere else besides damage. But even then, other classes easily do its damage without giving up so much sustain and utility. The only version of weaver that is fine is condi fire weaver and that's only good for 1v1's and pve.
S N Mês atrás
wow, so much salt in the comments, LoL. I'll be honest, I was mostly keeping an open mind on the new elite spec, and kinda hoping for something ranged, like a longbow, or a pistol, but when I heard the rumor that it was hammer, I was actually really excited. I think this weapon can be a lot of fun to play with and offers a ton of very interesting possibilities for alternative play style, some great tanky bruiser capabilities, massive amounts of really fun CC, and could easily provide some insane damage, and even the idea of having a mix of melee and ranged attacks would not be out of the realm of possibility for Ele hammer, (at least to me). I think having a mix of both melee AND ranged (long range, like 1200) attacks with hammer, on Ele, would be incredibly cool, totally unique, and original. Based on this very short clip, I really REALLY hope the devs are able to give us some fun and NEW animations, (recycling the GS 100-blades animation for hammer is not going to cut it, neither is giving all the guardian hammer animations to Ele. You're charging a premium price for this expansion, spend a little on some new mocap), as well as interesting and creative weapon abilities. I'm excited to see what the dragon/phoenix manifestations are about. Is there going to be a water-turtle and earth-tiger manifestation as well? I'll admit I'm curious but also a bit concerned about the "jade-tech orb" thing, but if those were what I saw turning into elemental energies swirling around the character, then I think we could be on track for some really fun play time. All in all, I'm very VERY looking forward to getting a chance to play it during the next beta. All of the new elite specs are looking pretty fun, to me.
Lodeken Mês atrás
Melee Hammer? Really? A caster light armor class in melee again?! Come on... Anet surely has no feel of the ground sentiments for range weapons for the elementalist...
Random Guy
Random Guy Mês atrás
i want ele hammer don't cry
kickbuttme Mês atrás
just teef and engineer left! if im not missing soemthing haha
kickbuttme Mês atrás
@zCBSajsBXN sdjzcnaskxn omg i am ashamed as I main ranger lollollollollol
zCBSajsBXN sdjzcnaskxn
Ranger too xD
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