GOODBYE NBA 2K... (documentary)

Agent 00
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2K.. we need better. And I know yall could do better... so let's see it.
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25 Jan 2021



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Dylan Azad
Dylan Azad 2 dias atrás
Nba2k sucks. Only black people play it.
Jamie barwin
Jamie barwin 2 dias atrás
The thing is we all same the game is sh*t but all still play and but the next ones
Goat 3 dias atrás
No lies detected at all 2K gotta do something bruh same game every year gameplay horrible everything horrible glitches lag bruh they gotta wake up we’ve been saying this for many years and they don’t listen you the goat 🐐 for making this video bruh they gotta start listening because this shit is unacceptable
LeBron James
LeBron James 3 dias atrás
This is even better than a David Attenborough documentary
UpfrontHare5998 2 dias atrás
Fuck no
Boooyaka Smith
Boooyaka Smith 3 dias atrás
If you want 2k to be fixed and heard by its community mike want and fucking shit ronnie aren’t going to do shit. YALL NEED to be hitting up “ Strauss Zelnick “ that nigga is their BOSS. He owns the fucking entirety of 2k SPORTS. Y’all NEED TO SPAM HIS SHIT #Fix2kStraussZelnick
mr rage
mr rage 4 dias atrás
What really annoys me is that a new player like my self has no chance on the park they should do more for me players like the rookie park and then let us progress in a ladder type thing if we do good we go up and do wack go back down would be more enjoyable
Sekou Kimmons
Sekou Kimmons 5 dias atrás
Ipod is spitting facts 😤😤😤
LeoWings 6 dias atrás
I miss when games were made for people to sit and play, not to grind levels for rewards and for content creators to feel viable.
Nick 6 dias atrás
As a park player next gen ain’t fun because everyone is the same build. Every team you face on 3s are 3 6’7 pfs or 6’9 center Demis. Everyone plays 3 out, taking turns iso. That plus how easy the game seems with constant poster dunks etc makes it feel like it’s less skill and more luck than ever before. Recently went back to current gen park with a friend and it feels like the game rewards you for playing defense, making the right pass etc. Builds are also more strict on what they can do creating more strategy and skill required, but not too extreme. Next gen just needs better balance overall is all I’m saying
S H 7 dias atrás
2k should be released every 2 years bc roster changes always be updated with a patch. 2 years gives shorthanded devs enough time to iron out bugs
fracturedEnglish 7 dias atrás
all you turd nuggets still gonna buy 2k22
lambkm221 7 dias atrás
Its the first year of next patient and stop paying for the fucking microtranszctioks to put a pony tail on your dude. Like cmon brah.
AsianTone 8 dias atrás
Just like buying bad dope. The fiends come out to play. If they keep buying it there's no incentive to upgrading the product. It sells anyway. And some point the community is got to put their foot down and not buy the shit until you know what's in the game is what's promised. Don't ride a hype train.
Josh Phelps
Josh Phelps 9 dias atrás
Why didn’t you mention how broken MyCareer is? There’s literally no content after u get drafted...
TTG Keem
TTG Keem 9 dias atrás
Fuck 2k
Xxyyyhdhd Xcxyxhh
Xxyyyhdhd Xcxyxhh 9 dias atrás
Fuck socialist 2k
Goat Guy
Goat Guy 10 dias atrás
Stop buying the game .
Goat Guy
Goat Guy 10 dias atrás
MLB comin out on Xbox now. I’m not buying 2k
Sébastien Kaps
Sébastien Kaps 10 dias atrás
Hi you are an iconic BRvidr of the 2k license. Do you want things to change? Call for a boycott of nba 2k and call for a strike of the game. Everyone must put down the levers. Empty the servers and stop 2k. Until there is a real change.
Windy City
Windy City 11 dias atrás
Live 19 is still way better than 2k19, 2k20, and 2k21.
Tyson odum
Tyson odum 12 dias atrás
Agent is best for the job to save the 2k community
SmokeSweats 12 dias atrás
VR basketball games are the future bro, I've got a couple clips on my channel. IMO as long as 2K is a yearly $60 release (that people still pay money for), nothing is going to get fixed.
Dynamic 12 dias atrás
2K is officially dying, we've had our fun but now it's sadly time to move on..
Re Posted
Re Posted 13 dias atrás
They need to be sued for false advertisement
Luka Greenwood
Luka Greenwood 13 dias atrás
I love where Agent films his documentaries lmao
Yandhi 13 dias atrás
Separate MyCareer and online. It's stupid that they mix the two. I literally never play online
Opeezy Ferguson
Opeezy Ferguson 13 dias atrás
I'm the same man, online isn't even fun to play for most people cause anybody over 90 jumps off the court as soon as you step on and then they fuck around till they get someone high enough to play with! Fuck this pay to win bullshit
Yandhi 13 dias atrás
Took you guys long enough
Gamesterboss and stay lit
Ever since prettyboyfredo left everything went to shit
Becky Grinols
Becky Grinols 13 dias atrás
This was spot on.. my friends and I all stopped playing too.. dude w the green back ground was on to something.. make it free update the seasons
RT NightMarez
RT NightMarez 14 dias atrás
Side note that north face jacket hard asf
DAVID SLOAN 14 dias atrás
I'm just waiting for NBA LIVE 22
Reggie 14 dias atrás
Wat 2k need to do is every off season get all nba teams run a 5v5 to get real animations and do the side stuff like contact dunks and crossovers and JUST LISTEN TO THE PEOPLE WHO ACTUALLY PLAY THERE GAME
Nbajhit 16 dias atrás
They need to stop doing yearly launch titles. They need to drop 1 eveyr 3 years.
JackP Danny
JackP Danny 16 dias atrás
You know whats crazy nba 2K didnt even improve enough graphically for everyone to ignore how bland it is. But the reason why the game isn’t great is because of 2k content creator. they (developers) focused on all the bs yall wanted, they forgot to improve all the simple shit. Thanks 2k youtubers that spongebob meme is perfect on who the real culprit of 2ks downfall is. Yall are all money hungry.
Phenomenon 17 dias atrás
😂 😂 😂 😂 😂
PR1NCE ZUK0 17 dias atrás
Agent look like he lost a bit of wieght
Michael Whitsey
Michael Whitsey 17 dias atrás
This dude cares way too much .But I see why looks like he lives n a small Nebraska town / rual area
chris gough
chris gough 17 dias atrás
What if i haven’t played any of the previous 2ks and i just think the game is trash . There is no way to guard someone
ProJellyVlad 17 dias atrás
At this point we (2k community) should make our own basketball game
Goaty Martinez
Goaty Martinez 18 dias atrás
Ha ! Fund fact current gen is definitely broke even tho it's better then next gen, zen still isn't patched 😭😭 3pt line is broke in the park need skill boost it seems like too be consistent even with high shooting skills the big man build is way tooo slow the shooting guards builds suck besides the slashers ... it's way more stuff tho most fccd part about is just a couple hours ago I can't connect to the 2k online servers
Huge Huff
Huge Huff 18 dias atrás
It's a video game man not real life give them a break yo
Goaty Martinez
Goaty Martinez 18 dias atrás
I can't connect too current gen online severs and all the videos I'm watching are saying it's because of others accounts on the system are connected to the servers, it's not really any real videos helping me reconnect or get my account back or wherever anybody tips ??
Lucas Danziger
Lucas Danziger 18 dias atrás
This is story do every game launched from 2019 to now. Just see assassins Creed and cyberpunk
fattymac21 18 dias atrás
proximity chat is the dumbest thing i've ever heard.
DelayedB4L 18 dias atrás
Next documentary agent is gonna be on the moon holding the USA flag
Gustavo 18 dias atrás
The amount of pre orders this shit gets is ridiculously high people just don't learn I love basketball so there's not a lot of opitions but why the hurry to buy it? I play last year release until it goes into a greeeeeat sale like 60% or more
Tellaus Luster
Tellaus Luster 19 dias atrás
Bruh I’m on the toilet praying
Savage Jackson
Savage Jackson 19 dias atrás
Yet all yall still buy jordans which is exactly like 2k......same thing with lil differences
Yandhi 13 dias atrás
Vick Am
Vick Am 19 dias atrás
Davis woke up and decided to spit facts at a rate that stunned me
Jackpot Jackpot
Jackpot Jackpot 19 dias atrás
All sports games are trash except hockey for sum odd reason
E C 19 dias atrás
Every year they take away something fun about the dribbling instead of adding more, this year they actually took the whole dribbling away... the only fun part about 2k for me. Hope the people they cater to are enjoying it :)
Jlon Graham
Jlon Graham 19 dias atrás
plus yall niggas play 2k every fucking day and hour like bro ofc it's gone feel like the same 🤣🤣🤣
Faraz Shah
Faraz Shah 20 dias atrás
I bought a 2k game after 10 years and I gave up cuz of the latency up the ass
Dimeast 20 dias atrás
mcSCARLiTE 20 dias atrás
We need to make a petition to get them to release the 2K14 Source Code... Playing that game with current rosters and a lot of mods beats playing the recent games so bad
Zinho 20 dias atrás
If we just boycotted 2k and no one buys 2k22 they’d be forced to do something about it 😴
Elias Farr
Elias Farr 20 dias atrás
For me I don’t even like the My player.... For me I have a issue with the play now exhibition gameplay. They control me with tiers making me play with teams I have no reason to play with. Also .. still I’m matched up with someone who is playing with the same team as me and we can’t quit.. it’s literally the dumbest game ever.
Randy Jaques
Randy Jaques 20 dias atrás
The fact the online delay is still a thing, is mindblowing.
Jean Rhys Forges
Jean Rhys Forges 20 dias atrás
NBA 2k21 Fucked Up When Added That Dumb Ass Shot Meter
Jordan Lavallee [Student]
you know when agent is outside it’s about to be a banger
Brandon Buckley
Brandon Buckley 20 dias atrás
It's the servers, they blow. COD, Madden Online, etc without a single issue...... It'll be good when it's free then it will be correct value.
D1SC0 K1LLA 20 dias atrás
I been on 2k20. I enjoy that way more than 21 current and next
D Berry
D Berry 20 dias atrás
Nba live is stupid. This is a good time for them to get they shit together with their game. I swear it would be great to have another option of a basketball game besides 2k.
Guy Mitchell
Guy Mitchell 20 dias atrás
2k12 was a masterpiece after that the game went downhill. Now we have two garbage sport games . Madden and 2k Basketball.
cayleb sater-hobbs
cayleb sater-hobbs 21 dia atrás
Agent.... no cap my guy you lookin clean my dude. Really turnt up on how you lookin. Keep it up hami
richard TeQo
richard TeQo 21 dia atrás
it went like this ...2k20 you thought post hooking was bad? welcome too 2k21 current gen you thought speed boosting was bad? welcome too next gen you thought fades were bad? nah fam the whole game tbh=devs understaffed don't give af bc they get paid regardless but on top of that getting into higher rep just means you get less games bc ppl just hop off every single time it took me 1 hour too get 1 fking game 1 fking game .... just too loose in 2 min too fades and speed boosting 10 out of 10 game would never play it again but i do because its addicting but shit
ApolloNation 21 dia atrás
Check your dms
ElTorLoi 62
ElTorLoi 62 21 dia atrás
I al playing 2k20...
Triggaman 21 dia atrás
NBA2K, FIFA, Call of Duty are 3 games that we all play because there's no alternative. They give no fucks about their fan base and their games have become exploit-base rather than skill based gameplay.
Prince Nahmon
Prince Nahmon 21 dia atrás
I stopped playing 2k13 came back for 20 and 21 worst decision and time wasted ever not coming back
Reaper Clan
Reaper Clan 21 dia atrás
2k should drop a new game every two years with the new roster updates and visuals whats hard about that
cameron Johnson
cameron Johnson 21 dia atrás
2k is straight garbage, its all animation and the higher ur stats are plus badges depends on how fast those animations react. If u got 75 shot , ur shooting slow no matter what especially in 21 since they took out quick draw which is why they took it out. Defense on the perimeter is ridiculous now. UNLESS u got a 90+ defense on the perimeter ur gunna struggle and get caught up in animation delay while ur opponent does the curry slide and shoot. Its pretty much damn near impossible to have a good defensive and shooter on the perimeter , ur gunna be one or the othrr... period. Blocking has become stupid af too. Why do u gotta be 6'8 + to get a high blocking rating but I can have 95 vertical at 65 and still not be able to block, it doesn't make sense. 21 is the same design set up as 20 just pure animation lag now. I use ethernet with a VPN on my router , my upload is around 60mbps and my download is around 210mbps my ping is 10, I shouldn't have any lag , the game uses trash servers and they need to do away with the whole timing on animation concept. Btw f u 2k for lowering the boosts and times on 2x rewards on the wheels. 20 u could get 40 boosts per category, now u get 15 . They trash
Devin Barr
Devin Barr 21 dia atrás
I agree, but try playing NHL. That game is another level of incompetence.
Big Daddy 223
Big Daddy 223 21 dia atrás
it’s just the micro transactions you shouldn’t have to keep constantly paying money on a video game to look or be good
S A 22 dias atrás
Hilarious watching 2K fans go through EXACTLY what FIFA fans have gone through for a decade. Took your community long enough to stand up lol.
marki 2k
marki 2k 22 dias atrás
Kai oo
Kai oo 22 dias atrás
The issue is they have no real competiion. If NBa live could make a decent product like thye did in 2004 nba 2k would step their shit up real wuick
Benny Grimm
Benny Grimm 22 dias atrás
what's up with the music
AL4 AZ 22 dias atrás
they must change the fact that everyone has to do the same build, I always play as pointgard until this game
cornykrunch 22 dias atrás
the way this video began is a chefs kiss
DrewTube1212 SkyWalker
DrewTube1212 SkyWalker 23 dias atrás
My Player in My Career Scores 38 points, 14 rebounds, and 10 assists...Up by 15, then I end up losing to a 3 point buzzer beater by Embiid 😫😫
DrewTube1212 SkyWalker
DrewTube1212 SkyWalker 19 dias atrás
@Jackpot Jackpot lmao 😬😬
Jackpot Jackpot
Jackpot Jackpot 19 dias atrás
Rudy gobert hit 2 full court shots on me in the 4th qtr I was done
Fresh Culture
Fresh Culture 23 dias atrás
Things should also cost less vc
Anthem22 23 dias atrás
Yall want to see how quickly 2k addresses you concerns. Boycott 2k. Dont buy their games, Don't make content for them leave them alone. If the majority makes a move like that (just like what happened with robinhood) they will notice.
Daniel McMillan
Daniel McMillan 23 dias atrás
This is very similar to fifa, they only develop and concentrate on the modes that involve micro transactions so they recive more money than the base £50 and even that experience is pretty bad and from me recently getting into nba 2k I was shocked that almost every mode has this vc like and I’m grinding to get this cx for a better player as it’s supposed to be fun but it’s mediocre. It’s just bad game making to be fair
Wardell Stephen Curry II Stan
STOP RUSHING TO BUY THE GAME EVERY YEAR AND SEAL UP YOUR POCKETS TO SEND A MESSAGE. IM SURE YOU GUYS CAN SURVIVE A YEAR WITHOUT THE NEWEST GAME, NEWEST GEAR, HIGHEST LEVEL. You showed the market cap graph and that line went up because demand followed suit. Consumers gotta take responsibility. I made the mistake of buying 2k20's terrible shit. Never again am I buying 2k out the gate, maybe not ever, and I've been playing since damn 2K11.
Dan-D 23 dias atrás
I really hate free games with ‘seasons’ and micro transactions. That’d fucking suck
Danilo Stanojevic
Danilo Stanojevic 23 dias atrás
You know man it isn’t just 2K. I love Fifa and that games has been dying for years. It’s a collective issue with sports games. All these cunts care about is money, not what the fans want. Something needs to change and we all need to stop buying these games. Hopefully a change can happen soon.
Allen The Skywalker
Allen The Skywalker 23 dias atrás
Current Gen is A decent game
thatboy lookcold
thatboy lookcold 23 dias atrás
crazy two of the biggest companies 2k and all the studios for cod are literally ignoring their players and cod is banning people when they talk bad about the game and if devs not with the bullshit get fined
Li Toonk
Li Toonk 23 dias atrás
2K is gonna watch this and change 10% the next game
RipBalmain 23 dias atrás
idc 19 was the last good year period. I say this because nobody cared ab win% or used zens and you didnt need to play stage to get noticed or be considered good it was pretty much just a fun game and the content was great between Truly Angel and Grinding DF ImDavisss Hanks last good year and Tyceno and Zirnic the Rise of JGoated i mean the list goes on and on but even Troydan admitted it 19 was his last good year because the content gets repetitive and bland because it’s the same game and it gets worse every year and I mean when the biggest creators and influencers are telling them what needs to be fixed and they totally ignore it there’s not surprise to why the game sucks and less people play it 2k used to be a game where you could hop on get a couple wins with your friends and have fun now it’s so toxic and the opposite of fun rip nba2k 😔
UceTooSmoove _45
UceTooSmoove _45 23 dias atrás
Okay @agent 00 they do not need more devs they need the right amount of devs that actually listen to the community but also put in there own in put to make the game better
Alexander MacLeod
Alexander MacLeod 23 dias atrás
I just think its crazy that theyll remove a behind the back move bc its "too op and guards abuse it" but leave a whole speed glitch in the game thats literally become the meta, all it is is screen and speed glitch spammage.
Your Sentimental
Your Sentimental 23 dias atrás
Niqqas got a Canadian telling American owned company to treat its workers better and higher more people. Lmao 😂
gino brown
gino brown 23 dias atrás
The only main issue I have is when The server is down your myplayer loses his hairstyle and body type.
Chris 23 dias atrás
Why are u outside😂
TikkiGirl H.
TikkiGirl H. 23 dias atrás
u, guys are liars yall knew all about that gen stop lying
Campbell 23 dias atrás
As much as I loved 2K, I had to quit. 2K has so much potential but at the end of the day you can’t fall in love w/ potential. It’ll never be what it could be & I refuse to continue wasting time and money on a game that’ll never truly deliver.
CNR nation
CNR nation 23 dias atrás
Even more sad truth is, even with how little 2k listens to the community I still think they would do something before EA fixing madden. Sports video games somehow were able to hold more in ps2 and ps3 than 4 and 5 so it just shows they put no effort into making there games. EA was able to fix battlefront 2 after it's horrible start before taking out most of the micro and grew a good community but they don't put that effort in a game that once gave you the ability to create plays or play training camp or hiring coordinators or having more in depth stats or having more smoother animations
Trey 23 dias atrás
You fuckboys keep buying NBA2K and VC is why 2K won't change.
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