Green Day - Holiday/Boulevard of Broken Dreams lyrics (HQ)

toxic tortoise
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Holiday and Blvd. of Broken Dreams by Green Day. From the album American Idiot (2004).
All rights to go to Green Day and Reprise Records.


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29 Jul 2016



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Comentários 80
Sanchez Zapata Juan Sebastian
very good thema
CedyTan Dia atrás
Damn, I didn't notice the smooth transition between the end of Holiday and Boulevard of Broken Dreams! Amazing.
Dimitris Artemiadis
Dimitris Artemiadis 5 dias atrás
Lucas 6 dias atrás
I wore cologne too billie
mateo yacelga
mateo yacelga 6 dias atrás
thanks for putting those two songs (they are my favorites), I love them
Caetano-Pyke 11 dias atrás
Rozenn Thomas
Rozenn Thomas 18 dias atrás
vivement les prochaines vacances !!!
Rozenn Thomas
Rozenn Thomas 17 dias atrás
@MonNom NeVousRegardePas exactement, vive les gentils ! ;)
MonNom NeVousRegardePas
Yay ! Ça fait plaisir de voir des Français !
Quang Nguyen
Quang Nguyen 27 dias atrás
im eleven and i fuckin love grunge!
Siva Kumar
Siva Kumar 27 dias atrás
I'm from tamilnadu,but I love this song very much..
Amanda Boraca
Amanda Boraca Mês atrás
chika dance
borna Mês atrás
Like, my favourite rapper and band on same place
Oscar Cook
Oscar Cook Mês atrás
I wore Cologne, I wore Cologne.
ShellShock794 Mês atrás
The amount of nostalgia this album brings me is unmatched
Righteous 3astwood
Righteous 3astwood Mês atrás
Jackie K
Jackie K Mês atrás
It’s amazing how one song can transport you back to a certain time. All the time in between seems to disappear, it’s yesterday again.
Phil G
Phil G Mês atrás
A liberated mans theme song.
Jerrik Maki
Jerrik Maki Mês atrás
Now 1:12 another protester crossed the line is what Billie Armstrong was talking about 2020
Nick Malachai
Nick Malachai Mês atrás
I mean, that was specifically talking about selling out to corporate interest, hence "to find the money's on the other side". I may have just missed something, but I don't see how that connects to what's been going on?
Fatbertha McReservoir
This whole time I had no idea what the lyrics were...
Jarryn Taylor
Jarryn Taylor Mês atrás
Mm, me neither
Mike Tython
Mike Tython Mês atrás
Was in my final year of high school when this bad boy came out. I wasn't ready for this level of nostalgia
Henny H
Henny H Mês atrás
Rayhaan Sungay
Rayhaan Sungay Mês atrás
Rayhaan Sungay
Rayhaan Sungay Mês atrás
@Mustakrakish Mustakrakish Yes!
Mustakrakish Mustakrakish
Did you mean Tony Hawk's American Wasteland? :D
Jasmine Burt
Jasmine Burt Mês atrás
I miss the old green day because of songs like this. But they released a new album and I'm not a fan
Garrett Allen
Garrett Allen Mês atrás
Rain or rayne is a tall grey one that flys around me ! Pan told me that. Pan always by my side. Ms Ingrid cold. Pan and the panda ears god in the tile box that looks as the same as the sun came to me. With haddin a ghost black tear drop on the eye.
И Жирков
И Жирков Mês atrás
it's like the song(Holiday) is meant for this 2020
reaper46rad's channel
Thats true actaully and also that other song f the police by n.w.a (ice cube)
ana liebert
ana liebert Mês atrás
Amėn boulevard too,on our Ghost towns
Lizz DoubleZ
Lizz DoubleZ Mês atrás
UGH!! Just!! Some of the BEST music EVAA came from Green day!!
Will Wallace
Will Wallace Mês atrás
5 minute crafts
Boribong Mês atrás
Green Day never die for me
Alexander Westergaard
im 16 years old but green day is eternal!
Tia Chakravarti
Tia Chakravarti Mês atrás
@Simon Crow HAHAH
@Simon Crow I'm Johnny Knoxville, welcome to Jackass
Simon Crow
Simon Crow Mês atrás
im 14 and this is deep
who tf asked
Joey Schimpf
Joey Schimpf Mês atrás
Facts brother
Natoh Mês atrás
As a csgo fan i hear "I am the only one and I won Cologne"
@Ksta The Shiba Inu You first. You don't need to keep replying.
@Ksta The Shiba Inu Will do!
Ksta The Shiba Inu
Ksta The Shiba Inu Mês atrás
@Bondedwithpotatoes007 I didn't ask lol, keep finding excuses kiddo
@Ksta The Shiba Inu You did, when you told me to shut up. Pretty plain to see.
Ksta The Shiba Inu
Ksta The Shiba Inu Mês atrás
@Bondedwithpotatoes007 uhh sir, who tf asked
AB thon12to BA
AB thon12to BA Mês atrás
kani waa sharciga geesiyaasha ama waad fuck ama waad fuck
Osmin Gonzalez
Osmin Gonzalez Mês atrás
holiday fenomenal y algo distinto que los jodidos regueton y bachata
Nig Ger
Nig Ger Mês atrás
yep diz iz good
Esteban Rios
Esteban Rios Mês atrás
Como que la segunda canción no se llama "wakalon"? :O
Jenifer Llapa
Jenifer Llapa Mês atrás
me listening to this song while I walk alone down the empty streets Manhattan
Agus Kusworo
Agus Kusworo Mês atrás
This Songs is a Perfect 😍😍 good job 👍👍
Nti Trrlba
Nti Trrlba Mês atrás
It's been 16 years since this album was new but it feels like yesterday. I think I was 9 around that time, It seems crazy how time flys.
Maria Edwards
Maria Edwards Mês atrás
Oop I wasn't even alive when it was released but I regret it taking me so long to find this amazing band
Marty Flipper
Marty Flipper Mês atrás
@Carlos Galaviz dookie and offspring smash
Carlos Galaviz
Carlos Galaviz Mês atrás
I remember my bestfriend getting the dookie when we were in 2nd grade I'm now 35
Alyx Trammell
Alyx Trammell Mês atrás
So were not gonna talk about 2:47-
Hasch Mês atrás
UnimaginativeName Mês atrás
Huh, I always heard "Check my vital signs to know I'm still alive" as "Check my vital signs and no, I'm still alive". Slightly weird mistake.
Veljko Tasic
Veljko Tasic 15 dias atrás
@First Lastdid you hook up with him lmao
First Last
First Last Mês atrás
Still a cool interpretation! My brain does that too. It’s our remix lol
xandr1023 Mês atrás
Играй и пой , очень классная музыка!!!
Dizzy Dozzy
Dizzy Dozzy Mês atrás
This is just the perfect song combo for 2020
RyeBreadDoodle Mês atrás
Dizzy Dozzy A little lol
Dizzy Dozzy
Dizzy Dozzy Mês atrás
@RyeBreadDoodle kinda sad that 2020 is perfectly described in all 3 of the songs together
RyeBreadDoodle Mês atrás
Mega oof bro you couldn’t be more right just gotta add American Idiot too
Donutdoode69 Mês atrás
Brandon Narvaez
Brandon Narvaez Mês atrás
Tamjid Ahmed
Tamjid Ahmed Mês atrás
I loved it how the guitar part matched at 3:50 !!!
brittney dorsey
brittney dorsey Mês atrás
Yes if you watch the videos in this order is a story
Beverly Anne
Beverly Anne Mês atrás
Huntsville Tx State prison Has a section Named "Holiday"
So? In british english, vacation is holiday. You gonna shit your pants about that one?
Beverly Anne
Beverly Anne Mês atrás
@Logan Eades what a useless question
Logan Eades
Logan Eades Mês atrás
how would you know ? ;)
IKKI Mês atrás
So we are going back to 2000s ?
Ernie Eltringham
Ernie Eltringham Mês atrás
Good song if u see this comment go sub to me😂 🛹
GK PRIVATE Mês atrás
i am glad they have both songs because the lead in just fits perfectly
carter wilsher
carter wilsher Mês atrás
I listen to music when I play fortnite and then I get really pumped up And f******
@EXODIA Les Claypool in the house?
EXODIA Mês atrás
Bondedwithpotatoes007 you got the whole squad laughing
Hang on, let me just go take a tour around the world to find the person who asked.
Dowzer Mês atrás
we need all change the World! Hollyday for the world after coronavirus Vive la France, Viva El mundo! and fuck the 4%!
Глеб Ноунейм
Gwangseop Lee
Gwangseop Lee Mês atrás
이 노래를 듣는 한국인들분, 혹시 가사가 이해되지 않으신다면 이 링크를 참고해보세요
Dylan Parry
Dylan Parry Mês atrás
Washing the taste of Father of All out of my mouth with some of the tunes that got me into GD in the first place.
kath albert
kath albert Mês atrás
Wade Summey
Wade Summey Mês atrás
holy crap it does sound like grown up phineas lmao 😂
Huánuco Ventas
Huánuco Ventas Mês atrás
_questixnss. exe ღ
"another protester has crossed the line" me: *thinks of buzzfeed feminists*
Aquarius Aquarius
Aquarius Aquarius Mês atrás
I am a thug. I mean it.
Thomas Butler
Thomas Butler Mês atrás
Political comment! Now argue with me even though I didn't say anything.
Michael Unger
Michael Unger Mês atrás
Guns don’t kill people gta 5 kills people
westside of Norway
westside of Norway Mês atrás
WOW! Yikes
FinderHere Mês atrás
jesus christ. delete your comment or i'll report you.
Rian Lewis
Rian Lewis Mês atrás
YIKES you really went there
Teran Stark
Teran Stark Mês atrás
Your side bad, my side good!
Kreagen Mês atrás
Мазе факе!!!!!!!!ай ловит мьюзик этот"!!!!!!!!!!Ай знаю что ми не поймут!!!! Азазазаза. Руки привязаны к стулу.
Rozenn Thomas
Rozenn Thomas Mês atrás
je t'aime mon joli coeur.....:)
Megan Simpson
Megan Simpson Mês atrás
this explains a teens life perfectly. hell, drama, confusion, anxiety, and despair. i fucking love it
bigboner42 Mês atrás
damn this shit sucks
Bere678 0978
Bere678 0978 Mês atrás
man the intro to broken dreams is so seamless from holiday
Jackisnotbad OFFICIAL
The reason it works is because the fill at the end of holiday intentionally ends on an F, which is also the opening chord to boulevard
Stefan Gaie
Stefan Gaie Mês atrás
the songs were specifically written that way. It was supposed to be like Jesus of Suburbia. That song is made of 4 parts that can easily make their own individual songs, but they`re bunched together because those 4 make the story of a bigger thing, that is JoS. Same thing here, it just fits the narrative
Agnideepto Das
Agnideepto Das Mês atrás
@Benjamin Clarke same to ya bud
Benjamin Clarke
Benjamin Clarke Mês atrás
It's almost as if they planned it... Glad to see you're enjoying the tunes of yesteryear bud! Stay safe buddy!
Ignore this comment, keep scrolling
The Holiday song is actually heard in the beginning of the music video to Boulevard of Broken Dreams, so that makes sense.
Blaze 'Weed' Sanders
I remember when I found out about Green Day, I couldn't have been older than 7 lmao my mum was cleaning my room and she forgot the cd (American Idiot) in my room when she left, I listened to the first four songs on repeat for months until she took it back, I got most of the lyrics wrong but I still love there music to this day :D
Taurus Mês atrás
This is similar to me, I stole my Dads CD from the living room, I even wore the headphones to my keyboard and sat underneath my bookshelf so he couldn't hear when he was home from work lol. Nostalgia
Ana Olah
Ana Olah Mês atrás
❤❤❤ I love this album! ❤❤❤
Khaiosem danial
Khaiosem danial Mês atrás
שמר Mês atrás
Which madden was this on?
Garrett Allen
Garrett Allen Mês atrás
My eyes are yellow like the black shadow one with a bun and diamond tiles on ur bun. Maybe a tile like how the sun looks like volbys time box green panda ears god
Garrett Allen
Garrett Allen Mês atrás
Dayun or Dagon city of corpses or city of dreams
Blackmamba Attacks
Blackmamba Attacks Mês atrás
it is " The Company lost the war again" not today
Savannah Anderson
Savannah Anderson Mês atrás
It sounds like it could be both, who knows
Blackmamba Attacks
Blackmamba Attacks Mês atrás
@Galactic if you search the lyrics it shows up as again
Galactic Mês atrás
No, I really don’t think it is
Alisha Holder
Alisha Holder Mês atrás
They should re release this album. So relevant in these times.
Carlos Almonacid
Carlos Almonacid Mês atrás
It takes on a different meaning in the COVID-19 Quarantine era. A work can have both allegory (intended metaphor) and applicability (multiple possible metaphorical meanings). Holiday can now refer to staying home from work/school, and Boulevard of Broken Dreams is now literally about taking your daily walk alone.
Daniel Johnson
Daniel Johnson Mês atrás
I literally just said that to my friend!!! 😎
JoshuaKhaos Mês atrás
Nah, this is pure bush era. If you want more relevent stuff than listen to Anti flag.
That Guy 64
That Guy 64 Mês atrás
HQ my ass
Arina Alexander
Arina Alexander Mês atrás
I like the song but I would prefer the video instead of the album art as the cover art while your play the song in the video section instead of the music section.
Slayer Runefrost
Slayer Runefrost Mês atrás
*CHOOSE and differ
Makayla Helen Paiva
Pamela yoonmin
Pamela yoonmin Mês atrás
blindwhispergg Mês atrás
Love playing against bot game listening to this , ez clap
Don Sito
Don Sito Mês atrás
What happened to this band to stop ?!! Why good music always dies?!
Makayla Helen Paiva
@Hawkeye Green Day's a fricking legend.... I dare u to insult them again!
Hawkeye Mês atrás
New green day is kinda trash
Makayla Helen Paiva
@Chris A Yup... Father Of All....
Chris A
Chris A Mês atrás
They JUST came out with a new song called Oh yeah! 😂😂😂
Ethan Haufe
Ethan Haufe Mês atrás
good music never dies.
Gyula Szabadi
Gyula Szabadi Mês atrás
HQ lol
Evaldo Pompeu
Evaldo Pompeu Mês atrás
Esse som é top!!!!!
Diogo Alves
Diogo Alves Mês atrás
@Henrique Souza Dale
Henrique Souza
Henrique Souza Mês atrás
BR caralho
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