Google Pixel 6 and 6 Pro: I held both. Here's what you need to know.

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We got some hands-on time with the Google Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro. Each has Google's new, custom-designed system on a chip, called Tensor. The long and the short of it is simple: Google's actually trying to make a real flagship phone this year. Will it be enough?

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2 Ago 2021



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Comentários 1 680
The Verge
The Verge Mês atrás
What does Google need to do to make the Pixel 6 a success?
Language Teacher
Language Teacher Dia atrás
Remove that huge chunky bumper car camera section. I held onto my pixel 3 for all this year now I regret I should have bought the pixel 5 before this huge bump was added.
W. L.
W. L. 2 dias atrás
A headphone jack and charger.
1B_Vincent Renzo Quilon
Release it Globally
mehoprelivoda 3 dias atrás
add 3.5mm jack and make it smaller
Mihai Niculae
Mihai Niculae 4 dias atrás
1. Online official stores across multiple countries 2. Not to be 2 years behind with the phone design and features (for example having a notch when everybody switched to the holepunch since a year).
Gianluca Hora atrás
G**gle knows too much already no way they’ll enter my life
Meggin Anderson
Meggin Anderson 11 horas atrás
How does it compare to the Samsung ultra s21?
pleappleappleap 12 horas atrás
How about the Pixel Fold?
The Owl Bard
The Owl Bard 12 horas atrás
Excited for this phone. . . until I realized that it's probably going to be a 1000 bucks. I think I can really only drop 500-600 comfortably but i'll have to wait for the pricing to drop before I make any final decisions. Always loved Pixel over other smartphones because they were able to offer so much for the money. Glad they're trying new things but may need to wait for this one.
Cody Lanier
Cody Lanier 13 horas atrás
My "mid range" pixel has performed better than any flagship I've ever owned. I'm not okay with this Price increase based on slapping the label "flagship" on this new phone.
doc B
doc B 21 hora atrás
i think these phones are a bit stupid. the smallest one is 6.4" and the larger is 6.7? 1.too close in size. 2. That's too damn big. They should have done one normal 6" phone with polycarbonate backs like S21 base model and then made the 6.7 the pro with glass etc. I am not paying $1000+ for a 6.4" that doesn't have all the features of the Pro.
James Botsch
James Botsch Dia atrás
Made in china! Don't buy!
jags Dia atrás
Verge be like Google event: new processor Don't get too excited Apple event: new processor, this is game changer Verge is always Apple fan.
Raquel Foster
Raquel Foster Dia atrás
Google doesn't need better hardware. They need to make Android less awful. I've had a Nexus 4, Nexus 5X, Nexus 6P, Pixel XL, Pixel 2 XL, and Pixel 4a. Android is getting worse - and Apple has stopped being so aggressive about breaking Google Maps/Calendar/Contacts and Chrome on iOS. Even Android Auto has gotten worse, and that's the #1 thing I actually need my phone for. It used to let you navigate to places on today's calendar events. It used to be a lot better than Apple CarPlay. But now CarPlay is better. CarPlay works fine with Google Maps, and it has a really nice split view with Spotify. The only thing that's better on my Google phone is the swype keyboard, and I can get the Google keyboard on iOS. So I guess an iPhone is the best Google phone. I mean, Face ID is stupid, but I'd rather have a $350 iPhone SE than any Android phone.
cus Dia atrás
Huge mistake not having a reasonably sized pro version. Even the smaller 6.4 inch is way too big for me personally. I was super hyped for the pixel line up this year but having no smaller option killed it for me. Probably gonna trade in my s21 towards an iphone 13 pro now they it has 120 hz. There's a reason apple continues to have a 6.1 inch version of their pro line and has even made the normal version the same size.
jason beedle
jason beedle Dia atrás
We all know the camera quality will be amazing but I really hope they get the video side of it right this time round.
Roel Arevalo
Roel Arevalo Dia atrás
I own a pixel 4 LX, I like it a lot, however it overheats when I'm playing online games like Ingress Prime, an augmented reality mobile game. I wish google would be smart enough to instead of using a glass back it would use an aluminum back to act as a heatsink to keep the phone cooler.
Tanbir Nr
Tanbir Nr Dia atrás
But Googles marketing is very bad...they don't sell it to every major countries & the price were higher than US
D K 2 dias atrás
Just make it available in India, and for god sake price it right! Been holding off from Pixel Land since the 2! Hopefully not anymore. 🤞
Renbits 2 dias atrás
very interesting that the salesman wants the customer to be excited for the product? 🙄
faisal 97
faisal 97 2 dias atrás
if this is around the price of iphone. people will compare to iphone. android environment is already better than ios. it just needs to do better on camera soln. lets see
Gino Walter
Gino Walter 2 dias atrás
No one can challenge Samsung as long as all the parts in there phone are made by Samsung
1B_Vincent Renzo Quilon
Release it globally at lower price and every phone company will quack these very seconds
Andrew Jardine
Andrew Jardine 3 dias atrás
Any idea of cost, or chances of black Friday deal? I'm still rocking the pixel 2 and been waiting for a big upgrade.
Rand-San 3 dias atrás
The phone better feel faster. Their currently using like 99% of the processing power to spy on us. /s
Robert Sullivan
Robert Sullivan 3 dias atrás
I wonder as a passing observer and a life long HTC Fan, is this commitment to stepping up their game have anything to do with all the HTC talent they brought over two years ago? If it does then I'm in.
Siddhesh Abnave
Siddhesh Abnave 3 dias atrás
Pixel 2 was awesome and all tension is on tensor SoC 😅 noice
Miguel Afonso
Miguel Afonso 3 dias atrás
Most brands: embargo. Google: say what you want, but no phone to show
Morning Blues
Morning Blues 3 dias atrás
Many would probably shift from iphone to googlepixel if google only knows how to market their product. First, expand google stores to more countries.
Andrew David
Andrew David 3 dias atrás
if pixel video is comparable or better than Iphone I will switch in a heartbeat
G K 3 dias atrás
Who is making this phone? LG?
PJ 3 dias atrás
Who's here watching from the flagship Pixel 2XL
PorschePal79 4 dias atrás
It's coming out October 23rd. Google hid the release date on the display preview for the Fitbit Charge 5. The Fitbit Charge 5 ships late September not October.
Bogdan Ignat
Bogdan Ignat 4 dias atrás
They will fail if they're priced equally or higher than Samsung's prices
Frankie Bloodshed
Frankie Bloodshed 4 dias atrás
I wonder how the battery is gonna compare to the Pixel 5A
Shayna Richardson
Shayna Richardson 4 dias atrás
I couldn't figure out why he called them mid range phones until he said that the in screen thumb print was a "PreMiUM fEatUrE". Ew. That's literally my least favorite part of this.
Fernando A. Torres
Fernando A. Torres 4 dias atrás
Watching this on my Pixel 3, something i love about this pixel is the double sensor front camera (wide and ultrawide)
Vishaal Khairnar
Vishaal Khairnar 4 dias atrás
Google atleast put 6500mah battery...
tucanphos 4 dias atrás
Welco 5 dias atrás
Google is pure evil, the presenter a Corpo drone
Rusty James
Rusty James 5 dias atrás
You talked about everything accept that which I actually care about. Audio. I'm still on the pixel 2 XL mainly because I love the front facing duel speakers. My p2 still sounds good, but better is always better. I do know that I'll never be able to go back to or switch to a non front facing duel speaker system. So what's the deal???
Noob Noob
Noob Noob 5 dias atrás
It's fugly.
Joeri Thienpont
Joeri Thienpont 5 dias atrás
1000 for a phone is just ridiculous.
Pedro Freitas
Pedro Freitas 5 dias atrás
"today's announcement " is an ad, a paid ad!
ray forster
ray forster 5 dias atrás
Hiya. I've stumbled across this video. I will subscribe after commenting.. Man, honest to god I was all set to buy the pixel 5 on its release (I had the pixel 3 before that) but I decided not to in the end. I had a gut feeling that better things by Google were on the way? That 12.2 meg camera, I felt that it was at the end of its days. I'm glad I waited. I'm currently on a Xiaomi Poco X3 NFC phone (I call it my bridging device, but it's actually not that bad a phone) and I'm definitely gonna get that Google pixel 6 pro when it is released 👍🏻
Bruno Fernandes
Bruno Fernandes 5 dias atrás
He says his played around with the pixel 6 and pixel 6 Pro phones then he shows us the pixel 5 what's a liar
Krishnan Sriram
Krishnan Sriram 5 dias atrás
Pixel phone had 3 issues in the past and that kept haunting them time & again, apart from few other minor issues 1. Battery - This has never been Pixel's strength. You can argue Pixel 5 & 5a are good. But they are sub-par in contemporary market 2. BT - Bluetooth connectivity has been the worst. Few get lucky and all is good for them, rest all got pissed and eventually moved out of Pixel market 3. Audio - This has been a weird game and has been on & off Minor issues include - Over-sold AI features, s/w support (compared to Apple), Camera improvements, terrible, terrible Pixel buds and all the trolls Google does on Apple and mimick them there-after Challenge Now, Pixel not only need to fix all of the above, they have a newer problem. They are going with their on SoC. Fingers crossed. "Google promises One day battery life". That's already SCARY enough!! Most of the Android competitors have already stepped into 1.5, 2 days. If Google can''t beat them, Pixel6 will be a repeat of Pixel4. Unless Pixel fixes all of above, it will remain as an interesting player in market. It can certainly be a darling for geeks. Rest all will pass on it and choose Samsung, Motorola, 1+, Xiomi, Vivo,....... Even my hope needs a hope when it comes to pixel. Burnt myself 4 times, so far. I'll not buy Pixel until the holiday season. By then the verdict will be out.
Irandi Hernandez
Irandi Hernandez 6 dias atrás
WHY do they insist on putting glossy finishes on their premium handsets? We always ask for matte finishes in the end anyway.
Warren-Klyph 6 dias atrás
And here I am still using my Pixel 2.
Vlad Kollerov
Vlad Kollerov 6 dias atrás
Google always was bad in hardware, they always has worst engineering, and they very often abandoning their projects. Even if they were promising, but they need just a little bit effort. So I would never trust Google. I prefer phones with real great cameras, like Samsung S21 Ultra or Huaway P50.
Catchthehare 7 dias atrás
Every Pixel phone I've had needed to be replaced within 2 years. Always a critical failure with the speakers, battery or cameras, until the last round I just replaced the camera myself. I was also surprised how my Google news feed stories were also magically aligned to real life conversations I was having a few days prior... then the penny dropped. It listens to everything. I tried to love these phones for 6 years, but it's a hard pass from here on in.
TimBo 7 dias atrás
Pixel 3's are bricking unexpectedly and all Google has to say as they are aware of it and have nothing else to share? What if all the Pixel 6's brick a year after you buy it when the warranty is over? I guess Google would have nothing else to share.
Christine E. Springer
Christine E. Springer 8 dias atrás
Hope they keep the call screen! That is the best feature, IMO.
blurryperson 8 dias atrás
I think going for flagship is a mistake. When they did it with the nexus it didn't work so well
Pixel KING
Pixel KING 8 dias atrás
I'm so exited I have watched the commerical like 7 times , since they dropped it last night at 9PM CST
nope jones
nope jones 8 dias atrás
didn't they do that with the 1,2 and 3? so google lied to me?
That Dude
That Dude 9 dias atrás
Cant wait to upgrade from my 4xl
Not Name
Not Name 9 dias atrás
hard to slip into front pocket....stupid
Mike Dohn
Mike Dohn 9 dias atrás
Why does Google allow iOS apps for BRvid and Google maps? I think if Google stopped it on iOS, it might make people go to android.
Noir_The_Underdog. 9 dias atrás
I've been saying this for years and I'm glad google is finally changing. I've been here since P2 and it's probably their best phone tbh, but I have not been impressed by ANYTHING that's been coming out. I skipped P3 and got the P4 and it's decent but it just didn't compare to the Samsung S21 at the time. I was very close to switching teams but the announcement of P6 got me excited. I'm so ready for it to come out.
M D 9 dias atrás
Horrible review
NZ RADCORE 9 dias atrás
Question: do in screen fingerprint sensors still work if you have a screen cover?
ANUBIS PHARAOH 9 dias atrás
If they only have one storage option (128gb), they are doomed to fail. Samsung and Apple at least gives you options. I am waiting to see. With the exception of lesser quality photos, the One Plus has been a better buy then Pixel, however One Plus is now charging premium prices, and with subpar photos compared to Samsung and Apple, is where they loose out. Also, One Plus used to update software extremely fast, now they are starting to update slowly. This is one reason Apple is the most purchased phone. Android phones want to make too much profit off their phones. They have to realize they are not Apple. I phones have great resale value, and Android phones have terrible resale value. If you are charging I phone prices, at least have an equivalent phone. Apple also leads due to service, Apple stores are a great resource. If Google wants to be successful, give equivalent specs as an I phone, but sell for less. Instead of trying to make 800% profit off your phones, try doing 200% profit, and price the competition out of the market. Look at LG, they had some good phones, but they wanted to sell them for the same price as Samsung flagships and iPhones, now they are no more.
ANUBIS PHARAOH 9 dias atrás
What storage options?
ANUBIS PHARAOH 9 dias atrás
More storage options. 128 GB is not enough. They need to have 256GB and 512gb options. Stereo speakers. Bring back expandable storage, only can get it with Sony now. If Sony had a brighter screen I would upgrade to it. Everything else on the Sony phone is nice. Why are all the phone companies forcing us to store our information in the clouds. Give us expandable memory and more storage.
S Houth
S Houth 10 dias atrás
I’m actually excited for this! Tired of owning an iPhone. Samsung phones are bloatware heavy.
stereomois 8 dias atrás
Last time I got a phone really considered getting an iPhone before settling on the Pixel 3a. Not the fastest but takes pretty good pics. Bloatware is horrible, another reason why I like the pixel phone.
Jesse Jenkins
Jesse Jenkins 10 dias atrás
This is gonna be Ryan Geiss' baby. The guy that brought you winamp visuals 20yrs ago works on this stuff at Google. Super stoked
James James
James James 9 dias atrás
What the hell are you talking about
hvip4 10 dias atrás
It better have some sweet haptic feedback
mikeo111 10 dias atrás
Back end looks kinda like a nexus 6p
Renard Thatch
Renard Thatch 10 dias atrás
Wonder if bricking all their Pixel 3XLs via software update an refusing to fix them will affect their pixel 6 sales in anyway
stereomois 8 dias atrás
pixel 3XL has scheduled security updates until October 2022, so if they use that tactic it may be for the pixel 7.
Adam Halsall
Adam Halsall 10 dias atrás
Is no-one else bothered by the fact that the phone has built in fingerprint scanning in its screen?
Stan Smith
Stan Smith 11 dias atrás
Why do they spend so much time and extra money on things like glass backs and color, All phones I have had in the past and most I see every day in the wiled are placed inside some form of phone case? I have not seen the back or sides of my Pixel 3a xl 5 times in the 2 years I have owned it. I had a nexus 4 (I think it was) with the glass back, and I hated it. Kept falling off my leg wile sitting, so I bought a case for it., the fancy glass back never saw the light of day again until I had to replace it because it broke. Waste of time and money for something I never saw.
Shane Murphy
Shane Murphy 11 dias atrás
you should not get hyped for any phone. I buy all of my phones one model year later and at a steep discount. I also purchase used.
stereomois 8 dias atrás
I bought my pixel 3a new, but waited about 8 months and got it fairly cheap
Anderson Sampaio
Anderson Sampaio 11 dias atrás
Pixels the best Android experience for me 🥰🥰
-- 12 dias atrás
Glad I got the Pixel 5 while I could ^^ The pixel 6 will have better specs I guess, but I prefer the compact size, and the camera on the Pixel 6 back looks awful.
J Kaufman
J Kaufman 12 dias atrás
If that's what the camera "bump" (aka mountain) is going to look like, then I'm out.
Egghead 12 dias atrás
Suhas BN
Suhas BN 12 dias atrás
The issue with pixel is the hardware reliability. Charging ports stop working. Power button malfunctioning. The software as usual is amazing!
otmane Minibixx
otmane Minibixx 12 dias atrás
I love the pixel, or rather i loved the pixel (it's still my phone now), but the issues with battery drain will probably make me move away from the brand, don't care how great the reviews are, if the battery issues aren't fixed I'm switching back to Samsung or apple
Max Meyer
Max Meyer 12 dias atrás
Hey so I just rewatched the Mitchells vs. The Machines yesterday and...
Gary Owen
Gary Owen 13 dias atrás
When and where will the Pixel 6 be sold???
4amsolo 13 dias atrás
The emperor's new clothes, oh, its so new & improved ....ffs
A3eem 13 dias atrás
If it doesn’t have the button on the back then it is a fail
Eric Wells
Eric Wells 13 dias atrás
a very interesting device for sure and will be interested to see the prices once they roll them out. for now, still gonna stick with my Google Pixel 5a 5G since I just upgraded the device from an older LG device I was using
Al Pat
Al Pat 13 dias atrás
Google is trying to fight it out with Apple. Why? The Pixels were very good for the price. Now they are doubling the price. Will the buyers go for it? Only if the hardware is crazy good, much better than Apples.
Pavel Pavlov
Pavel Pavlov 13 dias atrás
Boring pixel ... where are the engineers....
Chris Barry
Chris Barry 13 dias atrás
They are going in the wrong direction. Pixels were best when they were cheap. I'm forced to keep my pixel 3 because it still is the peak value of the pixel line
R B 13 dias atrás
Actually the 4 is
John Wei
John Wei 13 dias atrás
The best phone out there. What does out there mean ?
bee hive
bee hive 14 dias atrás
Any news on Google doing a folding phone?
Reality Prince
Reality Prince 14 dias atrás
4K - 30fps. Nop its not going to be competing for the number 1 or even the number 2 spot. Sad.
Lavender Gilly
Lavender Gilly 14 dias atrás
Physical durability. I've never had a phone stay healthy for 5 years, which is how long this one will be supported, right? All I ask is that it's durable. lol
FireCookie15 15 dias atrás
Google Pixel 6 599-699, Google Pixel 6 Pro 899-999. This is not true but it is my prediction.
Zain Z
Zain Z 16 dias atrás
heh ! Gaaaaaaayyyyyeeeee
Brian Fetz
Brian Fetz 16 dias atrás
I still won’t buy it…the iPhone 13 will overshadow it…more than likely!!
WishingStone 16 dias atrás
Phone sounds promising. I wont pre order until real indepth reviews come out.
pharaohosam 16 dias atrás
So premium color options like polished metal Gold, White/Silver, and gun metal grey are only nice when Apple is offering them. When Google does it they're "boring"? I'll take those colors over the child-like pastels, oranges, and whatever other plasticky thing they used to do any day.
Jennifer Debono
Jennifer Debono 16 dias atrás
It doesn't matter how good it is.....if they want to challenge the top spot they have to sell globally.....I live on a tiny island and we have 3 i Centres, Samsung have their official Store with all their TV's and phones and other gizmos and what......Google can't stock a few stores here? And it's not as if they roll out a zillion models like Samsung...they only have 2 models to think about.
muj rahman
muj rahman 17 dias atrás
No reverse finger print scanner am out.
My Reviews
My Reviews 17 dias atrás
This will not sell well if they sell it at a premium price. They need to do the Xiaomi low price strategy. They already make billions from ads, just freaking undercut the competition. People are tired of seeing all these $1000+ prices. I, for one, won't ever pay more than $700 for any phone, never have.
Michael A
Michael A 17 dias atrás
I'm not going to pay a thousand + dollars on a phone. I just purchased the 5a 5g and it is excellent in every department for me. I've owned every Goggle device from the Nexus to the Pixel 4xl...
Arabindhu Madhu
Arabindhu Madhu 17 dias atrás
Vedraj r.m
Vedraj r.m 17 dias atrás
If it’s holdable Why don’t they just release it!!
Malik Muzaffar Syed
Malik Muzaffar Syed 17 dias atrás
Its like getting to know what happened from the guy who went to the principal's office 😅
Michael 18 dias atrás
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