Goonzquad Garage Upgrades!!!

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This has been a very much needed upgrade for our garage! We finally are making our work space more efficient. The more organized you are the faster you get things done! Follow along and see what we do to improve our workspace and content creation. Thanks For Watching!!!
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24 Mar 2019



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Comentários 3 051
SLT GFX 3 dias atrás
"Let's cut this sucka open and see what's in there..." - picture of cabinets right on the side where he is looking. Nice... WTF! Acting on reality Vlog now? Peace.
PR Production
PR Production 4 dias atrás
HI !! Please read this. Can you be so kind and support this chanel to get started? You cant be rich if you donate at least your daily pocket money for boys who have vision and passion for cars just lika goonzquad. I dont ask for money ! I ask for support for new chanel where youtube is rare and need new era. DONATE !! BRvid chanel: Goonzquad MK
Diamond Assasin
Diamond Assasin 15 dias atrás
I’ve been watching you for a while and see your channel and your equipment grow from small to large I am honestly glad I found your channel goonzquad your teaching me little things here and there :3
Andrew Koziol
Andrew Koziol 15 dias atrás
By the way, be careful mentioning when you're going on vacation. Phil DeFranco used to mention his vacations but his place got broken into one time when he went away. Just be careful y'all. Enjoyin the videos, keep it up!
alphiejh1 16 dias atrás
where is the zl1
Brent Swankaert
Brent Swankaert 16 dias atrás
Hi goonzquad! I like your builts a lot and you guys are awesome. I want to give you guys a tip. If you drive one of your cars into the lift and you want to get out or get in, you have to watch for the door that it wil not be damaged. A possible solution is that you can put some protective foam or a bumper or someting else. It wil help a lot and I hope that it will be because your work is absolutly awesome and everything that can help you guys to get even better work is welcome right? Ait keep on going and never give up and greetings from Belgium🇧🇪!!
chiluco2000 17 dias atrás
Found this channel form watching samcrac giving a shout out to VTuned and then watching the suggested channels!
Mexsoldier69 17 dias atrás
These two are awesome, new idols brothers 🙏🏼
Residentevil95721 18 dias atrás
What Wheel and exhaust Set up are you Guys using on the Mustang looks awesome and Sounds good
Gericho jehonathan
Gericho jehonathan 18 dias atrás
Where is the hellcat?
Mohammed Riyadh
Mohammed Riyadh 19 dias atrás
Ray Day
Ray Day 19 dias atrás
Lol Fresno,Ca is My Hometown Wow that is So Cool in the fn mail!
Justin Brown
Justin Brown 19 dias atrás
New follower here to your Channel and im hooked! Excited to see progress on Lambo!!! 🍻
Steve steven
Steve steven 19 dias atrás
U guys are amazing! keep in going
Londin Cole
Londin Cole 19 dias atrás
Still runs and drives too
Londin Cole
Londin Cole 19 dias atrás
I have an 87 firebird ready for a rebuild
CrazyZee1 20 dias atrás
You boys spend a lot of money. BRvid must pay Bank .. you don't sale anything.
Coco Pochet
Coco Pochet 20 dias atrás
Je suis désolé mec de te le dire mais tu parles trop avant tu parles et moi allons t'envoyer plus faire de la mécanique maintenant tu fais que de parler je pense que je vais me désabonner de toi maintenant tous vous arrêtez pas de parler parler parler parler parler tout le temps parler et on vous voit plus en action comme autrefois à bon entendeur salut
Kavish Sham
Kavish Sham 20 dias atrás
Like we say dream come true form the lambo
Epic veichle people
Epic veichle people 20 dias atrás
do a update on what cars you own
Bobby Brady
Bobby Brady 21 dia atrás
I'm a retired Air Force aircraft mechanic and I've been losing hope for the younger generation but seeing you fine young men doing what you do gives me hope for America’s future. Keep it up boys! 👍🖖
Fadi Albanna
Fadi Albanna 21 dia atrás
What is a goon?
andrew jackson jackson
You guys should race your guys cars
Audio Phoen
Audio Phoen 21 dia atrás
Jesus Christ I disappear for 2 months and the Goon Boyz are nearly at 1Mill 🤙🏾🤙🏾🤙🏾 All I can say is well done boy's. Yes Sir
Mat Anthony
Mat Anthony 21 dia atrás
Man could you imagine your last name being Cocksamich? lol know its probably fake but still
F0RS3 Topaz
F0RS3 Topaz 21 dia atrás
Me: *still waiting for the mustang to be turboed
Levi Young
Levi Young 21 dia atrás
I have been with y’all since 10k
curtis wilcock
curtis wilcock 22 dias atrás
The new shop cabinetry are sweet 😍😎 I could do with some for my little shop also they are very cool
Karl Bamba
Karl Bamba 22 dias atrás
What happened to the 370z?
The Joker
The Joker 22 dias atrás
Hey goonzquad found something for your Corvette. Thought youd like this
Graham Summerscales
Graham Summerscales 22 dias atrás
How do i get your merch ie tshirts hoodies
Kevin Phillips
Kevin Phillips 22 dias atrás
where has this youtube channel been all my life, I love this channel
Sudheer M.S
Sudheer M.S 22 dias atrás
16.38 hahha
qmf456 22 dias atrás
You guys would have figured it out by yourselves if you had one more night to sleep on it lol
Jonas Jenang
Jonas Jenang 23 dias atrás
The mustang and the gtr is my favourite. Start watching this channel since you guys built the mustang.. Sorry my english seems bad.. Haha... Peace.. ✌ #fansfromMalaysia
Jason Cascone
Jason Cascone 23 dias atrás
What happened to the corvette?
Tore-André Gurandsrud
Tore-André Gurandsrud 23 dias atrás
Hi guys! Thanks for all the great content you're posting! What's the address if I wanted to send you something? Love from Norway!
Aspen Cat
Aspen Cat 23 dias atrás
it's marble the pattern you like. Italian counter tops marble look alike
Riley Ziegler
Riley Ziegler 23 dias atrás
Epoxy the floors
Deshonn Martin
Deshonn Martin 23 dias atrás
goonzquad and b is for build are the best would really like to see you guys come together and work on a build together
JR Auto
JR Auto 23 dias atrás
Keep up the good work guys 😎👍
Maxwill watson
Maxwill watson 23 dias atrás
Alex Lyon
Alex Lyon 23 dias atrás
You guys are freakin awesome. Can't wait for part #5 of Lambo. Just found you and now hooked!!!
Upallnight 23 dias atrás
Put a big screen 4k TV between the tall cabinets and locate those upper cabinets somewhere else.
daniel hugues
daniel hugues 23 dias atrás
Un grand bonjour des amis Français.
daniel hugues
daniel hugues 23 dias atrás
Vous êtes super tous les deux.
Random Content
Random Content 24 dias atrás
Got to give it to you guys you 2 have come a long way, do some sick builds.
B Dot
B Dot 24 dias atrás
Fred cocksamich 💀💀💀
Andrew Frizell
Andrew Frizell 24 dias atrás
Next expand the garage out to the back yard, That'd be legit
JOVEN CABO 24 dias atrás
Am from Fresno Ca😟 I’ve heard of them before and there things look very nice
John Calvinho
John Calvinho 24 dias atrás
love the channel, and cars ! Hi from australia .keep it up
Eric the Capitalist Child
Ever since I finished the mustang series, this is what I've wanted to start doing with my life, but on a bigger scale with more people that ya'll
Rafael Castro
Rafael Castro 24 dias atrás
about the starter connect a positive to the bolt and the negative to the starter you need another positive to the other connector
1BAD2SS Blackhawk
1BAD2SS Blackhawk 24 dias atrás
I see Goonzquad builds, shops in every state in the future .... Hope u men had a good spring break !
Brawl Stars Montage
Brawl Stars Montage 24 dias atrás
Are you guys brothers?
jacobandcharlie 24 dias atrás
Hi Goonz. FYI there’s an advertisement for something called Hooked that pops up before your video that is not at all kid friendly. You might want to look into it.
Jon R.
Jon R. 24 dias atrás
Come on fellas let those guys coat your floor your in the car restoration business let them do the floor nice and pretty for you !!
Jon R.
Jon R. 24 dias atrás
Guys invest in things that make sense. 1.) Buy a bulk pack of battery tenders letting batteries die is not good for them 2.) Gravel would be better then mud for sure 3.) How about you get that fork lift running in the back of the shop I own 2 forklifts for my business I do my own maintenance it's super easy nothing harder then what you do now . I do alot of shipping and I know that when you guys receive a pallet or even more then one at a time and it is costing you $$hundreds more dollars to have them off load it with the lift gate service because you dont have a dock save that money fellas for more projects that lift gate service is an additional charge I do freight quotes daily for what I ship and a typical skid only going to let's say from CT to NY is like 100$ tack on lift gate service needed and it becomes $300 save that dough fellas
Robert Barker
Robert Barker 24 dias atrás
So cool to see how y'all have blown up. I remember when i found your channel and you had probably less than 20,000 subscribers and that was less than a year ago! Keep up the great work!
Jacob Davis
Jacob Davis 24 dias atrás
Make sure Billy keeps his hair long, it's much better that way.
Dunken 24 dias atrás
I think you should get some new batteries for all your cars... Seems even after a build is done you never replace the battery... They are real crap when involved in a wreck and lose there mojo..
Jack Dawson
Jack Dawson 24 dias atrás
Thank you Fred CockSandwich for the lovely chair
Marcelo Carias
Marcelo Carias 24 dias atrás
Can you guys start with the pavement project please 😭 , sorry I just can’t see the cars with all that mud on the tires
Jerry Jerryharjo29
Jerry Jerryharjo29 24 dias atrás
Boy that gt is killer!
Marks Life
Marks Life 24 dias atrás
How was the mustang sitting that long , I’d be driving it every other day 😭
Jerry Jerryharjo29
Jerry Jerryharjo29 24 dias atrás
Bill's always got something on his face from a car. Hard worker face
Rafiel Cabral
Rafiel Cabral 24 dias atrás
Hang the flags from the ceiling.
Bill Carpenter
Bill Carpenter 24 dias atrás
I think you guys will have 1 million subs before you get back from vacation!! Congrats!!
Karter Lewis
Karter Lewis 24 dias atrás
I have been here since you got Thomas
DarkWolf_PT 24 dias atrás
is that OEM?
GRUNT THE AUSSIE 24 dias atrás
I think you boys should build a drag funny car or top fueller but can't see that happening.
Trent Aucion
Trent Aucion 24 dias atrás
What song is the first one with the sax playing? Keep up he good work guys
1975427bronco 24 dias atrás
Put foam insulation behind the tool boxes
NorthernWasteland 24 dias atrás
Enjoy your break! Y’all should try a full wrap sometime
Michael Pate
Michael Pate 24 dias atrás
Getting close to 1m! Nice work fellas.
Jack Danny Xbox
Jack Danny Xbox 24 dias atrás
Quedó chevere el taller , más aún con la instalación épica !! Saludos desde Perú 🇵🇪
Gabriel Meiser
Gabriel Meiser 24 dias atrás
16:40 forget about every thing and go make movies......kkkk....thank u guys for 21min of high quality entertainment, u both go far. Brazil here!!!
Daan Farrazijn
Daan Farrazijn 24 dias atrás
Tolga Gümüş
Tolga Gümüş 24 dias atrás
Lambo Part4 Where ?
Intense Gaming
Intense Gaming 25 dias atrás
Long waiting since 4 days for the Lamborghini huracan update please do it ASAP we are keen looking for it😊
ricky meiran
ricky meiran 25 dias atrás
PLEASE BRO....reduce the conversation multiply repair the car
laguerre Youry
laguerre Youry 25 dias atrás
The was great your garage needed it
The One
The One 25 dias atrás
i've been here since the blue Rubicon build and i'm still enjoying every single video
Siwakan Ketwong
Siwakan Ketwong 25 dias atrás
Still waiting for Huracan
Louie neskovski
Louie neskovski 25 dias atrás
lmao @16:40 i actually thought you passed out HAHAHA "just kidding". great work boys
Tnecniv Vermeulen
Tnecniv Vermeulen 25 dias atrás
So are you going to sell some of the finished cars?
Rodnie Melgar
Rodnie Melgar 25 dias atrás
38k to go.... 1M subs here we come :)
Mohammed Ali
Mohammed Ali 25 dias atrás
Build a Dodge Charger 1969 😍
Gold Crew02
Gold Crew02 25 dias atrás
Love your videos
B9sline_Audi_ Photography
I absoulutly fell in love with your guys channel in a little of 2 hours 😂 you guys are great what is the mailing address so I can send some content
PedeWae 25 dias atrás
Prem Shankar
Prem Shankar 25 dias atrás
That old goonz song..😍😍
Unknown being
Unknown being 25 dias atrás
Asphalt the hallway as a celebration reaching 1m
mario 36
mario 36 25 dias atrás
Closer and closer to 1M goooooonz
tijaan panni
tijaan panni 25 dias atrás
Guys be careful the viper may fall on the gtr !!!hp it does not
tijaan panni
tijaan panni 25 dias atrás
this channel is undoubtly the best car building channel in BRvid!!!
pbsmick 25 dias atrás
astroidgamer62 25 dias atrás
it's amazing it only took 3 years to get to this point I think I found my new passion.
Rifal Falda
Rifal Falda 25 dias atrás
Terlalu banyak bicara
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