Green Beret's Ultralight Bug Out Bag with Gear Recommendations

The Gray Bearded Green Beret
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You won't believe how light this bag is! Former Army Ranger and Green Beret gives you a look inside his personal go-bag.
In addition to seeing the packing list described in this video, you will see exactly what brands and items he chooses for his own emergency preparedness (plus alternates). You can download the packing list with links here:
This is an EXTREMELY high-quality kit, which should be expected for the one bag that is meant to possibly last the rest of your life. See gear recommendations from outstanding companies from someone who has actually used them in the field: 5.11 Tactical, Helikon-Tex, SnugPak, TITAN Survival, MSR, ExoTac, Self Reliance Outfitters and Pathfinder, Tinder Quik, UCO, Sawyer, Katadyn, ReadyMan, Black Scout Survival, RevMedX, Rite in the Rain, Suunto, Wazoo Survival Gear, Petzl, Morakniv, Leatherman, and more.
I'm Joshua Enyart, former Army Ranger and Green Beret. Today, I'm an Instructor for Flint & Steel Critical Skills Group and the Pathfinder School. To see my upcoming courses and in-person training, visit:
Support this channel and the production of more videos with your purchase of GB2 Merchandise:
I also star in two brand new films that you can purchase on my website. Into the Woods (Wilderness Survival), and Wilderness Medical.
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Comentários 80
Ethan's adventures
This is the best bugout video I've seen on BRvid! Simple, straight to the point with in depth, but quick explanations on why you might want the gear in the video. Also, wonderful explanations on weight, and how depending on your goal or terrain you might need to customize your pack.
runninblue Dia atrás
Good stuff thanks 👍 I keep my exotac lighter holder inside a piece of bicycle inner tube. Rubber burns anywhere in any weather. A gill net weighs nothing, is more efficient than a hook system and can work for you while you do other things
James 3 dias atrás
Probably get something with sodium to go along with the SOS bars. You'll be burning through lots of it.
[VØX] James Precision
Thx bro, and thx for your service
Zach Wheeler
Zach Wheeler 5 dias atrás
Go live in this for a week and make a video. Rain is a must.
lpg12338 6 dias atrás
Good video, subscribed! 👍
Cowboy C Bop
Cowboy C Bop 7 dias atrás
I can’t believe I’m just now finding your channel . I just subscribed. You are so invited to my channel as well. I’m a huge knife collector and a monster Rambo fan . I look forward to watching more videos from you . Stay safe as always and I hope all is well on your end .🤠
Mariel Calder
Mariel Calder 9 dias atrás
You might be interested in Fandabi Dozi channel where he makes his own gear for camping out in the Scottish Highlands, as per 300 years ago.
Firearm Fun Times
Firearm Fun Times 9 dias atrás
Really like this, most of this I already have from the military, adding a few things that seem like they hit the mark. Thanks.
No Akomplice
No Akomplice 9 dias atrás
With all do respect, if you don't have a firearm in your bug out system, you're not serious.
The Gray Bearded Green Beret
If you watch the video before commenting, I talk about firearms. If you think the firearm should be inside the bag, which is what this video is about, you're not thinking it through. Firearms belong in your hands or holster, not your bag. Not to mention the bag that I am showing you only being one facet of my entire system.
chummy mcgee
chummy mcgee 8 dias atrás
Yeah brother, this GREEN BERET doesn't know what he is talking about.
No Akomplice
No Akomplice 9 dias atrás
All that packaging, wasting space and ounces.
Antonio Alvarado
Antonio Alvarado 9 dias atrás
What brand of pants and shirt are you wearing?
MrWhiteyAllin 9 dias atrás
Good tips for when Teasle and 200 men are chasing you through the hills.
Mysun 10 dias atrás
Okay so over and over in my head it kept saying " THIS IS SPARTA !" . . . . . . 🤣🦵 This was a great and informative video thank you
Northside Brisbane Plumber
Bleach in an eye dropper works well for water purification 2 drops per litre. Just don't forget it's not eye drops anymore....
Graham Number7
Graham Number7 11 dias atrás
The man speaks sense. I think there is an inbuilt survival mechanism in us all. The problem is as I see it, any "Bug out" will be useless unless you can get underground and fast depending on the situation. IR tracking and drone use means you will be found if there is an enemy searching for you and of course they will have intel on natural shelter points so the only chance is to make your own. Backpack size depends on fitness level and age. For example the Falkland's war.....The transport factor was sunk (no more helicopters) So the lads yomped/tabbed (GB for walking with a purpose depending if you are RM or Para) 56miles in 3 days carrying ~36KG/80pounds loads in shit conditions to find the fight. Neither of us could manage that now :-) The US make some great gear! In my day "keeping warm" wasn't redressed as "thermal regulation" staying alive by moving and intake of calories keeping all the best to you from over the pond mate
svm125 11 dias atrás
Sir, Thanks for your excellent advice and presentation. And thank you on this holiday for your service to this country. Ive never spent much time outdoors, but love your content. Bought a Mora and plan to have bug out bag ready soon. I will continue to follow, with pleasure. Where can I get more hands on training? seems there are a lot of potential classes and seminars.
Johannes Van antwerp
Johannes Van antwerp 12 dias atrás
Great video... The colours are great...advice...blending in in South Africa is essential to survival...never make fire or use lights for the same reason..always stealth camp here..the wildlife is hardly the biggest threat to survival.. .. but 9kg is hardly ultralight.. My last trip..I only took 4.5kg (9pounds).. it was more than I needed for 100km...bear in mind we average 15degrees C to 27C during that same trip. .. I cannot wait for the day my experience allows me to go with clothes only...very safer..less to be robbed for..blending in is easyer Thanks for the video
Creatchture 13 dias atrás
What pack is that?
Brandon MacGillivary
Brandon MacGillivary 15 dias atrás
Your videos are a massive inspiration thanks for sharing your knowledge! I got the checklist and I'm on Amazon now buying up my kit.
Survival Smarts
Survival Smarts 15 dias atrás
This is awesome mate! Would you mind if we embed this video on our website? Whatever the response, thank you for sharing this with everyone.
Paulina Waszak
Paulina Waszak 15 dias atrás
when 10% of your body weight is 4.5 kg... I guess ultralight is not for me
Kapital P
Kapital P 15 dias atrás
solid info. thanks for this.
Broody Pie
Broody Pie 17 dias atrás
You can pull that plastic trigger off a bic lighter to keep it from leaking in your pocket, and if it gets wet, you can just take the safety spring off and run the flintwheel back and forth against a tree until the flint heats up and dries itself enough to start sparking, the bic lighter was designed with an extra long flint for just this purpose, you can do this a few times and still have enough flint left to use all the gas in it, if you run out of gas first, save the flint, they're crushable and make great firestarter.
Mike Fu
Mike Fu 17 dias atrás
Tactical gear is BAD! draws attention and puts a Potential Target on your's better to be the Wolf that dresses like the Sheep! Same reason I won't wear "tacticool clothing" for concealed draws attention, people aren't stupid, they Notice that shit!!
Anders Bjornsson
Anders Bjornsson 18 dias atrás
This is probably the best video of this type I've ever seen. No extra fluff, lots of genuinely good gear, great presentation, grounded approach. You remind me of some 20 year SERE guys.
LordRydag 19 dias atrás
Very well put together, one thing I wonder about is the tourniquet. if you need one of them, you need a hospital. It will save you from bleeding out but likely cost you the limb, so in a bug-out scenario is it worth bringing?
LordRydag 17 dias atrás
@Mike Fu a turniquet is serious business, as in requiring full pain relief to even use it. It also causes toxic crush syndrome if on for too long. If you need one you need a hospital asap. And you certainly aren't walking to one with a turniquet on, or even driving to one. I can see it maybe being useful for this guy because he probably has the will power to apply a turniquet, but most people don't.
Mike Fu
Mike Fu 17 dias atrás
then you find a hospital......bug out is Temporary, it's not End of the World scenario.....
James Kmenta
James Kmenta 20 dias atrás
Hands down the most comprehensive bugout bag and presentation I've come across, gonna take me a little while to put it all together let's hope it doesn't come to the worst but be prepared if it does, have a good day brother
Farhad Azari
Farhad Azari 22 dias atrás
Don't forget the Gun !!!!!!
InspirationIsFree 23 dias atrás
This guy exemplifies the difference between the GB mindset and all other SOF units. Quiet professionalism. No chest thumping.
Sonata Blue
Sonata Blue 24 dias atrás
Corona 2020.Thank you,valuable info.Never know at some point soon might have to bug out?
Ralo G
Ralo G 25 dias atrás
just wondering. what do you do when you get wherever your going, or how do you do anything, if you didnt take anything with you?
Chris White
Chris White 27 dias atrás
Volume of carry system is more often the limiting factor than weight for me. As a concept, I get it, small, light bag that will get you places during summer in warm climate. The chances you would actually need one and WALK, are next to nil, imho.
popcycleism 29 dias atrás
The efficient scout handbook. Where does one sign up for your bootcamp?
Terry Corder
Terry Corder Mês atrás
I have that same Backpack that I have had for several years except mine is asphalt/black in color. Any problems with that color? Thank much!
acidxray Mês atrás
American Express Card. Don't leave home without one.
UpCycle Engineer
UpCycle Engineer Mês atrás
Thank you for the free training sir
Robert Kunferman
Robert Kunferman Mês atrás
Weight of the bag in nearly irrelevant, but being able to carry it fast is by being in shape. Also, I remember a lot of green berets that were not flash qualified and drove truck or re-supplied, and some on teams that were in shape, but not able to survive the elements as well as they should have. There is not going to be a need for survival in the future or a reason to bug out. If it is police you are running from, you will have to engage them, and eventually you may kill enough to slow them down, so moving fast may not help much unless you are very athletic. If I remember correctly, 16 stranded Dacron parachute cord as it comes off of an old round canopy is the standard, but a lot of 7 strand is sold for survival? Get a good Primus stove that burns any fuel if you want to eat and re-heat, and plenty of Bic lighters. Obviously, it is the Police and Gubnant that will be your enemy if survival is necessary, so I find most of this silly for that reason.
mary viccaro
mary viccaro Mês atrás
Where did you get your pack,no have a bad back
Frank Blackcrow
Frank Blackcrow Mês atrás
I think if you were to.. "bug out".. you would be doing it in a car or on the back of a bike to get the greater distance than walking down the road to your locally.. "owned by other people" well known area of wooded land.. that having such a small carry away bag might seem like a good idea as to be light.. it's an overnight bag at best. Find proper camp ground.. be in plain sight of others, is a better freedom, than being as if on the run. You'r going to get highly paranoid to every snapping twig, thinking that's someone is willing to blow your head off when you don't even know if the property your on is owned or not. If I found any numb nuts camping out on my property.. they might find hand cuffs as their only companion, or being shot at as their security blanket.
SkyEarthOcean Mês atrás
Is there a good argument for a traditional flashlight with AAs vs. a more modern light you can recharge from solar panels and or hand cranking?
Kevin Noccioli
Kevin Noccioli Mês atrás
Hi, whats the difference between the poncho you have on amazon and the 40 dollar helikon on their website. Im not seeing any specs that stand out, can you help me?
Steven Stanford
Steven Stanford Mês atrás
Fantastic 👍
James NightWanderer
Those rations have a great shelf life and the retort packaging is nice, but nutritionally they're garbage. You can replace them with protein bars and get more out of them both in terms of nutrition and flavor for roughly the same weight, give or take 15 grams per bar and they'll still last for months as long as they're stored somewhere dry.
luciano santucci
luciano santucci Mês atrás
good work
XavierKatzone Mês atrás
Great points, well done!
Naja Yeon
Naja Yeon Mês atrás
Late to the party by a year but so glad I found this. I went to the site from your link to find the pack you are using and it is no longer available. If you see this, could you recommend another? I love that you just look like a hiker strolling through the woods. I became very intimidated by the ... weekend warrior types I was previously trying to learn from. Thanks!
Naja Yeon
Naja Yeon Mês atrás
The Gray Bearded Green Beret thank you v much.
The Gray Bearded Green Beret
Mystery Ranch Urban Assault is another bag I use
Andy Bawn
Andy Bawn Mês atrás
Take it from me as an ex special forces survival instructor. This man knows what he's talking about. very, very good video. best i've ever seen. wish I could give you two thumbs up
ubermench1000 Mês atrás
Very creative effect, the walking quietly through the woods during the spiel .I Agree about prioritizing , keep warm, water , food (I have peanut butter in my bob), medical emergency stuff ( neosporin, suture needle & thread, surgury kit (small), clorexidine concentrate, iodine tincture,( if nuke fallout is present it can even be used to saturate the thyroid , sterilize water) , stop bleed powder , a chest decompression pen , and aspirin, antihistamines, clean wipes,and a wound stapler. For me to bug out I'd possibly be under fire from looters . If I bugged out with a bit more time , I'd use my wheeled garbage can . I could take much more , and move with less exertion . If I had to leave it somewhere , putting real garbage on top and a dead roadkill kinda stinky animal on top . This should discourage searching through it . Anyway , you make many good points, I really like the "bivey" sack , lot of value for little weight.
Craig Burwell
Craig Burwell Mês atrás
I like it but I am curious have you ever used a pair of Klein's you should try them out even though they weigh a lot good bulletproof pliers not bullet bulletproof but yeah
Kenny Holliday Jr
Kenny Holliday Jr Mês atrás
Thanks for this vid.. Just did a "practice" 5 day bugout deep in the superstition mountains all worked out well. Here inthe southwest water and rattlers are what concern me the most in a bugout situation.
Bonnie’s Place
Bonnie’s Place Mês atrás
When storing your get home bag in your car, can you fill your stainless steel water bottles with water? Say for 6 months? Will your SS bottle rust? I am trying to figure out how to store water so if an emergency happens and I had to walk home. I would like to start off with water.
Bonnie’s Place
Bonnie’s Place Mês atrás
Thank you for answering. I think your right. Just refilling when I go to town is the answer
The Gray Bearded Green Beret
I don't really do the whole different bags thing with the EDC, GHB, BOB, INCH deal that is common in the industry. I just have the one bag, and it goes with me where I go. If I go somewhere, I put it in the car. I don't really store it anywhere. You have to be careful with stainless steel depending on what water you put in it. Chlorine would be a corrosion concern long-term, so a lot of tap water is treated with that, a lot of tablets and water treatments would have that. Your best bet is to just empty and refill the water every so often rather than try and store it.
Ap13HELPjlb51 Mês atrás
Great video. What brand and model pack are you using? Except for the color, it looks similar to my basic Eastsport Outdoor Company pack.
Tony Gloster
Tony Gloster Mês atrás
That’s a great bag and kit thanks for sharing 👍 time to throw out the old and bring in the new 👍
New World Survival
New World Survival Mês atrás
Great video, thumbs up from me.
Christian Prepper
Christian Prepper Mês atrás
*BOIL WATER w/CANDLE???* 9:50 *I'll get one of those 12hr candles, but I once used 6hr tea-light candle wicks under an Altoids tin full of water & it NEVER boiled. Although that is not a enough water to survive on anyway, I would have been excited just to see it work & figured I could boil one fill at a time.* *(Also, it took a long time to cool enough to drink)* *So, would you happen to know, what is the most amount of water you can boil at one time with that kind of candle & how long does it take?*
Robert DominicanRepublic
Great video. Any tips on how avoid being tracked by drones with infrared cameras? Just curious.
alf red
alf red Mês atrás
Some good tips, lots of ideas. The only negative thought I had was the idea of filling the bivvy bag with leaves, but I live in a pretty rainy place. I carry two bits of foam mat - a small bit to sit on and a larger bit that would support me from shoulders to hips. The small bit is cut out of the bigger one, so that is an L shape that needs the small one to complete it. At the moment I have a black 50 litre bag with a small tent, poncho, and tent footprint that could be used to lie on under the poncho if putting up the tent is too much hassle. I don't have a poncho liner or sleeping bag, although I do have a lightweight sleeping bag I could fit in. Problem is keeping the weight down, I'm already at about 12kg (25lbs). I've not even got a proper knife yet, just a little Swiss army one. I think I've gone overboard on the fire, I have trangia with meths AND gas, plus a wood burning stove, which add up to 1.7kg (3.75lb)
Question Everything
One thing I found is a lot of the new style of survival gadgets the shovel with you could turn it into a weapon. It has a knife in it. It has a striking tool. It has a compass. The shovel removed in many different angles and has a sharp edge on it. I would also add. A bag of cotton balls They squish down to next to nothing. Then a small jar of Vaseline you take a quarter one of those cotton swabs put tiny tiny amount of Vaseline on it. And as soon as that Striker hits it Instant Fire.
Kim Norris
Kim Norris Mês atrás
I soaked a few cotton balls in vaseline and put them in an old pill bottle. They spark up really fast. Light weight and an extra tinder source.
Zack Moss
Zack Moss Mês atrás
"This allows me to move extremely fast" - creeps through the woods at a snails pace :P Just kidding... good video :)
J winchell
J winchell Mês atrás
Slow is smooth, smooth is fast!
Wilson Gulick
Wilson Gulick Mês atrás
These days I just don't bother with this stuff any more. Late onset T1 diabetes, so I just keep stuff in the car. A light bag like this is awesome but the reality is that if I need a bug-out bag, I'm fucked anyway. So, it's some extra get-home gear and, failing that, go down swinging because I won't last more than a few days in a true SHTF situation, and likely, not through the first night without food.
Bill Veder
Bill Veder Mês atrás
Thank you a lot of good information I like the idea of light weight, who wouldn't? But I'm packing a bit more gear then this.
Indie Infidel
Indie Infidel Mês atrás
White bearded retired SFer with a tip I learned the hard way. Use piezo lighters, wet flint lighters fail. Great video by the way. ODA-791
The Gray Bearded Green Beret
DOL, brother. ODA 715
Stephen King
Stephen King Mês atrás
Went to the link to download the checklist, asks for name and email, but there was no place to enter the info.
Stephen King
Stephen King Mês atrás
Thanks for the quick respnse, got the list.
The Gray Bearded Green Beret
Should have been:
Marc Berrenson Berrenson
Interesting video. Does it apply whether you live in an urban or open area? If an open area, would your advice change if the area is mountainous or desert, sea proximity, or the special medical needs of many of us. What about a gun, just in case the bad guys are also bugging out? Would massive earthquake, air pollution, chaotic law enforcement reliability, or nuclear fallout qualify for a reason to bug out. And would each of those be subject to your video advice. Most of us have family or friends they would take with them. Would your advice change for those circumstances. And finally, who makes the ultimate decision as to whether you need to Bug Out? My former neighbor was big on his bug out bag. Very much into guns and paramilitary knowledge. I guess he just decided to bug out, since he recently sold his home and moved from CA to AZ, figuring that come the apocalypse, at least he'd have his guns, and not have to deal with the lib urbanites, (his words). He just drove there in his truck with a trailer attached.
The Gray Bearded Green Beret
The things you are asking are outside the scope of a simple video on what to pack in a bag to provide for needs. This is a baseline that everyone would have to tailor to their skills and environment. I also gave my two cents on firearms during the video so I don't know why you are asking "what about a gun" unless you didn't actually watch the video. The rest of your questions are up to the individual planning for their bag and tactics...outside the scope of this video.
Maximillian Mês atrás
Ahaha this casual doesn’t even have a water bladder!
The Gray Bearded Green Beret
Water bladders are not durable at all. I have a pile of at least 10 that either have holes in them, broken bite valves, broken lids, moldy hoses, name it. They don't last long enough for me to bother with them
qúe tí
qúe tí Mês atrás
This is one of the best videos i've seen and I've seen alot, thank you so much sir
philipb Mês atrás
the kit in most youtube BOB's looks like someone got over excited with the credit card in the outdoor shop. this one is good
48956l Mês atrás
why would you need a bag like that
How about a .22 rimfire revolver that can shoot .22 rimfire CB rounds that are very quiet and quieter than .22 Shorts and can also shoot more powerful .22 Long rifle ammo for self-defense.
MoonshineSazerac Mês atrás
An honest question, what use is most of that trauma kit in a serious bugout situation? Those severe injuries you listed can't be addressed without immediate medical assistance, so why bother bringing decompression needles and chest seals if you have no way/intention/chance to get to a hospital? If you get shot in the chest in a bugout situation, you're going to die, if you need to use a tourniquet on a leg wound after being shot, you're likely gonna die. Isn't it best to prepare for injuries and wounds up to but not including those? Wouldn't skin staplers, steri stips, celox, bandages and disinfectants be a better choice to include, beside a standard selection of basic medications?
The Gray Bearded Green Beret
You are thinking only worst case. You aren't thinking about something simple like civil unrest in your neighborhood but 10-30 miles away everything is under control and the hospitals are functioning. You only need to get out of the bad area to get to the good. Another example would be an active shooter or terrorist attack in one area where people are getting shot, etc. but two blocks over the scene is contained and there are emergency crews and higher medical care. Rioting and looting, crime, active shooters, terrorist attacks...those are all more common than "serious bugout situations" where everything everywhere is no longer available. Why would you prepare for something that hasn't happened and may never (the worst case) and not include the things we see in the news all the time? "Bug Out Bag" is just a name, that doesn't mean it can only be used for that.
Mack McGillicuddy
Mack McGillicuddy Mês atrás
Very good video. I've been struggling to build a no nonsense bug out bag and this video gives me a lot of great information to build from.
piet van der Westhuyzen
You are going to carry all that crap for 20 years and NEVER use it!
The Gray Bearded Green Beret
False. I used it all before making this video and have used it since.
paul summers
paul summers Mês atrás
Great video. Thank you. I am starting on mine today.
Dan Phariss
Dan Phariss Mês atrás
Where do you run to? And what are you going to gain? Do you have a wife and kids? How long are you going to stay gone? How many other "bug out" types will you encounter and have to kill? Who are you hiding from? The Gov't? They can probably see your fire from space. Do you build a fire in daylight? Anyone can find that. Gonna build one to warm up? You better not camp there too. What if its -20 or colder? I live North of the 45th parallel, you can't figure on a nice warm time of year. You need a place that is at least somewhat defendable with at least 6 people that can stand watch so you have 24/7 security then shoot anyone that comes snooping around.
The Gray Bearded Green Beret
You are talking about things outside the scope of a video on what to pack in a bag as a baseline that is useful to most.
flamecolumn Mês atrás
Outstanding information. Thank you so much. I really need to improve my first aid supplies aspect of my Armageddon bag. My only addition will be my Glock 20 on my hip. A magazine of 10mm Lehigh’s will stop literally any animal in North America, from charging grizzly to mad moose to nosy neighbor. I’m starting out with a gallon of water, a bug out bag, and a G20 on my side. I like my chances.
The Gray Bearded Green Beret
10mm is a fine round, and Glock is perfection.
jamesdewer Mês atrás
Black pepper to throw off your scent.
jamesdewer Mês atrás
These Green Berets can bring you pain and suffering from the other side of the galaxy. When they are talking STFU and listen.
This Guy
This Guy Mês atrás
Just call it a woobie brother. We all do.
This Guy
This Guy Mês atrás
The Gray Bearded Green Beret well, i mean, everyone important would ;)
The Gray Bearded Green Beret
You'd be surprised who doesn't know what that is
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