Gravitas Plus: A global recession is coming 

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A global recession is coming in 2023. Economies the world over are contracting, layoffs are growing at an alarming pace. Which countries are at risk? Will India be able to escape the crisis? How will it impact you? Priyanka Sharma explains on Gravitas Plus.
#recession #layoffs #WION
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25 Nov 2022



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Comentários : 1,2 mil   
@bernardallen55 7 meses atrás
My main concern is how to survive all of these financial and political crisis, especially in light of the US political power struggle.
@michaelrenner3 7 meses atrás
It is unsettling to increase stock and index fund purchases during stock market downturns and bear markets, let's face it. Which makes it extremely challenging for most individuals, like me, to do. It's difficult to take the plunge and transfer the million dollars I have into an S&S.
@danieljackson87 7 meses atrás
I agree that hiring a portfolio coach is a smart move and that in this case, patience is your best friend. I make a lot of investments and cannot afford to take the risk of doing it alone. Instead, since the rona outbreak began in late 2019, my portfolio has been maintained by a qualified advisor. I only need about $86k more to reach my three million dollar ROI goal.
@mikeharry96 7 meses atrás
@@danieljackson87 Magnificent! Could you please provide additional information about the coach who mentors you? might save me a lot of money
@danieljackson87 7 meses atrás
@@mikeharry96 Her name is Stacey Laura Alviani can't divulge much. Most likely, the internet should have her basic info, you can research if you like.
@dolanjordan 7 meses atrás
@@danieljackson87 Wow! I looked up Stacey’s complete name online just out of curiosity and was pleasantly surprised by her credentials. Thank you for sharing.
@cloudyblaze7916 Anos atrás
Recessions are part of the economic cycle, all you can do is make sure you're prepared and plan accordingly. I graduated into a recession (2009). My 1st job after college was aerial acrobat on cruise ships. Today I'm a VP at a global company, own 3 rental properties, invest in stocks and biz, built my own business, and have my net worth increase by $500k in the last 4 years.
@cloudyblaze7916 Anos atrás
@Alexander Webber You need a FA my friend so you don't get ripped off in the market. They provide personalized advice to individuals based on their risk appetite.
@zahairobrian671 Anos atrás
@@cloudyblaze7916 I agree with you totally, Yes they can be positively impactful to an individual's portfolio. I started with a trust Financial Advi-ser named “Sharon Louise Count. She is verifiable, Her approach is transparent, allowing full ownership and control of my port-folio with very reasonable fees relative to my portfolio earnings.
@kaylawood9053 Anos atrás
@@zahairobrian671 I know I've wanted to start inve-sting for a few months, but just haven't had the courage to start because the market has been down for most of this year. Please how can I reckon with such skills and what are her servces like?
@zahairobrian671 Anos atrás
@@kaylawood9053 She covers things like investing, making sure retirement is well funded and looking at ways to have a volatility buffer for investment risk, lots of things like that. You can take a look at her full name on the internet. She is renowned. So it shouldn't be difficult to find her official webpage, just search her full name
@joesphcu8975 Anos atrás
I used to think everybody went broke during the Great Depression and other major crashes but they didn’t… Some made millions, I also thought everybody went out of business during these times but they didn’t, some went into business, there's always depression/recession for some people and there's always a good time for others, it's all about perspective.
@alexyoung3126 Anos atrás
First step is discovering loopholes to generate gains during volatility, It is very possible to retire big time from the current market condition without having to hold stocks long term.
@liamrichard6304 Anos atrás
most of these strategies and loopholes are better managed by experts and pros in the market, the average Investor on the other hand are left to suffer during a crash.
The issue is people always have the “I’ll have to do it myself mentality” Unapologetically, that’s why the get heavily affected during a crash and coupled with the fact we’ve had the longest bullrun ever in the American history, most folks aren’t equipped to manaqe this crash and it’s impending opportunltles well enough, so it only makes sense to seek proper guidance during these times, that’s what lnvestment-advlsers are for, been using one ever since the pandemc 2020 and I’ve been barely affected by crash, I have $850k in profit sitting in my portfolio and I’m unbothered about the market outcomes.
@kimyoung8414 Anos atrás
@@lawerencemiller9720 Well if isn’t that the hard truth…this investment-adviser that guides you must really on to something…who is he?
@@kimyoung8414 It’s a She actually, Eileen Ruth Sparks I initially came across her on a CNBC news report then on smartadvisors and I decided to hit her up. Best decision I made to stay afloat 2020.
@ThormanBoucher Anos atrás
America is done. All signs suggest that 2023 will be a year of severe economic pain all over the nation. Put those money to work now to make it grow. I knew I had to invest. I didn't think a few hundred dollars a month would add up. But it is. From 2020 to date, I have made around $600,000.
@DanLeahfort Anos atrás
Congrats. The real financial unlock comes when you understand and know the technique needed because Knowing the strategies to use during this time is one thing and having the right information to execute them successfully is another.
@TeresaBrickle Anos atrás
@@DanLeahfort Good reason why you need the hands of a fiduciary counselor when you're starting out, unless you're ready to crash and burn. As their entire skillset is built around going long and short at the same time, using a profit-driven strategy
@GarrettDills Anos atrás
@@TeresaBrickle I agree. Based on a first-hand encounter with a fiduciary counselor KATHERINE DUFFY BURKE I have $385,000 in a well-diversified portfolio that has grown 3x on compound interest. Taking risks doesn't necessarily amount to money, but you also need to be informed, be patient and come back with good hands.
@AveryFetherolf Anos atrás
@@GarrettDills Please how can i check her out? I'm taking a chance on myself even quitting my job I'm taking this leap of faith that someone knows someone who's willing to ignore what I'm doing and just tell me how can I do it the leap to the next stage?
@GarrettDills Anos atrás
@@AveryFetherolf On the web using her full name
@vera3315 Anos atrás
>>"Stocks are falling and bond yields are rising, but markets still don’t seem convinced the Federal Reserve will pursue plans to keep increasing interest rates until inflation is under control. I'm still at a crossroads deciding if to liquidate my $117k stocck portfolio, what’s the best way to take advantage of this bear market?
That's impressive! I could really use the expertise of this advisor, my portfolio has been stagnant.... Who’s the person guiding you?
@terungwaawarga Anos atrás
@@richard6202 Thanks for this tip. Her website popped up on the first page immediately I searched her, I read through her resume and it seems pretty tight. So, I dropped a message & hopefully she replies soon
@davidnewbury1721 Anos atrás
I appreciate your approach to teaching.. To my understanding this just proves how much we need an edge as investors because playing the market like everyone else just isn’t good enough, we just need to hold onto our hopes and wait to see how things turn out because market movements are almost always unpredictable. In my portfolio, I'm noticing more red than green.
@sheliaswelttk2535 Anos atrás
As with an my big financial decision,it’s important to keep your guard’s up for economic risks.However,smart planning,time management and seeking advise from a financial adviser can help keep you and your money safe.
@@sheliaswelttk2535 Yes i agree and right now the markets are going berserk right now. This is the best time to watch them, get to know them better, and strike when the opportunity presents itself. I learned that from my mentor, ’Tracy Helene Aalvik’ she's seen dozens of market cycles over the past few decades, and she has a feel for how they move, why they move, and what comes next.
@@williamskohler8337 Financial security through diligent saving and investing should be on top of everyone's priority ASAP. I really need some guidance can this Fin coach guide me in this unstable times and why do you trust them much?
@@gabriellewilson5625 It's possible to statistically measure whether some decisions were wise. But in the real world, day to day, we simply don't. It's too hard. We prefer simple stories, which are easy but often devilishly misleading. the mentor i'm working with, made me know there is no faster way to feel rich than to spend lots of money on really nice stocks. It's really that simple."
@@williamskohler8337 I know and am not doubting it, I understand people are good at learning by imitation, i found her website proficient and left her a message
@bastianrusso Anos atrás
My wife and I did very well in the amount of money that we amassed for retirement. Well over 80% of that money averaging about $2 million was made because of taking advantage of buying high-end stocks at a deep discount during the Great Recession. 2009 I fired the stockbroker got rid of all mutual funds and bought individual dividend stocks. Be patient don't get scared and do your homework and you can make a killing.
@TeresaBrickle Anos atrás
Well, the top players and pros have exclusive information and data paths that are not disclosed to the public. Knowing the strategies to use during this time is one thing and having the right information to execute them successfully is another.
@JaynaEckert Anos atrás
I agree. Based on firsthand encounter with a fiduciary counselor HEATHER ANN CHRISTENSEN, i have $385k in a well diversified portfolio which has grown by 3x with compounding, venturing doesn’t necessarily boil down to money but you also have to be informed, be patient and back it up with good hands
@Shultz4334 Anos atrás
@@JaynaEckert That's actually quite impressive, I could use some Info on your FA, I am looking to make a change on my finances this year as well.
@JaynaEckert Anos atrás
@@Shultz4334 You can easily look her up, she has years of financial market experience.
@surfingbest3851 Anos atrás
Bro this time it's different for USA
@chrisbluebird5037 Anos atrás
With the way the market is moving, we'll mostly hold for longer than 2025 to realize profit gain, I think a video on "How to profit from the present market" will be more effective, I mean I've heard of people making up to 250K within few months and I'd like to know how
@finestbearhug2951 Anos atrás
well the bigger the risk, the bigger the reward and such impeccable trades are better executed by professionals.
@mesutserim1595 Anos atrás
@@finestbearhug2951 That's right, I started investing sometime in 2018 and by late 2019, I pulled a profit of over $750,000 with no prior investing knowledge or skill, I was basically just following the guidelines set by the financial advisor I use, so you don't necessarily need to be a perfect investor or do the hard works, just have a professional guide you.
@mesutserim1595 Anos atrás
@Jake Farmers My advisor is ''Wendy Helene Bennett''. In terms of portfolio diversity, she's a genius. You can glance her name up on the internet and verify her yourself. she has years of financial market experience.
@tradekings5433 Anos atrás
@@mesutserim1595 I know Wendy Helene Bennett. She obviously brings a lot of experience in trading to the table but more importantly I think she is a tough person in an industry that demands clairvoyance
@margaritas6794 Anos atrás
@@tradekings5433 Thanks, could really use the recommendation, I've been losing a shit-ton lately, I looked up Wendy and I wrote her detailing my Fin-market goals
@billybrannon6394 Anos atrás
Our time had reached its zenith, and it is now over. Everything not just FTX, Stock including 401Ks, are suffering from the recession and crashes. My $750K retirement equity portfolio is losing money. Because of inflation, I keep losing. Similar to how Rome fell under its despotic emperors, this world will also. I apologize if you are considering retirement but are concerned that your pension won't cover the rising expense of living. There are terrible foreign policies worldwide, as well as disastrous regulatory, fiscal, and energy policies.
@zullard565 Anos atrás
@Bobby Blue Avert too-good-to-be-true con tricks. Consult a fiduciary counselor; these professionals are among the best in the business and offer individualized guidance to clients based on their risk tolerance. There are undesirable ones, but some with a solid track record can be excellent.
@carter3294 Anos atrás
@@zullard565 I agree. Based on personal experience working with an investment advisor, I currently have $385k in a well-diversified portfolio that has experienced exponential growth. It's not only about having money to invest in stocks, but you also need to be knowledgeable, persistent, and have strong hands to back it up.
@billybrannon6394 Anos atrás
@@carter3294 Please who is your FA and how can i reach out?
@carter3294 Anos atrás
@@billybrannon6394 My advisor is ’DIANE LYNN FOLEY’’. In terms of portfolio diversity, she's a genius. You can glance her name up on the internet and verify her yourself. she has years of financial market experience.
@llothar68 Anos atrás
Private retirement plans were a mad idea anyway. They can only work on a pay-as-you-go state system
@amirbrooks6530 Anos atrás
@stevenbergwin5074 Anos atrás
there are loads of ways to make a killing right now, but such high-volume near impeccable tradess can only be carried out by real-time experts.
@anthonymilner1088 Anos atrás
I'm sure the idea of a portfolio-managers might sound controversial to a few, but a new study by Investopedia found out that demand for Portfolio-Managers sky-rocketed by over 41.8 percent since the pandemic and based on firsthand encounter I can say for certain their skillsets are topnotch. I've raised over $400k within 18months from an initially stagnant portfoli0 worth of 150K which was devoid of dividend stocks. These are the high-volume traders.
@amirbrooks6530 Anos atrás
@@anthonymilner1088 That's impressive! I could really use the expertise of this manager for my dwindling portfolio. Who’s the person guiding you?
@@anthonymilner1088 thanks for this recommendation, i just looked Corinne up and she seems really proficient
@mittiejackson3427 Anos atrás
@@amirbrooks6530 Bernie Madoff 🤣🤣😂😂😂🤣
@tampabayrodeo2474 Anos atrás
I feel like crying. Can you imagine? Our epoch has come to an end after reaching its pinnacle. I got ETFs in apple/tesla/fedex. Now with this news, i can only expect more slump irrespective of the stock market crashe affecting everything, not just FTX and 401Ks. My stock equities portfolio, at $750K, is in the red. I'm constantly losing due to inflation. This world will crumble under its dictatorial rulers, just as Rome did. If you are thinking about retiring but are worried that your pension won't cover the rising cost of living, I apologize. Around the world, there are poor regulatory, economic, and energy policies as well as terrible foreign policies.
@finestbearhug2951 Anos atrás
That mustn't be the case. A lot of folks are making huge 6figure killings in this downtrend, only just that such techniques are mostly successfully executed by folks with in-depth market knowledge. Although, it is advisable to carry out these transactions with the guidance of a financial advisor. my opinion
@trazzpalmer3199 Anos atrás
Don't repeat your blunders by not having a professional look at your portfolio. Diversify your investments, including your 401(k), stock portfolio, and ideally your real estate assets and REITs. The long term is the secret to building wealth. I discovered thirty years ago that you must at all costs keep emotions (rookie ones) out of your financial selections.
@mcginnnavraj4201 Anos atrás
Given that a portfolio coach's entire skill set is built around trading long and short at the same time, employing profit-oriented strategies and reducing risk as a hedge against inevitable downtrends, combined with the exclusive analysis, it's virtually impossible not to outperform. The uncertainties that come along with the current market are one more reason I have my daily investment decisions guided by a portfolio coach. received a return on investment of more than $670k after hiring a coach for nearly two and half years now.
@tunnelvision3246 Anos atrás
@@mcginnnavraj4201 Despite the fact that inflation in this country is higher than 10%, the administration is unwilling to acknowledge the true scale of the problem. Could your financial advisor help me reach my goal of increasing my passive income and weathering this storm?
@mcginnnavraj4201 Anos atrás
@@tunnelvision3246 It's "Johanna Mussche" who advises me financially. I contacted the investment advisor after discovering her on a CNBC interview in which she was mentioned. She later offered entry and exit points for the securities I concentrate on. If you want some guidance, you can look her up online. I essentially follow her market cues, and the rewards have been exponential.
@ConradGosling Anos atrás
Instead of trying to predict and prognosticate whether or not we’re going into a recession and precisely when it’s going to happen, a better strategy is simply having a portfolio that’s well prepared for any eventually, that’s how some folks' been averaging 150K every 7week these past 4months according to Bloomberg.
@geraldantonio3160 Anos atrás
@Alexander Webber Same here, 75% of my portfolio is in the red and I really don’t know how long I can stomach the losses. I’m beginning to reach a breaking point.
@zullard565 Anos atrás
@Patricia Martin That does make a lot of sense, good for you though, unlike us, you seem to have the Market figured out.
@hanslee7037 Anos atrás
Missing Palki Sharma but this is still a great segment
@legacymedia8468 Anos atrás
With all this scary news making the headlines, is this really a good time to buy stocks? I know everyone says the market is ripe enough for buying but will stocks tank further this year? How long until a full stock recovery? How are other people in this market raking in over $250k gains within months, I'm really just confused at this point.
@albacus2400BC Anos atrás
It all depends on how long you're willing to hold for, stocks might likely tank further, but making serious gains in this downtrend wouldn't be a problem if you're a pro
@angelastewart3256 Anos atrás
@@albacus2400BC I got into a bit of dilemma myself due to this chaotic market, wasn't sure if to sell or just wait a little longer, 75% of my portfolio was tanking and in the red, but I began gaining clarity and have more confidence in my investment through an lnvestment-adviser, I know most DlY - lnvestor like me would say advisors aren't essential, but come to think of it, they're better trained and equipped at this and if I have to give just a little amounting fees for me to be able to net $650K in less than 8months like I did this year, I truly don't mind.
@angelastewart3256 Anos atrás
@Alexander Webber Christine Ann Podgorny is the coach that guides, you probably might've come across her before, she's quite known in her field, search her
@GhulamAbbas-zt1eo Anos atrás
Its normal to see so many investors panic during a worsening bearish market like this because of their dwindling fortunes but it is also important to note that this market situation is nothing new in the crypto world. Several factors are driving negative sentiments in the stock and crypto market including inflation, recession fears and rising interest rates. Bitcoin has dropped significantly from all time high because of these factors. And another thing to note is that the selling fatigue will wane out and eventually the market will reset. As a crypto investor, this current situation might seem bleak. However, there are several tried and tested expert-suggested investment strategies that can help you accumulate the current crypto storm. In few weeks of implementing trading with accurate signals directly from Mr Gordons, I have been able to accumulate over 2.9 BTC despite the current state of the market. Mr Gordons should be taken seriously
@leewhite2548 Anos atrás
2020 was a year that taught everyone to be smart with whatever they are doing if they are to achieve the success they crave for thereby rendering more people jobless. Gordon's strategy has helped a lot of traders / newbies out there, with his program I was able to recover my losses from the crash so quick. From 1.2 BTC to 6. he is such an expert
@spencersharp8253 Anos atrás
Assets and lnvestment is that tiny Iine that separates the rich from the poor. Best signal provider in the market. Knowledgeable, level headed (no loss like some other traders who recently jumped on the bandwagon)
All you need as a beginner to make good profit from cryptocurrency is a professional trader who will always notify you when to BUY/SELL else you may make losses.
@kevinwilliams7436 Anos atrás
It doesn't matter if you are a current hodler or a newbie, you can capitalize on the fluctuation of bitcoin by trading with good strategy/signals.
@sunilshrma4878 Anos atrás
I have heard a lot about Mr Gordons. He must be very good at what he does. Do you know how I can msg him
@ericprunty3734 Anos atrás
A weak dollar can signal an economic downturn, making me to ponder on what are the best possible ways to hedge against inflation, and I've overheard people say inflation is a money-eater thus worried about my savings around $200k
@ShomilSaxena Anos atrás
So many fcking bots I hate these mfs
@nomad7317 Anos atrás
ok bot
@eaman11 Anos atrás
-70% in car sold in Russia this year is brutal. First it was a lack of production, now it's because customers can't afford those. Just think about how many jobs are related to the automobile business.
@tynubernard Anos atrás
I am truck driver and in EU for a new car you wait 1 year,no parts. The big problem are car parts, in 6 months will be gone. The EU car part have problem from covid lockdawn to Ucraina war.
Nice video. But let me talk about something major, I see both young and old making mistakes they shouldn't be making, I think everyone,both young and old, should have an investment plan that increases their financial return by three to six figures, the investment can be your retirement plan or your investment plan, whichever you want, but what matters most is that you have a profitable investment
@izadorahoff9347 Anos atrás
I have tried investing in Forex, cryptocurrency and stock market and keep losing, please do you have any advice or help for me
@@izadorahoff9347 Investing in Forex or the cryptocurrency market needs a professional to guide you to avoid losses because the signals are not exactly easy to read, that's why you have to invest with an expert for a better profit.
@izadorahoff9347 Anos atrás
Which expert do you recommend and how do I contact him
@@izadorahoff9347 Angelina Morris is the best expert I can recommend, I have made a good profit investing with her and I'm still in business with her.
@@izadorahoff9347 You can write her on
The main problem you failed to mention is mindless printing of notes last year. USA alone printed trillions of dollars worth of money. Other countries did the same. This set the stage for Zimbabwe effect of inflation. To cool down and to prevent hyperinflation these countries raised interest rates. Increasing interest rates decreased borrowing, which decreased economic activity. Btw, Ukraine war was just an extra spice added to inflation recipe.
@arjitmishra100 Anos atrás
And exported inflation to the rest of the world.
@eaman11 Anos atrás
Do you realize that the dollar has become even stronger compared to other currencies?
Not mindless actually ... technically they did it to keep the economy fllowing during covid period ...
@radeonblue1816 Anos atrás
That is why we need BRICS so that the monopoly of dollar remains no more. American live the life of luxury and distributes inflation to rest of the world.
@@KritishBhattarai-yk4il no, they did it to 'boost' the economy after initial covid lockdown shock, and they overdid it without thinking about the future hyperinflation. They all know, what printing excess money can do but they did it 'mindlessly'. Remember distributing free money to people? That was all not real money taxed or produced from economic activity but by simply printing money. If a third world country does that, it will be destroyed like Lanka, but US exports its inflation to other countries by creating artificial demand for dollars(hiking interest rates). So, the free money that Americans got last year, whole world is paying for that.
@TGC261 Anos atrás
Thanks so much wion, you are such an educating media house that loves it's audience and even warning us to research further, God bless you, I pray God see us through the stormy times
@jnac8857 Anos atrás
I so appreciate Wion news all the time, missing Palki Sharma though...thanks as always!
@dhruvmehta8077 Anos atrás
I am missing palki as well
Palki went to another channel it seems
@AemondTomahawk Anos atrás
you might've seen WION toning down against China. Palki and WION had some disagreements about it, hence she left.
@onindoch Anos atrás
@@AemondTomahawk no more China China.
@ajithknair5 Anos atrás
If u listen without video you will notice her modulation is same as Palki
@robnox Anos atrás
Recession? I see the possibility for a depression, but hope I'm wrong.
@eaman11 Anos atrás
Well in Russia for sure, maybe even China will stop growing. Thing is that the "west" was almost flat this year (Europe is growing + 3/4%, USA is going a little down) while China and ofc Russia took a big hit.
@zeesworld3371 Anos atrás
Sadly you are not wrong..
@rose-rain Anos atrás
@@eaman11 the moment china stops growing, Europe will stop growing as well. European banks are the biggest chinese lenders. China will take down Europe with it. Usa will not be as adversely effected mostly thanks to Donald Trump of all people lol
@lufiporndre7800 Anos atrás
Just say, America is f**ked and it's asked to people of other countries to save , My saying "If I Go , you go with me", All the above countries where already in Inflation before "ALL This MESH". America should Stop thinking 🤔 that "Their Problems are Worlds problem" This is all is propoganda to scary Low income public ,so they help rich. Bonus: This all new tactics of rich , for shifting from Oil 🛢️ to Electric ⚡ , because they can't control electricity 💡 market as they can't just make a artificial shortage of it, So inflation is their new tool 🔥 to sell The electricity at higher Price to Us Salve people (this is what they call us) . "Same Game, Your Pain, in their Name"
@randomtk Anos atrás
@@eaman11 America is already a huge economy, it's already developed, You don't actually expect the USA to grow 3-6% every year Quarter right?? India has more space to grow, and it's developing so 6% growth is expected.
@okthemvoid6351 Anos atrás
I got interested in wion because of Palki Sharma. She understood the freedom of speech and the need to deliver the precious truth which is rather rare now a days.
@petergomes8788 Anos atrás
Only reason US economy appears strongest in the world is because of constant bombarding advertisements of: Buy. Buy. Buy. Average household balance sheet: Loan. In Bangladesh (India too) we were told if one buys something unnecessarily, that would be considered all lost a sin.
Correct We think 100 times to buy unnecessary things.. Also working hour high as compare to other country which gives more output
I think the impact of Recession is First experienced by WION itself when PALKI said 👋 Bye..
@anitaparks8945 Anos atrás
Not the same anymore since Palki is gone.I visit less now.
@tanya3508 Anos atrás
@EngineBoy Anos atrás
@moviesenthil Anos atrás
Hardly. She was not laid off for any financial reason. She left because she wanted to do other things and make her own show. The Zee group has deep pockets and is quite profitable. WION is just a tiny part of the Zee empire.
@powskier Anos atrás
This reporter is so good. She's my favorite, next to Kim Iverson.
@earthsecho4770 Anos atrás
As a South African I can tell you we've been in a rescission since 2008. We never really recovered. Our middle class is disappearing year on year. The elites are still making disgusting amounts of money while the majority of this country lives in poverty. The constant pulls between the world's 'Super' powers is exhausting.
We have passed Recession and are entering a Depression
@francisty139 Anos atrás
You actually mean global population reduction.
@Loksog47 Anos atrás
Priyanka Sharma is nice and the news flows from her lips effortlessly. Though I miss Palki, Priyanka is also good as an anchor.
@dr.agupta Anos atrás
We live in Houston, TX. In the last 7-8 years, I never spent $1 in holiday shopping scam! My policy is, buy when you need, not when they sell!
@ginaguzzo4074 Anos atrás
Your advice is what I have done all my life : budget , be more frugal , save and add skills while learning learning learning
@nachiketnaik1986 Anos atrás
Wion is still delivering best content even after Palki Sharma resigned 👌👌👍
@rd8376 Anos atrás
I was thinking where is she, thanks for the update.
omg y i will miss her presence
@veenavikraman19 Anos atrás
She didn't resign, they asked her to leave .
@@PrachiSharma-sc8od didn't you watch Her podcast on @ANI news Channel?
@AshokKushal Anos atrás
@@veenavikraman19 why, what reason
@Diveshify Anos atrás
Things never turn out the way a report puts it.
@kk-go9tn Anos atrás
In india already feeling pinch for small and medium sector only corporate are surviving now,how it will escape all silicon valley interconnected with west more than 2009
@Silly2smart Anos atrás
At least the next 5 years will be pretty good for India, anything beyond that is too hard to tell as so much is changing.
@amish1565 Anos atrás
Not just five maybe 10Years we can predict.... Hoping that our economy would become 10trillion $ in next 10 years
@ujjwalapanchal Anos atrás
love your report Priyanka, but sorry we still miss Palaki Sharma. It's like something is missing.
@ShyamSundar-rl3pw Anos atrás
We create bias over period of time, people will come and go but show must go on.
@tseringsonam7795 Anos atrás
Indeed we do miss her but she too is excellent ! Let's appreciate her efforts.
@mgroad3166 Anos atrás
Palki has a show on BRvid by the name 'VANTAGE' do watch
Wion ❤️ the only trusted news channel
Trusted and news channel does not belong together my friend ... let's not fool ourselves ...
@princealex3985 Anos atrás
Yeah, just because they said what you want to hear does not mean you should trust them, they are talking about recession and Russia's economy wasn't mentioned and you think they are not biased, China and others were mentioned, how possible is that? Oil prices is already same with pre war prices
@dr_rockybhai9904 Anos atrás
@dr_rockybhai9904 Anos atrás
@@KritishBhattarai-yk4il u dont fool urself bro!! We can trust wion rather than other 3rd grade channels
@@dr_rockybhai9904 am I fooling myself for not trusting a media blindly ... media could be as corrupt as it can any time ... trusting a media / any media is road to disaster ime ...
I hope South Africa 🇿🇦 and mother Africa won't fall into a recession.
@Rose-fv2gz Anos atrás
'They' are trying to slow down the economy by having loadshedding
@ramaraocheepi7847 Anos atrás
Economic downturn has been the result of pandemic, Ukraine crisis impacting fuel prices ,food,fertilisers etc and slowing down of supply chain. It also impacts India but less due to sound and pragmatic economic planning. Analysis is appreciated.
@sachinkishore4115 Anos atrás
Thanks to modi ji 🙏
@shammore5572 Anos atrás
@@sachinkishore4115 modi ji 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😭
@DM-zb8hw Anos atrás
@@sachinkishore4115 exactly, he handled the COVID well in terms of long term economic policies
@DM-zb8hw Anos atrás
@@shammore5572 allah ki marzi se hota hai sab. Allah ne hi Modi ji ko 2 baar jitvaya hai
@freedom3040 Anos atrás
India should make Internal Tourism Thrive and Ask all Indians to Tour with in India to visit local Indian tourist places during Recession Year 2023 and postpone Foreign Tours & govt should seed fund EV’s in cargo and commercial & public sectors
@memetemplates6603 Anos atrás
Gdp growth does not depend on market activities within the country rather it is the net exports that creates growth in gdp
Govt should not fund EVs or any other products. It should not be involved in business at all.
@lance8080 Anos atrás
Go back to call scamming 👳🏾‍♂️👳🏿‍♀️💩
@freedom3040 Anos atrás
@@memetemplates6603 once check Kashmir tour, what people did after government opened tourism there post Terrorism control.
recession its not depends only on GDP two another factors are inflation and unemployment
@billmoretz8718 Anos atrás
Unemployment lags the gdp decline. The whole world will see a downturn and some countries may hold better than others depending upon good policies. Unfortunately most governments have poor policies.
Recession or not, it's an excellent time to invest. So many great assets are on sale right now, and the opportunity might get even better. Take a patient and calculated approach and have a buying strategy that you follow, and you will be fine in the long-term. It's time like these when long-term investors make the most money.
Yep, I just wish I had more money for it
@santoshb2771 Anos atrás
Outstanding narrative ! keeping the explanation short, simple and curtailed. Ofcourse it's the Indian leadership strategies inviting FDIs and dynamic virtue of Indian working style.
@aakashshah8308 Anos atrás
We are in India ... And we feel there is nothing like recession... Everything, every business has actually grown... Still don't understand why the world is facing such ...
@thearbiter124 Anos atrás
Again with this "We indian..." nonsense, come on you have done nothing other than commenting on BRvid. It's the govt and the RBI role-playing.
@aakashshah8308 Anos atrás
@@thearbiter124 i am telling about situation... There is nothing like recession or higher inflation in India
@@thearbiter124 just talking as a normal Indian, the foreign news are scary. But I'm not feeling that around where I live. Hoping for a good future. Don't wanna face recession.
@rschennai6997 Anos atrás
But money is the most precious for food and essentials now.
@ushasingh2414 Anos atrás
Thank God most people already live a simple, minimalist life in India, so the recession will not affect them much.
@MukeshKumar-ng6dr Anos atrás
Speaking style is carbon copy of Palki Sharma Upadhyay mam👍👍😊
@doubasfadiga9818 Anos atrás
In my opinion this video makes us understand that a new world era is taking place and that the financial world is preparing to experience great changes
Excellent reporting! Thanks❤️
@Madhuwellness Anos atrás
For once the young population of India is helping India 🇮🇳 ❤
@naturalview528 Anos atrás
@sachinkishore4115 Anos atrás
Our modi ji 🙏 helped a lot Indian during the finance crisis
@akshay-jr1qz Anos atrás
@@sachinkishore4115 how exactly😂😂
@akshay-jr1qz Anos atrás
They have to they dont have a choice
@sahibwr10 Anos atrás
@@sachinkishore4115 how exactly by making survival difficult for middle class and fucking feeding rich people loan after loan on cheap rates 😑 😐. It's seems fine in the macro level but not in Micro level.
@psrlrpatrudu9553 Anos atrás
Awesome! 👌👍🙏🏽
@ibp.r9889 Anos atrás
🇮🇳 always have back-up plan about econo my and how to get rid of recession
@Paulakanyutu Anos atrás
For a few months now I have been searching tirelessly for information on how to start investing. I even payed $400 for a course that I now regret. It appears that there is no structured guided for beginners on how to get started in this realm. I’ve came across several investors making well over $250k/annual and I would be grateful if anyone on here could provide insights on how to get started, identity potential stocks, when to make an entry, exit etc
@bigmac5950 Anos atrás
In order to make profits from trading you need loads of experience and a well defined strategy, which most traders don't have. If you trade without the proper preparation, you're most likely to lose your money. Identify the buy/sell ratios and identify the market leaders and most importantly. Diversify! this will help you spread risk
@allenhubbard4961 Anos atrás
Even with the right technique and assets some investors would still make more than others, as an investor, you should’ve known that by now, nothing beats experience and that’s final, personally I had to reach out to a market analyst for guidance which is how I was able to grow my account close to a million, withdraw my profit right before the correction and now I’m buying again
@Paulakanyutu Anos atrás
@@allenhubbard4961 Please, How do I get in touch with the broker that assisted you?
@allenhubbard4961 Anos atrás
@@Paulakanyutu The adviser I'm in touch with is *Melanie* *Wynne* *Anderson* . She works with Merrill Lynch near my old office so I see her often to discuss my business. You can use something else. for me, her strategy works hence my result. She provides entry and exit point for the securities I focus on
@Paulakanyutu Anos atrás
@@allenhubbard4961 Thanks, I just looked her up on google and I'm super impressed with her qualifications. Have contacted her through her webpage to hear what she has to say about my situation
Great Presentation by WION in the simplest of ways that it's so easy to understand someone who wouldn't understand Economics.
@bobenrajan3690 Anos atrás
We were in recession since 2008, but it has been propped up with years of money printing by the central banks... But it was masked in asset prices like financial markets and real estates.. Now it is seen in supermarkets and commodity prices which eats away common man's savings... obviously, war, pandemic, supply chain issues are triggering the issue, but years of reckless spending and bloated balance sheet of central banks is the real reason.. Gold is the only true asset in this down turn ...
@llothar68 Anos atrás
It is the greed of the traders and supermarkets. The cost of food increased much less than the prices.
@sergeant64 Anos atrás
These countries are just ahead of us.
@DevKumar-xj4ys Anos atrás
Gold is very expensive nowadays. It is an investment for rich people. If it becomes more expensive, then it’s liquidity may get affected.
@llothar68 Anos atrás
@@DevKumar-xj4ys Gold is only a solution if you can afford to wait 20 years after a crash. Because it will follow a big nose dive in a world economic crisis
@bhar.apoooo Anos atrás
Hoping for the best.
For countries experiencing recession , they need to increase their exports to other nations that will not face any economic downturn.
@louisbuchet5808 Anos atrás
Not once did you talk about heavy sanctions they have a big play in this Global recession
@PositionM20 Anos atrás
Great job India 👏👏👏
@oh2887 Anos atrás
I love the way WION explains the concepts behind the news. 💝
@blueeyes6192 Anos atrás
It’s targeted for dum dum audience ?
@YaHighness89 Anos atrás
This was an amazing video, 🙏🏽 this is one my top favorite channels
@bijoysarkar9310 Anos atrás
Thank you for advice
@jovialsclub728 Anos atrás
well delivered factual news by wion executive ,kudos to priyanka sharma
@mohitchawla7345 Anos atrás
This style of delivery reminded me of Palkhi Sharma Upadhyay.. Good News 💯
@Lolo-nz5dd Anos atrás
Your delivery style is similar to the inimitable Palkhi Sharma
During the pandemic, there were some who opened a garage sale and sold their used signature shirts for P100.00 plus. And i remember the signature shoes she was selling in 2 different colors 2 for p100.00 plus only. I mean p100.00! My point is, before the pandemic hits, some loves to buy all the colors for one signature shoes they adore but had they only bought just 1 pair or just didnt fell on the temptation to buy any, they would have had money still left in their savings.
@nitinp3 Anos atrás
Palki Sharma was excellent... Priyanka Sharma is equally good... well done WION .. all the best Priyanka Sharma u are doing an excellent job. Thanks a lot.
@englishvaccine Anos atrás
Thanks for the information !
@e.l.6092 Anos atrás
Great show!!
@dope1994 Anos atrás
How could timeless zonel compared Percapita wages...
@KNT_19 Anos atrás
On last Friday Nifty touched all time high. From where money is coming if there is fear of recession
As IMF's report "India is Only Source of Light in 2023". So It's Obviously investors gonna Invest in Indian markets. Tho!! I don't Know Much about Stock Market.
India didn't suffer in 2008 n not going to suffer now also. Maybe only IT sector will feel slight disadvantage but still they will manage and will be better off in providing better labour to western countries. So we grow n rule.
@GPerruciani Anos atrás
A global recession involves more or less synchronized recessions across many national economies, as trade relations and international financial systems transmit economic shocks and the impact of recession from one country to another. 4:56 Economists at JPMorgan expect the U.S. economy to contract by 0.5% in the fourth quarter of 2023, with the slowdown dragging further into 2024, Reuters reported. Sources: Forbes; Investopedia
@nature8144 Anos atrás
Wion and Palkhi are great 👍
@gizmo141284 Anos atrás
palki is replacement
@ganeshj6386 Anos atrás
@@gizmo141284 after palki left I have never seen anyone from this channel calling Wuhan virus.. She is class apart from other
@gizmo141284 Anos atrás
@@ganeshj6386 one more u miss...they way she say welcome to gravitas
@ganeshj6386 Anos atrás
@@gizmo141284 true bro.. I started watching gravitas because of her wY of explaining everything.
@adityarana28 Anos atrás
@@ganeshj6386 she left wion due to she had some confidential information about wion
@aruntripathi7669 Anos atrás
Good Analytical reporting 👌👌
@moviesenthil Anos atrás
During the pandemic and soon after, many countries supplied a lot of money to people, without any productivity, hoping that this would cause economic stimulation. India's Finance Minister was very prudent and the Government of India gave minimal aid, but distributed plenty of food aid. This continued till now, and provided support. India's FM Nirmala Sitharaman was unduly criticised but she held her ground - no tossing money around. This is the real reason others went into inflation and now recession to add to their woes, while India remained stable. Indians know how to live below their means with minimal borrowing. This is the other reason risks are averted.
No, during the pandemic your fabulous PM setup a fund call PM Cares Fund asking ALL of you citizens donating to his coffer? Didn't know about it? Yes, he profited during tough times while the lot of you were dying.
@bansarimehta1204 Anos atrás
Yes Indians still believe in saving and not spending everything...though time is changing and people in 20s are spending more than their income like west ...
Big lie
@vedantsingh8960 Anos atrás
@@JacobAlexander1000 no he is speaking facts. very accurate, FM was criticised for her sharp tone but she knew what was right for indians. and also we indians know how to control our desires and we spend very less than what is needed for a luxurious lifestyle.
@tardigrade3073 Anos atrás
Our FM is a joke. The reason India not at risk or inflation this year and in 2007 is because Indian economy doesn't work like West, plus we have several other advantages like getting Oil at cheaper rates from Russia. Unlike west our economy not largely depend on salaries people, lot of daily wage workers, farmers, and small business which usually go unaffected because of global recession and inflation.
@tulasiram8442 Anos atrás
I am 2023 btech passed out. I am planning to do MS in USA is there any problem for me during Recession?
@tynubernard Anos atrás
I am a Delivery truck driver in Belgium and this year and last year are the same. People buy stuff the same. Lazy people have problem now like they have in economic boom. Work hard and you will have the money. The key to succes is to do the joob better then you opponent.
Good job👍 Keep working hard. I wish you success and happiness in life.
@goatboymagic9352 Anos atrás
belgium is a weird country
@@goatboymagic9352 why
@tschoong3897 Anos atrás
There is nothing wrong with recession provided consumption on unessential items are reduced to the minimum, government expenses are reduced, household expenses are reduced; and production of food, and other essentials are maintained adequately. The basic idea is to balance what we need really in life with what we can produce.
@piyush4815 Anos atrás
It's not possible to dodge the recession in India. Why? Majority of working class is working for major worldwide companies in US and Europe. If those companies are laying off in US and Europe, they will lay off in India too. We can not, at all, cushion the blow certainly.
@omkarkulkarni6282 Anos atrás
Meanwhile Sensex and Nifty are at all time high 🔥
@MegaCaptsparrow Anos atrás
Informative ! Thanks
@MtsHumming Anos atrás
Encourage more small workshops in villages vertical wind pumps drip irrigation, air tools. solar thermal storage of drying or small baking, carbon fiber oven molds.
@satyadeepak1790 Anos atrás
How come sensex is touching newer highs
@bhakavathyadithan Anos atrás
Recession is man made calamity for certain intentions... Missing Palki
@somapower Anos atrás
You are a very smart journalist, unlike the ones on television
@kamir4752 Anos atrás
We continue to hear these alarmists about the perennial threat of recession. Its the same alarmists tone ever since i've heard the word "recession" for the first time several years ago. It doesn't bother the ordinary people anymore because its been a continuous hyping cycle already in their lives. Prices getting higher all the time with or without recession.
@meshu6602 Anos atrás
U continue gravitas mam please 🙏
@ZoroX1 Anos atrás
no one can be Palki ❤❤❤
@iamdeekshashetty Anos atrás
Thank you
@dadi2rama Anos atrás
Many western and Asian countries going to recession effect..sri Lanka, Pakistan and next Thailand, Philippines are economic crisis..Next 4 months.
Bangladesh gonna Cry too.
What we need at the moment is "Rebound seggs"🤣🤣
@GPerruciani Anos atrás
The decreasing demand level due to high interest rates will decelerate the economic activity. According to the World Bank, the aggresive increasement of interest rate policy in many countries will also lead the world into a global economic recession in 2023. Much of the world will be in recession in 2023, and in several places economic weakness could exacerbate geopolitical risks. 2:26 While the consensus is that a global recession is likely sometime in 2023, it's impossible to predict how severe it will be or how long it will last. Sources: CNN Business; CWTS UGM; The Economist
@see2saw Anos atrás
Yes we will..
A good replacement for Palki. Kudos. Excellent one..
@paultripper3832 Anos atrás
Why Share market is up
@anitaparks8945 Anos atrás
I WAS a nurse for 19yrs in a Country Teaching Hospital. WHY would CEO's and Administration Lay Off nurses and Healthcare workers just before the Holidays ? After Shortstaffing their Facilities they then still have the Nerve to wish you a Merry Christmas ! One feels Spat on ! We even had a 5% Pay CUT one year to save the Hospital ! Nursing...Healthcare is a Business and you have a merchandise. NO Love
@pb6096 Anos atrás
Hallelujah , thanks for video and great info!!!!! Thou who helps thee .. thy lives with blessed !!!
@shobhitmishra9627 Anos atrás
We as Indians should thank RBI..The only government body that has been bearing nuisance of the FM and it is trying to control as much as possible.. Let's see what happens next
@thearbiter124 Anos atrás
You are avoiding to praise the Modi Government, i see. But the Indian economy suffered the recession in 2008 with the same RBI. Therefore its clear that government has an active role in the managing economy. Even IMF praised Modi govt, don't be a Andviodhi 😂😂😂
@shubhampahurkar00 Anos atrás
@@thearbiter124 I’m just hoping that you were being sarcastic.
@manojjeena2529 Anos atrás
@@shubhampahurkar00 no one cares about what you hope
@manojjeena2529 Anos atrás
@@thearbiter124 thn we should also not give credit to mutemohan singh
@thearbiter124 Anos atrás
@@manojjeena2529 But he should get the credit of all the A-Z Scams from 2004-2014.
@akhilanvijayan Anos atrás
Where is palky????