Greg Jennings explains why Drew Brees' comments were a disappointment to many | FIRST THINGS FIRST

First Things First
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Nick Wright and Kevin Wildes are joined by Greg Jennings, who explains why New Orleans Saints' quarterback Drew Brees' recent comments were disappointing to so many.
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Nick Wright, Kevin Wildes, and Jenna Wolfe team up on First Things First, a discussion and opinion-based studio program that covers all the headlines weekdays on FS1.
Greg Jennings explains why Drew Brees' comments were a disappointment to many | FIRST THINGS FIRST
First Things First


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4 Jun 2020



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Comentários 80
DrSlipperyFist 6 dias atrás
When you search Greg Jennings, what's the first video that comes up? much heart, so much determination.
Mark Warner
Mark Warner 12 dias atrás
the more white people that come out and speak out against racism, the better the country will be.
Game Winning Drive
Game Winning Drive 6 dias atrás
No that's not how it works the more fake people are out of this country the more this country will be better
Alvin Comer
Alvin Comer 15 dias atrás
Nick I couldn't have said it better, love you man. you are a team player...
Moziah Corporation
Moziah Corporation 16 dias atrás
Not surprising. One can only imagine the conversations Brees has at the dinner disrespect to the Flag...BUT I BURNED HIS JERSEY! Brees dropped the BALL on this one and his teammates should DROP the Ball too. Don't kneel...just DROP the ball and yell OOOPS I DID IT FOR THE FLAG!
Game Winning Drive
Game Winning Drive 6 dias atrás
Don't be a give
bella bell hood spillsburg
so amazing deep and touching ✊🏾✊🏾 some body chopping up onions because my eyes is watering 😢
Frederick Meyle
Frederick Meyle 17 dias atrás
What is sooo bad about what happens about black men
Frederick Meyle
Frederick Meyle 17 dias atrás
You cannot respect your flag
Simone Berger
Simone Berger 18 dias atrás
Let him be. You don't need him for BLM. It would look sooo incensere. He gave his opinion. Let it go. Don't give it more attention then neccessary.
Donald V. Williams
Donald V. Williams 20 dias atrás
nick is the man, thats real nickl, thank you bro
A M 21 dia atrás
Jennings, I proved you're a liar or just too stupid to know. Now this site is disrespecting my 1st Amendment rights. They delete me because I am showing proof.
neetrab 18 dias atrás
What the heck does Jennings have to do with your comments being deleted? Don't call anybody stupid, because you don't look look all that smart, to me. If you don't know how youtube works, then just be quiet.
A M 21 dia atrás
I have been deleted by this site because I have proven their cause is a false fake lie. So they afraid to show the truth. So they delete it. 1st Amendment now is being disrespected.
Game Winning Drive
Game Winning Drive 6 dias atrás
Tell me I will put it in my video tomorrow
Cheechy Green
Cheechy Green 21 dia atrás
Give it up...these ppl only want to see our death
Kevin Mobley
Kevin Mobley 23 dias atrás
Don't trust drew..only about pr.
Robert Cole
Robert Cole 25 dias atrás
Keep talking politics and keep watch your ratings drop. Lowest rating in 41 years on espn. I hope NFL dives this season to show you woke turds what your viewers think of politics in sports
Da Mack
Da Mack 24 dias atrás
Remember yall threw those same threats at Keurig and Nike? 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Dafuq outa here
Mascara 25 dias atrás
Yeah because when I think about my grandparents I cry because of the racial injustices they had to go through. People need to understand it's everywhere blaq people go! blaq people can't look back and reminisce about the good ole days.
T.Dewayne Johnson
T.Dewayne Johnson 26 dias atrás
Wow! That was awesome!
Roger Yelverton
Roger Yelverton 26 dias atrás
People can stand and respect the flag and back the cause.
thedirty530 26 dias atrás
This is why I'm always proud to be a Packers fan....I love all our players on & off the Field!
Santino Vergara Castro
Santino Vergara Castro 28 dias atrás
If you don't believe in Satan, look at the 666 dislikes, YIKES !!! White guy at the end on point, RESPECT !!!
mikea hiooi
mikea hiooi 28 dias atrás
regarding this topic isn't contrived either, as his wife is black.
Da Mack
Da Mack 24 dias atrás
Doesn't matter how many black people you know, friends with or married to. What matters is what you do to protect them when the time comes. He fumbled that ball
Earnest T Bass
Earnest T Bass 28 dias atrás
His apology was the disappointment. The rest he was right on, never apologize to the outrage mob they will never let you have your opinion.
Killed_By_The_Architect -
Exactly even after apologizing to these clowns they still attack the man, you can never win with these hateful people.
Aysha Begum
Aysha Begum 29 dias atrás
wow, Mike drop moment,I'm speechless...LISTEN and LEARN Drew!
Aysha Begum
Aysha Begum 28 dias atrás
@mikea hiooi kneeling gets the attention that's been needed for 400 years! cz nothing else has worked.people ain't tiptoeing round no more just to make you feel better,while countless black lives are lost.the kneeling is not for disrespecting the anthem.go listen n learn
mikea hiooi
mikea hiooi 28 dias atrás
No one should kneel for the Anthem. If you think something is wrong go fix it. Kneeling only causes problems.
MrClearlySpeak 29 dias atrás
I was never a fan of you Nick... you have a fan here today, Bravo.
Len F.
Len F. 29 dias atrás
This is the very passion and emotion every "white ally" needs to evoke when speaking on the current human climate at hand towards black ppl. If you're not speaking like this, it's not real and I don't wanna hear it.
Len F.
Len F. 6 dias atrás
@Game Winning Drive Not sure if you read my comment and comprehended it before responding. However, if you had, you'd see that I was only speaking of those that would be speaking with in the same narrative. There would be nothing to disagree with. " all thy reading, get an understanding."
Game Winning Drive
Game Winning Drive 6 dias atrás
How can you say that so if someone says something that does not fit your narrative then you dis regard it
Len F.
Len F. 29 dias atrás
Here's what we must understand and learn; I don't have to like you to work with you. We gotta understand that everyone beside us isn't for us.
Associates & GIvens
Associates & GIvens 29 dias atrás
I guess this Nick guy read Drew the riot act! Never heard any commentator speak so eloquently about this situation to tone def Drew Brees as Nick just did. Well, I guess Shannon is number one at making these impassioned commentaries. I hope more people look like Nick speak up!
Game Winning Drive
Game Winning Drive 6 dias atrás
He ain't tone deaf he mentioned the civil rights movement like what are you saying
Santiago Macahilas
Santiago Macahilas 29 dias atrás
Hey Greg tell me about all the injustice those ripters served up on those businesses they burned down looted and destruction of property and the lives they've ruined the people they've assaulted and even murdered tell about those injustices as far as I'm concerned all those thugs deserve as much police brutality they can serve up on them
Jared Careier
Jared Careier 29 dias atrás
Drew is going to get hurt this season
Mann Maniac
Mann Maniac Mês atrás
75 percent of white people feel the same way Drew feels but it has not slip out of there mouth
Game Winning Drive
Game Winning Drive 6 dias atrás
Bro your close minded
Killed_By_The_Architect -
You mean patriotic and love their country wow how dare they. He never said anything against black people or the protesting only that he doesn't agree with disrespecting the flag which is well within his right. Funny how some people want freedoms and equality but need to take those same things away from other people in the process.
Jovita Harings
Jovita Harings Mês atrás
Why would anyone give this a thumbs down? Thank you Nick Wright! Thank you for caring beyond yourself and your skin. I hope your words are felt by everyone who watches this.
Adrian Johnson
Adrian Johnson Mês atrás
Never a nick hater like you losers
tim carps
tim carps Mês atrás
Cudos to Drew for speaking his opinions and beliefs . Injustices ?? I saw the same thing you did , I was outraged ,, and your point ??? Why do we have to show our opinion and belief during the National Anthem ??
Bitdaddys Vids
Bitdaddys Vids Mês atrás
Wow.....Nick Wright won me over with that speech. He was on point today. You could feel what he was speaking.....
Sweet Olives
Sweet Olives Mês atrás
Nick Wright for president!!!!! Wow!!
Mr. Buck
Mr. Buck Mês atrás
Just ignorant and patriotic doesn't mean racist
Courtney Jones
Courtney Jones Mês atrás
Jennings' analogies were everything. I'm drowning now. can I'm a Saints fan and I was very disappointed to hear Drew's words. I hope he takes a knee this season. Prove that you get it. Finally.
Courtney Jones
Courtney Jones 5 dias atrás
@Game Winning Drive has nothing to do with my beliefs. It had everything to do with what the protests were for in the first place. The fact that he didn't get it disappointed me. So until you get it... Don't comment. Because 'that's' dumb.
Game Winning Drive
Game Winning Drive 6 dias atrás
That dumb so a man has to submit to your beliefs
mixio hili
mixio hili Mês atrás
happening! I’m glad it was somebody white who said it may be others will believe it now.
Hill Monica
Hill Monica Mês atrás
No one should kneel for the Anthem. If you think something is wrong go fix it. Kneeling only causes problems.
Game Winning Drive
Game Winning Drive 6 dias atrás
@neetrab your just as racist
neetrab Mês atrás
"The most American thing anyone can do is kneel during the Anthem." -- Max Kellerman God bless America!! Sad you choose to not care about your neighbors experience concerning the anthem, you're just like many whites. You don't care. Sad.
Hill Monica
Hill Monica Mês atrás
Drew said nothing wrong. Only thing wrong he did was apologize. Shut up idiot greg you racist azzhole.
Game Winning Drive
Game Winning Drive 6 dias atrás
@neetrab brees said nothing wrong your just sensitive
neetrab Mês atrás
Hill, you're the one that sounds racist, trying to divide America. Smh
mixio hili
mixio hili Mês atrás
Greg you absolutely nailed IT!
Sims Saber
Sims Saber Mês atrás
Are they really crying? Wake up!!! He is not for you.
Sims Saber
Sims Saber Mês atrás
Don't be surprised, he is what he has always been. He is staying on code with his people.
Chauncey whitiker
Chauncey whitiker Mês atrás
neetrab Mês atrás
So true. But they can change... hopefully.
Brain Storm
Brain Storm Mês atrás
Thank you NICK! I’ve been waiting for my own people to point out that the kneeling was suggested by a white veteran and this is not about the flag.
Cadre Deux
Cadre Deux Mês atrás
Boycott NFL.
neetrab Mês atrás
That sounds about white...
Cadre Deux
Cadre Deux Mês atrás
We should show our support by boycotting NFL.
Le`Gregory Dykes, Sr., MPA
This was great. I will never support Drew again; regardless of his apology.
Game Winning Drive
Game Winning Drive 6 dias atrás
Hive mind
All of the spokesmen were good but the last one had me in tears.
Liz Davies
Liz Davies Mês atrás
You're something, alright. Nick, is it?
Jean Waysome
Jean Waysome Mês atrás
Yr enemies wt sleep, eat, live wt u. That doesn't mean they won't b on code wen it's time too, seems like some blk ppl get too comfortable believing that they have a friend, but realaity always step in, can't tell ppl how to act, what's inside will come out!!! B1
S N Mês atrás
Too late for this Brees guy...
JC Mês atrás
Racism is real and; prejudice is real. But what does paying tribute to military currently serving, retired, or passed away have to do with racism? How many successful black persons publicly thanked his father for their success in comparison to his mother or grandmother? Problem starts at home. Focus on taking care of your wives and kids instead "hitting the next one". Be accountable for your own responsibilities. Don't become the stereotype that fuels prejudice.
neetrab Mês atrás
5:00 - I guarantee you right now Malcolm Jenkins wishes he was still on the eagles team.
William P. Obubo
William P. Obubo Mês atrás
Nick's passionate speech is golden!
Deborah Henry
Deborah Henry Mês atrás
Some people just don't understand our pain. Well spoke Nick Wright. If you switched places with me, how would you feel?
Game Winning Drive
Game Winning Drive 6 dias atrás
Your still free
william fields
william fields Mês atrás
Greg you absolutely nailed IT!
william fields
william fields Mês atrás
That was powerful Nick
pointschamp Mês atrás
So now standing for the national anthem and being proud of it is now racist according to the left... Got it
neetrab Mês atrás
So, you're an airhead... GOT IT!!
Ken Davis
Ken Davis Mês atrás
Nick that was fantastic!!!!! No words are more true than what you've just said!!!!! FANTASTIC!!!!!
Rolling Thunder
Rolling Thunder Mês atrás
Preach on Bother..Preach on!..
Sam Cockrell
Sam Cockrell Mês atrás
Nick I have almost alway’s disagreed with what you say about sports but in these life issue I commend you it was beautiful I’m going to be more respectful with my response to you and other’s sports really get’s folks worked up be stay and god bless your family🙏🏿🌈👍
Steven Rutledge
Steven Rutledge Mês atrás
Why does no one metion the fact that Drew spoke about MLK and the people that lost their life fighting for civil rights. It's all BS.
Game Winning Drive
Game Winning Drive 6 dias atrás
I know right that's what i.m keep saying
Original Mindset
Original Mindset Mês atrás
DREW BREES has something DEEPLY ENGRAINED in him, to not empathize with Black people, even his TEAMMATES, that are OPPRESSED by those that look like him. He may be a "nice" guy, and "great" teammate, but... He's a RACIST.
Game Winning Drive
Game Winning Drive 6 dias atrás
Please explain to me in detail what did he say that was racist
Manuela Augustine
Manuela Augustine Mês atrás
Typical Drew to miss the mark, because he is not interested in black issues of his black team mates let alone black people's plight in the USA, because these issues do not affect him in his private live - who cares about black people's predicament globally. He even forgot that his team mates grand and great-grand fathers fought in both WWI and WWII and he concentrates on a "cycle of disinformation! - what do you expect of a Trump supporter. Kudos to Colin K - what an admirable human being - unlike Drew. I rest my case.
michael anthony
michael anthony Mês atrás
Nice shirt...
Paul Singh
Paul Singh Mês atrás
Very nicely said Nick
Michael Pettiford
Michael Pettiford Mês atrás
Amazing takes
Kani T
Kani T Mês atrás
Bob Baker
Bob Baker Mês atrás
Waweru N. Gatimu
Waweru N. Gatimu Mês atrás
Drew is a privileged upper crust white man! He never knows what suffering is! I hope he trying to educate himself!
Dolus Bonus
Dolus Bonus Mês atrás
Any chance we could get less abstract with what you want him to do? What you want other whites to do? Oh good at the end of the video I learn all you want to change is to end social justice problems and I'm hoping that is only in America and not worldwide. No worries... Now I'm off to see which black men have been excommunicated of their blackness because their social media was not found to be worthy of the mob..... You get this stuff keeps ramping up higher and higher and history predicts this all ends the death of the American expeirment.... I'm sure whatever woke leader the mob chooses will make things much, much better.
ramo eneg
ramo eneg Mês atrás
God i hate nick. Now i have to respect a dude I hate. His wife is special, to teach him this well is amazing. She is no Armarosa. She is a Queen.
Akwaaba Kitchen
Akwaaba Kitchen Mês atrás
This how a white person speaks when they are truthful and free of any racial bias! I say this because marrying someone black does not often erases racial bias! One should read a book called Black Rage and you will see instances of that and the psychosis it brings about! Good for you Nick. I can rock with you!
Game Winning Drive
Game Winning Drive 6 dias atrás
Shut your ugly mouth Nick.
harold bottom
harold bottom Mês atrás
Did anyone ever found out what Chris Carter did to get fired?
Jesse Jackson
Jesse Jackson Mês atrás
Dam that was strong commentary and outstanding as well. Way to rise to the occasion fellas.
yours truly PL
yours truly PL Mês atrás
Drew fell flat on his face on this one 😆
yours truly PL
yours truly PL Mês atrás
Aaron has always been solid thats my favorite quarterback for a reason
awillwill Mês atrás
Amazing Nick. That was the best response I have heard so far. Excellent
neetrab Mês atrás
exactly!!! This video needs way more views.
Now What
Now What Mês atrás
Nick Wright. Respect !!!
Davonte McPherson
Davonte McPherson Mês atrás
So it's okay for Joe Biden to pander to us African Americans and belittle us when he said, 'if you ain't voting Democrat then you ain't black?' Think about that for a second folks.
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