Gordon Ramsay vs Microwaves On Kitchen Nightmares

Gordon Ramsay
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Gordon Ramsay has been served numerous microwaved meals on Kitchen Nightmares.
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24 Mar 2019

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Comentários 4 485
daniel playle
daniel playle 4 horas atrás
Khees has it bean microwaved no ball shit I and the BRvid describers have seen the evadents
Fan William
Fan William 7 horas atrás
Waitress returned to the kitchen and told chef his food was shit. Chef rolled up his sleeves, and proceeded to microwave the next dish.
Ediel Cutthroat
Ediel Cutthroat 13 horas atrás
You’d think the microwaves are for the employees to heat their own food but it actually puts in more work than the employees themselves 🤦🏻‍♂️
Sam Lawrence
Sam Lawrence Dia atrás
Gordon: Is the food microwaved? Martin: No Cameraman: I’m about to end this man whole career
Oregon Brian76
Oregon Brian76 Dia atrás
Chef mic 😆😆
Epik Hell Sword
Epik Hell Sword Dia atrás
Classic Ramsey!!! So disrespectfully truthful
i am baby
i am baby 2 dias atrás
these chefs/owners are delusional it’s hilarious
David Padilla
David Padilla 2 dias atrás
Sammy needs a Xanax 🤣
Harry Green
Harry Green 2 dias atrás
The Microwave: “bye guys” The ‘no speak English women’: “ADIOS AMIGOS”
Trey Taylor
Trey Taylor 2 dias atrás
Chef Mike, I'm done 🤣
Apple Bloom
Apple Bloom 3 dias atrás
RIP chef Mike. You will be missed.
Dom Cas
Dom Cas 3 dias atrás
*Gordon Ramsay eats popcorn* Gorson: Ahh.. This tastes.. familiar. You better not have microwaved this shit!
JD's Live PS4 Gaming
JD's Live PS4 Gaming 3 dias atrás
Lol chef mic lol
IndigoWolf Soul
IndigoWolf Soul 3 dias atrás
"I'm german Later *adios amigos*
Mycah Salavaria
Mycah Salavaria 3 dias atrás
The waiter in the 2nd one who said “chef mike” is chill and witty. Chec Mike will always be legendary. Even Gordon didnt see it coming
RebelBelle 3 dias atrás
Chef mic lmfao
Grand Lake Paranormal Society
Reality shows are so scripted...
jcfreak2007 4 dias atrás
He defenestrated Chef Mike!
Kismetti 4 dias atrás
i love baf cheds so cut grrrrr 🥰🥰🤯🤤🤤🤤🤤
Jian-Rong Chen
Jian-Rong Chen 4 dias atrás
Restaurant Boss always like microwave ,because it less cost,not every kitchen like Gordon's restaurant expensive.
Cameron's Music and Gaming Land
Chef mic tho
Anime fan
Anime fan 6 dias atrás
curse you, chef mike.
Mikul 6 dias atrás
How does a man get surprised when he gives her food from a microwave 3 times and she gets mad because she says it tastes like it was cooked in a microwave?
Daniel Jordan
Daniel Jordan 6 dias atrás
I feel bad for the guy at 4:53 he just seems so depressed and defeated...
Tuxedo Cat
Tuxedo Cat 7 dias atrás
F Chef Mic
Mya Harris
Mya Harris 7 dias atrás
That was easy🤣🤣
mladen gaming h20
mladen gaming h20 7 dias atrás
Basically reverse hot pockets
Hauzan 8 dias atrás
Microwave: (exists) G. Ramsay: *I'm about to end this man's career*
Sphinx 1
Sphinx 1 9 dias atrás
Im shooketh
Im shooketh 9 dias atrás
did I miss something or he actually microwaved the lamb and then got really mad when the lady realized it and tried to convince her otherwise? dahell dude
Dylan M
Dylan M 10 dias atrás
RIP Chef Mike the True hero of the restaurant.
Waqt - وقت
Waqt - وقت 10 dias atrás
She HOT.
Ivan Lopez
Ivan Lopez 10 dias atrás
Not all Heros Use microwave Radiation to Save lives
Faiz Khalifa
Faiz Khalifa 11 dias atrás
Rest In Peace Chef Mike
Error Arts
Error Arts 11 dias atrás
“You fucking donut, of course you don’t put a salad in the microwave.”
FuzzySumasshu 12 dias atrás
That Sammy douche has no right being so offended by someone insulting his food, considering hardly any effort went into cooking it.
Pikapool ?
Pikapool ? 13 dias atrás
Chef Mike needs a raise
Tiffy Moore
Tiffy Moore 13 dias atrás
Gordon Ramsay is a cunt and a pig! I'd love to cook up his flesh into bacon and eat it, I don't know if he would taste any nicer than the bacon I'm actually cooking now, and I wouldn't invite that pig around for dinner, because I do things in a particular way as I am blind, Gordon wouldn't approve of anything because he's a fucking fat pig! Fucking scum
Tiffy Moore
Tiffy Moore 13 dias atrás
Gordon Ramsay it's a fucking British Scottish pig! And he's a fucking liar! He says he doesn't like it when people use microwaves and yet according to a couple of channels he uses one in his own kitchen! Fucking lying pig! I wish someone would kill him
Brandon gtz
Brandon gtz 14 dias atrás
R.I.P. Chef Mike
Rocket 205
Rocket 205 15 dias atrás
Chef mic sounds like the most badass rapper name
Emalo 16 dias atrás
Gordon Ramsay is savage
William Pilling
William Pilling 16 dias atrás
7:10 Customer service skills my ass. I've been in customer service for over a year and never have seen anything this bad 😂
510 Tutto
510 Tutto 16 dias atrás
If that’s ‘keeping composure’ then I must be Jesus himself
JxshingtonYT 16 dias atrás
Bruh, she pushed that staples button
Liam Davies
Liam Davies 17 dias atrás
"CHEF MIC IS GONE" *Crab rave intensifies*
Eric Rivera
Eric Rivera 17 dias atrás
We start in the microwave then put it in the oven. Why the fuck put it in the microwave in the first place..
Xac Taylor
Xac Taylor 17 dias atrás
The salad
M Pa
M Pa 18 dias atrás
To be fair that lady with the lamb was a complete bitch
T Mar13
T Mar13 18 dias atrás
9:08 “I said throw me the keys!”
Prento 18 dias atrás
Oh sorry no English.. HAHA what?!!!. Just comes up to him mid meal
Caleb Wulfekuhle
Caleb Wulfekuhle 19 dias atrás
I bet Gordon’s kids never had the joy of a McDonalds happy meal
Barbara Dyson
Barbara Dyson 19 dias atrás
What an ignorant fat male american slob
Niex Rick
Niex Rick 19 dias atrás
Im scrolling down for the SALAD comment😂
Kevin Isaacs
Kevin Isaacs 20 dias atrás
Justin’s a clown 😂
Kevin Isaacs
Kevin Isaacs 20 dias atrás
Natural Human Enemy: Starvation Natural Ramsay Enemy: Microwave
DarkZtorm 20 dias atrás
Why does he even bother?, they are too incompitent for running a resturant.....they dont give a shit about food.
Nate 20 dias atrás
R.I.P chef mike
CurlyGoat 20 dias atrás
I wish someone would hold me as tenderly as Gordon does in the outro.
DasIstKeinName 21 dia atrás
I dont get it why people get upset when someone critics microwaved food
c j
c j 21 dia atrás
Dude in first scene needs a longer pepper shaker.
ItzAkane ._.
ItzAkane ._. 22 dias atrás
TheAmazingMeerkat 22 dias atrás
_Rip my nigga Mike_ *I want Gordon Ramsay to face charges*
King Owl oo
King Owl oo 23 dias atrás
Is Gordon actually humping Chef Mike at 8:55 before he throws him out a window ? 😂😂
Spectrum 19 dias atrás
lol I paused the video at the beginning cause I wanted to read the comments first I was so confused by your comment. I didn't know chef mike was the actual microwave 😂
patdel12 23 dias atrás
feel bad for mike
Amberly 25 dias atrás
What ep and season is psycho dude?
dugesn 27 dias atrás
3:39 LOL “chef microwave”
Satana Soo
Satana Soo 27 dias atrás
He was so fuckin serious when he said "the salad"🤣
Socrates and Anime
Socrates and Anime 27 dias atrás
Chef mic tries his best.
Nae S.
Nae S. 27 dias atrás
“Hi, I’m Kiki.” “Nothing is good?” “Sorry, no English.” YOU SURE ABOUT THAT, KIKI
James Davis
James Davis 28 dias atrás
I put my steak in the microwave with half water with chopped up peppers with salt and pepper
Nightmare Shadow Freddy
The best part of these videos, is that you can cringe at the stupidity of some and the solid burns of Gordon.
chucku00 28 dias atrás
- No English. - Scottish ? WTF Ramsay !
Juden juice The moose
Juden juice The moose 28 dias atrás
Pause at the beginning
J' Wow
J' Wow 28 dias atrás
They did chef mike dirty
im always SALTY
im always SALTY 28 dias atrás
Gordon needs to come to my school and fix some shit up in that kitchen
Redman Moonias
Redman Moonias 29 dias atrás
Gordon Ramsay v Chef Mike
Adzzz Mês atrás
4:28 Old lady;- ‘Nothing is good?’ Gordon - ‘May I finish my lunch first?’ Old lady - ‘I dOnT sPeAk EnGliSh’
scott duncan
scott duncan Mês atrás
Beeeep, nasty!
Kieran Oberhansli
Kieran Oberhansli Mês atrás
Die, it's bad
Vanden TG
Vanden TG Mês atrás
I just think that breaking a working micro-wave is’nt good for planet... I like chef Gordon but this one I say no sir
NexusCool1 Mês atrás
4:57 ....WHAT!? That is not musaka...omg
Jaiox Mês atrás
Lets have a moment of silence for Chef mike
Silkpursuit Mês atrás
please bring this show back on Netflix or something, ill do anything.
Cyan Suy
Cyan Suy Mês atrás
Gordon brutally murders Chef Mike
07 335i
07 335i Mês atrás
Steve Austin walks in . Gordon : it’s stone cold !
JustAGuyfromLDN Mês atrás
Are these cooks not aware that there are cameras watching their every move or are they just that plain stupid??
Matthew Dennin
Matthew Dennin Mês atrás
Chef Mike had a nice retirement party.
John Mel Escoto
John Mel Escoto Mês atrás
*Percy spencer meets gordon ramsay*
omais ahmed
omais ahmed Mês atrás
😂😂😂 the salad
stay_Straped_like_itz_94' G
Out of all the chefs he killed chef mic. Com'on now he was wroking harder then the other chefs
Tony Soprano
Tony Soprano Mês atrás
4:22 kiki do you love me?
QueenPineapples Mês atrás
*basically yells at a customer* Sammy: "I kept my cOmPoSuRe... I wanted to kill her- but I didn't" :D
ArkBlue Mês atrás
"i can't take this bullshit".... you legit just microwaved a lamb shank for a Michelin star chef are you kidding me... these people are delusional at best.
Kimberly Kaiser
Kimberly Kaiser Mês atrás
„Was there anything that i ate today that wasnt microwaved?“ „The salad“ „The salad? You fcking donut“ Ok thats it, im all done for today 😂
Akira Joo
Akira Joo Mês atrás
I only use micorwave for melting cheese lmao
Michael C
Michael C Mês atrás
The guy at the end is a piece of shit. He said there's a right way to handle situations yet he was the one causing all the problems. She handled herself perfectly.
sebastian valenzuela
“ I wanted to kill her, but I didn’t”. Someone come get this Sopranos mf outta the kitchen 😂😂😂
nisko C
nisko C Mês atrás
The chef Mike guy is hilarious
C Gee
C Gee Mês atrás
Do you work for a microwave company? You seem to know a lot about microwaves... Yeah pretty much everyone owns a microwave, no special job needed
Seaside Strangler
Seaside Strangler 7 dias atrás
@FULL RETARD Jeez sorry you live in Kazakhstan, how did you even get on the internet from the shitty 3rd world garbage country you live in?
FULL RETARD 7 dias atrás
I am glad I'm not everyone. In my 40's never had a microwave. Fuck the USA.
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