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2019 World Championship Groups #Worlds2019
SK Telecom T1 vs. Royal Never Give Up
Fnatic vs. Clutch Gaming
Team Liquid vs. Invictus Gaming
ahq eSports Club vs. DAMWON Gaming
GRIFFIN vs. G2 Esports
Cloud9 vs. Hong Kong Attitude
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13 Out 2019



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Comentários 123
ICFrontline Mês atrás
why is game 1 and 2 unlisted? took forever to find
孙笑川 Mês atrás
beoni Mês atrás
oof that backdoor
Eva Isaacson
Eva Isaacson Mês atrás
That SKTvsRNG game was insane for vision control!! Every member of the team was focused on maintaining and clearing vision. Meanwhile so many face checks in the NA and EU games.. good lord.
Prophecy Of Succ
Prophecy Of Succ Mês atrás
skt looking really sloppy though
wiz4e Mês atrás
Worlds are awesome, thank you, Riot!
kok hoe teh
kok hoe teh Mês atrás
mission was so bad
faker faker play maker
nemesis is so gooood
Angelo Julian
Angelo Julian Mês atrás
Aww so close for RNG to win that its such a game changer when they beat skt tho
Angelo Julian
Angelo Julian Mês atrás
Yeahh true . Also because I want to see skt get beaten because they are too good xD
Wayne Zoo
Wayne Zoo Mês atrás
skt had 3teleport they are mean to do that instead of team fight...
Rukawa L
Rukawa L Mês atrás
Huan Lin
Huan Lin Mês atrás
Go SKT! Glad they won again. :)
fofo cruz
fofo cruz Mês atrás
i didnt come to school,becuase im watching this
baltazar borja
baltazar borja Mês atrás
Loving world’s but people chewing gum is becoming an issue
Ashley Nguyen
Ashley Nguyen Mês atrás
This is Faker!!!!
harvey sp
harvey sp Mês atrás
Faker is op.
Max Cormier
Max Cormier Mês atrás
funniest thing: riot still not gonna nerf vlad
Surume Man
Surume Man Mês atrás
@Max Cormier it's not vlad that's punished, it's a team with vlad that's being punishnd. Opposing team can take early dives and dragon fights to punish Vlads weak early lane. Vlad is a meme champ in a way that the player who plays Vlad do nothing but farm until he gets items while his team struggles to do anything early because vlad doesn't do anything. But most teams just sit and let vlad scale because people don't know how, or scared to play towards early because scaling comp is comforting and safe
Max Cormier
Max Cormier Mês atrás
@Surume Man no. Kassadin has punish opportunities. Vlad can't be pushed out of lane cause of his imfinite sustain, can escape ganks super easily, and can dish out massive aoe damage way more reliably and way sooner than Kassadin. The pros "dont punish it enough" cause they CANT punish it enough. Look up Damwon's LCK games. Vlad can go klepto cull and still be unpunishable and at 22 minutes hes one shotting your adc. Its not normal that a champ can safely 1v5 the pro leagues/world championship
Surume Man
Surume Man Mês atrás
yeah because Vlad is like safer Kassadin. Still not going to do anything in fights until he gets his items. Most teams do not punish Vlad good enough to make him a risky pick
Max Cormier
Max Cormier Mês atrás
trash teacomp by CG lmao 0 tanks and unreliable cc into garen yuumi
Max Cormier
Max Cormier Mês atrás
omg that SKT vs RNG game ending was so cool by SKT! so smart
Artaxerxes Mês atrás
They should've realised that split pushing was better one team fight earlier but they finally did it before RNG initiated. Very good game tho
janssen pogado
janssen pogado Mês atrás
pls win tk1
Problade Mês atrás
That SKT/RNG game though...
John D. Sheldon
John D. Sheldon Mês atrás
Such a cool and creative game. Awesome work. Tunnel Rush game on hudgames so great
C&E TV Mês atrás
Keito Gallo
Keito Gallo Mês atrás
Sjokz!!! Gosh I miss you so much hahaha I am always happy to see you! I hope to see Deficio as well! My man...
MrZiljon Mês atrás
I really hope the meta is going to become more fun. Not very high quality games so far either, rly agree with Jankos.
yks sun
yks sun Mês atrás
Surume Man
Surume Man Mês atrás
Kkoma so on point with the draft
Pascal S
Pascal S Mês atrás
@Surume Man Yes thats true, Zefa is pretty good at drafting. And SKT overall look soooo clean and smart.
Surume Man
Surume Man Mês atrás
@Pascal S oh really I didn't know that, well I've been impressed by SKT draft throughout the year so props for him
Pascal S
Pascal S Mês atrás
Its not Kkoma, its Zefa who drafts for SKT
Tedd Grateful
Tedd Grateful Mês atrás
Oh wow. Really? People are sitting and watching this? Pathetic.
Tedd Grateful
Tedd Grateful Mês atrás
@Koritsu not at all. Just blown away that people would watch hrs of a video game. Especially one that looks this bad.
Tedd Grateful
Tedd Grateful Mês atrás
Those of you hating my comment. Meh. I dont care i stand by what i said. Yeah i hade time to write a comment BFD.
Koritsu Mês atrás
bad day?
Lucy Liu
Lucy Liu Mês atrás
Are you ok? I mean people don’t usually spend the time to write hate comments unless...
Y S Mês atrás
1:38:00 SKT vs SKT.
tyler tan
tyler tan Mês atrás
@刘建 没有什么特别的意思 队名没打对 就这样罢了
Efrain Garza
Efrain Garza Mês atrás
Efrain Garza
Efrain Garza Mês atrás
Kevin Pant
Efrain Garza
Efrain Garza Mês atrás
刘建 de
Kevin Pang
Kevin Pang Mês atrás
@刘建 its just an error by the production personel. They wrote SKT vs SKT instead of RNG
Sami Shtewi
Sami Shtewi Mês atrás
Man if rng forced bot inhib and finish when faker went top to end
Sami Shtewi
Sami Shtewi Mês atrás
@ThraxHai I feel sorry for you
ThraxHai Mês atrás
Iron spotted
Sami Shtewi
Sami Shtewi Mês atrás
Yea also mord was a bad pick to be honest his abilties easy to dodge its just not really helpful for the team
Odama XXIII Mês atrás
They used Ez ult and their wave clear with Gragas as a wall to prevent them from going in and forcing onto the tower
Miguel Portugal
Miguel Portugal Mês atrás
What does JP at the statistics mean?
Frederico Cunha
Frederico Cunha Mês atrás
jungle proximity
Pauly M
Pauly M Mês atrás
"Jungle Proximity" - the percentage of time of the jungler spent within 2000 units of teammates from 3-15 minutes.
Leetbeast Mês atrás
games been so slow not much going on early expected alot more early
lol siphon
lol siphon Mês atrás
I hope you guys have a great day and dont let anyone ruin it I love you guys never feel like you aren’t loved or appreciated🥺💞
Leetbeast Mês atrás
hope this worlds dosent turn into scaling teams and no fighting early agro comps
Leetbeast Mês atrás
@Read The Mango games been slower than expected everyone has said its a early game fighting agro meta not been that much pre 15- 20 min action
Read The Mango
Read The Mango Mês atrás
you say that like brilliant mid game and late game team fights and map play isn't the best part of high end league of legends. You're also understating how much early play is happening on the map.
Leetbeast Mês atrás
ye rlly boring... eveyone have said meta is early game much fighting but havent seen that atall rlly thats way more fun to watch
Findus Peterson
Findus Peterson Mês atrás
garen yuumi is so boring UwU
Elesez Mês atrás
Did u see g2
Bok Mês atrás
This Sword Renekton uses R too early.
Bok Mês atrás
@Wayne Das Thanks, good sir.
Wayne Das
Wayne Das Mês atrás
@Bok He uses R early so that he can build up his passive before he goes in, since the R gives you rage every second, and that rage makes it so that his w is empowered to do more damage and stun for longer. Renektons will almost always ult long before the start to fight, unless they already have a full rage bar :)
Wayne Das
Wayne Das Mês atrás
@Casper Christensen Every auto attack refunds 20percent of the remaining cooldown on non R abilities.
Bok Mês atrás
I mean he uses R even thu he's too far. It's not efficient if u think about it.
Casper Christensen
Casper Christensen Mês atrás
@Mdkom nah, last i heard it shaves off a few seconds of the cooldowns every time you use an ability after ult or something.
LSDDDP Mês atrás
I really thought RNG would win. That Faker!
KouZ1nos Mês atrás
Xinpeng Tian
Xinpeng Tian Mês atrás
HKA ADC is trash
KatsisVi Mês atrás
2:13:33 SKT vs RNG 3:21:03 FNC vs CG 4:22:50 TL vs IG 5:25:41 AHQ vs DWG 6:18:24 GRF vs G2 7:14:36 C9 vs HKA
헤븐 Mês atrás
@Efrain Garza What? The 九月十 六 is September 16th. Are you from the future? Don't talk nonsense
Efrain Garza
Efrain Garza Mês atrás
헤븐 was my time
Efrain Garza
Efrain Garza Mês atrás
헤븐 Mês atrás
@Efrain Garza 뭐라카노 구월십육이 뭔데 야발아
TheFKM Mês atrás
Best guy
StefanHD Mês atrás
who sub let me write 123 to give him back
Femi Yusuf
Femi Yusuf Mês atrás
Na should perma ban yummi garen
Allan Huang
Allan Huang Mês atrás
They had no marksman thats why garen was good
crux321 Mês atrás
why is it only the second half again! i just got cut off watching the live stream and cant even go back to watch it because they messed up or something????
Efrain Garza
Efrain Garza Mês atrás
Kevin Pang
Kevin Pang Mês atrás
you must be new in youtube jajajaja, after a live stream, youtube only saves the 4 last hours. You will have to wait a bit before all 8 hours are condensed into a video.
Josh R
Josh R Mês atrás
I bet you feel dumb right now
Efrain Garza
Efrain Garza Mês atrás
Kasi Isak Hey
Makumaku Mês atrás
It's because youtube saves only 4 hours first then add the others later, you just have to be patient !
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